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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  April 19, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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eastern and i'll join neil cavuto at 8 p.m. with analysis. that will do it for today. see you tomorrow bright and early. "varney & company" begins now. stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, maria, and thank you very much. good morning, everyone, where do we start? money or politics? let's go with money, on the graphic. look that, yeah, against all the odds, your stock market investments are doing very well, ladies and gentlemen. we start today above 18,000, one good rally from a brand new record high and we will be going up at the opening bell. ashley: that's the old amazing graphic? >> stop it. ashley: must have a very low budget. >> i want to look at my ira, finally. stuart: politics, new york has already started voting. turnout very strong. the polls suggest a big win for trump. hillary has an 8 point lead. she must win her adopted home
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state. sound effects from tammy bruce. the company called netflix, they'll signed up millions of new subscribers, but they project trouble down the road and down goes that stock. oh, you've got to feel it for houston, up to 20 inches or more in some spots, rain, we're talking, massive flooding, stunning images from texas. watch the weather, watch the vote, watch that market go, yeah, right here. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ oh, there has been a major terror attack in afghanistan's capital, kabul. heavily armed terrorists stormed the country's main security agency. 28 people killed and more than 320 wounded. it's the taliban that's claimed
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responsibility. it included a suicide car bombing and afterwards they waged a prolonged battle with government security forces. it was a pitched battle and it was right in the center of the city. moving on, let's get to money. it looks like another up day for stocks. i keep saying it, stocks just want to go up. there's big trouble almost everywhere in the world, but our market is less than 300 points from going where the dow has never gone before and we'll be up today as well. oil around $40 a barrel, dare i call this crude stability? there, i did it. netflix stock, oh, that's down, taking a bit hit. it gave a weak subscriber outlook. ashley. ashley: yes. stuart: is it all about subscribers? >> it is, 2 1/2 million projected for the second quarter and that's down. they're trying to expand at the same time they're raising prices and they have fierce competition from the likes of amazon and hulu and a host of others. so, the question is, how can
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they gain these new subscribers? and the analysts out there say they may have reached their ceiling somewhat in the united states. they're relying on international subscribers to help boost the numbers that haven't been as solid as they hoped. stuart: they may have reached saturation point. >>. ashley: yes. stuart: now this, president obama leaves for saudi arabia this afternoon. should america make public the secret 28 pages in the nev9/11 report and reportedly with a saudi role. the saudis wahabi's who financed mosques in the united states. we're told that mosques work against muslims integrating into american and western society. is that true? >> it's not only true, it's the root cause of the radicalization of muslims is this ideology from the saudi
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regime, the supremists mandate the presence of islam and the domination of islamic states and everywhere where there's no muslim majority there's a land of war. that's the ideology from their textbooks, from their trance sayingses of t-- translations. minorities can't build churches or have rights. this is the disease, the long embrace of this almost suicidal embrace that we've had with saudi arabia has become more necessary because of our embrace of iran. it's bizarre that this weird relationship continues all the way chattanooga, san bernardino, paris, belgium, have been rude cause of this jihad, export-- >> will president obama lay down the law in saudi arabia and do what the saudis want him to do and not publish the 28 pages? >> i think we're going to
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continue to appease them and not do what we ought to do and recognize them as the evil empire of the 21st century and they threatened us, they're going to pull out our assets and somehow we're weak, we're the paper tiger, when unfortunately, nobody's making them own up to the ideologies that are radicalizing muslim and reform leaders are trying to counter. in the prisons of saudi arabia are the real heroes that we've begged president obama to acknowledge, so many other heroes. they execute clerics and behead them like earlier this year and all the way we are going to go there and kneel down and embrace them. stuart: zuhdi, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: to the election. oh, yeah, did we ever think to get to the day when the new york primary was this important? on the republican side, let' start there. trump has a huge 30-point lead.
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i use that word advisedly. now, you're a trump supporter. let's go fast forward to the november election. do you think that donald trump could beat hillary clinton in new york? not generally, but in new york state. >> easily. dead cr-- >> easily. >> ted cruz. >> and hillary clinton will be wiped out by donald trump in weeks. he started with cooked hillary and talk about her record, the chaos she started in secretary of state and chaos in north africa and chaos on two continents after she's done, the creation of isis. stuart: trump is not going to get much of the hispanic vote which is key, and won't get much of the immigrant vote and women's vote and you think he's going to win hands down? >> absolutely. if i was here in june we'd have conversation about this. ations out
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in two months, 20% is his ceiling? he'll take over and get the immigrant vote. you talk to a lot of immigrants. they respect him. they're used to having a strong leader, they're not used to these wishy-washy pandering politicians, they've never seen anything like that. stuart: you think he wins handsdown in new york state? >> this is the toughest battle, look-- >> he's not up against ted cr cruz cruz-- >> the long running thing about her health because she often has coughing fits. you're being nasty. >> i think it's allergies or something like that, but she-- and the bad part for her, bernie sanders did not hit her hard. had he had been doing it for months, she'd be used to it.
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>> if bernie sanders does not win new york, then he's got totally uphill struggle. he really can't get the nomination unless he gets new york. >> there are a couple of progressive parties working and they're amazing at voter turnouts and may bring out enough votes on the ballots. stuart: so donald trump would beat bernie sanders. >> easily. stuart: and bernie sanders could win in new york today. wishful thinking. >> hillary was in a much better position in '08. >> and this is closed so the independents aren't going to be able to help mr. sanders and help anybody else, so it's going to be different than the general where everyone can pile in and-- >> that's absolutely true. >> i agree with you, i think any of the g.o.p. who would be nominated will defeat hillary
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because no one's touched, really, hillary at all on the major issues, certainly not e-mail, you're going to have that resolved by the general. it's going to be rough and tumble. got a seat belt in there and a jump seat. >> she's never been in a real debate. stuart: okay, okay. come tating herement you're all right. thank you very much indeed and now i'll get to bernie sanders. you've got to see his op-ed in usa today, he slams fracking. he says, this is-- fracking is where you get natural gas out of the ground from shale. here is the quote, a growing body of evident tells us that f fracking is a danger to our water supply, our precious resource, a danger to the air we breathe, it's resulted in more earthquakes, highly explosive and contributed to climate change. tammy bruce, where do you like to start that. >> and all that could be said about isis as well. we've got the islamist army
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wandering around and he has an opinion piece about something we know works, he's attributing it to the world is going to end and cats and dogs start sleeping with each other, and individuals are trying to look for jobs and the future are-- >> hold on, fracking has given up low energy prices, natural gas and gasoline. the primary beneficiaries are low income and older people. >> what's astounding, he uses the phrase fundamental transformation of the energy sector. we've seen that the last 11 years and we wasn't want it. ashley: he ignores the epa's study that say it does not impact drinking water. >> you know what impacts the water is epa, that's the problem, he should be railing
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against the epa. stuart: i've completely lost control. look at this. devastating images out of texas. massive flooding on a wide scale blamed for at least five deaths and many injured, this is in the houston area. historic rainfall, you've got nearly two feet of rain in 24 hours in some areas. ashley: the city is calling it a life threatening emergency, saying to avoid travel at all costs. this is remarkable. as of late yesterday afternoon, an estimated 240 billion gallons of rainfall had fallen on the city of houston and the surrounding areas. 240 billion gallons worth of rain. that's meant that the same storms have been going over the same area for like 30 days now. stuart: i said i didn't want to show the video and obviously we want to keep everybody enveloped, but if anybody in our audience has had their house flooded you know what trauma that is. ashley: oh, my gosh.
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stuart: you're out of there for a long time. ashley: it ruins everything. stuart: and these horses, too. the dow industrials will open not much, but up a little bit. the dow closed above 18,000, however, look at that. ibm. they're going to be down. ibm is a dow stock and that loss that's coming up will cost the dow 50 points. we've been seeing a triple digit rally if ibm hadn't reported the lowest revenue in 14 years. now look at this, a robot from china. eerily life-like. they're calling it -- stop it, they're calling it a robot goddess. we'll tell you why they made it and what you can use it for. ashley: i'm sure. [laughter] >> like an eerie robot, like a democrat automatically. stuart: donald trump living in new york, and our next guest says it will be a miracle to get the delegates he needs.
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♪ in a new york minute, ooh ♪ >> don henley, i believe, "new york minute" is the song, am i right? am i right? new york post today, i believe we have a graphic of the candidates taking part in new york activities, is that what they're up to. ashley: is that it. stuart: not sure i can see-- >> is that bernie. stuart: we twisted an arm and a leg on that graphic. look who is here. fred barnes is here. >> nice to see you. >> stuart. stuart: you say that trump needs a miracle to get the 1237
9:17 am
delegates by the end of the primary season. he needs a miracle, that's your statement. do the math for us. the math is that he'd have to get such a high percentage of delegates in all of these states. he may win all of them today in new york and he looks pretty good next week, but, you know, california can be a problem for him. if he-- ted cruz is tied with him or ahead of the polls in california it's a ways off, june 7th, but it's going to be very hard to get there. look, this has happened before. gerald ford was president and he hadn't gotten the majority when he got to the convention, even. stuart: so you're saying then that it's highly likely, no matter what happens today in new york state, it's highly likely that it goes at least to a second ballot to the convention in cleveland? no, i'm not saying that at all. what i'm saying is, he will
9:18 am
have to do what president ford and his advisors did back as far back as 1976. that is start negotiating with the unpledged delegates and there will be a lot of them. 150 or 200 this year, and then start talking to others who might want to switch to him, i mean, talk to candidates. he can talk to marco rubio who has 173 delegates he could hand off. stuart: how is he going to talk to little marco or lying ted. >> he's not going to talk to lying ted, lying ted will be in the race, but marco rubio dropped out. this is the way it works, you negotiate, and of course, donald trump says he's the world's greatest negotiator, we'll find out. this is a special type of negotiation. stuart: ten seconds, do you think he's going to do it, negotiate correctly, get the delegates he needs? do you think he will?
9:19 am
>> yes. stuart: thank you. excellent. fred, i'm sorry-- >> to be the nominee. stuart: i'm sorry to cut this short. i've got breaking news. united health care, are they exiting from obamacare? >> they are, we heard word from steven hemsley, the ceo of united health basically saying that the company would exit the obamacare exchange market by 2017, saying that the costs are just not sustainable. stuart: they're losing money in the exchanges. ashley: losing money. stuart: withdrawing and the stock goes up. there you go. to hillary clinton, she is accused of pandering to african-americans. find out what she said. more on this in a moment. >> i want you to know that okay, people are going to see this and say, okay, she's pandering to black people. >> okay, is it working? [laughter] poor mouth breather.
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9:24 am
in formation right now. hot sauce? >> hot sauce. >> really? >> yes, yes. >> i want you to know people are going to say, listen, i want you to know that she's pandering to black people. >> okay, is it working? [laughter] >> tammy, do you think that someone said to her, it would appeal to blacks if you saw you have black sauce in your purse? >> i don't think so. i don't think they're that organized. hillary is clueless about the september 11th legislation and even the 28 pages and what's in those and what the argument is. i don't think she knows about a beyonce song from two months ago, i think she really carries hot sauce in her bag. she faked it along with the nature of what happened with that exchange and at that time didn't have any idea. i think it's worse than clueless than to be pandering. ashley: yes, i agree. stuart: it's not a good campaign that allows someone to go out and do something like that. i don't know what her message is fundamentally, but it's not
9:25 am
getting out there. >> yeah. stuart: but it's being tripped up by this gaffe or that gaffe. >> always reacting. stuart: and for heavens said what she said a couple of weeks ago. >> she agreed to the ablast-- deblasio joke. stuart: and she's got to win, we shall see, only time will tell. >> i hope bernie wins, i'm rooting for bernie. stuart: you're rooting for bernie? >> just to beat her in new york, the statement of that would be fabulous. stuart: let's look at the video. volcanic eruption in mexico near publo. and the city is covered in ash. and record high, within 300 points, that's where we are. this is an exciting time for your money. watch it grow after this.
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>> wii 18 before we had 15. you're making that when you see. 15 and 18 is easy.
9:30 am
the market is getting a little momentum here. we may pause to take a breath. the momentum now is to the upside. stuart: the dallas just shy of 17,000 when he said that. and yesterday we post about 18,000 just as he said we would. let me tell you right now that trading has just begun. check the board because we are going to go up a little bit. not a huge gain. 23 points up to the opening bell. 18,032. here is one other thing to watch today. netflix down big. that is a 9% drop in a weak subscriber outlook and we will be talking about that one. ashley webster is here. cheryl casone is here. todd horvitz, mike murphy. the brilliant stock market. i'll go to you first. it seems to me there's no other game in town.
9:31 am
the stock that got to be the place. i get a sense the market wants to go out. >> my key focus is earnings. we are in the earning a's and one into the other numbers came out. not a lot of great out there, the good. good is good enough. stuart: todd, cumin, please. i get the impression the market wants to go out. the only game in town. i know you're looking for a big crash at some point in the future, but right now this thing once to go well. >> good morning come as you are. yes, i believe we will see what happens there. we are losing volatility. stocks like caterpillar and goldman sachs are not performing. the market will most likely make an all-time new high. that's what it is. i was the guy that said 15,000 on this. >> yes, you wear. we were generous and not quoting you again. we get you a favor.
9:32 am
by the way, the all-time record high for the dow jones averages 18,312. we are now less than 300 points away from an all-time record. back to netflix for a moment. they've got them subscriber trouble. are they also worried about competition from amazon? in that they say no. nothing to see here folks grows longer and longer. the ceo said the market for relaxation time and is this: can this huge. in other words, there's plenty more room to grow. other analysts would disagree. stuart: would you buy netflix? >> i would buy netflix. people talk about earnings recession. netflix numbers of 24.5% year-over-year and revenue. they had a big mac in new york. that is why the stock is coming down on the headline. they are doing a great job managing the company.
9:33 am
the u.s. has run better than expected so i expect netflix to be back at new highs. >> competition is their problem. only so much content to go around. hulu, rococo, and all of that is computing i'm not? >> they figured out how to go in. >> what gets me is so much activity in investing is concentrated on five or six big name technology stocks here just like last year. we are back again. amazon has gone up to $640 a share. netflix above 100. all the interest is concentrated near that for the action is all over again. please show me the donald. it had another lifetime high. it was about 129. >> look at that.
9:34 am
stuart: 12934 was a high, all-time record high. look at the big boy because now we 33 points with 18,036. the all-time high 18,312. the only game in town this market just wants to go at. let me go back to the big names, all of which i think i've got for data stocks which have hit record highs or all-time highs in the past couple of days. j&j. there is a stock at an all-time high. good earnings up this morning. record high. can you get them up, please? for big names. tamils have gone through that at 129. j&j, home depot, those are the big name stocks, all-time highs. 8154 as we speak. am i right or am i right? am i right about it and name and
9:35 am
big-name companies doing well? >> you are spot on. i look at a company like mcdonald's and i think that the proxy. people are investing in mcdonald's more further yields than their growth. just over 2%. you're not getting a huge dividend with nick donald. you have money going there because it's the best game in town. the area concerns me a little bit. i have a hard time investing in mcdonald's at an all-time high. stuart: let's get back to united health care. the obama carrots change system. ashley: we just saw that on the earnings report. it is just too expensive to be in this exchange is just too great. not sustainable. so by next year they are going to be out completely. stuart: obama carrots not looking good, isn't it? ibm revenues have sewn from $100 billion a year. a few years ago to $79 billion
9:36 am
now. i'm going to call this the incredibly shrinking former type. the stock, please. >> would start with numbers. down 4.5%, shaving off 42 negative dow points. that is terrible. down for 16 straight quarters as revenue declines and the revenue number that came in was the worst in 14 years. where were you 14 years ago? they've tried to turn the company around trying to grow with crowd clackamas technology, the old business of hardware in the leg. while they see growth in the new business with just not enough. stuart: without ibm which is a dow stock, but that would be up about 80-point. 70 or 80 points. thanks, nicole. here's an interesting story. do you remember the yellow pages? i mean, we do remember them.
9:37 am
the parent company is making a bid to delay for yahoo! appears >> there is a report they could go after yahoo!'s core business. according to the report it would be some sort of deal struck to what allowed the yellow pages to merge with yahoo! spun up core business and this creates some sort of tax-free advantage. one of many possibilities as people kind of kick the tires on yahoo! and see if it's worth taking. stuart: i find it interesting because the parent company of the yellow pages. did you know that it operates albertsons grocery store chain in supervalu and they've got a big chunk of avon? >> struggling businesses. stuart: they see the value in trying turn around. apple reportedly -- supposedly a secret car lot in berlin with 15 to 20 employees.
9:38 am
>> this is interesting. this lab has been created as i've been running in germany and basically apple is high of 15 to 20 k. to work on potentially an apple car. that is the headline. all of these kids, professionals are actually from engineering. they've got not a science background and they'll came in some way, shape or form from the german otto industry. there's another rumor that it's electric. i may be super excited about that. why are you laughing? >> kids in berlin working on my car. very smart kids. drug stocks. let's do that. we often call president obama the greatest gun salesman in the industry. business has been booming since president obama took office. ashley: absolutely amazing. leicester 25,000 jobs added as we've seen a surge in the number
9:39 am
of guns being born. since 2008, the job increase in the gun industry, manufacturing and retail sales up 73%. so it is a really booming industry. know which state has the most when it comes to gun employment? >> texas. ashley: very good. >> people are going out and realize who is elected president there could be a cut down on guns nationwide. stuart: there is talk of attacks on ammunition and a sales tax on guns. that would put them out of business. okay. we will move on. look at this. can you tell real from robot? in this case i can come up with that's pretty low. that is a robot made in china. it really is pretty lifelike. the >> i think she's very pretty.
9:40 am
some people are saying she is hot. i am saying she's a very pretty robot. she blinks her eyes. she's very interactive. she responds to questions. the science and technology in china has supposed to be the first most lifelike robotic peerages winterize, has been defense. she cannot her head at you. i think she's flirting. it ain't i see it all with this robot. stuart: what is a use for? >> they haven't said yet. i do want to go there at this hour. stuart: make a mark he will put his foot anywhere. >> not really. i don't know what they're going to do with it. robot knowledge is the wave of the future. you can see how it could be twisted in certain ways. i will leave it at that. >> my mother is watching. we will move on.
9:41 am
stuart: fedex worker forced to sleep on a shift with the packages -- fell asleep during her shift on the packages. ashley: in memphis, loading one of the planes and had a quick nap, woke up in texas. the >> he was knocking on the door. ashley: was landing in texas. he tried to call them on the phone and he was greeted by the fbi in tsa and everybody else, but no criminal charges are just a very embarrassed worker. not sure whether he was sent back overnight or ground. stuart: let's wrap it up. todd, sorry we didn't get to chicago. we are not not collecting it. it shows that there wasn't much going on in the oil industry. murphy, congratulations. you are right. check the big word. we are up 33 points, firmly above 18,000 as we speak.
9:42 am
18,000 of 40 to be precise. check this out. city of hillary clinton casting her vote in the new york primary. next come at the dnc communications chair. here's the question. is hillary getting her message? is she communicating that? is she? ♪
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stuart: tuesday morning. well above 18,000. at 34 at 18,037. gold is that the dollars down pit that helps commodities like oil and gold because dollars are cheaper to buy. new york state voting today. hillary clinton in the lead eight points ahead of senator
9:46 am
bertie sanders. she may be having trouble getting her message out. luis aranda but the of the dnc communications director. there's some examples here were she's not getting her message out. she is getting bogged down seemingly trivial little disputes. would you agree with that? is she having trouble getting the message out? >> this is why it's good we have an accent primary because both of our candidates have an opportunity to get the message out and fine-tune and sharpen what they would present and how they would talk about issues in the general election. i won't take aside on his getting the message out better or not. i will say i think it has been that they've been able to do that. stuart: lewis, hold on. lewis, lewis. you can say is good when hillary clinton is embroiled on this idea of having hot sauce in her purse or whether she's talking
9:47 am
about that time. >> she is feared she is. that's a people talk about this morning. have you been online? have you seen this? >> killer clinton is 5 million votes peachy at more than donald trump and bernie sanders has more than 10 years and john kasich. we are doing fine in terms of voter in to see us in. issues like this will not define the general election. it's not going to be about hot sauce or anything like that. it's going to be about the economy and what people want to see in the future. we have two democrats talking about how we make sure people have their work. stuart: book, with respect, we are headed spiraling down in this economy. we barely have any growth at all. your candidates are going into the general election. one of them with a declining economy and no plan for economic growth. >> i'm so glad you brought this
9:48 am
up because the reality is i think anyone in america would take their chances in today's economy versus what we have seven years ago when you basically have same condition to replicate that helps their great recession with a thousand jobs lost every month. everyone remembers what it was like to drive down a street and safer closure signs did i know i saw it in my neighborhood. for people to have to go bankrupt. stuart: i'm talking -- [inaudible conversations] >> there's challenges but we've got to draw the contrasts. stuart: another four years come a tax-and-spend producing low rates of growth. i think you got a problem. patricia smith -- low paid, part-time. one of the men killed in benghazi was on our show yesterday. she had a specific message for hillary clinton in.
9:49 am
>> she had to be wearing stripes. i want to see this one in end strength because she's live in a different thing she did say word dairy totally wrong. my son is dead because of her. i would like to talk to her. stuart: lewis, that was a bereaved member. how did you deal with her? >> my heart goes out to her and all the families and loved ones of the big guns of benghazi. this is not the fault of the then secretary of state or one person in particular. this is a dynamic that occurred that unfortunately is part of what happens when of diplomatic activity in any nation. the truth that they is coming in now, we put ourselves in our people at risk whenever we engage around the world. we try to do that as best as possible. coming out of benghazi the important thing has been to identify how they could improve
9:50 am
security for people around the world. the truth is the republicans themselves admitted. as a committed but is hillary clinton's poll numbers. stuart: i think patricia smith -- as to why have we lie to her. that is what she wants. >> the political committee spent $5 million of taxpayer money. >> this is about hillary clinton. this is a bereaved mother. >> my heart goes out to her. 5 million of taxpayer money. stuart: got ago. lewis -- lewis, we are out of time. thanks for joining us. resident of him is still refusing to release 20 pages of the 9/11 report that details were supposed to detail saudi
9:51 am
arabia may be involvement in 9/11. perhaps he doesn't want everyone and his brother is doing us in america court. does the president have a point on this one? here comes the judge. ♪ hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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9:55 am
stuart: there is legislation going through congress which would allow american victims of 9/11 to sue the saudi government. i don't think that's a great idea. let's see what judge napolitano has to say. >> we have two issues coming together. one is the bipartisan urge to release 28 pages of the 9/11 report which was classified as top-secret by george w. bush can be unclassified by barack obama. the pressure is coming from both the local parties including members of the 9/11 commission. at the same time this bipartisan legislation supported by john corning, chuck schumer, i'll frank income randi paul. it's across the political spectrum. probably enough for to override a veto. that legislation would amend the sovereign immunity law which would permit americans to sue
9:56 am
the saudi government and american court if they can show a direct connection between some harm caused to them in official saudi government action. stuart: it is opening pandora's box to everybody suing everybody. >> barack obama. >> it's a question of whether or not we want to continue to allow government, including iraq to hide behind sovereign immunity, to commit crimes in the name of people because they can piece to. stuart: you'd have everybody and his brother seigneur bombs, they hurt my people. i want a billion dollars. >> yes. stuart: basso would have been all over the world. >> your cash destroyed our world trade center and i want you to pay for it. but you can't sue us because we are in official government. we may feature radical thugs.
9:57 am
stuart: i see nothing wrong with opening up 20 pages and finding out what the role of the saudi's really is. i am not in favor of legislation which opened the coors to sue everybody. >> if you do open up to 20 pages, the pressure to change the lawsuits will be exquisite. almost irresistible and almost irresistible in the presidents veto will surely be over britain. be careful before he opens up the pages. don't want another truth? >> i want to move on because i'm out of time. thank you on the judge. racially charged protests. university of missouri. a big drop in applications for the college. or doors that close. most engines. a big budget shortfall to boot a second hour "varney & company" two minutes away. which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin
9:58 am
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9:59 am
... >> you're going to like this. a half hour into the trading
10:00 am
session, 18,087. we haven't seen highs like this since last summer and way less than 200-- 200 points away. one good rally from an all-time record high. this market just wants to go up. we'd be higher if it weren't for ibm. the lowest revenue for 14 years and the stock is down 4 1/2%. it's a dow stock and we would be triple digits up if not for ibm. and netflix, fewer signing up for the service or rate of growth of signups has slowed. it's down 10%. it's not all bad news. stocks hitting all-time highs this morning. mcdonald's, 3m. home depot, j&j, not among them. another stock hitting all time high. united health care even though they announced last hour they're going to leave most of
10:01 am
those obamacare exchanges next year, costs them too much money. they're losing money. betsy mccoy is with us, quickly, betsy, is this the beginning of the end of obamacare? >> that's right, stuart, you said it. obamacare is in a death spiral and it's no surprise. in fact, the big insurers met with the obama administration last weekend and warned them in the last two years they've lost $3 billion in each year and that these losses, trying to sell these obamacare plans are quote, unsustainable. in the future, they said they're going to exit the market, which is what united health care is doing, or substantially hike pre stuart: so i thought that the taxpayer would step in to make sure the insurance companies were profitable as they operated through these exchang exchanges, bailout. >> that's one of the things that the head of cms said last week. she said if you hike premiums don't worry because most of the
10:02 am
people buying the plans are subsidized as if the taxpayer should take the hit on this. stuart: can you just give me 30 seconds on why these insurers are leaving the exchanges? >> oh, yes, it's quite clear. because when you force insurers to sell the same plan to chronically ill people and healthy people for the same price, it doesn't work. it's like trying to feed a chihuahua and a great dane on the same budget. 5% of people, chronically ill people need 50% of the health care, so when you price it at the same time, the sick sign up and healthy stay away and you're in a death spiral and that's exactly what is happening here. stuart: she tells it straight. thanks, betsy. politics, new york primary, it's today. moments ago, our cameras caught donald trump heading out to cast his vote. he'll be voting at a synagogue in new york city. this is primary day for the
10:03 am
republicans, he's on his way to vote. new this hour, look what we have for you, california waking up to news of another drug tunnel, it's been found. 140 foot long, links california and mexico, details. ashley: third one this year they've sound, about 120 miles east of san diego on the mexican border. very astaut border patrol agent looked down and saw what he thought was a depression in the land, went over there, prodded it and it collapsed. last month they found a tunnel that linked a restaurant south of the border to a newly built home in california, where there were drug traffickers were using it. they bought the house in california only partially built. finished building it himself, and it was all the way under the border to mexico, so this is obviously the cat and mouse game that's played. there's a third tunnel that's discovered this year. >> i don't want to be
10:04 am
facetious, you could tunnel under the wall. that's another story. president obama is headed to the saudi arabia and then goes on to europe on what i'm calling, maybe this is another apology tour. jillian turner is here, jillian, i want to focus on the european legacies trip. he's going to lecture the europeans, of all people, on immigration. i don't think it's going to go down well. he's going to tell the germans, keep letting the migrants in and tell the brits, yeah, stay in europe, you need immigrants, i don't think it's going to go down very well. >> it's not going to go down very well. there's a big element to this tour of europe as a sort of damage control. and what i mean by that, he's got a lot to make up for in terms of over the past couple of months, the administration called out our western european allies and accused them of sort of free riding off our defense coat tails and tricking us into the campaign in libya and abandoning us halfway through,
10:05 am
so there's a lot to kind of massage out there before he can get to the migrant crisis. on the left-hand side of the screen, you're seeing donald trump, voting as we speak. that's new york city, back to you, jillian, i think that the image of president obama has changed dramatically in europe. i remember, what, eight years ago, he went over there, and before he became the president and after he was elected and he was recorded almost as a savior. he was the great non-bush american. i think that's completely changed now, do you agree? >> i do. and the unfortunate reality for the europeans, they're going to have to work with this administration for the next, i don't know however many months he's got in office, several, eight months here because we've got a lot of common, kind of international or external threats at the moment in the form of radical islamic terrorism on the rise and isis and the taliban in afghanistan. we've got a common threat in the face of increasing russian aggression in the middle east.
10:06 am
we've got china's intervention in the south china sea. a lot of things that are sort of of common challenges here that they're going to have to figure out a way to work together on. stuart: i think he's been on apology tours before. i would call this a lecture tour. am i being far too sarcastic and facetious? >> i don't think so. there's a little element here he's going to have to lecture them to get in line to figure out how to deal with terrorism in the homeland. they're going to have to figure out a solution to really what is becoming a global refugee crisis hitting europe the hardest. there are going to be hard lessons for them here. >> jillian turner, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: let me focus on the other part of the president's trip where he goes to saudi arabia. jonah goldberg is here. right, first off, a point of principle. should we release the contents of those 28 pages of 9/11 documents which purport to show the real saudi role, in principle, should we reveal them?
10:07 am
>> absolutely. they should come out i don't think there's as many bombshells in there as people think. it's been a source of conspiracy series. of bitterness for over a decade. get it out there, let the public know and then we can have a debate what it means with our relationship with saudi arabia. theres' no reason to keep that stuff secret. >> there's a coin and legislation winding through the senate at the moment, which would open up and allow 9/11 families and victims to sue the saudi government. my point is that if you do that, you open up the cause to all and sundry. everybody and his brother, i'm not sure i like that part of the deal. i'm with you on that, what has two thumbs and has problems with saudi arabia? this guy. but you can't get into this situation where you throw over the principle and sovereign immunity just to placate chuck
10:08 am
schumer's favorite contingencies, trial lawyers. we had a compensation fund to set up and deal with a lot of that. i have nothing, but sympathy for those families, but this is an opportunity for trial lawyers and chuck schumer to go grandstanding and open up the international system of law and diplomacy and to lawsuits. that's something you need to think about long and hard and don't know that makes a lot of sense. stuart: and we have nor power over the saudis because we have a domestic oil industry capable of producing millions and millions of barrels of oil a day which we didn't have five, six, seven years ago. our situation, vis-a-vis of saudis, has really changed here? >> no, i think that's right. the saudis have a weak hand. the idea that they're going to unload all of their t-bills on the international market to destabilize america.
10:09 am
that's a suicide pact kind of approach to things given the bad shape of the saudi economy. at the same time the saudis have every reason given, to be really mad at barack obama. they hate the iran deal. they believe that barack obama has been feckless and weak. the image of obama coming into office and people of earth, stop urbikering, i'm barack obama and i'm here to help and that hasn't played out the way he hoped it was. and so, i think the saudis are going to give him an earful and he deserves to get an earful from them because i'm not a huge fan of the saudis, but they were our ally, you know, and obama's sort of thrown them under the bus to do this with iran. stuart: i think the europeans are going to give him an earful, not angela merkel and the prime minister, but everybody else. thank you for being here. >> thank you.
10:10 am
stuart: major tower attack in kabul, afghanistan. 28 people killed. more than 300 wounded. what's this? a pitch battle? >> a pitch battle, the taliban taking responsibility, starting the an n i -- attack in kabul. it was so powerful, it shattered windows more than mile away. 28 people killed and the offensive said they're ready to launch large scale attacks. the winter time these types of attacks die down, but now that we're back to warmer weather they're bk on the offensive. more than 30 people killed in the attack. stuart: that happened this morning. >> after the bomb went off, the gunman came in behind the suicide bomber. this was a coordinated attack. stuart: bernie sanders on the streets of manhattan. this is new york primary day,
10:11 am
republicans and democrats are voting. i don't know where on the streets of manhattan, but bernie sanders and his wife, shaking hands with the crowd there. ashley: just around the corner from us. stuart: we're on sixth between 46, 47-- i don't think he's coming to our studio to do an interview. ashley: we'll extend the invitation. stuart: i'd like to debate a socialist. he's getting a good reception walking around the town there. that's politicking new york style and bernie is from brooklyn. there you go. hoards of photographers, not many people on the streets, strangely. that's unusual. normally the streets are jam packed and the foot traffic in manhattan is fantastic. i'm not sure, again, tell me where that is? where is that? >> 46th street.
10:12 am
stuart: that's two blocks from us. maybe he's on his way. ashley: keep the door open. stuart: open the door, please, give him a security pass, he's in. not. all right. we're going to break away. oh, look a selfie. >> why not? >> come on, bernie, smile. there you go. to the big board, we should take you to the big board. and this is wall street, bernie's nemesis. >> it's up. way up. >> 18,091 to be precise. i don't know whether brny likes that or not and everybody else is making money. how about the price of gold and the price of oil. both up today. why is that? we've got the dollar down and that makes it cheaper so you buy them. ashley: so this go up. stuart: and what was this, a poll out of sweden? i'm not aware of this. support for saying in the eu, the european union is waning. the swedes want out as well?
10:13 am
and europe's migrant crisis could be the reason why. details on that coming up. hillary clinton doing everything she can to shore up the african-american vote and some say she's dangerously close to pandering. more on her communication problem after this.
10:14 am
10:15 am
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10:16 am
>> the outdoor retailer, cabela's got some news on it, it's up 4%. ashley: yeah, it was up almost more than 6%, but they put a halt on the selling of shares, because of reports that bass pro shops and the buyout unit from goldman sachs are now working on the bid for cabela's. it's been in the works for a while. bass pro shop has been under producer to sell and activist investor since last october said you've got to do something, pushing for a sale and apparently ka bell's has opened its books to any bass pro stores.
10:17 am
stuart: anybody who knows hunting and fishing knows cabela's, they're gigantic stores. ashley: hunting, fishing, outdoorsy stuff. stuart: we've been away from the election far too long. hillary clinton has been heavily at the black vote and some people say she's close to pandering. remember this, roll tape. >> white americans need to do a much better job of listening when african-americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day. we need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume our experiences are everyone else's experiences. stuart: i'm smiling because with us is the new york democrat congressman gregory meeks. we're both smiling, having watched and listened to hillary clinton right there. >> you know why i'm smiling. >> i'm smiling, too.
10:18 am
stuart: that was the most condescending thing i've ever heard. i have to have a special tone of voice, i have to watch myself and i'm talking to a black person, really? >> you should be conscious, just as i am, of all of my constituents no matter where. stuart: and i've got to talk specially to you. so you can understand what i'm saying. >> to understand issues and positions. we talk about criminal justice reform, you know, there is clearly african-americans have been victimized by the criminal justice system in a great capacity, particularly we've got to understand what we're talking aboutment you've got to understand what african-americans are talking about, not just say they don't know what's talking about or condemning african-americans what they say we need to be under understanding. you would say some have to understand-- the craziness of mr. cruz or mr. trump. stuart: do you speak to me in a special way because you're
10:19 am
black and i'm a signature, a white anglo saxon from england? >> i hear your accent so i listen to what you've got to say. stuart: what you think of me you understand my accent and my color and my race, so, in what special way do you talk to me? >> i'm saying when you talk about lunacy and things of that nature. that's not language i would use, why does he say that, i've got to try to understand why you would say that because it doesn't make sense. stuart: it doesn't make sense? >> i take for granted. stuart: wait a minute. >> i take for granted you are a reasonable personal, i take that for granted, now i've got to think about it. why is he using that word? so it's got to be something that i don't understand. i want to try to figure out what's in your mind. stuart: let me explain. >> shouldn't i try to understand you? i want you to understand me and i want to understand you. stuart: you've totally failed to understand me.
10:20 am
talking university of missouri when some students demanded a safe space away from other people's opinions they were sensitive and ever so hurt by other people's opinions. >> are you supporting mr. trump? >> i am supporting free speech in our universities, are you. >> are you supporting mr. trump. stuart: so-- . are you supporting mr. trump or mr. cruz? >> i'm a conservative who believes in free markets and economic growth. >> and who are you supporting? you haven't decided. you haven't decided between mr. trump, mr. cruz, those are your two leading candidates, right. gotten the most votes. stuart: if i thought that hillary clinton or bernie sanders would give me strong economic growth and less government, i'd vote for them in a heartbeat. >> then you should vote for hillary clinton. if you look at growth based on
10:21 am
when she was first lady under the clinton administration, we had the greatest economic expansion. stuart: she was-- >> in the history of our country. stuart: she was more the last eight years. >> and the greatest economy of our time in the united states was in the clinton administration, you should jump on the that band wagon quick and in a hurry, my friend. stuart: by golly, congressman, you're good. you enjoyed it, didn't you? >> i did. not a bush fan because that's when the economy started going down. you shouldn't be a republican fan. stuart: in a special way. >> when you think about the economy, when it was six years of bush presidency and six years of republicans in the house and six years of the republicans in the senate. when the economy started going down, down, down, down, down, down. stuart: we're having a lesson
10:22 am
on economic history, i must remember who i'm talking to, okay? that was fun. >> it was. i enjoyed it. stuart: if you're not careful you'll come back. >> and remember, i'm talking to you. [laughter] >> totally out of time. in fact, i think we've blown it, a commercial break they're going to kill me. back in a minute. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. from virtually anywhere. to warn of danger it's been smashed and driven.
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perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident.
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and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> ironic, isn't it? just as the supreme court considers president obama's power grab on immigration, the president leaves for europe where he will lecture the brits and germans on immigration it takes nerve. for eight years the obama administration has failed to fix our southern border, it remains open.
10:26 am
and the president has enjoyed importing millions of future democrat voters. he's going to germany to advise angela merkel to do precisely the same thing. stick to your guns, letting in over a million largely muslim migran migrants. even though the policy has split the country and will change germany forever. news for our president, lot of people blame him for letting loose the tide with his middle east failures. and immigration is one of the issues, and president obama will urge the brits to stay in. europe's open border policy and its socialist culture are very much to president obama's liking, but the president will find that times have changed. he is no longer a saint. now he's remembered more for his coddling of enemies and
10:27 am
criticism of friends. look back and remember our president sweeping through europe in the early days of his presidency. almost worshipped as a new non-bush president. oh, what a difference two terms can make. now he's the american who drops in to encourage europe's political and cultural suicide.
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: holding onto a solid gain. 18,073. the record high as 18,312. not all that far away. the price of oil not doing much today. forty-one dollars a barrel. up quite nicely a 3% gain. oil up, stocks. big trouble for ibm reported the worst revenue numbers in 14 years.
10:31 am
a big company like that down 5%. another big name down even more. netflix down 10%. the problem there in subscriber growth and the slowing down of new subscribers here in the united states and around the world. they launched in the last three to six months but they are not getting subscribers they were hoping for. amazon men who live in all of these just nipping at the heels. they just raised their prices to $9.99 a month. analysts say the only way they may generate more revenue is by raising prices and that could cost you. stuart: we hear it. rapidfire time. pre-order -- peter marie c. is here. jolie alters it does. first he appeared to dallas back about 18,000. the market just wants to go out. the only game in town you don't want to buy a big city or put your money in bonds. am i right?
10:32 am
>> i think you're absolutely right. if they can sustain this off of the first quarter, think what's going to happen when the economy picks up the second and third quarters. profitability looks good in i.t. stocks moving even higher. stuart: i got this thing coming up in europe where 39% of swedish people can do to their country's membership of the european union to be a good idea. that is a minority of swedes who want to stay in the european union. britain votes on this in june. >> getting into the e.u. was a bad idea. britain and sweden. it's tough to get out. the cost of a divorce. we also stick it out their spouses. countries do. bite the bullet. we assert their sovereignty, and for supporters and find a way to be prosperous without the gang in brussels who are only interested in big salaries for themselves anyway. stuart: you know, i am warming to you.
10:33 am
i really am warming to you. not this time. bernie sanders wrote an op-ed in "usa today" titled tracking present profound danger. a long list of reasons why we should end nation wide. peter again, absolute nonsense. delivering cheap energy to poor people in elderly people is wonderful. and you say? >> i think it's wonderful for all the reasons you describe. while he's campaigning in your kidney or consider hypocritical. they like to consume all of the natural gas to heat themselves in the winter and treat the rest of the country like an energy colony. my view of this is new york state should get no oil or gas. let them pay a lot of money but they shouldn't be able to use the rest of the country as an energy colony if they have the policy they do. >> bernie sanders is contradicting his mission.
10:34 am
he is hurting poor people at the ban at peer >> absolutely. i couldn't agree more. we hear climate science. we have to let it speak for itself. get bernie sanders is being deeply unscientific when it comes to cracking. epa, numerous federal studies say there's no groundwater contamination. but your common adverse health effects. boomtown economic effects. save us from that. it's bogus. stuart: you are laughing. i've seen the devastation that non-tracking rings. it's outrageous. >> i went to college in new york which is an economically distressed for three generations. i am very familiar with the western part of the state. my son is a student out there. it would be a great boom in the western part of the state and the government should let it
10:35 am
happen. this is a terrible policy in new york city which never quite thinks about where it all comes from when they throw the switch on their air-conditioning. stuart: those who live in new york city and can't stand the bugs. i want to move on to the university of missouri which has been the scene of several race related protest the past year. trillion, that school is now in real trouble. >> i think for dorm so close. they see fund-raising way down. they see enrollment significantly down. this is really damage the brand. it's no surprise. who wants to send their kids to a university where the student if they are the educators. that's not how you get an education. stuart: enrollment is down 5%. they've got a budget deficit of $32 million. what is this about those protesters who demanded the open-air save space? would you want to generate something? >> this is my favorite.
10:36 am
about 7000 pages of mehsud e-mails with national review. this is my favorite correspondents. we would really like to generate. they get a generator. then the diversity officer right than on their behalf. that is not enough. if they plugged their electronic center at the generator might overload. so they get that. and then they say we want to fire pit. >> of course. stop laughing. here is one for you. united health care. it is going to be exiting some obamacare exchanges next year. the stock him straight up. what is your comment on that? >> some of these doesn't make sense to use obamacare because the risk pool doesn't make sense.
10:37 am
to segmented. trying to essentially play in american health care. a whole list of other eastern european countries. i don't know why the gang at m.i.t. thought they could rent a locker president obama would stage the damage in an economy the size of one sixth of the united states based on a telephone book. it's absolute. i'm all with them for getting out. i wish everyone would get out so it collapse and start over. stuart: strong stuff from peter today. i'm glad he got tenure because if you didn't come here out of the job. by the way, in california, more than 300,000 voters accidentally registered for ultraconservatives political party. who runs the place?
10:38 am
>> if you look at trump and hillary, off the charts these people are trying to sign up as independents but be freezing on the registration. stuart: the american independence party. >> this is not the first time they been confused. they've gone through several drafts of a dependence can register as independents. >> some hollywood stars line up for this. stop laughing. julian, peter. thank you very much indeed. kabbalists, the outdoor retailer. gigantic stores that they run. they've been halted. nicole, more of this, please. >> hunting, fishing and the like. up 5.5% for a cabal. the news here is that investors back in december, an 11% stake in the company basically says you better explore some strategic alternative.
10:39 am
orderly revenue has missed for five of the last seven quarters. do some pain. and so they did. they been asked by noxious good one that has come through is the bass pro shop fishing has now partnered with goldman sachs come a consortium of private equity investors and said that step in and see if we can get kabbalists. the average daily volume has been touring. it are days pass the data volume. stuart: was halted trade market this morning, but it's open again for trade and at that. nicole, thanks very much. hope francis branch above migrants to the vatican. we are getting our favorite trees take on that one. father jonathan morris. some amazing video out of china. six bulldozers fighting in the street. we've got the best video on this. more on this in just a moment. [dad] i wear a dozen different hats
10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:42 am
that's the ideology from textbooks, translations of the quran, judiciary, sharia law. women are treated as third class citizens. you have to give such a high percentage of delegates. he may win all of them today in new york and looks pretty good next week at california can be a problem for him. i served 20 years as a marine aviator, top gun graduate, aide to two u.s. presidents, commanding officer and harvard national security fellow.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
stuart: the secretary of defense, ashe carter arriving in saudi arabia earlier. he's going to meet up with president obama tomorrow. i understand why the president is there. why is the defense secretary there? >> ot and the president also pushing the saudis and other nations to do more to help militarily in the fight against isis. you know, the military basis in other ways this part of the world can help more in the fight against the islamic state. stuart: will resell a whole bunch of complicated weaponry? that is on the table. you've got to look at six -- five in northern china city. i have no idea what's going on.
10:45 am
ashley: it's like a low budget transformers movie. a fight between construction companies over a contract fighting over winning the state and two of them started running their front loaders at each other and never one else got involved. this was non, they refuse to quit. they saw the driver running away. they didn't quit until the police showed up and took them away. that shows you there's been some economic decline getting a construction contract is much prized when he got duking it out. that's what they do in the middle of the street. >> i don't know how to go from a bulldozer battle in china to the vatican. but that's the segue. hope francis says he now has brought us. i glance over friend greek refugee camps back to the vatican on display. father jonathan morris is with us now. >> good morning. stuart: good morning.
10:46 am
before the fight begins. no fight here. just tear. just tear me up. the posted a wonderful, humanitarian thing. that's a fine thing for a good christian to do. but what he has also done this to help europe commit political and cultural suicide. >> i don't think you can say that it's a great humanitarian thing to do if you're actually helping someone commit suicide or a culture commit suicide. what you are saying -- >> helping to ruin the continent with the massive influx. >> what you are saying is the pope made a big day. be honest. >> and saying he did a humanitarian gesture. >> it was a bad idea. if you see thousands of people falling off a waterfall, which you grab 12 of them if you could?
10:47 am
that is the pope francis did. he did this legally. he got the country of greece and italy to work together. then he said the vatican will take care of them. he put them in a song played. in a plane that he was coming back on. what he is saying is if we don't take care of the situation with thousands of people falling off a waterfall. where they are at the border and assures increased. we cannot be a civilized society. stuart: can europe remain a judeo-christian continent if it allows ever more muslim migrant who do not assimilate into a christian culture? >> ito not someone with the religionists of their fallen off the waterfall. stuart: i'm asking if judeo-christian can survive given a massive influx of muslim refugees who do not assimilate into european society. >> it is a serious problem.
10:48 am
when some of those are radical islamists, of course we have brussels. we have paris. so it is a serious issue. pope francis recognizes that is the job of politicians and government. sovereign states to vet these people. when they are falling off the waterfall, i don't think it's asking what religion they are. let me say that i think pope francis made a mistake here. i would've liked to to make sure that some of those are actually christians. you are not allowed to have a religious preference. >> the pope can invite christians being persecuted, who have been run out of syria. i was in syria before it happened and visited this minority christian communities to see they've been not only displays, but that they are being murdered, and crucified. i think the pope should say yes
10:49 am
we are going to be good and humanitarian to everyone. but i'm going to look for some of these christians in order to take care of my own first and foremost. i think that was a mistake. stuart: i am with you on this. i agree with your analysis is saving people when you can and i'm with you all so saying he should have looked or christians. i want a more muscular defensive christianity that we are now getting. are you with me? on that last point, yes. you got that on tape, everybody? do it again. father jonathan, thank you. back to politics. new video protesters being forcibly removed from a trump event in buffalo. progress made? >> some of the people showed up in buffalo last night for a trump rally. some got inside immediately removed as you can see. a total of six people were
10:50 am
arrested. it was nonviolent. they were just protesting it in on the street refusing to move, that kind of thing. the job for the police was to keep trump supporters of which there were many separate from the people showed up to protest donald trump. a medical warning. listen to this over the drugs you probably have in your medicine cabinet at home right now could be shrinking your brain. there's a headline for you. back in a moment. a few weeks ago, you didn't even know where here was. now the only thing you don't know, is how you're gonna leave. expedia. technology that connects you to the people and places that matter.
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10:54 am
stuart: i don't want to say this is a scare story that day but it is fair to not find a new study on over-the-counter educations. researchers say these medications, and over-the-counter could shrink your brain. fox news medical doc siegel is with us. you believe this? >> you think i'm going to make fun of this. i'm not. this is about the fact that some of these medications, over-the-counter cold medications, antidepressants, medicines for overactive bladder has some and called acetylcholine. unimportant or a transmitter in the brain involved with memory, learning, decision making. it's under the category if you
10:55 am
use it, you lose it. if you don't use it, you lose. so if i blocked is receptors, less glucose goes to that part of the brain. memory stops working. the brain shrinks. you get demented. if you take a benadryl or cold medication every day now to the end of your life you might stop thinking as clearly. it's only 60 people that's been really study to show this ring shrinking business. that is just to emphasize the point you should be taking medicines you don't need, especially if they have effects on the brain. if you bought memory have a problem. >> this is a long-term thing. and over-the-counter medications like a cold remedy, like a cold pill. something forever to bladder. some of the antidepressants. stuart: your memory goes over a long, long period of time.
10:56 am
>> it goes and there's no glucose being used. say 10 years from now you are looking or your car keys. the last thing you need is one of these builds on top. you will find her car. stuart: you're making fun of me. >> i'm not. but, some of the antihistamines are getting the stuff out of it. i'm happy. and they're antidepressants get it out of it. i'm happy. the last of the anti-cold and medics. check your labels. this is an important study. i am buying it. stuart: get rid of bad. i'm glad we got into this. thank you. wow. i forgot what i was going to say. watch this. donald trump casting ballots in
10:57 am
the new york primary, opening the door to trump tower, emerging on the fifth avenue. off he goes. back in a moment.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: almost 11:00 eastern time. it's 11:00 eastern time right now. united health group, biggest health insurer in the land is going to get out of the obamacare exchange business. peter marie c. i'm not last hour. >> the system is too fragmented the way of data. it's an example of trying to centrally planned american health care. it didn't work in romania, bulgaria and a whole list of other new supreme countries. i don't know why the gang at m.i.t. thought they could read aloud for president obama, come up with a concert ticket stage manage an economy the size of one sixth of the united states based on a telephone book of rules. it's absolute hubris. i'm all with them for getting out. i wish everybody would get out
11:01 am
the would collapse and we could start over. stuart: how about that. a tenured professor of economics. he wants out of obamacare. joining me now, outnumbered cohost, sandra smith. welcome back. united health care dropping out of the exchange system that's another big vote to president obama. >> at the big vote. obamacare should be happy they will remain in a handful of states. they had alluded and hinted at the fact they will be out altogether by 2017. listen, they suffered huge financial losses as a result of this. this was inevitable. here's the news. >> the stock would not because they're going to get out. what does that tell you? let's get to the markets because it's got a nice rally on our hands today. the dow holding well above 18,000. less than 300 points away from an all-time record high. if it wasn't for ibm, we would
11:02 am
be much higher. ashley: 40 to 50-point if that's a much attractive after the lowest revenue in 14 years. having a tough time ibm transitioning to the cloud. the revenue from that side of it -- >> it goes way over, stuart. what happens in the cloud, stuart? stuart: the stock is up. >> 18,000 with god may now can we hold it? consecutive closes above 18,000. that means it gets excited. >> i get the feeling this market once to go out. >> it feels like it. a bit of momentum. most wall street analysts he talked to will tell you the market is pricey. so be careful what you get into. stuart: how about netflix.
11:03 am
stuart: the thing is down 10%. >> the guidance is under what the analysts are hoping for it and the new growth is dropping. not only here in the u.s., but internationally as well. they thought the international sales were slowing down. at the same time prices are going up to another dollar. $9.99 for the most popular plan. by the way, the footsteps behind them at amazon and hulu. a very fierce competition. >> important to point out their new subscriber growth beat expectations. it's the outlook -- subscriber in the cord cutters. have you cut your cord yet? you're a big netflix guy, right? you have been. >> with the court? stuart: moving onto the price of oil.
11:04 am
forty dollars a barrel now. 4122. used to trade commodities in chicago. when you make of this price of oil? thirty dollars to $40 oil gone. now 40 to 50. >> no. why would you then would you then say that? historically speaking we are down to normal levels. seriously, the industry in this country which has seen robust growth appreciates $50 oil. if you look like we are getting up there? at least for today it does. we are producing more oil than we ever have in this country. we are on our way to energy independence unless bernie sanders is elected president. stuart: speaking of which, bernie sanders today in "usa today" says he wants a nationwide fracking band. he said it's bad for climate change. >> is the root of all evil.
11:05 am
the toxic chemicals are known to cause lung cancer, or its effects. a danger to our water supply. he completely ignores the fact that the epa put out the last to come and not five years of study could find a definitive link adult. in the toxic drinking. >> just so i can show improved both sides of the story would not be opinionated on it. i will tell you that we don't have decades like bernie sanders like to say we don't know what's going to happen. hold on. i am saying that's what his argument is what it is. that being said, you're talking about major jobs growth and a major jobs producer. stuart: said it's not been proven. >> don't you think a man that bernie sanders come a social should be all in favor of the poor and matching them up? if you can fracking, you
11:06 am
introduce much more expensive gasoline. sandra: already have. stuart: you and cheap energy for poor people. i thought bernie was on the poor people aside. that's my opinion. president obama says congress should not have a law which would allow 9/11 victims to sue the saudi government. judge napolitano on that subject. >> there's bipartisan legislation. john corning, chuck schumer, all franken, ron paul. probably enough votes to override a veto. that legislation would amend the sovereign immunity law, which would permit americans to sue the saudi government in american court if they can show a direct connection between harm caused to them in some official saudi government action. >> i want to see within this 28
11:07 am
secret pages. but i do not want to see america's court open up to sue the government into that group. >> you said exactly that. we will open up the flood gates. whatever actions they take. those who are fit guns than those who lost loved ones in 9/11 and you do see saudi is involved in 9/11. the saudi arabian government has always denied their direct involvement in this. but they are also threatening economic fallout and threatening to liquidate assets. stuart: i want to see those. what was the role? i want to know. i don't want to see an avalanche of lawsuits from everybody and his brother trying to take money out of american companies, government, foreign government. i don't want to see that.
11:08 am
i just don't want to see it. sandra: it sounds like you're in agreement with the administration. stuart: get that on tape. i believe that does it for the rapid fire. are you please your bride? sandra: thank you. i love coming on your show. stuart: sandra, thank you very much. new york post today. donald trump has been on the republican side. a 30-point lead amongst republicans. but he still may not get the 1237 delegates that are needed for him to get the nomination at the convention. senate republican leader mitch mcconnell says a second ballot will be needed to decide who is the nominee. carl palladino is with us. let me address you directly. you are a trump supporter. seems mcconnell is not sold on trump as a nominee. he wants to finagle donald out in a second or third outlet.
11:09 am
>> is a dinosaur. it's time to go. he shouldn't be there anymore. why is he kept that secret all these years? why haven't they told the american people about what actually happened on 9/11? this is a tragedy, this 28 page thing. here's mitch mcconnell trained to comment on a guy like donald trump is unfiltered, an open book who once to change the way our government operates. mitch mcconnell is a poster child for everything that's wrong with our government. stuart: i am of the opinion if it's not donald trump is the republican candidate, whoever is the candidate for republicans lose this because i don't think those millions of people who turned out to donald trump, i don't think they will vote for ted cruiser john kasich or anybody else. so what would you do as a republican?
11:10 am
you are republican in new york state. what would you do if donald trump is not the nominee? >> i'm staying home. >> would you leave the republican party? >> republican party will be done. if they play that game on donald trump and mess up with these rules, if they try to get a guy like kasich in there, and that is a friend to every idea that the american people have about what their government should be in you are denying people their choice. like could mitch mcconnell and the republican party. karl rove, the rest of them. these people don't want to give up power. they are heading towards development. >> the argument just trump is on top of the ticket regardless of the presidential vote,
11:11 am
republicans lose votes in the senate and they lose votes in the house. stuart: you don't believe it? >> no, he has long coach us and he will wipe the floor with hillary clinton. >> i noticed straight. he will take her and make her into a mob. >> evil get the hispanic vote. it's not going to get much of the black vote. the minority vote generally -- they make the democratic party is ready to split now. the working man sweating every day. pretty fed up with this government because he can't go anywhere. he asserted stuck where he is. his wages are the same. nothing is happening. the reason for that is we have a lot of jobs. we have a lot of workers. donald trump is going to rebuild america's infrastructure. he's going to punish the chinese, mexican, japanese.
11:12 am
he's going to raise some money and is going to rebuild the infrastructure of america. he's going to take all the tradesmen, cwi, autoworkers. pull them all out at the democratic party. that is the end of this crazy mixture that you have in the democratic party by the uninformed and the working man. >> harel palladino is a trump supporter. things have been on the show. california's primary combo got to wait until june 7th for that. republicans in the form of the golden state. in the general election, could they actually vote republican? i've got a hard time believing that one. we will address the question. believe me. we will address it.
11:13 am
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we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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11:16 am
stuart: dramatic idea for my putter shows rescuers going in and out of the rubble following the earthquake. >> this man is pablo cordova. worked at a hotel that collapsed saturday night when the massive quake hit on the coastal town of order by our toe. he managed to call a relative while he was trapped in the rubble and eventually able to get through to rescuers who then pulled a not alive. this is one of the good stories more than 400 people lost their lives in this earthquake year 2500 injured. stuart: can you imagine being buried for two days or more? >> amazingly he got through. stuart: thank heavens for cell phones. they do work well.
11:17 am
the oil rally $41 a barrel helping the oil companies. green arrows up and down the line for energy-based companies. new york today looks like the race for the republicans may go all the way until the california primary june the seventh. a lot of delegates at stake in california. the author of this book, tax appointed 2016. frequent guest on the program and is it that began today. she's coming you know where i'm going with this. if donald trump is the nominee for the republicans, are you going to tell me that in november donald trump will win in california against the democrats? you're not going to tell me that, right? >> codec to take a step back and talk about donald trump and what it remains to the republican party in california. the republican party has been on a 25 year to climb. registration down 27%.
11:18 am
we see in donald trump the possibility of reversing the republican party is disastrous showings over the last few years in terms of registration. no one can vote in the presidential primary in california on june 7th for donald trump for ted cruz or kasich unless they are registered to be a republican because it's a closed primary. we've seen in donald trump 100,000 democrats change registration in pennsylvania. 20,000 democrats change registration in it. i have to say there are hundreds of palestinians have no party preference and independent voters in california that like tri-band could be attractive to the republican parity. if they are and if trump can make it good bit to read, he can reverse the problems of the california republican party and get into the habit of voting republican. to your larger question, there
11:19 am
are only 30% of california voters that voted in the november 2014 election. voters are disenchanted. they don't like their government. 17.5 million eligible voters they didn't vote in the last election. >> i have to say i think i'll trump will light up any voters. stuart: beta minute. that's an astonishing number p. 17.5 million voters did not vote in 2012 in one state, california. okay. >> november 2014 election from a 17.5 million people didn't vote. stuart: trompe has roughly a 10-point lead in california over ted cruz and kasich at the moment. which constituency groups are voting by supporting donald trump at this point? >> well, you are using the real clear politics average. the most recent poll that comes
11:20 am
after the wisconsin issues shows that trump is resurgent. he is 18 points ahead according to the most recent cbs poll. and not poet he is ahead in all demographic categories and in all regions of the state. i have to say this business i heard over the weekend about how cruz has had a campaign laid the groundwork for a year as a bunch of bunk. i am out here. i know the people. the campaign in california is just a spreadsheet. cruz isn't spending any money against trump. if the people know how to do anything in california it is how to lose elections if they presided over the decline of the republican party. trump can invigorate the party by bringing an independent in voters who have been disenfranchised better part of the 17.5 million. a huge drop of voters that didn't participate. i don't know that trump will necessarily win the election but i think he can put it to the
11:21 am
democrats, cause them to campaign and do far better than any other statewide candidate has done in recent years. stuart: was certainly woke up james lacey. thank you returning a bit like the new book as well. good stuff. up next, after a long way, we have some report of innovation coming or not full. speculation about apple car on the developments in germany. we will be back. you're late for work.
11:22 am
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: we look at this? by video from his didn't get rescuers pulling people from the water literally. that's a live picture. how many feet of rain did they get? enact more than 20 inches. an estimated 240 billion gallons of rainfall. that was through late yesterday afternoon. more than a thousand rescues. this is a life-threatening situation. the city has declared saying absolutely do not travel if you don't have to. if anybody's ever had their house flooded, you know it's awful. just awful. >> so flat.
11:26 am
stuart: let's move on. apple reportedly working on developing an electric car. a secret research lab in berlin. jo ling kent has a moral mess. >> according to german newspaper, apple has reported up to 20 people on a potential apple car. talking about hardware engineer, software engineers, people in jails and categories. apple is not commenting on this. we do know that tim cook says the card industry will be disrupted in a substantial way in the future. >> software people, engineers, marketing people. bring them all together as a team. that is a full packaged car. >> of you are going to make a car for 2019 or 2020, they are already go into overdrive to make it happen. what we are seen we are seen as there is already registered domains as well that apple owns.
11:27 am apple auto as well. they are kind of laying the groundwork they are. so we will see. we are waiting on apple to comment. they are very secretive always. stuart: it's interesting they're going to german engineering. >> we've got donald trump. donald trump leads in the new year polls. he's actually ahead in new york. the question for republican from manhattan. we did find a republican and manhattan. here's the question i will ask. can trump win in november in new york? could he do that? back in a moment.
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
. stuart: we've been reporting this all morning. what it amounts to is another problem for president obama's legacy. united health care has dropped out or will drop out of the obamacare exchanges. we brought you that news earlier. we're developing it as we speak. what you just saw was netflix way down. they've got a problem with signups for their service. and they forecast problems in the future. down 10%. anything else on that? ashley: that's it. that's what their future is. more people signing up to the service. and that's slowing down here
11:32 am
and around the world. stuart: new york is voting today as you know. donald trump leads in the polls. a 30-point lead. i say -- this is just me -- i say even though he will win the new york primary, and he may win the nomination in november. but i don't think he wins the general election in new york state come november. let's see what adele think so. she is manhattan republican party chair, one of 100,000 republicans registered in new york city; is that correc correct? >> yes, that's correct. stuart: there's two of you. >> at one point we had 20 consecutive years of republicans. stuart: yes, you did. >> and people missed that. stuart: now, here's my contention. if donald trump is the nominee, and he might be, i new york state in november. and you say? >> i say game on. i mean you put hillary clinton and donald trump together in new york state, you don't know what can happen. they both count it as their home state.
11:33 am
and donald trump, we -- the thing that is the unknown about him is who his voter base is. it's totally different -- the map changes, the dynamic changes he's brought out voters never seen before in new york, a closed primary. so we don't know what the independent -- unaffiliated voter would do -- when posed with a clinton, trump -- stuart: but you think trump -- if it was hillary, he would pose a real challenge to her in new york state. and i never thought i would hear the day there's the possibility of a republican winning new york state in a presidential election. you're saying it can happen. >> i think it would be -- it would potentially become competitive. because we don't know -- donald trump is a brander, and he has incredible at branding our field of 17 candidates. stuart: very successful. >> and i think people in the republican party are very eager to see if he will turn his branding technique on hillary and how that plays ou o.
11:34 am
stuart: hold on a second. forgive me for being pejorative. but i think you're in the elite. >> i disagree with you. i am doing this because i want change, and i am mad with what's going on in washington, and i want a full what's going on in the republican party now is a full grassroots revolution. stuart: you're in favor of that? >> i'm in full support of it. stuart: are you in favor of support? >> not focused on a candidate. we are focused on this election. . stuart: i thought you read between the lines. >> no. he hosted senate cruz yesterday, had kasich last week. kasich has done multiple events in manhattan and kasich will do well in manhattan today. hands down. this is kind of kasich countr c. stuart: 20 minutes ago carl was on the show. he had failed his attempt to
11:35 am
be governor of new york as a republican. and he told me right there, as a matter of fact, look, if it's not trump nominee for the republican party, he packs up, he goes home, he doesn't vote, and nothing to do with the republican party again. >> well, i saw him out in the greenroom, and i said okay. carl. we've known each other a long time and i said that is simply so you are grace, and you cannot have that attitude. he is a true warrior who wants change, and he will never vote for hillary clinton. that, i can guarantee you. so he might have said this on the air today in the midst of a primary, but in the end, he is not voting for hillary clinton. . stuart: adele, not quite a trump supporter. read between the lines. don't put words in your mouth. is that what you said? >> that is exactly what i said. i'm glad i got the last word on that one. stuart: appreciate it. >> thanks. stuart: full points on hillary clinton and guns. go back to 1993, she endorsed a 25% sales tax on guns. at the retail level.
11:36 am
cook county, illinois, nothing to do with hillary, but they've just imposed a tax on ammunition. hillary's stance on guns overall, she hates them. she wants to get rid of them. that's not going to help her in up state new york in the voting today. katie is with us. look, i don't want to go off on a tangent about guns here. but, you know, in up state new york, it's a very, very serious subject. bernie sanders doesn't seem to be as opposed to guns as does hillary. and bernie might do well up state because of guns. what say you? >> well, you know, hillary hates guns unless it's of course they're being held by her security detail protecting her as she campaigns around the country. and not just new york where people appreciate not just firearms but their second amendment rights and absolutely will hurt her in up state new york. but i think it's important to point out how hillary actually feels on this issue because journalists aren't asking her this question. not only does she support in
11:37 am
1993 in front of congress during sworn congressional testimony a 25% tax on individual purchases. she also supported a $2,500 tax on anyone who wants to get a license to sell firearms for a living. stuart: that's right. >> this is absurd. we hear all the time, especially from hillary clinton, that republicans are disenfranchising voters and they're taking away voting rights by simply asking for identification that might cost someone a couple of dollars. can you imagine what we're going to see in terms of lawsuits here as we move forward with them taxing the second amendment and making it impossible through taxes to exercise that constitutional right? i mean that's where we are here. stuart: there's two lines of attack. the first line of attack is to make gun makers liable, injuries caused by guns. that would put them out of business and price them out of business. and number two, you tax the gun, you tax the ammunition. at such a very, very high level that you destroy sales,
11:38 am
and you destroy the gun industry. you've not interfered with the second amendment. you've just interfered with guns, gun sellers, and gun liability and killed it. that's the line of attack. >> you're absolutely interfering with the second amendment when you make it impossible for people to exercise their second amendment rights. this is crazy, and you just explained that hillary's been advocating for the repeal of the lawful -- arms in commerce act, which protects firearm dealers just like any other industry from frivolous lawsuits when their products are used improperly by criminals to commit crimes. she wants that to be repealed. a two separate approach for her as you mentioned. use lawsuits to get them out of business and tax them to a point where no one can afford it. and guess who this hurts? the very people, the working poor who hillary claims to be standing up for. stuart: just like fracking. hold on a second, katie. i've got one more for you. a fast developing news situation. vice president biden criticizing israel's prime minister.
11:39 am
roll that tape. >> there is at the moment no political will that i observe among israelis or palestinians to move forward with serious negotiations. they're moving us and more importantly moving israel in the wrong direction. they're moving us toward a one-state reality and that reality is dangerous. stuart: all right. now, that's criticism, and it came right after terrorist blew up a bus in jerusalem. what do you make of that, katie? >> look, prime minister benjamin netanyahu two weeks ago extended an invitation directly to palestinian authority president asking to restart are the peace agreements and the peace talks. and the palestinian authority outright rejected for months on end, for six months, we've seen palestinian terrorist stabbing innocent israelis, including pregnant women, mothers, and grandmothers getting on buses. and this is the way the vice president responds? some 200 people have been killed hours after a bomb is
11:40 am
use on a bus to try to kill people? it's absurd, and it does nothing to actually move the peace process forward. israel has extended their hand. palestinians with noncooperation. and it's time for the next president to put that relationship back together. stuart: it almost sounds like joe biden is on bandar side, but i'm not going to get into that. indicate wee be thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: eye got another blow for president obama's legacy. united health group, biggest health group in the land, giving up on obamacare. it cost too much. judge napolitano next on that >> it's when you force insurers to sell the same plan to chronically ill people and healthy people for the same price, it doesn't work. it's like trying to feed a chihuahua and great dane on the same budget this weeks btv spotlight features
11:41 am
parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. parnell is focused on delivering innovative solutions to unmetanimal health needs in the 70 billion dollar pet market. we have core competences in drug discovery and development, regulatory filings, we have our own fda approved manufacturing facility and we have a significant commercial presence in 14 countries. zydax is our lead compound that we've been marketing in australia zydax affectively regenerates cartilage and can literally save lives. we had one of our sales executives tell us a story of seeing a dog in a clinic that just four weeks earlier had been
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brought in to be euthanized. the pet parents had to carry the dog in, it couldn't even walk. after just four injections of zydax the dog was bouncing around in the clinic. we will soon launch that drug in the united states and also europe. parnell pharmaceuticals, parn on nasdaq. for the full interview go online. . >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. still holding onto dow 18,000. we crossed into that territory yesterday. haven't seen that since july. went over that 47 times over that 18,000 line. 47 times yesterday. right now holding it 18,061, the nasdaq up 13. let's take a look at the top stories, under pressure, which i will ease had lower revenue, harley-davidson topped the estimates there and that's been a winner.
11:43 am
those pulled back some now and then there's positive outlook for that one and raise the target is a winner. and then we have names hitting lifetime highs, mcdonald's, johnson & johnson, home depot just to name some on the dow. halted, goldman sachs working with bass pro shops to move forward with an offer. stores throughout the day. more on fox business coming up after the break
11:44 am
. stuart: the devastation, the
11:45 am
death, and bloodshed continues in syria and north african cities. what you're looking at is a town in syria where a bombing run killed 44 civilians? ashley: 44 dead now. northwest syria. it's rebel held and unclear at this hour whether this was the attack of syrian air forces behind assad or russian air strikes. but apparently right around noon, it hit a vegetable market and 40 plus people were killed. . stuart: so you can expect another wave of refugees, migrants flooding to europe. that's what's going to happen. ashley: yeah,. stuart: look, we are now two hours and 15 minutes into today's trading session. a good one so far. well above 18,000. the dow up 55 as we speak. that means we're less than 300 points away from an all-time record high. and then there's this. removed from a donald trump rally in buffalo. any violence, ash?
11:46 am
ashley: no, there wasn't. violent. about 20 or so trump protesters got into a rally in buffalo last night. they were taken out without incident and the police maintained a barricade, that kept hundreds of antitrump people away from trump supporters. a total of about six people were arrested for disolderly conduct. stuart: why is the judge laughing? >> because he manages to turn this into a humorous event. throw them out. throw them out. don't hurt him. throw him out. it used to be get rid of them, and i'll pay your legal bills. [laughter] . stuart: now, old hold on. the judge has been formally introduced. but here's what we want to talk about, united health group leaving obamacare by 2017. all right, judge, could the obama administration do anything to keep them in? >> it's a very interesting question. i would hope not. stuart: right. >> i would hope that the courts would continue to respect a 600-year-old
11:47 am
american principle of law, which is that the courts will not second-guess the business judgments of business organizations. if they've decided it hurts their business model to service this part of the health care market, then they shouldn't be forced to go in there. but we are facing an environment in which the government think so it can go to a judge and get an order from the judge forcing people to work for the government. stuart: they're not going to do that. >> i would hope not. and i would hope that the type of litigation begun by the fbi against apple will not migrate into the department of health and human services against united health care. we have a commitment to provide health care services. we're the government. we don't actually provide it. we're just the go between. if you don't do this, who's going to do it? i could say that kind of argument being made, and i hope it's profoundly rejected. stuart: i think it's the other way around.
11:48 am
i think they may offer taxpayer money for the losses which the united health cares of the world with obamacare. that would be spending our money. there's a provision in this. >> there is and it's reprehensible if that happens. that's what he promised would never happen. stuart: you lawyers are not going to do a thing about this, are you? you're just going to sit on the sidelines and say that's unconstitutional. you'll do nothing. >> well, who would have standing to object to this? because a taxpayer does not have standing to object to the way tax dollars are being spent. otherwise there would be floodgate of lawsuits. stuart: there would. >> right. stuart: so the damage is political. it's not legal. >> may i correct you slightly? the remedy is political not legal. that's what the courts would say. if you don't like the way these tax dollars are being spent? elect a new government. don't come to us as judges and
11:49 am
tell the federal government how to spend tax dollars. it's a very sad state of affairs, particularly spending where courts have ruled there's no limit of what congress can spend money on. it's not limited to its authority under the constitution. it can spend money on attractive striped blue ties if it wants. stuart: you want it? [laughter] i've got to say there's an element of sadness here. because president obama walked into the white house with great hopes. hope for change. and one of those great hopes is that we would have a moore equitiable medical system. in came obamacare frankly, judge, it has fallen to pieces. >> well, it's funny you should say that because the criticism from the left is even harsher that he has let them down because they were expecting single payer universal -- they were expecting what bernie sanders has been preaching and of course has not delivered on that.
11:50 am
stuart: the left want a british health care system. >> and how poorly those systems have operated. stuart: it's a sacred cow in britain. you can't cut that. >> even maggie couldn't cut it? . stuart: no, did everything else but not that. i trust we'll see you tomorrow? >> absolutely. stuart: got it. earthquakes in ecuador. here's the headline. scientists say there's a 99% chance one will happen in california. the question is when and we'll address that question you both have a
11:51 am
11:52 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at
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. stuart: as you know more than 400 people are being killed in earthquakes in japan and ecuador. glenn is with us. the california earthquake authority ceo. glenn, welcome to our program. i've been reading your notes. and i want to talk about the possibility of an earthquake in california. you say there is a 99% chance of a 6.7 quake in california when? >> well, that's from the scientific community. and the problem is they can't pinpoint it exactly. so what they do is make projections and they say some time in the next 30 years 99.9% probability 6.7 or greater. we don't know exactly where or when, we just need to be prepared. stuart: that puts the fear of
11:55 am
god for all of us whoever visit california, even if it's a long-term thing. do you have some kind of early warning device? i'm told there are buoys in the ocean for tsunami warning or if the quake happens, say, 100 miles from you, you've got maybe a ten second warning that the ripple is coming towards you. >> yes. stuart: you do have some kind of early warning? >> the technology exists. the funding isn't yet there to put in place these devices throughout the state. so the ability's there, we haven't quite figured out as a state or really as a country how to put that mechanism in play. stuart: but do you have some device, like, a ten-second warning? >> yeah. that capability exists. ten seconds can help. the surgeons can take the scalpel out of patient or gates can go over bridges. it's good technology that hasn't been deployed in california. stuart: now, you've got this long time forecast 99% in the
11:56 am
next 30 years, as i understand it some cities are spending huge for what you're forecasting. can you give me an example of the money we're talking about here? >> yeah. and cities should be. cities and individuals should be. you know, existing -- existing building codes are much stronger than they were 50 years ago say. or even 25 years ago. so the new building stock is really built to withstand a large earthquake. but we need to go back and invest in older buildings. both commercial and residential to get them into a stronger position to survive that shaking. and there's a lot of that activity going around in communities around the scene. stuart: and, by the way, our viewers have been seeing clips from the big quakes in california the last 30 years and clearly there's devastation. are you waiting for a technological break through that would give you a real warning a certain or near certain? when you've got a really good
11:57 am
idea that a big quake is coming. is there a technical break through that you're waiting for? >> you know, science keeps getting better and better. making judgments of the probabilities, increasing certainties of the probabilities, greater knowledge how one fault can trigger another. i think we're a long way off to predict with decision we're going to have an earthquake in a couple of weeks. i think that's unlikely, given the nature of the forces that create these things. but we learn more all the time about how to get ready. you know, i don't think we need to live in fear here in california or initials. we just need to be ready. we have strong buildings and financial protection to survive, which is where earthquake insurance comes in. stuart: earthquake insurance. let's not forget that. i've owned property in california. i've been approached for earthquake insurance myself. glenn, thank you so much for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. stuart: more varney after this
11:58 am
11:59 am
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stuart: you know, we would like to have gone out at a new record high for the tao but we are not going to do it. ashley: ran out of steam. stuart: we are only up 20 points but we will take 18,000 and i'm sure neil will as well. neil: just listening to you i always love listening, you point out property in california, you have property of every kind it would seem. stuart: not quite, working on it. neil: thank you very much. the very latest on what is going on in the big apple and the empire state. for the front runners in this race, do or die or make the others die because that is what is at stake, if you are donald trump leading this case by double-digit going into this, the hope is he can give the


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