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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 3, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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connell: you're on fox business next tuesday for the coverage. >> i will indeed. this is fox news 10:00 a.m. to 12:00. we have forbes and dick van dyke a bernie supporter. 90-year-old supporting a 75-year-old. connell: who else will be with you. >> with me? how did you pick that short straw? connell: speaking of short straw, that is what i will be wearing. >> that's fine. just keep it under the desk. connell: on tuesday with our coverage joins us to take us through the next hour. >> thanks so much, guys. breaking. everyone. terrible jobs report. showing our economy added only 38,000 new jobs in month of may. that is slowest rate of job growth in five years. i'm trish regan welcome to "the intelligence report," everyone. a pretty louse i report.
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75 month of record job growth. guess what? some of the steam coming out of that today, with only 38,000 added. so much for republicans, so much for the president's recovery. i mean it was two days ago, muc recovery. two days ago he said the economy is great and his critics are haters. how will this affect the election? political and economic all-stars will talk about it. the increasing threat to our borders and border safety. and they successfully snuck in illegal immigrants from middle eastern terrorism hotbed including from afghanistan with ties to the taliban and planned to attack the united states of america. is it anyone or donald trump vowed to build a wall has resonated with voters? we are all over that story.
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the head of the aclu georgia chapter resigning over the liberal group's support for allowing people to use whatever bathroom they gender identify with after she and her daughters were frightened by a group of transgender men in the same public restroom they were using. now she is fighting for the rights of women and little girls to be safe in bathrooms and locker rooms. she is here and will explain her commonsense plan. back to our top story, the worst jobs report in five years, employers adding 38,000 jobs last month yet the unemployment rate plunged to 4.7%. that is due to have million americans who have stopped looking for work altogether. this terrible reports, with donald trump tweeting terrible jobs report just reported. and violence erupted outside a trump rally in san jose with protesters punching people and throwing eggs at trump
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supporters. a dozen or more people were hit, trump hats were set on fire as were american flags. the san jose mayor is blaming the republican nominee for it all. joining me democratic strategist julie and ned ryan. we will get the economic stuff in a second but i want to start with this video that was fed in from last night of these democrats and hillary were bernie supporters out there attacking trump supporters, why haven't we heard from hillary or bernie yet on stopping this stuff? >> it is an excuse will and no one should excuse that behavior. everyone is the right to peacefully protest, no one has the right to do this. do not attack someone physically who you politically disagree with. you could be a democrat or a republican, this behavior is
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completely -- >> why hasn't she said that? >> i don't know but she also shouldn't take ownership for something she didn't invoke. you have donald trump who said to his supporters that if they got arrested for roughing somebody up at a rally he would pay their legal fees. you have a candidate on the republican side who is sitting this behavior. i am not blaming him for this but i am saying you can't blame her or bernie sanders, they don't own this. >> it seems to me running for president on the other side these are people in your camp behaving like thugs, shouldn't you be saying knock it off? >> this is a no-brainer. hillary and bernie should have immediately come out and said we condemn this violence. everyone has a right to peacefully protest but when it becomes violent and intimidation
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and take away people's right to free speech this is a no-brainer, condemn it and move on. you can disagree, plenty of people disagree with donald trump, that is fine, he has the right to say what he wants to say, he has the right to free speech and at the end of the day these kinds of protests, violent protests are a benefit to him, social media, people on twitter said before this san jose incident i was a never trump person. i will be voting for donald trump now. >> people don't like seeing stuff like that or the idea of the country getting so out of hand to the point you have these protesters burning the american flag and stomping all over a candidate's have to. that doesn't sit right with people so back to the issue of why hasn't hillary come out, why hasn't bernie come out and said enough is enough? >> i don't know. this is a simple thing to do, the common sense thing to do, a benefit to them to distance themselves to these protesters and these acts of violence. it is a mystery to me come into their credit to hillary's credit john podesta condemned the violence, but -- >> it is another thing for her.
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>> i don't disagree that they might but if you believe that you should believe donald trump should do the same thing when protesters get roughed up at his rallies. instead he said he would pay for the legal fees of people who might be arrested. >> he hasn't said anything like that since. >> peaceful assembly, the thing that was lost in these trump rallies is trump and supporters have a right to a peaceful rally. these protesters that are breaking and trying to disturb it by whatever means possible are attempting to take away their right to free speech. he is not starting these. >> how do you defend -- i want to hear -- what is the defense of donald trump's original statement that he would pay the legal fees of anyone that was roughed up by these protesters who decided to rough them back up? >> i haven't seen him do that recently. i know he said that originally.
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at the same time i think that came from a bit of frustration, why are these people in my rallies -- >> with all due respect, african-american people were peacefully assembling who got roughed up because supporters were there -- donald trump defended his supporters. let's be clear, these are not people who are inciting violence. the only excuse that this happened a few months ago. >> disrupt a rally -- >> at a rally -- >> we got a lot more to talk about, got to get to the economy and other thgs we days from calornia, the all important california primary and in a new poll of eligible voters in the golden state bernie sanders is in the lead. check this out, hillary clinton is expected to win the delegates needed to nab the nomination. hell momentum could be stopped
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in the tracks if bernie pulls off a big upset in the biggest democratic state in the union and it is looking at least according to this new poll like it could happen. robert gray has the latest from the campaign trail. >> thanks so much. we are adding a clinton rally, expecting the senator to come out to address the crowd. and warming the crowd up here. and as you said the la times poll out today showing among eligible voters bernie sanders taking the lead. when you look at likely voters clinton has a slight edge. no matter how you shake it, it is down to the plus or minus margin of error. they are continuing to go, to see the clinton campaign
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mobilizing and taking aim at trump but bernie as you said has been closing the gap. as for clinton she is speaking here and three more events here. >> thanks so much. she may take new jersey and if she takes new jersey it is a moot point. momentum matters. if bernie is there wanting to hang on and takes california what does it mean? >> she is going to win new jersey by 8:00 eastern, and also by 10 among likely voters, better predictor, what happens.
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if she loses california, in 2008, she won california and went on for is to not be the nominee anyway. bernie sanders has a decision to make. 's math paramount? or whatever movement is paramount? if he wants to defeat donald trump which he claims he wants to do he needs to unify behind the person. trish: he doesn't show any willingness to do that. all along, he is a bit of an island. he is a socialist, not really a democrat and he seems in it for himself and his supporters. i just wonder, if he takes california he keeps up this image of being the crusader that just frustrates hillary clinton's chances at getting the white house. who does is give the advantage to? >> i will agree it is a moot point, however when she will have a number of delegates needed to have the nomination.
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that said, it continues to tie into that narrative. she wanted to be a coronation. it has not. it has been a long drawn out struggle with a 70 something-year-old socialist to people didn't think was that great a candidate. it highlighted the fact that a lot of people in the democratic party would like to see somebody else but hillary. if you lose california again it is a moot point. it ties into a bad narrative, she has the inspector general's report last week, she loses california. it continues to undercut that she is the best candidate in the general. she will be. but it again -- >> run the risk of alienating those supporters. >> she has got to bring the party together. it has got to happen. he will be threatened that these bernie supporters wind up migrating to the other side and you see a redefinition of the party unlike anything we have seen in recent history. >> we all know recent history and remember what the fear was in 2008 when obama lost california and became the
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nominee and everyone said he will never unify the party but hillary clinton played ball. if you recall she said okay, i am in it for you and she came to his side. >> look what is happening with the never trump movement, you have people back in march saying never trump under any circumstances. he became the nominee. there supporters are migrating towards trump because he is the nominee. >> maybe it is his politics and dollars hunky-dory. what is it that bernie sanders wants? your thoughts. >> great question. we will find out at the convention what he ultimately wants. i will say this in regard to bernie sanders. he will lose the nomination but bernie is the precursor to what comes next, the democratic party has been moving left. i think bernie is the messenger for what comes next. >> people don't understand what
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he is talking about. when you have supporters of bernie sanders that say they would vote for donald trump, that tells me hillary clinton is just a bad candidate because she is not authentic enough and people want authenticity and they don't understand the economic plan and economic messages and policies being put forward by bernie sanders. >> i think bernie will be the precursor to young dynamic socialism that will have a lot of appeal to the democratic party in the near future. >> you got me as to what he wants. i have no idea. i eagerly way to find out in california. >> he wants your paycheck. he wants all of it, 90% of your paycheck. thanks so much. coming up an alarming new report revealing how big a threat our broken borders are to our safety. mexican smugglers successfully sneaking in, illegal immigrants from middle eastern terrorism hotspots including an afghan man with ties to the tell a man and
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a plot to attack the united states of america. plus the head of the georgia aclu resigning of the group have support for transgender people to use whatever bathroom they want after she and her daughters were frightened by a group of transgender men in the women's bathroom. she is fighting for the rights of women and children to be safe in bathrooms and locker rooms across the country and she will join us to explain her plan. stay with me.
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trish: a shocking report detailing how mexican smugglers i sneaking in illegal immigrants from middle eastern terrorist hotbeds right here into the us including one afghan man with
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ties to the taliban and this man was planning attacks on the us and possibly canada. judith miller joins me with more on this developing story. this is what everybody is worried about. not just the syrian refugees that obama is welcoming into our country that we cannot fit but the fact that we have such loose borders, such a loose border with mexico that these people can come in into the us. >> that is true and we have been worried for a long time about connections between hezbollah, the lebanese shiite group which runs that country and is tied to iran and mexican drug smugglers because those people, that is the network that moves people across the southern border. trish: those people are just trying to make a buck. if you are willing to pay them
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cash to get yourself into the us and you are an isis terrorist, fine. they won't ask any questions. >> as long as you pay the freight you can move across that border. trish: this graphic is tremendous what these guys were able to do. starting out in brazil and moving on into peru, ecuador, colombia, there is a part of latin america, south america called the tribe order region. they are down there in brazil where paraguay, argentina and brazil all meet, that proximity on the map and it is a no man's land where you have a number of people with hezbollah/hamas ties and the fear has always been that these people would welcome terrorists from the middle east and send them north and we are getting that realization now. >> we finally see a specific case of someone with ties to the
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talent and, an afghan man who came across the border along with five pakistanis who have applied for asylum and been granted and are living legally in the united states. if you cannot control your country, your border you cannot know who is in your country. i don't know how you pretend to provide security for americans if you don't know who is here and you can't control your borders and it is not just the southern border though that gets the most publicity but there are hamas and extremist cells north in canada and that border is wide open and -- trish: we have a lot of work to do. one thing that strikes me interesting as a journalist and you as well, this story hasn't gotten a lot of traction. we are talking about it right now because it is important to us and to the show. the washington times reported on it, the daily mail reported on it, it hasn't hit mainstream media. >> i don't know.
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it seems it is considered a trump talking point, we are not going to discuss our border. donald trump in a weight legitimized for half of the americans who call themselves democrats or independents talking about this crucial problem which should confront all of us. if reporters many of whom self identify as liberals and immigrants think this is something either conservatives or donald trump are pushing you are not going to pay attention but -- maria: it is a real security issue. i am going to be on fox news channel tonight on the kelly file guest hosting for megan. we have a congressman who first brought this forward. he will talk about why we need to be concerned about it as well tonight at 9:00 eastern. really a public service. i hope everyone will watch. thank you so much. the head of the georgia aclu
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resigning over the group's support for transgendered people to use whatever bathroom they want after she and her daughters cited transgender men in the women's bathroom. she is fighting for the right for women and children to be safe in bathrooms and locker rooms and she will join us to explain her commonsense plan. a little common sense would be nice these days. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you.
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and its specific reversal treatment.
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trish: the executive director of the georgia aclu resigning over the group's support to allow transgender's to use the bathroom they gender identify with. this decision after my are dillard smith's young daughters were terrified after seeing three transgenders in a women's bathroom. she argues the aclu is pushing lgbt rights at the expense of the rights of women and young children.
2:26 pm
meyer joined me now with more. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. trish: you were there with your young daughters and three transgender's walks in to the restroom and i imagine you got some tough questions from your children? >> absolutely. what is more important is as the leader of the aclu, the defender of the rights of all people, what i have been saying is can we have an honest public debate about important civil rights issues of which bathrooms are important and there have been a voice left out of this entire debate, that is the voice of women and girls and what it means to be talking about legitimate public safety. because transgender people in and of themselves are a threat. it is because we have sex segregated bathrooms to protect women, to ensure safety, to have
2:27 pm
some private space to attend to the issues that are germane to women and there has not been a safe place to have that conversation or other conversations. it is important from my perspective that we shift the dialogue, have an honest conversation where we bring the thoughts and ideals of family, parents, children, trends children, biological children, these are complex civil rights issues and they require a very robust and honest dialogue. the advancement of civil rights for african-americans to a period of time, there was -- it was a difficult dialogue but it was something that had to happen and a conversation that absolutely has to happen. it is important that we talk about the interest. trish: the rights of the girls.
2:28 pm
this is an incredibly important valuable point you are making, somehow in this big conversation about lgbt rights we forget about the rights of young girls, women, certain society standards and norms we have in place to protect women. >> we need to be talking about the rights of all people. that is what i am saying. it is interesting because my mere phrasing the question of just saying can we have a conversation is branding me a homophobe and it is interesting because i was talking to some folks just before this interview and folks are saying they don't want to engage in our politics because it seems you are either for or against, pro or anti-progressive or conservative, republican or democrat, most of us as americans are somewhere in the middle. trish: have we lost all common sense? >> have we lost all common sense?
2:29 pm
can we not have a healthy dialogue where we are not reduced to name-calling because there are true rights at stake, through liberties at stake. i am not saying i am anti-transgender rights, in no way, shape or form. i am saying it is new and different, how do we have a dialogue? how do we create reasonable accommodations that neither infringe on other people's rights too much or creates a hierarchy of rights or that have unintended consequences. trish: keep up that fight. it is important. we need to be having as you say a real dialogue in society about this and not get tainted by the politics of it, no more name-calling. good to have you here. today's jobs report showing the economy added 8000 new jobs in may, the slowest rate in five years, could him locations on the political front. economies at berkeley so the
2:30 pm
risk to the us economy might slip into a recession. so much for the obama recovery. going to see you here.
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.... 's p6 p6 the u.s. economy
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added only 38,000 jobs last month. that is not a whole lot. especially when economists were anticipating 164,000.
2:34 pm
jobs created in nearly six years. the unemployment rate is now near 4%. half a million americans have given up looking for jobs. that is not a good sign. the participationate, the number of people working has fallen. barely above september's reading. the lowest in 38 years. not a whole lot to cheer here. our economy is doing great. we are broke offering. seventy-five months of job growth. is our president way off? joining me is brian. former chairman of the councilor president obama. good to see both of you. let's start with brian. we now have it, ms. calling for potential recession.
2:35 pm
how do you read this? >> you think about the shockingly low number. there is something going on. you combine that with 20% gdp growth. you start to see some data points that look troubling. suggest things are really strong. that is when you start to see people having this recession conversation. about half a million workers added to the rolls of people working involuntarily part-time. that is a huge increase. involuntary part-time positions. that sort of builds into the narrative. regulation is causing businesses not to hire people full-time, but part-time instead. it does not play as well for clinton. >> how will the president spin
2:36 pm
this one? effectively running on president obama's economic record. >> you have a lot of subjects that you are putting together their. this is a weak jobs report. i think that the rate of 34,000, we got a bunch of 34,000, people would definitely be talking about recession. you usually want to take some average. about 110, 120,000 a month. that is a little faster than population growth. that is the gdp growth rate of two-2.25%. not strong enough for people to feel like it is a boom. that has characterized many of the last several years. it is just too uncertain.
2:37 pm
it is not good. even if it was in the visit in the deal of 100 that you are creating each month. none of this is good. certainly not good. this is an anemic economy. >> you look at wages, for example. we just ran the numbers yesterday. what a family of four is living on at the time obama came to office and what they are living on now. they have 100 bucks more in their pocket. they are actually doing worse. >> the few sort of bright spots in this most recent report, not that. not good.
2:38 pm
people are not satisfied with not bad. they want to see a real movement for word. these low wage numbers. we are not getting anywhere here. >> it is very hard to get here. it has been so antibusiness. >>f yolook at the last six years, rather than counting what is happening at the deepest recession of our lifetimes, if you look at the last six plus years, adding more than 60 million jobs, and epic job creation over the last six years. it needs faster growth. if you get the unemployment rate down into the floors, you will run out of skilled workers. you have seen this.
2:39 pm
they could hire people. they cannot find the right people to higher. >> a lot of them are part-time jobs. >> you do not see that in the wages. that is the first time we have had a real wage increase. twenty-25 years. trish: an important message for hillary clinton. people do not feel very good. i've got to go. brian, austin, thank you very much. bank of america in a deal. a mortgage fraud penalty. donating millions of dollars to liberal interest groups. how do you like that? that money that was supposed to go to fraud victims, they get
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. trish: time for a check on these markets. the dow off about 22 points. bank stocks. investors anticipating that the fed will have to hold off on a rate hike until later this month.
2:42 pm
the retail giant announcing its plans to use drones to monitor inventory at its warehouse is. walmart says those workers will be moved to other areas. time will tell if this is going to change. we are going to be right back. new video of venezuelan protesters demand a. listen up all you bernie sanders supporters. we will say it again. socialism does not work. ♪
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trish: the justice department slapping bank of america with a mortgage fraud penalty. the 2008 financial crisis. guess what. the bank has wiped out $194 million of that penalty, barak illicitly. bank of america has donated money to nonprofit groups. for every dollar the bank is to nonprofit, none of which were victims of fraud themselves. two dollars taken off of the settlement. these nonprofit groups said bank of america is donating are all friendly to liberal groups.
2:45 pm
the ones that helped pushed president obama's agenda. talking about corruption. joining us, our very own, elizabeth donald. it seems very shady. gerri: they were supposed to punish the banks. no principal forgiveness. congress is supposed to appropriate the funds. not the justice department. also, these activist groups tend to be democratic meaning. a hispanic group, the woman of the senior vice president became head of the domestic policy council for the white house. you know, time and again, we see these hidden deals that the public does not know about. >> you all know.
2:46 pm
this is the kind of stuff that people are so frustrated with. phony capitalism. it is the white house in washington working together with bank of america to alleviate some of those fines. >> that is exactly right. let's be clear with what is going on. citigroup is also head. double the tax credit for getting to the act the best. trish: elizabeth macdonald. thank you so much. venezuela in collapse. hungry protesters shout we want food. u.s. companies fleeing the country. this is what 17 years of socialism gets you. why do they keep insisting it is the economic system that we need. neck and neck in california. that is next.m, ♪
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trish: venezuelan police firing tear gas at hundreds of angry protesters. they also hijacked food trucks. now, 35 companies are either pulling out of venezuela or looking into getting out right now. steve moore joins me right now. you look at those pictures right there. they have no food. they have no medicine. they have no elect or city. bernie sanders a socialist. a solution for us. am out down.
2:51 pm
we should not be too surprised about this. this was in greece. when will they learn? or puerto rico, another example. a big social welfare state. i scratch my head every day. how can so many american voters think that a socialist is the person that should run our country. >> really understandingit. i have been wondering it myself. >> those companies are moving away from socialism. they want all this free stuff. >> the old and that young. that young people going to school and staying in school for
2:52 pm
6.1 years instead of graduating and four. >> it is so interesting to me. i talk about the economy on college campuses. usually, a negative reaction to that. invariably, when people come up to me after my speech or people that are born in soviet union countries are cuba, why would americans -- i moved here because i wanted to get away from that. >> a do not know what it is really like. >> if you are not a socialist before the age of 30. this idea that we will always share, you know, on a surface level, that seems like a wonderful thing. it just does not work. show me. show me. >> good to see you, sir. we are celebrating here on the intelligence report. we will tell you why next.
2:53 pm
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>> guess what? we're celebrating our one year anniversary. can you believe it's been a year? i can't believe it's been a year. anyway, one year anniversary at "the intelligence report", and thanks to each and every one of you, fox business is the fastest growing cable channel in america and this has grown nearly 200% since we launched one year ago next week and what a year it's been. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report", i am trish regan. >> it sounds like you're saying this could be the beginning of something problematic? >> i say it's a question put to you in the beginning, not will it happen, but it's when it will happen. >> i've spent a lot of time
2:57 pm
down on the border in texas visiting with border patrol agents and their morale is low because the obama administration tells them not to enforce the law. >> do you think there's a district link then between borders that are too loose and the crime that we're seeing in this country? >> absolutely. >> all i want to know is the truth. for god's sake, let my government tell me the truth. >> she's joining us from knoxville, and has been so inspired by you, that she is voting for the first time in her 92 years. >> well, she sounds so smart and if she were running for office, i would be voting for her, too, trish. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a scientist, a pop star. >> we've allowed for the decline of american military power and we need to get back to peace through strength. i think the biggest threat today is islamic terrorism.
2:58 pm
>> how do we protect the country from terrorist acts. >> and for the civil liebts privacy. it's not a debate on either one, it's a debate on both. >> we've got a dow that's up triple digits. >> okay, i don't think you can answer my question. >> got nothing. what are you going to do? >> it's not the job of the few to take care of the many, we want to guarantee opportunity, but as americans we do not nor should we ever guarantee outco outcome. you'll hear from 12 republican candidates vying to become the next president of the united states. i'm trish regan. each candidate will have 90 seconds to respond to the question, one minute for each flup. when your time is up, you'll
2:59 pm
hear this bell. >> welcome, to a special edition of the intelligence report. i am trish regan. >> you're a great man with no coat. >> this is better than yesterday. >> better, and someone who is creating jobs and no one who knows how to gerb deals and bring in people to deal with a financial problem. >> it's time for washington to start acting responsibly, realistically and in the interest of all of us americans who are sending them there to do a job. >> so, again, thank you to every single one of you for watching and making us here on the intelligence report such a success. we wouldn't be here without you. also, please be sure to tune into our sister network fox news tonight at 9 p.m. eastern, i'm excited to be filling in for megyn kelly on the kelly file and hope to see each and every one of you tonight.
3:00 pm
for the intelligence report on fox business on monday. have a terrific weekend, liz claman has you watching the market liz: it's coming back. >> and that jobs report liz: look at this, with one hour left of trade for the week, could something big happen? the markets already kind of is. the dow has sliced more than 120 points off the losses. right now we're still down about 20 points, but when we've seen a low of dow 148, this is an interesting development right now after bad news, was taken as bad news, the surprisingly ugly may jobs report. watching the markets in the red. the s&p had been down 19 and fighting to lit the flat line right now. there is no sugarcoating it, the jobs report was the worst in years. the expectation had been 164,000. a big miss there.


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