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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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lou dobbs has to say in fox business network poll. everyone talking about the marquette and lead for cruz with trump. let's see what fox business poll shows. lou reveals that. we have live coverage the which is primary at 8:00 p.m. -- wisconsin. now trish riege goon. trish: donald trump made talking about women being punished for illegal abortions. he is walking back his comments. kind of unusual for "the donald." i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump getting pushed by let-leaning msnbc, about a hypothetical issue of abortion. he later says doctors should be ones to face punishment. his enemies are out to get him. we have political implications five days ahead of wisconsin's
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primary. leaders meeting for nuclear summit amid fears isis will get nuclear weapons. they will do whatever it takes. they want to get nukes. is this simply matter of time. top hillary clinton donors are urging her to go at donald trump hard. maybe they should be worried about a possible indictment? she may be interviewed by the head of the fbi over her private email server. liberal activists going after companies expected to sponsor the gop convention in july. will the companies stand up to act activists or is getting out good for their business? blasting his opponent over his abortion comments. >> that comment is wrong. it is really latest demonstration how little donald has thought about any of the series issues facing this country. trish: hillary clinton tweeting,
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quote, we can't let someone this much contempt for women's rights anywhere near the white house. something we rarely see donald trump do, he is reversing himself. saying he was pushed by interviewer into saying something he didn't mean. women make up more than half the electorate and vote in larger numbers. 3/4 of women already hold unfavorable view of republican front-runner. latest in string of negative headlines for trump. he continues to stand by his campaign manager who sy accused of battery. new poll shows him 10 points behind cruz in washington. joining me democratic strategist julie roginsky. republican strategist, ford o'connell. starting with you, how much is the abortion commentary going to hurt him? >> he walked it back. he is not someone that walks things back. i will say this if donald trump doesn't ultimately win the republican nomination will look
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back at this week when the bottom started to drop out. frankly he will have no one to blame other than himself. this abortion comment, he commit admit call two-fer. one he blew elementary issue for republican base, and two he walked headlong into julie's favorite trope, war on women. trish: the war on women will be a big thing for clinton. we already saw in the tweet. she is starting to go after him hard. he is already polling quite poorly with women. a lot of people, julie, pointed to lots of white men out there maybe previously hadn't voted will vote in this election because they are so inspired by donald trump s that enough to make up for the lack of women's enthusiasm, shall we say? >> not at all. in fact every white man who could vote voted for donald trump still wouldn't be enough to offset deficiencies among minorities, among women, among every cohort except for a certain specific cohort of white men. so for him, ed rollins made excellent point as republican strategist, if u building a coalition you have to build upon
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it, you can't diminish it. what he is essentially doing to diminish it. to ford's point about so-called trope about war on women. first of all, i don't think it's a trope. secondly, all donald trump was doing before he walked it back was taking the logical conclusion that a lot of his opponents believe. suddenly people like ted cruz and john kasich don't want to punish women despite the fact their policies are punishing women getting abortions all along. suddenly they realize they're not doing well among women and see contrast with donald trump and their policies are no long no different -- trish: ford, did he get somewhat caught? he tends to shoot first and ask questions later. sometimes he just speaks and, as we said, it is very unlike him to walk anything back. in this particular case he was very quick to walk that back. did he sort of get caught perhaps not paying attention or was he misled or in your view is
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there anything he could have done. >> i have to tip my hat to julie's political jujitsu. she forgot at one point trump was pro-choice. trump has been winging a lot of issues very long time. frankly he got browbeat by chris matthews. he walked headlong into it. that is what concerns me he is not studying issues or not studying policy. he is running with a great message and a strong brand. trish: if he is not studying issues, how has he gotten so far in this process? >> it is very simple. he had a great brand because of his celebrity appearance. he has one of the greatest messages i have seen since ronald reagan in 1984. when you add the two together and you add how much the average american follows the ins an outs of politics, it doesn't take sherlock holmes to understand why he is where he is. trish: looking at rise of cruz there in wisconsin, julie. trump in second place although looks as though he will do quite
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well in new york, according to the latest poll out from quinnepiac this morning. how, how much of a sort of game changer in your view could wisconsin be if this goes to cruz? >> i don't know about a game-changer. look this is now all about addition by one or two delegates every time. so, even a state like wisconsin which traditionally has not played a huge role, any state, whether they have a large or small amount of delegates, like new york, this becomes important in a brokered convention. something none of us anticipated a year ago. new jersey is the last state to go. that will be important state. any state will be important if you're talking about adding numbers you need to add to the 1237 you need to get to get the republican nomination. none of them right now is poised to have that number. trish: go ahead. >> trump hasn't crack in the dam. needs to 30 delegates out of the wisconsin to be on the path to 1237. >> exactly. trish: we'll watch it. good to see you.
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we'll see you again in a little bit, don't go anywhere. my next guest, you heard julie mention him, ed rollins, if donald trump wants to take the white house he needs major adjustment to his campaign strategy and need it fast. he is the former campaign manager of ronald reagan campaign. >> how are you? trish: we try to give him free advice trot guy who ran reagan's campaign. what do you want him to do. >> tell him, basically figure out what it is he is going to run on. he had sound bites. he tapped into a great amount of people in the country very unhappy but abortion is very critical issue and there is no casual thoughts there. he has been on one side already. now he shifted back to be on the republican side. this is something republicans tried to be very sensitive to. the comments he made the other night were outrageous. the problem when he says everything is negotiable. people don't think he has a core. people don't believe he has core of beliefs.
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trish: he has a core when it comes to border security. that is clear message. >> he has a position, obviously a lot of people are supportive of that. his problem 47% of republican women say they will never vote for him. you can't basically win the presidency on either side if you don't have 90% of your party plus. mccain lost by 14 points among women. romney lost by 12 points among women. and basically trump is now at a point where he is losing his own base, a substantial portion. got -- trish: isn't that part of the primary process where there are extremes? can he walk it back to the middle to bring in women that don't like him? >> what i have said and tried to say, you got to start now because people are starting to pay a lot of attention to who he is, what he is going to say if he is going to lead this party. everything he says has far more magnitude than it had three our for months ago. trish: do you agree he is not preparing enough? >> i d't think he is preparing at all for policy discussions. that is amazing. you've been around this business
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a long time. you come from new hampshire. you start out with campaign, get 100 questions you get asked 1000 times. your answer, not consultants answers, what is it you believe and how do you believe it. you receipt those over and over again. you will get asked 1000 times. on something like this you have to be very clear your position. if you're not you're going to get trapped. trish: that is part of the process, right? as you would train a candidate, you would make sure they were prepared for all of those different questions, all those different issues. it would be somehow worked out behind the scenes what the candidate thought and what they were prepared to say, talking points essentially. >> again it is his positions. i don't tell anybody what to believe. i tell them how to say things. in this case he is bouncing all over the place on it particular issue. obviously very critical issue and critical issue how you say and feel. to a certain extent republicans all over the country walked this line very carefully really upset about this issue. trish: ed, we talked a lot about the future of the republican party. if it doesn't go to trump, if he
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doesn't get that 1237, wind up becoming a brokered convention in your view, what happens to the future of the party? will the republican win the white house? >> it will be a real hard battle. critical thing how do you come back together and bring it back together. last one was '76. requiring began and ford. reagan came within 117 votes winning nomination. he was good supporter, basically did everything he could to help. if this party comes back together they will be okay. if they don't come back together again, they will pick up the rubble. we'll not be finished. people say it is end of republican party. we have two thirds of legislature, we will have house of representatives no matter what and hopefully have the senate. trish: liberal senator elizabeth warren blasting donald trump's economic policies our economy is in such bad shape we mice elect clinton or sanders. haven't we had the last eight years a very lable ral president, with very liberal economic policies in the
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white house? why should americans think their pocketbooks will be any better off by getting more of the same? plus leaders of 50 nations gathering right now for a nuclear summit. top of the agenda, the real and growing threats isis may obtain nuclear materials. new report says that could be closer than you think. stay with us. i'm back in two.
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. trish: liberal senator elizabeth warren blasting donald trump on late-night tv for his economic proposals. watch this. >> we have an economy that is in real trouble, but, when the economy is in this kind of trouble, calling on donald trump for help is like, if your house is on fire, calling an arsonist to come help out.
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he is not a business success. he is a business -- trish: of course he has made a few billion dollars along the way. she goes on to say, that only a president clinton or president sanders could save our economy. but you know, last eight years, we've had a liberal in the white house. you know what? that hasn't quite worked out so well for our economy, has it, folks? plus a socialist, a socialist should be the answer to our economic pain? former president reagan economic advisor art laffer joins me now with his thoughts. i know you don't like what she said but you look at the last eight years and there is certainly a lot of blame to go around but nonetheless, i got to tell you, art, i heard over and over and over and over from the last eight years from ceo, ceo, they didn't feel like they had enough clarity out of washington. they thought this was president who could do anything he wanted with health care and taxes and that prevented them from
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investing. we know how important it toys have companies invest to get people back to work. when you look at economy, do you blame obama? >> i do blame obama and w, by the way, stimulus spending of obama and w what caused us to go into great recession. the fed policies, bernanke who was w and obama's fed chairman and as well as janet yellen have caused us to stay in the deep recession. these policies are all the problems that we have. and when i watched elizabeth warren in that show, trish, were they all laughing at her or with her? i couldn't tell. but she was just making no sense whatsoever. let me just take donald trump, which she was bashing, ted cruz has a great plan as well. but donald trump wants to cut the corporate tax rate to 15%, to stop all those inversions, to bring all the jobs back that have been going abroad. it makes all the sense in the world. when you lower u.s. tax rates, people will locate more capital here. highest tax rate of personal
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income of 25%, which would do miracles for economic growth and prosperity. he has a great tax plan. so does ted cruz by the way. trish: but ted cruz, i got to stop you there, art, he has a vat in there which is like a hidden tax that he would be putting on any producers of goods which prices for you and me and everyone would go up. you don't quite see it. companies have to charge more for the goods to compensate for the vat tax. >> that is true of all taxes, trish. companies pass along taxes they pay to consumers. his business flat tax which you call a vat, replaces corporate income tax, replaces regressive personal income tax, and all the unearned income taxes. what he has a very efficient tax system, much like jerry brown had in 1992. just a great tax plan. good as i have seen.
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trish: i know you like the tack side of the -- looking for some sort of direction and do you think, having someone that is more pro-business, more pro-growth in terms of his policies, in the white house, goes along way in terms of making the business community comfortable and making them feel as though they can invest in this economy again? >> exactly. you need pro-growth so that growth producers, job producers are treated well. you can't love jobs and hate people that create them. you just can't. it makes no sense. whoever heard after country taxing itself into prosperity. that is stupid to be honest. that bothered me about her statement there is. trish: bernie sanders, potentially a socialist being good for our economy. we know that is never going to work. we know -- >> they're proposing two things that make no sense. number one, taxing the country into prosperity by makes no
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sense at all. number two, poor person spending themself into wealth. she is right about the economy being really bad. she is completely correct. where she is wrong, is the solution. she doesn't get economics. she is the arsonist. trish: send them all back to school. >> i'm ready to teach them. have the lesson and ready to run. trish: great to see you, sir. >> thank you, trish. trish: world leaders gathering right now for a nuclear summit. on top of the agenda, the rising threat that isis is trying to get nuclear weapons. a new report says it may happen sooner than you think, that is next. at mfs investment management, we believe in the power of active management. by debating our research to find the best investments. by looking at global and local insights to benefit from different points of view.
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trish: breaking news coming to us right now. we're getting reports that donald trump is inside of republican national committee's headquarters there in washington, d.c. that is the picture that you're looking at right now. we're keeping an eye on it. this of course comes as the front-runner has been blasting the party for not treating him fairly. so one can only speculate about what that conversation could be,
2:23 pm
if it in fact is happening. we're getting reports that donald trump is meeting with rnc leaders there in washington, d.c. we'll continue monitoring this. we'll bring you more information as it comes forward, including whether or not donald trump has anything to say about the supposed meeting. meanwhile we're looking what is happening overseas. leaders from over 50 countries all in washington, d.c. today for a nuclear summit hosted by president obama. topping agenda, you have fears that isis could get nuclear weapons, as two terrorist brothers involved in the brussels attack were reportedly plotting to kidnap a senior belgian official to gain access to a nuclear plant, all in order to steal material they would need for dirty bomb. they had plant ad hidden camera outside of this man's house. recorded 10 hours of footage of him and his family going back and forth. how close is isis obtaining a nuclear bomb? can we do anything to stop it? here with analysis,
2:24 pm
kt mcfarland, fox news military analyst and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. fox strategic analyst. >> just a matter of time. a dirty bomb is conventional weapon that has radiological material stuffed in it. so when it explodes the radiological materials are spew for the. trish: it is hard to get this stuff. >> i could make a dirty bomb, going down to the local hospitag caesium. it wouldn't be very potent, radioactive materials it is spewing forth but sure scare the heck out of everybody. trish: one of the concerns is that all these scientists, that may have leans towards islamic extremism, possibly being recruited by isis, one would have to imagine, colonel peters, something top of mind of all
2:25 pm
security experts right now? >> well it is. but they are much more concerned about scientists working for rogue states. even if he has the smartest scientists in the world, without a fair amount of infrastructure, he can't make a nuclear bomb. i think kt made a very, very important distinction. when we hear the hysterical headlines isis will get nukes, no, actually they're not. even if they stole a bomb, it is hard to deliver. and stealing way only they get actual nuclear weapon. i agree with kt, a radiological weapon, a dirty bomb, while might not kill many people is a true terror weapon. it is invisible killer. it is the plague in the air. so i think, don't worry so much about a big nuclear explosion from isis. worry a lot about a dirty bomb that just freaks people out. trish: yeah. the psychological implications, terror it would invoke within a community. >> yeah. trish: what about the threat of chemical, biological weapons? that is also something they're
2:26 pm
looking seriously at, kt? >> i'm a little less concerned with that, because they're harder to use. biological weapons, somebody has the plague, walk around, that is scary. chemical weapons are more difficult to use. i think they're looking down the road, what is the next president going to face with regard to nuclear weapons. here is what worries me about the proliferation of the nuclear weapons, since the dawn of nuclear age, since i studied nuclear weapons at mit we've always been worried about crazy people getting their hands on nuclear weapons because crazy people want to use them. if you look at the nuclear world today, chinese have them, russians have them, we have them, the french have them. they really don't want to commit suicide. they know if they use a nuclear weapon on them they commit suicide, they're deterred from using nuclear weapons. trish: what do you get with the religious extremist being factored in. >> that is the scary part, a country in the middle east has nuclear weapons. country toppled by islamic
2:27 pm
ex-extremists. trish: that is the fear right now with iran, come net peters. >> it is indeed. the reason it is important to stop nuclear proliferation overall because as additional countries get nuclear weapons, whichever countries they are, the risk of a nuclear confrontation and nuclear war doesn't expand in linear manner. it is not mathematics. it expands exponentially. you have more moving parts and more moving players. you can with quantum theory. kt went to mit. mit wouldn't even let me on their campus. the bottom line, real worry as far as nuclear weapons go isn't a nuclear bomb. it is not terrorism. it is iran, it is north korea, it is another state. i would also worry about a future pakistani government doing something totally irrational. i will be surprised, and i hope i am blessly surprised if there
2:28 pm
is not a nuclear exchange in our lifetime here on the subcontinent. trish: i don't like hearing that. thank you very much. reports that hillary clinton top donors want her to go after donald trump very hard. sure sounds like the dems are running a little scared here of a trump nomination. but should they be more worried about possible indictment? that's next. see you right back here after this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information
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. trish: breaking right now, we can confirm for you that indeed donald trump is inside that building. rnc headquarters there in washington, d.c., and he is meeting with reince priebus, head of the rnc right now. he has complained consistently about being treated poorly by the republican party. his frustration being so many establishment types are out effectively to get him. better in his words than mine. he is frustrated by the treatment by the republicans and may in fact be talking to reince priebus right now. we don't know. but we can confirm he is inside there and meeting with reince. i'm joined by julie roginski. what is his biggest grievance against the rnc? >> he thinks basically everyone else is going to gang up against him. he's going to get to 1237 and they're going to snatch the nomination away from him. he's concerned about the smoke
2:33 pm
in mirrors and so are supporters. if i'm donald trump, i'm not concerned about a contested convention as i am about contested state primaries after they happen. look at louisiana, he won the state and delegates got snatched away from him. that's what he should worry about. trish: julie, has he got a point, effectively everyone is ganging up on him, despite the success in so many states. he needs to get to the magic number, and increasingly tougher when everyone is looking for a brokered convention? >> are they ganging up on him? in louisiana he had have had better delegate counters. you can't blame the rnc, i can't believe i'm defending reince priebus here. the rules haven't changed since donald trump got in the campaign. if he can't get on 1237 because he can't get to 1237, that necessitates a brokered convention as it would for john
2:34 pm
kasich or ted cruz. >> i agree about the nuts and bolts and should have been better corralling delegates. we both deal in politics, perception is reality not in reality is reality. where we are against the donor class, we think the insiders are running the party. the whole point of donald trump is to take back the party from those running it. >> that may be, the party sets the rules, right? hasn't changed in i don't know how many years and decades. trish: has been chatter as well and heard this from numerous reports of republicans looking to change the rules. they were talking about the requirement rule 40 b where you had to have the majority in eight states or else you didn't get to the convention. you didn't have a chance to get vo voted in as the nominee. there is talk of pulling that back, ford. the fact this is talked about, seems unusual in an election. >> absolutely does, and i think he's concerned that the rules
2:35 pm
are going to change on the fly and because everyone else has the fixing against him, he wants to make sure he's on a level playing field. understand rule 40 which says how many contests you have to win to get on the ballot. i worked for john mccain, we crushed ron paul and the guy was snatching delegates from us. mitt romney said i'm not going to play that game again. these rules were for mitt romney after he got the necessary delegates. the potential that donald trump may not get it and the rules could change every three seconds he finds are criminal, and i agree with him. >> wait a second, the rules changing every three seconds or if you are ted cruz or john kasich, why should they change for him? >> the rules were set in place for romney to seal the nomination, and this is a whole different animal. so they got to set rules beforehand. trish: you want to be careful they're not setting the rules in a way that's going to favor
2:36 pm
cruz or kasich when there are many within the party that would take anyone but trump. talk about the possibility a third-party candidate. it could happen? your take, gut takes, ford o'connell. >> particularly for republicans it's an absolute disaster and hillary wins. if bernie sanders wants to run as a third-party candidate. i'm more than happy to have that happen. >> is that an endorsement for bernie sanders, ford o'connell. >> i will run his campaign if he runs as a third party. trish: if you're the republican that gets it after donald trump, is this the kamikaze mission, you have so many voters out there that came out for trump, they're going to be angry, they're going to feel like they were robbed. he was robbed, and are you sort of doomed from the start? >> i think you may be doomed from the start. but let's say trump becomes the nominee. it's actually up to him to unify the party. he's got to start extending
2:37 pm
that olive branch, here's what hillary clinton and the democrats are widely doing. they're trying to define trump before trump can come up for air and run a general election. trish: seems to me, julie, he's smarter than that, as we watched trump through the entire process, he has been setting the agenda. he loves these fireballs out there, and all of a sudden the media, we're talking about the abortion thing, i just wonder within the next 24-48 hours if he comes up with something else big that gets the story off abortion. >> it probably will, i'm not sure he is that smart. as smart as he is going after ted cruz's wife by tweeting the horrific picture of her and wanting cruz to support him after he gets the nomination. trish: that was interesting how that happened. you will recall, and ford you might have been on the show they showed the clip of the surrogate from the cruz campaign coming on days before that super pac with the racy
2:38 pm
picture of melania was released, and she was saying to our own neil cavuto that look, do you really want a first lady who has posed in the nude? do you want this first lady that has got this model past? neil didn't let her go there, he shut it right down. the fact is that was a surrogate for the campaign and she was attacking melania, interesting timing the super pac comes out with the ad later. look, i agree, julie, shouldn't have gone after heidi cruz, in some ways, ford, he's getting tarnished with this. cruz and his side kind of started it. >> i absolutely think they did, it's anti-trump people, and if it's anti-trump, that's how it is. political spouses have basically been fair game for 200 years whether it's dolley madison or rachel jackson, we try to pretend we forget about history because it's not on wikipedia.
2:39 pm
it's gone from a referendum on the establishment to a referendum on trump. that is why trump has to be completely worried about winning wisconsin and making sure he keeps the momentum going forward. if everything comes unraveled, he's dead in the water. trish: look back at this one week in particular as being the week that ended it all. we will see. ford and julie. thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: time is ticking for a canadian drug company, valeant pharmaceuticals may default on $30 billion worth of debt, if does not file report by april 29th, it's in big trouble. asking lenders for extension, want its another whole month to file 10-k. valeant struggling with questions over accounting processes, business practices, so what does it all mean for investors? joining me is our very own gerri willis. gerri? >> tritch, have you all the details about the story right. yes, it is struggling. wants a delay.
2:40 pm
it has to get the big okeydoke from lenders. why? if it doesn't file 10-k by may 31 -- pardon me, april 29th, could be in big trouble if it doesn't get the okay. guess who is asking for the okay? william ackman, the activist investor buying big stakes in thcompany, and this week on the phone to lenders saying please, please, please, give us the breathing room we need. now, what else is going on not only does the company want breathing room but big questions raised by some who will end up signing off on the financials if it does happen? remember, the ceo michael pearson december 30th left the company, right? and then howard shiller, the cfo stepped in, then accused of improper conduct, michael pearson came back in, but the board wants to get rid of him. big questions about the management of the company. the share price down today, a little bit, but down 90% from
2:41 pm
highs, strangely, and this is funny, trish, i thought you would enjoy this. canadian securities regulators are putting in place a cease trade order for the principals who work at valeant. not supposed to trade the stock today. they want the financials filed. trish: indeed, understandably. gerri willis, thank you so much. appreciate it. the french president's new plan to fight terror going down in flames today. one big reason? socialist leaders objected to the plan to strip convicted terrorists of their french citizenship. i'm not kidding. my intel on why lawmakers need to stop burying their heads in the sand when it comes to terrorism. that's right after this. second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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. trish: turning to the markets, take a look at dow, off 42 points right now. and the s&p trading down 5, the small caps are trading up barely. a strong march which wiped away steep losses from the start of the year, good news. the dow on track to finish up around 1.5% for the quarter. index is down more than 10%. and more americans seeking jobless claims as economists expect tomorrow's jobs report will show employers hired around 200,000 workers in the month of february. "the intelligence report" will be right back with intel on president obama and other world
2:44 pm
leaders burying their heads in the sand when it comes to islamic extremism. see you back here in two. don't go away. ♪
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2:46 pm
taking place in europe, and need to think long and hard about who's coming here. 130 dead in the streets of paris. more than 31dead in brussels. hundreds injured all at the hands of islamic extremism. more than a thousand women sexually assaulted or raped on new year's eve by muslim migrants in germany while hundreds of additional incidents are being reported throughout europe, and yet, and yet our president says this -- >> turn against one another by letting this fight be defined as a war between america and islam. the enduring fate of over a billion people is so much bigger than the narrow hatred of a few. islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism. trish: you know, there is a reality going on in the world right now that our president and the left, they just don't want to face, and a new article
2:47 pm
in the atlantic, the president insists there is no civilization conflict between the west and islam nor the modern world and islam. i tell you there is, there definitely is, it's apparently politically insensitive to admit this but there is, islamic extremism is rooted in the belief we're the infidels, we don't have the right to exist, they have declared war on us, and that is a civilization conflict. outside of the terror threat, i just want to know, why isn't our president willing to stand up for women around the world, women that are persecuted and held hostage by muslim extremism? according to a pew research poll, in afghanistan, the majority of the population believes in honor killings. they think it's perfectly okay to slaughter a woman raped because she has dishonored her family, in their view. the majority of those polled in the muslim country say a wife must obey her husband, half of
2:48 pm
those polled worldwide believe a wife has no right to terminate a marriage no matter what. these aren't our values and shouldn't think their culture is okay to allow this kind of stuff. meanwhile news today that french president hollande has to shell his bill that has stripped french convicted terrorist of french citizenship because the socialists in france thought it would make children in the muslim community feel bad. yeah, you heard me. french despite having a major problem with islamic terrorism are afraid to tell terrorists they can't keep passports. in germany they're handing out pamphlets, we are living in an upside down universe right now where western liberals are too terrified to admit the threat we face, and this fear, it's going to cost us if we don't wake up. it is time for the ostriches to get their heads out of the stand. that's today's intel. all right, we're expecting
2:49 pm
donald trump any minute right now. he's expected to leave rnc headquarters. again, we have confirmed he is there, meeting with reince priebus today. very upset, as we have heard about how he thinks the rnc is treating him. that may be one of the components of today's meeting. we'll continue to watch this very carefully and see if donald trump has anything to say as he leaves rnc headquarters. and coming up, liberal activists going after the company sponsoring the gop convention in july. that and the threat of violence has a lot of them rethinking support. will the company stand up to the activists or getting out good business? here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this. and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere,
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trish: breaking right now, donald trump is inside rnc headquarters there in washington, d.c. you're looking at a live picture, we're keeping track of it. he's said to be meeting with reince priebus right now. he has complained over and over again about treatment by the republican national committee, and one could expect that's one of the things on the agenda as the two meet today. we will continue following this, and if he speaks to reporters as soon as he exits the building, we will bring that to you. there he is. you can see donald trump giving a big wave to the crowds there as he gets into his vehicle. not stopping to talk to anyone. again, he just emerged from the meeting with reince priebus, talking to the rnc, potentially about his treatment. we might anticipate hearing more from donald trump as the time goes on. he's getting ready to pull away there in his vehicle. he is in washington, d.c. today. said to be also meeting with some of his advisers on
2:54 pm
international issues. again, donald trump there leaving rnc headquarters. not talking to any reporters. reports meanwhile today that some of the country's biggest and best known companies are rethinking plans to sponsor the upcoming gop convention due to pressure from liberal activists, as well as worries about the divisive campaign and the potential for violence at the event. joining me right now with more on the story is adam shapiro. adam, at this rate, are they going to be able at the convention to raise the necessary funds if businesses pull away? >> yeah, well, i asked that question to emily lauer, who is spokeswoman for the 2016 host committee. the republican convention 2016 host committee in cleveland, ohio. she said -- $54 million to be exact and they need 64 million to pull off the convention. so they're not sweating according to ms. lauer.
2:55 pm
so 54 million. she said most of it is in the bank. there is an organization called color of change which is petitioning and lobbying companies like coca-cola, xerox, at&t which has announced they are a partner at republican convention to pull out not only all money they might donate for the convention but services they provide. so far no companies are publicly saying whether they give you money or not. by law, you don't have to file who's donated until after the convention. the republicans are saying not a problem. color of change will boycott and demonstrate if they give any money. trish: the concern is there might be violence at the convention. is that triggered by any of these outbreaks at some of the trump rallies? >> well, you can only go -- look, we've seen what's happened outside chicago, when mr. trump attempted to speak, and protesters stopped him from speaking. mr. trump said if he's not
2:56 pm
nominated, there is the question about getting the nomination, there will be riots. so with that in mind, if you were the marketing director of a company any, company, and you were going to take part in the convention -- i got to jump in. adam, thank you very much. want to go to president obama meeting with the chinese president during the nuclear summit. let's listen into what he's saying right now. >> and narrow our differences. the united states and china have established nuclear security, that includes china's new nuclear security set of excellence, i believe cooperation including nuclear smuggling. of great importance is north korea's nuclear weapons which threatens. [ audio difficulties ] . >> and president xi and the full implementation of u.n. sanctions. we're going to discuss how we can discourage the nuclear
2:57 pm
missile tests that escalate tensions and violate international obligations. i'm also very pleased that today we're announcing new steps to accelerate the paris climate change agreement. our cooperation and joint statements were critical in arriving at the paris agreement and our two countries have agreed we will not only sign the agreement on the first day possible, but we're committing to formally join it as soon as possible this year, and urge other countries to do the same. i look forward to working with president xi as well on the global economy, the world's two largest economies, we have special obligation to find cooperative measures that we can take to expand growth and global demand, and because china is hosting the g20 this year, we look forward to using this meeting to establish some
2:58 pm
of the agenda items that we want to drive at the g20. we want the g20 to be a successful meeting and given china's past hospitality of large summit meetings, we're sure we can be successful in helping to promote global growth as well as address a range of other challenges. now, as has been true in the past, we will have a candid exchange about areas where we have significant differences, issues like human rights, cyber and maritime issues, like china and other countries, the united states has significant interests in the asia-pacific region. we have deep concerns about our ability to protect the intellectual property of our companies and we care deeply about human rights, but i very much appreciate president xi's willingness to have candid conversations on these issues in a constructive way, and this
2:59 pm
will be one more step in our overall efforts to assure that the united states and china maintain the kind of effective, constructive relationship that is important, not only to our two peoples, but also to the world at large. so president xi, welcome. let me allow you to address the press briefly. trish: okay, that was president obama welcoming the president of china as they struggle with some of these nuclear concerns and terrorism right now. as we wind down the show, i just want to take a moment and pat ourselves on the back here. the first quarter of this year brought record breaking ratings to this network, fox business. we ended 2015 as the fastest growing channel on television, folks, and you know what? it is all thanks to you. we are continuing our success here, you're tuning in, you're watching, and we're here for you. thank you. good stuff. all right, liz claman is taking into the close of trading. liz: isn't that the best,
3:00 pm
trish? so great. trish: wonderful news. liz: hard work pays off and we have to thank our viewers, amen. thanks, trish, the republican presidential front-runne r in the nation's capitol wrapping up a meeting with the republican national committee, as he furiously back peddles as quickly as he can from the comments yesterday about abortion which set off opponents on both sides of the aisle. on the show exactly 24 hours ago, we told what you donald trump said about punishing women who have illegal abortions. since that time, the trump campaign has done just about everything it can to minimize the damage. this just five days ahead of the crucial wisconsin primary. hillary clinton, the first to criticize trump's comments, she's blasting trump again, just in the past couple of hours over the comments on the campaign trail in new york. we're about to show you what the latest new york polls show for both hillary and donald trump. chris hahn and mercedes schlapp to tell you how the latest controversy could change the


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