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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we do wait on the fed decision. there's the closing bell. david asman and melissa francis pick it up here after the bell. >> melissa: final moments of trading, you can see the dow trading up 15 points. i'm melissa francis. >> david: and i'm david asman. new at this hour. a candidate blitz. crowds are gathering for ted cruz. polls showing that it's going to be a close race in illinois between cruz and the trump, we are going to break down all of the numbers for you. the rest of the candidates are out in full force as well ahead of tomorrow night's crucial votes in five big key states. we are just one day away from super tuesday, 2.0, the pressure is on.
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blake berman is in miami beach, florida. first blake torques you. >> blake: hi, there, david, yeah we are in miami beach. 99 delegates on the republican side on this winner-take-all state. more than a million republican statewide have already voted early whether through early voting or absentee balloting. for marco rubio is his home state and quite frankly political future rests on what happens tomorrow here, he has been campaigning and started in northern part of the state and will end in west miami which is his hometown. the polling here looks quite possibly bleak for rubio. the latest poll shows donald trump beating rubio by more than 20 points, that poll has trump getting more than rubio, ted
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cruz and john kasich combined. most of the polling in the last 24 to 48 hours only has rubio in high teens or low 20's. rubio was trying to tell supporters earlier that he feels confident going into election day tomorrow. >> tomorrow is a day where we are going to shock the country and we are going to do what needs to be done. we are going to win the 99 delegates here in florida. and it's going to give us the momentum to go into arizona and utah and beyond. brake blake as you mentioned, david, donald trump did wrap up an event here in florida in tampa, he was joined along sider alaska governor joining him on the campaign trail once again. she was supposed to have a trump rally just by herself earlier today, that had to be canceled though to an accident involving her husband. at that rally just a while ago, david, trump said he feels if he
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wins florida tomorrow and ohio, he thinks this is over and in his words at that point he can start focusing on hillary clinton. back to you. >> david: blake, thank you very much. melissa. >> melissa: new polls showing a tight race between governor john kasich and donald trump. jeb with the latest. >> kasich moving apparently in the right direction. by the way i'm at a donald trump rally which was added to the schedule. john kasich has said if he loses, he's out. take a look at the polls, though, kasich up in the latest poll and a couple of polls showed him closing what had been a fairly large gap. now, as to today, trump with this big rally here, kasich had his own rally earlier with mitt romney some question whether or
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not that's a positive or a negative for john kasich, senator portman was with him earlier today, former head coach of the university of ohio, i should say ohio state. and then trump here tonight by himself. he thinks if he does well here in ohio and knocks kasich out as you said, as blake said, perhaps it's all over, he wins florida as well. not, though, kasich perhaps lays claim to maybe the establishment or the more moderate part of the party best hope to stop donald trump. >> melissa: jeff, thank you so much for the update. david. >> david: bret, great to see you. is it fair to say, bret, if trump does do a sweep, if he wins it all, he's got the nomination? >> he's definitely on his way.
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he wins one or two it's a little bumpy to get to the magic number to 1237, the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. but if he wins both of those, florida and ohio, he is on his way and he has to get roughly a little less than 50% of the remaining delegates on the table and as the front runner one would think that he'd have a pretty good shot at doing that. if he wins ohio and florida, long story short, he's probably on his way to 1237. >> david: we are going to be doing a special coming up on what happens saturday and violence in the race and so forth. when donald trump was rushed at that event saturday in the hanger, do you think that hurt or helped or had no difference at all on his race for the presidency? >> well, i think listen, he makes the case that these protests allow ot -- a lot of them are moved by black lives matter.
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>> david: they are taking credit for it. >> exactly. he points to bernie sappedders sporters. that goes in trump's favor. he does however face the criticism that he has said things on the trail that clearly some of the critics say have insighted crowds to punch back, i pay for the legal fees of somebody who punches somebody of the face, go ahead and take care of them if they cause trouble, there's two sides to that coin how it plays at the ballot box. i don't think we will have that much affect even with late deciders in places like florida and ohio. >> david: let's talk about ohio for a second because we have mitt romney going up for kasich. romney did not do so well when he attacked trump in the televised speech he made a we can and a half. could it be an albatraz in ohio? >> the people that are going to
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be drawn out for john kasich are probably not trump supporters anyway. he's playing a different pool. mitt romney helps in one sense, you're right, he is the essence of establishment being the gop nom know last time after attacking trump on that speech, there is a question of whether that is a help or a hurt in a place like ohio that he's trying to get people that are mad at washington, something that trump has captured in this election. >> david: washington is a strange place. you live there now. there is kind of an establishment there. are they afraid of what happens to their lives inside the beltway if trump is elected? >> i would say on a scale on 1-10 it's an 11 of squared -- scared inside the washington establishment and they don't know what to do, they don't know how to change it. i think it's red alert. the fact that you have romney on
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the stump is a signal that they are throwing anything against the wall to see what can stick. >> david: and nothing sticks. >> nothing sticks so far. we will see what happens tomorrow. if trump wins both of those states we are looking at a convention that could be like any other. >> david: wow, thank you very much. exciting times. i appreciate it. and keep it tune to fox business for all of the action on super tuesday 2.0 is what we are calling it. our coverage throughout the night bringing you all of the results as they come in. they're all crucial, melissa. >> melissa: yeah, developing story overseas. putin says russia's military intervention has largely achieved its objective, really, this news coming that syrian peace talks are coming underway in geneva. wow. that's a lot of breaking news.
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now to terror concerns here at home after an attack in west africa t department of homeland security out with a warning to hotels and conference centers. in washington, d.c. area fox news katherine has the latest on this alarming new threat. katherine. >> well, thank you, melissa and good afternoon. sent out late last week while not based on specific or credible intelligence, hotels and conference centers are attractive targets for groups because of potential of mass casualties and damages. meantime al-qaeda attack a luxury resort in west africa over the weekend, two diplomatic sources told fox news that the target was western diplomats. the diplomats were in the ivory
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coast resort, shouting arabic for god is great. terrorists raided the hotel and leaving 29 dead. >> we continue to disrupt plots also from al al-qaeda's largest affiliates and we are paying close attention to groups like al shabaab and al-qaeda which has recently shown two brutal attacks that it too remains dangerous. >> also today kurdish fighters report palestinian member identified to fox news as 27-year-old mohamed has been taken to custody and the circumstances are not clear and that's why they reported the
4:11 pm
virginia native. they were working to get more information and offered a warning. >> we have been very clear that if you go fight for a terrorist organization, then you're a terrorist and then you do that at your own parell. we are willing to go after threats to our country. >> intelligent officials tell 200 have gone to iraq to join islamic state. >> melissa: thank you so much for the report. >> david: back to politics, can bernie sanders shock, hillary clinton may not win all key states. >> melissa: time is running out for ted cruz to triumph over trump. he says what needs to happen right now. >> david: after three days of chaos, donald confronted with
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more protest today, his rivals some in both sides of the aisle trump is stoking the flames but is he solely to blame? [shouting] [alarm beeps] ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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>> anger at donald trump's rally after violence forced the republican front runner for rally in chicago this weekend. opponents agreeing that trump is responsible. >> the republican party is the home of the conservative moment. it's not the home of
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frustration. >> this country is not about tearing us down and having fistfights. >> melissa: here to weigh in, i'm interested in your take because i feel like i'm going insane in the mist of this campaign. >> i'm so glad to be here on fox business. a couple of things that are happening. you and i were talking before we came back from the break, the county sheriff's office is investigating whether or not they're going to charge the trump campaign with insighting a riot. are you really expecting a person on the day as to be responsible for thousands of people in the audience who is going to be the big question and could this set a precedent. attorneys that i've talked to say it's unlikely but it's drawing a line in the sand.
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the question becomes is this a fight for freedom of expression or is this something else, and you know, i'm starting to watch this melissa, and you hear the chance of antitrump and no trump coming from those protestors, they are effective at shutting down another person's message, so in fact, it isn't about a freedom of expression, it's a movement of suppression. if the line is being drawn by one county's office, the lines are being drawn political too and many inside the republican tent. there's a lot to digest. we haven't gotten to the democrats who would be in any sort of scenario the natural opponent to the front runner to the republican race. >> melissa: when you look behind the story because we always do, you don't want to take the headline and you have to consider the news organization and where it's coming from, you look behind it, in chicago there's professional protestors, they are compensated to show up
4:18 pm
and protest, we saw that here in new york when it came to occupying new york and those kinds of rally and you have to factor that into your thinking. let me go to the other hand when you're standing up there and someone is being led away and frustration, boy someone should hit him in the face, do you have a responsibility, this is appalling to me but i do not condone violence? >> we have seen this before. we have seen black lives matter at rallies with bernie sanders. we know that this exists, protestors will go and try to shut down the message. the question is is it the job to the person -- >> melissa: condemn all violence. >> he can do that. i don't know that it'll stop it. if it's not going to be effective and i only say that because there's been some reporting by a young man probably more than one, you can read it about it in politico, he
4:19 pm
asked the group that organized if he could go behind the scenes. you have to read this article. one point he says the plan was straightforward, once donald trump began speaking a young man who organized there at the university of illinois would begin sending messages to groups around the hall, you know on his phone and they would all converge on the podium. think about the visual of that for just a second had donald trump or someone been standing there. then again ask me the question, should that person be responsible for everybody out there. i don't think you can predict it. now we have to have a broader conversation about security, he made the decision donald trump not to show up friday night. we had a bit of a speech on that number. at the very top of it there was a protestor again being arrested and that's what this case now is looking at. so i mean, i don't know that you can shut it all down. some of it is free speech.
4:20 pm
some of it is suppression. it's a lot to unpack. >> melissa: it gets down to people understanding the whole story of what's going on, how people are getting there, what they are doing once they are there and deciding for themselves. >> you played a clip or sound of opponents of donald trump. things are really heated. it's interesting that they at this point would also start to drill in on a freedom of speech issue, if you will. >> melissa: yeah. >> if someone would shut them down, they would be the first ones to raise their hands and they you cannot do that. >> melissa: there you go. >> the only thing that counts is that these people maybe intensified now to go vote, and so rather than raising a hand, raise a finger that can push a lever, whatever it takes to vote on primary date. that's what's important.
4:21 pm
>> melissa: thank you so much. david, over to you. >> david: i've never seen a trump protestor at a hillary rally or bernie rally. >> melissa: we don't know. >> david: i'm sure we would have hear about it. we are going to catch up with them at south by southwest for details on the new series and maybe a scoop or two on the show itself. hillary clinton walking back on comments she made on the coal industry less than 24 hours ago. >> we are going to put a lot of coal miners and business out of business and we have to move away from coal and other fossil fuels. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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>> melissa: investigators are looking into the cause of an amtrak train derailment in dodge city, kansas, five train carts
4:25 pm
flipped over on their side, all but three of the injured have been released. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago. >> david: overseeing, turkey carrying air strikes against kurdish rebel targets in northern iraq. they say this is in retaliation for a car bomb attack that killed at least 37 people, senior government officials saying the attack was carried out by two bombers, one a woman and they say it was the work of kurdish militants. this is the second attack in turkey that the to the best of your recollection claim to have been caused by kurdish rebels. >> melissa: jpmorgan is saying no to coal financing and they are not alone. our very own adam shapiro joins us. >> we have to talk about hillary clinton because it is all anyone is talking about, when is the last time you hear a presidential candidate say she was going to kill jobs.
4:26 pm
listen to what mrs. clinton said the other night. >> we are going to put a lot of coal companies out of business and we are going to make it clear that we don't want to forget those people. those people labored in those mines for generations losing their health and often losing their lives, now we've got to move away from coal and all the other to fossil fuels. >> hillary clinton is trying to backtrack from what she said. we are going put the companies out of business, well, her press spokesperson says, quote, no candidate in this race is more devote today supporting coal communities than hillary clinton and suggestion otherwise are false. now mrs. clinton talked about going after the other fossil fuels. they are going to start regulating methane gas where natural gas is now found in the united states and then, of course, what jpmorgan chase did.
4:27 pm
they joined a list of major u.s. banks that say that will not longer finance new coal products, chase says it will start lending money to companies which intend to use those funds to open new coal mines or build new power plants in high-income countries. the u.s. coal industry lost more than 28,000 jobs since 2009. coal production peaked in 2008 and it is falling. what we used to call third-world countries in the developing world but only in state of the art technology is used in the projects. coal production has been falling as energy companies shift to cheaper natural gas and utilities are closing electric plans which fail today meet new tough epa regulations, production will fall by the greatest amount since 1958 which is by critics says new lending policy is more about greenback
4:28 pm
dollars. the u.s. generates 30%, spokesman for the association, chase's new policy is hardly a heroic gesture, which where the growth in coal is actually taking place, melissa. >> melissa: thank you for the report, david. >> david: governor kasich banking on a home-turf win. trump is still on his tail. our panel weighs in on the fight for ohio, coming up next. >> melissa: one famous comedian straight to the bank, details on the big-bucks auction coming up next. ♪it look li ♪ is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter
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well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right melissa: super tuesday part two is less than 24 hours away and the candidates are hitting the stump in tomorrow's battleground states to jockey for position ahead of polling. fox news john roberts is in tampa, florida with the latest in the campaign trail. john. >> melissa, good afternoon to you. where donald trump just wrapped up a rally and received the endorsement of florida's attorney general pam. trump has spent the last couple of weeks on the road really blitzing all of the states that are up for grabs tomorrow unlike marco rubio and john kasich who have spent
4:33 pm
all the time in their home state. donald trump is out hunting for votes just about wherever he can get them. you know, all of the protests as well that have been surrounding the trump campaign for the last few days only seemed to have strengthened and embolden him. at many campaigns he toys with the protesters. at one event in bloomington, illinois saturday. telling a protester okay. you've got something to say? why don't you say it? of course the protester didn't say anything. trump denies, though, that he is trying to drive a wedge between different voting groups. he's only saying that there is a tremendous amount of anger out there in the american electorate. listen. >> rather than doing the politically correct answer where i say, well, no, we're not angry. everything's just peaches. i said we're very upset, we're very angry with the way our country's being run. and let me tell you. we're going to make changes. >> but his opponents are very troubled by the anger that seems to be surrounding his campaign. marco rubio and john kasich
4:34 pm
say they may have to rethink their pledge to support donald trump, should he become the nominee. ted cruz was asked that very question earlier today. he has come forward to say that he would support donald trump and today he said my word is my word. >> when i tell you i'm going to do something, i'm going to do it. now, i don't want donald trump to be the republican nominee. i think we elect hillary clinton, and we destroy the country if donald trump is the nominee. and that is why we are working so hard to beat donald trump. and we're going to beat donald trump. >> and a bit of a surprise here at the tampa event today after canceling a solo event that she had planned to stump donald trump. sarah palin made an appearance here in the convention center. her husband todd was in a snowmobile accident yesterday. before flying back to alaska,
4:35 pm
palin did drop by the rally where saying -- and this is a direct quote, melissa, don't attribute it to me. that she has had enough of this quote punk ass thuggery. melissa: i heard her say that live. and i -- you know. oh, okay. there you go. okay. john roberts. thank you so much. david: what a year. melissa: yeah, really. david: meanwhile the stakes are really high in ohio. john kasich and donald trump ready to duke it out in the state. the pressure is on for the ohio governor leading trump by five percentage points according to a new university poll. here in to weigh in capri, democratic state senator from ohio. lisa, pretty much a dead heat right now. we have a quinnipiac poll showing 38-38. couldn't get closer. whose got the momentum going into tomorrow? >> it is a dead heat, but i would give this one to john kasich. the reality is he won his state two years ago with 64% of the vote.
4:36 pm
this is a guy that has almost 80% approval generating in the state right now. and he's a sitting governor. so i would give this state to john kasich at the moment. however, if donald trump carries ohio tomorrow, that's the biggest story of the night. because this thing could potentially be over. david: yeah. john kasich is actually -- said as much. capri, ohio folks are tough. you are a state senator. >> that's right. david: you know ohio better than any of us here. trump of course over the weekend went through this thing where he was rushed at the stage where somebody tried to grab him. could have had a gun for all we know. they didn't thank god. but how does that play out in ohio? does trump get credit for that? or has he seen somehow responsible for that or what? >> honestly not a lot of people are talking specifically about these instances that have been occurring in some of these rallies. again, i'm from northeastern, ohio. so maybe some folks on the ground where this occurred are a little bit more riled up about it. donald trump is, in fact, in
4:37 pm
my district at 6:00 tonight. people have been lining up for hours at the youngstown regional airport to see mr. trump. now, i actually have to disagree with my colleague about john kasich versus donald trump. it's going to be very, very close. but i will tell you this -- and i've worked with governor kasich for five years out of my ten years in office. but here's the thing. the difference between a john kasich and a donald trump victory are democrats that are crossing over. david: yeah. >> and it is happening in the thousands. just -- david: by the way. i don't know if we emphasized this, but you are a democrat from ohio. >> yes, that's correct. i'm a democrat from ohio i was in columbus last night with bernie and hillary and the big town hall and what we're seeing because of trump's message on trade and immigration that blue-collar workers are really resonating with them. david: well, that's what got him michigan. and, lisa, we have seen this cross over before. not only in a place like michigan or ohio, but also in
4:38 pm
the northeast in massachusetts. >> well, we have seen that. i mean, look, donald trump is clearly made an appeal to blue-collar workers who are disaffected. david: and there are a lot of them. there are millions of voters like that. >> i think the only way donald trump does carry ohio if he does get that cross over report that was just discussed, i do think that's a possibility. if that happens, he could potentially win ohio. but i do put the probability of john kasich winning based on the fact he's a sitting governor, and he's been -- he just got reelected two years ago. that being said -- hold on real quick. if donald trump carries ohio -- hold on one second. if donald trump carries ohio, this thing is over because -- the narrative of donald trump knocking out current senator in ohio in the same night. david: go ahead, capri. >> the one quick thing about john kasich's reelect in 2015 we had the weakest candidates possible in 2014 for governor. while john kasich -- >> his approval ratings are 80%. you can't discount the fact --
4:39 pm
>> every regular republican in the state of ohio bar none is voting for john kasich no doubt about it. it's the democrats that are an vote in ohio. david: ladies, we've got a lot more to deal with here. lisa, capri, thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the trail with super tuesday just a day away and sanders is looking to pull out another big upset after winning michigan last week. fox news ed henry joins us now. ed, what's at stake for the democrats tomorrow? >> well, it's supremacy in terms of who's going to start pulling ahead with these delegates. hillary clinton clearly has the lead with the pledge delegates but also the super delegates. the party bosses who on the democratic side get to help decide all of this. bernie sanders i think the stakes for him are very clear. last week we remember that surprise victory in michigan that opened the door here in the midwest. looking for some midwestern momentum. now pulled it into a dead heat here in illinois where i am in downtown chicago. hillary clinton had a event
4:40 pm
here at this plumbers union hall behind me. bernie sanders going to have an event at college across town trying to get his base to young people. clinton trying to get the union folks out also did an event with hispanic voters. so you can see back and forth they're trying to turn out the vote. but i think the bottom line is bernie sanders does have momentum here in the midwest because you of what you just heard in that segment. similar to the trump kind of agenda about reaching out to blue-collar workers who are upset about the loss of manufacturing jobs all of that. the problem for sanders is simple math. and hillary clinton is likely to cleanup in florida, for example, where democrats have 248 delegates at stake tomorrow. so bernie sanders could run the table here in the midwest tomorrow and hillary clinton by winning, say, north carolina and florida. could make it difficult for him to catch you the up. just as trump is getting closer and closer for sealing it, same as hillary clinton. melissa: yeah, she'll feel it, but he's going to annoy the heck out of her. >> and he's got the money to do it.
4:41 pm
melissa: yeah. thank you. david. david: he loves doing that. melissa: he does. just a jab. like the whole way in. david: reminds me of o'reilly a little bit. melissa: there you go. david: meanwhile three candidates hoping for one last chance to stop trump tomorrow. but cruz might be the gop's best hope. and if you were super rich, had the choice of any place in the world to live, where would that be? we have the answer for you. melissa: really? david: coming up. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets. no accidents. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof... your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib - an irregular heartbeat
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melissa: the stakes in the fight for delegates are higher than ever. kasich and rubio are hoping to take the republican nomination away from trump with home state wins. but they aren't winning the delegate. >> only two candidates have any plausible path winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. and what we are seeing happen here on the ground in illinois and in states all across the country is we're seeing republicans coming together.
4:45 pm
. melissa: james freeman senior editor says cruz is the only one to stop trump at contested convention. and joining me now. i'm a math girl. you've got to do a lot of math gymnastics to get to a place where people beat trump. we love this contested idea because it's great for journalists. do you think it's a possibility? >> it's actually a probability that the math works on you the for ted cruz without a contested convention. melissa: really? >> because -- melissa: how do you see that? because we're moving into territory that's tough for him. going up north. >> well, relatively. but this -- the premise here is if you could get down to a two-man race. cruz and trump. melissa: uh-huh. >> in a head-to-head matchup and our poll beats trump by 8 points. now, depending on the state, some northern states can prevent trump as the moderate and collect votes there. but you have to remember even though trump gets enormous amounts of media attention,
4:46 pm
he's not ahead of cruz by that much in the delegate counts. by 460 to 370. you need more than 1,200 to win it. your last guest saying it's over if trump wins ohio and picks up 66 delegates. why? he's still not even halfway there. melissa: i think the reason you say that is it trump's not even halfway there. well, he's closer than cruz. you know what i mean? >> marginally. melissa: talking about how hard it is trump may not get there. it's even harder for the other guys. and when you talk about -- well, if everybody gets out, you know, that's going to help can cruz. and that just assumes that everybody goes and votes for him instead of trump. that all the other candidates, you know, backers go his direction. >> well, you have to remember. what is trump's ability to expand his base? so far it seems like not much melissa: really? >> over the last several months, he's basically flat. he gets about 35% in republican primaries. this is while all of these other candidates are dropping. he's not picking up their voters. so cruz is rising.
4:47 pm
the polls show that cruz would do better head-to-head. so would rubio and kasich, but they're kind of out of it. i should say this is my own view. our editorial page think so those guys ought to hang around. but i think eventually republicans will that realize cruz is the guy and partly because where he is in the race and partly because of party rules in terms of of the convention. if you want to not particular off the trump voters, keep them in the tent. you need cruz. melissa: this is the kind of thinking that we've all been listening to all along. trump has outdone the expectations and one place that he's not supposed to and win states like alabama and massachusetts in the same day, which he's not supposed to do. all of this kind of traditional thinking brings you back to the question that david in the first luck when he said to brett bear, you know, on a scale of one to ten, everybody in the establishment, how afraid are they in dc of losing their job? how panicked are they about trump? and he said 11. i mean it sounds like people who are just afraid of their way of life who come up with this thinking. >> there is a lot of fear in dc. but to be clear, my view is
4:48 pm
not the conventional view because people in dc hate ted cruz and they don't want to embrace this. i'm saying they have to get over it. they have to get over it and realize that they need to coalesce around ted cruz in my view. and it's very clear that it would be a huge climb for trump to win the presidency. in our poll, 64% of the country is negative on him. 54% strongly negative. his negative ratings are off the charts. i mean hillary clinton is pretty unpopular. she's at 51. he's at 64. . melissa: okay. we'll see. we'll see, james. thank you so much. david. david: james is a smart guy. meanwhile the walking dead became one of the biggest hits on television. now they're creators of a new project on their hands. they're going to join us to tell us what they're up to. when heartburn hits
4:49 pm
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david: whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who's making money today. jerry seinfeld selling 15 cars from his porsche collection. the 1955 porsche 550 spider becoming the biggest hit selling for $3.5 million. but bringing in 22 million, the hull fell short of expectations that it would sell from 24 to $30 million. and zootopia, the disney animated movie taking home box office with $50 million in its second week. beating out jj abrams thriller in its debut weekend. melissa. melissa: south by southwest gathering of biggest names in entertainment and technology. jo ling kent has been checking out the scene for us and standing by in austin welfare two of the men behind the most popular television show on -- well, on television. there you go. joe -- jo, take it away.
4:53 pm
>> melissa, good to see you. and it's not all about technology, it's also about film and television and reaching digital audiences and new audiences for that matter. and i'm here with the executive producers of the walking dead and the new show outcast. we've got robert kirk man here, thanks for joining us. so outcast, breaking news this afternoon was renewed for a second season. on scene by a lot of people. comes out on june 3rd on cinemax. what do you think? were you surprised inspect. >> yeah. a tremendous vehicl conference from our network. so it feels great. >> i think honestly given the breath of programming on now knowing a show before you've seen it renewed for a second season gives great incentive that, hey, it's a worth my time to see this show. >> and walking dead has been a huge success. how do you make sure from the content side, the executive producer side that you keep people engaged and not cutting the quarter finding your content elsewhere.
4:54 pm
s&p what's the strategy? >> i think it's about building a week to week narrative. you want people to come back to the next episode and think about the episodes when they're not airing and just try to pay tribute to that tv model that everybody's loved for years. you want to make that content as engaging as possible so that even if you're not binge watching, it still has the same exciting feeling. >> i think the same time we feel it's important to not fight audiences; right? so we want to make content that audiences want to watch, read, and play wherever and however they want. so if ultimately everybody moves to binge watching, i'll be sad; right? because i think binge watching isn't as great as programming. but i think that -- the fact that's what they want, that's what we'll make. >> robert, you continue to make content out of comic books, and we also see a slew of -- i guess comic books coming to life. dead pool, superman, content like that. how do you make sure -- how as you make the transition from book to screen that you
4:55 pm
maintain the integrity of the story? >> i think it's just realizing what's important. you can't take a comic book and adapt is 100% faithfully just because there are certain limitations to the medium that it would be affordable t foolish to drag that into another medium and there are things with television that you can't accomplish in the comic book. so being able to do things and recognize what the two different mediums offer i think makes something fantastic. >> quickly. i just want to know what's the secret to the walking dead success? so many shows make it and then go out right away. >> honestly the secret is the great characters that robert created; right? and everybody puts themselves in that position where they say what would i do in that situation? and i feel like when that happens they say are when rick did that thing, i would have done it differently. and i think that comes from the great characters. >> well, david, robert, executive producers of the
4:56 pm
walking dead and the new show outcast on maximum, which is, by the way, distributed internationally on fox coming up this summer. send it back to you guys in the studio. melissa: very cool, jo, thank you very much. david: so young. so young and so much money. speaking of which. new millionaires are midnight every year. but where do you think most of them choose to live? they could live anywhere. you're looking at a new hint right now. results of a new study coming up next the market's been pretty volatile lately. there is a lot at stake here, you know? we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing you is how edward jones makes sense of investing. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester,
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i believe this is a smart financial tool and i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. melissa: where can you find the super wealthy? well, right here in the big tampa turns out. new york city is the nation's largest population of individuals with at least $30 million in net assets. a whopping 8,655 individuals. this is according to a study by wealth. how depressing. david: thatthat equates to the nation's 1%.
5:00 pm
and this is also why the nation's 1 percenters are not appreciate by the people particularly down in the wall street area. melissa: yeah, there you go. so, david, you're among them. david: yeah. of course. i wish. melissa: that does it for us. risk and reward starts right now. >> we have a big election coming up. we could really change things and, you know, marco's not going to do it. not going to do it. and lying ted. lying ted. lying ted. lyin with an apostrophe. deirdre: we are less than 24 hours away with five make or break contests. this is risk and reward. i'm deirdre bolton. donald trump and all the other presidential candidates bushing hard in a last dash to win delegates. ohio, florida, winner take all states and home to two gop candidates. in this latest poll, trump has a commanding lead in florida.


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