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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  June 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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catch me rather back on my show, "making money with charles payne." i will have a stock pick. i gave you oil stock pick. you guys didn't take advantage of it. i don't think enough did. we'll make you money. trish regan will take you through the next hour. it is always yours, trish. trish: thank you, charles i am. it's a done deal, donald trump versus hillary clinton in november after clinton scores four big primary victories. donald trump wasting no time taking aim at her but you know kind of in a measured, sort of presidential kind of way. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report." hillary clinton making history. >> thanks to you, we reached a milestone. [cheering] first time, the first time in our nation's history a woman will be a major party nominee? [cheering]
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trish: this as bernie sanders digs in his heels and vows to fight on. watch. >> we take our fight for social, economic, racial, and environmental justice to philadelphia, pennsylvania! [cheering] trish: he is set to sit down with the president tomorrow. will he get pressured to get out of this race and to stand behind hillary? they need to come together as a party. we'll watch for it. plus donald trump seemingly trying to reassure republicans that knows the stakes are very high right now. >> i understand the responsibility of carrying the mantle, and i will never ever, let you down. trish: this as republican leaders say "the donald" needs to stick to a script. but being off script, isn't that one of the big reasons he has gotten so much support? our political all-stars are here.
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we'll talk all about it. plus protesters in chicago demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage, shut down a walmart. yeah, i hope these folks like standing in the unemployment line. i am going to tell you, if they continue doing this, you know exactly what will happen, what happened in washington, d.c. when the city raised the minimum wage, half, half of all employers report they laid off workers and reduced hours. and, new york city now spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, your money, on an ad campaign, letting folks know, they are allowed to use whatever bathroom they quote, gender identify with. if it is no the enough that women and children in the city must share the bathroom with any man who says he wants to use the at anytime. taxpayers, yeah. we call get to pay for an ad campaign to promote it all. that is what you get when politics and political correctness collide. a lot coming up.
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back to the top story, everyone. hillary clinton the presumptive democratic nominee. the very first woman to top the ticket of any major political party, after scoring easy victories in four of the six contests yesterday, giving her a majority of pledged delegates. and yet, bernie, bernie says he is not getting out. >> if this campaign has proven anything, it has proven millions of americans, who love this country are prepared to stand up and to fight to make this country a better place. [cheering] thank you all. the struggle continues! trish: bernie is heading to washington tomorrow, to meet with president clinton, rather, president obama. is he going to pressure sanders to get out to get behind clinton so she can become president?
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is bernie in it to the bitter end, why is he laying off so much of his campaign staff today? joining hillary clinton surrogate basil smikel and trump surrogate carl higbie. starting with you, basil, what will this meeting be about? >> my guess is the president wants to pretty soon go out there and campaign with hillary and he doesn't want to tell bernie sanders to come out of the race, basically saying whatever it is you want, have the conversations with you now. trish: is it going to be a little more correct than that? >> it might be. he doesn't need bernie sanders going out there, going after the democratic party when the head of the democratic party is out there campaigning with her. trish: carl, this is a guy, let's not forget isn't a democrat. he is a socialist. he has got nothing to lose, absolutely nothing -- he is suddenly relevant in a way he has never been in his political career. why should he get out? >> he would have been thrown in jail 40 years ago during the
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cold war for his proposed policies. the fact he has gaining steam shows a massive slide in the electorate. hillary clinton needs to kiss his political rear and she is not used to doing that in the political sphere. trish: the party has gotten increasingly, increasingly more left, right? you've seen this hillary clinton is not someone who is really known as a leftist. she is more of a centrist but she has got this guy pushing her over there and it is going to hurt. >> you know what? i don't think she is that far off in terms of his policies. there will be some conversation about some compromise. i'm pretty confident about that but i would also say, i think this is, listen to the speech last night, listen to the foreign policy speech the other day, what she is trying to turn the electorate or at least the democratic electorate, for her supporters, bernie supporters, look we need to start pivoting, it will be really difficult for -- trish: shifting to what?
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>> shift to i think focus primary on the general election. >> socialism. >> not socialism. i think bernie -- trish: she wants to focus on trump, yes. wants to get away from the barbs -- >> yeah. trish: can she bring his supporters? we talked to a lot of them say, guess what, i'm voting for trump, if she doesn't get it i'm voting for trump snoop probably 30% of bernie supporters will vote for trump. 30 will stay home and rest will go for hillary clinton. we have to remember the fact here, hillary clinton has shifted further and further and further left. bernie sanders is bringing her even more to the left, people like elizabeth warren are pushing her further and further. when she was first lady, she called to seal the border and stop illegal immigration, that was considered left when she was president. now she is going so far -- trish: she wants to bring 65,000 syrians into the united states of america. it is challenging enough to vet the ones that the president wants to --
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>> they're not coming all at once. it is fairly slow process to get them here. that said -- trish: isn't that -- more aggressive than the president. >> 1033 syrian refugees. >> tens of thousandses have applied. trish: let me jump in here, basil. sources tell fox, many of those as 10% of syrian refugees coming into the country could have ties to isis. i think that is tremendously scary, fbi and homeland security saying look, these people can not be vetted and yet hillary is saying let's bring in even more. >> right. trish: so look when it comes to immigration, granted she has moved far left, further left than the president on this one. what about economic policy? >> i think her economic policies are strong. she is strong on college affordability. she is strong on job creation. look back what she did in new york in terms of partnering with businesses and educational institutions to promote jobs,
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promote a biotech sector up state, even increase, high school to college transition, to get more folks on the path to sustainable employment, she has done that in new york. there is a record of that here. i think it is a, it is a something she can do acrosses country. trish: she will need to do more than that we'll need to see real policy talked about in the way of lower taxes -- >> national defense too. trish: could start to find agreement on -- what? >> not to mention national defense. she needs to articulate policy on national defense. trump said i will be really strong on national defense. everybody knows what that means, wait to last minute to stay out of any war he can, if he goes into war he will hammer it home. trish: we go into wars but we're not prepared enough. >> i think she will be prepared and have a goal. she was in the situation room when they went after osama bin laden and look -- >> that -- trish: continue this conversation, but you know, donald trump also making some news here.
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turning to the republicans, trump giving a speech unlike all others because you know what? read from a teleprompter. did a pretty decent job if i say so myself, trying to reassure nervous republicans he knows how high the stakes are. watch. >> i understand the responsibility of carrying mantle and i will never ever let you down. too much work, too many people. blood, sweat and tears. [cheers and applause] never going to let you down. i will make you proud of your party, and our movement and that is what it is, it is a movement. trish: he also took aim at hillary clinton, calling her a defender of a rigged system and making a direct appeal to all those bernie sanders supporters. >> to those who voted for someone else, in either party, i will work hard to earn your support and i will work very hard to earn that support. to all of those bernie sanders voters, who have been left out in the cold by a rigged system,
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of superdelegates, we welcome you with open arms. [cheering] trish: all right. carl, first over to you, i mentioned teleprompter. that actually is a big deal. all the politicians, they get up there read from a teleprompter. hillary clinton does it all the time. you can tell, you can tell they're reading, a certain cadence to the voice, sing-songness. part of time i'm on teleprompter, part of the time i'm not on the show but it's a skill. a lot of politicians don't have it. donald trump, as i said i think he did a pretty decent job. >> he ad-libbed a little bit. when crowd jumped in, you better hope i'm president. funny donald trumpisms, they said in there. calling for bernie supporters trying to come over. hillary clinton is catering to independents. donald trump is getting
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republicans, democrats and going after independents. i think she is screwed. trish: you think about, you think about the challenges, a lot of the people, your constituents face right now, you get a lot of union voters. you get a lot of blue-collar folks seen their jobs go to mexico. their jobs go to china. let's not forget, bill clinton is the one who created nafta, which the economic policy institute said, resulted in a loss of 700,000 american jobs. how does she come back at that now? >> well, many of those unions have already endorsed you. 15 million working people across this country. she does have a economic platform. she does have a way to keep jobs here. trish: you say unions have endorsed her, right? that's fine. if you're head of a union, you probably would in that you know, there is a certain rapport that you have with democratic candidates and she is certainly
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one of them. but what about the rank-and-file? what about people punching the time card in the union shops that are worried they may lose their jobs. >> let's also talk about the people not unionized because they're suffering as well. we're talking about fight for 15. we're talking about paid family leave. those are things she is working with. trish: paid family leave, carl, how does trump compete hillary clinton saying hey we'll give you this and give you that and all the freebies. >> she is essentially santa claus. when connecticut raised minimum wage from 8.25 to 10.10. mcdonald's downsized and put lcd things and fired a ton of people. very low turnout for democrats and high turnout for donald trump. people see him as business owner. people who work for the trump organization are very happy employees across the board. people are starting to see that. that will play a huge part with jobs. >> but he can't employ everyone under the trump heading.
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that is the problem. his workers may be happy with him but he can not -- trish: no one said he would. >> he has to work with businesses and work with folks across the aisle to come up with very comprehensive plan. trish: you don't think he can do that? >> i haven't seen any evidence of it. trish: but could she. >> absolutely did it in the senate. >> do you want a president endorsed policies hurt the american workforce or want a president who experienced legislation how much it can harm businesses and knows how do it. >> what policies have hurt the american workforce when she bork worked for president brought unemployment from 12 do five? >> 93 million out of the federal workforce. trish: what? >> he came into office with unemployment rate somewhere around 10 to 12% -- trish: i love, i just love when people quote this because, you know what? and i say, over and over and over again on this show, 5% ain't what it used to be, 4.9% these days. >> i can talk about why. i can talk about why.
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trish: you're not thinking about wages which have -- >> i can talk about wages. >> guess what else? all the people part-time. you're also not thinking about the record number of americans that have just dropped out of this workforce all together. we are now at level that we haven't seen since 1960s. how do you explain that stuff? >> first of all, look at back at 1980 compared to now the average ceo compared to the average worker 40%. trish: wealthy's fault. >> i'm n i'm not even going to make that point. what i'm saying average ceo compared to average worker gets 400% of their salary. 400 times. trish: talking about income inequality, what i want to point out income inequality is made-up issue. it really is. you know why? we should all want to grow the pie. the bigger and bigger we get as economy the better off we all are. do you want-to-be bank la-where they have absolutely no income inequality because everyone is poor? >> what happens when employers
2:15 pm
not paying employees? somebody has to step -- trish: i got to run. >> let's go to $15. trish: good conversation as always. thank you so much, basil and carl. coming up alarming report nearly 70,000 times have been committed in just the past three months by migrants, that germany welcomed into its country. so is hillary clinton vows to bring in 65,000 syrian migrants to the united states of america, are we headed for the same scenario? plus hillary clinton's email scandal getting worse by the minute. former aid who helped her set up her personal email server. he is now entered into limited immunity, with the justice department. what does he know and how is it going to affect this election? stay with plea, we're back in two.
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trish: shocking new report coming from german police today, says migrants in germany committed or tried to commit nearly 70,000 crimes in just the past few months. this report comes at 4700 syrian refugees are about to be resettled right here in our country. and hillary clinton, presumptive democratic nominee. vows to bring in 60,000 more, if she becomes president. fox news military analyst jack keane joins me right now. general, 70,000 crimes? i mean, what is happening to europe right now, as they deal with influx of refugees and migrants, that don't have a culture that resembles theirs? >> well, certainly i mean this is caused a major problems,
2:20 pm
socially, economically. germany is probably the country that can withstand this the best, in terms of economics of it, but they have over one million refugees now and it's rising and it's clearly having some impact as your introduction indicated. i do believe in time the german police, as they get to know people that are coming in, they will be able to impact that behavior. what truly concerns me the most, about this large influx of migrants is not so much the crime which i think is manageable, is those that would have the proclivity for terrorism as a result how they are treated by europeans. case in point, trish, in brussels in the neighborhood of molenbeek there were 800 sympathizers, who would not report a known terrorist suspect or, two, would not report somebody who is identified and supports terrorism. 800 sympathizers and that was beyond the police capability to cope.
2:21 pm
why is that? because those communities are isolated. trish: i found that statistic really terrifying, general, because it shows you how it is sort of an us versus them mentality. you would think that these immigrant populations, these refugees, from the middle east, as they adapt to european culture. they would have some allegiance, some allegiance to the western civilization that is giving them the opportunity they have, and yet, no, you know, if you're not willing to report terrorist that wants to hurt others, you might as well be one of those terrorists yourself. general, i want to share with you something colonel tony shaffer said about the syrians that are coming here and what he is hearing from intelligence officials. watch this. >> between 10 and 17% of these folks are going to be isis. we know that from both the intelligence we saw from the european attacks and what we've studied, what the intelligence
2:22 pm
studied right now. trish: you're telling me 470 people could have ties to isis? >> they do, they will in some form. trish: so why, do you hear that general? >> i hear it. trish: sources telling him 470 could potentially have ties to isis? are we bringing the enemy right here? >> well, first of all, i don't what the facts are and i'm not certain what you just gave us is also reality. trish: well, general, not to interrupt you, but this is not just colonel shaffer saying this. we've heard from jeh johnson. we've heard from the head of the fbi. they have said over and over again that these people can not be properly vetted. members of the president's own administration. so again i'm just scratching my head, saying, if they can't be vetted why are they coming here? >> look, i'm absolutely convinced, one, syrian refugees that come to this country they
2:23 pm
will move into neighborhoods where others live. there will be police actions monitoring the situation, fbi monitoring, everybody of military age we're permitting in here. we don't know who they are? why are they even coming? we should, we should not permit them to come in if they are military age man or woman, and we don't know truly who they are. in other words they may have some identification. that should be, go to somebody else on the list. trish: that's sensible. >> that should take place. trish: why is hillary clinton do you think in your view suggesting we bring 65,000 syrians here? >> well, first of all the refugee program, numbers, 70, 80,000 come every year and we have not had those refugees commit a single terrorist act i'm aware in the united states. let's put some facts on the table. secondly though, if you're taking people out of syria where the isis has maintained a sanctuary now since 2012, and, that should be special
2:24 pm
consideration. the congress has said that. i certainly support that. that program should be slowed down because of the unique nature of where those refugees are coming from. they're coming from an area where isis is dominating the region. and they should be individually vetted based on who they are. ands i suggested, if we don't know who they are and of military age, they shouldn't get in. trish: why invite them in? general, thank you. it's always good to talk to you. appreciate it. >> okay. good talking to you. trish: coming up, everyone, hillary clinton's email scandal it is getting worse by the minute. the former aide who set set up her personal email server, he entered into a limited immunity agreement with the justice department. what does he know and how will it affect this election? we're debating it, next.
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trish: seems hillary clinton's email scandal is getting worse by the minute. the former aide who helped set up personal email server, he entered into a limited immunity agreement with the justice department, in exchange for his testimony, but says he will plead the fifth when questioned by the watchdog group, "judicial watch," in its suit over the scandal. it's the issue that won't go away for the presumptive democratic nominee. joining me now with more, on how it is going to affect the election, fox news radio host, alan colmes, senior fellow at cato institute, ela shapiro. start with you. let's talk about the limited immunity agreement. what does that mean? can you hear me? i think we're still trying to connect ela's audio there but again, this is a limited agreement, limited immunity.
2:29 pm
alan here with me on set. explain for the viewer why that is significant, just the limited part of it? >> because he, for example, "judicial watch" wants him to talk to them. he could probably do that if he wanted to. he does not want to talk to "judicial watch." not like he is gets total immunity or totally protected. he is still vulnerable to prosecution. the issue with "judicial watch," private group started by larry claman. anti-hillary agenda for years and years. this is political play is what it is. trish: so he is fearful he might actually be in some trouble. so is that, eli, i think you're with me now, if there is smoke there's fire. what does he have to worry about if everything is a-okay? >> that is the presumption his lauras only hard balling because there might be something there. remember there are two things going on, public records violations we've seen detailed out of the state department but more important the espionage and classified information mishandling. this drip, drip is going to
2:30 pm
continue, certainly not helping hillary regardless whether she clinched last night. trish: a lot of reasons people are speculating that one of the reasons bernie sanders is so reluctant to give up right now because he thinks she might be indicted? is that going to happen? >> i think that is not why he is not giving up he has movement going. she will not be indicted. much ado about nothing. if you look at inspector general report it says she didn't violate federal records act. no law was broken. trish: how much is it much ado about nothing. >> it is nothing burger. trish: would you use your personal email and your own server -- >> personal email was used by previous secretaries of state. this is no law was broken that we're aware of. there has to be intent. there is no intent to the break the law. trish: she didn't ask to get this? they said, look if she had asked we would have said no. >> why haven't we prosecuted her if she committed a crime. trish: she was secretary of
2:31 pm
state. >> she hasn't been called in. >> there different standards for -- trish: doesn't it make the country vulnerable to hackers by actually having private information on her own server? >> state department was hacked, actually but she was not. there were attempts to hack her server but not successfully. this is the state department. trish: seems should be some standard we'll keep work email right here and personal email over here, especially when -- >> question whether she broke the law. trish: there was pretty serious information. >> she didn't break the law. >> look, not every day that a presidential candidate is under fbi investigation. that's historic. her being a woman is not only historic thing. ultimately james comey the head of fbi is the super-duper delegate who will get to determine whether her candidacy continues. who knows. we might see -- >> you're praying for that aren't you? >> with joe biden going in. joe biden would do better against trump than hillary clinton. i'm not praying for everything. >> worry about a guy who such for fraud in case where allegedly defrauding people under deposition. that is what you should be
2:32 pm
worried about if you're republican. >> i would never vote for either of them. >> because you know, it seems to me as though the president has a vested interest, ilya in making sure she doesn't get indicted. how much of that comes into play. >> if he is making political calculus, wants a democrat to succeed him, he would orchestrate a deal if he is not indicted and goes away substitute in joe biden or whoever else. trish: joe biden is a good candidate. alan, joe biden, i mean if you really want to beat trump. >> so either she gets indicted which case she is horrible and terrible human being or she doesn't get indicted in which case the fix is in by obama administration. either way thers narrative on the right. no-win situation for democrats, right? trish: thoughts? >> look i'm not, i'm not playing a partisan game here. i'm, as much against trump as i am against hillary. i'm for advancing the rule of law here. this is, you know there is this stink that has been around
2:33 pm
the -- >> tell me what law was broken? what law was broken? >> michael mukasey the former attorney general had op-ed in "wall street journal" detailed all, by the way, intent isn't only standard. recklessness and -- >> tell me what law was broken? the federal records act was not broken according to -- >> misuse of classified information just like -- >> nothing was classified at the time. >> come on, you can't even argue that. >> different agencies fight over what will be classified after the fact. one of the classified emails after the fact said merry christmas. >> delete be subject line does not declassify it. general petraeus was convicted much less. >> petraeus knowingly gave information to mistress, knowing classified. you can't compare it to david petraeus. >> she exposed crassfied information to hackers in china. >> what information was suppose exposed united states. >> that has not been released. >> you have already convicted her, haven't you. trish: 15 seconds left. wrap it up here.
2:34 pm
ilya, alan, thank you very much, to both of you guys. we'll see what happens on hundred. we'll be right back with more. s. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include ....
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that's why i run on quickbooks. i use the payments app to accept credit cards... ...and everything autosyncs. those sales prove my sustainable designs are better for the environment and my bottom line. that's how i own it. trish: protesters in chicago today shooting down a walmart after demands that the city raised its minimum wage to $15 an hour. the folks in chicago may want to take a look at what happened in
2:38 pm
washington, d.c. when that city raised its minimum wage. half of all employers in the city either laid-off workers or reduce their hours. because the workers were costing more. the employers lay them off. people lose their jobs when this happens. joining me now is harlan hills. and peter murray. you still learn this. you raise the price of something, you will get less of it. >> going to a cbs in washington, d.c., you will find out that there are no longer cashiers. one person to help you if you have a problem. that is just a tip of the iceberg.
2:39 pm
lots of robots. lots of machines. the potential for replacing people with machines is tremendous. boosting the minimum wage to something like 60% of the average weight nationally will only encourage more of that to happen. >> a the reality is we are living through a transition right now. we have seen this before. transitioning to a technological based technology. i have a question. why people need to actually speed up the process like they are doing. protest in the politicians demanding more and more and more money for workers. they will find that these workers just do not have a job. >> right. almost 99% of human jobs would be made redundant by 2045. an alarming number.
2:40 pm
what is left for humans? you are right here at at the same time, let's acknowledge that there is a lot of pain out there. earning less than $25,000 a year. i do not support the 15% nationwide. i am from a little town nobody has ever heard of. they cannot afford this minimum wage that a restaurant in d.c. may be able to. it does not make any sense. it would be a horrible job distraction. trish: econ 101 textbooks. there should be a relationship between labor and the employers. you allow a market system to work where employees, if they want to work for less, if they want to work for more, this is
2:41 pm
something that is decided by them as opposed to the government getting in the way. >> so many other people employed in low-wage positions. restaurants, hardware stores, places like that. the relationship is a market here it you go to walmart. you are dealing with a great big employer that can dictate terms. low-income people, people making $11 an hour, determine if they are rent-free market geared we are trying to raise the wage to 60% of the average, considered the additional costs that employers have already had to bear because of obamacare and things of that nature. what we're really doing here is imposing a one size fit all soviet model on the u.s. economy. the minimum wage, if we have
2:42 pm
one, should be verified i county. it is much lower than what it is in washington, d.c. >> that is part of the reality of all of this. there are very different living standards in different parts of the country dared good to see both of you guys here. it is a debate that will continue. coming up, donald trump hammering hillary clinton on the number one issue on this election. the economy. transcending every intel in this election. ethnicity. why this will be the issue driving voters. stay with me. ♪
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in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ ♪ trish: let's check out these markets. you can see the dow climbing higher again. up 65 points. the s&p trading up seven. the nasdaq up three tenths of a percent. crude oil. guess what. continuing that move higher. oil prices hitting fresh highs today. government data showed a decline in crude stocks files. strong demand in china. one of the reasons why we watch oil so much.
2:45 pm
it could see some demand. lulu lemon reporting a decline. the yoga clothing maker, up after its positive forecast for the years. we are going to be right back with my intel on our economic future next. ♪
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trish: for donald trump, there is one topic that has a pretty good advantage. the economy. ample opportunities to remind voters of it. watch. >> tax and regulatory policies. keeping jobs and wealth in the united states. america is being taken apart piece by piece. auctioning off to the highest bidder. we are broke. we are only going to have a great, great deals. we are only going to have that. a disaster. trish: this is a message he should stay on. this is a message that he could actually win on. hillary has no world experience when it comes to job creation.
2:48 pm
never been a business owner. never having to create jobs. making it more "fair." it will only scared job creators. she needs to embrace. the principles of economic freedoms that have made us such a success. get the government out of the way. bring on lower taxes and less regulation. she cannot right now. even if she wants to. bernie sanders and the most progressive liberal members of her party, they always think that it is someone else's fault. someone does not have as much as someone else. hillary and the democrats want to penalize hard-working americans. taking their money and redistribute it to other people that are not as lucky as you. maybe it is because they did not work as hard as you.
2:49 pm
this will never work here at it never has. trump needs to stay on this message over and over again if he wants to win. the economy transcends everything else. it transcends at the city. if someone can provide you and your family with a brighter economic future, well, that is the biggest prize of all. get ready. lots more economic thoughts coming. we will take a quick break. i am back into. i will see you here. ♪ you pay your car insurance
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trish: new york city is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on an ad campaign letting folks know they are allowed to use whatever bathroom bay "gender identify
2:53 pm
with." it is not enough that women and children in the city must share the man -- bathroom with a man that goes in it. todd stearns from fox news radio joins me now. my money. your money. guess what. you feel like that is in the ladies room. go for it. >> i am not sure what color they want us to look at. that is actually part of the campaign that they are watching. >> we have a hate color now. who knew. >> all over our city buses and subways. apparently, we have a lot of folks from bangladesh that are
2:54 pm
transgender living here in the big apple. trish: trans- genders in new york city .001% of the population. we're spending all this money. we are getting this big campaign. .001%. >> we are. it is not just here in new york city where they are spending taxpayer money to push this campaign. it is coming from the obama administration. telling them that they have to accommodate transgender students. it does not matter. >> it is not just transgender students. any boy that wants to go into the weber and locker room and the local high school and say i kind of feel like a woman today. are these people just so divorced from the reality of life that they are willing to take chances? i am sorry, i am just a realist.
2:55 pm
>> 213-year-old boys in rhode island board a girl into the restroom at a school and assaulted this child. this is a real concern that moms and dads have. you do not have to show proof that you are transgender. this does not even begin to cover the latest trend of this rewriting of gender walls. gender fluidity. you can feel like a girl in the afternoon. you get to use the bathroom of your choice no matter what. if you are born biologically as a girl and you complained, you could get in trouble for that. >> it seems like such a distraction, frankly. the fact that we even have to be talking about this, i think is pretty shameful. if i am in the ladies room with my young daughters and someone walks in, i would imagine it is a very difficult day for someone
2:56 pm
that is a transgender. we would just look the other way. what frightens me about this right now is that the permit is legislating that any man can come into that restroom and have cover. that, i think, is dangerous. >> legislating their own morale indeed. this promotional campaign. the broadway musical. actually rewriting the be what you want to be too few where you want to peep. this is the same cast performing during the macy's thanksgiving day parade a couple years ago. >> i am totally insane. i have to run. good to have you here. ♪ ce automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military
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: . trish: donald trump is promising a major speech next week on his democratic challenger hillary clinton. gave a little preview last night. blasting hillary clinton for
3:00 pm
turning, quote, the state department into her private hedge fund. we're going to have full coverage. you better believe it. in the meantime, go to my facebook show page, tell me what you think of today's show. we love hearing from you. liz claman, now over to you. liz: thank you very much, trish. do we have magic in the making? talking about wall street magic making another run at dow 18,000. we're there right now. 8 points above it for the second day in a row. the dow topping the psychological milestone as oil surges above $51 a barrel. as we get closer, about 60 minutes away, we know this, there is uncertainty. goldman sachs issued a major warning. tell you what that is in a second. speaking of major, hillary clinton's republican for the democratic nomination ends in quite the historic fashion. the former secretary of state officially becomes the first woman at top of the presidential ticket after last night winning four of six primary states including


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