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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we're still in a slow-growth economy. liz: great to see you, hank. we have slow growth today. up 22 points for the dow. [closing bell rings] the 18 dow will wait for another day. here is david and melissa. david: stocks seemed to doing pretty well but lost statement at the end. day. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." donald trump now cleared of assault charges -- donald trump campaign manager cleared of assault charges. we'll speak with his attorney. zika spreading across the country. who is at risk? how do you protect yourself. we'll talk to the director of cdc the fantastic questions on twitter we'll use them. fight for 15, demanding $15
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an hour minimum wage. looking at live pictures after protest kicking off in times square new york. david: we'll get to those in a moment. victory for trump campaign, florida prosecutor announcing will they not prosecute trump's campaign manager cory douse does because of alleged battery of michelle fields because the evidence doesn't support a conviction. blake burman has the details. reporter: hi, david. trump campaign is trying to move forward from the event after the campaign manager corey lewandoski put this criminal potential episode behind him. let me take you back to march 8th. it was? jupiter, florida. donald trump was holding a press event after winning a couple states. there he is walking out as you see in the video, sir rounded by corey lewandoski, his campaign manager and michelle fields, a breitbart reporter. jupiter police said there was probable cues to charge
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lewandoski for simple battery, grabbing her arm and turning her back. they also add the state attorney's office, dave aronberg, prosecutor in palm beach county. there is difference between probable cause and being able to get a conviction. that is the reason they say they're not proceeding forward with this case. here is aronberg. >> while the evidence in this case is legally sieve for police to charge mr. lewandoski it is not strong enough to meet the legal burden after reasonable likelihood of a conviction. reporter: i mention the trump campaign trying to move forward. here is statement they put out a little while ago, and i'm quoting here. corey lewandoski is gratified by the decision to drop the misdemeanor charge and appreciates thoughtful conversation and professionalism by the palm beach state attorney and his staff to can carefully reviewed this matter and mr. trump's loyalty and support and colleagues and family at this time. the matter is now concluded.
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end of statement there. we're checking for a response from michelle fields. no public response, her twitter field which has been a vehicle has no reaction to today's news in palm beach county. david and melissa. david: blake best of your memory man. thank you very much. melissa: we have brad cohen, attorney for corey lewandoski and former contestant on "the apprentice." >> thanks for having me. melissa: let's talk about the suit. there could be a possible sieve suit for battery. does this impact that. >> not really. i mean you could still, less err burden of proof instead of beyond a reasonable doubt, it is preponderance of the evidence. so she could move forward with a civil case. i think everyone should kind of move on from this. this was an incident that happened, unfortunately incident that happened. hopefully everyone getting over this. there are a lot things to do bigger and better than this case. i hope everyone realizes that. melissa: she may not get over this, michelle fields.
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she is talking about suing for defamation. >> seems that way. i don't think it is worth the time to sue for defamation, i may be biased because i'm his attorney. this prolongs and exaggerates the whole situation that happened in this case. melissa: i understand. you're corey lewandoski's attorney. i'm sure he wants to move on. trump stood by him openly. but at the same time it seems like he is marginalized in the campaign. you've seen paul manafort take a leading role. he hired a new national political director. does corey feel he is marginalized by this. >> i don't think so at all. there is always growing pains. when you're leading republican nominee and someone who is leading and you want to get the delegates that you have to get you want to put people into play that have experience with those delegates. you want to put people into play with different skills in those areas. i don't think corey feels at all marginalized.
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this is something you have to go through when you're somebody in the position mr. trump is. melissa: speaking of skill set you heard folks in the studio chuckle you were also a contestant on "the apprentice." now you're corey's attorney is that weird? >> no. i was always a criminal defense attorney. when corey got in trouble i was called by corey to come and get involved in the case. myself and scott richardson met with the state attorneys over this case. we gave them information i think they need they put in their memo why they didn't go forward. barton brown, amazing fbi agent for 25 years and eric holder's supervisory special agent in charge of his security, listen, something that happened here is always happens. this is standard operating procedure. not something someone would be charged with a battery. they really considered that. i give kudos to for it. melissa: i read the "new york post" this morning,
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that is what i do when i get up, feeding my kids breakfast, i saw qwami jackson from "the apprentice" part after press conference on friday denouncing trump. another "apprentice" person. >> i don't know what qwami is doing. i like his ties. melissa: they're fabulous. >> i don't know what he is involved in politics or not in. i don't know why a press conference would be important from ex-"apprentice" members. keep their eye on the ball and move forward. mr. trump has a vision for america. hopefully people realize that. melissa: were you going to say you read the post every morning? >> i don't read daily. that is not for me but the post is. melissa: me neither. when somebody doesn't steal my "new york post" from in front of my apartment but people steal it all the time because it is fantastic. >> let me know if you have a problem with that. i can help you. melissa: i will. david: she has it here in the building for goodness sakes. they're free. melissa: i pay for it at home. david: all right. new national polls showing
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donald trump still in the lead with 42% but ted cruz's closing in. trump's lead is narrowing from 20 to 13. if a candidate who has not received the most delegates becomes the republican nominee. that is very interesting. fox news will be releasing brand new national polls tonight at 6:00 p.m. charles payne is going to have all the numbers for you right when they come out. melissa: all right. the fight for 15 is getting louder. protesters swarming mcdonald's stores around the country calling for minimum wage hike of fifth dean dollars an hour. -- $15 an hour. connell mcshane outside after rally in times square. connell, it looks like it is getting a little crazy out there? reporter: it is, melissa, in new york state the minimum wage is already on its way up to $15 an hour eventually. so it is interesting so many people turning out in middle of
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times square as we get close to rush hour on week knight. this is nationwide movement, this fight for 15 movement. tala couple people here. they not only want to see federal minimum wage move up to $15 an hour and see unionization at places like mcdonald's. mcdonald's has been target of these protesters not necessarily because it is only company they want to target. they see it as trendsetter in the industry. if mcdonald's says wages are going up, protesters tell us, other companies will do the same. what is interesting, governor of new york, any moment, they have a big stage set up with some of the union-backed protesters on hand, music playing and everything else, positive of new york andrew cuomo will arrive here in a few minutes. once he does he will address this crowd, melissa, i think something of a victory lap. his state already achieved the $15 an hour minimum wage. it is on the way there. melissa: there you go.
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looks like they're having fun at least. reporter: music and whole works. that's right. melissa: thank you so much. david. david: all right, gop fund-raising gala in new york will be picketed by some of those same protesters who are arguing a $15 minimum wage even though cast connell said new york an california voted for the wage hike.guished visiting fellow at heritage foundation, fox news contributor. i had an old boss, bob bartley at "wall street journal." he used to say certain things are fools gold in politics. minimum wage is one. very easy for a politician to get out there. that is why governor cuomo will be up in the crowd and saying i'm for people -- everybody cheers when people get more money maybe except if they're rich bankers or asking. what is the actual effect of this doubling of minimum wage? >> hi, david. you know, we know that the most of the people who make the
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minimum wage are below age of 25. we know most of them are in the restaurant and retail industries. those aren't really supposed to jobs that you raise a family on. the fact that you do have more and more people working who are heads of households mothers or fathers trying to raise a family at mcdonald's tells you a lot how bad the economy is quite frankly. did you see the story, david, detroit is talking about raising it is minimum wage to $15 an hour. we've gone from sublime to rid includes. one thing for san francisco where economy is peopling, detroit there are no jobs there. they will have no jobs left if they raise the minimum wage. david: one thing you ask the folks if they are protesting, and they are very vehement, i never hear anybody answer the question what is profit margin for small company that has to double amount paying its workers? chances are a lot of these companies have a profit margin that is smaller than what it would cost them to double the
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minimum wage for their workers. which means they would be losing money, which means they will be out of business. friends who own those stars and their margins are really razor tight. those stores make on average, 50 to $75,000 a year. they're not making a lot of money to begin with. you raise that minimum wage, if you see they have a new machine out now flipping burgers. so that you don't have to people, going to see much more automation. david: you have the ipads so you don't need a waiter to come around in a lot of those places. mcdonald's doesn't have that. i have to ask one question about hillary's tax plan. i know tax policy is your specialty really and what she has done is created a whole new butch much taxes including by the way another bracket of the income tax. she now has eight income tax brackets. i thought at the were going to move towards simplification?
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isn't she making things more complicated. >> eight bracket, my friend ted cruz has one bracket. i think that is the way to go. you lower the rights and get rid of all the pollution in the tax system. makes it so much simpler. this is good time to be talking about this, david. i, like most people are up to midnight tonight trying to reach the deadline on april 15th. david: i love the phrase tax pollution. i wish epa could sick their specialists on that. >> that is a good idea. they regulate everything else. david: steve moore, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> see ya. melissa: zika in america. the cdc confirming the links between the virus and birth defects. who is at risk? how do you protect yourself? you've been sending us some fantastic questions. we'll get answers for you coming up. the cdc principle deputy director joins us later this hour. david: donald trump is trying to up his ground game by enlisting the help of capitol hill.
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congressman lou barletta is in with a closed-door meeting with the whole trump team. he will join juice why ted cruz is trying to make flies with marco rubio. do you remember this. >> he had no fewer than 11 attacks there. i appreciate your dumping your research folder on the debate. >> no. that is your record. it's more than a network and the cloud. it's reliable uptime. and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions, including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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melissa: ted cruz is dropping hints about a running mate. >> anybody would look at marco to be a terrific person at vp we're in process of considering a number of different options. melissa: we have a former mccain advisor. and we have a "washington examiner" columnist
4:17 pm
and gop pollster. i love this i mean, just cracks me up because they sit out there on the trail. the dance goes, you say horrible things about your opponents. before you drop out you say that you would never be willing to be anyone's vp and then lo and behold down the road all those things are erased. adolfo, where am i going wrong with that? >> i think you're going the right way. there are two things going on here. first of all there is just the math. senator cruz is looking at a win on the second ballot. he would never be able to win on the first ballot. assuming that donald trump is not the nominee on the first ballot. he might have to cobble together a coalition. there are just shy of 200 rubio delegates. those are not marco rubio's delegates. not all of them are marco rubio people. but some of them are. making nice is a way to cobble together to necessary on second ballot getting to 1237 and possibly a coalition. secondly, i would say quickly, the conventional choice would never be marco rubio.
4:18 pm
he would not normally select another junior senator, cuban-american. melissa: funny that they are the same person. they're tea party guys in theory. they're both young senators and both cuban. doesn't make a lot of sense but need their votes. kristin, seeps like those two couldn't possibly go together but if you're trump you would look at rubio and kasich, say this is delightful. they round me out. they bring me delegates that need. would both of those guys join a trump ticket to you think, in reality, not what they say but what's the truth? >> i think in reality unlikely marco rubio would. melissa: really? >> maybe a little different for john kasich. the reason why, john kasich is one person out on the campaign trail has been more muted in his criticism of donald trump. remember marco rubio's final two weeks on trail went beyond normal i disagree with someone here or there. even sorts of criticisms he lobbed at ted cruz.
4:19 pm
that was mostly at about substance. here at end of rubio's campaign he went on week or two long tirade. personal and bizarre. i think rubio and trump as ticket doesn't make as perhaps much sense as trump and kasich would. melissa: i think words as nasty, personal, you have aful as they were don't mean anything which they're politicians which compromises your morals in the first place. called me jaded. adolfo, let me ask you. do you -- i think only way rubio would say no to trump if he didn't believe trump had a shot of winning. i think if he thought he could be vice president he would say yes. am i wrong. >> i think you might be wrong on marco rubio. i think it has been just too strong in terms of what little marco and so forth. i don't think marco rubio's future as young man is to be tied to donald trump even if he were give the opportunity to be the vp. however, donald trump has said that he would be looking to someone with washington
4:20 pm
experience and gravitas. which probably would point to governor kasich. melissa: yes. >> who has executive experience and would in a sense, i think calm fears of many conservatives who think, donald trump would be, if he has somebody like donald trump as vp would be a nonstarter. melissa: kristen, the problem with that ticket, some people say kasich and trump, some people basically say they're both democrats. >> john kasich would argue he is not a democrat. melissa: i'm sure he would. >> as a moderate republican. donald trump has issues winning over republican voters. a large portion of the party views him unfavorably. he has a tough road ahead of him. we have to go. good insights. thanks to both of you. david: with new highs come with new lows for "the donald." but does it matter with trump? how trump is making the selection completely unpredictable. democrats preparing for battle. bernie sanders taking the first shot before tonight's debate.
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melissa: bernie sanders and hillary clinton gearing up for a critical debate in brooklyn tonight. fox news's ed henry on the campaign trail with the latest. they have their boxing gloves on, they're warming up, no? reporter: that's right. you know, melissa there is a little bit of water here. i can almost see you there in manhattan. you're right a brawl in brooklyn, we'll see if it lives up to the hype. time before bernie sanders talk ad good game heading into these debates and they have fallen flat. you remember the first one in las vegas where bernie sanders said i don't care about your email. took that issue off the table in
4:25 pm
the primaries. last night was sort of a precursor to all of this, bernie sanders had massive rally, washington square park, lower manhattan, nyu, his base of college students. sanders camp said there was 27,000 people there. clinton cam said no it was smaller than that. they had a war of words. one of the sanders surrogates used a vulgar term to apply to clinton. that led to apology that some of the language went too far from one much his supporters. they realize right now this new york primary next tuesday can be critical because bernie sanders has been surging. at least seven straight victories in recent contests but in terms of delegate math he is still a few hundred delegates behind clinton. he has to not just win next tuesday, he has to win big. there is sienna college poll saying they are 10 point apart.
4:26 pm
that still has clinton in the lead but still a problem for sanders, melissa. melissa: i love the image of somebody in the hillary clinton camp counting people at rally so they can bust them. no no. there weren't 27,000 people there. ed henry, thank you very much. >> good to see you. david: we have a o'connor public strategies chairman and harlan .ill, democratic strategist and by the way, harlan, you were at a brooklyn rally for bernie sanders. we know these things have a lot of fire in them and he has been closing the distance between himself and hillary but how does he close the deal? >> i think he needs to take the gloves off. now is the time. if he doesn't win -- david: hold on a second. taking the gloves off meanses what? what would he say taking the gloves off that he hasn't said before? >> he needs to show that democratic voters that hillary clinton is a neocon and more of the same. when you look how the elecrate as a whole, but electorate as a whole feel about the obama administration it has been a
4:27 pm
massive disappointment. we do not want to stay the course. and so he has to show that hillary clinton is more of the same. really for the middle class in this country, middle america is a graveyard of manufacturing jobs that have been sent abroad overseas. now is the time for him to really clearly articulate that she is more of the same, not just a obama administration but w administration. david: trying to do some of that, mark. i am hearing him talk more about her and bankers. is there any way conceivable in your eyes that bernie could win new york? >> bernie is not going to win new york. hillary is home. hillary is ahead. she has won new york three times already. she was elected to the senate twice. she beat senator obama badly in 2008. and she is going so pick up her fourth win, probably by a lot on tuesday. and then the icing is on the cake.
4:28 pm
that is going to -- david: should bernie at that point say i should give up and give back my money or what? >> no, i don't think so. i think senator sanders has earned every right to take his campaign to the convention. he is running on millenials, on momentum on m&ms. money and message. david: he has a lot of energy and a lot of money. my question, harlan, what does he do with that political capital he has gained over past several months? how does he use it at the convention? >> i think he has to absolutely require that someone at the very least of progressive background is her vice-presidential candidate. david: would bernie be acceptable? would he take the job? >> i don't think that she is going to pick him. i think there is bad blood to the candidates. i think bad blood extend to their supporters as well. david: mark, what do you think, would bernie take the job of v vpp? >> i don't think the race was
4:29 pm
hot 48 hours last week. >> how can you say that? 40% of sanders voters say they won't vote for hillary clinton in the general election. >> in 2008, 50% of clinton supporters said the same thing at this point. i was there. we all know how -- >> we had obama palm at top of the ticket. he was transformational candidate. no one is saying hillary clinton is transformational candidate. she is more of the same. that is the problem. david: final word. >> it is role reversal. we're polite party this time, harm land. it is republicans are performing like macbeth, killing each other to be king. david: thank you very much. we hope to see you tuesday. mark and harlan. thank you very much. melissa: the polite party. i like that. new york candidates -- candidates in a "new york state of mind." we'll take you live to the campaign trail. that's next. david: she is next in line for the trump name game but we want to hear from you first. >> lyin' ted cruz comes here
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some want to be part of a union. these are live pictures of a massive group protesting in boston now. there was a little bit of a scuffle earlier but calming down a bit but all over the nation. melissa? melissa: gop race is taking on the big apple. only five more days until a crucial new york primary for republicans. all three candidates are making rounds before attending new york republican annual gala later tonight. our very own peter barnes joins from us grand central station. what is going on there, peter? reporter: hey, melissa, we're at grand hyatt hotel we're taking at starting in a few hours. trump, case i can cruz, alkyd ruled to attend tonight. about an hour ago we saw our first protesters, a handful of about a dozen or so, anti-trump protesters popped at the entrance to the hotel behind me. police quickly moved them off. this whole area is going into the lockdown, security very, very high for tonight's event.
4:35 pm
next tuesday trump hopes to lock up if not all the 95 delegates up for grabs. new poll from -- college which ed henry mentioned earlier shows that john kasich is may be gaining a little bit of ground. that poll showing trump at 50%, kasich at 27, cruz 17. comfort for -- in percent, was -- [inaudible] >> we have to go district by district. get these delegates. head to a convention. not only are we winning in the polls against hillary when nobody else does, but there was a, there was also a independent process put together on the electoral college, and that was very interesting because cruz and trump got smashed and then i beat hillary decisively. reporter: all this is part of
4:36 pm
kasich and cruz's strategy to deny trump enough delegates to win the noll nation incleveland in july on the first vote and force a contested convention. melissa, back to you. melissa: peter, thank you so much. new york votes in five days and fox business will have live coverage and analysis starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern coming up next tuesday. david? david: that will be fun. we'll be up late. the republican front-runner has more votes and delegates against his competitors but that doesn't mean he has broken out of the likability category. new "abc news/washington post poll" find 6% of americans have unfavorable view of trump. do the numbers matter for the general election. adolfo and kristin are back to way in. trump said, hey, ronald reagan at this time in 1980 had 30% favorability which was worse than mine. all of the establishment, mainstream media came to him, that is not true. we went back and found a "los
4:37 pm
angeles times" poll, march 25th, the day the new york primary in 1980, look at that, 30% favorability for ronald reagan just as donald trump said and by the way, his favorability is 39%. so he is doing a little better than ronald reagan did in 1980. >> what was ronald reagan's unfavorable? the reason i bring that up, donald trump has brand name that is well-known, that is ingrained in people's mind. they have known about him for decades. so if you're somebody who is less well-known you can get away with something like 30% favorables if your unfavorables are kind of low. there are still a lot of people making up their mind about you and learning about you. david: kristin, i will forgive me, you're so young. adolfo you seem to be my age. >> i am. david: ronald reagan was very well-known from 1976 when he challenged the establishment. wees well-known as an actor. media put out statements every day, i remember so well the
4:38 pm
media campaign -- >> i agree ronald reagan was not an unknown. david: abilities adolfo were just tremendous because media said if he is elected we'll go to war in three months and economy will be worse than it is now. >> correct. of course i am in that age group you're in. i was on the reagan campaign as a 20-year-old in 1976. we were anti-establishment. that is absolutely right. there were a lot of negative opinions about president reagan but kristin is right. why he was unpopular was had to do not because of his qualifications. that is why donald trump is really unpopular. people feel he is unfit, he is coarse, he is offended individuals. ronald reagan was unpopular because his views were perceived by largely media and others as too conservative. but the difference was he was elected governor of california twice. there were conservative views at time, '70s, much more liberal era. there is negatives and any of. but kristin is right. the underlying reason donald trump is negative is very
4:39 pm
different than why ronald reagan was. ronald reagan was a great communicator to communicate why his views were indeed the country had to move. of course he was -- david: as trump would say, what he has not done as of yet is focus his attention on the democratic nominee. of course we still don't know who it will be. >> but he offended everybody. david: when he does that, is he likely to change his unfavorables around? >> i doubt it. i doubt it because ronald reagan, ronald reagan was a very affable, he was always optimistic, morning in america. david: that's true. that's true. >> he was optimism. donald trump's message is negative. >> i'm somewhat with adolpho, one thing to keep in mind, hillary clinton is also extremely unfavorable. this may well be election where americans are faced with the choice between two candidates they have strongly unfavorable views between. may be the case you have a lot of voters stay in their own partisan camp even though they really dislike their own party's nominee. >> absolutely true. david: thank you both.
4:40 pm
appreciate it. melissa: lyin' ted, low energy jeb, little marco, who can forget those. just a few names donald trump has given rivals to the white house. he says he has another one waiting in the wings. >> you have a name picked out for hillary? >> we already used lyin', already used for ted. i think i have come up with a pretty good name. i have come up with pretty good names during the campaign. we have a pretty good one. we'll try it out here first in about a month. melissa: very good at marketing. i'm dying to know what the name is. what will it be? what do you think? tweet us, make it clean. melissa: we'll read some clean ones, ones fit for air tomorrow. use your judgment. not charlie gasparino's judgment but your judgment. david: if it is not good for air, that doesn't necessarily mean donald trump won't use it though. melissa: that is a good point. david: at any rate, try to be klein. a candidate who first became a
4:41 pm
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melissa: here is news making money today. wegman's, grocery market at top of the food chain after being named the country's favorite grocery retailer. according to research from market force. wegman's dethrones trader joe's off the top spot for first time in four years. go figure. darth vader's suit may cost a lot more than you think. shade station calculated how much the "star wars" villain armor would cost based on real life items. the cost is whopping $18.3 million but worth every penny. if you can't get off your
4:45 pm
phone for a few minutes, amc is the movie theater to go to. ceo is tossing around idea of allowing customers to text during movies. uh-oh. david? david: and you are looking at live pictures from from new york where donald trump is expected to speak any moment from a suffolk county fund-raising session. we'll go there live. donald trump is taking steps to relaunch his campaign, calling for meeting between campaign aides and u.s. lawmakers. love to be a fly on the wall of that meeting. we have one of the flies. republican congressman lou barletta was at the meeting. he joins us now to tell us what topics were focused on the meeting. what were was the main focus, congressman. >> transition of the trump campaign into the next phase, that is outreach to the congressional members who have endorsed donald trump and to begin a dialogue between between
4:46 pm
what campaign is doing and what is happening in washington. david: congressman, how many democrats who don't like trump now are never trump people, say they sit out the election and advise other people to do the same? >> i look at pennsylvania, what i'm seeing on the ground and what is real is that almost 100,000 democrats in pennsylvania have switched parties to republican to vote for donald trump. people have come up to me who haven't voted in 10, 20 years and told me they're coming out to vote for donald trump. i haven't even energy like that in a long time. david: there is a lot of energy out there in the hinterlands, but inside the beltway there is a lot of fear as well because what donald trump says he wants to do to shake up the establishment. the establishment is afraid. and a lot are republican congressman, right? >> i think this is case bringing a bull into the china shop is a good thing. 75% of the american people
4:47 pm
believe the country is going in the wrong direction. the other 25% are right here in washington. >> right. >> but some of those 25% include republican congressman. i'm wondering if they are worried about trump costing them votes? >> you know i think it's a mistaken belief that he will cost votes actually. i believe just the opposite. what other candidate can get some democrats to change parties? i don't know of another candidate that we have that can do that. we should be embracing this. actually getting behind donald trump, not doing everything that they can here in washington to stop him. david: by the way, he just hired scott walker's former campaign manager. so i guess that shows there is a possibility of people burying the hatchet after this rough campaign, right? >> listen, he is a great executive. that is what he will do, make america great again. that means surrounding yourself with the right people. i don't think he is cares who was for who before. he will put the best team together to get the country back on the right track.
4:48 pm
david: lou bar let tax thank you for zareing that stuff. thanks for coming in. melissa: unanswered questions about the deadly zika virus. what you need to know to protect yourself. we will have dr. ann shuget here to respond to your questions. that is coming up next. >> there is still a lot that we don't know. but there is no longer any doubt that zika causes microcephaly. you both have a
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates
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due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. david: expect the to speak any moment at suffolk county fund-raising session. tuesday is the primary. we'll bring it to you live. melissa. melissa: alarming new details about the zika virus. cdc confirming that the
4:52 pm
mosquito-borne virus could cause birth defects as usually small heads and brain damage the we have dr. an schugah from the cdc we have questions from our audience that are fantastic. i want to get to them. are more than pregnant women in danger? what is the risks to other people? >> group we're concerned most about is pregnant women. we do know this virus can cause birth defects. other people likely have a mild illness or know illness if they get infected with the zika virus. there are some rare knew lodge kick conditions including something called guillen -- guillain-barre syndrome. we don't think the person needs to be concerned personally unless they're pregnant or
4:53 pm
someone in their family is pregnant. we want to do all we can to reduce mosquito bites by restricting travel and wearing lots of propellant in mosquito season. melissa: a lot of people asked on twitter about a newborn baby? >> the real risk is during pregnancy or to the fetus. of course we're at early days. we still need to learn more about this virus. as i have mentioned, as we do learn more, sometimes more concerning information comes to light. melissa: yeah. >> the information we have information we have now when children get infected with the virus they don't have a serious condition but i still think we need to follow the newborns as you mentioned. melissa: a lot of questions from people asking about the on deet and how we change the way we protect ourselves from mosquitoes. has this in any way contributed to what is going on here with this virus resurfacing and these mosquitoes really taking hold? >> you're probably mentioning
4:54 pm
ddt, which has been banned and that, had some persistent effects on the environment and was banned but we do have a lot of other options in the united states for insecticides. we think we have enough options to be able to tackle this mosquito. it's a tricky mosquito. it is inside and outside the house t bites during the day. it can be tricky but we think that the insecticides allowed to be used in u.s. should be enough. that doesn't mean we're taking this lightly. we know we have a lot of work to do to control the mosquito population in both areas where the virus is already spreading and areas where it may spread this summer. >> do you have an accurate test to test specifically for this? i heard about people and heard from folk on twitter they think they know it, they don't know, is there a test? >> there are two tests that the cdc scientists developed are being used now. one is for you have symptoms, the week around the time that you have symptoms like fever and
4:55 pm
rash. that test is very good and being rolled out to the states and cities to be able to run. there is a second test that looks at anti-body. did you have the infection sometime in the past? that test is a little trickier. it is being rolled out to states and cities to use but if you have had another infection that is kind of similar, something called dengue virus, you might have evidence of anti-body in this test and you might need a third kind of test to be run to help figure out what you really have. and that third test is in very short supply. only done in one or two labs. melissa: if a woman is stung and she is not pregnant, how long does i stay in the system, how long are you at risk and how long should you not become pregnant? >> we believe the virus is gone in a week or two. we suggested women coming book from travel areas where they might have bottommen zika, delay -- gotten zika delay trying to conceive for eight weeks.
4:56 pm
melissa: thank you for your time. we had a lot of questions. thank you. david. david: couple of things government does right. hopefully this is one of them. two sets of american heros, the other fictional. jimmy kimmel think if people know the avengers than u.s. presidents. melissa: oh, no.
4:57 pm
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call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. melissa: oh goodness can you name nor mem presidents than members the avengers. david: jimmy kimmel took to the streets. >> captain america, hawkeye, the hulk, iron man, black widow, obama, george washington. hmmm. wow. >> grover washington. [laughter] >> jackson. perot. david: perot? melissa: come on. david: grover washington.
5:00 pm
i love that. melissa: can't be real. first one and the last one. who would grover washington be? david: i liked your picks. melissa: talk eye? i don't know. -- hawkeye? i don't know. that does it for us here is "risk & reward." >> lure looking at live feed of fund-raising event for donald trump on long island. former gubernatorial candidate, carl paladino is who is at the podium. you can hear the crowd cheering for him. trump may comment on his campaign manager corey lewandoski being cleared of battery charges. so we'll be bringing you back to that event as soon as donald trump start the speaking either way. a few hours ago the florida prosecutor made this statement. >> this office will not be filing charges against corey lewandoski for battery. while the evidence in this case is legally sufficient for the police to have charged


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