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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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but it is going to happen. then we'll see oil taking off. >> till with be a big meeting. chris, thank you very much. [closing bell rings] there is the closing bell. melissa francis, connell mcshane "after the bell." >> the dow wait another week for 18,000. stocks ending the session lower. i'm melissa francis i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. this is "after the bell." new this hour? donald trump you saw it here on the fox business network wrapping up big rally upstate new york. as he makes his way out of the crowd. republican rivals and rnc, when he continues to call the rigged system with just four days for the primary in our state of new york. new york will be crucial for
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democrats as well. you might wonder why is bernie sanders in italy at the vatvatican? we'll get into that. melissa: donald trump taking the stage in plattsburgh, new york, as he gears up for tuesday's primary battle. here is what he has to say why he is doing so well in the polls. >> i don't know, people tell me they like trump because he is a straight talker. [cheering] gets me in trouble every once in a while. sometimes we talk too straight. melissa: they like trump because he is straight talker. everyone in that conversation was talking in third person. i like it. trump received endorsement of the "new york post" today. joining with his take what the endorsement means and how it will impact trump's performance is forbes media chairman, steve forbes and senior editor at "the daily caller," jamie weinstein. thanks for joining us. everyone is talking in third person about the trump? no kidding that is not my real question.
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what do you think about the endorsement. >> third person, bob dole the senator from 20 years ago used to do that and didn't win the presidency. maybe donald trump should drop that. melissa: uh-oh. >> the endorsement helps. he is the local boy so to speak, even though they chided him on some of the things he has done and gave him a road map to step up his game it's going to help. there is no question he is will win on tuesday and win big. the only question how many delegates, 88, 85, 91, whatever number. melissa: jamie, it was endorsement with the most caveats i have ever seen in my whole life. he needs to be more presidential. better informed on policy. self-disciplined and less thin-skinned you but we're endorsing him. that is how i took it. >> it was a bizarre endorsement. it shows donald trump he was able to unify some of his critics. "new york post" is not the favorite publication of donald trump.
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it is odd endorsement. donald trump doesn't know very much about policy. what he knows he gets completely wrong. when he gets to the nomination perhaps he will change and become better. more of an indictment in my mind than an endorsement. they said they're endorsing him. i have to take them at their word. melissa: it was like a left-handed compliment. moving over to the "wall street journal" he wrote an op ed today, the headline for it, is the system working for you and your family. steve forbes, when people talk about telling donald trump how to pivot now, if he gets back to that essential question, that is compelling to a lot of americans. there he was talking about the primary in colorado but in general, that point, is this whole system that is going on right now, coming down from washington, is it working for you? that's a good, that is a food hook, know? >> it's a good hook. why he is doing what he is doing. why bernie sanders who is doing what he is doing on e democraticside. people are highly dissatisfied
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what happened to the economy last eight years. that was indictment of barack obama. fun seeing clinton and sanders is saying oh, it is terrible but it could have been worse. in terms of the republican side with trump, what he has got to do now in terms of stepping up his game in addition to policy, he now belatedly getting some ground forces at work. colorado changed the rules last august. people knew it would be trouble. 20 years ago when i ran in new york we knew the ballot was rigged. spent over million dollars, spent months in legal fight to get on the ballot. we knew what the problem was. he was caught shorthanded in colorado. you have to change the rules of the game if they're against you. melissa: jamie, looking at picture on the screen here. this is trump leaving yet another rally where he is being surrounded by people screaming his name, adoring him, who came out to see him.
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people telling him like the post, while endorsing him to do something different. at same time we've seen scenes like the one on your screen right now for months and months and months. i could see him feeling why should i do anything differently? look at all the people coming out for me? >> exactly. on one hand the fact donald being donald got him into the position today where very well may win the republican nomination. on other hand donald not doing some of those other things, like steve mentioned getting organization on the ground may be his downfall. he might do well in the polls but if he can't organize the delegates, especially people that unbound delegates at republican convention, that may be his downfall. not doing traditional campaigning may be his downfall but not doing traditional campaigning got him where he is today. melissa: thank you. connell. connell: "fox news" polling on national level had very good
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news for donald trump because he was widening his lead. actually hit a new high, 45%. ted cruz, 18 point back now, 27. he is down by 11 points from where he was. john kasich, closer to cruz but still 25, 20 point behind trump. look at democratic side. getting closer. clinton was leading by 13 point. melissa: bernie sanders arrive ing in rome earlier today to pay a visit to the vatican where he spoke about income inequality. some are questioning whether or not this is a smart move for sanders. remember there is primary going on in new york where hillary clinton still leads sanders according to recent polls. adam shapiro standing by at st. patrick's cathedral in new york with the latest on campaign trail. i'm sure bernie flew coach all the way to italy, do you think? reporter: most likely.
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both of them skipped town. hillary clinton is in california raising money. bernie sanders is in rome trying to meet the pope. let's talk about the polls, on eve of what is critical primary for them both are gone. hillary clinton as you said does lead mr. sanders. latest fox news national poll only a 2-point lead, 48-46%. here in new york, sienna college poll released two days ago that bernie sanders closed gap from mrs. clinton from a 20 point advantage, to 10 point advantage. according to sienna college poll she only leads by 10 points. she is in california. we have video. she was meeting with sen citizens in the blocks and talking to them about some. things she wants to do if elected. the attention is on bernie sanders who went to rome to take part in an education conference in the vatican. he met with people at the conference after that.
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he stepped outside to meet with bernie supporters who met at vatican. even a sign that rome is berning. yes, bernie sanders has supporters in rome. people were talking about whether it was appropriate for him to go. here is why mr. sanders said he went there. >> this is participation, i know it is taking me away from the campaign trail for the day. when i received this information, it was so moving to me that it was something i could just simply not refuse. reporter: now he did ask to see the pope. they tried to arrange that. a vatican spokesperson said mr. sanders would not get a visit with the pope. the pope is on his way to greece. no pope for mr. sanders. all ice are on tuesday for the primary because it is critical for each of them. melissa. melissa: being a good socialist i'm sure he will fly in cargo
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plane or way back in coach in bathroom class. i have no doubt. adam shapiro, thank you so. this tuesday keep it tuned right hire to fox business for full coverage and analysis of all of the new york state results as they come in live, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. connell. connell: fun times. you good socialist. election alert. troubled economy on minds of many americans. this poll, 32% of the voters we surveyed feel it is the most important issue facing the country, the economy. kind of interesting. this is "fox news poll" came out. it was up where it was. december only 21%. that is quite a move. how does it impact the fight for the white house? steve forbes is back. what is interesting, a move in the country according to this poll terrorism is suddenly less important in people's eyes and economy is more important. i don't know what to make of that seems sort of interesting, no? >> i think on terrorism thing everyone is bracing for the next attack. connell: when it is in the news. >> yeah.
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or it is lingering there. that is why national security has become a issue that people didn't anticipate a year ago. economy is stuck in second gear. even if you get a good job, you are stuck there. connell: on republican side you don't even have traditional republicans, right? donald trump was in plattsburgh. you heard the message, and talked almost him self to bernie sanders. he got it on trade. he doesn't know necessarily how to solve it way i would, donald trump, but anti-trade republican economic message which is kind of odd in some ways, no? >> the republicans traditionally been reducing trade barriers and enforcing existing law. part of the problem barack obama has not enforced existing law on trade abuses. why you have the firestorm today. connell: right. >> but the solution is not
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putting on 45% sales tax on walmart, target and others. you enforce existing rules. what is amazing connell, about republicans is, they haven't led the way ronald reagan did on things like massive tax simply anycation. connell: we're not hearing that. >> they don't put it out there. on health care -- connell: you like cruz's tax plan? >> most of it, yes. flat tax plan. connell: he doesn't talk a ton about it. >> he should lead wit. ronald reagan led with massive tax cuts back in 1980. that is what cruz should do. that's what trump should do. get a positive message out there. people know there is trouble. what will you do about it? connell: trade thing is selling for trump. >> that is where he stole the march on the others. connell: right. >> he may not believe in the solution but he put an issue out there and ran with it. and others? nobody knows. connell: steve forbes. catch mr. for example by the way, nice cue here, our buddy david asman tomorrow, fox news 11:00 in the morning for "forbes
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on fox." melissa? melissa: donald trump has the backing of a lot of his former contestant on "the apprentice." but not everyone is on board. coming up, season one runner-up, qwami jackson, why he won't back his on-air boss. connell: out with dire warnings on budget cuts they say will hurt america's ability to respond to crisis. what they say needs to be done and done right now. melissa: trump's campaign manager speaking out now that charges against him have been officially dropped. here is just some of what he told our blake burman. more after the break. >> here is the crazy part is, my some interaction with my michelle fields caught on that videotape. never spoken to her before, never met her before best of my recollection. you've seen a videotape. now unfortunately millions of people have seen the videotape.
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melissa: donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandoski is now speaking out, giving his take on the charges that have now been dropped against him in the case of harming a female reporter. he spoke with blake burman earlier. blake joins us now. blake. reporter: hi, there, melissa, we spent time with corey lewandoski inside of trump campaign headquarters earlier today at trump tower. i got to tell you he appeared relieved to put the ol' incident behind him and put it behind the campaign. he expressed frustrations about the other campaigns and other candidates who at varying points you might remember called for lewandoski to either be fired or resign for that incident involving then breitbart reporter michelle fields. so i asked lewandoski if he wants an apology from his competitors? here he was. >> don't want an apology but i think it is important when you look at those campaigns and look at people heading campaigns,
4:17 pm
whether senator cruz or governor kasich, you know what they're saying is, we'll not give you the benefit of the doubt, right? we recommend we fire you before due process what they said. i think that is unfair. reporter: lewandoski said this is another example what he describes between all talk, no action politicians and his boss, donald trump. lewandoski's status with the campaign is firmly cemented here while the trump team continues to grow. they recently added paul manafort for delegate outreach. they hired rick wiley, scott walker's old campaign manager. all of this to bring it up. it came as shadow of the florida incident was hanging over lewandoski. he says those hires are example of the trump campaign growing to stay competitive. >> the days of one and two people making up the core of the team can't exist. i looked at all campaigns from
4:18 pm
all winning campaigns. they put 25, 35, 40, 50, 60, of the best killers on the planet on that team to be successful. that's what we're now building. reporter: melissa, i asked the notion about the cruz campaign is better organized and strategy and ground game. he outright dismissed that. nothing more than basically inside basketball. he thinks after new york come tuesday, he feels it is very possible that cruz is potentially mathematically eliminated from reaching 1237 on the first ballot. a lot there with corey lewandoski earlier today. melissa: that was trump headquarters? echo chamber and look of it, like you were in the basement. is that in the garage? what is going on there? reporter: it is on one of the floors there. it is certainly inside of trump headquarters. it is interesting to see, melissa, they have different pieces that the trump campaign has collected. melissa: right. reporter: just paste it on the wall. kind of like a collage. melissa: how many people were there?
4:19 pm
i only see a couple people behind you there? reporter: couple there. behind the camera there is more. it is a big space, couple thousand square feet. funny you bring this up. you have this big image of donald trump and all the millions and this is the campaign headquarters? if you saw our interview live on stuart varney show, they have the delegates written with magic marker how many they have. melissa: okay. reporter: very makeshift. melissa: lien and mane, i like that. -- lean and mean, a money show. i like that. connell: military leaders sounding alarms on what could be brutal budget cuts they say will hurt the country's ability to respond to a crisis. jennifer griffin joins us, fox news with all the details. jennifer? reporter: connell we found a very frustrated force when we traveled down to marine air stations in buford, south carolina and new river, north carolina this week to see first-hand how spending cuts last few years are affecting
4:20 pm
marines about to deploy. marines are always proud to do more with less. now it seems they're at a tipping point. colonel crash thomas has deployed six times to iraq and afghanistan. right now only two of his 14 planes can fly. his marines deploy in three months. >> we're an operational squadron. we're supposed to be flying jets, not building them. reporter: more frustrating, his pilots are not getting time in the air. training time is down 15%. you're supposed to have 15 hours. >> average flight time last 30 days was four hours. reporter: what is causing backlog? >> money. everything goes back to funding. reporter: u.s. military declined fromhundred billion dollars in 2010, to $560 billion last year. automatic spending cuts began in 2011. delays in the state of the art joint strike fighter which is slated to replace the f-18 but has been plagued by cost
4:21 pm
overruns, leading to a perfect storm. many highly trained mechanics left for jobs in the private sector. >> coming on back of young marines. marines are working 20, 21 hours a day to get them ready to go on deployment. likelihood of ground mishap or making late at night in pressure to perform is where i see the bigger safety risk. reporter: last month marine commandant robert neller that aviation readiness is number one concern. we don't have enough planes. some are 30 years old. of the 256 f-18 jet fighters are only 30% are able to fly. squardrons are supposed to deploy with 14 aircraft. they are leaving for combat with 10 airplanes. pilots are not getting enough time in the cockpit. our complete expose' on connell: jennifer griffin at pentagon. melissa: that is disturbing story.
4:22 pm
connell: it is when you look at the numbers, talking about problems already created and getting worse. melissa: another big terror arrest overseas with potential links to the paris and brussels attacks. details on that coming up. connell: secretary of state john kerry responding to those russian planes flying a little close to a u.s. navy ship. details and reaction on that as well. ♪ every day you read headlines about businesses being hacked and intellectual property being stolen. that is cyber-crime. and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount.
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melissa: another big terror bust overseas. this time in england, five suspects are now in custody. three men and one woman, four of them arrested in birmingham. the last one was taken at london's gatwick airport. the arrests are part after joint investigation by french and belgian authorities. there may be connections to the pair in the brussels attacks the we'll see. we'll bring you more details as they come in. connell: we mentioned secretary of state john kerry responding to those two russian war buzzing past, dangerously close to u.s. navy ship.
4:26 pm
he says quote, it is unprofessional and under rules of engagement could have been shot down. well, hear to weigh in, lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news strategic analyst. is the secretary of state right, colonel peters? >> the secretary of state is once again indulging sound and fury signifying nothing. to say we could have done something, doesn't help. could have is not a helpful word. what matters in the real world of geostrategy is your actions and this administration is always reluctant to take action until it is too late. added to which other things you can do short of taking down an airplane, a chain gun, like gatling gun, to warn them off. many other approaches asymmetrically. the bottom line we did not respond. we are not responding and will not respond. vladmir putin, iranians, everyone knows it.
4:27 pm
kerry's words and obama's words are empty. connell: pretty tough spot i think. i wouldn't know enough about it. you would. for sailors on the scene there, who see this plane flying in, buzzing by them, in terms of reaction they have to make, their commanders have to make to some extent in split second. should they have done something differently is that what you're suggesting? >> i am suggesting, no, i'm insisting that we should not have gotten to this point in the first place because president's litany, his long list of empty threats, red lines in syria, won't tolerate occupation of crimea, won't tolerate putin es invasion of ukraine, won't tolerate iranian aggression. he never does anything. opposite of walk softly and carry a big place. connell: so in a different administration you would say, if you did something like, or said something like secretary kerry
4:28 pm
said, maybe carries more weight is that fair? >> yeah, in a different administration, republican or democrat, this just wouldn't happen. connell: right. >> it is really bad for the morale of our navy, of our sailors, military overall, when their hands are tied. russians conduct these very dangerous maneuvers. those ground attack, those attack aircraft are going really, really fast and coming really close and even though the russians took pains clearly to put very highly skilled pilots in those cockpits, things can go wrong. it is hurting our morale. also one more indicator of the price we're paying for this administration putting social engineering in our military heed of readiness as we heard from jennifer griffin, and ahead of basically deterring our enemies. connell: that jennifer griffin story was something else. lieutenant colonel ralph peters. thanks for coming on. >> thank you. connell: we have major
4:29 pm
earthquake hitting japan earlier today. magnitude.1 on that one -- 7.1. earlier there was tsunami advisory. that was lifted. second earthquake we've seen in the region, over six-magnitude earthquake we just had in japan. give you more details on this one, 7.1 as we get them. melissa: donald trump may be leading in the polls but does he have the temperment to be president? we'll talk to the spokesman for the trump campaign. connell: changing rules. at the convention this scummer in cleveland? details on proposal has republican leadership questioning the next move. that's next. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls, and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™,
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melissa: donald trump securing his hometown paper, "new york post" endorsing the gop front runner admitted that the candidate needed work. kind of a left-handed endorsement they would say. should he win the nomination we expect trump to pivot not just on issues but his manner as well. with me katrina pierson, national special woman for the trump campaign. i want to couple with polls that couple out as well, that i thought were kind funny. look at temperment. asked voters who has temperment. hillary does, sanders does, cruz does, trump no way he doesn't have temperment of the who has the knowledge, hillary, sanders, cruz, trump doesn't have the knowledge. who do you want the gop nominee
4:34 pm
to be look at this one, trump. this is dichotomy, you don't have the temperment or judgment but we want you. how do you guys reconcile that. >> has a lot to do everyone they're saying has these qualities are politicians. we live in society that for decades political correctness, multiculturalism. we have to coddle adults and mr. trump doesn't represent that. even though psychologically people think he doesn't have the qualities they know intrinsically mr. trump has what it takes to get things done in this country. melissa: when you have internal conversations about what happens like in wisconsin, there is half, you know the pundits, the problem was trump got off message and personal. too many personal attacks. didn't show he had temperment right for being president. the other half says it is about a ground game.
4:35 pm
what are internal conversations like like for that? should he dial back a little bit of snipes and barbs? >> even mr. trump says he will moderate his tone accordingly. this was a time he was attacked by all sides. there were incidents occurred last couple weeks going into the election cycle. no, i don't think it is the ground game. we keep hearing that donald trump doesn't have a good campaign team, doesn't have a ground game. yet here we are 22 wins later and two million more votes and delegate leader. i think it is safe to say rum trump trump has pretty good campaign as well as ground game. melissa: when he comes out says i can pivot, i will be boring when i'm the candidate, i will right on with presidential temperment and tone how do you spin that as spokesperson? is that the real trump or who is the real trump? >> i think they're both the real trump.
4:36 pm
again we've seen mr. trump give speeches and moderate his tone. when attacked he will defend himself. he will continue to be mr. trump and defend himself if necessary. during the general election it will be different. you're not fending off 16 different people and every media outlet in the country. he will draw distinction between him and hillary clinton. that will be different. melissa: do you know what the name for hillary clinton is? did he tell you? >> no. melissa: he didn't tell you? i would think you have to sign off on that? >> no, we'll have to wait for that. melissa: it will be a surprise for you too? >> that's right. melissa: wow. we're all waiting. thank you so much. >> great to be here. connell: there is a lot to follow-up. war of words, slamming nominating system. it is all rigged. op-ed in the journal. sean spicer from the republican national committee responded with a memo people are talking about, about delegate rules. here to weigh in on all these
4:37 pm
things, republican strategist, cathy taylor, our buddy matt welch, "reason" magazine where he is editor-in-chief. good to see both of you by the way. first on the sean spicer memo, one of the rnc guys, he comes out and basically summarize it, hey, we made the rules. everybody knew the rules, stop whining. didn't mention trump by name. what did you make of that? >> no, he didn't. these rules are ridiculously complex. america is starting to appreciate that. what is hard to appreciate they can change state by state up to the last minute. some changes benefit trump, like oregon's recent change but some of them are not. you have to know the rules, running for president. real politicians like hillary clinton got schooled by this in 2008. he should have had someone like manafort earlier. connell: right. >> wouldn't do a multi-state real estate transaction count looking at every country he would be acquiring property.
4:38 pm
now he is doing it, question is, they're facing hostile takeover. can manafort stop the hemorrhaging. connell: this guy manafort was brought on to handle delegates, working out of d.c., corey lewandoski, interviewed by blake burman at trump tower, in new york heading up campaign. timing, matt of all of this do you think trump paces the price for being too late. >> he already paid the price. colorado is absolute wipeout. they're picking off delegates in state by state donald trump already won. "washington post" reported a couple days ago in the second round after the first round of voting, presumably he doesn't get to 1237, somewhere between 130 and 170 delegates are prepared to switch from trump to ted cruz. that is because ted cruz has been busy doing that work. he is also nominating people to the rules committee. if you're doing all this spade work you better do all spade work. trump is not. he is whining about it. he is wrong about the
4:39 pm
establishment rigging this game, colorado, if it was rigged by anybody, tea party grassroots, ron paul people and rick santorum people, social conservatives they learned all the rules last time around. establishment tried and succeeded quashing them. those people applied passion to parliamentary way. presuming he doesn't give to 1237, are we presuming that? 95 delegates at take in fork new york. we go to places like pennsylvania and connecticut and maryland where he is polling well. i think it will be close but will he fall short? >> i think it is real i impossible to know. a lot will rest on california where rules -- california candidates have to identify delegates by name and file those with the state next three weeks. cruz has been doing this for a
4:40 pm
year. no republicans -- right in this will come down, math matters to rules. we'll have to see. but you know to matt's point about the rnc. one thing i will say, is that, you know, they're not wrong. this is all legitimate but they have been playing a little bit of defense. they have an opportunity to get americans more interested in the election than they ever been. get out there proactively to let people know how these things work. like to see them do more of that. connell: priebus is trying. we'll all know more than we want to know about rules by cleveland. >> that's right. connell: thank you, appreciate it. melissa? melissa: democrats duking it out at last night's debate but who if anyone, came out on top? our panel weighs in. donald trump branded all his republican rivals. what does he have in store for hillary clinton? you send us your suggestions. we'll read, well, the clean ones, the ones that can be read on television. they're coming up. >> lyin' ted cruz, comes in with the bible the, ladies and
4:41 pm
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melissa: democratic candidates bernie sanders and hillary clinton slugging it out at last night's presidential debate in brooklyn. the two going head-to-head over clinton's ties to wall street. listen. >> i stood up against the behaviors of the banks when i was a senator. i called them out on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness. they must have been really crushed by this. was that before or after you received huge sums of money by giving speaking engagements? [cheering] they must have been very, very upset by what you did. melissa: he kind of burned her, right?
4:45 pm
ohio senator capri cafaro, hillary clinton supporter. nomiki konst, director of the accountability project, a bernie sanders supporter. they join us with their take who won last night. senator, let me start with you, that was a big burn on hillary clinton. you stood up to them, right after they wrote you a big giant check. >> well i mean i sincerely doubt that is the case. maybe she took campaign contributions. i'm sure she did. melissa: talking about the goldman sachs speech where she got $250,000 an hour. >> she was talking about her senate time, in the united states senate. not, so she couldn't have taken hon rare yum while in the united states senate. so the goldman stuff happened after the united states president. melissa: before she wanted to be president. you were saying she was bought and paid for after she was senator but before she was president. >> i will leave that for you to decide. obviously she took money from goldman sachs. melissa: okay. >> at end of the day all
4:46 pm
politics is local. she was the senator from new york, financial capital of the universe. she was not representing ben & jerry's, she was representing goldman sachs. while in the united states, she wasn't a huge protectter of wall street as much as basically taking hands-off approach. out of 169 bills that were introduced, regarding the banks, while she was in the senate, she only cosponsored 25. basically kid tested, new york approved. melissa: i don't know if she would like that defense. >> i like it. >> listen you know only defend her up to a point. melissa: i have one for bernie sanders too here. we want to be fair. we're sitting here and circus has come to town, come to new york. i'm seeing all of the ads. bernie sanders ads he says i will break up big banks and make them pay their fair share and with that money i will provide everyone in the universe with free college. i'm also going to expand social security and i'm going to expand health care. is he going to rob all of the banks?
4:47 pm
there, is there any math behind that? >> there is actually. melissa: i don't know how. >> seeper easy. go to bernie sanders dot-com look at the tax plan. really easy. a lot of people like to take quotes from "new york daily news" fact checked by "new york times." melissa: no, that was his ad. i was quoting his ad. >> that's true. he is right. but you can see the tax policy that goes beyond the 30 second ad how he pace for these things. fair share, cutting loopholes, et cetera, et cetera. go back to the point capri makes, it is interesting, combined, hillary clinton and bill clinton since 2000 made $119 million off wall street speeches. the question is not so much what is in the speeches -- melissa: the money changed hands. she said something she liked. whether it was behind closed doors or was on the phone or was just implication how much she would support them. a lot of money. >> last year she made $11 million. she did a speech two weeks
4:48 pm
before announcing running for president. which seems strange, why would you run for president, make a speech. now she is giving money to the campaign. my question is weird way of funneling money into your campaign because there are campaign contribution limits. >> we have to quickly, respond, senator. >> she may be well utilizing that. once it is her money to do whatever she wants to do it. optics are absolutely terrible. i will go with nomi on that. doesn't look particularly good in the democratic primary. connell: lyin' ted, lyin' ted, low energy jeb, little marco. he has given these names to the rivals for the white house. he has another on the way. >> you have a name picked out for hillary. >> we already used lyin'. we used it for ted. i have come up with some pretty good names for this campaign. we have a pretty good one.
4:49 pm
we'll try it out here first in about a month. melissa: you heard me ask his campaign spokesperson, she doesn't know yet. we tweeted you and asked you to tell us your suggestions don't hold back. here are few of them. crooked clinton. have to be more specific. that applies to more than one person. shillary. hill-nocciho. benghazi betty. that is not bad. hillary goddess of lies. thanks for weighing in. queen hillary what a lot of people said. people on twitter said that. connell: you and david living on edge. i don't know. i wouldn't want to read whole response list. melissa: no, no. some were better but not appropriate for television. connell: only normal people on twitter. >> like us. connell: exactly what i mean actually. he has backing of number of former contestants, yeah, from "the apprentice" but not all the of them.
4:50 pm
season one runner-up qwami jackson speaking out against his on-air boss's run for the white house. he is here next. >> if mr. trump in his current manifestation as politician i am came about 10 years ago i would not have gone on season one of "the apprentice." we approach yor wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. it's more than it's multi-layered security and flexibility. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank.
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melissa: donald trump has had many former "apprentice" and "celebrity apprentice" contestants throwing support behind him. omarosa, gary busey, piers morgan, even "the hulk." everybody votes the way the hulk votes. some speaking out on other side, some holding a press conference to voice their concern. season one runner-up qwami jackson. i loved your season by the way.
4:54 pm
>> thanks for watching. melissa: why are you guys coming out doing this. >> for us this is collective voice. individually i've been speaking out against mr. trump for nine month why i think he is not fit to be president. melissa: why don't you think he is fit snoop one, i don't think he knows issues. two, i don't think he has temperment to be president. pet you lens is not presidential behavior. he doesn't see version of inclusive for america in terms where we're going. melissa: let me ask you about some of those things. pet you lens we've seen on camera. >> a little bit. melissa: a people who know him in personal life is different. >> i might know him a little bit. melissa: other people from "the apprentice" said he has been great to them behind the scenes. did you have a bad experience? was i hostile to you? >> no i think there is dr. jekyl mr. hyde effect with mr. trump. 12 years ago i was season runner-up in 2004. melissa: i remember. >> he was one bern person. he was a cordial boss. weighs fair. he had middle of the road views. i had no issues with him.
4:55 pm
he supported some of the initiatives i worked on. there is evolution where we are today. that evolution started with birther movement. beating trump against president obama. he is not qualified and where is his resume'. we need to see his transcript. that was indictment -- melissa: you were watching that on tv, right? >> i was, of course. melissa: that goes back to this idea in person, when you talk to hem -- >> that is not good enough. melissa: he is decent person. >> that is not good enough. melissa: he is someone else. >> how many people get to know the president of the united states in person? how many people see the president of the united states on television? melissa: how does he operate? look i'm not advocating for him, i'll trying to break down how you got to this position? >> it's a good give-and-take. i think that the qualification to become president of the united states obviously is tell againic, televised job. very few people ever get to know the president of the united states in person. how you project yourself, how people perceive you. melissa: matters more than what
4:56 pm
you're like in real life? >> i wouldn't necessarily say it matters more but it matters. core values matter. people aren't seeing that. the core values i see now with mr. trump mirror his sentiments. at time i knew him it wasn't that way. melissa: they're yelling at me. save more questions next time. qwami jackson. connell: good interview. ted cruz getting advice from trump, sort of. we'll individual next. if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel, so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely
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4:59 pm
melissa: trump many offering ted cruz a little hometown advice. kind of. >> are you writing this down? hold on. let me get my pen. [laughter] [applause] >> you got your pen yet, ted, ted, did you get your pen? >> got it. [laughter] connell: not bad.
5:00 pm
melissa: that was really good. fallon's impression is amazing. ted cruz was like funny. i didn't think he had that looseness. connell: well, yeah. that does it for us, ay? melissa: "risk & reward" is now. >> number one honesty and straight talk, hard-working people. it is about family. >> we have states, governors, doing everything they can to restrict women's rights. we have a presidential candidate by the name of donald trump saying that women should be punished. [applause] >> by the way if you think about bernie and hillary, by the time they're done giving away all free stuff, the debt will be $30 trillion and nobody will get a job. >> if we can not win the election, if hillary clinton becomes the next president for four or


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