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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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dow, s&p and nasdaq set to close at new 2016 highs. [closing bell rings] david asman and melissa francis pick it up for the closing bell. david: duh dow and s&p 500 hitting highest levels for the year as we approach dow 18,000. this is where we ended the day. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. new at this hour, ted cruz getting ready to take the stage in erie, pennsylvania. the senator trailing in brand new polls out of new york. perhaps he is why he is setting up shot in the quaker state. war of words between him and donald trump is heating up. his latest jabs comparing trump to a mobster. house speaker paul ryan may not be in for running for president but that isn't stopping misdemeanor in the gop from picking a new white knight at convention time. howard kurtz tells us who is on this perhaps fantasy short list. the navy just releasing
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brand new video of russian jets close encounter with a u.s. destroyer. this isn't the first time. david. david: wow. look at that. as fight for republican delegates gets tighter trump claims the party is out to get him. take a listen. >> you said shenanigans, those are the rules. >> i know the rules very well but i know it is stacked against me by the establishment. i fully understand it. we had people out there and they weren't heard. david: are the rules stacked against him or is trump mismanaging them. here to weigh in doug hyde, former rnc communications director. that qualifies you as part of the establishment, doug, but i will ask nonetheless. what do you think? are the rules stacked against him? could some of the rules be changed or is he slow in understanding and playing those rules? >> rules have been pretty clear if you know what the rules are and in fact donald trump has done better than expected not just as we've seen politically but donald trump's received
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about 37% of the vote. disproportionately has 45% of the delegates. if we see a rigged process, and it is not a rigged process, donald trump benefited from it. david: doug, i got to tell you when you see those pictures out of colorado the way they picked those delegates with 10 second speeches, et cetera, doesn't look like the clearest, cleanest way to run a primary. >> i watch it on tv i thought it looks crazy myself. look, there's a difference between donald trump's campaign and ted cruz's campaign. i think it all comes down to organization. ted cruz has spent, talk about colorado, iowa caucuses, state after state ted cruz spent two years knowing committee member, county chairs, state chairs. david: he played it well. >> trump is still trying to meet those people. that matters. david: he played it well, but i got to say the numbers are numbers. donald is leading substantially overted cruz. here is what randy evans, a per of the rules committee of rnc said earlier this morning if
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donald trump exceeds 1100 votes, that is within shooting distance now he will become the nominee he may not have 1237 which is what the rules say you have to have to become the nominee. that was clarified a little later by a friend of his who claims she spoke to him, saying, essentially, that what he meant was he could finagle the rest of the 1237 between the end of the primaries and the convention. what's the deal here? >> well i think randy may be right, if donald trump is that close, let's say 1100, donald trump will be able to prove to us all he is the greatest negotiator and deal-closer in history and close the deal. if he doesn't close the deal, clearly he's not. what we've seen is donald trump's campaign is so unorganized, not just on the state level, pick your state, he coin even organize his own family to register and vote for him. that is telling. david: well, that is a whole different subject. you try to organize your family to do things you see what happens. 1100, you think if he gets 1100
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by end of the primary season by june, if he has 1100 he can get the extra 100 between june and the convention. how does he do that? >> i think it is possible he can do it. he has to go to delegate after delegate. david: randy evans said more than possible. randy evans said he will become the nominee if he gets 1100. >> only way we can guarranty anything if it is 1237. in this campaign it is so crazy it is hard to make hard predictions on anything. we'll see if donald trump is that great negotiator. we'll see if we get to lack of a ballot, lack of organization will hurt the donald trump campaign. cruz people know these folks years and years. donald trump meeting them for first time. david: fine point on it, doug heye says if he has 1100 by end of primary season he could probably get the nomination. >> i said if he gets 1100 we'll see if the greatest negotiator in history. david: doug, thank you very much. >> thank you, david.
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melissa: quinnepiac, have him up over 50%. ted cruz remains in dead last. the closer to kasich in bun of the polls than the other and it is a similar situation in maryland with trump heat leading the pack, with kasich second in the monmouth poll. cruz comes in second for marist. david? david: republican candidate ted cruz about to kick off rally in erie, pennsylvania, ban an doing hope he wins in new york. peter barnes is standing by at cruz's event with latest on campaign strategy. i have to say, i would agree with him. his chances in new york did not look good, peter. reporter: that's right, david. so he is looking beyond new york now to pennsylvania which holds its primary in two weeks on april 2th. donald trump is also campaigning here. in pittsburgh. trump is at a concert hall at an amusement park on lake erie. one thing that donald trump does
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not find amusing about this is about some of this is this process for picking some of the delegates in some states like like colorado. he has been raging against the process this week calling system rigged and dirty in some cases. with his strong organization cruz is dominating process, collecting all 34 of colorado's delegates for example. that is helping him continue his strategy of trying to deny trump the nomination in cleveland on the first vote and, getting nomination outright on the first vote and forcing a contested convention. the cruz campaign says it is playing by the rules. the senator says that he is fighting donald trump fair and square. >> ever watch his tv show "the apprentice"? >> no. >> i watched it a few times. he would bring apprentices they would get a job.
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if they did it badly, he was withering. i tell you if donald were an apprentice on his show, looking their inability to show up and win elections, donald would say to himself, you're fired! reporter: cruz conceded in interview with glenn beck, trump is likely to have couple good weeks here. trump of course leading strongly in new york and also here in pennsylvania according to the latest polls. 71 delegates up for grabs here in pennsylvania in just a couple of weeks. david? david: you mentioned colorado. we'll have the former chair of the colorado rnc coming up a little later in this hour. peter barnes, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: house speaker paul ryan ending speculation that he will enter the presidential race. >> let me be clear. i do not want nor, will i accept the nomination for our party. so let me speak directly to the delegates on this. if no candidate has a majority on the first ballot, i believe
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that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary. count me out. melissa: he wants it. no, i'm kidding. with ryan, is there another white knight that would be willing to step up to the republican's party nominee? here to weigh in, howard kurtz, fox news media analyst. he is the "mediabuzz" host. thanks for joining us. this is dinner conversation in some circles. they have crazy notions, this one, they have a plan to fly in the sideline. somebody told me i talked to marco rubio myself, and he has a plan. are any of these things possible realities? is this fantasy? what is your take on it talk? >> you must go to dinner with a lot of political junkies, let me tell you. how sad, by my count, 19th time paul ryan said quite publicly, is not interested in being drafted for nomination,
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but he thinks it is somebody who actually runs. what is happening the media don't want to take no for a an answer. they like paul ryan. think he would be reasonable alternative for the gop. they seem to, themselves be involved in an orgy of speculation who might be this white knight that will steal the nomination. melissa: i love you to death. i hear what you're saying. what is this thing? play the ad, the thing he put up politics these days? put this video up for me. what is this thing? was he really giving a speech and they shot it from 47 different angles? is this a fake speech? that he is standing up and giving these are actors or interns and everyone is staring at him? what the hell is this thing, that he puts up? if he is not running for president, why is he putting up something talking about unifying the party in front of these flags? i don't, hey, he sending mixed signals. what is this. >> i'm detecting a slight note
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of skepticism in your voice, melissa. melissa: yeah. >> what is happening paul ryan is running a campaign. it is not a campaign for president. he is running a campaign to make himself a voice for future of the republican party. he has very different view than donald trump and even ted cruz. he wants to cut entitlements. he wants to reform immigration. some would say his old-fashioned republicanism is out of step with today's gop. he wants to be out there with a force. that is why he is making videos and going to meet bibi netanyahu in israel. media translates he says he doesn't want to be house speaker but we know he really wants it. melissa: you're taking this politician at his word is what you're saying? >> i know that is a very dangerous thing to do in journalism but i believe paul ryan because look, he would lose. he would inherit a fractured party. it would be suicidal for him to become the nominee after trump and cruz go to cleveland with the most delegates. melissa: hear that speaker job is so fantastic. wouldn't want to give that up.
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he wanted that. howard, thanks so much for playing along. i appreciate it. david: like herding cats, that job is. donald trump revealing process behind his many tweets, take a listen. >> during the day i'm in the office i shout it out to one of the young lady, i have tremendous office staff, meredith and some of the people work for me. i will shout it out. during evenings after 7:00 or so i will always do it by myself. david: hey, that guy's a jerk. that guy's an idiot! just shouts them out. "the donald" went on to say if elected president he would not tweet as often as he does during the campaign that would be a pity. melissa: there you go. 40,000 union members picketing verizon today. bernie sanders joined them on the line. blake burman has all the details. blake? reporter: hi, there, melissa. bernie sanders using backdrop of a major strike to rail against what he calls corporate greed.
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he singled out verizon as we heard in recent days. he continued this morning when he visited the picket line in brooklyn of some roughly 40,000 striking verizon workers. sanders accused verizon among other things of outsourcing jobs. here he was. >> [inaudible]. [shouting] thank you for your courage in standing up for justice against corporate greed! [cheering] reporter: verizon ceo lowell mcadam release ad lengthy statement, said sander's views of verizon are contemptible. he said we deserve better from people aspiring to be president. at very least we demand candidates base their arguments on the facts even when they don't fit their campaign narrative. after that, earlier this afternoon, sanders followed up with a tweet, he wrote i'm quoting here. i don't want the support of mcadam, immelt and friends in the billionaire class.
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i welcome their contempt. referring to jeffrey immelt of ge who released a statement of his own in recent few days as well. meantime hillary clinton released a statement siding with workers of verizon, she believes in power of collective bargaining. she says verizon should return back to the negotiating table. david, melissa. melissa: jeff immelt, who happens to employ thousands of people in the state bernie sanders represents. >> which is part of the argument he made in that statement. melissa: exactly. thanks a lot. david: the obama administration's new plan to arm syrian rebels is coming under fire. >> i don't know. everything bum's done has been lame and half-artsed. david: did he say what he saw he did. melissa: i fell off my chair in my office. war of words heating up between donald trump and ted cruz. why cruz is now comparing trump to fictional mobster kingpin. david: hillary clinton playing the blame game when it comes to the blame game.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: check out this new video, unbelievable stuff. these are two russian jets essentially playing chicken with a u.s. navy destroyer. this is in the baltic sea. defense officials say the jets were in a quote, simulated attack profile. i think this next one is the one that is really incredible. actually conducted about 20 passes and the ship was sending out messages to them to stop it. look at that. no response. talk about a close flyover. melissa: wow. u.s. is reportedly considering plan b in syria. cia and regional part remembers drawing up plans to supply more powerful weapons to moderate
4:18 pm
rebels in syria, who are fighting russian-backed regime. according to new report in the "wall street journal." senator lindsey graham, chairman of the armed services committee isn't show sure the plan is going to work. listen. >> i don't know. everything obama's done has been late and half-ed i doubt it. we allowed the iranians to prop assad up. melissa: we were all a little shocked when he said that. only if the current truce and lastings piece falls apart. this is according to the journal. wow. david: interesting statement, lindsey graham there. obama administration coming under pressure to declassify parts of a 9/11 report that may implicate individuals in saudi arabia for helping 9/11 terrorists. we have a national security expert. and, rich, you must have suspected this for quite some time? >> saudi involvement has been the big question from the very
4:19 pm
beginning of 9/11. osama bin laden himself was a saudi citizen until his citizenship was taken away by the saudi royal family. a number of the hijackers had identities that showed they came from saudi arabia. there was some initial concern that they -- that these were stolen passports. eventually the saudis had to admit these were saudi citizens. david: what the report essentially says, rich, these guys got help inside of the united states that could only be provided by members of the saudi government, somebody who could get them passes from saudi or local consulate, whatever they needed. that implicates the royal family itself but why the whitewash of saudi arabia? why have we forbid americans knowing about this for such a long time. >> decision is now on president obama's desk. these 30 pages could be explosive if what former senator bob graham is saying they are,
4:20 pm
essentially smoking gun showing saudi embassy involvement in the 9/11 attacks, facilitating movement of hijackers inside u.s. obama doesn't want to anger saudi arabia more than it already has. they need them against fight against isis in iraq and syria and. like it or not, saudis have good intelligence, they do, they do, but it's a double-edged sword if there ever was one. barack obama is going to saudi arabia next week. he is going to meet with these guys. that is going to be a tough meeting, rich. not only may be classified, probably won't do it right before but may be classified. he has dealings with iran making saudi arabia furious. we all remember that bow that he once gave to the saudi king. i don't think there will be that kind of reception this time, do you. >> i don't think so either. i think it will an very cold reception.
4:21 pm
the saudis think the u.s. under obama has largely abandoned them. they have various conspiracy reasons for thinking so but u.s.-saudi relationship is not as warm as it was in the bush years. level of intelligence and military cooperation isn't there. at the same time saudis are seeing uprisings in the shia oil-producing regions much their own kingdom. that worries that iran may try to take them over. david: it's a tough situation. rich minter, thank you very much. >> thank you. david: melissa? melissa: delegate dysfunction, the trump campaign putting the blame on the rnc and ted cruz. >> the thing only in colorado, you would say, just unorganized but we're seeing same mistakes in colorado, in missouri and in a couple of, louisiana, and so the mistakes are not really mistakes. it is a pattern. melissa: plus, remember this little guy? you remember him? he was a shrimp. david: i would step on it if i had a chance. melissa: at your expense. how the government is wasting
4:22 pm
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melissa: hmmm. you make it they take it. i don't like that. the 24th annual list of the worst pork barrel government spending projects known as the "pig book," it was just released today by the non-profit organization, citizens against government waste. tom schatz is the president of that group and he join us now. to tell us about some of the more shocking cases. you know this study makes me very cranky, because this is my hard-earned money they're wasting here. $8 million for aquatic plant control. why are we trying to control aquatic plants? are they out of control? >> they're apparently noxious and obnoxious. they are invasive coming in from other places.
4:26 pm
this is $8 million add on, this is twice as much money as in 2015. another example of members of congress adding things on. we don't know who added it because they don't have any earmarks and we know they do. melissa: we saw shrimp on a treadmill. david thinks they're adorable. david: adorable? i want to eat them. melissa: that is creepy. nothing like the shrimp on a treadmill this year but because there is less transparency than ever before. >> exactly. they have taken, for example, army corps of engineers projects, there were more than 400 of them in 2010. it listed every single member congress where the project was located. now there are 15 but dollar sam, $540 million. where is that money going? who asked for it? it just doesn't magically show up. melissa: there are things that make me really mad.
4:27 pm
the abrams tank upgrade the dod says they do not want yet the money is still spent and allocated and department of defense says please stop, we don't want to upgrade these tanks. people say that you look at the dollar amounts on this, it is a drop in the bucket but it is my drop in the bucket. it really irritates me. why does this happen? how could something like this happen? why are you upgrading a tank when the department of defense says please do not do that? >> it is only $40 million this year. it was $120 million last year. and all together almost a billion dollars of money for this tank that the pentagon says they don't need. there are 2,000 of them parked in the california desert. they said simply wait, we have plenty. don't give us money. us it for more important national security purposes. >> what happens in case like that? the money is sent anyway and tanks show up anyway? the company keeps the money if in they say they don't want it, what happens? >> congress forces them to spend it. that is why they're called earmarks.
4:28 pm
forcing agencies to do something they don't want to do. some cases aren't equipped to do. in this case, yes the pentagon can get the tanks and get them built. this is really jobs program. industrial base. those words are in the appropriations committee report, they need to maintain it. they don't need to maintain it for projects and weapons we don't need. melissa: reading your report i feel like i'm going insane. see you incomes time. >> thank you. david: the system is insane. the system is nuts. battle between ted cruz and donald trump is heating up. texas senator getting personal, blasting trump as a mafia leader. >> donald needs to stop threatening voters. he needs to stop threatening the delegates. he is not a mobster. david: hmmm. melissa: plus the delegate battle on the democrat side. klein klein hold -- hillary clinton hold as commanding lead. is it time for sanders to hold
4:29 pm
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melissa: gop front are upper turns sicilian mobster? i don't know about that. ted cruz blasting donald trump as boss from "the godfather" menacing the gop for its primary rules. >> donald needs to understand he is not michael corleone.
4:33 pm
i understand donald had very shady business deals with people currently in prison, mobsters, but donald needs to stop threatening voters. he needs to stop threatening delegates. he is not at mobster. melissa: very subtle there what he was trying to say. here, ashley pratte, senior political reporter, and kevin paul scott, a ado worldwide cofounder. thanks for joining us. ashley, very subtle, trying to make a comparison of donald trump as a mobster. does it hold? >> look at least he is ended he is not a mobster, right? he covered hits track as little bit. melissa: not really. >> i think, though, melissa after everything been said about ted cruz right, from trump's campaign. melissa: lyin' ted. >> about the colorado system being completely rigged and lyin' ted winning again, rigging system and using gestapo tactics used by paul manafort from the
4:34 pm
trump team, ted cruz had enough. i won colorado fair and square. stop threatening delegates. there are rumors and reporting that came out of this, that said colorado delegates are being threatened including the state party chair there, steve house, who received multiple death threats from trump supporters after cruz swept the state delegates. this is very frustrating. showing a sign of vitriol here in the campaign. melissa: kevin, those reports have come from, people saying that. other people refuting it. twitter lights up every time the story comes on it is true, it isn't true, is this campaign really dirtier than any other one in the past. >> i don't know that it is any dirtier but it is dirty to be this late in the game. melissa: yeah. >> at this point you try to consolidate the base and unify the party and donald trump and ted cruz are in a race to see who can accuse each other of more detriment al tactics. so it is not any dirtier than
4:35 pm
any other campaigns but it should concern republicans, at the time this is when they need to be uniting against hillary. melissa: okay, but, ashley, isn't there a time they turn the page? you see how ugly it gets then all of sudden they're hugging each other on stage or someone is somebody else's vp. trump and chris christie were going to kill each other, now they're best friends. this seems like we're able to patch these things up quicker than if we were talking about regular human beings calling each other these names and making these accusation. >> we are, however, melissa, let me point out just the other day, trump decided he was going to list everyone pretty much but ted cruz as possible vice-presidential picks. so i think that says right there maybe these cuts are running a little deeper than usual. these two started out at beginning of all this, one or the other could be other's vice president. now you're really seeing this get very nasty in the race. it included their family.
4:36 pm
gotten very personal so maybe that is a problem going forward for cruz and for trump. melissa: or they're just the last two standing and there is kasich standing over on sideline the thank you very much. we'll see you later. david: to the battle on the other side over superdelegates in the democratic race. bernie sanders is not putting up donald trumpesque fight this week despite the fact he won wyoming and received fewer delegates than hillary clinton there. fox news's peter doocy in d.c. with the latest. you hear a lot from donald trump about unfairness. unfairness on the other side but not quite the protest you get from bernie as donald. >> some superdelegates reportedly have been harassed ever since name and addresses posted on a new website that doesn't want hillary clinton to be nominee. this website, superdelegate, they hope calls and letters will get delegates to switch sides from clinton to
4:37 pm
back sanders. we spoke to one superdelegate that said he will stick with hillary no matter what. >> there is nothing bernie sanders can do would make me switch sides. i have an obligation as superdelegate, number one to reflect the will of the people in my congressional district. hillary clinton is doing very, very well there. reporter: this afternoon a superdelegate siding with sanders said the senator is late to the game in this effort to court the party's elites. now as to the question what difference the superdelegates are making, they are helping hillary clinton pad her lead right now. if you take them out of the equation completely, goes from almost 700 up on sanders to just 251 ahead but there are democratic strategists who think that is still enough of a lead to deliver her the nomination. >> the reality is that the superdelegates have never once voted opposite of what the pledge elected delegates out of the states were doing. so, it is, there have been
4:38 pm
plenty of candidates who have had large superdelegate leads, but those superdelegates in the end always have voted the same way as the pledged delegates have voted at the convention. reporter: so even though sanders has won seven of the last eight contest he apparently needs to win a few more states before most superdelegates would consider endorsing him instead of hillary. david. david: these rules make your head spin. they're rules of a private party after all. thank you very much. peter, appreciate it. melissa? melissa: donald trump may not be the only person that thinks the system is rigged. hillary clinton accusing senator bernie sanders of rigging the system by seeking to pick off the superdelegates that have already pledged their support to the democratic front-runner. isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? days before voting in new york our very own adam shapiro joins us. adam, wow, i mean it is hard to know what to make of this one. is bernie sanders starting to make hillary nervous?
4:39 pm
reporter: i think the answer to that might be yes. look at the latest college poll, sanders cut his lead in half. a month ago she had 55% of the new york democrats in her pocket and he had 35. the latest poll from sienna college, clinton has 52% of the support and sanders has 42% of the support. so he has been gaining. look what is going on behind me. this is one of the entrance points to washington square park. this is where bernie sanders will hold his rally at 8:00 p.m. tonight. before that though, hillary clinton was speaking to al sharpton's national action network. she delivered that speech today in which she talked about issues important to her base. that would be people of color, african-americans. she talked about white privilege and need for white americans to listen to the issues that impact the lives of people of color. bernie sanders will address the national action network tomorrow. but tonight, he is going to be talking about what happened today. he got the endorsement of the
4:40 pm
transport union workers, local 100 here in new york city. that is 42,000 men and women who run subways and buses. those folks ran on strike back in 2005. new yorkers remember that. not on strike now, they're in with bernie on the picket line today. here is what bernie had to say about the support he got from the union. >> as soon as we leave here, we're going right over to a picket line with the cwa. [cheering] [applause] to stand against the greed of verizon, who wants to take away health care benefit, wants to outsource jobs yet they're making billions of profits. that is the kind of corporate greed together we'll take on. twu, thank you so much for your support. reporter: after that bernie was at the verizon picket line. i want to show you the button i've got, keep calm and feel the bern. don't know bernie three for a dollar, sir, i got to ask you
4:41 pm
you're on with fox business, mr. sanders he think he would appreciate you selling these. >> yes he would. he likes vendors. yes, we are. >> three for a dollar. two for five. >> who is mostly buying, young, old? >> everybody today. reporter: you're 73 years old. you're 73, what attracts you to bernie. >> first of all he is against fox news against any intelligent man is. reporter: i will appreciate your humor. i wanted to have a serious discussion with you but you don't want a serious discussion. i will throw it back to you guys. melissa: that was serious discussion. that was very entrepreneurial of those socialists to get out there in their capitalist system. reporter: pay new york city sales tax. he is not collecting. melissa: make sure they have a permit. that they have paid the state and city to be there. make sure they're filing tax forms. i want to see how much revenue they have taken in. that is fantastic. make sure the buttons are not made in china.
4:42 pm
see where they got them. go ahead ask them that. >> we'll do. he is from illinois actually. melissa: perfect. perfect. i love it. david: serious news about isis. they put out a new hit list. topping list of isis targets is hillary clinton aid huma abedin. included with a moderate muslim in american leadership positions including u.s. congressman keith ellis son of minnesota. melissa: crooked, absolutely rig, a phony deal. donald trump is not backing down blaming the system over delegate selection in the grand ol' party. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. ♪
4:43 pm
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david: donald trump versus the state of colorado or the colorado gop anyway. the gop front-runner slamming
4:46 pm
their rigged process of selecting degg gaats after cruz swept the state taking all 34 delegates up for grabs. trump's campaign manager says the rules are being abused. >> abusing the amateurness, enthuse a of republican want to participate in the process are cut out by back-room tactics the hallmark of the cruz campaign. david: here is ryan call, former chairman of the republican party of colorado. colorado daily camera, this is sentence we wouldn't think we would utter in every other presidential campaign we agree with donald trump. trump called the republican delegate selection to the july national convention rigged and he is right. how would you respond? >> absolutely false. the process in colorado which we elect our delegates to the republican national convention is transparent, it's fair, and
4:47 pm
it has been in place since 1912. if you complain about the process there is opportunity to change it. david: but the daily camera is not donald trump. the daily camera is colorado publication. this is, colorado danes saying this about your process. >> right. i would be strong advocate going back to presidential primary election to bind delegates. we held it in the state over three presidential cycles but the process is what it is. that is decision of policymakers. we can debate the relative merits of caucus, assembly process proportional allocation versus winner-take-all. the rules are clear and transparent. the rules allowed 60,000 colorado republicans to attend their caucus and tens of thousands of votes to be cast in connection with this gel gaat election. david: there was such, at the end there was such a small group compared to the whole gop in colorado. here is part of the problem. there was this resolution, one resolution that robert zubrin
4:48 pm
sent around. he is alternate delegate. resolution to forbid colorado delegates voting for donald trump, march 20 second. i have drawn up a resolution now being circulated that will forbid colorado delegates to the national convention from voting for donald trump for president or vice president on any ballot. that sort of thing gets circulated and all votes go for somebody other than trump people begin to talk. >> right. that resolution is offered by one single delegate. it is his opinion, his perspective. it doesn't bind or control the delegation. the delegates go to the national convention to represent interest of colorado republicans. it's a process we used in colorado for over a century. the rules were not changed, the system isn't rigged. the process is transparent and fair. it is admittedly very complicated. it is convoluted. you could make the argument it is not terribly democratic but it is the system that we have used in colorado for over a century. donald trump hasn't figured that out.
4:49 pm
he's benefit, he has -- david: not just donald trump. a lot of coloradans haven't figured it out. it is so arcane as i mentioned editorial in the beginning. a lot of people in colorado think it is too much, but i guess you think we should go to primary system. you have a big task ahead of you, big election coming up. wishing you the very best. ryan call, thank you for coming on. appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: hillary clinton's latest proposal could cost taxpayers millions of jobs. our panel breaks down the details. hillary clinton under fire for remarks she made at a campaign event. she is dealing with it by passing the buck. more ahead on that. ♪
4:50 pm
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david: hillary clinton unveiling a new proposal adding another government agency called the
4:53 pm
office of immigrant affairs. proposal to help immigrants become american citizens would include $15 million in grants to community organizations. here to weigh in julie roginsky. she is political advisor or was political advisor to senator lautenberg and fox news contributor. and kevin paul scott is back with us. good to see you both. kevin, first to you, when i hear the phrase community organizations i hear of acorn empowered by millions of federal dollars and went on their way to do political activism and all sorts of stuff, including fraud which led to the end of acorn. is that what is coming with hillary' proposal? >> what you're seeing the result of a prolonged democratic primary. i don't think she knows exactly what is coming, but what she wants to do is pivot further to the left to try to combat senator sanders. at the same time she is alienating a core constituency she will need in the general election. this is another example of how
4:54 pm
this democratic primary is forcing her to move further to the left than she will feel comfortable with. david: julie, also put as fine point on question whether hillary is more like president obama or maybe even to president obama's left or more like her husband bill clinton. >> i don't really what trying wrong with helping immigrants assimilate. david: community organization, you remember acorn, julie. >> what does acorn -- david: think about organizations that game the system, get as much of our tax dollars and possible and use it for political purposes. that is what we're talking about. >> maybe you do in your conspiracy theory class. david: acorn is not conspiracy theory, it existed. >> when i say community organizer i waive a red flag. barack obama was community organizer. david: guess where he came from. >> i don't think wrong helping immigrants assimilate. i keep hearing friend on republican side we don't have
4:55 pm
immigrant assimilating or being part of our culture. what a great idea to help them assimilate as americans? david: i think assimulation happens better than here than in europe. >> i agree. david: kevin, another question about hillary now. that is her likability. an article in the hill was about that. whether her unfavorable ratings gotten to such a point it is giving donald trump a run for his unfavorable ratings. 55% view her unfavorably. only 40% view her favorably. it is beginning to worry democrats. >> we could absolutely have a general election with two candidates, one on either side with higher you ever favorables than favorables. fact she is so disliked why the primary lasted this long. why senator sanders a self-proclaimed socialist is still in this race because nobody likes hillary clinton. this policy, while some may say they like it, in a general election this policy does not help her likability. david: guys, thank you very much. good discussion. melissa.
4:56 pm
melissa: i think you guys solved it. david: we did, one hundred%. melissa: hillary clinton saying she is not to blame for that skit with new york mayor de blasio. that some called a tiny bit racist. responding to interview with cosmopolitan magazine, saying quote, it was mayor de blasio's skit. he has addressed. i will really defer to him because it is something he's already talked about. you know those guys were already really close friends, hillary clinton and bill de blasio. now they're closer. david: it wasn't me. it was her. president george h.w. bush retired from politics decades ago. one thing he never retired from his love baseball. wait until you see this video. ♪ ♪ these little guys? they represent blood cells.
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5:00 pm
baseball is the rich tradition. his son gw was managing general partner for the texas rangers. god love him. spirit never goes. sometimes the strength does but not the spirit. melissa: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. i can tell you that. they should be ashamed of themselves. deirdre: donald trump -- >> we're seeing this pattern over and over and over again. in donald trump's campaign. put out publicly his supporters, the phone number of the state chairman. he received over 3,000 calls and death threats. donald needs to understand he is not michael corleone. deirdre: donald trump and senator cruz sparring over the system that awards dell pats. senator cruz may add on, he is


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