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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the volume is thin? >> absolutely. use every opportunity of a buying opportunity. liz: we have a sell-off of 114 points on the dow. hank smith, thank you. that will do it for me, i send it over to the closing bell to david and melissa for "after the bell." melissa: stocks in the red right now. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman, this is "after the bell." got you covered on the markets, first here's what else we have for you this hour. on a day when hillary got a pass fr the fbi on indictment, president obama's hitting the campaign trail with hillary. the former rivals appearing together hours after the fbi announced despite her quote extreme carelessness. the fbi would not recommend charges against the former secretary of state. and fresh off several meetings with possible vp contenders and will take the stage with one of them later
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tonight. melissa: back to the markets, the dow and the s&p ending longest winning streak since march as the dow finishes off of session lows. phil flynn of price futures group and fox business contributor, lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange. tell me about the sell-off? >> brexit jitters came back, a typical risk off day, off the worst levels, down 150 at the worst point, and oil down about 5%. so the dow, the s&p closes off 7/10%, similar story for the nasdaq composite index. you had bonds receiving all the money flowing out of stocks today. you had a record low for the ten-year yield which sent all the money to stocks into the higher dividend paying indices like telecoms and utilities. harley-davidson, there is all this buzz that harley was going
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to get a bid from private equity firm kkr, that didn't happen today. that was way down. and blackberry, they're going to toss the classic hand held device. so that's kind of an historic announcement for blackberry. back to you guys. david: thank you very much. concern about how britain disentangles itself from the eu affecting gold prices. phil is here, oil is down almost 5%, what's going on? >> down a lot because of concerns not only brexit but the rest of the european banking system. last week we were worried about bank worried about the imf. concerns that italy's biggest bank kwausing concerns and causing flight to quality. we saw it in gold and weakness in the price of oil. david, it wasn't all about that, there was more to it. there are concerns maybe oil
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demand isn't everything it was cracked up to be. we saw a report that supplies in curbing, oklahoma, is down 230,000 barrels and saw a big drop in wholesale gasoline prices, down almost 9 cents. maybe not as many people traveled over the 4th of july holiday as thought for, and that played into the negative mood in the energy sector today. david: wish it translated immediately into gas prices, that would be nice as we've driving out there. melissa: wall street breaking four-day winning streak as fears about uk's vote to leave the european union, let's bring in jared levy and jason rothman. do you buy that's the reason we saw the sell-off today? >> i think that this is not a -- you know, brexit is back in the center of people's minds. i think that large moves like
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we saw when the brexit was announced, it's an algorithmic move, right? nobody can react that quickly. the normal investor doesn't know how to react. we don't know how it's going to turn out. what's happening is people are thinking through the risk. what i believe is that the snapback was a little much. i think we should be probably about 2% to 3% lower, why? earnings are poor and now the other unknown which has a bias to be negative. i think in people's minds they're rethinking the big snapback, that's why we moved lower. melissa: jason, if we talk this is the new normal, we'll see this kind of volatility. maybe you play along and you buy on the dip? >> i agree with jared, i'll take a more extreme position we should be greater than 2-3% lower. i said this over and over again. 38,000 jobs last month, that was a party pooper. the jobs report this friday could be worse, which could cause people to take massive
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risks off the table. up from 9 trillion last week, there is $10 trillion of securities with a negative yield. what that means is nobody in the world is confident of the global growth story. no reason why the stocks should be this high right now. melissa: jared, do you believe that? barack obama was on talking about how many consecutive months of job growth, 70 something months, everything is great, the economy is so much better, what are we talking about? what's the truth? jason says no one can believe it's great out there. i can tell you one person who does. >> it's his job to make us believe it's great, right? last month the 38,000 jobs -- let's not forget, i think it was 660,000 jobs were just wiped off. in other words, they're no longer counted. 660,000 people who are
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unemployed are no longer counted. reversed an entire years of jobs being added. here's the reality, all comes down to earnings, earnings for a recession, they are going to continue to be negative this quarter. a lot of stocks we're buying are trading at ten-year highs in terms of price-to-earnings multiples. from a value perspective there is no value in a lot of the companies that are traded excessively. we should be lower. there are no alternatives, it is high right here. i'd be really careful. david: look at a particular stock, tesla taking a hit, missing delivery target announcing it was only able to deliver 78% of the 18,000 cars it manufactured in the second quarter as it attempts the transition of being a mass market automaker. tesla is promising more than it can deliver. that's no good. >> here's what i have to say
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about tesla. the stock, people need to understand, if you own tesla, you bury your shares in the backyard and forget about it for 40 years. tesla is not a buy today and sell a week from now. it's a long-term growth company it's a high-flying stock. maybe today is a wake-up call that tesla is not perfect. it is flawed maybe. david: hold on a second, jared, it hits a problem that tesla has been accused of before, it can't meet delivery. if it can't deliver on 18,000, what's it going to do when it has to deliver 50,000 by the end of the year? >> yeah, they promised 80,000 to 90,000 cars delivered this year, and on track to do maybe 60. i agree, jayson. i don't think 40 years, tesla is a stock you want to own four to five years out. at the same time, elon has to be somewhat realistic, and if
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oil prices continue to stay low and fuel prices more importantly stay low, there is more impetus to spend 60, 70, 80,000 in retail, and we don't have the money. david: the subsidies might not be there, who knows the next president is going to be the subsidies the owners get now tesla may not be there in the future. melissa? melissa: twinkies reaching an agreement to be taken public in a deal that values the company at $2.3 billion. jared it's a turnaround story. people were buying them on ebay because they thought they were going away forever. i had confidence, i know the value of a twinky. lo and behold. it's back! >> we talked about it on the show in 2012. i'll never forget. this i'm going stock up on twinkies, i believe in long-term. you have to go into bankruptcy protection, renegotiate the
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contracts for all the workers, unfortunate they had to be reduced in pay. now we'll be able to eat twinkies and hostess cupcakes again. i don't know about buying the stock into the ipo. an interesting story and i'm happy because i like sweets. melissa: jason, bomb shelter is filled with twinkies, no matter what the nuclear fallout, they are good. are you investing with the stock? >> i'd rather have silver. as far as why the ipo happened. there was $900 million special dividend because they raised a certain amount of debt. this is what the ipo is about. not about hostess or twinkies being a great long-term investment. this is the private owners of the company cashing out. >> getting out of debt. melissa: getting out of debt and cashing out. they took the risk. they turned around the company. brought it out. they were in bankruptcy. they're getting their money out. >> exactly, if we're talking
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about the individual investor, that's my point. melissa: fair point. david: you can't eat silver. you can eat twinkies. melissa: not as good as a twinkie. i've tried both. david: last just as long as silver and gold. a new warning about isis, spike in terror around the world as isis carries out soft target attacks. will the dramatic increase in terror spill over into america? melissa: the deadly zika virus isn't the only threat plaguing the olympic games. the latest health scare that's causing alarm. david: extremely careless, the fbi's words, not criminal? the fbi breaking down the evidence against hillary clinton. >> though we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws regarding the handling of cla information. there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive,
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. david: a live look at president obama campaigning with hillary clinton. this just hours after fbi director james comey announced that despite, quote, extreme carelessness, comey's words, by hillary clinton in dealing with classified information, he would not recommend filing charges against her over her handling of government e-mails. fox business' blake burman in d.c. with the latest details. hi, blake. >> reporter: president obama has been speaking about 20 minutes or so as he is currently campaigning alongside hillary clinton in north carolina right now. now is the first time the two have campaigned together, and it comes just hours after the
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fbi director james comey said clinton was, quote, extremely careless in her handling of state department material, but that his agents determined that clinton did not act with malicious intent. he said no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her, and that's the agency's recommendation to the department of justice. we've been listening to both the president and hillary clinton who spoke before him. neither brought up the fbi director's position when they were speaking, but the president clearly stood behind his former secretary of state. listen here. >> i'm here today because i believe in hillary clinton. [cheers] and i want you to help elect her to be the next president of the united states of america! [cheers] >> reporter: donald trump has responded in his own right with a statement just a little while ago, half hour or so ago saying that the system is rigged. trump adding and i'm quoting
4:16 pm
here our adversaries have a blackmail file on hillary clinton and this fact alone disqualifies her from service. the normal punishment in this case would be losing authority to handle classified information and that too disqualifies hillary clinton from being president. so right now, clinton and president obama are in charlotte, north carolina about three hours and 45 minutes from now, trump is scheduled to speak in the very state in raleigh. david: important day, blake burman, thank you very much. melissa? melissa: let's bring in our panel, senator evan bayh, david drucker from the washington examiner and dan heninger from the "wall street journal." senator bayh, start with you, you were on five committees in the senate, and one was the select committee on intelligence whuchl heard the laundry list of what went on with her e-mails in the investigation, what was your reaction? >> this is ultimately going to be tried in the court of public
4:17 pm
opinion, and people have to make their own judgments, but fortunately, in our country, making a mistake or being in the words of the director, careless, is not a criminal act. i trust his judgment, he's a man of solid repute, and i don't think he would go into the tank for anyone. she made a mistake, should have been done differently, period. it's up to the american people to decide now. melissa: david drucker, what do you think? >> i think the worst possible outcome was an indictment, that didn't happen. the best possible outcome was exoneration, that clearly didn't happen. she has a challenge. this is a hit to a problem she has. trustworthiness and honesty. what she has is an opponent equally flawed in the campaign, and unclear if he'll take advantage of this, the same way another republican would have had they won the nomination. melissa: dan, you look at the day today, there she is on the side standing next to the president of the united states,
4:18 pm
after you know she's been cleared, more or less. he talked about the things she did but ended the speech saying they were not going to recommend indictment because they didn't think prosecutors would be able to win the case. it seems like a spike the football day for hillary clinton. >> i guess so, melissa. are we sure barack obama isn't running for president again. he certainly sounded like he's running for president. in a way he's running for a third term in the person of hillary clinton. he's going to be campaigning for five months on her behalf. but just think of some of the things james comey said that her servers were not as secure as gmail system and used this system while she was in the countries of sophisticated adversaries. if you were a trainee for an investment bank and you were using your gmail to express and exchange information about your company, you would be shown to the sidewalk immediately. and i think donald trump had a good point.
4:19 pm
anybody who did these things should never be allowed to handle classified information again. it would happen to any other person, but she's running for the presidency. melissa: senator bayh, it has to do with the nature of this particular case and who's involved. >> well, context is everything, and again, she made a mistake, she admitted that. no criminal intent, as you observed previously. it's up for the american public to decide. there was no indictment, it won't affect her detractors, they'll be equally unhappy. for the 4 to 5% of the american public, they'll be focused on middle class issues, job growth, wage growth, college affordability, those kinds of things. by then, this will be a nonissue. melissa: david, i'll ask you, at the beginning of the speech,
4:20 pm
hillary listed the five things she wants to do when she becomes president. and the first is she wants to raise the minimum wage to give the middle class a raise. if $15 an hour is the new middle class, we have some serious problems. there are wage problems in this country, and that's literally what she said. i went back and checked, she's reading off a prompter. i don't know, that must be what she sent in. >> it's in the democratic party's platform. this is an area where she was moved by bernie sanders and the left. i think senator bayh spoke to this, this is a base election and who can get out the base. i remember four years ago when the president said things like the private sector is doing fine, and you didn't build that, and things the republicans thought. how can he say this and win independence and a second term. he did and it worked. and when you looked at demographics of this election,
4:21 pm
hillary clinton could still lose. this election is competitive if you look at data. the demographics are with the democratic party. if hillary clinton can weather today's storm going forward and an issue of base versus base when republicans are wary about trump. she's in a good position. melissa: dan, real quick, $15 an hour is that the new minimum wage of the middle class? >> the middle class is upset, melissa. one of the central issues is cynicism that washington plays by a different set of rules than anyone else whether you are supporting bernie sanders or donald trump. and today's events only give people more reason to believe that. melissa: panel, thank you so much. >> thank you. david: good stuff. the vp search entering the homestretch, speculation who donald trump is going to tap as potential running mate. details on the short list coming up. a major milestone in space. nasa's historic mission and what they hope to uncover. that's coming next.
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david: chatter getting louder, donald trump hitting north carolina. fox news' carl cameron is in raleigh, north carolina with details. reporter: it is 95 degrees here in raleigh. there is a huge line of people getting refreshing rain drops on them. donald trump is coming here fired up, he issued two statements inn last hour -- in last hour. each wore very long. railing the fbi. with all of the criticism that comey gave of former secretary of state, saying it was simply not responsible the types of activities she took, trump
4:26 pm
campaign has lost a big utility, republicans thought she should be indicted and disqualified for presidency, now trump campaign will take what they consider to be injustice and white wash of what they call the rigged system. north carolina is one of constant mid-11 swing states it is a battleground, it has been swinging from democrat to republican in 2012, now a virtual dead tie. in what pops there have been, there have not been many in last couple of weeks, today it will be tennessee senator bob corker, who will be opening, auditioning vice presidential pick. he is a very conservative tennessee senator but with a more moderate tone in terms of
4:27 pm
rhetoric in terms of donald trump. he has been a very trough critic of the obama administration, expect to hear his version of what should have happened to hillary clinton. next step, trump will go to ohio issue he has not been there in 6 weeks, cincinnati. there his odding as -- oddin auditional potential running mate speaking with him will be newt gingrich. newt gingrich has a long relationship with the clintons, he was speaker who bill clinton was president. and helped bill pass welfare reform, and balance budget, a lot of republicans argue it was bill clinton who helped newt gingrich do that. this is a 1 18 to 20 week running mate race here, in the past it has been shorter,
4:28 pm
between 10 to 14 weeks, the role of running mate has been pit bull. newt gingrich can do that in spades. david: they don't call him campaign carl for nothing, in new hampshire in january, and north carolina in july, this guy sees it from beginning to end, god bless you carl. >> thank you. >> a 5 year mission accomplished nasa juno spacecraft successfu successfully entering jupiter's orbit after completing the journey across 1.8 billion miles of deep space, nasa hopes to learn more about planet's origin, and evolution, through the billion dollar projec. expensive but cool. david: some things are worth paying money for. >> possibly returning to terror, a search to find this guy, former gitmo detainee
4:29 pm
whose whereabouts remain unknown. a bad guy. melissa: what would have happened to any other government employee handled top-secret military information the way that hillary clinton did? a former inspector general will be here to tell us, that's next. i have asthma...
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>> there is evidence of potential violations of statutes regarding handling of classified information, our
4:33 pm
judgment is that no reason able prosecutor would bring such a case, in looking back at our investigations, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges onnes these facts. >> a startling conclusion after all of the facts they listed and fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server, comey saying fbi will not recommend criminal charges again hillary clinton. despite the mountain of evidence that clinton was extremely careless in her handling of classified material, saying then secretary of state clinton september and receive -- sent and received classified information. remember when she said she did not do that? she did, some were even marked classified. >> any reasonable person in
4:34 pm
secretary clinton's position or in position of those with whom she wa -- >> i guess she is not reasonable. there was no mention of the clinton foundation. david: that was very disappointing. hillary may not be indicted for the way she handled top-secret e-mails. but could there be other consequences for very dangerous carelessness. general paul brockfeld on legal implications, what would happen to any. who did what fbi director comey laid out when she did, what would happen? what kind of sanctions? what kind of legal actions? >> actually, director did say normally sanction or administrative act would be
4:35 pm
taken, in my experience a case similar to this, at very least, that person would have their security clearances rescinded and likely never get them back again. david: do you think it conceive i'l conceivable, it might be next commander in chief her security clearance would be rescinded? >> i think it should be if the game of the fair, and based on my historic bases and knowledge, it would be, in this case, there are mitigating factors to some. david: have there been individuals who did what she did or less than what she did, that have had their security clearance taken away. >> absolutely, quite a lot less, every employee that gets that level of clear answer, has to be run to program, and knowledgeable of the program, and sign they are knowledgeable, and at end they walk out that door they get debriefed.
4:36 pm
how you could not know the requirements and how you could willfully violate, and get a pass, i cannot fathom. david: comey called her acteds extremely careless, what is difference between gross negligence and extreme carelessness? >> i don't want to get into his verbal language, i will say that anyone with that level of clearance, knows the requirements, should had to have known that, it would have been documented if she signed forms. david: former prosecutor andrew mccarthy wrote, the point about having statute that criminalizes gross negligence to underscore government officials have a special obligation to save guard national defense secrets, that is why the law was written, has the law lost all of its meaning now?
4:37 pm
>> it makes my past cases look -- they are inconsistent with this case. this is never happened to my knowledge, and certainly none of the investigations that i had did someone walk away untellingerred after -- u untethered after having done this your clearance would, taken away immediately, no lawyers, it is gone immediately, i can't remember anyone ever getting it back for doing a smattering for what apparently former secretary did. david: former inspector general paul brackfeld. >> thank you. melissa: a warning that classified information may have gotten into wrong hands, comey said it is possible -- could have gained access. joining us now. former secret service agent
4:38 pm
who protected hillary clinton. -- thank you for joining us, morgan. i know you think that this system as it was described today with all servers and administrators and in basement and nothing secure that would be child's play for enemy and our friends to be frank. >> there is no doubt, i was on record on fox news, fox business, saying my biggest heres that e-mails are in hands of adversaries right now, have you russia, china, one of those things, you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. israel as well, there is no doubt that this system was penetrated, john kerry said, he expect all his e-mails are being read. if his are you can be sure hers were. melissa: dan, you protected her at one time, i understand you have a source. >> the source is un--
4:39 pm
unimpeachable, this source was had first hand knowledge, he relayed to me, he passed on to clinton staff they had real trouble with infiltration on the server, it had been penetrated. i am shocked no wobbles has pick -- one else has picked up this story, clinton staff knew server was infiltrated and people were likely reading the e-mails, and they it nothing about it. melissa: morgan, we don't know which server would have been we learned there are so many different servers, it is possible that one is long gone, this is really an astounding story, we got so many more details and no indictment, what do you think? >> i am shocked, i was expecting a referral, as he laid out inadequacies of
4:40 pm
security, everyone knew there was classified information for it to go down this way, it tells me that vladimir putin is best place to go to get these e-mails right now. melissa: thank you both. >> unbelievable. david: is trump narrowing in on his vp pick? we give you the latest on who donald trump is eyeing. >> one lucky person hoping to be almost as rich as donald trump, mega million jackpot is expanding and breaking records, we'll tell you how much, coming up next. what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection.
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melissa: donald trump is vetting responsibly possible running mates, it looks like he is looking for an experienced politician, currently is newt gingrich, chris christie, mike pence, jeff sessions, bob corke
4:44 pm
corker. joni ernst . >> who is person that -- who completes me, right? i was going to say you say it is more about who highlights high strength, doubling down audience, mccain did it with palin, and romney are ryan in ohio. but democrat excite, bill clinton, southern male white democrat, chose al gore, a southern male white democrat. he won mccain and romney lost. what the lesson is, find a person who reinforces your strength. you find a person who tells
4:45 pm
world who you are and what you care about. in case of hillary clinton obviously it will be elizabeth warren in case of donald trump, we will find, christie and newt gingrich and rest of them is old school, only new school guy that i can pick for him is vladimir putin or himself. who is be greater. melissa: i do think -- that nuggets of information -- that is brilliant, rather than person next to you, who find of highlights -- kind of highlight your weakness by trying to compensate for it, they are standing in visceral re-- visual reminder of what you lack, instead, a person next to you that doubles down on what brought you there,. serious now, who would be a good person to do that for donald trump? he could get someone who -- i'm going to get in trouble.
4:46 pm
i'm not going down that road, i think chris christie, even though i don't think he would be a good choice, but in some ways he reinforces same thing, i am going to buck the system, say what i want, i am in your face, it kind of fits your would be a good choice, you meant politically and et cetera, that not what matters, marketing and brands is about how consumer in this case, voter feels about themselves. folks who love trump want more of that. haters are haters, they are not coming, you are right. chris christie is the guy who stands next to trump, and you think, wow two for the price of one. same attitude, same accent,
4:47 pm
same big boisterous, that is what confirms here is what you love. here is a double meat burger you know. melissa: a fantastic theory, i think we have more work to do on this, we may have to come up with a better list. >> i would love it. melissa: thank you bruce see you later. david: christie is ayou bring ts stuff up, mega-fever takeover states, mega million jack port hits $449 million. 7th largest in u.s. history, odds of winning are 1 in 259 million, next drawing 11 p.m. eastern tonight. and you might need to win it to raise a family, child care costs, in u.s. are soaring, added costs putting trek stress on family overall child care extends growing almost
4:48 pm
twice as fast since 2009. cost of raising a child in 2013 until age 18 projected to be more than $2 45,000. >> a wave of terror all over the world this holiday weekend, global reach and threat it poses to america coming up. >> search for a former prisoner of guantanamo bay, why officials think that terror suspect could be returning, if not already to his terror ties, coming next. ♪
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4:52 pm
responsibility for the attacks yet. some speculate that islamic state could be to blame, following a series of bombings in baghdad. islamic state militants attacking restaurant in bangladesh with guns, explosives and swords, killing 20 hostages, on heels of string of suicide bombings, istanbul, turkey killing 144 people a week ago today. senior fellow, peter brooks weighing in on this question how much isis had to do with the attack and direct control and command, any evidence of that? >> well, not clear at-this-point. there is es -- possibility
4:53 pm
that istanbul attack was directedly them, in some ways that is minor compared on what we're up against, whether they are inspired or directed, the terrible terror attacks are still happening and terrible loss of life 92 they kind of telegraphed this was coming, tomorrow i think it end of ramadan, a month long, muslim holiday. have they said anything about after ramadan. >> they tried to take advantage of ramadan because of the long fast period. people are kind of like, i have not eaten in so many hours, they turn to feasting and security services are the same way, i don't think we'll see a let down in terms of isis activity after ramadan is over. , they are pressured in syria and iraq they need to raise
4:54 pm
their visibility bring foot soldiers, followers and funding. david: what about here? we had san bernardino, and attacks here iflorida. are more to come? the stuff overseas right now? is that kind of a rehearsal for they plan here? >> i am concerned, quick statistics, since january 2015, 18 months ago we had 22 terrorist attacks or plots in united states san bernardino, orlando, stand up high. but, have been all 22 of those have been homegrown, 18 of those 22 are confirmed to be isis related. so, we're seeing, last year, was most terror ballot intense -- terror plot intensive year since 9/11. david: turkey, some say that turkey played a part in growth and development of isis.
4:55 pm
ed -- erdogan gave baghdady sanitary, when we're told some members of family of prime minister are involved in trading isis oil, has turkey learned its lesson with these terror attacks, are they now reliable allies of our. >> i cannot substanceiate those plans, the cia would have to do, that the fact is that turkey has been a difficult partner, most le ally on sir -- mostly on syria policy, they were i think istanbul, worst attack they have suffered, i hopefully will help them change their views and be a more helpful ally in helping islamic state. david: terrible it had to happen this way, peter brooks thank you. >> thank you. david: search is intensifying for a former gitmo detainee on the run. airline workers in south
4:56 pm
america on high alert after former prisoner vanished and, be traveling with a fake passport he resettled in uruguay, authorities insist he left for brazil, but the brazilian government has no record of him. >> coming up, olympics are a month away, but it will be a test of strength or health? more details coming up on that. that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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. david: health risks plaguing rio. brazilian scientists have discovered drug-resistant bacteria on beaches creating health concerns for athletes participating in the games. bruce turkel is back with us. bruce, a bacteria fighting
5:00 pm
they got to make the olympics more super than the superbacteria. david: honestly speaking, do you think that's possible? >> no, i think they're in for a real awakening. there is power to the event. people will go anyways. david: got to leave it at that, thank you, my friend. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> there is absolutely no possibility of an indictment. >> that is not going to happen, there is no basis for it, and i'm looking forward to this being wrapped up. >> are you 100% confident that nothing is going to come of this fbi investigation? >> i am 100% confident. >> i continue to believe that she has not jeopardized america's national security. this is somebody who served her country for four years as secretary of state and did an outstanding job. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> i'm not answering that question.


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