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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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evaluation. liz: kevin kelly. listen, dave. do we have it? we're straddling the line. i pressed the button. yes. i pressed the confetti button. dow 18,000. remember, folks still has to settle. we don't know for sure. david, melissa, you guys take it. melissa: we'll take it. david: well at least we can say the dow was hitting 18,000 today. melissa: there it is. david: looks like it will close and settle above the 11,000 level, just by three point but we'll take it. here is where we're ending the day. all indices are up. not just the dow. the nasdaq is up substantially as he well. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis and this is "after the bell." we'll get you right back to the markets but first here's what's happening at this hour. all right, we are less than than 24 hours away from the first voting in new york. candidates are out in full force. crucial contest for
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front-runners at both parties. they aim to take back momentum. donald trump and hillary clinton need not worry, not only win new york but to dominate in the empire state. as promised trump is out with the new nickname for hillary clinton. critics say it is not one of his best. you can judge for yourself. i thought it was pretty good. you will hear more on the campaign trail. let's go to lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. what is driving stocks today? >> melissa, what stubborn resistance at the 18,000 mark. i think it crossed the mark something like 40 times. we did close above 18,000 for first time really in quite a while. the driver was oil and earnings. you have oil coming down. real interesting oil, energy, material stocks were among the leaders in the session today. as you know oil and stocks have been moving in tandem. we're starting to see that separate that is key.
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cheap oil looking better for economic growth. we can go on with that debate. oil was really a driver. it pared earlier losses. still down a percent and change but oil moving in the other direction. and then earnings, hasbro came out easily beating expectations because of disney, "star wars"-themed toys. disney, lifetime high today. number one on the dow. huge success with the "the jungle book." people went wild bit. going into earnings look luster at very, very best, generous term, right, may be not as bad in certain sectors as predicted, guys. melissa: sounds like sandbagging. thanks, lori for that. david: we have wells fargo senior equity analyst. good day, scott, good day for folks in the stock market. it was low volume, does it
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bother you there wasn't that much conviction. >> david, 18,000, it is just a number. not a technical level. still a little bit away from the record high. volume, you like to see up days on higher volume but this has been a low volume rally for quite a while overall so, i think it will grind higher. we're certainly optimistic on stocks. sure, hey, you love to see it hit 18,000 and close above it. i think this cycle has more work to do to the upside. david: a lot of it had to do with comments by minneapolis fed president neel kashkari, one of the guys who engineered the bailout. besides the fed looking global slowdown with economic growth. i'm looking possible trade wars no matter who becomes president, whether a democrat or republican. what speeds central banks printing money gives people optimism right now? >> certainly central banks for five years plus have been a huge part of the entire rally. they will keep easy money
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policies. clearly the market has been for months looking beyond what is lousy earnings reporting season. they're looking into really 2017. that's what we're doing. you will see improvement here in the economy and earnings and confidence over the next few quarters but really i think the market's looking even beyond that and anticipating a better 2017 to be honest with you. david: scott wren, good to see you. thank you very much, appreciate it. we have got you covered this hour on the fight for new york primary and beyond. let's go first to peter barnes. he is outside appropriately enough the trump tower in midtown manhattan. peter? reporter: hey, david, trump still has a commanding lead heading into tomorrow's primary on tuesday but he is not taking any votes for granted. he said it is vital for him to win most if not all of the delegates, the 95 delegates up for grabs tomorrow in the primary. he is headed off right now to
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buffalo, new york, where he will hold another campaign rally tonight. and where we expect to hear him continue to test out this new line of attack against hillary clinton. listen. >> then of course, we have crooked hillary, crooked hillary, folks. [booing] she's been crooked from the beginning and to think she has a shot at being our president, crooked hillary clinton. we can't let it happen! reporter: clinton was asked about this over the weekend, said, she is not paying attention to trump right now. it doesn't bother her. do want to let you know that candidate also had a meeting today with group of potential minority voters and supporters. the national diversity coalition for trump, that is led by a pent costal pastor, darren scott of cleveland, who has known trump
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for years. he said despite all of trump's bombast and bluster he is a person of faith and very humble. david, back to you. david: anybody who says they're not thinking of trump right now is not he he telling the truth. everybody is thinking about trump either in the positive or negative sense. peter barnes, thank you very much. appreciate it. reporter: david, darrell scott. darrell scott is his name, sorry. melissa: how crucial is new york in the race going forward? here is byron york, "washington examiner" chief political correspondent. he is a fox news contributor. byron, thanks so much for joining us. i was driving to work today, heard donald trump on radio. we can't take this for granted, you have to get out and vote. making the point there are 27 congressional districts. he needs above 50% in each district to get the three delegates. even though you think i win i need each and every vote. what do you think are the chance
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he sweeps all the delegates? >> they're not bad. all you heard early in the campaign from cruz or kasich maybe they can take a delegate here and delegate there. new york has 95 total delegates. i don't think anybody doubts that trump will get the vast majority of them. trump has good schedule luck, his really bad loss in wisconsin was follow now by coming to his strongest state, his home state where he will appear to be back on track if he does win big tomorrow. melissa: although a lot of people that was unlucky about the schedule there was a two-week gap. that was a long time to sit around after a loss and rehash it. you're right he did turn the page to look how strong things are in new york. after this we move on to maryland an pennsylvania, two of the states coming up where he is leading right now. how does the road ahead look? >> it looks good. on april 26th you have a bunch much northern states,
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pennsylvania, delaware, maryland. most look pretty good for trump. you don't see a place where cruz can be strong to indiana, and nebraska a little after that. the two-week period is kind of interesting. i think you could say trump used that two weeks to try to make somes changes in how he operates. he brought some new people on. everybody knows he had a terrible couple weeks going into wisconsin. he seemed to have righted the ship. he is not making as many really super controversial remarks. he doesn't seem to be tweeting late at night as much as he was before. sharpening up a bit. melissa: byron, let me ask you, that is sort of the feeling you get but you're watching more closely than other people. do you think in terms of tone that he has toned it down a little bit? maybe what melania is telling him to knock off twitter late at night, maybe she is actually taking device away from him? >> the children are extremely influential in the campaign.
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they were pushing for hill to do this. when was last time we had a big hair on fire controversy from trump? probably when he tweeted out that unflattering picture of heidi cruz which came back to bite him in wisconsin. republican voters did not like that one bit. melissa: sure. >> he has stopped doing some of that. sure he is talking about lyin' ted or talking about crooked hillary and talking about the system being rigged. that is all campaign stuff, maybe the personal stuff he is doing less of. melissa: let me get the flip side of that. ted cruz is someone coming off a win and looking very strong. he comes into new york where he made the new york values comment which really come back to haunt him. he almost seems to be, other than, you know, appearing in some of the late-night talk shows, almost feels like he is laying low a little bit and has lost some momentum. is that accurate? can he pick back up as we head to friendlier territory? >> well i think it is accurate but totally expected. i mean new york is trump's home state.
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trump made some effort in texas cruz's home state but cruz won big in texas just like trump will win in new york. so i think cruz can explain to his backers, look, it is other guy's home state. he will move on. you will see him stressing indiana, some of the western states and going to california. he has already gone to california during this new york cycle. so he will be doing that some too. melissa: byron, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. david: good observations. meanwhile president obama's sweeping use of executive power on immigration coming up against its biggest challenge. it is now before the supreme court. that's where we find blake burman with the details. blake, first of all, if it's a split, 4-4 because we have eight supreme court justice, does that mean it goes against president obama? reporter: that is one of the questions going forward if there is a split, david and the justices we're talking about the election earlier today, inside the supreme court, then what
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happens after the election will certainly have a big influence potentially on the future of the president's deferred deportations program, his executive actions. so yes what happens come november could potentially have an impact on whatever may come of this in june. speaking of which it was thousands of demonstrators earlier today, david, here outside of the supreme court standing shoulder to shoulder at certain points as the eight supreme court justice heard oral arguments on president obama's immigration executive being action. at issue at the core of all of this, did the president overstep his legal bound with the 2014 executive actions allowing some four to five million illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. without immediate fear of deportation. state of texas, joined by 25 other states in this case has been successful in the lower courts. the justices will have to weigh if the states have any standing whatsoever on this matter.
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it is a high bar for both sides to clear. >> transforms unlawful conduct into lawful conduct. i think executive, president has power to do that, i think that should trouble every american. >> this morning seemed very concerned in vigorous questioning about whether the state of texas had standing or the right to even be in court. reporter: white house press secretary josh earnest tried to make the case, david, that the president's executive actions are consistent with both ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. final ruling as i mentioned expected in june. if it is indeed 4-4 because it is a 8-person court it is quite possible the election will have impact on whatever happens going forward. david: to be absolutely clear, if it is eight -- 4-4 it is against the president and executive actions? >> it goes against the president, right. in theory if there is democratic president and democratic house and senate going forward. they could take action, flip
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with republicans and could kill the whole thing. that is why it comes into play. david: blake burman, important he can shun if we needed more proof. melissa. melissa: netflix out with first quarter results. the stock is down 11%. let's go straight to the newsroom. jo ling kent is standing by. what are you hearing? reporter: we have mixed report. six cents earnings per share. that is nice beat street was looking for. 6.9 billion in revenue, that was pretty light what the street was expecting at 1.97 billion. look a little light on -- dow jones, 2.23 million new domestic subscribers. their guidance was 1.7 million people. that is a serious beat there. we're going through numbers. we'll bring you more. you can see the stock down pretty seriously, about 10, 12%. melissa: i can't wait to hear more. that is surprising, to see the stock get hammered when they beat on earnings and they, also on subscribers.
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subscribers is usually the key thing people look with netflix. david: remember amazon has the new special deal. they're coming in and competing quite heavily with netflix. that might have something to do with it. melissa: we'll drill deeper. david: we'll find out what is going on there. it is meanwhile, april 15, not april 15 but our taxes were due. why not? we'll tell you why not. a number of americans are paying too much in federal income taxes which is at 15-year high. a lot of those paying too much, actually aren't paying at all. what is going on here? scott hodge of the tax foundation will break it all down for us. melissa: the first time ever, a drone smashes into a passenger plane? what are aviation officials doing to make sure it doesn't happen again? that is scary. david: i don't want that to happen. bernie sanders holding his biggest rally in brooklyn, selling his socialist agenda to record crowd of over 28,000 people. the question, always with the question, of bernie, how is he
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. david: americans dread tax day, which is today but many won't even pay taxes of the according to gallup, 57% of americans pay too much in taxes but only 55% say, do not pay income taxes this year? highlighting the importance of tax plans in an election year. here to weigh in scott hodge, tax foundation president. explain this, scott. 57% of the americans say their federal income taxes are too high but, only 55% of americans pay federal tax. what is going on?
4:19 pm
>> well, i think people tend to blend all their taxes into one thing and say, i'm just paying too much in taxes. i think it really happens when incomes are kind of stagnant like they are today. people feel the pinch taxes even more when their incomes are not rising. david: one question people are asked time and again, how much of your income should you pay in taxes total, from federal income tax to local to state? and they usually say 25% should be the top for everything together. that is so far away from where we are now. why can't we get there? >> well, i think people have an innate sense of fairness. even if you look something like the estate tax or death tax, a majority of americans think that is highly unfair even though most people will never ever have an estate to be taxed by it. we tend to look at 25% as being about right. and as you know, taxes take a lot more of the economy than 25%. david: cones dentally donald
4:20 pm
trump has a top rate in his tax plan of 25%. which of the candidates comes closest to doing what the american people do they say they want done with taxes? >> it is kind of interesting, the contrast between donald trump and ted cruz. donald trump has much more conventional tax cut plan that lowers the top rate to 25%. lowers a lot of other rates as well. ted cruz lowers individual tax rate of 10%, flat tax. he makes up for that with a 60% business flat tax or value-added tax. very interesting approaches. they both create a lot of nick growth. they both generate about five million new jobs. david: on democrat side, hillary clinton has pretty complex tax plan of her own. we now have seven tax income brackets for federal income taxes. >> right. david: she would up that to eight and have a whole lot of new stuff in there. that goes against the simplification plan i think a lot of americans want.
4:21 pm
>> well, certainly both hillary clinton and bernie sanders introduce a lot of new taxes. hillary, really are aimed at rich with a new "buffett rule" tax to force the rich to pay at least 30% of their income in taxes and what she calls a fair share surtax. bernie sanders piles on the taxes raising top rate to 52%. adding a lot of new other taxes to would raise the top marginal rate for 68% for high income earners. you see a lot of new taxes on that side of the aisle. david: scott hodge, from the tax foundation. appreciate it. >> david, thank you. melissa: more guantanamo bay detainees have been released. wait until you hear they were sent. trump unleashed his new nickname for hillary clinton. >> you do have a name picked out for hillary? >> i would like to use lyin'. we already used it for ted. we don't want to use it twice. i think i have a pretty good name. i have come up with pretty good names during this campaign.
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melissa: donald trump finally unveiling his nickname for hillary clinton. >> i'm self-funding. all of this is mine. when i fly in it is on my dime, right? it is on my dime. [applause] what does that mean? that means i'm not controlled by these special interests, by lobbyists and think control. [applause] they control crooked hillary. melissa: there it was. everybody was waiting. we got it. hear to weigh in we have the president of the new heights communications and hillary clinton support ir. we have judy miller, author of "the story." also a fox news contributor. we had a poll on friday and twitter and facebook. one of our viewers jeff denton in his last name or dunitz, he got close, which is crooked clinton. that isn't specifically enough. that could be a couple difficult people.
4:26 pm
christie, let you go first. do you think it will stick? she says she doesn't care. >> which is a good pivot but here's how nicknames work. you hone in on something in which your opponent is particularly vulnerable. you reinforce something that people already think about them. republicans have been sort of laying this platform for years they think there is something sort of shady about hillary, whatever. this plays well into that. one thing donald trump has been good at, playing role of fifth grade bully. honing in on opponent's vulnerabilities. getting everybody in the class to laugh along at the kid. that is what he excels that. maybe in fact he has a winner for him. melissa: judy, saying we're taking the whole thing down to even lower common denominator. it may be fitting and working, even though the person calling the name doesn't look so great. it was a better choice, he has been saying before she doesn't have the strength or energy to
4:27 pm
be president, which is something people look at worry from health perspective sort of thing that could be interpreted as being sexist. that was very dangerous. crooked hillary, nothing sexist about that. >> no, there isn't, but i have a agree with christie, just here we are back to the little adjectives so to speak. melissa: yeah. >> this may play well trump's base but i don't think it plays very well with the public at large. i don't think it will play very well with women, even though once again, hillary handled it very well by pivoting, hey, i'm a big boy. to speak. i can take it. i feel sorry for mexican-americans, muslims, for others he has bullied. that is a for her. melissa: christie, you make the good point the problem even if it is babyish and bullyish to call people names, especially something hits on a question people already have about the
4:28 pm
candidate, even subliminally it works. you hear crooked hillary, again and again, reinforces that notion that they're constantly looking into the foundation, they're constantly looking into the money trail for the clintons all the way back to the cattle futures. this has always been a theme with them. and this reinforces that. >> well that is certainly what he is trying to do here. and it has worked for him in the past. i mean, got even reporters start calling marco rubio little marco. that was astonishing. melissa: right. >> it was clearly detrimental to marco's campaign. melissa: right. >> to the extent it will be damaging i have to say it plays well to his audience. does it extend beyond that? i'm not sure. melissa: it may be firing up the base. it is numbers game in elections. ladies thank you so much. david: our viewers got it right at least one of our viers. very close. melissa: yeah. david: drone encounter with an airplane could have turned deadly in london yesterday. more on that coming up.
4:29 pm
melissa: trump says he is behind the rules on delegate fight and he is ready to break them. >> nobody has the toys i do and i can bring them to the best planes and resorts, doral, mar-a-lago. best place in the world. everything away. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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david: fight for nomination shifts from voters delegates, trump understands the rules of delegate system he just doesn't want to play by them.
4:33 pm
>> nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes, bring them to the best resorts around the world, doral, mar-a-lago. i can put them in the best places. but it's a corrupt system. you're basically buying these people. david: we betsy, to clarify, hes not saying he does that he is saying he could if he wanted to but is he right? could a delegate be bought by those kind of favors. >> certainly. david: really. >> that happened in 1976. ronald reagan set up lunches with hollywood celebrities for delegates. gerald ford had delegates flying around on air force one. there are very few regulations that cover how much these candidates can do to court delegates. if he want to. david: he is right, the system is corrupt, if you could be bought as a delegate i would say that is corrupt system. >> sure. there is no evidence that anyone
4:34 pm
is being bought or that the other candidates are in fact doing this. so, you know, i think he is creating a straw man here. the bottom line he is making lemonade out of lemons which are his several losses in a row that have resulted from cruz's superior organization. what he is doing is actually what a lot of presidents do in terms of communication strategy. they go to the voters. they get voters to put pressure on the representatives which in this case are the delegates, to do that person's bidding. trump is better at it than anybody else. david: it is democracy. some people say you should go to voters. betsy, there is questions whether he is doing it the right way. corey lewandoski was on "fox news sunday" on sunday. he mouthed off something happened in florida a lot of people objected to. >> of those 99 delegates the chairman of the party in florida, who is avid and outward supporter of marco rubio, gets to appoint 30 of those delegates. i understand knows are the riles. donald trump won. now you have a person supporting
4:35 pm
marco rubio who gets to appoint 30 of the 99 delegates. david: first of all he is wrong. the head of the gop gets to appoint 15, not 30 of the delegates. he is not an outward supporter of marco rubio. so, he is wrong on that. but why focus on florida when he has so many delegates from florida when he could focus on colorado or indiana or west virginia? seems like unforced error by lewandoski? >> this is head scratcher here, which is larger problem of trump's campaign. there is basically no evidence they have a good grasp how to get sympathetic and supportive delegates elected. on first ballot virtually all delegates are bound. there is certain way they have to vote. if trump gets 1237 delegates he is fine. that unlikely. on second ballot it could be a free-for-all. cruz will have supporters at convention hall for the free-for-all. at that point trump will not have the same number. david: brian, should lewandoski be out there have?
4:36 pm
he is making enforced errors? >> he is being pushed to the side as it is being brought in like manafort. who know the process bert. sew has sort of been taking a back seat of late. bottom line, betsy is right, a lot of delegates elected to trump's name will not be loyal in the long run. that is to cruz's credit for people to run his delegates who actually like him or maybe some other candidate who will be required to vote for trump once and only once. we'll see what happens after that. david: it is fascinating race. thank you very much. >> sure thing. david: melissa? melissa: -- break up big banks and make them pay their fair share, whatever that means. then expand social security, provide universal health care and make college free. hooray. except i was looking a the math, it doesn't really work. here is bernie sanders's surrogate and author. he will work magic on those numbers. tell me how it works out. looking at banks, "wall street journal" and "new york times" both say his
4:37 pm
plan costs 18 to 20 trillion. >> i think "wall street journal" had 17 or 18. the main part of that is health care which is $15 trillion. you know, every single country in the world that has adopted a single-payer health care plan has seen its costs dramatically -- let me finish. melissa: we got a lot to get through here. the problem with that argument we kind of went for that here in the country. we were told average family would see their premiums drop by $1250 per year if we took obama's plan. costs would go down. costs went up. they would have went up even more. we've been fed health care costs will go down. i think heart of your argument the tax on trades, right? >> no. that is on the education plan. let's stick with health care for a second. melissa: okay. >> affordable care act as bernie said, did a good thing. cover ad lot of people -- melissa: for a lot more money. >> cover ad lot of people and
4:38 pm
got rid of preexisting conditions. it is not single payer system. 49 million people are uncovered. bernie's plan house 876 supported by scores of democrats it payroll tax 2.3%. 6.7% on employer tax and saves both employers and individuals thousands of dollars. employers go from 15,000 roughly for family down to 3,000. that would save every employer besides insurance companies, drug companies should be for single-payer. melissa: i read the plan. savings didn't materialize in these other instances i don't know why they would now. set that aside we disagree. move on idea of free college, break up banks and make them pay their fair share. look at jpmorgan. for example, they made 5.5 billion in the quarter. if they made 22 billion in the year, if you confiscated all of their profits you couldn't pay for this huge plan.
4:39 pm
>> breaking up big banks has nothing to do -- melissa: that is his ad. i watched his ad, break up the banks, pay fair share. we pay for college health care and social security. that is the quote. that is the ad i watched it 100 times. >> here is how you pay for the free college with financial transactions tax. by the way was supported by treasury secretary nicholas brady and george h.w. bush. very, very middle of the road thing. done by u.k. european union will do it. it will raise $350 billion per year. bernie's college program would only cost $47 billion. clearly pays for it. ask for -- melissa: here is why -- >> stocks bonds derivatives. >> i drilled down on the plan. look at page 17. make assumption there would be no drop off in trades. anytime you tax something like that, it is going to go overseas or less of it. when you tax something, it is to have it happen less which would happen there. they say in italy, this is their assumption that people didn't trade. they traded less immediately and
4:40 pm
then over time it kind of came back. we'll throw out the assumption people will trade less. of course they will trade less. >> numbers i gave you assume a 50% drop in tradg. second thing i point out, when the eu adopts a trading system in the same way, transactions tax, 11 countries, u.k. already has it you will not have that kind of movement. you will have some drop-off but still raises plenty of money to pay college. melissa: "politifact" says that is untrue, assuming to cover 1/3 of that cost you have to get money from the states. the states won't kick in and they haven't, "politifact" said that is mostly false. i have it right here. give me your final response. >> is unusual on fox. the states. melissa: actually bill o'reilly does it all the time. last word to you. i stole that line from. >> financial transactions has nothing to do with the states. all about doing it at federal level. that pays for.
4:41 pm
thank you very much. >> that was fun. david: in a nutshell. police are now investigating an incident where a british airways flight may have been hit by a drone while it was on approach to london's heathrow airport. the airline says the plane and 132 passengers, five few members did land safely yesterday afternoon. after confirmed this will be the first time a drone has hit a passenger plane. that is a scary thought, melissa? melissa: netflix tumbling after-hours down 9%. we've got numbers you need to know. saudi arabia, now threatening america with selling billions in u.s. assets if congress officially links the saudi government with the 9/11 terror attacks. what happens now? former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton weighs in
4:42 pm
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david: saudi arabia a worried about 9/11 bill that will hold them responsible for victims of 9/11 attacks they will hold us black mail if the law becomes law? will we take this seriously. john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor. ambassador, they are afraid, no question about it. they are afraid if they are sued in u.s. courts, if they're held liable, all of their assets which are many billions, probably hundreds of billions of dollars worth would be frozen, right? >> that is why they want to withdraw assets if the bill goes forward. let's talk about what the bill implies it removes the defense of sovereign immunity, that all states have in u.s. courts under long-standing legislation. if the theory about saudi involvement in 9/11 is correct, just as the afghan tall government committed an act of
4:46 pm
war against the united states, so did the saudis. the answer from the united states to an act of war is a decision by the president to take steps including military steps against such a country. david: right. >> to believe this theory, you have to believe that george w. bush consciously concealed evidence of saudi involvement in 9/11. why lied to american people about it for eight years and some ambulance -- david: with all due respect -- >> some ambulance chaser lawsuit will find out that information? david: ambulance chaser lawyers are in getting successful judgments against them. even if they settle, in some way, which i think a lot of these lawyers are trying to do, they would still stand to get billions from the saudis. >> they're not going to get anything from the saudis because they will withdraw their money. i tell you, the worst thing i can think of is unleashing federal judges into foreign policy. david: there is one problem by the way. they claim -- >> no, here is another problem.
4:47 pm
david: they claim in the "new york times" and elsewhere over the weekend that they have up to $750 billion in u.s. debt that they would cash in. first of all, be difficult for them to cash in. secondly that number is totally bogus. put up on the screen, the total u.s. debt held by all 15 oil exporting nations of which the saudis are one is 281 billion. a lot less than that $750 billion. >> i think what they're talking about is assets they hold in the united states that they wouldn't want to risk to have frozen. let's forget about the saudis. talk about the united states. there are 193 countries in the united nations. 192 of which would like nothing better than excuse to remove america's sovereign immunity defense in their courts. david: that's a good point. >> because they don't like the color of our eyes. this is very dangerous. set as terrible precedent and tell me -- david: ambassador, i want to know, ambassador i want to know,
4:48 pm
you and i agree on most things, on this i think we disagree. i want to know specifically if members of the saudi government enabled the 9/11 hijackers. i want to know that. do i have a right know that? >> who do you think knows it now? do you think the famous 28 pages contain the information? david: you don't? >> it has been the position of government of the saudi arabia government for 12 years to make the pages public. say to me with a straight space, david, george w. bush believed the saudi government was involved in 9/11 and covered it up? just saying. david: no. will, there is a middle ground. not necessarily black and right. diplomacy as you well know is all the gray matter. there is a lot of gray matter. i just want to see the 28 pages. am i wrong wanting to see that? >> you don't need to pass the legislation to do it. david: right. >> say the 28 pages come out. do you really think a federal judge should be in charge of our response to what the saudis did? david if they committed an act
4:49 pm
of war we should respond with an act of war, not 1,000 ambulance-chasing lawsuits. david: i know, lawyers room the roost sometimes. ambassador thank you very much. >> glad to do it. melissa: netflix tumbling after-hours. jo ling kent digging through the first quarter report. what do you see? reporter: we're down 8% on netflix the reason is the outlook. i will bring you good news first. nice beat at 6 cents, versus street was looking for three cents a share. slight miss in revenue, 1.96 billion in revenue. 1.97 billion. but here is the bad news. it is all about the outlook for the second quarter. analysts are looking for 4.04 million. and they're only get at least estimated by netflix 2.5 million. that is a big potential miss. we also want to tell you what they say about the competition.
4:50 pm
they did not name amazon by name. they did say this. whether you play videogames, surf the web, watch dvds or any other things you can do at home, they believe the market for relaxation time and disposable is the huge and they are in both and that is why they think the stock is tanking. melissa: thank you, jo ling kent. david: george clooney why does he sound more like a bernie sanders coming up next?
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
it is an obscene amount of money, the sanders campaign when they talk about is absolutely right. it is ridiculous we should have this kind of money in politics. i agree. melissa: he says sappedders is right but still backing hillary clinton. judy, let me start with you. even says you know, i would get out there, if sanders ends up being the nominee i like him a lot. i will get out to do the same thing for him. i wonder, i mean he raised a lot of money that night. people paid about $350,000 a couple just to be at dinner with him. if he really feels that way, why doesn't throw his mojo behind sanders then? maybe he could even out the scales a little bit? >> bernie sanders the socialist has raised340 million this primary season. as long as the game is played
4:55 pm
this way he will be a player. i totally sympathize with what he said and but i don't think the system is going to change as long as we have the citizens united decision from the supreme court. it is not going to change. melissa: christie, he has the opportunity, if he really does not believe in the system he says. he is a major fund-raiser. they go through all of the work that he has done for a long time. since the time when his dad, i know, ran for office as well. he has consistently raised a ton of money. he says he hates doing it. and he doesn't believe in it. so by not doing it or giving money to someone else, he could make a difference rather than raising money for candidate that already has a fortune? >> he believes he is making a difference. the reason he said, one of the reasons he said he likes the idea of giving to hillary clinton over giving to bernie sanders who he said he would also raise money for is that a lot of the money he is giving to her will also go to support down ballot democrats. he feels less the case with
4:56 pm
bernie sanders. that is part of the way he participates. does feel he is making a difference. this isn't only issue i'm sure he cares about. he said things about he appreciated, you know, clintons response to things happening in the south sudan. look, again it is his right. melissa: yeah, i'm not saying that. >> to contribute to a system you don't necessarily believe. melissa: i'm trying to piece apart what he said. people say he is hypocrite and this doesn't make any sense. i'm trying to figure out. christie makes a great point. he is trying to help down ballot democrats. does that mean people on the left don't think bernie sanders can win? they may like him and fit more with george clooney's politics and they don't support him? >> i think message is being sent when you see that kind of giving. people can give to pacs, super-pacs. all kinds of way to give money. melissa: hate to cut you off. we have to go. thank you very much. we'll be right back. >> thank you. my school reunion's coming fast.
4:57 pm
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melissa: university of buffalo sent more than five thousand student acceptance letters. the only problem they have not been accepted. their applications has not been thoroughly reviewed. david: buffalo said they deeply regret the unfortunate error in communication. doesn't make the people who get the letters feel any better. melissa: no. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we have to win by big numbers. we have system absolutely rigged. we have a system that is rigged. we have a system that is crooked. we have a system with a lot of problems. we have a system that doesn't allow the people to vote in many cases. and if they do voight, their vote isn't really representative of what it should be. deirdre: new york primary is less than 24 hours away, gop front-runner donald trump must win his home state. 95 delegates up on republican side. candidates make last pitch for


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