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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  March 31, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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out highest rated quarter in history. thanks to you we clocked record ratings here on "countdown." fbn come within the smallest margin ever against cnbc. [closing bell rings] david and melissa. pick it up here with "after the bell." melissa: stocks ending mixed on the last trading day in march. the look at that, the dow down a little bit. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." at this hour donald trump in d.c. wrapping a closed-door meeting with none other than head of republican party, tweeting moments ago he looks forward to bringing the party together. is that still possible? in washington right now a global nuclear security summit designed to stop north korea from developing nuclear missiles and combating potential nuclear threats from russia, iran and now groups like isis. melissa. melissa: fox business's peter barnes at the white house with the latest on all of this. peter?
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reporter: that's right, melissa, keeping nuclear weapons and materials out of the hands of terrorists is especially hoon at agenda here for the summit of 56 leaders that have come here because of recent isis attacks in paris an brussels. which have shown isis is capable of launching mass attacks in large urban areas. last week leaders agreed to add to the last minute, a special meeting here tomorrow on fighting isis including keeping it from obtaining nuclear weapons. >> we are committed to working together on combating isil. at the end of this nuclear security summit, there will be international focus what additional steps need to be taken in light of the terrible tragedy that took place in brussels. reporter: and there are new warnings about isis's efforts to get nuclear weapons and
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materials coming out of belgium where investigators found a videotape of a high-ranking belgian nuclear official that had been taped by isis operatives. leaders want tighter control on materials for one thing. there are the 2700 reports of missing nuclear and aid row active materials over the past decade. melissa: peters thank you very much for that report. david: donald trump has been meeting with the republican national committee in washington, d.c. where he is meeting with his new foreign policy team. as the candidate focuses on tuesday's very important primary vote in wisconsin. blake burman in oshkosh, wisconsin, with latest on trump's meeting. what is on the minds of voters ahead of the state's contest next week? i'm fascinated by the meeting with d.c., he is meeting with people that he excoriated as establishment? >> that is the way this race has
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bonn back and forth, david, you're right. this meeting in donald trump in washington, d.c. comes after he made comment yesterday on abortion and after he made the comments at the cnn town hall a couple nights ago which he said he would not, essentially back the pledge if he would not support the eventual republican nominee should that not be him. which has many wondering what exactly happened behind closed doors with the head of gop, reince priebus. trump tweeted this out within the past hour or so. let me read it to you about the meeting. quote, had a very nice meeting with that reince priebus and the gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. exclamation point. trump in d.c. meeting with some of his national security advisors the team he put in place to help him with issues of security and policy here at home and all across the globe. as far as other candidates go in this race, ted cruz not in wisconsin today, just like trump
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and kasich not here. they will be back tomorrow. ted cruz well-represented in the badger state. governor scott walker cut a tv spot airing here in wisconsin for cruz. walker announced his endorsement earlier this week. john kasich was in the northeast today. he leveled some of his harshest attacks on trump to date. where we are, you might wonder about all the farm equipment. this is the 56th annual show. we were talking with voters, throughout the day. very apparent what they're looking for here in wisconsin. at least as it relates to the agriculture industry. many voters are are talking abot change. >> everybody is looking for some kind of a change. just hard to decide what direction that should be in. >> we need a change. we need a stirring up, let's say. i like the stirring up. reporter: john kasich and ted
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cruz will be back in wisconsin tomorrow. they will be in milwaukee for a party-sponsored event tomorrow night. as of now donald trump's schedule has him skipping that event. back to you. david: blake burman thank you very much. melissa: with five days before the voters in badger state hit the booths, talk show hosts are coming hard down on donald trump. jeff, you spent the day with w tmj. what did you learn there? reporter: i'm standing in front of the welcome to wisconsin sign but i don't think that applies to donald trump at least where conservative talk radio is concerned. indeed in the studios of w tmj charlie sykes is probably the best-known and most listened in to talk radio show host in the state. he is originator of the anybody but trump. never trump is the hashtag moniker.
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charlie sykes says in wisconsin they have done a hard job and tough job turning the state essentially from a blue state to a purple state through reasoned and thoughtful discussion. and donald trump runs right in the face of that. listen to what he told me about it. >> the conventional wisdom he is expanding the party. in fact he is actually shrinking the party. hillary clinton would not only win in a landslide, she would probably take the senate as well, the democrats would take the senate. there is possibility that democrats would take the house of representatives. reporter: if you look what kind of impact this all has had on the race, you only need to look at latest poll. donald trump was leading in wisconsin, up by 10 points. well, he is now down by 10 points. worth noting that his support has stayed pretty much the same but cruz's support and that for john kasich both increased. probably in large measure, thanks to conservative talk
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radio who says donald trump is no conservative. that is their opinion. melissa: jeff, thank you so much for that. david. david: wisconsin republicans have been toughened through the years by a lot of battles with union protesters, referenda an democratic machine. they haven't taken well to donald trump coming in telling them that they and their republican governor are weak and wrong. is that why trump had reversal of fortune at the polls? joining me is congressman reed ribble of wisconsin. what do you think, trump coming in first of all trashing your governor? >> this is fascinating thing. charlie sykes and jerry, some of the conservative talk radio folks fought hard over the last, man, four or five years to be the backstop for our assembly, our senate and our governor, that as he has done all these conservative changes in this wisconsin. trump comes in and just belittles it. then he actually was belittling the grassroots work that helped scott walker win his recall. it hasn't gone over well at all.
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david: is that why -- we know that the polls came out yesterday. trump didn't begin trash-talking the governor until a couple days ago. the polls were probably taken earlier than that, do you think though some of his talk, played into this reversal at the polls? >> well, some of it did but, that reversal of the polls started to happen when governor kasich and senator cruz started showing up in wisconsin. once they showed up in wisconsin and began campaigning here and getting their grassroots organizations moving, then we began to see the impact of it. but, mr. trump has had six or seven months of gaffs like the ones he made yesterday regarding abortion, the geneva convention, nuclear proliferation. nobody knows what he believes anymore. david: that is interesting, because he actually said something about the deficit growing there. he said that governor walker's responsible for 2 1/2 billion dollar deficit when wisconsin hasn't had a deficit because it
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has a balanced budget amendment, right. >> that's correct. wisconsin has balanced budget amendment. governor walker along with assembly and senate balanced budget each year. he knows that is not accurate. charlie sykes called him out on it. he continues to repeat it if it were the truth. it is not going well over with wisconsin voters. david: here is people say he is doing this it is open marry. trying to get democratic voters that don't like scott walker or the status quo with the democratic party. do you think he will succeed? >> which is voters are pragmatic. they don't like picking on people's wives, and -- david: if that is so, maybe don't like ted cruz as well. ted cruz has done some of that as well. >> it is possible. if you look what happened with governorcation sick's numbs, his number you may be right in that regard.
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david: who are you endorsing? >> you know, i haven't endorsed anybody because i'm looking at, i could support governor kasich because i think he is the most capable of the defeating the democrat nominee in the fall. but i also feel a tug to support senator cruz, in part because he has the best shot of stopping trump here in wisconsin. david: we have to give you the final question. asking all republicans, if trump is the nominee, could you vote for him. >> no way. i said this last -- david: hold on a second, you think trump against hillary and you wouldn't vote for trump? >> i wouldn't vote for trump or hillary. i would look down ballot as ben sasse. david: that is vote for hillary. >> good to be with you. melissa: democratic battle for empire state. hillary clinton taking double-digit lied according to new poll from quinnipiac university. meanwhile former president bill clinton hitting stump for his wife, celebrating taking
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away nearly 100,000 jobs from wall street. >> there are somewhere between 50 and 70,000 fewer people working on wall street today than there were before the crash. because of the banks that failed and because of the bill president obama signed and i think next to the health care bill, was the most important bill he signed, the dodd-frank bill. melissa: okay. fox news's ed henry joins me now. there is not a lot that kind of like surprises me, right? to sit there to celebrate lost jobs. >> i think he was obviously trying to make a broader point about dodd-frank good about reforming wall street but there are obviously downsize to it, talking about a loss of jobs when your wife is trying to win in part on the economy, helping the middle class. that is odd. at prior event, that was at union hall in new york city. he is doing four of them. i was at one before that, out of nowhere hillary clinton talking about benghazi, saying republicans railroaded his wife and stood up to him for 11 hours
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in the testimony and why he should be president. look he is dwindling her, benghazi is not what the campaign wants him to talk about. melissa: as he lost his mind? reporter: i think that is little much. melissa: no, no i'm asking the question. seems very off script. seems very unplanned. i mean to go out and talk about -- also i mean his voice isn't what we expect we've heard. he is very thin. reporter: has he lost his fastball might be the way, kinder more diplomatic -- i'm a reporter i like to keep it -- melissa: not me. reporter: at one time bill clinton was seen as best politician of our era and generation. still revered by many and you see him on the campaign trail, he goss off message enough it gives the campaign some heartburn. i was at one of speeches. other 70 or 80% he talked about wonderful things his wife will do as president but 10 to 20% you were like, what did i just hear?
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melissa: he talked about fun hundred thousand -- 100,000 jobs lost on wall street. maybe that is not off script. she is taking money from wall street and on other hand she is saying against them. maybe she takes money and will turn on them. what is the truth? >> part of your point. she has been pushed pushed to the left by bernie sanders. he stuck around longer than clinton campaign expected. quinnepiac, poll, i'm here because he is campaigning there. hillary clinton is here for three straight days. wisconsin is next. she is looking past that. bernie sanders has won six out of last seven contests. he has momentum. final point, up 12 points at "quinnepiac poll" in new york as senator for eight years you would think you would be up more than that. trump isp 30 points because he lives here. bill clinton and hillary clinton are nervous.
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bernie sanders closes well in a lot of state has are close. they want to make sure he doesn't get any big share of these delegates. he got almost 250 delegates here in new york. second to california. if sanders makes gains here this campaign could look a little different. melissa: if she loses new york, nobody is saying, doesn't look possible, but i don't know craziest election season of all time that would be devastate report. reporter: it would be devastating. sanders campaign wants 40, 45%. they want narrative hillary clinton barely won home state. democrats have proportional delegates you get 40% you walk away with lot of delegates. to your point bernie sanders has to win big states. you can't have a close second. this becomes math as we're seeing on trump-cruz fight as well and hillary clinton is getting closer and closer to the math. melissa: bill clinton not lost his mind but maybe a fastball. reporter: i know you haven't lost your mind. that is what matters to me. melissa: thank you for this i think.
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david: hitting bankers, some people can't lose if they hit bankers. markets settling day, month and first quarter, big jump for the dow in march. in fact all the major averages end up around 7%. march making a huge turn around for dow. stocks should continue climb historically. april best month for the dow, up average of 1.9% since 1950. melissa. melissa: donald trump under fire from both sides of the aisle for comments he made about women and abortion. how can he move past this? what happened behind closed doors with trump and the rnc? lou dobbs gives us his take. david: meanwhile major corporations are under pressure to pull their sponsorships for the republican national convention. new details what one activist group is threatening to do. wait until you hear this. melissa: massive tornadoes hitting the heartland. >> i see a funnel cloud. debris just going around in circles. two minutes later, boom all the high winds just came through and
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 ll tod a you could save up to $509 see car insurance in a whole new light. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no, as principle? >> the answer is that, there has to be some form of punishment? >> for the woman? >> yeah, there has to be some form. that i don't know. that i don't know. i don't know. >> you have positions on everything else? >> i take positions on everything else. it is very complicated position. melissa: it was a bad bad for donald trump, let's be straight. the gop front-runner getting slammed for some type of punishments in abortions were performed illegally in the u.s. trump campaign walking comments way back.
4:20 pm
can he get out of this unscathed? here is lou dobbs, host of "lou dobbs tonight" on fox business. everywhere i go, people saying to me, oh, my goodness he really did it this time. they all said that before. he has always gotten out of it. go ahead. >> i think you're exactly right. i think these are people with very short memories. but at same time they're having immense capacity to ignore what is before them. the trump organization, rather slowly but nonetheless did go in and clean it up. they straightened out the statement what he meant to say. what the candidate really intended and the national media has for the most part ignored it over the course of past 20 hours. the result is, that just keeps churning and churning. so you have to wonder, are these, these people indolent? are they incapable of adjusting to new facts? the fact he changed his mind. he's, what happened to him, president obama said there were
4:21 pm
5states? what happened when -- 5states. what happened when hillary clinton said there was video to blame for benghazi? this is rising to level of absurdity. melissa: in the past he has been able to turn the page quickly shifting to another issue. >> i don't think he can do that this time. melissa: we did all see, reminded me of move of aipac speech. he got sear us are. made the speech. did it in different way than he had done it before. read from a prompter. he consulted with people. sort of a wake-up moment. now we hear today he went down and met with the rnc he came out and put out what was i think first nice tweet of his whole entire life saying that i just met with the rnc. it was great. we'll unite the party. maybe he learned a lesson from this? >> most recently you should add in the birth of his grandson, his new grandson. he is a man who has, i think a little greater brett than you
4:22 pm
give him credit for there. the fact there is cumulative power what is happening here. he has to fix it. he has to change it. he has to quit talking. he has to start acting. he is doing precisely what he accused politicians of doing, which is talking and not doing much. melissa: what would action look like from him? he is candidate. >> number of things. he has immense organization called the trump organization. why not send people flint, michigan? why not get involved in issues as they arise? why not act and let other people try to figure out what you're doing? this is man who is talking far too much. he stays too close to -- melissa: you're right about that. >> stays too close to the tarmac. get out, get into the cities, making contact in the venues. he was doing that when he succeeded most. we watched the man take a week off. this is mr. high energy. this is mr. action. he is taking a week off. he doesn't even have anything on the schedule until saturday.
4:23 pm
melissa: okay. >> so -- melissa: maybe he is listening to you. give him a call. let him know. lou fixes everything. >> i do fix things but only for those of us in my audience. melissa: lou dobbs. thank you so much. don't miss lou tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. he will reveal the results of our very first fox business political poll. we polled likely voters on their preference for wisconsin. oh, i can't wait for that. david? davi the grand old divide, state of fractured republican party, leaving some wonder if the establishment would actually prefer a victory for the democrats. plus now the worst of the worst getting released. is there anything that can be done to stop the release of the worst terrorists from gitmo? >> how many lives have been lost by those terrorists who went back to their terrorist activity? >> unfortunately, there have been americans that have died because of gitmo detainees. >> right.
4:24 pm
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melissa: incredible images showing tornadoes touching down in oklahoma. at least seven people are injured as strong winds uprooted trees an left trail of damaged homes and businesses. the storm also leaving nearly 5000 people without power. more severe weather expected today as the storm moves east towards northern mississippi and alabama and western tennessee. david: all right the pentagon is planning another round of gitmo releases. two detainees will head to an undisclosed country in africa this weekend. number of detainees in these next two rounds, thought to be about a dozen. joining me, david sears, retired u.s. navy seal. david, just to show you what kind of people we're dealing with here, five of these people that will be released were accused of planning and supporting the 9/11 attacks. these people already have the
4:28 pm
blood of americans on their hands. >> yes they do, and i think you said it before, david, these are the worst of the worst. the numbers also reveal the recidivism rate will be somewhere between 10 and 30%. that is conservative ily, right? guaranteed one of these guys will commit terrorist acts against the united states. david: we only know they're going someplace in africa. is there any place in africa gitmo detainees have been sent more difficult or escape from to go to the battlefield? >> i think a lot of africa is very challenged not only budgetarywise, how do they fund security of these guys, how do they track them? nations all over africa have their own challenges already, rather than giving them a high-profile guy to watch after and look after. david: now is it a done deal? is there nothing that congress can do to stop this? i'm not in congress. i believe this is done deal.
4:29 pm
they're supposed to notify congress. pentagon has to notify congress certain amount of days, give them advanced notice. congress weighs in on it. i don't know what checks an balances they can place on it. david: this is after we just heard from the official, one of the people charged with closing gitmo, that american people are killed from the gitmo. then obama minute says says it wasn't us. it was bush administration. they don't know that. >> we need a little transparenry. which people are were released and where are they and which ones committed terrorist attacks. i can go to my cell phone who all the sexual offenders are in the neighborhood around me. let me see a map of all guys released, what they have done. david: this is rotten bunch left there being released unfortunately. david sears, apparently nothing to do about it, thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: republicans divided and
4:30 pm
president obama might leave the white house a very happy man. coming up next our panel weighs in on what might be the president's greatest triumph. >> the republicans are simply knifing each other, tearing each other apartnd no self-identity anymore. no one knows what the republican party stands for whereas the democrats just stick there solidly for same thing. david: crisis management on the campaign trail. bruce turkel has advice for donald trump. coming up the crisis expert is here to break it all down. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental.
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david: a republican party divided and according to dan henninger of "the wall street journal" this might be president obama's biggest triumph and proudest legacy, destroying his political enemies. here with reaction tony sayegh, jamestown associates vice president and fox news contributor. harlan hill, democratic strategist and bernie sanders supporter. guys good to see you. tony, here is what dan says. in obama's first term republicans an conservatives fought barack obama. in the second term they decided it made more sense to fight each other. has he got a point? >> i think they fought each other in the first term too, think about 2010 and rise of tea party. i think this is the design of obama political strategy. to his credit he held to his guns. he said he would transform america. he would do things his way. when he couldn't do it codified through congress he wept through executive action.
4:35 pm
he stood by what he told his party was going to do. republicans have a system because they don't feel their leadership did the same thing. david: harlan, a lot of people are blaming trump for the division of republican party. this precedes trump's entrance to the whole scene. >> certainly. i think system in the republican party is reason for donald trump's rise. david: is it more trump or obama? >> i don't think it is either. what was interesting to me in the very first debate he didn't go after obama. he highlighted mitch mcconnell. there is anti-establishment wing in the republican party has now gone mainstream. we've seen that the only two viable candidates going into the convention, anti-establishment. very telling. david: very interesting. tony, donald trump met with republican leaders, reince priebus and others. do you think he will patch this up? >> he has the power to. a lot of people will be watching how trump handles the next several months. he could very well get to the 1237 threshold. if he does i anticipate everyone will get behind him.
4:36 pm
if he comes close i anticipate everybody gets behind him. i think harlan is absolutely right in the respect i think there anti-establishment mow men couple on both sides. bernie sanders is identifying it. think about the last two presidents prior to obama. you had bill clinton and george w. bush, who both moved to the center largely to govern. david: if it is hillary-trump will a lot of bernie supporters go over for trump? >> i'm looking at him. that is really controversial thing to say. on democratic side but will probably cost me business but i'm looking at home. >> that is honest. >> i'm telling the truth. david: a candidate first time to the left after democratic candidate on things like for instance like trade. immigration not only national security issue and economic one. there are issues that i think really donald trump straddles the middle. i have to take a look at. david: very quick. >> accents the fairness this is rigged system in eyes of people on extreme right, extreme left. donald trump could run the
4:37 pm
campaign against hillary clinton who is poster child of establishment. david: tony, harlan, we'll see you in a couple minutes. melissa? melissa: some. country's biggest and begs-known companies may be rethinking their plans to sponsor the upcoming gop convention, getting pressure from liberal activists as well as worries about the divisive campaign and potential for violence at the event. an activist group called, quote, color of change, pushing rporations not to donate to the republican convention. sending out this petition, any sponsorship of a trump-led convention will be an endorsement of his hate-filled and racist rhetoric, and runs counterto the values of your company. some of the companies they're targeting right now? names you know. coca-cola, google, xerox, at&t, adobe and cisco. however a spokesperson for the republican convention tells fox business that no sponsors have pulled out as of yet.
4:38 pm
they have actually, already raised more money for this national convention than ever before. interesting. but it is crisis management time for trump in wisconsin, that's for sure. he is trailing cruz by 10 points and his remarks on abortion coming under fire, really from everyone on the planet. bruce turkel, turkel brands ceo, manages crises for a living. he is on hand to help. all right. it has been really tough week for donald trump, right? >> yes. melissa: the phone rings. brrnng. calling you in the middle of the night for emergency advice for the best guy out there in crisis pr. what do you tell him? >> the first thing i tell him you need to pay my fee up front there is no worse credit risk than a politician who lose as seat. once i know the money has cleared, what i tell him is very simple. keep doing what you're doing. this is a crisis, to everybody around trump but understand something, it is not a crisis to trump.
4:39 pm
melissa: why? how is that possible? >> i'm about to tell you. he has changed the game like 180 mile-an-hour maserati, off-road jeep, eric clapton special guitar. we buy the things because they make us feel good. we don't drive the car 180 miles an hour and i can't play the guitar click clapton no matter how much i practice. marketing is not about function but how it makes customers feel. a good brand makes you feel good about yourself. trump figured out how to do that all he has to say look, look what happened. it was mainstream media, chris matthews asked me that. i'm not answering that anymore. i gave you my answer. put it in writing. let's talk about the issues. then of course he doesn't talk about the issues. he uses his code words. muslims, the wall in mexico they will build making the country great again, you will love me. i'm rich. he has changed the conversation. he needs to keep on keeping on.
4:40 pm
melissa: what did you think about lou dobbs advice he needs to get out there and actually do something, that he is talking too much and that he is tripping himself up? and that he has lost sort of what he was doing at the beginning to reach people? >> that is old school think. that is what we believed before there was internet, before there was social media, before democratized information. he doesn't need to do anything. the minute he does something he is in trouble. because he can't do anything. he is not a politician. he is reality show star. worse, a real estate developer. they talk dreams, they talk aspirations. they talk how good you're going to feel and how your mother-in-law how you think they made it. they don't talk about facts. >> you love him so much that it is wonderful to give him advice. bernie sanders, comes to new york. if he manages to win new york that would be cruz. this is hillary clinton's home state. she is way ahead. she is obviously threatened. she has everyone here in new york including ed henry who
4:41 pm
was on our show earlier because she is panicked about her own home state. what a disaster! what could bernie sanders do to bring it home in new york because that would change everything? >> well the home state advantage we saw it. rubio had to step out when he didn't win florida. melissa: right, right. >> hillary has not done -- i can't what she is waiting for. she has the best crisis management guy in the world, her husband who ought to be managing. melissa: he said earlier today it was wonderful thing they put all the bankers on wall street out of business and cost jobs. he brought up benghazi. i don't know that he is best crisis manager out there. he might have have a screw or two loose at this point? >> maybe he forgot what made him so great back then. what sanders i think needs to do, look what is going on in new york city with de blasio. some people don't like him of course. look how he won. look what he established. sanders has the opportunity to say, what de blasio came in and said he is going to do for the city, what you want done for the
4:42 pm
state, i am going to do for the country. great thing about sanders's message, it hasn't changed. he followed his through-put, his through line the entire time. and like trump he has to keep on keeping on. he can never be sin as hypocrite. that is problem she has. he can never be seen talking out of both sides of his mouth. that is problem she has. he can't be seen not his own man. that is problem she has. he has to keep doing what he is doing. melissa: bruce, you're a genius. see you later. >> thank you, melissa. melissa: david. david: newt concern cropping up at president obama's talk clear summit. as threat of isis is growing, world leaders are scrambling about to keep nukes out of terrorists's hands. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing.
4:43 pm
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melissa: nuclear security summit is under way in d.c. president obama and 50 world leaders discussing how to stop north korea from developing nuclear missiles as well as combating potential nuclear
4:46 pm
threats from russia, iran and now terrorist groups like isis. joining me now is chris harmer, senior naval analyst at the instatute of study of war. chris this is an enormous problem. start with isis. how close do you think they are? how dedicated are they to doing this. >> there are two different issues with isis. do they want nuclear capability? absolutely they want nuclear capability. this is not the jv of terrorism. this is the olympic dream team of terrorism. there is no restrictions way they practice their tradecraft. they are out there killing people, beheading people, crucifixes, mass rapes. isis definitely wants a nuclear capability to get off spectacular attack. they don't have capability to develop it indidnt newsily. they have to go out and get it. the place they get it is russia, iraq, iran or north korea. that is possible to assess how these countries are doing in terms of securing nuclear device, nuclear programs.
4:47 pm
the problem with the biggest player of nuclear weapons eastern the united states is russia and they decided not to participate in this in any meaningful way. melissa: yeah. where do you go from there? >> you acknowledge right away from the get-go this is really window-dressing. when you hold a nuclear security summit without the second biggest nuclear power, without someone actively collaborating with iranians in syria in their fight there, we have to acknowledge this is just window-dressing. i'm not saying it's a bad thing, but i'm saying it's a non-substantial thing. it will have not any effect on isis threat to acquire nuclear weapons. melissa: north korea langlaunch ad short-range missileer this week. what you do make of that? how dangerous is that? who are they partners with? >> the key take take away from the north korea situation is twofold. they have nuclear capability. no one knows exactly what the capability exists of. they have successfully lit off
4:48 pm
several nuclear devices. they have successful intermediate range ballistic missiles. they have a active and viable weapons delivery system. my key take away this is the danger accommodating evil. when we act accommodated their program, we'll give you increased trade advantages, give you assistance, give you some oil and food to the north koreans if you promise to shut down the nuclear program. the nor koreans promised it. they didn't deliver on it when they got the nuclear weapon. they have a veto essentially on anything on the korean peninsula. the iran and why and north korea nuclear missile programs are essentially flip sides of the same coin. melissa: chris, bleak out look. thank you anyway. >> thank you. david: don't coddle evil. very simple. trump doing double duty and wooing voters and his own party. will his efforts sway the republican establishment? >> i'm starting to think that
4:49 pm
many of the so-called republican establishment, of course they say there is no such thing. we don't exist but we know they do. i believe that many of them would prefer to have hillary in there. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures
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david: this is breaking news. we're getting a statement from the rnc on the donald trump meeting with the chairman reince priebus this afternoon. quote, the chairman and mr. trump had productive conversation about the state of the race. the chairman is in constant communication with all of the can diets and their campaign about the primaries, general election and convention. meeting an phone conversation with candidates and campaigns are common and will increase as we get closer to november. so he didn't want to leave anybody out. meanwhile donald trump says he can make peace with the republican establishment following that meeting with
4:53 pm
party chair but, dr. ben carson says party party elders are not interested in supporting tough-talking trump. take a listen. >> i believe many of them would prefer to have hillary in there than to have donald trump because she is part of the political establishment and can be controlled whereas donald trump can not be controlled and they're not interested, democrats or republicans, in the ruling class of having somebody they can't control. david: wow. the panel is back with their take on the establishment's motives. harlan, sounds kind of conspiratorial, what ben carson is saying the establishment goes across party lines. >> this makes me irate. for sake of democracy you need two viable candidates -- david: what is he saying is true. >> it is true. republican establishment are working to undermined their front-runner. almost unprecedented.
4:54 pm
i can't think of an example like it. it is not just a question of party, it is question of our democracy. that is really scary. david: tony, is the estaishmt th strg. es icrosovern pay lis? >> absolutely on that point. dr. ben carson used another term that i like better than establishment. establishment is people that don't support trump or cruz. there are traditional conservatives that support trump. i think ruling class is absolute term. there is absolute ruling class that crosses both sides of the aisle. david: if that is true, this meeting is just for show? >> i will say i think there is interest on reince priebus's part to make sure whatever happens the party does not implode. donald trump is the one who holds a lot of cards right now. for him to have open line of communication with the chairman of republican party is certainly essential for the rnc. that being said i think there is ruling class in washington, who trump becomes nominee from either side would much ratr
4:55 pm
establishment, what we've known for the last 30 years to be ruling class in washington be hillary clinton to be in power because their interests are preserved. david: talk about ruling class, a lot of people say superdelegates is the vestige on democratic side. we were talking about the possibility of bernie winning new york but superdelegates could still kill him. >> ridiculous. this is safeguard against the will the people. there is put in stopgap measure in case a candidate like bernie sanders on that remotely challenge a front running can diet. david: what can bernie supporters do about that. >> they need to write to members about congress. they need to politically active and show up at sanders rallies. they need a ground swale of support. this is not just a campaign but movement in. democrat rick party. david: five second. >> this is problem for democrats. republican is going through the exercise now. if they continue to shut out bernie sanders through
4:56 pm
superdelegates not give him the place in that convention they could have big problems. david: tony, harlan, wonderful discussion. donald trump has many protesters but do they even know what they're protesting? >> just like the things he says about women and -- when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. >> are you working with a group? you have a uwa sign here. >> donald trump has accused me of, whatever, no, i do not. yes, i am union. union is standing. >> way things are -- i think trump is gaining a lot of ground because he is -- david: [laughter]. a lot of cringe worthy. fox news contributor david webb taking it to the streets to see exactly what these folks are standing for. you saw clearly a lot of them don't even know why they're there, let alone what it is they're standing for. a reminder, by the way, don't miss "lou dobbs tonight,"
5:00 pm
7:00 p.m. eastern. lou will reveal the results of our very first fox business political poll. best in the business. dana blanton put it together. voter preferences particularly for wisconsin but a lot of other things. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: after 24 hours of mayhem for donald trump, this tweet just had a very nice meeting with reince priebus and gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. with the wisconsin primary in just view results of a new fox business poll will be released at 7:00 p.m. ahead of that positions are shifting. blake burman on the ground in the badger state. blake, what is the tone like? reporter: hi, there, deirdre, first off we got fresh reactn


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