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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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we'll have primary elect coverage tomorrow. please be with us, it starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. good. [♪] kennedy: hello and happy week monday dumpling. i'm watching the growing list of establishment republicans issuing negative rsvps to the gop. i say you whiners are crying into the wrong hankie. why not take the national hint and let go of your dying institutional norms. this isn't about party anymore. if i were in charge, which i should be, because i throw a known fiesta. i would invite everybody.
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donald trump gets the credit for throwing the first third party missile himself. but his pet lance was short-lived once he started stacking up delegates like firewood. but a certain white haired party animal could bring down hillary. >> the democrats have treated bernie very badly and i think he should run as an independent. kennedy: anything to stick to it crony capitalist hillary and her minions like debbie wasserman-shultz who have been blocking about' path. >> we may be spoiling their day, but we are not spoiling the race. kennedy: spoil the race. it's not about eating salmonella
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in hillary's casserole it's about pouring kerosene on the campfire and winning. this isn't about running a single third-party candidate. we are in vegas on a friday night at the golden nugget on a hot streak. with the libertarian convention happening at the end of this month, if this guy is the nominee he will be on the ballot in all 50 states. >> fiscally responsible, small government and individual choices, freedom, liberty. a person should be making choices in their own lives, not the government. kennedy: music to my heart. mitt romney won't be on the ballot in all 50 states. even though exasperated conservatives are trying to install a white knight on a
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horse. including bill kristol. although like gary and bern i encourage mitt to put on the foil and skate into the race. >> it's the m.i. double sizzle. kennedy: i'm calling for all comers to split the difference and make an interesting race by siphoning votes away from the greater of two evils. evil is having no choice today the all. we deserve the goodness that only comes from an embarrassment of riches. bernie sanders and hillary clinton about to duke it out in the west virginia primary. are there any surprises in store in the mountain state? and is the economy being strangled by government regulations. char think leduff visits the wall on america's border with
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mexico. i'm kennedy. with hillary clinton and donald trump's unpopularity numbers soaring, is this the year for extra party runs? let's ask my court-mandated party panel. my friend meghan mccain, sphoks news contributor and one who is no stranger to presidential races. what do you think about bernie sanders running as an independent? >> i think it's anybody in this race to run as an independent besides donald trump, the moist
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successful would be bernie sanders. 43% of americans are registered independent. he has a stranglehold on that vote. if he doesn't get, donald trump will get it. kennedy: you think he actually could win? i think he has enough crossover. she has own authenticity problem. i think bernie could do quite well. but why limit it to just one-third party person. >> usually when you have third party candidates, there is only one. but i disagree with momiki. electoral votes are getting split between hillary and bernie and trump will get a landslide when george wallace took votes
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away from what would have been hubert humphrey votes and nixon got in. kennedy: i can't stand the idea of just donald trump and hillary clinton. i can't stand the idea of just one person taking away votes from one or the other. >> take the next step in an aism. you can't vote yourself free and spend yourself rich. kennedy: i now it's a romantic and unpopular notion. what does romney do? bill kristol, a lot of conservatives want. >> romney is not the answer to our problems. he's the quintessential establishment republican. he also has proven he can lose. i went to church and i'm praying for a miracle here. kennedy: what is a miracle?
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>> i would love an amazing fiscally conservative foreign policy hawk to manifest itself. i would also like not a liar and criminal and someone who has gotten people killed in libya and whatever. i'm having a total crisis. there is legal issues with doing an independent. there are sore loser laws. getting on the ballot would take a ton of money and there is about a month left to do it. i love talking about this on tv shows, but unfortunately we are stuck with trump and hillary. it breaks my heart wide open. kennedy: donald trump is the presumptive gop nominee. but a wide swath of republicans are not backing him.
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here is mr. trump on party unity. >> does the party have to be together, does it have to be unified? i don't think so. there are conservative parties. this is called the republican party. >> can the donald win without the full throttle of the gop. he may be doing something here that actually outside of his own selfish best interests. do you think he's protecting down ticket candidates? >> he's pulling a page from clinton '96, he's saying run against me. you don't have to endorse me. i'll run on my own, then when i get elected you will no choice but to endorse me. you can have a republican congress and have you can president and we can make american great again.
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kennedy: dose need the establishment to bring the party together? >> in terms of voter outreach, he does need that. he doesn't necessarily need a lyndsey graham who i find so entertaining. he doesn't need the establishment memes. he has the base. if he can get that blue collar vote away from hillary clinton he can win the swing states, not all of them but he will win the great lakes region which will probably be the most important part of the map. kennedy: the idea of uniting the party. isn't that an old-fashioned idea? >> i'm an old school republican and nothing has made me feel older than t i'm no longer cool because i believe in conservative values and i'm pro-life.
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to me it's important. the problem is i'm being nothing short of threatened because i refuse to support donald trump. he's going on tv saying he doesn't care about people like me. i find it insulting and exhausting. and he may not care now, but when it comes to the general in these demographics you are talking about, any way you play the numbers he need people like me badly. he need young women. he need young conservatives. kennedy: an exciting primary tomorrow night. i'll be part of fbn's election coverage. that's tomorrow night. coming up in just a bit. we'll talk about that race there.
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bernie sanders's chances of capitalizing on hillary clinton's unpopularity. is the coal industry dying because of government regulation or as hillary clinton claims, is the market to blame?
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kennedy: welcome back. west virginia has primaries tomorrow.
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bernie sanders is poised to ride a wave of independent voters across the mountain state. will he further drag out the race? i hope so. or will hillary clinton prevail? i hope not. our party panel is back. let's talk about this how does bernie do in west virginia? >> he killed it. he's beating her in every poll by significant margins. with it's not a closed primary he does very well because independent are included bhawts joart of young people are independent. it's not that young people don't vote, it's just that the democratic party of each stays so people of color and lesser means cannot vote. kennedy: we are getting it from both side right now. this is a difficult position for her to be in. she is seeing an active primary challenge from bernie sanders and donald trump is ramping up
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his rhetoric. >> she thought this would be wrapped up months ago. she had the drapes measured in the white house. we can see her achilles heel. her utter contempt for voting in a democratic process. days before the west virginia primary she is going to be shutting down coal mines. then when she was confronted she said i didn't might. i just meant you will have to find new jobs. that's the problem, finding new jobs. you can see her seething contempt for the little people. kennedy: she has no problem saying we are going to put a lot of coal miners out of work and shut down coal mines. then she tries to walk it back. >> when you say something that stupid ... kennedy: is it fun to watch her squirm? >> are you kidding?
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i love watching bernie sanders rip out her jugular and serve it to me on a platter. i hate her in ways i can't even describe. republicans were supposed to have a contested convention. now it looks like democrats can. kennedy: i know you are a bernie supporter. >> i'm a bernie surrogate. superdelegates don't matter until the convention floor. some of them are being swayed. kennedy: the clintons get to them with all sort of promises. >> there is something so wildly disingenuous. chelsea clinton says she doesn't care about money when she is living in a $10 million apartment in manhattan. >> she got in a house of card
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marriage. >> chelsea clinton's husband is a helping funder. guess who invested in her husband's company? the chair of goldman sachs. the relations are right in your face. kennedy: people try to talk about them but then they are accused of a vast right wing conspiracy. then she says i'm a woman and they are only doing this because i'm a woman. kennedy: i'm up a fragile flower. we have a lot more to talk about including a new york city rule that says pregnant women who ask for drinks in bars cannot be refused. donald trump gives mixed signals and whether he will raise taxes on the rich.
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and majors in efficiency. so, they're actually built to save you money, and when they save, you save. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. kennedy: hello, there. donald trump and hillary clinton are courting west virginia voters with trump promising coal miners to dig, baby, dig. hillary clinton who is committed to promoting green technology suggested the market is killing coal. it's not government regulations. malarkey. brian brenberg is here, professor of economics at the king's college. vest what is hurting. coal is dead. is it because of the markets or the heavy hand of government regulation.
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>> natural gas has rise in the united states, producing more electricity than ever before. this is good. natural gas is cheap and clean. so natural gas has moved in and that has displaced coal in many ways. but that's not going to kill coal. what is going to kill coal is the regulations. everybody who looks at this market knows the government is stacked against the coal industry. financiers don't want to touch it and bangs don't want to touch it. kennedy: if you can't get a bang loan, that's something i didn't even think about. that's why i appreciate your economics so much. there are he mening countries and third world countries who can't afford big fancy pant solar panels, they rely on cheap coal we produce in this country
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and they can't get it now. >> china will double it capacity for coal. across the world you will see 1.5 times more capacity for coal because emerging countries can't afford solar and wind. here is the problem. we are killing our coal industry and the rest of the world is saying we are going to use this stuff. which mean the u.s. can't lead. we could be exporting that around the world and helping to lead on that. kennedy: this is how hillary clinton doesn't understand basic economics. this is a stepping stone for poor countries to get rich and get clean. now they have to use expensive dirty coal which is bad -- >> either way, they don't have to do that. kennedy: we are creating that problem because of big government leftists. donald trump has recently
12:24 am
expressed support for raising the minimum wage. he even hinted at raising taxes on the wealthy. and today on mornings with maria he back peddled saying the higher taxes would only take place after his own tax cuts. watch. >> i'm not talking raised from where they are now. i'm talking about raised from my low proposal. >> he sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about. a couple days ago he talked about let's pay down the discount on the national debt. then had to walk that one back. now he's talking about higher taxes and he's walking that one back. no one knows what he's talking about. the one thing the market need from a president. they need a president that creates clear boundaries in which businesses do the work they do. he's showing he can't do that. he's all over the place. kennedy: when you pen off part
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of the kitchen for your dog so it can't get into other rooms in the house. >> the dog analogy sound pretty good. kennedy: never leave me to my own economic devices, professor brenberg. what can we expect from donald trump? >> the american people don't want to negotiate with their president. they just want to know where he stand. he threw minimum wage out there and now he's walking it back. help us make a decision. but he actually sound a lot like hillary clinton with his policies. >> if they are saying the same thing, people are going to go with her. but he's supposed to be the visionary who understands how to best grow businesses. i'm sorry, but as the wife of a small business owner, he doesn't sounds like that. >> his job is not to grow a
12:26 am
small business it's to create the space for small business to grow. everything is a negotiation for him. you are not negotiating, you are creating space for businesses. consistent and clear, strong property rights and clarity for businesses and he's not doing that. kennedy: it's like training dogs. >> it's a perfect analogy, i couldn't have said it better myself. kennedy: safe travels to minnesota, we'll see you throughout the summer. find out how storm troopers got their groove back and taught the empire how to dance. that terrible moment when you open your car in welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes
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to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪
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kennedy: when the sea of insanity washes away your common sense, let's order another round it's the "topical storm."
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topic number one. for decade generations of educators have tried new tricks to keep impressionable teens sober and safe from drugs and alcohol. one of the latest tools, drunk googles. it turns randy teens into toddlers. celebrating is always in order when you are digitally drunk. watch. kennedy: isn't that fun, he just slams him in the face. i like to do it the old-fashioned way. taking shots and then high
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fiving people in the face. topic number two. florida's biggest export after oranges is irony. meet david jane maloney. >> i said it before and i'll say it again. if you drink and drive and hurt someone, don't call me. i'm not going to represent you. i'm not going to help you. kennedy: here is mr. maloney sunday after a deputy pulled over his speeding lamborghini. the officer found probable cause maloney was under the influence of alcohol. for shame. you should take a page from my favorite probably sober lawyer.
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he would do wheelies all over your professional grave. should have called the law hawk. topic number 3. this next story was sent to us by thomas mclaughlin using the #topicalstorm. going through an automatic car wash is the closest of any us will have to a surfing safari it's fun and clean. but if your windshield wiper gets stuck at a weird angle, you just have to let it go. otherwise you might not goes the door fast enough. it just rips the door off. it's so funny.
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i love spineless destruction. the inside a car is sparkling and coated in warm polyurethane. topic number 4. i don't know if i have mentioned it before. but i really like that franchise known as "star wars." simon cowell of britain's got talent. take a look at the boogie storm. [♪] kennedy: those are the moves we have been looking for. yes, and you can definitely see the connection to the original "star wars" films. but not that terrible version george lucas released with the
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side cgi stuff. remember? he can do no wrong. topic number 5. the internet is filled with viruses. people film things and they go viral. like this man who refused to be infectsd with beyonce's seductive microbes as he sat in the back rove her concert. reading a book. of all the nerve it was during her performance of o canada. but this guy was hardy intoxicated by anything happening anywhere. i love literature. i ran into an older version of
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the same guy this weekend in my daughter's gymnastics meet. he was so cranky, he sat and read that newspaper for three hours. just held tonight front much his face the whole time. we nicknamed him. if you have stories would you like to see in the "topical storm." tweet me sat kennedynation. use #topicalstorm. there it is. the party panel returns in morning. no shirt, no shoes, no service. but if you are pregnant we won't turn you away in a new york bar. it's told has to serve the ladies with big old buns in the oven.
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kennedy: we are just partying here. expecting women in new york can expect to be served a drink or two after the new york city human rights commission told bars it's against the law to refuse service to a pregnant woman. even if the bartender thinks it's a horrible idea for a pregnant woman to consume alcohol. malice, i will start with you. >> naturally. >> the only pregnant person on this panel. kennedy: how should we figure this conundrum out. >> the rule is the woman can drink at the bar, but she is not allowed to buy her own bar. if she can convince a man to buy
12:40 am
her drink, game on. i'm still drunk. kennedy: so you are saying a woman who is clearly pregnant is fine to drink, is it okay for babies to drink? >> dhel see did a sketch for madd tv. i have a friend who drinks wine on occasion. french people do all the time. i would not be comfortable if a pregnant woman came, i feel like i wouldn't be able to do it either. kennedy: if the bartender won't serve you? >> a big pregnant lady. kennedy: if you can't make
12:41 am
decisions yourself as a business owner or tell your employees, i'm not comfort with this, where is the liberty in this. >> i actually think it's okay for the woman to drink wine. a red one coming in, a pregnant woman drinks one bottle of wine a month, their children come out better behaved. i don't know if that's because they keep drinking after they have given birth. i'm torn. kennedy: a bought of wine a month. i don't know, i don't like telling people what to do in any capacity. kennedy: if someone is hammered and clearly pregnant that's problematic. it's not just them. if you want to pollute your liver and die of alcohol poisoning, have at it.
12:42 am
>> getting drunk and calling their exs. >> if you kill a pregnant woman you are charged with two conditions of manslaughter. does that mean the baby has a separate life the woman should be harming? kennedy: would it be okay to shove a bought of jack daniels into a 2-week-old baby's mouth? >> no. >> only in kentucky does that happen. kennedy: a new university of michigan study shows failing to get enough sleep can leave a person functionally drunk in a matter of days. dangerous when driving, that kind of drunk. the study found that middle aged men get the least amount of sleep and women get 30 more minutes of shut eye a tonight
12:43 am
than their male counterparts. if you don't get good sleep. the study shows you think you are performing optimally. you are performing like a drunk person. >> i can't function unless i have a good amount of sleep. don't get behind me or around me in a car. if i don't have 8 hours of sleep, word aren't coming out of my mouth. i'm a little tired. i can't finish sentences. kennedy: you get behind the wheel of a cab. >> i did yell at my cabbie today. >> i think this is very important. i structured my life to get enough sleep. i go to bed at 8:00 a.m. and get up at 11:00. the american idea that you have to follow the corporation
12:44 am
schedule is falling by the wayside. young people are saying why am i having an alarm clock when i can get up and put in my 8 hours. kennedy: when you have kid, it obviously changes because you try and keep those little urchins occupied. they just keep coming back. >> a friend is reading a new dr. strange love movie. he will work all night and he has a bizarre schedule. he says he doesn't like distractions during the day. but if i don't get 8 hours sleep every night i'm not a nice person to be around, i'm not as good in any capacity.
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keep * donald trump calling for a wall on the mexican border. but you know, there is already one there. it's a shoddy wall. it costs billions of dollar and doesn't cover a square of our
12:49 am
2,000-mile southern border. charlie leduff journeyed to brownsville, texas to check out the fence between our country and mexico. >> the border wall isn't on the border at all. because of treaties and flooding they had to build the wall off the rio grande. the americans on the wrong side of the fence live with drug smugglers and drug trafficking. >> the louisiana time we went down they had their boats lined up to bring people across. day or night, it make no difference here. >> if you think the trump wall is the work of the tea party, think again. >> i know who voted. bernie and hillary and obama voted for it. >> we have the same problem we
12:50 am
had two years ago when it was all over the news. they have done nothing except talk about a wall. >> talk about a wall, talk about sending them home, talk about enforcing the law, unfortunately none of it has been done. kennedy: should we leave the picket fence and move on or build a bigger barrier. so what did you find there? were there even if gaps? >> there is -- they have some of them are metal poles in cement bases and some are cement walls. there are gaps because people live on the fenced down part of the youth, the no-man's land and the road goat rye through. so what you need are boots on the ground. you need agents who earn salaries and live in the community and recycle the money. i don't know where we'll get $80 million. i climbed over it. you can go around it and under
12:51 am
it. is that the best use of money? when you are talking about women and children coming. he introduced legislation to have mexico take them back and house them but nobody in congress wanted to do the political thing which is negotiate with mexico to take the people. what we have is the same amount of women and children coming over as we did two years ago while the whole world was watching. now that we have a new reality show nobody gives a damn. kennedy: i always thought the wallet self gives people a false sense of security. those three senators didn't for for it. it goes to show you people want a convenient token gesture that allows them to sleep at night and go back to their constituent and say they did something. but the 2006 secure fence act didn't secure anything.
12:52 am
people are on the other side of the fence. now they don't want to do it. so they just tell what you you want to hear. and they do irrational thing with your money. it's more of a political problem with mexico about how to control the border, sort of soldiers or cops or agents. some kind of joint task force. we are not doing anything. it's pretty disappointing when i wake up with on a sunday in mother's day and i have got some [bleep] from god knows where telling me i'm a fool because i don't support a wall. i support rational immigration. i'm telling you they blew a bunch of money and it's not working. kennedy: they are not going to pass immigration reform. they are politically terrified. all anyone has to do is what you did. go to the border and you will see there are gaps that are so
12:53 am
easy for people to get around. it's impossible to build that oversimplified wall. i don't ware who you say will pay for it. how locals deal with it wet were it's texas,, arizona or california. you have village land tees trying to deal with immigration themselves. >> when you put up barricade it has the effect of moving them around or under. it take time. that way they don't just run into a city and blend in. but having said that, you can't build 1,200 miles of fence along the river. because it will wash away. so you have to draw a straight line. once a woman and child touches american soil, they are in. so the bigger issue is what do we do with them? process them, give them an immigration court date and give
12:54 am
them a bus ticket to chicago. kennedy: 90% of the time they don't show up for the immigration court date. >> they never do. why would they? let's start with something which is instead of uprooting people in the interior, what about the people we have today. let's just start with a pilot program and see if washington can do anything. kennedy: send them to d.c., see how that works. sharply, thanks. appreciate it. coming up, will bernie supporters back hillary in the general? we'll ask people on the bern wa [plumber] i need to be where the pipes are.
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kennedy: bernie sanders' national campaign galvanized
12:58 am
socialists and hippies. if he doesn't take the nomination, will his minions vote for hillary? rich collier hit the streets to find out just that. reporter: is it time for bernie to drop out of the race? >> no. >> no, it's not about being done or not. it's about what he stand for and what he believes in. reporter: it's also about winning, right? >> in what way? >> it not rocket science. reporter: fit' not bernie will you vote for hillary? >> no. >> i will not vote for hillary, it won't happen. >> hillary. >> hillary. >> a lot of his supporters will go over to the hillary side. >> even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. reporter: what sound better, president hillary for president trump. >> president trump.
12:59 am
>> i'm as afraid of hillary as i am of trump. >> i would rather have no one. >> this guy is sick, there is something wrong with this guy. reporter: do you think hillary is more dangerous than trump? >> trump is a lunatic. he's a certifiable performer and the country that follows him is certifiable at this point, too. >> and the wall just got 10 feet taller, believe me. kennedy: because of her. i will never vote for hillary. thank you so much for watching this show. tomorrow night i'll join neil cavuto for live election coverage as bernie and hillary battle it out for west virginia. the show is back on wednesday night with bret baier breaking down the result. scotty will be here. i can't wait. email
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i will see you tomorrow night with neil. paid presentation for cindy crawford's new meaningful beauty ultra, brought to you by guthy-renker, you'll discover the secrets to not only aging gracefully, but beautifully while looking your absolute best every step of the way. i think my philosophy on aging is really more my philosophy on living, which is just do it well, take care of yourself. it's about celebrating where you are and being the best you that you can be in that moment. then it's not aging, you're just living. (female narrator) in the next few minutes, some of the world's most inspiring women will share with you the secrets to looking as young on the outside as you feel on the inside. i am proud to say that i am 47 years old. i'm looking better than i ever have and i can actually say i feel good in my skin.


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