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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  June 12, 2016 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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>> john. >> until we find out what what happens with brexit, stay with cisco. up 20% in the year. >> jonas. >> the government has approved --. guess which has the most gates in miami. american airlines, up 20% in the year. >> yeah baby, coke and airlines. charles now. billionaire saying he doesn't need a billion to beat hillary. hello everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. all of his free coverage so there is no reason to raise all of that campaign cash. ben stein is off this week. and dagen mcdowell doing another great job. can the donald win without the dollars? >> absolutely charles.
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he can. he doesn't need quite a billion dollars. he needs to reinforce his ground game. that's been his biggest weakness. as far as spending a bunch of money on political ads he can do that inexpensively and expect those to go viral. and at the same time the "new york times" estimates 2 million in free media coverage. and he'll continue do so. he's been the most masterful presidential candidate we've seen at that. that doesn't replace a traditional presidential campaign fundraising but it is certainly enough that he doesn't need to raise a billion dollars. >> and that 2 billion is probably higher because that report came out not too longing. >> it will be 5 million by november. >> i don't want to start off by arguing with kennedy. actually i kind do. >> well you guys are both wearing pink. >> i'm just going to point out she kind of contradicted herself. you cannot have a ground game without spending money. >> but he doesn't need the money -- he can focus on the ground game and not on political
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ads. i didn't say he didn't need money charlie. use your listening ears. >> probably needs a lot of money. >> what is a lot? >> i think he needs 500 million. >> which is half of what hillary clinton said she's going to raise. >> it is still very difficult for him to do it. and yes donald is masterful at using free media. but when you are in a presidential contest it is not like it is spread among 17 losers. >> hillary will get her fair share -- >> gary? >> no longer is donald trump running against republicans. he's rubbing against the media darling hillary clinton. the media is going to go after him left and right. they are going to start blaming him for the chicago fire and san francisco earthquake. he's going to have to spend a billion if she spends a billion. go back to '08. johnny mccain made the mistake
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of not spending nearly as much as barack obama. barack obama spend --. he lost by a big margin. you have to go after it in a big way. >> john mccain is not quite donald. >> he's not quite donald. there are differences, no doubt. but adam coming into this election cycle they said they might neat as much 1.5 billion. it might be better for donald trump to overshoot than to mitigate how much he'll need in this things. >> the reason we're having this conversation is the experts have been wrong about so much for so long in this election cycle. that said i think number one he will need as much money as possible. i agree with you charles. and i agree with kennedy. he's going need more than he says he needs. number two, what he haven't said yet is his famous free media exposure. it is not going to be as good as it's been for the past six
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months. -- [inaudible] >> -- pay money for the stuff he wants. >> hold on one second. so you are admitting to o paint what gary said. a lot of people saying they gave him the free media to set him up and now trying to hit him with the hammer. >> i'm saying it differently. he's been largely given a free ride because he's such good copy. as with all candidates it is going to get a lot harsher going ford. >> exactly what's going on right now. if you look, everybody knew that donald trump stiffed creditors and people that did stuff, you know, worked on his -- these aren't top creditors. >> who are you talking about now? >> everybody snu. read the "new york times" and the usa today. >> you're saying old stories -- >> everybody knew that now all of a sudden i'm reading after he won. >> one second guy -- >> which i think is very important charles and that is
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donald trump doesn't have to have necessarily super packs services him. he could have super pacs so anti-hillary they are going to throw in as much money as they can to defeat her. not necessarily to elect limb. and he can benefit from that. and that is how rich people stay rich. >> no one knows -- this is a problem with his infrastructure. no one knows which super pacs to give to. >> -- i want to bring this up to the audience please. so far hillary has raised about 300 million and donald trump has raised only 62 million. obviously way way behind, gary. how does he step this up? because to charlie's point a lot of billionaires are frustrated. they have the check written and don't know where to send it. and now there is talk of trying to persuade smaller donors. >> he's going to need the big boys too. and there is no coincidence they
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had a big meeting with big donors. 60 to 80 of them the last couple of days and that is going to continue. bottom line, you said the numbers right there charles. that is going to be meaningful. we've seen the precedent in the past. those who spend the most and are the most aggressive have a leg up and he's way behind. >> [ inaudible ]. >> -- arguably every other commercial is a ripping of donald trump right. now he's got to get on top of this. >> kennedy brought this up. the negative ads didn't hurt him in the primary. and i get it. even mark cuban tweeted this week that donald trump has to raise the money that needs the big time money. there is a tweet right there. take look at this and i'll come back to you kennedy. because donald trump do himself any favors by lessening, saying hey this is it is no big deal and maybe not getting the doerngss ultimate hi he should get? >> the one thing he's been true his word on has been his flexible andabili ability to be
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nimble and change haze tone. >> change i his mine. >> there is so much overlap with he and bernie sanders that he has the same kind of passionate supports are and they will give those small donations. conventional wisdom -- >> you are right on him being late on the infrastructure but he's got the people around him. >> the 62 number i wonder if you are including the number he lent his campaign. that is one thing. the other thing is the infrastructure is key. while bernie sanders is already out there, hillary clinton, barack obama was already out there from the beginning getting small donations. getting started in the eighth inning. >> i want to focus more on the idea that donald trump was actually able to use not having a lot of money to his political advantage. imagine this. he gave that speech on friday.
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he mentioned hillary clinton being in a pocket of wall street. bernie sanders talked about hillary clinton being in a pocket of wall street. he could actually turn this upside down. hillary could have a billion dollars and it becomes a political liability. >> as the valid hypothesis, but the fact is he's run an amateurish campaign so far, brilliantly. and the question is can he continue to van amateurish campaign and win the general? i think the answer is no. i'm not saying i flow the answer because everyone's been wrong. >> you can only go by what's going on now. the polls are moving against him now. >> the very tight and very early. >> here's the thing though. you talked the fact that donald trump is very nimble. he's got people in his camp like paul manefort. these guys understand you need the cash. behind the curtain they are working hard to cobble together everything they need to get the money ramped up.
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>> and alsoy why you are heari a change in tone. the speech on friday and tuesday night, all shifts in tone. and maybe it is momentary. but the point is he's able to do it. he's got a team out there who they are trying to allay the fears of those big donors. those people are more important to him per separately than paul ryan andceptually than paul ryan and -- >> donald trump needs to realize the shape of things to come. the lead story was he didn't pay bills in 1947 and i expect a lot more of that in a big way. >> it was a lot later than that just to be clear. >> i think he -- >> [ inaudible ]. >> sarcasm there. >> but you made the point there gary and charlie as well, that listen, a lot of things that may be old news are going to be headlines from here on out and he's going to have to find a way
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to count they are and it is going to take some cash. >> and you need an infrastructure. and i talked to his guys and i know their meeting and i know all of these guys. get them when they don't have the microphone in their face. they are telling me it is a huge uphill battle to be starting in. it is not quite the eighth inning. but like the six and a half inning. it is tough. >> walmartn chicago blocki inin checkout aisles and they want the retailer to cover their bills. today on forbes on fox donald trump gearing up for a major attack speech on hillary clinton's legal troubles and sh0
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otherwise eligible voters. i'm elizabeth prann in washington and now back to cavuto on business biz. protesters blocking checkout
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lanes at the walmart in chicago getting arrested. pushing for a local law that would force local companies to raise wages and if not pay a fee to help fund healthcare and other public services they use. but gary you say this would hurt and not help. >> if you continue to pile on business owners, they are going react. you can't tell people costs are going up without any commensurate productivity gain. they are going let go of people. and here is the shame. somebody who will let hired at a lower wage will not get hired at the higher wage if they don't have the talent and all you do is end up screwing the people trying to get employed. >> what i hear is $16 billion in profits is a lot of money. and that walmart can afford this and they have an obligation to do. >> fair to say corporate finance probably isn't their strong suit.
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they don't have any context for that $16 billion. that said employers, whether it is a mcdonald's franchise. >> sounds like you are on the side of walmart. >> walmart is one of the few places families can go and actually find a bargain. and it is so easy to demonize companies like walmart and such a tired old song. this is a big push by public unions and all they want do and all these fight for 15 rallies are all about. this entire movement is set up by authoritarian unions who want total control over corporations and corporations are not apgs in this. >> -- you go into business to make money. >> exactly. it is not charity.
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>> -- largest employer in america. that is a giant honey pot for if unions and everybody else. >> and what adam said which i think is key. inflation. >> that hurts families even more. >> inflation really destroys poor people. as the working class kid and i remember the 1970s when you couldn't afford meat because inflation was going through the roof and you couldn't afford anything in the 70s. couldn't afford gasoline. and that effects not just coverage people. it effects working class and poor people. >> and who -- >> who pays for these protesters do they make minimum wage? protesters. >> think they do hire protesters a the minimum wage but it is seiu or whoever those guys are. and this is something you can pass prices on. i'm not sure we're in an environment where people who shop at walmart could actually afford to pay higher prices. >> and amazing thing. walmart is the greatest job
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creating machine in history. and single handedly lowered the raid of inflation on how they handle their products. they are very big about with suppliers and costs and things and these people just want to screw with them. when walmart open there are like a thousand people lined up for jobs yet these people are out there ripping on them for if gre greatness. and i'm glad walmart shaz stood their ground. hopefully that continues. >> even with these mcdonald's protest t same sort of thing. always the outside agitators. you don't really see a lot of people from the local communities or even the employees out there complaining. >> yeah. great point. >> this is politics. i wouldn't be shocked by it. you don't go after sam's market. you go after walmart. you go after mcdonald's. they are not the only ones. >> i've been on strike lines. my old man worked -- he was one of the workers that would strike. these aren't workers striking demanding better wages.
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these are outside agitatoragita. >> they have gotten more sophisticated. >> -- outside political interests. not the workers themselves. they are a bunch of quasicommunists. seiu workers who get paid more than minimum wage. >> adam the last word. on you. we're not so far apart except to say that union employees have paid their dues to fund that. i'm not saying i like it charlie but not everything is the little micro protest. >> all right guys. >> norma ray was striking because she hate where had she was workal the people that work at walmart like where they are working and. >> completely dismiss the facts their the fact they are the largest produce over organic produce in the world. >> exclamation for you. when school lets out teens go out and work on their tans apparently. more teenagers are saying no to work this summer. who's fault is that kennedy?
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christina grimmie test. out of school and out of work. a new report finding fewer teens getting summer jobs. and some say it's because the job market is shrinking for teenager, but charlie says it's because they're slackers. >> these aren't even my len yals. they're generally lazy, no good, dirty rotten kids, but these are
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entitled, even younger, so more lazy than ever before. but there is a silver lining. there will be more jobs for others and they might have to boost the minimum wage. >> the economy isn't great. they're adults who are sort of fretting about this. what do you think? is is is it because kids don't want to work or a combination of both? >> there's a number of factors. if you look at places where there are minimum wage laws, teenagers and minorities are the last ones to get those jobs and when you see more of those laws passed in the country, younger people are going to suffer and traditional jobs aren't growing. the southern camps and other positions teens have taken in the past. they're not all lazy slackers. most of them are. 47%. unless they're doing educational programs, volunteeringing, trying to boost their college resume. >> and some are playing rid
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games. i gott a summer job every year. i found a way to help, some of these kids don't have to do that. >> i'll tell you, charles, i'm worried. when i see thousands of these teens at these bernie sanders rallies and he's selling a clear lack of we're going to give you, don't worry about anything else. that the trend has been down for quite a while. the two words, rugged individualism, learning, educating from top to bottom, whether you're 15 or 16. i started working at the age of 14 for basically nothing. >> also blame helicopter parents. they have created this environment and kids want to be parented from the time they're teenagers and by the number, once they leave home and then move back in with their parents! we're going to blame you. instead of rugged individualism, just individual ism.
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>> i don't think there's any big political factors at play here. helicoptering might be part of it. i don't know why these tangers don't want to work. no one's going to buy them, they're not old enough to buy beer, but no one's going to give them beer or ice cream money. zpl we should be worried they're not motivated. >> sure. i'm worried, but i don't blame bernie sanders or donald trump for that matter. i don't know who to blame. >> thanks to kennedy and charlie. they almost got along today. little rough out the gate, but pretty good. thanks a lot. credit card debt set to hit
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stocks the help make you debt free. here again. >> cisco, the food company, not the technology company. defensive issues working well. i think 20% in the next year. >> wow. pretty big. >> small cap growth index.
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these growth companies don't have a will the of debt, so if that's how you want to play it, they're a good one. >> does it pay a dividend? >> no, very little. >> hey, fantastic. really appreciate it at home. re's dave. turn the state department into her private hedge fund. the russians, the saudis, the chinese. all gave money to bill and hillary and got favorable treatment in return. >> donald trump who set up a fake university, trump university, that committed froud on people. >> what a race. donald trump promising to give a huge speech in just two day, zeroing in on clinton scandals while she's pounding him over his trump university lawsuit, but with voters saying the economy is their number one issue, do they really care about the


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