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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  May 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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need i go with that. >> we appreciate you. thank you for the kind word and i do sincerely appreciate it. that's it for us tonight. i am laura ingle. night. thanks for watching. >> mexico sends their people they are not bringing their best. >> donald trump has rewritten the rule book in politics. >> i what i said i don't remember. >> and won his party nomination doing it. >> i won with the evangelicals. i won with women. i love winning with women. could he be the next president. >> the country's going to it start winning, winning.
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or a dead-end for the the republican party? fox news report donald trump, the disrupter and here is bret baier. >> it may be the biggest political story of our lifetimes, a businessman who never held office run roughshod over the republican field. winning the nomination and changing the party in the process. this hour will give you a chose up of a phenomenon no one talked about a year ago but may change the world. not longing onning we got a look at trump's campaign. it was clear something was building. here is john roberts. >> reporter: st. louis, missouri. donald trump is it on stage. we are going to start winning
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again. win with the military. win with our veterans and take care of them. >> reporter: he's delivering what amounts to his version of a stump speech. >> take care of our second amendment and win with health care. and we are going to win, win, win and make america great again. thank you. >> reporter: he does seem to love him and they love him back. after the speech, the love speech continues as he wades in the groud crowd. fans clamoring for an autograph. trump's been at it for months and never seems to tire of. and in fact it enlivens him to mote the fans face-to-face. and to the supporters, here is a guy who gets it. someone who understands them and talks like them and thinks like them. they don't seem to mind that he
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is not one of them. it is the trump paradox. and this connection to it the core supporters that is his biggest strength. after the rally. he's ready to fly away on one of the most luxurious private jet liners, trump force one. trump jokes that switching to air force one would be a step down. the plane could hold up to 43 passengers in over size first-class leather seats with 43 karat gold plated seat belts and the trump family crest. and dining room and two bedrooms and private bath with a shower and a lounge with a flat screen
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tv. and that's where we sat. >> here is a picture of you and your father in 1973. >> that's right. >> if your father was told when that picture was taken that his son would be front runner for the president of the united states what would he say? >> he would be proud; i remember that picture p. first time i ever had my picture in a magazine cover. he wont have believed it actually. it is a very interesting process. >> reporter: what did you learn about yourself? >> i have done it one way or the other all of my life. this is a different world. it was important to surround myself with the the best people. and then make myself. >> reporter: you must have learned something about yourself? >> you have to be able to handle pressure. and i have been able in my life. my life is a big pressure crooker. and political be pressure is
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little bit different. >> reporter: how so? >> coming at you very quickly. and very personal. and you know, i would like to watch it. do you mind john? >> he cut our interview on when ben carson popped up on the tv. carson is now supporting trump. >> why donald trump? >> we have a political operatives trying to manipulate the results. >> reporter: it was a triumphant moment for trump and while there is turbulence along the way. trump would force out the candidates opposing him. where he is going is still up in the air and now how he got to where he is now. confounding the experts and changing the world of american politics will be marvelled out for generations to come. when we come back, we'll show you the outrageous of candidate
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>> when donald trump said he was running for president pundits had a good laugh. >> my father, donald trump. [crowd noise] >> it was an entrance that seemed more appropriate for a vegas act than a politician. but last june in trump tower donald trump had something important to say to america. ladies and gentlemen, i am officially running for president
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of the united states and we are going to make our country great again. [applause] >> the 69-year-old billionaire real estate mogul never held office and now, he was going for all of the marbles. beyond the announcement, one section of his speech got all of the attention. >> when mexico sends their attention, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drug, crime and they are rapist and some i assume are good people. >> people announced his campaign dead on a arrival. >> how should republicans handle donald trump? >> ugh nor him. it is not what the republican party needs. >> trump banged the immigration drum. >> i will build a great, great wall and i will have mexico pay
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for that wall. >> the line was fodder for countless punch lines. >> how do you deal with immigration? >> build a giant wall. >> okay, what about the economy? >> build a giant wall. >> yet his tough talk struck a cord and his concerns seemed validated to many and july 1st in san francisco 32-year-old kate steinel was shot dead by a felon and illegal immigrant that was deported five times. by midjuly he jumped to the top. he got the media attention. no one makes fun of a war hero except here donald trump talking about mccain.
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>> he's a war hero. >> he was captured. i like people who were not captured, i hate to say it. >> once again pundits counted him out. >> he needs to apologize and remains to be sense if he will do that. >> you can't say that kind of things without crashing and burning. >> instead the polling improved. >> what would make candidates radioactive, made him stronger. there was a comment in rolling stone magazine about carly fiorina. >> look at that face, would anyone vote for that? and he mocked a reporter's disability. >> and poor giechlt i don't know what i said and i don't remember. i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. >> but trump's position on top of the polls remained firm.
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>> i can stand in the middle of fifth avenue and i would not lose voters. it is incredible. >> meanwhile he was still taking political snaps many considered extreme. he supported a database and surveillance for muslims in the u.s. >> yes, we have to look at mosque and we have to see what is happening. >> he was condemned for the statement. >> first amendment protects religious liberty. >> but the news went his way. >> we are getting word from the fire department in the city of san bernardino 20 people were shot in a mass shooting. >> on december 2nd a terrorist attack by a muslim coup nel san bernardino, california will that kill would 14 and injured 22.
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by year's in, trump had a 21 point lead in the polls. it was 2016 that tested his candidacy. so far it was all talk and now it was the voter's turn to have their say. after misstep in iowa. i am just honored. we finished second and i congratulate ted. >> trump took three states in a row. new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. >> of course, if you listen to the pundits. we are not expected to win much and we are winning. >> march 1st. seven out of 11 states and over the next month and a half, the campaign had twists and turns and trump scored a series of wins includeing a land shied in new york. >> and suddenly he was the
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presumptive nominee. >> we gave it everything we've got but the voters choice another path. >> i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward. >> trump fought a campaign not only against 16 other candidates but conventional wisdom and he won. the pundits didn't think he could do it but the people did. >> donald trump didn't express himself like other politicians, but what mattered most. he expressed the feelings of other americans. we'll talk to them next. okay, ready?
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get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> donald trump it is safe to say came as a surprise to the media. and one part of the conversation with the republican establishment, one such issue is trade. from the start of his campaign donald trump economic popullism made him a favorite with the white working class voters. and once again, it seemed that hey had anticipated the new's cycle when the cell phone video went viral last february. >> best way to protect the
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business long- term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. it shows the moment when 1400 workers in carrier air conditioning were told their jobs would be shipped from indianapolis to mexico. >> we are moving and shut you go down and moving to monterey mexico. wow. really? >> mark who worked at carrier 24 years was there when management made the announcement. >> i want to be clear this is it strickly a business decision. >> yeah? [crowd noise] >> people were holarring and some raising cane. >> you heard one guy that said [bleep]. >> dave has worked at carrier for 13 years. that one guy said it all for
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everybody. >> i looked up and people were crying and my friend was crying devastated her. i was just basically numb. i didn't know what the hell to think. >> days later in the gop debate, donald trump was the only candidate to speak about the mass lay off. >> they were laid-off and crying and it was a sad situation. he explained what he would do to carrier if he was president. >> i would get consensus from congress. stay where you are or build in the united states. >> that sort of talk directly contradicted decades of republican think thinking. >> i catch it on the news he brought up carrier. >> mark is a democrat and union member, this time around supporting trump. >> i believe the entire political system is going to be
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different from now on. it needs to be changed nothing gets done nothing happens to benefit the american people. it benefits everybody else. this election is important to everybody. not just me, but to everybody. and we have to do something. >> if we let everybody go to mexico, we are are not going to have jobs for our grandchildren. >> i think everybody be is just mad and fed up with the government letting things like this happen. >> i appreciate any candidate that does more to keep jobs in america. >> i hope he can save my job and everybody else's job in the same situation. this is not the first factory. >> another is anyinging r --nia
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authority gra. >> it was impossible to compete. >> joe was the vice-president. it was difficult for us to manufacture a product in the usa, and dollars per piece more than you can buy in a port on either cost. ntoday, the old warehouse is haunted by memories of when the workers. >> it was unexpected and only told us a two week shut down and end of the two weeks, we got a phone call saying do not return. >> we held on as long as we could. and trimmed it back and going to the bone to try to stay operational and we couldn't hold on. it was one of the saddest, points of my life to be honest with you you. we have had hundreds of families, suddenly without work.
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bronco was down but p not out. he opened a new facility called north star ceramices and hired back some of his original employees. skilled craft is what we need here. without that it would be difficult for us to compete in the market. >> he may be management but agrees with the employees. donald trump made it clear that we have made bad trade deals, and they are affecting businesses like me today and we are not working on a level playing field. >> he believes that trump has the know how to help the economy expand. >> the fact that donald trump is a businessman is playing a huge factor in my support of him. he understands what it is like to be where i am. in a much larger scale. >> how did you decide to support
8:25 pm
trump. and what point did you say this candidate is who i will get behind. >> i started out a jeb bush. and when jeb's campaign never caught fire and he withdrew, i looked at who was standing. >> new york congressman chris collinses was involved in securing funding to keep the niagra cerammics for years. >> it was thinking as a entrepreneur smaller company to compete with the chinese. it was just unrelenting. >> that is one reason he was the first set sitting member of congress to endorse trump and one of his emiszaries to capitol hill. >> get behind a winner. which is mr. trump. >> you can see cross over strong he in the independent vote and
8:26 pm
also the working blue collar vote many of those in new york. >> he speaks the language of the blue collar and middle-class worker. >> it speaks to getting the jobs back that were stolen by china and mexico. it devastated new york state and what we call the rust belt. and a lot of folks say when is enough, enough? that's the language donald trump is speaking. >> with his views on trade, donald trump blasted wide open a fault line with the republican and indeed american politics. >> it may not be surprising that the frustrations and anger of the working man are playing such is a large role in the election. how is it a celebrity billionaire came to be the one who tapped in to those powerful currents? that's next.
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>> no matter what the outcome, historians will some day write about donald trump's run for president. to those who thought of his candidacy came out of no where. ndonald trump was born john 14th, 1946 in queens, new york. fred was a real estate developer and specializing in middle income apartments. donald trump had a rebellious streak and fred was a no nonsense father. he sent his son to a military school. new york military academy. >> he said it was the best thing
8:31 pm
and gave him discipline. >> i think that is donald there. he was the biggest guy. >> ted went to military school with trump and they were friends and first time trump connected with the little people. >> he protected me from bullies. like i was a mascot to him. when he said don't go near levine they didn't. back then young trump was a competitor. >> he was a great athlete. he was the first. he far exceeded what the rest of the group was like in talent. >> trump followed his father and real estate. he was given full control of the family company which he renamed the trump organization. he was not the average real estate developer. he had a taste for the spotlight and regularly sewn on the town with a beautiful woman on his own.
8:32 pm
he married a fashion model. and they were an inescapable part of the manhattan scene. >> he opened up the flag shipbuilding on fifth avenue. known 87 he published the art of the deal. trump had become a national figure. you never knew where he would show up next. way back then. mike dun bar saw political promise in the billionaire. they liked the idea of a businessman who could get it done. >> i started a draft trump campaign. >> october of 1987 in a restaurant in port smith, new hampshire. trump for president signs, donald trump made his first campaign speech. speaking without notes, he spoke to the themes that made him a front runner. >> the players back then japan
8:33 pm
and saudi arabia and today china and mexico. we are getting our lunch eaten by the trading partners and people who are hurting is people like me and work for a living. trump appeals to us. >> after the speech, they left the restaurant and moved trump to a nor by press conference. >> i had to get him from the speaker's podium from a side door which was a good distance. he kept shaking hands with the wait staff and cops and firemen. he ignored the suits. it was the common man that attracted donald trump and he roached out to. he's still reaching out to us and not the guys in the suits. he didn't run back then but the seed was planted and in 90s, his business ventures had ups and downs and so did his love life.
8:34 pm
>> we have always had a great relationship. it is fine. >> he divorced ivana in 1981. and married actress marla maples in 1993. >> it was a relationship that was just happening. >> and divorced her in known 99. and in known 99. his profile rose and he was the star of nbc hit show the apprentice. >> you are fired. >> you are fired and he married his present day wife. and trump never stopped thinking of politics and as he bread his 60s. he could no longer play the waiting gachlt he asked kelly ann conway to do research and see where he would stand in the
8:35 pm
20 fwefl race. and somebody who would be an outsider to the system in washington and also somebody who was not complete he unfamiliar to them. >> he was not ready to throw his hat in the ring. he endorsed mitt romney. who sold himself as someone who could get it done. it was romney who lost. he started connecting with conservative media outlets and gave speeches in places like cpac. >> i am not doing it for fun. i am doing it because we have to take our country back. he met with newt gingrich. >> he asked questions, what does it take physically and balance yourself. what would it cost from january of 2015 through south carolina?
8:36 pm
i said 70 or 80 million. and he said, a yacht. it would be more interesting than a yacht and i sort of thought he was going. by the time he announced the run, he was ready and if the rest of the candidates were not ready for him, the public was. >> it is a movement and people are following him had. they have a voice again. >> the movement has been collecting un if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
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>> what is surprising about the trump campaign, not only the size of his support but where it comes from and how it is expressed. some people are almost embarrassed to admit they like him and others are finding their voice and speaking out for the first time. throughout his campaign, donald trump generated enthusiasm like few others. it is not unusual to see people carrying signs stating support for a candidate. but unusual to turn a body in billboards and that's what trump fans did in the start of the primary season. >> you know, everybody is trying to be political correct.
8:41 pm
no one says anything because you don't want to hurt someone's feelings or called a racist or whatever. i think he's saying what everybody wants to say. >> i brought all of the action, right. nbob holmes is a tattoo artist and a trump supporter who offers free trump tattoos. in the first few days in the run up to the all important new hampshire primary business was brisk. >> how many have you done? >> 35 or 36. >> make american great again and rump head. >> 4 or 5 of his face and all of the rest are we the people tattoos with let's make america great again. >> when you put on the tattoo do you talk the issues and what drives people to do it? >> yeah. >> what is the common thing? >> they want to be secure and
8:42 pm
they don't want things to happen to their kids or them. they love the fact that donald trump says what he says and owns it. nmax crow lo came in from massachusetts to get a free tattoo. >> i got a trump tattoo and it is his portrait. >> that is a permanent deal. you are in? >> i am in 100 percent. it is there forever. >> the's see it? >> you want to see it? >> there he is. how about that. >> the donald. >> to crowly the billionaire businessman represents home. >> as a construction worker and car pebter work is not great for the last couple of years. it is it hard with a family, supporting them and a business class kind of guy, you know, he
8:43 pm
promises a lot of good things for the fut and you are the future is everything to me and my family. >> now look at your leg and get inspired. >> that's correct. i am behind donald trump 100 percent and now donald trump is behind me. nbob said he's never done political tattoos. but never been politically engaged before. >> do you vote republican in >> i have never voted. >> not once? >> no. this will be the first time. and i will be voting for trump. >> and we are going to do something that is spectacular. >> trump's message resonated across america and went all the way to los angeles to talk to another voter who went out of his way to express support for trump. >> the republican party just needs to get with the program.
8:44 pm
they are three decades beend. kettleson is all in for trump. and got a lot of push back. >> 100 percent more difficult to come out as a gay donald trump supporter than it was to come out as gay. >> his trump coming out was public. >> hi, i am kyle kittle son and i want to comclean about something. it is it something that i hid for a long time. i am gay. and i support trump. and not an ironic way either. i really support him. i am going to vote for him. >> he put out at pro trump. reason number one. infrastructure, reason number two immigration. reason number three. equality. there are plenty of people, the majority of which are part.
8:45 pm
lgbt community e-mailed me and told me i was terrible and i should kill myself and my family should be ashamed. i have had people tell me they would find and kill me. that was eye-opening for me to see how narrow-minded people can be. and how they will support you until you do not align with them 100 percent. that is silly, i have friends and family who love bernie sanders and hillary clinton, not a big deal. >> he often debates politics. >> donald trump is it a joke. >> are you judge him on stupid or on the platform. >> i was going to say they are full of bloep bleep but it is true. >> he doesn't mean 90 percent of the outlandish. but he knows the media will cover it. >> he gets plenty of
8:46 pm
disagreement and a lot of people on his side. >> not everybody is public with the support because of what people think of them. none thing he doesn't understand why the republican establishment ever opposed trump? >> they are blockheaded. you have a guy and, donald trump who made a big name for himself and the republican party. the biggest name you had in decades and you fight against it? you are a fool. >> when we return, we talk to the candidate himself about what is next. it is it a long road to get where he is. and to some the hard part is only beginning.
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it was a bear knuckle brawl, and when the dust cleared, donald trump was the last republican standing. but now, with the nomination assured, new challenges have arisen, perhaps more difficult than anything he has faced so far. first and foremost, unifying the party behind him. ♪ as donald trump started looking more and more like the republican nominee -- ♪ -- the attacks from his own party continued. >> if this becomes the david duke/donald trump party, there are a lot of us who are out. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> reporter: trump had prove he to be the disrupter. >> everyone's out. i'm the only one left. that's okay, right?
8:51 pm
right? ♪ >> reporter: once it became clear he would represent the gop, the question became, who does he be trump the uniter. an early test came in a series of meetings with republican leaders on capitol hill in mid may. afterward the republican establishment seemed closer to accepting trump, if not necessarily embracing him as the nominee. >> we will have policy disputes. there is no two ways about that. all republicans -- mitt romney and i didn't agree on everything in 2012. so we will have policy disputes. i'm not interested in litigating the past. i'm interested in going forward and seeing where that common ground exists to make sure we can have a unified republican party. >> reporter: next on may 18, trump released a list of 11 names he would consider for a
8:52 pm
supreme court vacancy to ensure republicans he could be counted on in office. no matter how the political establishment read this move, they still wondered whether trump would change his campaign, either in tone or substance. i recently spoke to the candidate about the transition from potential to presumptive nominee. do you think that you are changing the republican? or do you think that the republican party has changed and you are just the only one who happened to capitalize and realize that? >> i think it is a combination of both. i think the people that vote, and the masses are absolutely where i am. the elites are saying that perhaps they don't like my views. now i'm actually very conservative. but they say i'm not conservative on trade. i believe in free trade but we are getting ripped off because our leaders don't know what they are doing, because our negotiators are horrendous. every country rips us off. china, trade deficits, mexico, the border and trade.
8:53 pm
everybody rips us off. >> congressman from new york endorsed you. he is against mass deportation of illegal immigrants. he is against a temporary ban on muslims. he says that when you become the nominee, and then his idea, when you become president, that you are going to be more nuanced than you are on the trail. what do you say to that? >> well, we're going to say -- look. everything, honestly, is going to be up, and we have to negotiate. i can't make these decisions myself. we have congressmen to deal with. >> you are up to moving from some places? >> we have to deal with a lot of people. i can't take executive orders like obama. it's meet and lots of congressmen and lots of senators and lots of everything. so i would say that certain things will be changed. certain things will be stayed exactly the same. >> reporter: you've said you
8:54 pm
were going to reach out to bernie supporters. >> yes. >> because you think you can get some of those voters. >> i think i can. >> will you be reaching out to conservatives like you have announced you are reaching out to bernie sanders? >> i have reached out to conservatives. rather than people who want to get publicity for themselves. >> clearly, there are people in the republican party would are not on your said. you have to acknowledge that, senator ben sass, from nebraska. >> who i never met. >> you had a twitter back and forth. >> i watched him on television. i know nothing about him. >> he is calling for an independent candidate to run for president. >> he is a real genius. let's say you get somebody to run. that means a republican can't win. that means you have four or five supreme court justices who will be picked by hillary clinton. whoever it is, but probably hillary. >> here's what critics say, you have a nominee who throws things against the wall and sees what sticks. citing reports, sometimes they
8:55 pm
are not backed up. sometimes truth challenged. you don't pay any political price for that because you have a loyal following. but there is a concern now as nominated gop you will be getting classified briefings, will your style be the same on the campaign trail, throwing things against the wall. >> first of all, when i cite reports or major magazinears, it's up to people to believe it or not believe it. i'm not writing it myself. i'm not going out and doing the research. i think that's an acceptable thing. as far as briefings, i will do much better than hillary clinton ever do with her e-mails when she exposed the entire country to whatever she is learning as secretary of state. don't get any worse than that. frankly, yes, i can keep a secret probably better than almost anybody i know. maybe better than anybody i know. >> you have now two -- the last two republican presidents saying they are not going to endorse you. >> i understand that. i understand why they are not.
8:56 pm
the war in iraq was perhaps the worst decision ever made in this country's history. it was made by bush. i took jeb bush on very hard. >> you think their decision has to do with jeb bush? >> of course it does. >> reporter: so there you have it. on one hand, there is trump the negotiator who recognizes that the president is not a dictator and conditions can change. on the other hand, there is the trump who will not back down when challenges. he will soon be taking on the democratic nominee, but there is another battle going on as well, the battle over which aspect of his personality will predominate in the general election. let's be honest, some republicans are not happy with the choice of donald trump. but barring some huge change of events, he will be named the republican presidential candidate in cleveland this july. the questions that remain, then, are how will the republican party react?
8:57 pm
how will the trump campaign react? and how will the american public react? the nomination may be settled, but the future is wide open. that's our program. thanks for watchin can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne
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and that's it. if you're holding up 5 fingers or more, you probably have prediabetes. sorry to be so blunt. but hey, you're busy. just go to the site.
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elite and the party cartel. john: donald trump is going toy build a big wall. hillary clinton will guarantee equal pay. bernie sanders offers all kinds of free stuff. young people like that. i'm surrounded by lots of young people. do you want the free stuff? >> no! john: what do you want? >> liberty *. we are at the students for liberty conference in washington, d.c. that's our show for tonight.


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