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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  April 14, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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not a surprise. i hear a lot of that as well. thank you for joining us. the weekly standard's fred barns will be my guest. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: welcome to the end of your week. the end of my week. i love having you here. i'm watching the rise of the left as bernie sanders idea start to catch on with working americans. bernie is standing in solidarity with unions. here is the fiery bern in his own word. >> the largest corporations in this country.
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they want to pay no income taxes. kennedy: bernie, bless his heart is using a better tactic of being overly simple and vague which is music to the ears of people who feel they have been flogged by the hose of crony capitalism. that's an issue to address with any party. but sanders' big fix is overturning citizens united and a blanket $15 minimum wage. are you there, margaret? >> he would wrath i are the poor were poorer provided the rich were less rich. kennedy: it's not just the minimum wage, it's a maximum wage because that's what most people will be making forever. welcome to the land much
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ordinary stagnation. it's like living in still 60 degree weather that never changes. what about the businesses that once relied on flexible pay schedules and flexible wages. they will fire a bunch of people, "b," automate, or "c," go out of business entirely which puts all of their employees and customers teeth up. by the many hardly a doomsday scenario because that is reality. he will pull hillary clinton with him making general election try age you laying difficult for her. the left's great prescription leave us all sick and dead. actress julianne moore is calling for gun control.
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russian jets came within kissing distance of a u.s. destroyer. ambassador john bolton will tell me what he thinks is the correct response. the party can now start on kennedy. hillary clinton and bernie sanders squaring off together tonight in a debate. meanwhile the left is rising up as thousands of protesters push for higher minimum wage in this country. how will the left-wing resurgence shape the election. let's ask our party panel. kmele foster, one of the hosts
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of the podcast. guy, benson, i'm going to start with you. bernie sanders, in fringy is starting to sound quite appealing? >> he has the ultimate sort of left version of this populist message that has been sweeping the country. trump has helped bernie. i wonder the extent to which his rumbleness and lack of polish is part of the appeal, and a mainstream sounding person who advance the ball first on social itch or wouldn't generate quite as much interest, especially among young people.
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there is this love of his weird accent and quirkiness and i'm not sure maybe if someone like elizabeth warren could quite pulpit off the same way given her lack of authenticity pertaining to her native american roots and that sort of thing. it's worrisome that someone who has such radical bad ideas and who has no idea how to implement them as we learned recently in that new york daily news has caught such fire it's bromides but we have to combat it with facts. >> it makes them feel good by making them feel bad. he tells you how horrible your life is. instead of point out the recent failures of socialism, he payments a picture of utopia. you have to be a superhero to accomplish. >> i think it's interesting. guy has done a great job of
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connecting this to the trump phenomenon we observed. but the varnish has been knocked off the establishment and people are disillusioned with establishment candidates. but it is absolutely true in deploying these broa hides and appealing to people's sense of insecurity, related to the fact we do have deficiencies in our economy and politics. but we'll always see people appealing to cronyism. they will come across our borders and steal our jobs. kennedy: we'll send our jobs to shadowy places. >> you have to be prepared to offer a strident defense for liberty because that's essential for creating progress pair it and freedom for -- prosperityats
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paymentsing a picture no one wants to see in the picture. you see 27,000 people gather at washington with square park. it's a great circus. would you ever go to a bernie sanders rall live? >> i don't like crowds, i don't like rallies, i don't like parades. i don't like anything where there is many people. a lot of people want to be part of the movement. i think a lot of these young people. we see it in interviews, they can't tell you what socialism is. how we'll implement all the things we are saying. and that's enough for them. kennedy: keep it simple, keep it vague. as long as you do that people will late up. a brand-new fox news poll shows
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donald trump is widening his national lead over ted cruz. in another new poll 63% of republicans say it would be bad for the republican party to nominate a candidate other than the frontrunner and half of john kasich and ted cruz supporters agree with that. this is a very difficult conundrum to solve. the establishment doesn't like donald trump. a lot of people don't like donald trump. a lot of conservatives don't like donald trump. but 63% of republican voters say you cannot give the nomination to someone who has earned less delegates. >> that's the exact percentage of republican voters who have voted for not donald trump in the primary. 63% of the republican voters
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have decided no, the only way an open or contests convention happens is if voters decide. it can't be the rnc or the power brokers swooping in making this call. it's a matter of math and delegates. should donald trump be short of the requisite delegates to clinch the nomination? it will be open in cleveland, then it gets into political planning and execution. we have seen the struggles that trump has shown when it comes to organization and ironically management over the course of the campaign so far. if we are look at the ultimate end, people are upset with various processes in this country. in louisiana and colorado they think it's very unfair. are we looking in the wrong place? >> i would say so. this is ultimately about values.
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for most americans democracy is a beautiful ideal. the guy who gets the most wins. but we are a democratic republic. we aren't a democracy. i'm concerned about maintaining this cool thing called a constitutional limited government. that's what's really important and making sure it unless line with preserving and expanding individual liberties to the extent that's possible. it's the wrong idea. if you give me all sort of weird machinations and that ends up yielding a candidate and i get that outcome -- kennedy: limited government, so that is so much fun. so how do we get over this trump hump. >> i don't know, enjoy the ride. get on the hump. >> we had a 10-hump wump. dr. seuss.
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don't forget to watch fbn's live coverage of the democratic primaries next tuesday on the fox business network. you can still live in disney world because the epcot center is building a residential neighborhood. look at that. katie pavlich is here. looser gun laws my my next guest says protect women.
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kennedy: actress julianne moore wrote a piece, she wrote in part women in the united states are 10 times more likely to be murdered by a gun. more than half are murder by a boyfriend or someone necessary their family. katie pavlich is here to straighten her out. welcome back, katie. so let's talk about this. i want to read something from julianne moore's argument. she says it's not a good guy versus bad guy argument. it should not be partisan or pro
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gun versus anti-gun argument it's not an argument about our constitution. what is she arguing for if she is not arguing for those things? >> despite what julianne moore says it is a good guy versus bad guy and gun control versus less gun control which is why she is writing the article in the first place. the opposite is true. while julianne moore is protected bymen with guns on her red carpets around the world. young women like me who can't afford to have armed protection are protecting themselves with firearms as they should when they have to deal with powerful men. kennedy: in chicago they have seen a lot of gun prohibition,
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maybe it's the one layer of defense. your ownself-defense that you have got that helps you sleep at night and keeps you safe. it's hypocritical and so patternistic for someone like d paternalistic for someone like julianne moore to tell you way it's like because she is having a difficult conversation with her 10-year-old daughter. >> women have been killed as raped as a result of gun control laws. a woman in new jersey had a felon ex-boyfriend who threatened to kill her. she applied for a pistol permit. on day 41 of waiting her felon boyfriend came and stabbed her to death. amanda collins was carrying her concealed weapons permit but she wasn't carrying her firearm due
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to anti-gun policies at the university. and her attacker went on to rape two other women and killed one of them. one last point, the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in this country is young women. when you ask them the question and polling shows this, why are they purchasing their first firearm, it's for self-defense. they want to take responsibility for their own safety and they are doing so. kennedy: that's one of the things julianne moore takes issue with. a gun is a machine and machines are to be operated safely. my argument would be if you are seeking out legal gun ownership for self protection, the chances of you being a responsible gun owner is much, of higher. if you are going to use a gun to commit a crime, chances are none of this prohibition would apply to you anyway.
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and you would probably steal again. >> this goes back to this liberal idea that men and women are completely equal when reality and genetics prove men are strong than women. guns are the great equalizer. women are able to defend themselves from violent rapist offenders by the thousands. for julianne moore to ignorantly say guns pose a risk to young women is far away from the facts with what we are seeing with the data. kennedy: science also says women are better shots. my brother who has been a shooting instructor. he many the one who taught me that. you go, girls. thank you so much. i enjoyed your article, your response to julianne moore. it's important to take apart piece by piece these dangerous
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arguments. russian jets fly close to a u.s. carrier in a simulated attack. later we talk about a new plan to send a fleet of probes to a distant planet trillions of miles away. show me movies with explosions.
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on with xfinity. kennedy: that i not top gun. that's footage of two unarmed russian fighter jets flyin dangerously clos donald cook in what america says
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was an unsafe maneuver. how should america respond? let's ask ambassador john bolton. what should that guided missile destroyer have don russian planes? should we have shot them out of the sky? >> i don't think at that point that that was the appropriate response. what we should have been thinking about is why we didn't want this to happen at all. you have to look at it as part of a broader strategy. putin has seen the weak inadequate american response to changing international borders on the continent of europe through the use of military force and they decided to see how far they could push. this was a nato exercise. so this is a signal to the united states and all our allies. >> we have been having more discussions about nato since
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donald trump injected that into the campaign. do you think it has anything to do with that and rethinking the existence this appliance? >> i think the russians, putin in particular can read the calendar just as well as we can. they don't know who is going to be elected in november. but they marked their man in the white house. we are going to push and push and push. not to have hostilities. kennedy: what's behind the provocation. >> the next possible target are the baltic republics. the exercises in the baltic sea is intended to show the baltics and poland that the united states even when it's on their doorstep can't stop russia from flying within 30 feet of an american warship. it's intended to intimidate these nato members. that's why this is so important. if putin proceed this would be a
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provocation against the nato member. and a weak american response there could fracture the alliance. kennedy: the next president will have their handful. next month our dear leader president obama will visit japan and there is speculation he will stop by hiroshima and apologize for the bombs dropped during world war ii. no sitting u.s. president has visited the bomb site, though john kerry became the highest ranging official to do so earlier this week. >> i think he will apologize or come close to it. that's the purpose of doing it. at some point having kerry or somebody like that go there, i don't object to that. but there is nothing for the united states to be ashamed of in our decision to use nuclear weapons against japan. it stays american casualties
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which is the first duty of the president. the highest morality. it should also say japanese casualty. there is nothing to apologize about. kennedy: because he's so beholden and want to secure his legacy. if he goes he will not be able to control himself. he will be overcome with the need to apologize and it could be politically disastrous in the short term. >> secretary clinton will have to agree with that. and no matter who the nominee is, she can still be defeated. kennedy: jim gilmore drops a possible stunner about his role in a contested convention.
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kennedy: it's that time where we have to take a gander at the oddities of the world to make us feel normal. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. watch this video. i want you to decide. i'm not going to tell you. you choose. did nana have her doan's pills he can changed with colorado edibles or was someone teasing her to get her to space walk for the first time. that's all fun and games until you slap the zombie face on her and she has a massive coronar
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you don't? good. topic number 3. you have been waiting at the circle k with bated breath for 25 years. we get ready to complete the trilogy of one of the greatest film franchise of all times. execute them. kennedy: alex winter. he spilled some sweet celluloid beans. winter was becoming decorated. teaming up with my former dog star keanu reeves.
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only question left for both of these jents. does san dimas football still rule? there you go. topic number 4. this week former virginia governor and also-ran presidential candidate, jim gilmore, was asked on cnn if at a brokered convention he might he morning as the dark horse candidate. jim said this. >> if a situation developed in such a way that i could not be the nominee i don't expect to be the nominee. kennedy: that's a shock. that's a fox news alert. this is a guy who picked up less than 20 votes in iowa. i didn't even know who he was nil ran his picture through caption bot. it's jim gilmore and i'm still in love with your toaster.
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on the democratic side, lincoln chafee spoke about his australian vacation and his thoughts on the dismal run. he said he did get irritated with the media's dismissive betrayal of him as a candidate. and he said kangaroo are like dear. but watch what happens when we put lincoln through caption bot. [♪] i use your system because ours is superior to yours. topic number 5. usually cats aren't the calmest animals to ride with in a car. if we needed to take mr. mittens to the vet we had to deducts tape him to a broomstick and
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you can still live at disney world for a mere $2 million. but is it worth it? and we'll explain a plan in if the works to search for a probe-like planet.
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>> make a deal with me. we have all been waiting for rapper ice cube to announce his support for the presidential race. >> donald trump is what americans aspire to be. rich, powerful dwob what you want to do, say what you want to say. do you think he will do anything to help poor people struggling?
8:40 pm
no, because he's a rich white guy. how can he relate. kennedy: come on, cube, don't bring race into this. kmele i think cube makes a strong case for donald trump that he equals the american dream. what say you, foster? >> maybe, kind of. i had not been waiting for cube to weigh in on this stuff. everyone is entitled to their perspective on this issue. i tend to try to extract political insights and opinions on candidates from other sources. the gorillas in the mist. but not so much. kennedy: did you like "straight out of compton?"
8:41 pm
>> they got a lot of critical praise. i was kind of surprised. kennedy: i thought we had to say was the best summation of donald trump's popularity. >> he's resilient and not particularly demagoguic nell got to the race bit. kennedy: i know you have been critical of donald trump. does this change your mind? does this part of the analysis soften your kri sneak. >> no, but i think he's basically right. i think donald trump is the cartoon version of what people envision as successful. gold-plated things. private giant airplane. expect to see him just sort of hitting people and throwing stacks of cash at homeless people then taking the money back and that sort of thing. kennedy: do we have any document
8:42 pm
tapings of that? >> not yet. but we don't need document tapings of anything be you can say i heard and that's apparently good enough. he did inherit quite a lot of money. he parlayed that into great fame and popularity in some quawshters. i think what mr. cube was saying is people might on some level admire that and think it's fun it's great for a reality tv star but not so much for a president. kennedy: and i want to be a reality tv star. i think a lot of people think that way, when they look at donald trump they think it would be great. bust thing i don't agree with mr. cube on is he can't relate to the poor person. kennedy: is it impossible for arich white foreign relate to people? >> many of them are bred into that lifestyle. i don't think we should be looking at relatability as much
8:43 pm
as competence. >> how can you possibly say you have been wrapped in this bubble of public service for so long. how can you relate to people when all you are doing is working lobbyists and letting them work you. disney world is building neighborhoods in the magic kingdom. prices start at $2 million per home. good real estate choice or horrible. >> i hope to one day have enough money where i would have to make that decision. if it's not in the cattle itself, then it many pointless. kennedy: i have got two children of disneyland, disney world age. every time we step foot in one of the parks and i'm look at my imaginary watch anything when are we going to go home.
8:44 pm
>> familiarity breeds contempt. there is some magic attached to go to disneyland. once goofy takes a dump on your lawn, you have got oh, my god we have to live here every greeking day. then it's not such a special, wonderful place anymore. kennedy: $2 million for a starter home. >> you could get a nice place in new york for $2 million. >> someone greeted me in a loud voice. no, we don't want to take pictures with you. keep your hands off of me. there would be assaults and fights every day. kennedy: here we must end with the panel. it's a magical kingdom right
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here there my pants. is there alien life in my neighborhood? that's next. ♪
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kennedy: stephen hawking, mark zuckerberg and a russian billionaire milner are sending a probe into the solar system to
8:49 pm
search for intelligent life. joining me is michio kaku. i can't think a person, you don't have to be an astrophysicist or astronomer to look up into the night sky and think how do we get there. we all conceived of these giant spaceships millions and billions of miles away. >> captain kirk, watch out. we'll send tarships the size of a post and stamp. why do rocket have to be so big? because they have to carry their own fuel. so why not put the fuel on the ground and propel nano bites into space. we don't have to wait for warp
8:50 pm
engines, it's off the shelf tele. they will go 20 times the speed of light. within perhaps our lifetime we may get first images of a planet going around another star system. kennedy: once the packet get there, how long will it take to beam the images back to? >> they have sensors and tv cameras and they can radio the message back to earth. it would take about four years. once they reach the nearest star, they radio back the information. kennedy: the research center says it will take 20 years before they actually launch. then another 20 years. >> we have off the shelf technology today.
8:51 pm
but the problem is the energy of the laser beams. you need about 100 nuclear power plant shooting into souter space and hitting a sail which then pushes the sail to 20% the speed of light. we have huge lasers on the planet earth. kennedy: and we don't have anything like that. wham the closest thing we ve tmh >>caliia we have a gigantic machine which has laser beams to create a mini hydrogen bombs. but it only work for a fraction of a second. we need two minute to shoot this thing up to 20% the speed of light. kennedy: people are sketched out by nuclear power.
8:52 pm
especially after fukushima. people are worried about what can happen, the what ifs, if there are meltdowns and natural disasters. >> it could be a coal plant or oil fire plant. we need 100 watts of power to energize the laser beam. if you aim it wrong it will miss alpha centari. kennedy: do they believe there is a habitable planet with people having the same kind of conversation. >> it's a triple star system. not one, not two, but three stars going around each other. we think there is a planet there but it's not confirmed yet. we think there could be a planet going around perhaps size. but we get con two deck triinformation. but one study shows there could
8:53 pm
be a planet going around a triple star system. kennedy: what do we need to verify. >> whether it has oxygen capable of carrying life. what is called the goldilocks zone. just right to have liquid water which is the universal solvent. remember in star war you hook up and see two stars in the sky. there you see three tars in the sky. kennedy: dr. kaku thank you very much for coming by. dare to dream. >> we are talking starships now. kennedy: maybe the aliens are already here. thanks again. come back again. coming back i'm going to fumble around my mail bags for some of your sweet goodies, like this
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kennedy: we all note feeling. you are plummeting toward earth after jumping out of your alaskan helicopter. when you go to open your parachute you think, i should have gone on social media. katie pulls the ripcord. keep on keeping america mediocre.
8:58 pm
>> i don't know what you are doing. i'm busy being a good hostess. the catfish writes, you are awesome and a foxy mama. that is absolutely repulsive, you savage. wash your hand first. hernandez writes, @kennedynation she does a perfect hillary laugh impression. i used to love you because you made it a half-hour into the show. ed vargas writes i won't be watching your governorof -- youf
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show given your rudeness. if you want cotton candy you need to turn to "red eye." this week my friend charlie le druf came to talk about his latest report. when he first came on i didn't know what to think. but now he is my favorite guest. sharp guy. chris myers requests, @kennedynation, please stop wearing them stupid glasses. and i request please start reading are them smart books. chris coons writes in, shut up, kennedy. email to
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thursday is my friday. my week is done. while see you monday at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. it's kennedy signing off. ands i. >> it's just her house in the middle of the block. >> she won't sell out. >> the 84-year-old seen here turned down $1 million payout. >> he's caught in the middle. >> i promised her that i wouldn't let them take her away. >> that's a really big promise. >> what's "up" with that? >> people from all over the country and even around the world have stopped by this house. >> they put balloons on the house, and that's how it became the "up" house. >> it is amazing. i can't believe that she held out. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, and today,


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