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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 6, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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minutes. we are just about 15 seconds away here. the market looking for any clues with what the fed will do. our very own adam shapiro. we go to him with it. adam. >> trish, the federal reserve is concerned about the global slowdown. disagreeing over long-term expectations over inflation. a surprise that wages are not going up. several factors including economic conditions. tighter financial conditions will continue to restrain economic growth. collectively applying a temporarily low level with a neutral rate of interest. worried about double participants. leading to a sharp, though
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temporary deterioration in global financial decisions earlier this year. it has not beefully resolved. they are worried that business investments. the outlook for growth abroad. regarding inflations. continuing to pose risks. partly because of earlier decline. the range of views. the increase would prove persistent. several members expressed concn. inflation expectations may have declined. continuing to monitor deflation.
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finally, we talk about the job market. they arere surprised thawages are not going up here and aggregate data indicates upward pressure on n wage growth. also suggesting a remaining flag in labor markets. trish: there you go. continuing to live another day. adam, thank you. fifty-five points. a muted reaction. you need to have this news sink in. a rather weak assessment of the global economy from the fed. they are worried about the u.s. dollar which keeps climbg. none of that having a good thing on anything back here at home. one of the big things that people continue to debate. we will watch this market.
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not hahaving a huge reaction ths far. we will stay on it and continue watching it. breaking this hour. a brand-new poll.l. the home state of new york two weeks from now. a big loss in wisconsin. the republican party headed for a contested convention. i am trish regan. let's take a look at this poll. trump with 52% of republican voters. could very well take home every single one of the states 95 delegates. this aer a pretty tough night with the front runner. calling crews a trojan horse. hannity being used by the establishment to steal the nomination away from him. today, he is getting huge ra ofew york. 18,000 people have are ready requested tickets.
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blocking the merger over antitrust concernrns. this just a day after the president will crack down. moving oversrseas to reduce ther taxes. cracking down. a more business iendly environment. staying here in the first place. isn't that what we should be doing? this is just the very latest. costing the american worker big time. we have the very latest on our country. very broken borders. mexican drug dealers scaling our while. you will see them going back over when they realize they are being filmed. think about those backpacks that they have on. even explosives or weapons. it is on the need tout up walls.
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addressing supporters in the bronx. let's listen in. >> bringing jobs back to america. my top priority is bringnging js back to america. raising wages fofor people who e struggling. people in small businesses. they have been keeping track of the data. more small businesses go out of business. two thirds of all new jobs come from small businesses. my dad came from cuba in 19. eighteen years old. penniless. $100 in his underwear. washington making $0.50 an hour. you did not have to speaking / to take a dish, put under hot water and scrub it. people who are struggling. people that ve been hurt so bad in the clinton obama
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economy. he has no solutions, no answers for bringing jobs back to raise wages. a lot ofositive optimistic forward-looking conservative agenda to bring jobs and opportunity back to america. [inaudible] >> i brought a second generation geared. trish: ted cruz. moving into spanish right now to talk with reporrs. in new york.
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donald trump is expect to win this sta. the home ste to donald trump. has thnews poll out today. a huge lead there in new york. john kasich coming in second. guess those new yorkers did not appreciaiate it. really struging here. you can hear them talking about the econom important thing here. this may be an issue that we increasingly see morof. getting americs back to work. using the example of his father. coming to this country and having the oppornity that he did because of hisork ethic this day wl be a big one. three of the five candidates on trump. born and raised in the big apple. hillary clinton. she mamade that ve to help secure the senate seat. bernie sanders, of coue, was
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born in brooklyn. a locked down with those votes that he woululd need. or the establishment for a contested convention. seventeen delegat. is there going to be a contested convention? can trumlock up nearly 60% of the reremaining delegates? formerly with the huckee campaign. >> going to you first. more and more likely. a coested convention. if donald trump is able to be successful in the next couple of months, able to get 60% of the degates. he couldeal the dl. ere are you thinking this is
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going right now? >> the path is narrowing. gettg the number needed to secure the nomination. donald trump has that ability. winning in wisconsin. scott waer, the governor they are supported ted cruz, obvisly. the establishmencame to his aid. is s well-organized. like a machine and that state. the outsider, donald trump, poed to do really well. new york, new jersesey. west virginia. dold trump looks reallstrong in t state. aftewe hit the northeast in a couple of wee, the news we are talking about. cruz is short-lived. waiting on 95 delegates in new york. he will be moving closer and closer to that magic number. if we get to conventn where he is over 10 delegates, it will
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be tough. >> i do think that it is going to be tough. i have alwaybeen concerned. hearing about the voters poi view. what happened to voters who supported donald trump. trish: you lost that. >> i care about what the voters care about. i really do. >> that wholole superdelegate system back at her bernie sanders. a lot of vototers -- >> on the democratic side. it is not decidedd untilil after the voters have e spoken on primary day. trish: i know. if you really cared about the voters, you would say they need to vote the way their constituents should seek told them to vote. if you would like to see a
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contested convention, let's be realistic here. that should hehelp you are candidate. it should. the vision and the republican party. >> i do not think that it actually helps our candidate one way or another. i think that this entire spectacle is what has helped democrats recycle. ted cruz is in the bronx. talking about work ethic. they do not like to be talked down to. new yoyork values, inot american values. standing there and listening to donald trump talking about building walls. the one that he went to visit in the south bronx. >> his father came here as an immigrant. work has a dishwasher to help his family.
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>> meeting in the bronx.. believing he comes from the same sort of narrative that they do. >> i will see you in a quick short bit. do not go anywhere. donald trump is talking tough with the party establishment. saying he does not need their support. joining me right now is trump supporter senator scott brown. senator, g good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. the meeting with arlen see last week. it kind of seem like the establishment was going to try and play nice with him. what happened? >> this up and down of comments and commentary. alteternately, they y will havea choice. it is a cold rlity of it. i just want to resort back to some of the comments.
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with respect to ted, who i like. the only person in this race who has created jobs is donald trump. there are new york values. absolutely crushing ted cruz. i know new yorkers that you know new yorkers. they are very proud face so her heroic we came together. correcting them and scalding them. i think that donald will win big in new york. >> i think that you are bright. really being his sweet spot. talking about is a little bit later in the show. i am an economic reporter. i know how people feelel about e economy rightow. i know how ceos and business leaders feel aboutut the economy ririghght now. that may be the one window. when it comes to the economy, he
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will be hard to beat. ted cruz, his background, for a legal front. more on the political side. how much are you telling trump to really focus right now. getting people back to work and have this economy. >> you nailed it. it is a sweet spot. when new york was down, they had a recession. donald trump and a handful of others. put people to work in new york especially. you either like them are really hate them. >> b beyond new york. >> i think that he has a great shot. you have plenty of states from there on out. % that would enable him to avoid contested brokered convention. >> doing what ted did yesterday in w wisconsin.
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twice as many delegates. i think that we will go a long way to establishing that. 125%. are you kidding me? trish: senator, how will he make up ground with women? >> by the way, when you talk about fixing the relationship between ted and donald, that is something that the wife should do immediately. bring these two together. trish: women? >> i thinknk that the wife shoud get together. bring the guys together. those two guys together. absolutely. ny of the people in the leadership position are women.. that speaks for itself.
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>> a very succesessful businesswoman. thank you very much. good to see you as always. the obama administration. sticking a big fork in the merger. the latest in a ststring of antibusiness measures. i will tell you what is harming our economy. maybe this is a big reason behind trump success. bodi bill. he is there, folks. some of the comments that police must monitor muslim neighborhoods in our fight against terrorist. muslims are america's best antiterrorist weapon. i am back into. see you here. ♪
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trish: you have the justice departme talking the merger between oil giant halliburton. the two companies struggle with record low oil prices. trying to get bigger so they can de with the challenges of these lower oil prices right now. pharma giants, they are calling off their $160 billion merger today. the federalovernment cracked down on u.s. companies. moving overseas in order to avoid high u.s. taxes. would this happen in the first place? why is it that we are u.s. corporations to even want to go overseas in the first place. shouldn't this be the place where they want to create jobs?
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joining me right now is steve forbes. good to see both of you. this seems so obvious to me. why are we allowing other countries toto basically offer much better ientives then we offer here? >> we are up here out 40. guess what, companies move from here to there. it has gotten worse. other companies keep cutting their corporate rate. all he talked about his being punitive. they cannot leave. inincentives sizing them to come back. i want america to have a system that incentives sizes workers. you do that by cutting the corporation. you have a repatriation holiday.
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>> i d holiday. >> we have seen it before. >> that is what you pay. we estimate $2 trillion. >> this is not tha hard. what is wrong with our administration that they want to penalize? >> it is true. it is complicated. 10% corporate tax rate. corporate tax rate truly going away. the administration likes to go after the list that it is popular to go after. drug compaes raising into our prices.
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looking at technology companies, for example. any small busineness using quick books. >> why is that? it is that the technology companies are like the cool kids. desperately wanting to be friends with. >> airlines are merging like crazy right now. those prices have not come down. with tesla selling through, i really do not think oil is an area. >> it is political. that is what you are telling me? >> yes. some industries that are considered the friends of the administration. it is no surprise. trish: if you are going to be political, you would want what
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is best for the worker. the reality of all of this is democrats are now facicing an environment where they could very well find themselves rightt up in the e white house. >> we know 35% business tax. imagine for a minute you have 50, 6070%. >> f forget it. hillary finally going afterr hi. that should be h her line of attack. >> a 45% capital gains tax. >> thank you so muc bo dietl is in the house. the best anti-terror weapon. he will explain why and remind us why. we need to get their heads out of the sand. deing with the threat we face. we will see you here in two.
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>> breaking right now. fresh video coming into us of protesters in france. the crowds throwing bricks and paint ons. they are serious about a new bill that would requi them to work more. it seems kind of crazy. a serious terrorist threat facing the company. they seem to be more worried about a 35 hour workweek. potentiallbe in jeopardy. the council on american islamic. the no-fly list.
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the group says too many people, mainly muslims are on that list. those are basically damaged, reserved damages. they are suing because there are too many muslims on that list. a process before being put on that list. joining me right now is former nypd detective bo dietl. >> this is just another tool that we have. there are people that are not intentionally wrong. you have to have some intelligence. i wrote in article for the new york post. our best defense against terrorism is muslim americans. i got greaeae-mails from michael padres. ththey stop a terrorist aack.
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they were going to blowup bombs all the way to toronto and montréal. the intelligence was able to op this plot. two were foiled by intelligence. having intelligence in our committee. i want to have patrols around. talking out having police officers that speaarabic in plainclothes. people can have an interaction. >> people that are very angry at you for even saying that. >> iill have them. investigating the ir rate two years ago, i was going to irish neighbors. it is not the politically correct thing to say. i am very upset about this. they want the intelligence before it happens.
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i want to avoid the attacks. communication with our muslim americans. >> all i k know is, look what happened in brussels. a three block radius. the same guys that pull up all the places in paris attacks. you mean to tell me that the intelligence did not know what was goining on? >> i do not know if the intelligence community did know what was going on. people chose to look the other way. it is not politically correct. >> we had over 130 young african americans killed in the first of the year. gund down. when you put black under covers there to get it off the street? your investigation into o you are investigating.
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>> the threat of islamic extremism. what it is. labeling the war we are at with isis. >> every muslim is not a terrorist. i need youour help. we need your help. they can talk to the police. give them this information. a u-haul truck pulls up. that is information that you can follow-up on. i am sick and tired of every me you mention a word -- in fact, what happened. whatappened over in san bernardino. you are a realist. thank you so much. bernie sanders. his sixth victory over hillary clinton. he needs his own superdelegates. the democrcrats do not want to give them to him. we will talk about it right
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after this. ♪
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at ally bank, no branche equals great rates. it's a factct. kind of like vacations equal getting cacarried away. more proactive selling. what do you i agree.chal? let's get out there. let's meet these people. >> yet another big loss for hillary clinton. the front runner, seems to be getting a little nervous. lashing out against her opponent bernie sanders.
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>> relatively new democrats. i am not even sure that he is one. i do not know quite how to characterize him. >> getting a little nervous. i do not want her to give more nervous. >> i believe that we have an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of other delegates. >> a wave of momentum for the victory. ppening in just two weeks. joining me o once again, former mike huckabee communications director. all right. i think she finally knows what she needs to do. bernie sanders is not even a democrat. one of the flaws in herr candidacy. so anxious to get those socialists supporting bernie sanders. she is not willing to call him
2:38 pm
out on his economic policies. frankly, a disaster. is it smart? >> hillary clinton is a better candidate. bernie is keeping her oner toes. bernie has not touched on the major issue that republicans will attack her on. he has the message. he has the money. heas the momentum. an uninspiriring message. it is going to be virtually impossible for bernie sanders to catch ellery clinton in this type of thing. >> you run the state new york democratic already. you cannot show an allegiance to either candidate. i respect that.
2:39 pm
she wants to get rid of him. wants to put this whole thing to bed feared i think strategically she is going exactly where she needs to go. >> it is interesting. it is coming much more clear. you have seen it more into the debate. actually both of them with better candidates. some of the attacks coming w sharp. one of t the things that clinton will say, we sawhis over the weekenend. having some bernie supporters calling her out on issues. she is becoming more aggressive. i take it that is actually very fortunate. trish: is this guy really running? to your point, taking off the
2:40 pm
gloves in going after the situation. i think the impression sometimes, all he is trying to do is push her further and further to the left. >> most democrats say he was kind of a movement candidate from the start. he never thought that he would . for whatever reason, he has. the r arlen c did not to a large degree as well. the establishment kind of sick and fed up with the clintons. looking for somewhere else to climb. he used those gloves for so long. he did not w want to make her a damaged good goingng into the general election. now it may be too late. >> my goodness, i did not hang that i would get this far. maybe i could if it was not for the superdelegates.
2:41 pm
you do not think so? trish: he could actually bthe democratic nominee. >> in large part, you know, $4 million last month. >> the peoeople want that. hogan. >> i is this the part in the interview where i can feign sadness and concern? can i do that? >> good stuff. thank you so much. coming up, everyone. the economy is headed straight for recession. only he can prevent it. i don't know. twtwice on the economy itself. new econom data. a lot of people worried. on why donald trump need to spend more time.
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a whole lot more time on this economy. stay with me. i will see you soon. ♪ there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with thehe microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker t to tral to the most remoteocations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now person i is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking
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to ten milon people in just two years. it's transforming our world. it begins from the the second we're because, healthier doesn't ppen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. >> we are we're seeing a little ss upside in this market right now. the policymakers struggling on how to respond to the slowing
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economy. released just moments ago. several participants argued. proceeding with future rate hikes. they talk about raising rates. then they say, no, we are not going to do it. energy stocks really getting hammered today.. loyola. up $1.86. we will be right back. my intel on trump. we are heading straight for another recession. that is next. ♪
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>> donald trump, everyone. he needs to win right now. he is expected to do well in the northeast. he is coming in at more than 50%. coming in at california. the heartland of america is where he spends the weekend. they do not really go for his brash style. i am no politician. i am no political analyst. he should spend more time talking about the economy.
2:47 pm
talking about things like heidi cruise. he did recently predict that we arare heading for a very massive recession. telling the washgton post, it is a terrible time right now. we are sitting on an economic bubble. we are not at 5% unemployment. a number probably into the 20s if you look at the real number. >> he is right. there is a lot of concern about the real employment. from the said today, serious concern about our economy. donald trump is starting to pick it to this issue. he is saying that he has the power to prevent a recession. >> we are headed for a massive recession if i am not elect it. chair mac.
2:48 pm
>> they are real. new trade deficit data. we are importing more than we sell and receive. not a good sign for the economy. showing a bit of an tick last month. adjusted inflation. has not adjusted in decades. that i o obvious. consumers hoarding thehe savings that they are getting at the gas pumps right now instead of going out and spending it. how easy monetary policies can really come back to haunt you. americans care about this stuff did they really do. election after eleion after election. polling data indicates people are more worried about jobs and the economy then anyone else right now. work are the self what you thihk of him, it is a decent businessman. he needs to sell that.
2:49 pm
he needs to sell that harder. over and over again. investigating more than aa billion dollars in mexico right nonow. they will lose their jobs. if i were, i would be focusing on this. i would be focusing on t economy. if i were donald trump. if i were ted cruz, i would definitely stick with the character stuff. it will definitely be an interesting couple of months. we are here on it every step of the day. coming up. the very latest on our company's vevery broken borders. shshocking video that we showed you the other day. to mexican drug healers scoring our border wall. the backpacks that they are wearing could very welcontain explososives. a former department of homeland security expert on terrorism is
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here wh the real threat that state. that is next. ♪ is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurouous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all e artistic wonders of the naturural world? whatever your definition of succesis, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
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federal agents arresting more than 100 illegal immigrants. from mexico on a raft. yoare looking at pictus ming to us. though border community. u know, this comes on the heels of this video. take a look at that. to illegal immigrants. scaling the wall. residents of that arizona town say they see this all the time. sometimes as often as every half-hour. meanwhile, take a look at those backpacks.
2:54 pm
you see those there. this could easily be filled with rats stuff. making our border indeed a serious real threat to our national security. whistleblower. philip, welcome to the show. >> thank you very much. you see news reports like this. you see video like that. hundreds of people comininto this country are trying to come into this country on raf. what does it make u think about the state of our borders right now? >> same thing that you saidd earlier applies to this situation, t. i was struck by wching the video how ordinary it h become. a very sad state of affairs. our border is being brched every ngle day.
2:55 pm
it is now an ordinary eryday daily occurrence. jobs a going out of the country. bad guys are coming into the country. it should be bad guys e going out of the count and jobs are coming back into the country. then youill know that the border is really fixed. >> news out this week. investing a billion dollarin mexico. an american au worker very concerned about their job. aside fr the economic consequences of alof ts, ide from the crime that is associated wh drug dealers ming into this count, what are the national security reats? were in a rl war with isis. >> pinly stating what a intend to do.
2:56 pm
we intend to focus we defin it by numbers. large numbers. o people, maybe three were involved in san bernardino. one in forhood texas. nineteen for 9/11. it is noa matter of numbe. it is a matter of a fe dedicated individuals followi mandates that they were giving. >> think y very much for joining us. i would like to have you back. this is a conversation that needs to be ongoing. thank you very much. trish: we're going to take a quick break. i will see you bk here. ♪ ♪ ose who have served our nation ve earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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the market. predict... but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, ouour clients have relied on us to bring our b best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialisist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invevest with confidence. . trish: the conversation doesn't end here, you can go to my facebook page, my twitter account, tell me what you thought of the show. is bo dietl right? should we be monitoring muslim neighborhoods right now? and what about borders, the obama admistration allowing a
3:00 pm
terror threat to slip into our country. what do we need to do? i want to hear from you, "ke" my personal page or my show page -- in the meantime, we've got a market up 51 points on the heels of the fed minutes. liz claman takakes it from here. liz: it had been up 90. what happened? we'll tell you about it. wisconsin, senators ted cruz and bernie sanders clinching major victories in the badger state. lucky 13 was the margin of victory for the underdogs but as unpredictable as th campaign has been in the beginning. new numbers from the front-runners that could upset thmomentum. a new poll by monmouth university showing donald trump with 52% of the support in the empire state. enough to win nearly all of new york's meaty 95 delegates in the racece, whicich is just two weeks away.


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