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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FBC  April 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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big victory, that the system is unfair, something he echoed in the wall street journal today, whether right or not, and people are crammed in that location. how is it working out for you? we will see you. >> republicans barnstorming across new york four days before the big primary is a poll shows donald trump with his biggest lead so far in the national race. welcome to "the intelligence report". our national poll showing donald trump with an 18 point lead topping by 45% to 27%, the best so far and front runner taking to the pages of the wall street journal with a stinking indictment of the election system writing of a corrupt system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people and the republican national committee wasting no time explaining the process
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saying, quote, each process for those willing to learn it, mike huckabee is here to break it down, a new fox news poll showing dramatic tightening in the democratic race, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by two points, three weeks ago she led by 13 and in that time he has won 7 of the last 8 contests as the candidates square off in their feast -- fiercest debate yet. >> that is not accurate. >> i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders eight times. i said the exact same thing. if we raise it to $15 in new york, los angeles, let's do it. trish: do racy advertisements tend to rape women? lawmakers in germany think so or that is what they think they are
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doing to the million plus muslim migrants flooding the shores, the logic being some kind of racy add is actually leading to rape. their solution to protect women is to ban the racy commercials altogether so commercials like this one would be illegal. this is crazy. instead of getting their border situation under control they want to ban ads like this. why it is time you stop shaming women and confront migrant muslims and their backward culture head on. to our top story donald trump winding his lead against ted cruz, the front-runner reaching record highs in a new national poll, 45%, 18 points over ted cruz, picking up the endorsement of his hometown newspaper, four days before the all-important primary. all of this gears up for a real fight with the gop establishment who he accuses of running a rigged game. it is an issue i addressed in my
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intel op-ed on "the intelligence report" and i point out the gop is in a tough spot and they have no one to blame but themselves. by encouraging this fight for a contested convention, they may be stealing their fate. how do you unite a party after all this? donald trump saw that clip and posted this in response saying, quote, i will unite the gop and we will all work together in making america great again. can we unite this fractured party? mike huckabee joins us with his thoughts. good to see you. >> great to see you, happy friday. trish: what do you think? can donald trump do it? the establishment really don't like him. they didn't like ted cruz, but it tells you how much they don't like donald trump that they are
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willing to vote for ted cruz in hopes of getting a contested convention. how will it bring them together? >> let's be real clear, they are not supporting ted cruz because they love ted cruz, they are supporting ted cruz because they don't like donald trump or ted cruz and they don't like donald trump because they think he will mess up the party. when i mean the party i don't mean the political party. i mean their little inside game of enriching themselves with consultants and all the wonderful contracts they get, they fear ted cruz because he doesn't play well with people but they are hoping for a contested convention so they can get someone other than either one of them and i don't think they will get their wish. the big question you asked can trump unite the party? yes and it is real simple. all he has to do is play the clip you had a moment to go of hillary and bernie and the party comes together and says it is trump or that. then it gets easy for trump to
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unite the party. trish: to show them the alternative. but the fear among the establishment types is trump, because of what he said about immigrants, some of the things he has inferred about women, it will alienate these critical critical masses that you need in order to win an election. they don't think he can be hillary or bernie, do you think that is the wrong premise? >> it totally is. let's go back to 1980. in march 1980 ronald reagan only had 30% of the approval of republicans. they absolutely were scared to death that if ronald reagan got the nomination it was the end of the republican party, it was the end of the election, jimmy carter all over again. that turned out to be incredibly false. what a lot of the republican
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insiders are forgetting is trump has alienated some of the insiders but trump has also brought in a lot of people who are union members and people who are working-class democrats and people who have not voted republican historically but are willing to and crossing over. trish: that is where republicans have been, you think about the economic challenges this country is faced, when you are middle-class and this is a big theme of yours, the middle class has been struggling despite all the hard work they have been doing so how do you bring them and why the republican party has seemingly become the party of the elite as opposed to the party of the working class that is trying to get ahead? >> they forgot who they are. they forgot who brought them, who voted for them and gave them the power they have and they use the power for themselves rather than to empower people so they
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can live better lives and have a piece of the american dream and when you read some of the things that were said. i read an article in "national review," it was disgusting. it might has well been headlined let them eat cake. it blamed all the working-class problems on people being lazy, not trying hard enough, i was so angry when i read that, whoever wrote this clearly doesn't know very many people out there serving food, standing on factory floors, climbing ladders all day. these people are busting their backsides. it is not that they are lazy. the system is keeping them where they are no matter how hard they work and they are sick of it and they should be. that is why we see the revolution. trish: the system donald trump says is rigged not just from an economic standpoint and the ability of working-class americans to get ahead but in terms of americans's ability to select the leader that they once, the rnc says these are the rules, fair rules, why are you squawking about them now?
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what do you say? >> there is a maximum in politics we all know if we ever ran for anything and it is the simple. when you are explaining you are losing. right now the rnc is having to explain all the rules and when that happens they are losing. donald trump is winning because he put it in clear terms. here is what trump is saying. i am being treated unfairly but you are being treated unfairly. it is a beautiful connection and it is working. trish: is he being treated unfairly? >> in the wall street journal? trish: is he being treated unfairly? >> in some cases yes. not in every case. in some cases he didn't organize as well as he could have or should have at the state level but in other cases the system is not really honest, it is not transparent. if you read the 13th page of the contract and fine print maybe you can find out how it could be done but the point is people want a system that is clear and
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simple. if you vote for a guy he wins. trish: do you think this is a system set up to look as though americans are picking their nominee but in actuality it is the party itself that is influencing the final outcome? look at colorado for example. know what is voting there, just a delegate system. is that the party's way of influencing the overall outcome so they don't get donald trump as their nominee? >> let's be fair. it is the party that nominates. it is not the people or america, it is the party, a party process, a party primary, even in the midst of the party running it, the party needs to respect the people who voted and not let it become like the democrats with their so-called superdelegates the game the system, make it so the best vote-getter doesn't necessarily win. if that happens on the republican side, i think we are going to see pretty much dust particles coming out of cleveland during the convention.
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trish: you think that is a risk. >> let's hope not. it is not what i am wanting. i want a peaceful convention. many of us would like to see the subtle before we get there so the focus can be on eating hillary or bernie rather than having to fight each other. if it doesn't happen you have got to be careful. trish: what if they said to you we want you to be the peacemaker. we are not going to give it to trump or ted cruz, we want you to bridge this gap, what would you say? >> if you see stupid written across my 4 head you can count me in on that but only an idiot would even be brash enough to take on that type of responsibility because the truth is it ought to go to the person who got the most votes. trish: even if they don't hit 1237? even if they don't hit 1237? >> if he is close to 1237 and
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has millions more votes, the other delegates should rally around him and it should be over. trish: thank you so much, always good to see you, governor mike huckabee. >> thanks. trish: joining me with more on the democratic side is kareem john p air and a former education director for mike huckabee's campaign. how do you like that? getting to see your old boss. >> i vote for him. he makes a good point, he is saying when he says i don't have stupid tattooed on my 4 head, it is a suicide mission for anyone who would coming and candidates would take over for trump or ted cruz because that candidate would be hugely challenged, american, republicans voted for trump would feel they had been swindled. >> voters are angry. imagine going to cleveland and
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having their vote not count and not matter and the rnc bringing somebody from the shadows, a hand-picked candidate and say we will take everybody's vote who went to somebody else and somehow give them to this new person they put on stage. it would be a political jihadi like we have never seen in the gop. it would absolutely road any support, any excitement about trying to take on hillary and it will be so damaging i don't know if we could recover from it in several cycles. trish: i hate to use the word jihadi when talking about politics but the interpretation of that being it would be real war and a civil war within the party and potentially a remaking of the party altogether as we know it which would be very good news for the democrats. >> i think -- i think donald trump is going to be the nominee and it will fundamentally change the republican party. that is what the republican
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establishment is afraid of, and so the governor mentioned superdelegates on our side but there are unbound delegates we keep hearing about for the republican side. that is going to be very important that trump needs to start speaking to, hence the washington journal article that really speaks to the populist, the a political audience you have been tapping. trish: it has the potential to change the republican party. it already has. it already has. regardless of whether donald trump gets the nomination or not, he will forever be a present in the republican party or whatever the party becomes. 's influence i would think is here to stay. >> no question. you have seen that from the beginning. this wall street journal piece solidified two arguments he is making after a horrific half
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month politically, he is back on track and the two points he made, i am not just fighting against the system. i am fighting for the american people, for each job, for your livelihood, for your family. if he can continue to take that message to folks i don't see how he is stoppable at all between now and the convention. trish: how much do you think the gop is wringing their hands right now? seriously, this guy won't rollover and go away. he is out there with an op-ed in the wall street journal today, pounding the pavement saying this is not fair, this is a rigged system. if i get the most votes i should win. how difficult a position does this put folks like rights priebus in right now? >> i would be careful taking on donald trump after seeing how marco rubio and jeb bush fared doing that. that will be an interesting development to see how that plays out, taking on donald trump could be fatal for your career. but there is an interesting
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situation happening with the republican party. they have to manage that and figure out how to handle this now because if it is a contested convention it will be wild and crazy. trish: coming up, russian fighter jets buzzing a u.s. navy destroyer dozens of times, coming within 30 feet of the carrier and john kerry says that destroyer could have shot the jets down under the rules of engagement. these close encounters are becoming increasingly common. at german lawmaker proposing a ban on sexy ads. victoria's secret models would be banned too? why are they doing this? to keep women safe from the muslim migrants flooding their shores. why is europe trying to become like saudi arabia? the answer is here and we will explain. show me movies with explosions.
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>> on the deck below the bridge wing. >> those are russian jets buzzing a u.s. navy destroyer, one coming 30 feet from the actual destroyer. russia is defending its actions. secretary of state john kerry is condemning the latest russian aggression saying the destroyer could have easily shot down the russian warplanes. when russia did this in turkey they shot down the jet. if -- is john kerry's tough taught going to scare russia?
2:20 pm
fox news contributor judith miller, good to have you back. it is brazen of vladimir putin to do this. clearly he thinks we are not going to do a thing and is that basically the situation we are in? >> the situation is as you described, when russians tried to do this with the turks the turks shot down the plane. they have not wandered across the turkish line ever since. what secretary john kerry was trying to do was do something he rarely does, which is to warn the russians that the united states would not tolerate this activity because the consequences of a shoot down by an american ship of a russian plane are far greater than it would be if turkey does that. trish: are you effectively declaring war on russia if you shoot down one of their -- >> yes you are. even though the united states
2:21 pm
was within its legal right to do so -- trish: they are the ones -- aren't they effectively trying to tempt us by doing so? >> yes. that is why we would have the right to respond military and that is what john kerry was saying. vladimir putin was a quintessential bully and when someone pushes back he usually retreats. that has been the experience for a long time. each time the russians try something like this and there is pushback they usually retreat. not always. we have seen in crimea where the united states said this will not stand and nato is going to mobilize nothing has happened. the russians are sinking in crimea. trish: he doesn't respect president obama or president obama's word. he doesn't think we are going to do anything. what is the difference between
2:22 pm
this administration and previous administrations? reagan stood by and allowed something like that? >> ever since the 1970s there has been an agreement between the united states and the former soviet union to avoid incidents of this nature. you don't want to start world war iii over something like this. the united states has always been cautious about such actions. what john kerry is doing is saying don't push us. remember, this very ship had an incident that was rather similar to this two years ago in april when the russian planes also buzzed it. so now there is a lot going on in the region. the united states is augmenting its forces in nato and adding some planes, we are taking steps that have gotten the russians's attention. trish: we got to give them a warning and say enough. coming up a question for you.
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do sexy advertisements tend to assault and rape women? a german lawmaker is proposing a ban on sexy ads. victoria's secret models here would have been banned too. why are they doing this? to keep women safe from the muslim migrants flooding their shores. trying to become like saudi arabia to deal with this crisis. doctor jaster will explain. everhas a number.olicy but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families that have supported them,
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trish: do sexy advertisements tend to assault or rape women? i don't think so. lawmakers in germany apparently think so or at least that is what they think these ads are tempting the million plus muslim migrants flooding their shores to do. now to keep women safe after
2:27 pm
over 1000 women were sexually assaulted in cologne attacks on new year's eve germany's justice minister wants to ban sexy ads. i guess now ads like this when here would be illegal, totally illegal in germany if they get their way but is this going to do anything at all to keep women safe? no. and isn't this a dangerous step in the wrong direction, will germany become like saudi arabia and cover women up? joining me the president of the american islamic forum for democracy, good to have you back. this lawmaker in germany wants to create what he calls gender neutral ads, that way nobody would feel like they want to go out and rape a woman. what is your response to that? >> amazes me how low to the
2:28 pm
depths of weakness and appeasement and as a muslim it is the bigotry of low expectations that somehow we have this moral relativism where we sacrifice the freedom of individual rights all in the name of preventing these militant islamists when they are becoming vicarious islamic philosophies -- theocracies like iraq and where women's rights where they can't wear what they want, they are hit with sticks, raped with no rights, have no bodily autonomy, to say that somehow letting our own values slide and change what we perceive to be moral relativism then confrontation is what we should do is going to demean women it is bigoted toward muslims that somehow we can't adapt ourselves. jo ling: trish: i agree with you but this is something the left in germany is pushing. keep in mind it was the left and members of this administration
2:29 pm
that were trying to hush up the cologne attacks as if they want to wear blinders and are blaming themselves and blaming women instead of actually looking in the mirror and saying we are the ones who invited these people here and we are the ones who forgot that they are not culturally similar to us. >> it is the same cancer, the narcissism that everything is about us. it is not about them being in the 13th century and being medieval, somehow it is about us. no different than the benghazi video was blamed for what caused ben ghazi when it was militants, it wasn't about the video. they want to blame speech, expression in the west versus dealing with the true clash of ideology between the west's freedom and islamism in iran and saudi arabia and these militants are bringing with them. we have to confront the ideology or their nation within the nation of the islamic movement will continue to threaten us. trish: that has been very much on your agenda. you have been working
2:30 pm
aggressively to have people in your community confront this ideology that in many ways you say -- you pushed aggressively for reform. talk about the response to that in a minute, but there is a very disturbing study out this week, a survey out of the uk showing two thirds of british muslims in muslim neighborhoods in the uk said they would not give the government any information if they knew any details about a terror plot. my gosh, what are we dealing with if we can't count on members of the muslim community to help us in this fight? >> we need to learn from this and realize this is why we have a whack him all programming counterterrorism. there is the one third that would report but the two thirds that are living in the west, look upon it as the land of war.
2:31 pm
they see the land of islam as muslim majority countries, they see themselves as visitors not embracing the ideology of freedom and liberty of britain, germany and america. we have less of a problem in america but these numbers should show us that it is a deep problem, we are not addressing the ideology. the numbers he reported are skewed because they looked at neighborhoods that were 20% muslim but having said that there is hope in those numbers, 70% to 80% said they were keen on assimilating, 70% to 80% said they loved being in britain but yet they hadn't breached the bridge of adopting the ideology. >> they would not come forward with more information, seems like you are identify more with isis than your own country and protecting your countrymen. >> this is why the uk and the prime minister is saying our prevent program is failing because we are only looking at
2:32 pm
the last few weeks when they get radicalized militants. the years before where they hate the values of the west look at conspiracy theories, and muslims, in britain, has been great, they are in the muslim reform movement, there are muslims trying to get a voice but the majority are dominated by a mafia that the west is evil and this is what these studies are teaching us and we better listen and look at these numbers. trish: what is the response you are getting when you say i need support from the muslim community, we need to reform this religion so we take the best parts and get rid of this stuff that would create this controversy. what do you hear in response? >> the majority are with us, they say keep working, the other side, the leadership, are toxic, they believe islamism is not a problem, they want to be in denial so we have to confront them openly. trish: good for you for doing
2:33 pm
so. coming up, everyone, bernie sanders in a virtual tie with hillary clinton erasing her 13 point lead by two points. maybe that is why the debate got so combative. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. i have stood on the debate stage with senator sanders. i have said the exact same thing. if we can raise it to 15 in new york or los angeles, let's do it. trish: just getting interesting, see you back here. this just got. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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trish: the gloves are off. they are not coming off, they are off between hillary clinton and socialist bernie sanders. trading blows in brooklyn. the most heated democratic debate yet. watch this. >> i stood up against behaviors of the banks as i was a senator. i called them out on the mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. they must've been really crushed by this. was that before or after you received the money by giving speaking engagements. they must have been very upset. >> a dramatic come back in the national poll, hillary's 13
2:38 pm
point lead. this shift is primarily from women. women's support eroding by 11 points while the support for sanders is up 9. clinton is in real trouble. what is going on? why are women not rallying to her? >> last night was a spirited debate, the rumble in brooklyn. i think both sides of the camp are feeling the heat right now, not surprising that bernie sanders's poll numbers are tightening up. he has won seven of eight contests in the last couple primaries and had the momentum. trish: you would say women would say she is a woman, would like to see a woman president and rallying to her side but in fact she has seen the antithesis of that.
2:39 pm
>> i was really surprised by those numbers. because of how nasty this race has become, he would actually be hurting with women. that is something the clinton camp has to look into. trish: it goes back to the likability, women feel like she has not really won with them and they are willing to take a chance on a socialist. >> the coronation of clinton stopped again, same thing happened in 2008 when barack obama knocked her off her game. and won the nomination. i still think she wins but this new york contest will be pivotal, and her home state, this whole election is going to be turned on its ear not to mention the superdelegates who are in lockstep with hillary clinton at this point they begin to move, start to see some news stories, some come out publicly and say we are shifting to
2:40 pm
bernie. there is no question he has captured the hearts and minds of a lot of democrats and i don't know that hillary can stem the tide at this point. i still think she wins because she has the name id and power and bill and hillary force is something to be reckoned with but bernie -- trish: it is not easy. nobody thought it would be this hard. they thought it would be a coronation. let's talk about new york, a race that is still up for grabs. she is out in la with george clooney fund raising and he is in rome visiting the vatican where the pope won't see him. if you are bernie sanders and it is coming down to the wire why not stay put in new york and campaign here? >> it is a little bit of a misstep on the sanders campaign part. he had a chance after wisconsin to drop a message and pick up more momentum. this is the same issue. he should have stayed in new
2:41 pm
york, it doesn't hurt him since hillary is not there. she is in la too. it is net neutral for both parties but if he wants to gain ground in new york this is when he rides around new york, hillary is out in la with hollywood stars, i am here fighting for you. that is how he turned the tide in new york. and mac doesn't help her to be photographed with george clooney? she is perceived as being an elitist with the ear of hollywood. is that where you want to go in the final moments before a very important state? >> he has a fund-raising deficit when it comes to her race against bernie sanders. he has outraised her, in february he raised $13 million more than he did, has 5 million unique small donors he can go back to over and over again. that is the issue. she needs to do these eventss in california, texas and new york wherever they are because she has to bring in the money because she is being outraised. trish: for the last eight years she has been trying to do everything she can aside from
2:42 pm
getting a little messed up on the email server, she probably shouldn't have taken, she has been trying to do everything and put 1 foot in front of the other and be the good democratic citizen but here she is with millions of individuals giving their last few bucks to bernie sanders. >> the grassroots folks are mobilized. he is a movement candidate. he started with democrat socialism message, wanted to get his message out. most democrats didn't think he had a chance. now he is out raising hillary clinton, has the momentum, he has the hearts and minds of the party. he is moving forward in a way i don't think any democrats are coming especially hillary clinton. trish: it shows the power of personality. thank you so much. you get all these protests going on in paris, they are breaking out because people don't want any changes to their 35 hour workweek. god for bid the french actually
2:43 pm
work more than 35 hours a week. my intel on why socialist bernie sanders and his supporters get their way, protests just like this could become -- come to our country. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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trish: let's get you caught up on markets, 31 points into the
2:45 pm
weekend, investors way in a couple earnings reports. including city out with earnings, first quarter profit climbed sharply, checking down $.16. finance ministers from leading industrial nations are meeting in washington dc, leaders from oil-producing nations gathering to discuss cutting production come of that should bode well for oil prices but oil closing down almost 3%. we will be right back on "the intelligence report," my intel on the danger of america becoming more and more like france. stay with me. see you then.
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>> take a look at that. the french taking to the streets of paris to protest any proposed changes to the 35 hour work week. god for bid the french work more than 35 hours we come all kinds of problems, protests in the streets. we expect that from the french, their political correctness,
2:48 pm
there muslim population, there socialist economic agenda resulted in massive youth unemployment to the tune of 26% unemployment for youth. nobody wants to hire in france because all that regulation makes it impossible to fire anyone and you don't get productivity if they are only workg 35 hours a week. the french people are out there vigorously defending the 35 hour workweek. it is part of what they consider being french. kind of expect it from them. tell you what we don't expect. we don't expect it from americans. we are capitalists. we are hard workers. we aren't afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting a little dirty because it ensures a better future for us and our families. at least we used to know that. nowadays we are looking more like france. here is the proof. 27,000 people showed up to support bernie sanders at a rally here in new york this weekend. 27,000. they are throwing their support
2:49 pm
behind a guy who wants them to think they are the victims. >> this is also determined to end a rigged economy where the rich get richer and everybody else gets poorer and create an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. trish: i hate to break it to you but it is not rigged. people who are willing to work hard, willing to take chances and i repeat, work hard, they are still rewarded in the united states of america and rewarded in this economy. you cannot, nor should you ever get something for nothing which is part of what socialism is. we are not france. if we are not careful, if we succumb to the leftist socialist economic policies we could very well become very much like
2:50 pm
france. not a good outcome. that is today's intel. coming up an unbelievable story about how your tax dollars are going to the illegal immigrants who have been deported. just when you thought our broken borders and broken immigration system couldn't get any more screwed up, that story is next. you both have a
2:51 pm
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident,
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trish: taxpayers on the hook again. this time tens of thousands of dollars in business grants for illegal immigrants and the real tax on this immigrants these grants even after they have been deported from our country. james rosen has details on the latest story of waste, fraud and abuse plaguing washington. how does it work?
2:54 pm
>> it is all too true. we have heard examples of the government wasting astronomical sums, focusing on relatively small sums our goal has been to show how little things that up and to ask a simple question. if we accept spending taxpayers money rather than seeking to return it will always be the first instant, the biological imperative of the mid-level bureaucrat, how might relatively small phones like this be better spent? in this case we shine a light on and it's your federal agency helping deportees like salvadorans headed back to el salvador. they are among the luckiest because the inter-american foundation, federal agency was not script offices a few blocks from the white house is spending $50,000 of your money each year to assist salvadorans after they arrived in their homeland including helping them start si. >> on the one hand we deport
2:55 pm
them, rarely but sometimes, so once they are deported we set them up in business, makes no sense to me. >> reporter: the inter-american foundation did not respond to our requests for comments but in documents online we learned they work through a local ngo call to institute those, which claims to help salvadorans a year with this money. with 3 weeks ago the department of homeland acuity with advertising online to hire customs and border protection's in 17 locations along the border for a top starting salary of just under 50. >> agents don't have the tried and true tools they need to conduct law enforcement operations and $50,000 could go a long way in one border control sector to protect that. agents are using radio that oftentimes they see a border patrol station from the hills along the border but they can't talk about it. >> there is more tonight on special report on the fox news channel including honoring the legacy of one border patrol officer who made the ultimate
2:56 pm
sacrifice. trish: we are awaiting donald trump who is taking to the stage in plattsburgh, new york. his rally coming four days away from the new york primary which he is expected to win. don't forget to watch special coverage of the primaries starting at 8:00 pm eastern. i will join lou dobbs and neil cavuto. you don't want to miss it. that is next. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. .
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. trish: are you on facebook? i am. tell me what you thought of today's show. in a donald trump battle with the rnc is intensifying as he blasts the delegate process in a new op-ed. do you agree with him? what do you know? donald trump is weighing in on "the intelligence report." the gop front-runner shared my intel from monday and lay out why the republican establishment's lack of leadership is to blame for the so-called civil war we're seeing unfold within the party. he responded, putting this post
3:00 pm
on his page and saying, quote -- you can tell us whether or not you think he can do it. and speaking of trump, we are waiting for him to speak any moment from now at this rally in plattsburgh, new york, cheryl casone is taking you into it. >> we are waiting for donald trump to take to the stage! you are looking at live pictures from a trump rally in plattsburgh, new york, where the billionaire businessman is expected to speak at any moment. his plane just landing we are told. he is en route right now to the event facility. here's the message he's going to be giving out today. just four days ahead of the crucial new york primary. how is the system working for you? trump attacking the republican national committee in an op-ed in today's "wall street journal" and attacking what he calls, quote, an abuse of the


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