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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 26, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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dealing with runaway government, runaway entitlements that have to be slowed or we are in trouble. interesting stuff on markets, the federal reserve should pay attention, should not be the defining clincher for any move up or down. >> donald trump ready for his victory lap, he is going to speak on the heels of news that he has reached the magic number of delegates he needed to clinton the republican nomination. the associated press, welcome to "the intelligence report". trump reaching the magic number of 1237 by securing the support of a number of unbound delegates. we were here any minute in north dakota, we will bring it to you live. president obama in japan launching his harshest criticism yet at donald trump saying foreign leaders are rattled by trump. of course they are rattled.
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he vowed to put america first was quite a change in attitude from the current president. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a virtual tie. if she loses california after all these losses to bernie sanders it could be a problem. this on the heels of a blistering report slamming the private email server is criminal investigation ramps up.the demo political offices are here to debate it. former cbs evening news anchor katie couric under fire after her pro gun control documentary was found to have intentionally misrepresented the gun right supporters she interviewed. why can't conservative views ever seem to be treated fairly by the mainstream media? we will explain. a shocking new report, intruders breach u.s. air force fences
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every 10 days. standing in a security line waiting to take off your shoes and belts, how vulnerable are our airports. people are sneaking in every twee 10 days. lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here to sound off on that. tower top story donald trump takes the stage in bismarck, north dakota any minute from now for a major policy address. on the very day he had the magic number of 1237 delegates, their in the heart of america's oil and gas he will outline his energy policy. we will bring it to you live. president obama launching into his harshest criticism yet of donald trump. there he is in japan speaking where he said foreign leaders around the world have good reason to be, quote, rattled by donald trump. watch this. >> for good reason. the proposals he has made
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display ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude or an interest in getting tweets and headlines. trish: they are rattled because trump won't stand for any of the shenanigans we have seen internationally. he will stand up for america and put america first and that is a change from what we have seen from the current administration, he doesn't want to court a bit. joining me with new -- republican strategist kevin paul scott. good to see both of you. as we await donald trump, he will outline his energy policy. everyone likes to pilon and say this is a guy with no specifics. will we hear some today?
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>> i do think you will hear some. donald trump is in his sweet spot, a place where he secured the nomination, momentum is at his back, hillary is distracted by bernie sanders and email scandals, donald trump has the opportunity to lay out clearly policy that is going to benefit the american people. i think you will see him do that. whether or not it is articulate or clear enough or complex enough for certain individuals on the conservative side i don't know. you will see a policy that most american people say makes sense to us and we agree with. >> he has been forthcoming with some of his policies, look at tax policy, he put forward a bunch of brackets, this is what i would like them to be. that is more than we are seeing from bernie sanders or hillary clinton. >> the question is will that be his policy? he keeps changing, this is a suggestion or an ironclad thing,
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been the muslims or not been the muslims. i don't think in the candidacy see any of that stuff matters. it is not about policy. it is about attitude and that has propelled him so far. trish: it is about winning. >> we will see how he does with the general election. trish: it could change. every politician has to pivot from what their position is. you got to get everybody in washington on board with whatever your policy is and that means give a little take a little. given donald trump's background in business, his ability to negotiate, will that lend itself to a washington which right now is stuck in gridlock? >> donald trump is going to have to change his tactics when it comes to getting legislation passed. make no mistake, the clarity, the way he has gone about selling himself to the american people, you can't argue that it hasn't worked.
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it has worked very well on the republican side. the problem is passing legislation is more difficult. we have seen a lot of presidents who are good at taking their case, bill clinton's first two years struggled to get anything done and had to totally change course, worked with newt gingrich, the 94 republican revolution to get things passed. trish: in some ways we are saying the same thing. my point is given his background in business, given he has had to negotiate a deal or two along the way, doesn't he in some ways instinctively understand you have to give a little, have to take a little and maybe some of the positions we hear about today, may morph into different things and that is not necessarily bad. that shows he can to get something done. >> he knows how to make a deal. and he will begin to do that.
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my only point is the way you make a deal in business is different than legislative deals with you can't pay somebody off, not legally, in this process. i am not saying he can't do it but it will be tougher. trish: we will get back to trump. we are awaiting him. he will be speaking in bismarck, north dakota. there is the podium. as we wait for him i want to talk about president obama, what he is saying in japan, criticizing donald trump, saying leaders don't respect him and they are nervous about him. >> get used to it. we are going to hear from now until november president obama will be her number one surrogate, he will show up in speeches, banking donald trump between now and election day like nothing you have ever seen before. trish: it is disrespectful to see him over there in japan turning a moment into a political event.
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he is a political guy, this is what he does, but nonetheless he is over there talking to the japanese and takes an opportunity to stick it to donald trump and interject domestic politics into what should be an international event. >> you are exactly right. it is not the wrong statement, it is the wrong then you. i don't have a problem with barack obama going after donald trump, i expect him to do that. he is a democrat, donald trump is the republican nominee but the wrong venue, the obama apology tour apologizing for america has gotten old and now he is going and taking american political disputes abroad and i think not only have his policies weakened america, the way he is talking about the other candidates, that weakens our
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country and weakens our standing and that is why people are tired of the obama administration and i would say this. him saying that abroad doesn't help hillary, it hurts hillary. trish: i would agree with you. this is a guy, president obama, who understands politics, is a gifted politician. politics is in his blood. when it comes to legislating, when it comes to actually leading, when he does things like that like he'd be did in japan, isn't that advantageous to donald from? >> i will drag you into the 21st century. i don't think it matters, foreign shores or domestic shores it is all over television. whether you are in the oval office or tokyo it doesn't really matter. trish: i think it does matter. there has to be a level of respect, of defending your own and standing up for your country and not involving everybody else in our domestic political -- >>'s legacy is on the line, he will fight for every inch of it. trish: stand by. 's legacy is on the line and it is not looking like a good one.
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let's keep -- watching for donald trump, you can see let live picture of bismarck, north dakota, he will be speaking there and outlining his energy policy. we have been watching a recent selloff in oil climbing roughly $50 a barrel which is good news for the oil industry but not as good as they had it, back to $150 a barrel things are booming in north dakota. things keep getting worse for hillary clinton a day after a new government reform shows how many rules the former secretary of state broke with her personal email server. a new poll has her tiding california with bernie sanders 12 days before the primary that could decide this entire election. sanders may be mathematically laminated when it comes to delegates but when he is clearly getting this momentum it does signal a sense of a win. hillary's untrustworthiness
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finally caught up with her? mike emanuel is in san jose and joined me now? on the campaign trail? >> hillary clinton will be in san jose later this afternoon for campaign events with the latest polling suggesting it is shaping up to be quite a race in california in the final two weeks. public policy institute of california had hillary clinton with a 7% lead in march. it has shrunk to two points, 4644 within the polls margin of error. clinton is investing plenty of time and energy in the golden state hoping to pull out a win on june 7th, clinton is not responding to reporter questions about her email controversy. instead she is trying to look ahead focusing her attacks on presumptive gop nominee donald trump. >> the only infrastructure plan donald trump has put forth is to build a wall. a great big wall. that he claims, that he claims he can get mexico to pay for.
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i think we have to keep reminding him this is not a reality tv show. >> reporter: bernie sanders continue doing major rallies all over california, he is predicting a win here, sanders has come out in favor of a ballot initiative, state measure to legalize marijuana and blasting disney for hiring foreign workers and making products overseas. >> bring mickey mouse and donald duck back to america. [cheers and applause] >> let's tell corporate america that they cannot continue to throw american workers out on the street and move to china. we need those jobs here in america. >> the clinton campaign notes she does not have to win california to be the democratic nominee but the clinton campaign did not want to come out in california with everybody
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talking about sanders being the guy with all the momentum going into the democratic convention. trish: if she doesn't win in california, what happens when? we continue to wait for donald trump to speak in north dakota. i want to bring in kevin scott, ellis, california is a big deal. if that is a no go for hillary clinton how does that affect her chances at getting the nomination? does she still get it? >> perhaps a bit disheartening? >> that is a bit right. politics is one part mathematics and one part psychology. you would rather have them both but if you had to get one, better to have the map on your side. trish: let's not forget she needs the momentum. in order to get people out to vote she needs those bernie sanders supporters backing her. if he takes california doesn't he take with him a lot of the
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sentiment that she needs? >> you are right. mathematically hillary clinton is going to be the nominee but from a momentum perspective this is horrible for her. as the email news keeps coming out, she needs to put the democratic fight behind her and she can't do it, the longer it goes on the more divided the party is and better bernie sanders does the tougher it is for his supporters to want to rally around hillary because of this prolonged fight. it doesn't mean she won't be the nominee but it is not good for her. trish: she has already seen a defection among many bernie sanders supporters. if you look at the poll data out of west virginia, you have more than 30% of voters for bernie sanders saying they would vote for donald trump opposed to her. how does she clear that hurdle? how does she bring them back in?
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>> she needs bernie's help? she needs to have bernie do for her what she did for barack obama eight years ago. without that i think she -- trish: i don't know if bernie is willing to go there. bernie has never been a democrat. he is a socialist, he is not a party guy. how does she convince him? does she offer the vp, a cabinet position? what will bring him in? >> clintons are good at politics, they better start politicking in this situation because i don't think she offers him vp. we have to be honest, bernie is not happy with the way the process has been handled. he feels he has been disenfranchised. when he is out there praising the way the rnc chair is handling things and criticizing the dnc chair. trish: we are looking at life pictures from north dakota, donald trump walking towards the stage where he will be speaking on a day that is an important day because he has reached the
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number of delegates that he needs to be the republican nominee for president. he is shaking hands with delegates in north dakota, delegates presumably he has won over and he is about to take the stage, likely to do a victory lap and say i am the one, nobody thought i could do it, i proved them wrong and the expectation is we will hear from donald trump on energy policy. north dakota is the heartland of the oil and gas industry. an industry that has been under siege because we have seen oil tumble to $50 a barrel. >> from north dakota, north dakota had a big statement and i appreciate it. we will not forget it. thank you very much. i want to thank a good friend of
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mine, harold hamm. we can consider harold the king of energy. there is nobody like him. he knows more about it than anybody i know. i want to thank you for your support. you have been amazing from the beginning, my friend for a long time. the governor of every magazine, he had as many covers as i have, maybe more. thank you for your support. okay, yes, john. >> president obama at the g7 summit in japan -- [inaudible question] >> that is good. is that right? that is good. i love that word. he knows nothing about business. when you rattle someone that is good. many of the world as you know, many countries in the world, our beautiful world have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. if they are rattled in a friendly way we are in great relationships with these countries, but if they are rattled in a friendly way, that is a good thing, not a bad
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thing. [inaudible question] >> he is a president who has done a horrible job. everybody understand that. he is a president who has allowed many of these countries to totally take advantage of him and us unfortunately. he has got to say something. every time he has a press conference he is talking about me. it is one of those things but i will say this, he is a man who shouldn't be airing his difficulties, he shouldn't be airing what he is airing where he is now and you will see it stop pretty soon. he has not done a good job. we are giving a big speech on energy and we will see amazing things happen with the country on energy and i look forward to doing it. president obama, you see what happened, where we are going, we
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are a divided country, we have tremendous difficulty, tremendous problems and we will solve those problems and solve them fast. go ahead. [inaudible] >> i do think it is likely, we don't do it for any specific reason. we are looking for absolute confidence. i fully expect we will have many women involve not only -- i had it with the campaign but many women involved and i think you will see that, i know he was misquoted a couple times, he has been misqu have women involved at the highest levels. jeremy, go ahead.
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[inaudible] >> how do you convince -- [inaudible question] >> i am no puppet and i'm raising money largely for the party. we intend to raise a lot of money for the party, no idea how much but we are raising it for senator's, congressman, congresswomen, raising it for a lot of the people, we want to have majorities, very important, we have a tremendous staff of people, we raised in los angeles a lot of money for the party and this is money going into the are in c and we are going to have a tremendous, we are getting thanked by the republican senators, and hopefully we will raise a lot of money but this is money being raised for the party and i think we will have a tremendous success and i am also continuing to fund big portions
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of my campaign. [inaudible question] >> i am releasing when we are finished with the audit. the irs has been very professional and continue to be very professional and when they finish the audit, for 15 years, i don't know of many people, i don't know what that is all about. the irs has been very professional. as soon as that is finished, whenever that may be hopefully will be before the election, i am fine with it. >> you do pay some federal taxes. >> i do, i do. david, go ahead. >> in the wake of yesterday -- [inaudible question]
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>> i want to run against her. she has bad judgment. probably illegal. we have to find out what the fbi says but it was bad judgment. i just read the report. it is devastating, the report. it is devastating. there is no reason for it. screening on the edge all the time, you look back at her history, this is her history. it is a very harsh report done really by democrats, appointed by obama and done by democrats so it is shocking to see if it is hard, more than anything else is bad judgment but that will be up to her whether she wants to continue running. >> talk a lot about -- [inaudible question]
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>> i think it will. i haven't yet. i think i will but i haven't had the support of the governor of new mexico, i imagine she will come over to my side. if you look at what happened, tremendous support from all over the country, senators, congressmen, governors all over the place, vast majorities, the approval is up 90%. that is tremendous from where i started. a little while ago it was 62%. i won the elections in landslides. very important if you look at the elections, you go to new york, 62% of the vote was three people running, we went to pennsylvania which is going to be a state we will do amazingly well, hillary clinton wants to put the coal miners out of business, put steel mills out of business, i think i am going to
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win pennsylvania easily. we have tremendous support there, maryland, connecticut, delaware, rhode island and we had a tremendous tremendous success where we went to indiana, that was incredible. we are going to win indiana very big. we have tremendous success. the thing i think i am most proud of not that i'm watching hillary instead of hillary watching the, we were supposed to be going into july. a lot of people said -- there would be a new convention in august and here i am watching hillary fight and she can't close the deal and that should be such an easy deal to close but she is unable to close the deal so i am watching her and we will see what happens. absolutely. [inaudible question]
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>> i have to look at it individually and be doing that. a number of people in industry, i will be doing that. thank you. >> republicans that haven't yet endorsed, do you happen -- >> my messages we have had tremendous support from almost everybody and if you look at congress the support has been incredible. i spoke with paul ryan last night, we had a very good conversation, we will see how that works out. we had a very good talk. >> also with that -- >> i don't read the huffington post was was there an article in the huffington post? i am sure he was misquoted. i didn't think they covered politics, the huffington post. do they cover politics? >> the muslim man --
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>> we will look at a lot of things. we have a radical islamic terrorism problem. and we have to be vigilant. [inaudible question] >> i would love to debate bernie. he is a dream. i said last night on jimmy's show, i have a lot of money to be put up for charity, can race for women's health issues, $15 million for charity, an appropriate amount, and i understand the television business very well, we get a very high rating, it should be a big arena somewhere and i would love to debate bernie. the problem with debating bernie, he is going to lose because his system is rigged just like our system is rigged. if
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it is so unfair. the problem is birdie will not win. i debated him anyway if they wanted to put out money for charities. we will see. we have had some calls from the networks anyway. he is the one that suggested length debate. [inaudible question] it is true. i would love to debate ernie. they would have to pay a lot of money for it. and not? >> i would love to. i love debating. every single pull, on every single debate, i have one every
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single one. they are all talk no action. i have created jobs and businesses and done great. i never debated professionally. iran again saw these people that debated professionally. i won every single debate every single poll. i do not mind debating. what will i debate. guys like this, one of the great oilmen of the world, we are not debaters, we are people that put people to work. how many people do you have working for you? tens of thousands. that is what he does. i will tell you, he may surprise you. he may do very well. we do not do that.
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i actually love the debating process. centerstage for every single debate. their free time i was upset was when we had even numbers. to in the middle. i always insisted on having odd numbers. go ahead. [inaudible question] i think that the federal government should get out of the way. the federal government is in the way. we have so much potential energy. my speech today is on energy. the federal government, the regulations, they have to put the coal miners out of business. the coal mines are shut. hillary clinton is worse than obama. she openly said i want to put the coal miners out of business. i want to put the coal mines out of business. we will not have any businesses
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left. hillary is, i think, i cannot imagine how she could possibly do well in a place like in sylvania. you know, i think that she made a big mistake. she is catering to certain people. they are incredible people. why don't you go into some different profession. they said that we love going up there coal. i will never forget the answer. you think that it is dangerous. you keep going down into these incredible crevices. they love doing what they do. that is what they do. it is like me. my father was in real estate. now i'm in politics. he is looking at me now saying what happened. it is such an important audit. hillary clinton should not be putting them out of business.
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[inaudible] i want to be energy independent. yes. absolutely. i want to be energy independent. i have not spoken to herald about that, but i would say that energy independence is what we all want. do not forget, technology, we found out that we are sitting on energy. we are sitting on energy like a one what to leave. i want to be energy independent and the answer is yes to your question. [inaudible question] we will see what happens. great conversations. we will see what happens. [inaudible question] as of this moment, i am very unhappy when i look at the world of radical islam.
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i am very unhappy with it. we will come up with a solution. obama could never come up with a solution. number one, he is incompetent. number two, the solution will never be out there for him. he will not even mention the words. i have friends that say thank you. thank you. this is a problem that needs to be solved. tremendous distraction like in california with the 14 people killed. they lived in a house where they had bombs all over the floor. everybody knew that they were up to no good. people have to report what they see. go ahead. go ahead. [inaudible question] right. good. i know. i was very impressed. [inaudible question]
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and by government. [inaudible question] i do. ultimately, coal will be very inexpensive. you have to get rid of some of the regulations. i spoke to some of the mine owners. on a daily basis going in checking, checking, checking. there are people that have nothing to do but deal with regulators. it has gotten out of control. all i can do is free up the coal. which i will totally do you get the company's back to work. market forces. beautiful to me. [inaudible question]
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totally. it should be. obama would approve it or not improve it. hillary will not approve it from what i understand. i want a better deal. listen. here is the difference between herald him and myself and you or let's say obama who does not know what the held back he is doing. folks, we will let you build a pipeline. give us a piece. we will have to use eminent domain. their favorite project is the keystone pipeline. the whole big section is devoted to eminent domain. without eminent domain, that pipeline would not go 10 feet. i want the keystone pipeline. the people of the united states should be given a piece, a
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significant piece of the profits. obama would have said yes or no. politicians would have said, yes, we will approve it or know we will not geared i want a piece of the profits. we are making it possible to happen. i want a piece of the profits for the united states. that is how we will make our country rich again. just one way out of thousands. it is how we will make our country rich again and make america great again. do you understand what i'm saying? [inaudible question] this is a different pipeline? [inaudible question] do you like the idea? do you like the ideas? i'm not supposed to say this, but that's okay. we would look at it. i would look at anything. i'm going to look at anything.
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a lot of times, pipelines are so much better. it is underground. we will take a look at it. [inaudible question] okay. i am not aware of that one, but we will certainly take a look at it. my basic bias would be to improve. going to the right place to the right place. okay. we will take a look at it. [inaudible question] well, i tell you two of them that are very important. lower taxes. the highest tax nation and the world by far. the other one is we are overregulated. i made a speech last night. regulation, and, this surprised me, i have seen it, i've been
2:37 pm
doing this for 10 months or so, regulation is more of a problem for people than the taxes which surprised me. they are both problems. under my plan, we are lowering taxes substantially for everybody. taxes are going way down. we will allow trillions of dollars to pour into the country. people and companies want to bring it in, they can. the tremendous number of rules, regulations. probably 75% of which are absolutely terrible for our country. okay. [inaudible question] >> who? pocahontas? you tell me. i am sorry about that. pocahontas. is that what you just said? elizabeth warren? she tweets a lot about me.
2:38 pm
when i tweet, not that many people are watching her tweets, people watch mine. very little legislation. she has been a real disaster for a lot of people including the democrats. i would debate her. she has done very little for massachusetts. i won massachusetts with many people running against me. she was fighting me. i really think if her record was exposed and the fact that she was a native american, she said she was native american but she was not able to document it, what she said i have hygiene owns. you see. i am a native american. she was able to get into various schools because she applied as a native american and probably able to get other things.
2:39 pm
do you think she is as native american as i am? she is a woman that has been very any effective other than tea has a big mouth. go ahead in the back. in on? i would like to go women health issues. on tuesday, we will be releasing a tremendous list of all the money we have given. when i decided i wanted to do this instead of go to a particular debate rather than a cable network that has been unbelievably fair. i felt like i was not treated right. during the speech i said let's see if we can raise some money for the vets. i think we will have a press conference in trump tower. probably 10 or 11:00 o'clock. we will release a list of all the people.
2:40 pm
almost $6 million worth of money was raised. when i started back, i started we were not going to raise anything. it was just an idea that came to me. you know what, let's raise the money for the vets. one of my friend that was there, a very substantial person, offered a million dollars. cara like on gave half a million dollars. all of a sudden, we started getting a lot of money. we will release a list of different veterans. pretty close to $6 million worth of money. i would like to do something similar. in this case, just a payment. why should the networks have a debate like this. sell it to sponsors. make a fortune. probably in this case, various groups involved with women's health issues. i think that it is important. okay. [inaudible question]
2:41 pm
>> yes. go ahead. [inaudible question] i am so honored. i am so honored to be in north dakota. i am so honored by these people. they have great cents. [applause] thank you. we will have many things to do. number one i will be unwinding various executive orders. particularly having to do with the border where people are pouring into our country that should not be here. we have a lot of things to do. we will start rebuilding our military. we have no choice. we will make them bigger, better, stronger than ever before. i saw the other day, actually, on cnn, the jet fighters were using parts from museums in graveyards, plain graveyards, where they are taking old parts for our fighters. four f-16s. they were interviewing some of the pilots.
2:42 pm
these are great people. they are so embarrassed and so ashamed with what is going on. we will rebuild our military. we will have the finest equipment in the world again. nobody is going to mess with us. very simple. i will not have to worry about the draw. i am the last person. i did not want to go into iraq other like hillary and other people. the way obama got us out was a tremendous mistake. we will have a lot of fun that first hundred days. we will start the process of making america great again. how about a couple more. [inaudible question] we are building our campaign staff. one of the reasons i made a deal with the rnc, you know, they build over years and years staff in every state. you cannot do that or you can't
2:43 pm
do it very well if you do not go over the next few months. i just learned i got the nomination. this is something that would happen, according to some people, in august. some are saying the second convention which would have been ridiculous. many people saying it would go into july. then we have that massive victory in indiana. that was a massive, massive victory. here i am sitting. i am watching -- i love watching hillary and bernie got it. bernie is giving me some great lines, which i'm using. believe me. i will say, as far as building the infrastructure of a campaign, they have been doing it for many years. all over the country they have really good people. part of the benefit is we get to use those people. while i am raising a bottom money for them, they will also use that for other people running for office, it has really been an honor.
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i made a big group of people last night from different states. they work you sent julie from the arlen c. you cannot do that for a period of eight short while. [inaudible question] a question was asked of me. i really know nothing about defense foster situation. have not known anything about it. a lot of people are very skeptical as to what happened and how he died he had i know nothing about it. i do not think, unless some evidence to the contrary that i've seen comes up, i do not date that it is something that should be part of the campaign. if you people reveal something to me, i will answer it the appropriate way.
2:45 pm
okay. one more. [inaudible question] yeah? [inaudible question] right. [inaudible question] well, bernie will ban fracking. hillary will ban fracking. hillary will abolish the second amendment. just in case you have any question. she will abolish the rights to own a gun. i am exactly the opposite. i got a great endorsement and honor from the nra. they are amazing people. i am a member of the and ra. my sons are members of the nra. they want to absolutely knockout fracking. you do that, if you will be back into the middle east and we will be begging for oil again. we will open it up. we will be energy independent. we will have all sorts of energy. everything you can think of.
2:46 pm
the problem is solar is very expensive. it is not exactly the greatest thing in the world did i know a lot about solar. it is a very, very expensive thing. wind is very expensive. you need massive subsidies for wind. there are places maybe for wind. wind is killing all of the eagles. you shoot an eagle they put you in jail for five years. hundreds and hundreds of vehicles. one of those beautiful, one of the most treasured birds. they are killing them by the hundreds and nothing happens. wind is a problem. it is very, very expensive and it does not work without subsidy. despite that, i am into all types. i love the farmers. the farmers are incredible. this is largely a farm state.
2:47 pm
they produce tremendous crops. i need a lot of them. [laughter] i just want to pay my respects to the farmers of north dakota. they have done a great job. all right. go ahead. [inaudible question] we will meet with the governor of iowa. a tremendous guy and friend of mine. we will talk about it. we will be making a decision fairly soon. [inaudible question] i will open it up so they can sell. that will be up to people like harold. nobody can sell like him. i would open it up and i would keep it open. get rid of the regulations. people that i know. really confident.
2:48 pm
super confident. we will make so much money from that. from energy. you will hear some numbers in a little while. we will make so much money that we will start to pay down our $19 trillion in debt. we will start to lower taxes. take care of social security and medicare. we will open it up. thank you very much. go ahead, david did he wrote a couple of stories about me. i have to let him. he wrote a couple bad, too. [laughter] go ahead. [inaudible question] i was so honored by that. yeah. [inaudible question] i was so honored. the "new york times" did this massive story on the front page. they called it three women and another woman in many of the women have said we have great respect for donald trump. we really like donald trump.
2:49 pm
that is not what we said. they said that this would be a wonderful piece. the "new york times" has been totally discredited did i just presented many, many e-mails. i think i sent them to you, david. many, many e-mails where she is asking for a job. after she was gone, i never took her back. she wrote a book in which she said the nicest things about me. you are the least sexist person. i do not even know why she mentioned it. she writes me a letter. she wrote many e-mails asking for her job back. she has been totally discredited . the "new york times," i can tell you from personal knowledge, is very, very embarrassed. to put a story like that above the fold with a massive picture of myself standing with
2:50 pm
ms. universe, making this usa contestants which i own, which i sold recently to img, but for them, to put a story like that above the fold, i can tell you, they are very ashamed of that story. and for the women to come out, to come out and be brave and say -- who would do that. it was so nice. i did not speak to her when she did this. i think her. it took courage for her to do that. for her and others to come out and go forward and say you really really missed treated us by writing the story. we have great respect for donald trump. we like donald trump very much. honestly, they should be ashamed of themselves. it has been a great event for
2:51 pm
me. even though this was not major allegations of very much stuff, as you understand. one of them accuse me of saying don't eat that candy. a friend of mine called me up and said that is not too serious. they made it up to be such a big violation. do not need that candy. i sent it to you. i appreciate the story you wrote about it. the "new york times" are very embarrassed by that, sir. ladies and gentlemen, hank you very much. [inaudible question] just a talented person. he has been there for a long time. pretty much, right from the very beginning. get over here. get over here. [applause] been there right from the beginning. >> you have changed my life. one of the first seven members of congress to endorse somebody. mine has been changed.
2:52 pm
i am glad you are here. appreciate harold's invitation. appreciate your comments on energy. i look forward to hearing the rest of it. i missed voting for the energy and water appropriations bill that failed miserably. trish: all right, everyone. donald trump just finishing up taking questions there. he has been talking with reporters about the variety of different topics. we heard him talk about the need for the president am for hillary clinton to recognize and name radical islamic terror for what it is. lower taxes, less regulation. specifically when it comes to energy. he said that he wants to see the usb energy independent. he would also be open to some private public partnership. in other words, if the keystone pipeline goes in, he says the
2:53 pm
u.s. government should get a piece of it. joining me right now with their analysis, kevin paul scott m fox news to teach it analyst colonel peters. i want to play for you what we heard in the beginning of the press conference. donald trump would ask his thoughts about what president obama said regarding him while in japan being a leader that other world leaders nervous. it "rattled" them. >> beautiful world. absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. if they are rattled in a friendly way, it is a good thing. not a bad thing. trish: while in japan making such a political statement. knocking donald trump did
2:54 pm
knocking our domestic political situation. what do you think of his response? is he right? should other countries be rattled? >> the first thing i want to make clear is i do not support either candidate at this point. what president obama did was absolutely disgraceful. taking politics to japan to a g7 meeting, there is no excuse for it. you just do not do it. people criticized trumps bad manners. this is bad manners. by the way, the notion that people are round trump because he would not be a great leader, maybe yes, maybe no, just how great of a leader has obama been? many have been very disappointed. that is putting it mildly with our presidents performance. trish: you know, alice, i would
2:55 pm
like to get your thoughts on what we heard regarding the u.s. government involvement in keep projects like the keystone pipeline. you are exercising eminent domain. it is only fair that the u.s. get something out of this. a lot of businesses may not like hearing that. is he right? should the government get a piece of anything regarding the keystone pipeline. >> sure. squeeze every drop that you can. i thought it was interesting that he went to that eminent domain issue. matted donald for having done that at one of his casinos in atlantic city. trish: maybe u.s. taxpayers can get a little bit of all of this. we also heard, kevin, about the importance of lower taxes. very much buying into that.
2:56 pm
that is the key to getting our economy started again. you anticipate a big contrast between him and hillary clinton. >> there is no doubt when it comes to taxes and. you will see a huge difference. you will love donald trump or hate donald trump. what people find reference shane. you will not find it on the republican side of the aisle. a politician that this aisle who will go and answer a broad range of questions. it gets him in trouble sometimes. whether you like him or hate him you have to say -- quote unquote presidential type of jobs that we saw they are. >> definitely. he answers the questions. quite frankly, a lot of the conservatives are people lined
2:57 pm
that he is just willing to say it. you have to listen to this and say he is relaxed. answering questions. i think people find it refreshing. trish: he seems to enjoy answering the questions. towards the end, one more. one more. he could not stop. >> i am well aware of it. i was sitting here through all of that. trish: he seems to really enjoy this communicative process. >> it certainly is. getting someone to at least try to answer the questions. you do not want to give the scholarship to the guy that refuses to do his homework. he is certainly a scrapper. you know, these are substantial issues.
2:58 pm
he has the personality to stand up to former leaders. trish: you say that he is not doing his homework. i feel as though we have gotten more policy from him then we have hillary clinton. especially with issues of taxation did he is talking there about oil today. i do not believe that this is a live picture coming into us now. we will be hearing from him momentarily. we should become energy independent. these are real policy issues. talking about building up the u.s. military. tackling terror. you do not hear all of that from hillary clinton or from bernie sanders. >> i am impressed by much of what he does. we have time before the election. the bottom line is this for me. you want to impress me with your domestic lyrical courage, take on entitlements.
2:59 pm
trish: do you think he will hear something like that? one of the things that went through my head is when he said the u.s. taxpayer should get part of the profit in something like keystone pipeline was we sure could use it given our entitlement is issues that we are faced with right now. we need revenue. do you think that he is willing to go there? >> i think that the kernel is exactly right. there is policy and there is politics. i did not like barack obama's policies. he gets to enact what he does. trish: i have 30 seconds here. your sentiment of what we saw on stage and what we are about to hear. >> it was a calm her donald trump. he did mention pocahontas war
3:00 pm
in. trish: yes. a few times. completely ineffective. [laughter] trish: very entertaining. stay tuned. he will be speaking more. with liz claman is taking you through it. liz: we are calling it entered mission. the businessman just wrapped up the news conference moments ago. he is in bismarck north dakota his energy policy at any moment. and it all comes the same day the associated press says donald trump has reached the magical delegate number to officially become the republican nominee. 1237. he's reached that right now. so as we wait for the presumptive republican nominee to address the williston basin petroleum conference in the heart of america's oil and gas boom. in the wide ranging news conference, mr. trump called president obama quote incompetent. attacked hillary clinton for saying she wants to put coal companies out of business. also att


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