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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  April 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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around. holding the rm rates s steady. at leaeast for nowow. what d do they say to us about later on i in the year. prop.. toto move. a lot of things in this turmoil. i want to go right n now to o pr barnes. >> n no change in rates. the fedd lead t this benchmark unanged at this meeting. the bor market conditions hahave improved. economic act committee hasas improved. the fed no lononger says, directly, that globabal and financial pose risksks. now itit is just monitoring thea slightly dub is change i in posisition. >> the glolobal economy is no longnger as risky for the u.s. economy.y. >> that t is correct.
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all that turmoil oveverseas post ris. >> this s is very important. will they raise nextime. if we cacan interpret this, it sounds like they'r're saying, look, the risks are e not as severe.. what do they say a about the u.. economy and the terms of its slowing. >> labor market ndnditions are him through. they have improved further. economic activity y appears to have slowed. again, it is not worrieded about the international devevopment. this looks like a a slightly moe hawkish position.n. maybe nofar enou alolong to set t up a rate raised in june. >> thank you so much. a a economist douglas holtz eak.
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they did n e expt us to raise this time around. are they neeng their cells and the ability to pay that? i do not think that the fed is vermuch into riveting. as you pointed out, the internatnal indexes interesting. i happen to think th what we have seeis aause. the u.s. weaker dollar aows commodities, china, etc., to abilize and that is what we have seen. the fed is kind of stu in the middle. in no n's land. thmiddle ground is kind of dangerous. they havbeen the only game in town for eight years. noally you have fiscal and
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monetary policy working together. we do not ha that now. basicallabsent whehen coming to al economic policy. with no economic policy comingg out of washingto the fed is left. >> i think you diagne that exactly righ think k about it. you simply woke and saw core ination. something like 2.2%. you assume the feral funds was somewhere near two or at leas the feds trying to do too much. trying to generateeal growth when it really suld be focused on a physical mandate we need some help on the fisl policy. task force and rulatory relief. great for the said.
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a t easier for them to get to where they want toe. >> the contestf a presidential election cycle. younow, china. we need to notiate with china. do you think some of the policies that he isalki about, whether it t be lower tas for rpororationsns for indials, dealing with china in more aggressive w so it may be a more fair and lev playing field for goods. e these policies helping the fed? >> right on the ye. laying out a fiscal stimulus. a ckage for the united states will be the cande that wins the next election. does not have a long hisisry and
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programs. meone who could actually g out in frof this and take advantage of the opporty. llary clinton will havave a mo diffictimime. >> she has been seen i in an establishment.t. the business pererson e element. the ininequality issue, i get that. i ar that.t. here is whatat we're going to d. government spending.g. a 50, 60 year r low. now is the time.e. we will take c control of our on destiny. we will grow it here in the united states.s. here in north america. everyone who is wororried. what are you getetting at, and infrastructure project? > there we go. you will put eveveryone to work.
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we will take out money. i ththought that the fed would raise duriring this periodd they wiwill only feel comfortable dog that if they have e some real fiscal s stimulus. it will pushshhe economy forward.d. >> i want to s see long run growthth. i wawant to see progrowth tax reformrm. taking the debt crisisis off the table. these are the e kinds of things. >> sustainable of doing ththat with an establishment canandida. what are you thinking? >> absolutely not.. we will do this.s. if youote against it, you u are on the wrong s se of the inequality pupate. >> youou need someone there
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shaping the tree. > ihink that he is right here and the president typicalllly gs one. one major initiatative. campmpaigning in that fashion. they will get it foror short. my concecern is that is not what dodonaldrump is e exposing. > you have to play tough. >> okay. there is a threat. >> are you going to vote on thtt hope or will w we have a presidt ththat lays out policies that wl work. >> have you gotten anyththing? actually releasingng. >> i think that the candndidate that grabsbs this message is the one that will rurun and win. get that 100 day opportunityty. long-term pension i insurance cocompanies are desperate for
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opportunities to invest. it will not be a government funded stimulus. it will be a are funded program. >> intnteresting. cocoming back to one simple lin. it is the economy.y. thank you so much. they kind of remind everyone that we're lookiking at market interprpretion. twenty-seveven pnts. the u.s. economy is nonot gat. itit may not actually be that b. theyey m leave some room for a future rateikike. breaking right n now, everyone,a body was foundnd in a conference room.. tmz isis reporting that a woman involved in an argent and suained a head injury was acally escorted out of the building and that the ctim was
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found a conference room and could be a suicideictim.m. ill bring you more on this. will bring you all of the detailas soon as thecome in. fresh off of a huge wiin five stat. donanald trump now sounding ki presidential. getting a major policy spe >> we ne a new long-termlan to halt the spread and reachf radical islam. containinghe spread of radical islam must be a major foreign-policy gl of the unit --nited states. it ial a psosophical struggle. like our long strule in the cold war. >> this is the firstn a series of spehethat he will be ving. joing me right now with their intel, democratic sttegists
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from pactive communications. mark, starting with you. did he sounresidential enough? h did. they may he someme doubts about dona trump. do n get used to it. he got this far by bei trump. not being presidential. itid not help mitt romney. you ve to continue to beat trump a be presideial. tris at the same time. it is an interting combinatn. talking out john k sec and how heatsancakes. that is what they ke about ump. maybyou are onto something. >>t was really refreing. saw a sober, honest, really
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disciplined nald trump. think the american people wa a steady hand in the white house. i think it is al really importanthat he has managed to move to the left of hillary clinton. and to the r of barack obam what iean by that, he rlly were rounce this idea of intervention with rack. we will not focus on all of these distractns in the middle east. he is not afid to ing for us when we need to hear it that shouould n be our first and only resort. >> an important pointhat you make. they strk me as isolationists at times. we do noneed to be over there fighti everyone's battles for them. not gettinany help from them,
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for exale. when wdo to stew fight, we commit the resources a theto nds of operaons that will enable us to win. e of the criticisms is are offighting every war. we're doin hfheartedly. can trump change that? >> you know, he has saidhat we ve to fofocus on america first this isort of a trump .rent, in a way. i think it is ally important, what are the concerns? econic security first and foremost. and en it is national security particularly reled to our own border. lling to wage war atny cos i apprecia the need to go
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after. trump is also appealg to people in thr immediate concns right now. >> you have to take ce of things at hom when you think abo the licies that have been in place,hey have not served us well. we are now a nion that is dealing with some very significant challeng thughout the world. here at home. our econ growing. we a confronting a real terroristhreat. in some ways, i wonder if trump, a more streamlined speech th at w we have heard before. lping this cause he is coming up with ideas. >> i wld apply that same case toarack oma. >> good. you are on the right side.
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we have e not really even d the presiden president obama articulateis vision. isis did notxist when prident obama was given it. whene took the whiteouse. to actually, it isretty rerkable to see a republican candidate to the lef the front runner. >> it does n make him left. we have been talking abo this all alo. maybe they had me income with hillary clinton. >> dad is the poi. they are the proroblem. the american ectric are white enough to see it. trump is the veh to tt. noin the position. ted uz may announce today at
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he will pick carly fiori as a gop cdidate. will talk about that coming up. well p by both of you. thank you very much. nald trump nowh more popular votes th mitt romney got when he was the republan nominee. he is on course here. the mostotes ever. it surseems like the stop ump movement is a failure is it time for the par to unify around him. also, and roi the insider next. at was the bad thing about this election. you do not want to miss ththat. stay with me. i am back into. ♪
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>> i adown now on winng. it is over. as far as i am concernrnedthese guys cnotin. trh: breaking right now. ted cruz will announcearly fiorinas his choice for running mate. st exactly what is his announment? we can confi that it will be his vice psidential choice. you know, ybe, just a little picture. the y does not have a path to 1237. donald trump, yosaw him there last nht. you saw him eaier today giving his foreigpolicy sech.
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hes the nominee. thosvictories alsouch closer. e billioionaire now has 77% of the delegatetes that he nee. they are hopoping that they will shake th alliaiance. is this the best time fofor e party to getet behd trump? the formerer governor. good to see e u again. firsrst of all, your reactioion. crews will choose carly fiorina to be his running mate. >> well, she is an impressive lady. it is an aggressive move.
2:21 pm
>> maybe even a hail mary pass. this is how cruz thinks that he can grab the attention and get a win that he needs next week. >> no way to know at this point. it is an aggressive move. >> you are a delegate from mississippi. you look around at some of these other states. only 17 of the 70s some odd delegates have to go and vote the way the people want them to. are you looking at some of these other states? >> the republican party, we do not really like a what washington tells you, you do. whether some of the issues -- >> what about letting some of the people decide.
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it is important. people should have the ability to make their own decisions. the individuals that are voting for someone cannot get their delegates to go one vote for them at the big convention. >> the voters will decide this. it looks like we're getting closer to june 7 which is the last primary that donald trump has a better and better chance of hitting that magical number of 1237. looking stronger and stronger to be the nominee. we are to a point where it is his nomination to lose. >> let me ask you this. why on earth are cruz and kate sick working together behind the scenes to come up with some sort of an alliance. i will nominate carly fiorina to be my vp pick.
2:23 pm
why is all of this happening? are they still thinking they will really upset everything? >> cruz has a reasonable chance. last week, i would have told you that it was 40. >> probably by about the third ballot. cannot get there on the first ballot, then ted cruz is your likely nominee. >> i am not predicting that. do not get me wrong. i think that it is very likely that donald trump will be our nominee. hillary clinton will be the force that helps bring this together. >> the sooner republicans can do that, the better. good to see you.
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thank you. we will talk to you again soon. ted cruz is picking carly feel free not to be his running me. what is he up to? trying to steal some of donald trump's under. having a clean sweep of all of those states last night. another celebrity. they will move to canada. they may be doing trump a favor. am i right? michael reagan. son of the late great resident. he is here. he will weigh in on the trump allegations. stay with me. ♪
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>> breaking right now.
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we can confirm to you that ted cruz will make carly fiorina his running mate. he is expected to announce that a couple hours from now. he has a challenging path to the nomination. why is he out naming a vice presidential contender? his next they go big gop. his final chance to block donald trump from getting the delegates that he needs. they would then force a contested convention. i am going right now to my guest on this. we have with us kristen sold this anderson. your reaction to this news that
2:29 pm
ted cruz is naming abp. >> he really wants to change the news cycle. every time there is a bit of bad news, every time trump would have a bad showing at a primary, he would do something the very next day to change the conversation. endorsements coming out. at this point, it is clear that any ammunition that they have left, they are trying to fire it off. some kind of momentum going into indiana. >> a it kind of seems a little silly. he has no path to getting the number of delegates that he needs. his only hope is that this will be a contested convention and that he can get in on that round. are they saying to themselves, this guy is delusional?
2:30 pm
>> if this gives ted cruz a day or two of favorable coverage, if it makes it look like he is someone who is ready to get the nomination, he really wants to change it. someone who is ready to be the republican nominee. that is why he is making this choice. i think that it will be very hard for him to really achieve that. i am certain that donald trump is ready to declare this loser move. >> let's keep an eye on donald trump's twitter. talk to me about indiana and how it looks right now. in this race. >> the polling in indiana is very regular. the three polls show trump ahead from anywhere from five-eight
2:31 pm
points. a pretty good lead in real life. he outperformed his polls by an average of nine points. he has now gotten to a point where people are looking at kasich and cruz. it is that they are choosing to go to donald trump. he will be very good as we move into indiana. >> i think that hasek is pretty much toast at this point. kasich real rationale was last night in the primaries, they were supposed to be his strong points. he was the best person to try to take out trump in rhode island. in maryland. in pennsylvani he failed to do those things.
2:32 pm
much closer to was confident, demographically. >> thank you very much. >> we have more on the man that wants to build the wall. >> we will have strong voters. we will be building the wall. trish: totally different. >> mr. gorbachev tears down this wall. double mocha. [applause] trish: i will ask what his dad would have a lot of this whole election. you don't want to miss it. stay with me. back in two.
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>> donald trump invoking the legacy of ronald reagan a short moment ago. >> democrats and republicans working together. heeding the words of president reagan. when he said, tear down this wall. history will not forget what he did. very special, special man and
2:37 pm
president. what would president reagan say about the current state of the republican party. here with me right now is his son. the author of the new book, lessons my father taught me. good to have you here. welcome. >> it is good to be with you. first of all, my father was working with pope john. that is how the wall came down. not in working for the democrats at all. no one in my dad's administration said tear down this wall. only a few congressmen wanted my father to say that. >> what would your dad take about everything that has transpired?
2:38 pm
>> way, we wish we had your father back. i think you would be. >> he would look at things today and say why did you take everything that i work for to go. why did you take that and turn it on its head? >> even going further back than that. >> you look at donald trump out on the campaign trail. he is speaking the language that some folks have said is somewhat reagan asked. appealing to your average american and getting them excited about politics in a way that only your dad did. >> bring them together. my father was not mean-spirited, more than anybody. he was not mean-spirited.
2:39 pm
he did not make fun of people. he did not call people names. here is a man who found a way to work together. they had to work together with the speaker of the house in order to get his tax plan put together in august of 1981. calling people names. those people will not come over for dinner and come to get things done. >> this is his challenge. he talks very plainly. very simply. a message that i would say resignations. at the same time, there is a quality to him that can get mean-spirited. it can take an off-color turn. you know, as we make these
2:40 pm
reagan comparisons, there will be some qualities there. your dad was like a full on class act through and through. do you look at those comparisons and get frustrated? >> yes, i get frustrated. donald trump being one of them. he took my father's let's make america great again and put it as part of his campaign again. my twitter account. look at this. if donald trump were anything like donald trump, nancy never would have harry kim. quit trying to make the comparison for ronald reagan. i vote for the person who i relate to. >> people relate to him and they like him. he has a sense of humor.
2:41 pm
he entertains them. frankly, just do not have. that romney, he did not have it. john kerry, he did not have it. hillary clinton, does not have it. the candidate for the republican party. >> tell him to change parties. >> whether he wins or loses, he has changed the republican party forever. that is just a fact. >> in some ways, maybe that is for the best. the republican then how little they have been able to accomplish in the last few years. maybe there does need to be this. >> all of this stuff that is going on. congress before last was the only congress since 1951, 52 to actually cut spending.
2:42 pm
they only get better for the things that they do not do. i think what you have here is a candidate that was born and raised in the talk radio area and the social media area. >> the reality tv area. there are things that you say nowadays that you would not have said before. what was the most important lesson that your dad told you. >> to love and that relationship that you had with nancy. and with his grandchildren and with me. he just really taught me how to love. there is a great letter in this book. the letter he sent me when i got married. sending to his grandson can run. stories he would tell. driving out to the ranch.
2:43 pm
20 million children. my father after he divorced my mother. never forgot about his first family. never forgot about marine and i. do the importance of being a father and being there for his children. i think that a lot of us can learn from that. >> you are so right. it is less and less these days. >> thank you. good to have you here. >> we will have a quick rate. we will be right back with more. ♪
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♪ >> it is said dave. just hanging on here. just barely. the fed today saying that they are not doing a darn thing on rates. however, you have to read the fine details. they are leaving the door open for a potential june hike. closing the day of 45.43. a new 2016 hike. apple shares are down more than 6%. pretty disappointing earnings report. the first revenue decline in over a decade. facebook is set to release its first-quarter earnings after the bell. beating wall street estimates
2:46 pm
for the last quarter. we will be right back with my intel. ♪
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it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >> we can confirm that had crews and his take announcement. be his running mate. maybe just be a little bit immature.
2:48 pm
he has absolutely no path at all. but, this is ted crews that we are talking about. he is a guy that has wanted to be president since he was 18 years old. he is very disciplined about how he approaches his campaign. he is also, kind of selfish. he does not want to take no for an answer. you have to admire his tenacious ness. the voters have spoken. there is no path right now. there is no path for john kasich. enough already. why don't they get out. they are typical politicians. because there is no adult in the republican party telling them to get out, they are hanging on for dear life no matter how much it costs. the party coal less around one
2:49 pm
candidate. this is our guy, or in the democratic case, this is our gal. instead, you have payoff. the establishment is willing to talk about the very party it has worked so hard to build. that is today's intel. we will be right back. ♪ there are two billion people to basic banking, but that is changing.
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>> donald trump just moments ago wrapping up a major foreign policies speech. how he would move the country as commander and chief. i will not tell them where and i will not tell them how.
2:53 pm
we must, as a nation be more unpredictable. isis will be gone if i am elected resident. they will be gone quickly. sticking to the idea of a pause. watch him here. >> we must stop importing extremism through senseless immigration policies. we have no idea where these people are coming from. there is no documentation. a pause will help us to prevent the next san bernardino or, frankly, much worse. >> his reaction to trump's plan to keep us safe. welcome. >> take you for having me, trish. trish: talking about some real changes to our immigration policy. probably pretty vulnerable. european passports.
2:54 pm
they can come here anytime they want. pretty easily, right? >> they certainly can. you look at our illegal immigrant status right now. it is estimated that 4.5 to 5 million of those came here legitimately on some type of authentic status. they overstate that. there is no mechanism right now to domestically go and plug those individuals and stand them back to their home countries. >> how does that affect what you would do at the fbi. trying to follow up on any possible terrorist threats. you have all of these people here. undocumented. here illegally. how do you chase the terrorism trail? >> well, i tell you, you just
2:55 pm
identified a very foldable issue within our borders here domestically. the counterterrorism agent within the fbi, that we would specifically have a student visa over saved. very difficult to the process with dhs. as well as u.s. eis to go ahead and detain those individuals. one, we do not have the amount of and power. the facilities to detain them. >> how vulnerable does that make us? >> i think that it makes us very vulnerable. more of the immigration policy. it is twofold. overstaying policy. >> let's face it. trump has taken a lot of criticism.
2:56 pm
so not let a great correct. we need to look at the people coming into this country. you probably should not come in if you are a public extremist. is it the way he says that? they tell you something kind of similar. >> you are absolutely right. that temporary all of a sudden gets removed from anyone else's talking points. i do not think that that is necessarily what he is promoting. we do need to do a tactical pause and reevaluate. we need to do that as a nation. >> think you very much. good to have you here. we will be right back. >> take you for having me. ♪
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2:59 pm
. trish: ted cruz is said to announce carly fiorina as his vp pick today at 4:00 p.m. what do you think?
3:00 pm
is this going to help him or hurt him? are people going to be perceive him as delusional since he has no path to 1237? or say all right, we like. the idea of a contested convention. join the conversation, go to my facebook show page and tell me what you think. liz, over to you. liz: i think we're going to beat it, we're going to break that news in this hour. i have no reason to know why we would. forget the presumptive candidates and big leads for a moment. we need to tell thought race for the white house is not over at this hour. you heard trish say senator ted cruz expected to make a major announcement in less than one hour, where speculation is rampant, that the very announcement is swirling around everything from, yeah, naming former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina as his running mate to a possible endorsement from indiana governor mike pence. one day after republican front-runner donald trump trampled all over his opponents


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