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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  June 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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. john: they are the major party nominees, finally we have alternatives to trump or clinton. third-party candidates. >> we need a green president. john: who? >> the third party i say makes sense is the libertarian. >> this is the largest convention in libertarian party history. [cheers] >> thousands just gather to choose libertarian nominees for president and vice president. >> this is a chance where like-minded people can come together and try to make the world a better place. >> very exciting for the libertarians. john: refreshing to hear
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libertarian arguments. >> i have a constitution. what i need is a government that honors it and doesn't ask for licenses and permits and certificates for things that are none of the government's business. [cheers] >> all the libertarians have better plans than hillary and donald. >> it's wrong. john: this is gary johnson. libertarians chose him to be their nominee. johnson and other party crashers. that's our show tonight. . john: is that the year when an outsider will finally crash the stranglehold of republicans and democrats? i sure hope so! only one third party will be on the ballot in all 50 states, just one, to get on the ballot requires lots of money and
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people filing forms, getting signatures. lots of them, and the one party is the libertarian party. which this show considers the sensible party because libertarians respect limited government and that's what made america possible. >> very good. john: libertarians held their nominating convention. a thousand delegates showed up to vote. state by state, they tallied the ballots. >> governor johnson, 7. mr. macafee, 3. john: on the first ballot no won the 50% needed. former new mexico governor gary johnson was close. people were chanting vote for anyone but gary. >> anybody but gary! >> nevertheless on the second ballot johnson won the nomination. >> the next president of the united states governor gary johnson! [cheers and applause] . john: joining me now are
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governor gary johnson and his vice presidential pick, former massachusetts governor bill weld. i congratulate you both. >> thank you! >> but you've run before, 1%, slightly less last time. this is going to be different? >> last time, no national polls, so this time, already, three national polls, 10, 10, 11%, big difference. john: somebody told me when you have the national polls and candidates, any third party can get 10%, there is one that dees nuts got 15%. >> i think if mickey mouse were on the ballot, he'd get 30%. he's not on the ballot in all 50 states. this is the dream ticket, beyond my wildest nomination, bill weld is my running mate.
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john: doesn't look like a dream to me, two ex-republican governors. >> we were rated the two most fiscally governors in the united states, we overland. my second term was his first term. we've known each other for 20 years and see it the same way. we don't buy the dog food either party is selling. we don't make the government involving themselves in people's lives part of the republican platform and don't like the democrats spending money we don't have. john: i like you go first to fiscally responsible, that's the biggest issue? the spending keeps going on. >> for sure, both of us. john: people are saying you're going to get hillary elected. though i notice you take equally from republicans and democrats. >> in the first polls, the fine analysis is more votes from hillary, but at the end of the days, i think it's from both sides, and keep in mind, 50% of americans that are registering to vote are identifying themselves as independent.
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where is that representation? i happen to think it's libertarian, it's just the people don't know it. so the opportunity here coming out of this convention is the opportunity really to cap into 30 million americans that haven't identified. john: i got a tweet from someone named neil argens or something, i have no idea who he is or what he stands for, i am seriously considering voting for him. people don't know. now you are going on tv, people are getting to know you, and clearly you are an important enough candidate when trump attacks. here's trump after the nomination. >> gary johnson got 1% of the vote last time. i watched the situation, it was disgraceful. a total fringe deal. john: you're a fringe deal. >> spot on. spot on. really, we are totally fringe.
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small government, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, two republicans serving two terms each. john: in heavily blue states? >> blue states both of you. we're absolutely smack in the middle and neither other party is. the republicans are way off to the right on social issues, the dems way off to the left on spending and fiscal responsibility in my opinion, that puts us in the middle. the people in the middle are not a fringe candidate with deepest respect. john: so key is explaining this to people. key would be getting in on the debate. >> right. key is being in the polls that determines who are in the debates. although my name has appeared in three polls, another 40 polls since where our names have not appeared. john: tv debates obviously would be big, people at convention were excited that it might happen. >> once you hit 15% we're on the national debate stage,
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that's crazy, that sparks a movement. john: 15%, meaning? >> i'm not willing to concede because of the commission on presidential debate likes to figure 15% that that came down from holy mount somewhere. >> the rule they made in agreement with the party. >> with the parties, yeah. john: republican and democrat. >> agreements can be made and unmade either by a court or force of popular opinion, and if the national polls keep saying that 25% of the people in the united states don't like either party and a majority disa prove of each major party candidate, we should consider my analysis which is that the two parties of a duopoly and locked in a death spiral and energy seems to outslander the other party as opposed to coming forward with constructive suggestions. john: and outspend the other party. you sound like you're giving up on the idea of giving 15% in the polls? >> no, no, that's not written in holy writ anywhere.
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john: at the libertarian convention, lots of democrats, delegates told us they thought you could win over bernie sanders democrats, here's why. >> bernie and johnson have a lot of the stances on the same issues. >> i side with the website, take the quiz, get paired up with a presidential candidate most in line with you're views. i'm in line with myself, but next in line is bernie sanders. john: because? >> because of the social side. legalizing marijuana, stop dropping bombs. woman's right to choose, marriage equality. >> i have a lot of exposure to millennials through kids and young people in the law firm and other businesses, and to them personal freedom and liberty is much more important than the fine points of their salary. so if you said to them can you have personal freedom and liberty and make your own life work choices, or you can have
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$6,000 more a year or $16,000 more a year, they wouldn't hesitate. they'd throw the money right out window. john: all right, but you talked about agreeing with bernie on not going into all the wars. i wonder about you, bill, and in 2004, you declared bush had proven himself in the global sphere, we face grave responsibilities. i think he has grown in office. sounds like you support going into iraq? >> that iraq thing has turned out to be one of the worst mistakes ever. destabilized the middle east, destabilized the relationship between sunni and shia. john: so you changed your mind -- >> i wasn't exactly there waving flags when the invasion occurred. in retrospect in the middle east and throughout any sunni and shia countries, it's been a disaster. john: one more push back on guns, you propose some of the toughest gun laws in the country. >> personally never in favor of a ban of a particular type of weapon unless it's a weapon
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that can fire a tactical nuclear warhead. there are a lot of bills kicking around in massachusetts. i've been a hunter my entire life, gun owner my entire life, i consider myself a 2nd amendment guy my whole life. john: why did you pick him? he's not thought of as a libertarian? >> a libertarianish republican. bill weld has been a role model from day one. bill weld got the a from cato institute. bill weld was declared the fiscally most conservative in the country, a title they later was able to attain after he left office. first day in office, bill weld furloughs 8,000 employees. john: really? >> 9% of the state workforce. john: how did you pick them? >> no, they were up for furlough and never came back and i never received a single post card where the essential
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8,000 employees that you furloughed on day one. i had to cut the budget 14% in the first two months. piece of cake. >> let me remind you jesse holmes said he was pro-choice, pro-gay, at a time when nobody was talking about this stuff. what's my eventual outcome going to be with the republican party? at some point, i'm going to have to pull the plug because i'm tired of defending this social dogma that most people have no appetite for whatsoever. john: you mentioned medical marijuana, you're for legalizing recreational use. have you come around to that? >> sure. john: other drugs? >> i'm not advocating the legalization of other drugs, if we legalize all drugs tomorrow, the world would be a better place. 90% of the drug problem is prohibition related not use related.
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on the marijuana side, i think california is going to vote to legalize marijuana this november. i think that's going to be the tipping point, and it makes the world a better place. it gives us a quantum leap of understanding. john: you are considering it now. is it going to go for it? >> going to be close. looks like 50-50. john: lot of pushback, i hear. people give libertarians a reason to say you libertarians are just whack jobs. the recent convention was no exception. there were plenty of weirdos, one went up on stage and stripped down to a thong. one campaign hired women on stilts to dress as giant butter flight. here you are, governor johnson, schmoozing with someone with a boot on his head. john: this is a hit we take. >> you know what? it's not unique to just libertarians.
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it's something that exists in the republican party and the democrat party both. >> it was great, the hotel hosted the comic book convention the same weekend. they were strolling freely through the halls. you had to look twice sometimes. >>. >> a widely shown youtube video at the 2012 convention for democrats had 25 democrats interviewed, will you support legislation to ban corporate profits to which the answer was 25 rapid fire responses, absolutely. john: so scary. thank you, governor johnson, governor weld. good luck to you. so impressed that you vetoed as governor 700+ bills. since we played videos of the weirdos at convention, most people had good reasons for being libertarian. >> i want people to look after their neighbors because they choose to, not because they're doing so at the point of a gun.
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>> i own my body, i own my life. >> the government has no business being involved in my personal life. >> live and let live, let everybody do what they want. >> final i'm wh people i understand. john: finally, it's a nice feel anding we have it on this show. next, former presidential candidate ron paul offers his take on johnson and weld. i'll argue with the presidential candidate from another third party or fourth party. the green party candidate. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes,
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. >> i'm a leader, i'm a leader, i've always been a leader. i've never had any problem leading people. if i say do, it they're going to do it. that's what leadership is all about. john: are you ready to be led? to be told what to do by donald trump? i'm not, i want a president who honors the constitution and lets me lead my own life. i don't want to be led by trump or hillary clinton. but trump's talk about being strong appeals to lots of people. he's going to stop jobs from going overseas. >> for every car, truck and whatever else you are building, you are going to pay a 35% tax every time it crosses the border.
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we have to. john: we have to? this is a terrible idea. to fight isis, trump says he's going to torture bad guys. >> go for waterboarding and go tougher than waterboarding. john: trump claims jeb bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and mocked prisoners of war like john mccain, trump says he likes planned parenthood and health care. this infuriates lots of republicans, so a movement has grown called never trump. they have no headquarters but all over the internet, and the media. their first goal is to stop trump from winning the nomination. obviously, they've lost, that so now they're talking about finding a third-party candidate to support instead of trump. brian bartlett is a never trump ethe former war roomer for romney's campaign. he's got the nominee. >> still a long time between
9:20 pm
now and november. john, we're going to see what happens, the american people want to see another option. the polling shows it, "washington post" poll, 44%, 47%, americans want to see a third party option. john: he has qualities, good supreme court picks. i like he's politically incorrect and wants our allies to pay for their own defense. >> we don't know where he is on the issues. he has the list of pix, the same day he tweeted he might change it. that's why i personally don't trust him and not going to vote for him as president. john: who would be the third party? >> a lot of people have passed, which is sad, mitt romney i think would be an amazing president. john: bill kristol is pushing david french, who is great guy? >> haven't met david, heard a lot of great things about him. excited to see what he has to say.
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john: he's not going to win the presidency. >> there's a lot of hurtles, people ruled out donald trump, people ruled out john mccain in 2007 when the campaign went broke and he won the nomination, it's still early, see what happens. john: plenty of prominent republicans are with you in the never trump movement, senator lindsey graham said if trump's the nominee, graham may not vote at all. the managing editor of the washington examiner said he canceled public registration. john mccain's former top aide tweeted i'm with her, meaning hillary. and frankly people say if you don't support trump you are helping elect hillary and she's worse. >> i don't buy into that at all and the polling doesn't reflect that either. the "quinnipiac poll," more support was pulled from hillary than donald trump. i don't think it's a vote for hillary, i don't think the republicans are obligated to vote for trump because he's the nominee just like democrats
9:22 pm
aren't obligated to vote for hillary clinton because she's the nominee. i don't buy into the nonsense. john: i don't buy you naming all these people and not naming the libertarian. we covered the convention where people said the never-trumpers so just vote libertarian. >> we can reach out to the republican side on principles of small government and being fiscally conservative. as a business owner i feel there should be room for entrepreneurs and letting us decide, you know, how many employees, what's the taxes? what the payroll should be? john: you have the third party already on the ballot, the only one in all the states. why not? >> they're on the ballot, and people should vote their conscience, and it comes down to the reason i'm here. not necessarily about the party line, it's about the person that's behind it. everybody needs to worry about the person on the ticket is right for them. john: why don't all you never trumpers go for gary johnson.
9:23 pm
he's a former republican governor. >> we're a diverse group. not all on the same page. john: what's wrong with johnson? >> johnson -- i'm going to leave it open for johnson. we're going to see how he does. john: we will see how he does. thank you, brian. next, we libertarians may not win this year, but we've come a long way, when libertarian ron paul ran for president he was accused of killing people. >> your way of demented thinking! i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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. john: i want this election to be over! i'm sick of both hillary clinton and donald trump and i won't vote for either of them. i'll vote libertarian. and maybe this year we'll win.
9:28 pm
i won't hold my breath, but we can hope. one reason i can hope is that even before i knew what a libertarian was, one man blazed the trail for us by running for president against lots of nasty opposition and plenty of indifference. and that candidate was former texas congressman dr. ron paul. dr. paul, it was really lonely when you started. >> sure was. there were times that even throughout my political career in congress, it was rather lonely. had the record voting by myself more than all the others put together. so yes, it's a lonely battle, but numbers aren't as important as the principals that we deal with. leonard reed said it wasn't a numbers game, it was a leadership game, the followers follow like zombies sometimes so i concentrated on the issues, and not on the numbers, and unfortunately, we live in
9:29 pm
an age where we live with pure democracy and numbers work against us, but i think the goal should be to provide a principled philosophy what the role of government ought to be when we want to preserve liberty you. >> will vote for gary johnson and bill weld? >> haven't decided on that yet. i tell everybody to vote libertarian because i'm not going to vote republican or democrat. i was disappointed with the convention. you know bill weld is hardly a libertarian, john. so that weakens that position, but i think the more people that vote for the nonaggression principle, that's what the party is supposed to stand for, and i get particular at timis and like a pure stand. i don't want to use aggression in any way, and i don't like them to send the message out, well, we can modify the libertarian position and appeal to the conservatives and call themselves a mixture of
9:30 pm
conservatives and liberals. i think of myself as a defender of individual liberty and the belief in the nonaggression principle. john: me too, i was down on bill weld until i heard him today, and he sort of brought me around. let me say when you first ran as a libertarian, you took plenty of abuse of the ignorant media. >> talking to the man who's going to be snorting cocaine in the oval office. stay with us. john: morton downey called paul illegal in america. >> we think that smoking sometimes -- >> people murder people. >> come on, why don't you jump on in here. john: they were unhinged and so ignorant, it's better now, but you really had to fight. >> yeah, i think that's one
9:31 pm
area we've won a lot. i feel like we've made inroads by directing people to think about central banking and money, the drug war, boy, you can go into a republican place now and you don't get thrown out. but i remember after having been out of congress for 12 years and went back in in '96, the republican, i was running against the republican incumbent, the republican spent over a million dollars still playing those kinds of ads, giving drugs to little babies and killing babies, so over the top. and by that time, the people were way ahead of the congress. that was the only reason i thought i could win, i was in the bible belt. yet i've had the position and used it against me, and it never held up. john: and you still won. >> people knew the war on drugs was ridiculous, but still have a ways to go on that. i think we've made definite progress in that area, in that way, libertarian has won battles. john: but we really haven't won the battles on the big things
9:32 pm
which are the spending and foreign wars. >> boy, that's for sure, and you know, and that's a big one, i talk about monetary policy and economics, but i really emphasize this, and that's another area where the convention doesn't convince me they were true noninterventionists, i believe in nonintervention and simplified my foreign policy in the presidential campaign. just bring the troops home, and don't get involved in the alliances and taming the alliances. that is a big issue. if you look at, you look at support coming now both from, you know, hawkish democrats and also neoconrepublicans, there is the coalition. i don't think we should be talking about a third party, john. i mentioned at my speeches that we need a second party because these guys work together all the time. john: thank you, ron paul. i agree, they both want to go to war.
9:33 pm
you can learn more about him and liberty from his internet tv show, the ron paul liberty report. next, a presidential candidate from another third party. one that runs entertaining commercial. >> what we don't deserve is pandering irresponsible bull [ bleep ] passes itself off as campaigning. >> i'm voting for jill stein! >> we need a green president. vote for jill stein. john: who? i'll confront the green party presidential candidate when we return. poor mouth breather. allergies? stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. you do all this research on a per then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them.
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. john: the libertarian party is not the only third party this year. it is the best one. there are others. there's the conservative party
9:38 pm
called the constitution party. they're on the ballot in 18 states. the green party on the ballot in 21 states. they believe in, well, let's let their presidential candidate explain about what they believe in. jill stein ran as the green party nominee last time and likely to be the nominee this year. so green? what are you guys about? >> about everyday people, we're the one political party that's national in scope that is not poisoned by corporate money. so we actually have the liberty. john: libertarians aren't poisoned by corporate money? >> the thing is it's hard to tell where money is coming from. they do use super pacs. john: what do you believe? let's say what do you want. >> the green party is a party of by and for the people. they don't take the money. john: they all say that. >> check us out. check us out. we are full disclosure and it's against our rules. we don't take lobbyists money or super pacs. john: what are you about?
9:39 pm
>> what everyday people want. john: like what? >> like jobs, like health care as a human right, dealing with the climate crisis and like a foreign policy that's based on human rights and international law, not on total economic and domination which is bankrupting us. we share a lot with the libertarians. john: you share bankrupting us with the military part? >> exactly. also the war on drugs, which is not good for everyday people, and protecting our civil liberties. where we differ, i think, is that as greens, we believe that like everyday people do that, we belong to a community, we live in a community and it's not just about get out of my hair government. although it is about defending our civil liberties and our privacy, but it's also about how do we live as a community because we don't live by one
9:40 pm
man alone, you know, we are not islands unto ourselves. john: libertarians don't say we are, we cooperate voluntarily in all kinds of ways. take your platform, you say climate change is the greatest threat to humanity in our history. really? >> you have not been tuning in, john? do you not understand science. john: malaria kills a million people a year, the nazis killed 20 million people. the communist regime killed 80 million people. this is the biggest threat? this is ridiculous. >> actually, if you follow the trends, we have apocalyptic fires going on in canada now. we have 120-degree heat in india, and each month we are setting a new all-out record. john: who had -- coal kills more people. >> scientists who are not on the payroll of the fuel companies are pretty much in 100% agreement you.
9:41 pm
>> want to ban pesticides and fracking, offshore drilling, natural gas pipelines, uranium, so you want to crush poor people? >> actually, i've been out on the picket lines with workers, oil workers striking to defend their health. the minute they walk into their job, the minute they open their door, their risk of dying on the job goes up 700%, from fires and explosion and equipment collapse. so they're the ones who more than anyone -- john: you don't want them to go to their job, if they're hungering for it, they quit. >> they are hungering for a job that is good for them and healthy for the planet. when i was in houston with the workers striking for safer working conditions, what they were clamoring for was a good healthy green job. john: you're going to provide that? >> i never talk about climate change without first talking about jobs. john: how are you going provide all these healthy green jobs? >> you know, we did this, actually.
9:42 pm
let me point out two things. when we were bombed in pearl harbor, okay? we declared a national emergency, and it took us all of six months to transform the economy. we created a lot of jobs, we created a lot of work, we created an economic revival in six months. we can do it when we understand the terms. john: offer free college, higher minimum wage. >> that is not the job creation program. john: health care's a right, medicare is a right, no copays, premiums or deductibles. >> i know there are millions of people listening to this and saying my god, that is just what i need because i don't have a job. i'm being questioned where 20 billionaires now have the -- john: where are you going get the money? >> john, i didn't just coast through harvard medical school.
9:43 pm
john: you went to harvard medical school. where are you going to get all this money? it's ridiculous what you are proposeing. >> let me give you really good news. the good news is the green deal pays for itself. how? john: how. >> you know how much we spend on our -- it's not a health care system, it's a sick care system, you know how much we're spending on the sick care system, $3 trillion, you probably know that, if you add up out of pocket. >> you're going to make that go away? >> do you know what happens when you take the pollution out of air and you eat a healthy sustainable food system? do you know what happens? this isn't just theory. you can look at studies coming out of stanford. john: we can continue this discussion but we're out of time. >> it actually pays for itself, and in cuba you saw death rates go down by 50% in diabetes when you have a healthy and sustainable public transportation system. john: her platform is like
9:44 pm
bernie sanders but it's ivenmore so. >> and pays for itself. john: people are saying what i'm going to do, vote for gary johnson, is a terrible idea.
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9:48 pm
john: i'm going to vote for the libertarian, gary johnson, but plenty of people tell me it's a bad thing to do, by voting for a third party, i'll help elect hillary. >> you mean to tell me, you long-term libertarians take trump away from anybody else, we're going to get hillary clinton as a president because you don't want him on the ballot? it's all your fault. john: the polls show johnson polls equally from hillary as from trump. but even at the libertarian presidential convention people made the same argument. >> hard decision but i think i'm going to vote for donald trump. i am a libertarian but also pragmatic, and we have a supreme court vacancy that needs to be occupied and i don't trust hillary clinton to put in the right supreme court justice. john: libertarian michael malice and new york observer columnist agrees with that.
9:49 pm
>> not necessarily. i just think that donald trump is going to be far more effective at pursuing libertarian goals than gary johnson is at accomplishing anything. john: why? he's crazy, trump, he says horrible anti-libertarian things. >> hillary said in an interview with jake tapper, going to lead for a recipe for gridlock in washington. isn't that the libertarian ideal? you're not going to be able to roll back the state and put the car in reverse without putting the brakes on first. i want someone who's going to attack the budget. john: and trump will attack the budget? he talks about preserving entitlements. he hasn't mentioned cutting anything. >> sure, but until have you someone who's going to legitimize the political process and how things operate in washington. john: he's doing that. >> absolutely. he's taking on the republican establishment and beating them at their own game. not only defeated jeb bush and marco rubio.
9:50 pm
he's humiliated them so much, jeb bush reduced to apologizing to his mother on twitter. john: jeb bush did a pretty good job as governor. >> just like johnson, right? john: johnson did a better job. bush would have been better than trump who wants to deport ten million people, build this wall. bullies people, threatens people with libel suits if they argue with him? >> if there's one thing libertarians agree on is that war is the worst thing government can do. jeb bush said the iraq war was not a mistake. for you to say jeb bush would be better than trump, fine, you should be voting for the republican. john: well, it's true, trump did say we should get our allies to spend more to defend themselves. >> sure. john: i like that. >> and said to bring the troops home. he said i'd rather be spending money on schools than wars. that's going the libertarian direction, isn't it?
9:51 pm
john: sure he picks something out that sounds good. >> you know how they're lying? their lips are moving. donald trump has destroyed the careers of several republican politicians, if you're a libertarian, you should hope for the destruction of both the democrats and the republicans. john: sure, the country does better in gridlock when they are not passing a million bills. >> the only two times in 25 years we've gotten budgetary concessions when the republicans were acting like complete lunatics, when they shut down the government under clinton and had the fiscal cliff emergency and said these people are nuts, give them what they want. i'm not saying acting crazy will work, historically it has worked in achieving budgetary concessions. john: you'll feel good going to the ballot box and voting for trump? >> no, i don't vote. if you are going to vote. john: why don't you vote? >> i don't believe in it. if you are going to vote, you have a moral obligation to have
9:52 pm
your vote count. gary johnson is drawing equally from hillary clinton and donald trump. if you want to have a protest, that's not a protest. >> he's going to get more popular and he's going win? >> never had a third-party candidate win. john: this time. there's first times for everything. >> bernie sanders' magical thinking, in 1980, john anderson was at 20%, and ross perot, 16%, and george wallace at 14%. none of them got a single electoral vote, if teddy roosevelt couldn't get it, gary johnson isn't. john: this time, the world has changed. thank you, michael malice, you tell me to vote for trump, i hear malice in that. when we return, why libertarian ideas are just better. >> a conservative will fight to live free. a libertarian fights for everybody to live free. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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. >> this is the largest convention in libertarian party history. john: thousands of libertarians recently gathered in orlando to pick their presidential and vice presidential nominees. though libertarians have been a political party for 45 years, i'm always surprised how many people don't know what libertarian means.
9:57 pm
so let me explain. no, actually the debate at the convention was televised, so let's have candidates explain it. >> a conservative will fight to live free. a libertarian fights for everybody to live free. [ cheers ] >> in america, more laws than an average reader could read, reading 24 hours a day, for 600 years. let's start with a 20% reduction in the military would not reduce our ability to provide for an impenetrable national defense. defense. [cheers] >> because libertarians say that, some call us isolationists. but we're not isolationists. we believe in engaging with the world. >> we believe in intervening by
9:58 pm
dropping philanthropy, tourism, free speech and free trade on other countries instead of bombs. >> that was dr. mark feldman, i never heard of him but he placed fifth in the voting. i'll keep an eye on him, he makes good points. >> i don't need a concealed carry certificate, i don't need any kind of marriage license. i don't need a marijuana growers permit. i need a government that honors it and doesn't ask for licenses and permits and certificates for things that are none of the government's business! [cheers] >> another candidate i did not know came in fourth in the voting, that's new hampshire radio host darryl perry. he pointed out that portugal decriminalized drugs 15 years ago. >> drug use, drug abuse, drop drastically, everybody is safer because they're not afraid to get help if they need it.
9:59 pm
right now in this country, people are afraid to get help because if they go to the doctor, the doctor will call the damn cops! >> finally at the debate, the candidate who was eventually nominated got worked up and explained why he's a libertarian and why he would never vote for the presumptive republican nominee. >> when donald trump talk about deporting 11 million illegal immigrants, that's just wrong. when he talks about building a fence across the border. that is just wrong. when he talks about killing the families of muslim terrorists. that is just wrong. when he talks about free market and force apple to make iphones and ipads in the united states, that is just wrong. when he talks about 35% tariff, that is just wrong. when he talks about bringing back waterboarding or torture, that is wrong! he's just wrong! [cheers and applause] . john: yeah! and he could have gone on a similar rant about hillary clinton.
10:00 pm
there are plenty of reasons this year not to vote for the two candidates from the major parties. i'm going to vote libertarian. that's our show. see you next week. whs


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