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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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people will be half the tip a more. i want to show you the extreme here. they have tried to screen you from view of what is going on here. >> thank you very much. take it from there. >> we will stay all over it. storming into the successful hedge form headquarters. you are looking at the doorways. they are demanding. lawmakers cannot agree in over a year. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to the intelligence report.
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you are looking at the entrance there. a very successful hedge funds. a large taxpayer. empire, all of the money. protesters. they are saying he has to pay more. they are calling for $23 billion in new revenue. almost one year. $9 billion in unpaid bills. the democratic legislature. the inability to come to a deal. people are saying, you know, like him, pay more. any budget compromise without the taxes on the rich. unfair to the port into the working class. jeff flock is right there amid the protesters. let's go to him live right now. jeff. jeff: the scene inside.
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this is as you point out, the headquarters. the hedge fund founded. they just tried to extract the protesters that are sitting in there. can you spin around real quick there? >> this group on the outside. shutting down right now. that is what you hear, the protesters chanting. you see a fairly large group. we are talking hundreds of people. police on the inside. not sure where they are headed over there. these are protesters. i have not seen this. they have changed themselves
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together. either side. it is not possible. essentially, taking it very difficult. you hear it on the outside. essentially, blocking the elevator. you will see employees. at this point, i would do so. there does seem to be one other entrance that police are coming in. at this point, a very effective shut down here in chicago. they are calling for taxes. just taxes.
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at the cme and other exchanges. they say they need money. trish: they say let's tax them. to have any idea of how much or what that would entail? jeff: they say that it would only be a very small percentage. i am not a financial expert. i discover financial news on television. >> i appreciate that. you just hurt yourself when you do that. do you agree? >> no, i don't. >> you are trying to make a point here. that is not helpful. >> there are very few people like that in the crowd, i point out.
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the rich ought to pay more of their fair. civil disobedience. trish: what did that protester just do? we did not see what happens. jeff: he held up one finger and it was not the pointer. that is good. >> just to make the point. that does not help the cause. it is certainly one that can be debated. we want to bring some additional voices into this conversation. on the streets of chicago. shut down the entrance. people are trying to get out of the building. they cannot get out of the building. i enjoyed by leslie marshall and
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former -- this is clearly, leslie, a big scene of this election. this fresh ration that americans feel, they watch a growing gap between the haves and have-nots. this is what is playing out will we see that anger here in america. donald trump and bernie sanders will be successful. would you agree? >> i agree with you. donald trump is one of those rich people they are angry with. senator sanders is to a certain degree. they view as washington out siders. they will care about the middle and lower income families. have not had wages increase. back historically in this country. the subsidies of the rich.
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job growth, purchase of goods. bringing jobs back from overseas. you know, a year to the day, we saw a protest like this in illinois, at the capital. in the state of illinois. a year later in chicago. resignation off to the election. >> it is a message that caught on for short. let's not forget, half the country right now, no tax at all. wealthy are paying the majority of taxes. just wonder, is there a better way? can't we be allocating funds more appropriately. the money government does have, the government spends in a way that helps the middle class. >> here is what i am thinking right now.
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donald trump on paper will have a difficult time beating hillary clinton. we continue to see protest like this. no idea what they are protesting. think about this. i am in bankrupt chicago. bankrupt illinois. protest like this will get more people that heck out of this state. they understand that in the last 20 years americans have not gotten a raise. we should all be happy. maybe they didn't not have a job. family members are not have a job. they are pushing back on this
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idea that the administration is saying that the economy is on the right are re. they want to blame someone. find that person to blame. in this case, it is the rich. >> they have been told to blame someone. i do not think they have any clue as to what they are really advocating. people leave out one way faster than any other state in the country. people leave the city of chicago faster than any other metropolitan area in the country. protest like this will only inspire more taxpayers to get out of chicago and ellen away. trish: we will take a quick rate. we will stay on this scene. outsiders are seeing success. americans are feeling the pinch. it hurts. i will see you guys in a bit. we will take a quick break.
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much more on these protests coming to you live. donald trump changing his tune on uniting the gop. the presumptive deal pete really needs the support to win the general election. that is enough. mike huckabee is here. the family feud taking a new turn today. a california judge talks about it. only one day in court did who will take care of redstone? we have some details right after this. ♪
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xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. trish: breaking right now. looking at live picture coming at us from the streets of
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chicago. making a lot of money off of that hedge fund. blocking the entrance there so people cannot get in or out of the building. we will continue updating you on all of this. a very big scene in this election. rich pay. wealthy pay. the lack of success. we will be back to this story in a minute. challenging the mental competency. only one day of court. judge david cowan dismissing the lawsuit against the 92-year-old. he was incompetent when he made a decision last fall to evict former girlfriend from his home and remove her as his health care. charlie gasparino has been following this file storage and joins me now with more.
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what is your thought? >> i would say that there are two stories here. refiling hirsute. the nominal replacement. they are owned by the redstone family. sumner owns a vast majority of it. they are also now suing in this whole thing. here is the other story. for the average person aside the glitz and the craziness, a 92 euros guide can barely brushes teeth or his dentures. whatever. the judge says no.
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that is one story. the other story is more of an investors story. sumner redstone was he is negative chairman of viacom and cbs. to companies controlled by national music. i think in december when there was a suit filed saying he was incompetent. look at all of this evidence to show his incompetence. including handwriting that was barely legible. the stuff about his appetite for sex and state. he good barely talk. >> it gets to something really important. allowing this guy, four years, to be running the company. signing off on the paychecks.
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if i -- trish: those are big paychecks. >> they were some of the biggest paychecks in corporate america. cbs has decent stock performance. viacom does not. you have to ask yourself, as a shareholder, did the board to the right thing? did they live up to their fiduciary responsibility? this is slow. i read a column in the new york post. i have read plenty about this. something that was just outlandish. it has gone off the deep end recently. he said on the record, in his deposition, in this soup, i am paraphrasing, overt and competent.
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there is the tabloid story. >> a good investor for you. board members and ceo. >> you have to ask yourself, why would they let some guy remained as executive chairman? >> my view is, let's give them the benefit of the dow. they did everything right. let's get in there and put these guys on the road. this is a huge story for investors. you know, maybe not incompetent. shareholders need to know that. i am not saying that it did happen. crying out. all sorts of stupid stuff.
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trish: one year stock. half of a percent. trading off. i believe he is off today as well. this is a one-year chart we are looking at. you bring up a very good point. thank you very much. donald trump changing his tune on uniting the gop. winning in the general election. mike huckabee joins me next. continuing to monitor the streets of chicago where protesters are refusing to leave the hedge fund headquarters. demanding the rich pay more in taxes. a big theme in this years election. we watch these protesters block out the entrance in chicago. ♪
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trish: things are heating up
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there in chicago. protesting at a hedge fund. headquarters they are in chicago. they are saying that the rich, they need to pay more in the way of taxes. this after eleanor has failed to put together a budget. i want to go back to jeff flock to flock is standing up there with the protesters in chicago. they just put up a screen to block on the inside what is going on. protesters gaining access from inside. cylinders that have been proven remarkably difficult. they just brought in saws and angle grinders. let me put the screen up. reporters and protesters cannot see what is going on.
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it is behind this screen. that is where it is taking place. as i said, using saws to get these protesters apart. this is a very well organized protest. i want to take you around to the side here. not able to get out of the headquarters. there apparently was a door. now, some folks have been able to get out of the building and into the building. i will take you back here. come on back with me. only building employees are coming in and out. not any protesters making way into the building that way. come out to the streeteal quick. what this looks like on the outside. a fairly new building.
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as you pointed out earlier, this is ken griffin's building. very profitable financial organization. right now, it is completely shut down. you come over here and see what it looks like over here. a very well organized and planned protest. i know you have been talking about it for the hour. not only here in chicago, you see some of that frustration at the donald trump rally. >> absolutely. on both sides now, for sure. jeff flock, thank you. we will continue checking in. i am joined right now for more by former presidential candidate
2:26 pm
mike huckabee. good to see you. good to have you back here. this frustration that you are seeing from people they are across the country, it seems to be quite real. it seems to be on both sides. >> it is on both sides, trish. people in the middle-class and working people know that they have worked harder then they have worked before. they do not have anything to show for it. that has been evident by declining wages. lost of benefits. a very frustrating loss of america. what i wonder is, what do the protesters want? exactly what will they accomplish other than chasing p. trish: they want tax on trades that have been there at the cme. you can imagine, governor, a lot of people will just move out of the state of eleanor a.
2:27 pm
business is like this hedge fund would leave and relocate to a more tax friendly environment. sometimes, you wind up night quite are getting on that. a law of unintended consequences. money has been spent. lots of money in chicago. lots of money and eleanor a. where did that money go? >> they should be mad at the cronies. they ought to be mad at the insiders. both republicans and democrats who were doing great. six out of the 10 richest counties in america surround the washington beltway. think about that for a minute. they are not really creating wealth, they are creating government. i wish these protesters would remember this. last year the u.s. governor took in more revenue from taxes than they have ever taken in an american history.
2:28 pm
it is not that we are not being taxed enough. fewer people are actually paying into the tax system. and a lot of people do not pay anything. there is a huge tax burden. it is already there. it is on fewer and fewer people. it is what they are doing with that money that is the problem. >> they do not pay any tax at all. they have no skin in the game. it will continue to be a big scene. i think that there is a lot of frustration. with that in mind, let me ask you about something else. donald trump and one of the reasons he has been so successful is he is the anti-establishment candidate. he says he does not necessarily need party unity. he would like it, but he does not necessarily need it.
2:29 pm
watch. >> this would be something good. i do not think it would have to be unified in the traditional set. >> these people on the streets of chicago voting for donald trump because they see him. they see him as an economic solution. >> more so then they see hillary. wall street. look at the kind of amounts of money that she gets for a single speech. if she spoke for 40 days much less 40 minutes. yes, i think it is. he does not have to have all the party insiders to win. not that he doesn't want to unite the people of the party. paul ryan out there saying i am
2:30 pm
not sure i will support trump did donald trump can do without paul ryan. i am not sure paul ryan will be able to do without trump. >> stay with me, governor. protesters are trying to block the area that police have sectioned off. they're looking inside the building. locating over to that side of the building as well. are you saying that it does not matter what the establishment does? paul ryan in that romney and the rest of them starting a third party that donald trump could still have a path to being you like did president of the united states. >> i think that he could have a path. let's hope that didn't romney and all these other people that got our support, let's hope that they come to their senses and realized that they really do not
2:31 pm
want hillary clinton to be president. they will get the blame. their destruction of the republican party. >> well, in for four years. the country is still a mess. we have the opportunity to have a big comeback in 2020. >> trish, come back with what. the same old junk that they have been throwing at us? that is the problem. that is the problem. we are sick of it. these people in the streets of chicago, they are out there protesting. taking over buildings. they are angry. they have lost their income. they are living at home two years past graduation. they know that all of this talk
2:32 pm
about how conservatives that will help them. the brand that has been practiced under the elites has been hurtful to many americans. not helpful. >> reality setting in. governor huckabee, thank you for being here. good to see you again. trish: we will continue monitoring the situation here in chicago. they have stormed into the headquarters. they are demanding that the rich pay more in taxes. this is a big scene in this campaign. the economy not in the good spot. we will continue our coverage right after this. ♪
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♪ trish: protesters storming into the headquarters in chicago. the hedge fund. commanding the rich pays more in taxes. the entrance inside the buildings. however, we do not know where those protesters are now. whether they were arrested or not. a series of people gathered. they are relocating their efforts to that location right now. we will continue watching it right now. donald trump getting personal. slamming hillary clinton for her
2:37 pm
husband's affairs. >> hillary clinton's husband accused women were then any man that we know of in the history of politics. hillary was in enabler. treated these women horribly. some of those women were destroyed here it not by him, but the way hillary clinton treated them after everything went down. >> the attack on hillary clinton. >> what about voters in the general election? his treatment of women and hillary clinton's willingness to stand by him and help align those women that he treated? back with me. starting with you. an issue that a lot of people did not want to talk about.
2:38 pm
she is great for standing by her man. i say, you know, by standing by him, you are also having a role in the distraction of these other women. i do not know how you say that is okay. over and over and over again. >> personally, trish, i think it will backfire against hillary clinton. i think it will make hillary appeared sympathetic. >> do you think that this is a bad attack that. putting her in the big dumb box >> it is one thing to call "lyin' ted" to conservatives.
2:39 pm
i do not think you get personal like that. i think it will backfire on him. i think that she will be able to swap this away here at trump's only path, trump's only way to win is to harvest all that anger at the american people feel. these personal insults are going to hurt him. trish: do you agree with this? >> actually, i do. whether they are male or female. you told me this afternoon, my husband cheated on me, i would not believe you. i would stand by my man. i love him. i do not think that that would change the behavior.
2:40 pm
it is putting her into that thick dumb spot. >> what about this? i do not -- is it possible that he really wants to unsettle her? she may be very sensitive. it could cause her to do some rational things. >> yes. i think that she is a very strong politician that is pro- faired for this. it is beautiful that you have these protests in chicago right now. governor huckabee is right. the american people are pissed off. they are angry. >> there you go. using a word that you promised he won it.
2:41 pm
>> those are bernie sanders. that support protesting right now. the middle-class is angry that they are working right now. >> exactly. >> i think that they will be. i think it is interesting to see this line of attack happening to hillary. we will be back with more. live from chicago. a look at the tax policy that donald trump is talking about. that is next. ♪
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♪ trish: a quick check on these markets. the dow up 35 points right now. up earlier in the day. the nasdaq. allele. 4244. saudi arabia's removal of this oil minister. after reports that government had slowed and moved away from cute oil production. live pictures coming in from us now from chicago. higher taxes on the wealthy. blocking the doors to the building. we will be right back. donald trump. fixing our national debt.
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2:45 pm
trish: one of president obama's top security advisers is laying out how the white house lie to us about the iran deal. how the mainstream media echoed the administration's talking
2:46 pm
point. the reporters got spun. the third time they have done this in the last few months. former member of the military. joining me right now to talk about all of this. i am sure that your head was spinning as you heard this story. you have 10 roads out there saying that the administration had an echo chamber of experts to sell this deal to the american public. you are right here on the show. here on fox business hitting this over and over again. what happens with the rest of
2:47 pm
the media? so easily spun. >> that e-mail apologizing to those of us who pushed back against his silly narrative. he has this with the president. they worked this out. not beginning in 2012. 2007. running for the office. doing a deal with iran. iran was not going to do a deal with us. they lied. they turned the narrative around. they treated the press corps like a bunch -- those of us that pushback were vilified in the media. guess what, we were right, trish. >> i never understood as a business supporter myself. telling the other side, we
2:48 pm
really wanted to make that deal. inmate good deal would tell you that is not how you approach. >> forgive me. i have live pictures coming in from chicago right now. they are arresting these people that have blocked off this entrance. they are brand by a billionaire. i want to go to jeff flock. he can tell us more. >> the police have apparently heard enough. handcuffed together on the other side. they are trying to take back the sidewalk outside the center. arresting people. you will see them being drug away. people are sitting down. sitting down in the doorway. what they are doing is
2:49 pm
handcuffing those protesters and then dragging them off. there you see someone there. this young lady refusing to go. they put her in a chair and wheeled her away. the north section of the building. many protesters remain here. you see that there are still protesters blocking the door here. a lot of frustration. police have been letting people have their way for a while. maybe you hear the chants. share the wealth. more clearly than i am. that is the message here. a very organized protest. getting a lot of attention for
2:50 pm
this cause. though moral monday budget. producing $23 billion in revenue for a state that certainly needs it. whether you agree or disagree here at i would quote now, this is a very diverse crowd. it is not young. maybe you see it in the face of the protesters. not going quietly here. >> the problem with all of this is, you know, but government has. they're in illinois, they have not spent it wisely. nationally, we have not spent american tax dollars. talking about how the u.s.
2:51 pm
selected foreign tax revenue than any other point in history. you really do not have a lot to show for it. you think about how much the rich to pay. even half the country out there pay nothing. zero. zilch. paying 84% of all taxes. somehow not having to go to work. jeff: i think you make an excellent point. you should have heard what donald trump said over the weekend. the question is, what becomes without money. i think that it is fair to say that the majority of americans pay more if they are confident. the question is, would that number be largely spent.
2:52 pm
>> we have no sales tax. the model was exactly that. what government has, over mint will spend. somehow, this state managed to get by. nonetheless, they do do find that weight did better than the rest of the country. there is a feeling that there is a lot of wasted government. because of crony capitalism. giving more of your check to the government. >> this is why the trump and sanders message hit some traction. this does not work for me.
2:53 pm
whoever mediators. >> both of them. a lot of people that i have seen at trump rallies that would support the notion of higher taxes among the wealthy. higher taxes for levying some sort of tax. a move out of the country. anything that would be in the country. essentially, a tax increase for that country. there is the support for that on both sides of the aisle. it graduated income tax. they point out that eleanor has a tax break. trish: what are they shouting?
2:54 pm
>> no justice, no peace at the moment. there has been all sorts. maybe your camera man can swing back and show us. i know he is trying to get some of the arrests that are happening right now. >> i want to bring heritage foundation economists steve moore. a very big proponent of lower taxes. you watch this unfold. a lot of anger out there directed out wall street. directed out those in errors. directed at people who have made a lot of money, like ken griffin. >> i do not know if you know this. i am from the chicago area. i grew up there. i know those streets very well. there is a rage out there among voters. the last seven and a half years.
2:55 pm
it has not worked for the economy. i predicted that this would happen. remember that seven years ago. it started in chicago. once that program did not work, that hope would turn to a rage. you are seeing that today. an economy that is not growing. they get angry. i feel their pain. policies have been a complete failure. >> all of that hope and change. the opportunity to grow this nation and to heal some of the divisions that exist. >> to these protesters really while four years of this? hillary says she will keep the policies of obama.
2:56 pm
>> i would almost bet a lot would be bernie sanders. >> you know, illinois, i do a lot of work on stage. one of the most liberal states in the country. many, many decades by liberal democrats and the teachers union. there is a big fight here. they have been operating without a budget in springfield now for almost a year. it has become a war about whether they will have politics as usual. he says he wants to cut back on spending. in my opinion, bringing opportunity to the great state of eleanor white. >> they have spent a lot of money in chicago. a lot of money and eleanor way.
2:57 pm
you can understand why people are feeling frustrated. a number of economists thought that this would be good for the economy. he walked back back over the weekend. right here on the fox business network. he was not talking about necessarily raising taxes on the rich. what is your sense of how a donald trump economy changed where we are now. how much, in the way of taxes will they be paying? >> i was very concerned about donald trump comments this weekend. what gives. he said we will continue to cut back. still being the centerpiece.
2:58 pm
if you want to bring jobs back to eleanor white-- illinois, i feel pretty comfortable where donald trump is with respect to his tax plan. he may have to dial back a little bit. really happy with the final plan trish: wisely out there saying he needs to dial it back wish to mark. >> i do not like that france and after san bernardino, we saw that really climb in the way of public consciousness. it continues to weigh on voters.
2:59 pm
but, you know, what affects everyone i think directly is their own livelihood. >> you've got it. >> and if they don't feel like they or their families can get ahead then they're going to start looking. >> yeah. i'm afraid, trish, to make this prediction, but i think it's very likely you're going to see more of these riots across the country as we come -- people become more frustrated with an economy now growing at half a percentage point? that just won't do it. and people can't get the pay raises they deserve. this has been an economy now for ten years, trish. these middle class voters have not seen a pay raise. that's what they're angry about. >> and seen jobs disappear. i know you're a free trade guy. but i was just down in north carolina. >> i was there too. >> and all of these jobs that we had, all of the manufacturing jobs have all moved overseas. to vietnam. they're looking around saying wait a second. wasn't i supposed to believe in a lot of these policies? they were going to help make
3:00 pm
our economy great and really questioning all of that, which is why donald trump talking about negotiating better trade deals really starts to make an impact on voters. anyway i want to thank steve moore, jeff flock, all of my guests. governor huckabee as well for joining me this afternoon. liz claman is going to take you. liz: yeah, trish, we're going to stay with this story because what i want to focus on is that line of police officers more to the left of the screen. more police are arriving on scene at this hour as you look at live pictures of these protesters in chicago, illinois. specifically the protests are outside of headquarters run by famed money man griffin. the return of moral monday. coalition of grassroots activists absolutely infuriated by a long impact by illinois. the success of presidential candidate bernie sanders, enterprised by a donald trump nomination. so what you're seeing no


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