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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 8, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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gold stocks, which dagen and i hate, have been up about 100% -- maria: yeah. >> i do love treasuries, and they've done really well. maria: great conversation. and we'll be reading barron's this weekend about that. thanks, everybody, we appreciate it. that'll do it for us, and it has been a busy morning. "varney & company" begins now. liz macdonald in for -- latest developments out of dallas. liz: thank you so much. i am liz macdonald, here's the big story. chaos in dallas. an ambush. snipers picking off police officers. this is after a protest over police shootings in minnesota and in louisiana. in all, 14 shot, 12 of them police officers, five officers were killed. now, police say four snipers were hiding throughout this downtown dallas using officers as one authority said as target practice. here's what the dallas police chief said about the moment -- motive just moments ago. take a listen.
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>> all i know is that this, this must stop. the suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers. >> now this is news that is coming very fast into our bureau here and one sniper killed by a police explosion i have. earlier reports said he had shot himself. again, a dozen dallas police officers shot five killed. two civilians also shot the police say this one in response to recent police involved shootings in minnesota and louisiana. much more in dallas in a moment and throughout the next three hour but first here's where markets are. we've got the june jobs report,
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a half hour ago 287,000 jobs added in june. that's a sol willed number. we should point out that may reare vised down to just 11,000 jobs. stockings will open solidly higher that's what futures are showing. but look at the yield on tenure treasury talking ab global fight to safety in that historic area of 1.42%. take a look at gold six straight weeks of gain there. right now i had traying at about 1,352 an ounce down fractionally oil is also mooing slightly higher. nearly 2% higher with stocks range between 45 and 51 ore less last several months. massacre in dallas here's president barack obama said about it this morning. roll tape. >> when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes a tax like these more deadly and more tragic and in days ahead we're going to have to consider those realities.
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>> lieutenant kernel allen west national center for policy analysis executive director. mr. wess what had your response to the president? >> it's good to be with you liz and condolences to the men and women who lost their brothers and sisters and loved ones who have lost families. you know, last week, friday, i did a night patrol ride along with a dallas police department. and just last night i was at the northeast head quarters that patrolled my area here in dallas giving words of encouragement to those police officers who were some of them were about to head down to patrol that riot. when i listen to the words of president obama just then, after the san bernardinos terrorist attack he blamed guns. after the orlando terrorist attack he spoke about guns. after this horrific ambush of these dallas police officers, who were safeguarding america's exercising their first amendment right, he once again talks about
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guns you go back to lewis henry gist and incident where he said that police acted stupidly we have a president who always rushes to judgment and cast police in a negative light as he did yesterday in relation to the louisiana and minnesota incidents. instead of letting jts play out there, but again when it does not fit his narrative that he want it is to talk about, he always goes to the ideological agenda item had is guns. >> colonel west you heard what the dallas police chief just said. your response he said race was a factor 237 opinion >> it is, and it's a factor because we have had people created a deviciveness and it is always about a clover a police officer or what have you. but let's be very honest why is the president talking about black on black crime in his hometown of chicago, illinois and talking as strongly about
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kate steinly and americans who were killed by illegal immigrants? and so it is cherry picking of what you want to talk about in order to stoke the flames of racial deviciveness that leads to political gain, and you know, hillary clinton yesterday put out the hash had tag black lives matter. all the lives matter and should not say one group is more important than another group. and horrifically they have set the the condition, they have set an atmosphere for the ambush of police officers yesterday. recent study of department justice analysis shows that, in fact, african-american and hispanic cops more likely to fire gun at blacks rather than white officers. what do you make of that analysis? >> well, you know unfortunately the truth and facts tend to not be something that, you know, president obama and others want to embrace. but folks on the ground know
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what is actually happening and when you're going into a lot of high crime neighborhoods they want the police to be there because they want to be protected. look at the lifting of the stop and frisk with mayor de blasio he has good honest, law-abiding citizens at risk and all over again, and i go back to what is happen hadding in chicago, and bad cops, bad soldiers you look at what happened in charleston, north carolina, as a matter of fact, that police officer is behind bars. so we need to will let the systf justice play out instead of people looking for political advantage, leverage narrative. >> thank you so much colonel lieutenant appreciate your insight there. have a goods weekend. if i want to bring in arthur fox news legal analyst former prosecutor. arthur you work closely with police on situations leak this, and, in fact, dallas police chief said this the police officers are actually running into the line of fire. what is your insight and what do
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you think here? >> here's my personal experience, of this situation, so last night iftion i was already scheduled to be on fox news comanl to talk about the minnesota shooting to talk about baton rouge shooting soy left my office a few blocks from here there are thousands of people in streets of manhattan. and i did not know there was a protest but it was clear that the police officers didn't know there was going to be a protest. and here's the irony of the situation. i'm standing in the street and here are these people screaming, hey, hey, ho ho racist cops have got to go, and f the police, with f the police. one hour later on i'm the news channel when this happens i was actually speaking. and it was a split screen with dallas. and the same people here in new york, here ins dallas who were criticizing police cursing police when first gunshot goes where do they run to? they ran to the police officers they ran behind police officers as police officers are running into the danger.
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and what we just learned from this news conference is like kind of the chickens have cool home to roost to our worst nightmare. all of this animosity anger, black lives matter all of this is all came home and according to what chief brown said one individual they spoke to before he died said -- i was mad about black lives matter. i was mad at the cops was mad at white people so i targeted white plfers. and in fact he was very successful. >> arthur let's do a recap here deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. and what is important in needs instances is just to take a step back. this is a terrible, terrible all of disgraceful thing that's happening in dallas right now. but washington post took a look at police shootings, and they found that basically there are more, many -- two times as many white poem as blags who were shot last year. that's the cold fact. 50% white people were shot by
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cops versus 20% black. however washington postsaying this morning that blacks are shot at two and a half times the rate of white people given i think percentage of the population. what do you mac of that analysis? >> so president obama spoke yesterday about the minnesota and baton rouge shootings he said you know black people are more vulnerable to these types of police shootings than white people are and question i want him to answer as the first black president is, why is that? if statistic is true why is that? and governor of minnesota said yesterday before everything happened in dallas if that was a white passenger in that car he doesn't believe he could have been killed and he said it was a racist shooting. but we have to look at this statistic. whether we like it ore not the truth is, that people of color at least in the city new york i know the statistics, are more likely to have a background in violent crime or to have some sort of a weapon on them. so yes a police officer is --
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whether that police officer is white, black, asian or hispanic is more raised up when he sees somebody there because the statistics bear out more likely there's going to be a confrontation. elbow it was jesse jackson said i'm walking down the street and see a black guy behind me i'm more nervous than a white person behind the behind me why is that in same thing i'm bringing home when they're investigating organized crime they're not bringing in polish, italianse td in crime. same analogy here. >> staying with us? >> people may not like what had i say but that's the truth. you ask me -- cops who i talk to, work with in the court offices and nypd offices. just the truth. >> you're going to stick around. whatever you want. >> thank you arthur now a look back at the markets. dow futures is the to higher just past the point with 95
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points higher a ho hum reaction to a june jobs report now check smith and wessing gun stocks are up after incidents like one in dallas and that stock will open near and all time high we're following developments closely up next a former fbi negotiator will be with us. more varney after this. [inaudible] >> we have a dark -- unknown male wearing green vest. body armor. if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications.
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[inaudible] >> yeah. follow the cops -- [inaudible] it was right after the rally. we were walking to the car -- >> that was an eyewitness describing what he saw last night in dallas let's bring in
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chris, hey a former fbi negotiator. he's also author of the book, never split the difference. mr. vass what is your reaction to attacks in dallas? >> well first of all, u like to say how impressed i am with chief brown. i saw him in a news conference few momentses ago and chief brown is incredible. he has a great message for his community. actually for the country overall that's an important voice that's important during this time period because most dangerous negotiation is one that you're not aware you're in. he's delivering a great message to the people of his town that he's doing his best to protect. >> he said that police were actually running into the line of fire. to stop the attacks but u we're also hearing from law enforcement in dallas that the suspects are not cooperating with the the authoritities down there. what do you make of that? >> well these --
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cowards because to ambush someone like this is a cowardly thing sharing that they haven't thought things through. they know they're involved in a larger conspiracy. they know that there are people that supported hmm that dallas police are going to be after people that chief brown is going to catch, and so they really don't e know what to do with themselves right now. probably experience being arrested in the past most of these individuals so they know to keep their mouths shut. >> involve triangulation and trying to kill and injure as many police officers as possible. can you really negotiate with murderers like these like these as you have called them? >> well you don't negotiate with these people you negotiate against them. they're trying to create divisiveness and fan flames of violence and they want more people killed in more violent ways and chief brown is aware of that and understands that first thing that he needs to do to head off this violence is for
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people to see them as thugs and cowards that they are. >> here's the thing, though, there's an indication that -- you know, civilians have been injured. we've got one suspect who targeted white police officers. what do you make of that? >> well, again, this is violence that is designed to bring more violence. that's what they're after. these are individuals that actually hate everyone and they want more people to be killed and that was a calculation for this trying to create more division within their community. they're trying to make more people scared and upset and they're trying to force people more apart o opposed to keep the pose and save lives like chief brown is trying to do. >> this looks like it could be a watershed moment. it is the deadliest attack on nforcement since 9/11. what is your reactioning to that? again these are people that want more violence, within the united states they're unhappy with
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their own lives. you're not going to find that any of these individual who is committed these crime vaccination any legitimate functioning life at all. so they're actually jealous of the lives that other people are leading and they want to stop those lives. they'll try to increase the violence and see great leadership from people mayor rollins did a financial job in his communication this morning and going to see great leadership from great leaders. smg other thing arthur a fox news legal analyst here, he's worked closely with law enforcement, also prosecutors, we're looking at dispassionately trying to remove emotion out of this. it's a horrific tragedy what's happening right now. we're looking at statistics showing that blacks shot at two and a half times more than whites but black police officers more likely to use a gun aimed at african-americans than white officers that's some analysis coming of justice department data. what do you make of that? >> well i think in addition to that the statistics that
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everyone overlooks is how many black people are are being victimized? black people are more worried about being shot by another black person in their community than they are by the police. that's the key. who is being victimized? >> thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. donald trump releasing a statement on the dallas shooting. here is part of it. we're going to quote part of it now. it is a coordinated premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe. we must restore law and order and must restore the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in homes and on the street. our nation is too divided this is not the american dream we all want for our children. now become to the markets we have to check the price of oil it is up slightly trading right now. it is hanging in there and been hanging around 47 bucks barrel now about 45, 46 bucks take a look at the gun maker it shares also will be up today along with other gun manufacturers. we're going to head down to new york stocks exchange observing
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moment of silence for the victims of the dallas attack. let's go there. [bell dinging] [silence] [silence]
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>> let's get back to dallas live at the scene. we're hearing at least one of the suspects is not cooperating. what are you hearing? >> well wii hearing that actually three of the suspects as far as we understand are not cooperating. according to the mayor this morning he said they're being very tight lipped but we know, however, is that motivation of the one suspect who was killed last night in the brick building that you see behind me he said he wanted to kill white people especially white cops. because of the recent police shootings of black man in minnesota and baton rouge. what we know is that those four suspects three now are in custody. they're not say a lot about these individuals right now. to protect the investigation, they heard it downtown it is a crime scene basically 12 blocks closed off to even but law enforcement. it was an ambush last night and peaceful protest by black lives matter. 7:00 then at 9:00 that's what shooting began, and cops literally walked in to an ambush
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at this point and time you have 12 individuals who were shot. five dead. policeman they're now being treated in hospitals. back to you. >> william on the scene and more varney and opening bell coming up right after the break. stay with us.
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>> "the opening bell" is ringing, so check the board by you. and the markets will possibly move higher, and we will check throughout the morning. the s&p, goldman sachs is in correction mode. the nasdaq is pointing hire, trading up 30 points, gold trending down after six weeks of consecutive gains and hanging out $1300 an ounce. it is up from an overnight selloff is the inventory
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pulldown smaller than expected. and 1.40. and also take a look at taser, a maker of stun guns, has a lot of contracts with local law enforcement across the country to sell body cameras, and it makes ammo, all pointing fire. the june jobs report, 287,000 is better than expected. joining me is jeff sica, scott shellady in chicago and arthur i dollar. what do you make of the jobs report? >> the top line number is positive but if you look at verizon workers, look at temporary workers, the report is good is below the average of 2014-15 on a monthly basis and whether or not a change of public attitude about the
9:32 am
economy and congress, 49% of americans don't think -- a predominating concern for folks. >> we are popping above 18,000, what do you make of the numbers? it was a dramatic swing from the may revision which is down 38,000, only 11,000 jobs created, it is a swing to 280,000 jobs. >> with lack of an explanation this is questionable to me, smaller swing or more in line, and the complete outlier, and none of this know as far as jobs are added. >> government officials make estimate, and that would get revised to new numbers. >> may numbers are down slightly but the main number is dismal,
9:33 am
it could get revised down, i want an explanation. i don't want to take it at face value. >> it chews up donald trump and hillary clinton weeks away from the convention. this is the last jobs report before the convention. we have flat wage growth, leisure, hospitality, health jobs, restaurant and retail jobs, we are seeing that in these numbers. >> you will see political spin on both sides, barack obama's programs are working and we are going in the right direction, these numbers are manipulated and not really good jobs families can live off of and raise a family. go ahead, who is waiting?
9:34 am
>> it is me. it is a cold bowl of oatmeal. and trending at the beginning of the year. i love the markets. the markets are telling us so the tenure is under 140. >> it is 2014, trending at $250,000 a month, trending down ever since. to scott's point it is 147 in the last three months. it is a trend we are looking at. >> these numbers do not count brexit and came out before breakfast - brexit so how much can we put in them before a significant event takes place and what is the trend? the trend is when you look at goals, the treasury, we are in a
9:35 am
recession. we are going rapidly towards a recession. before you agree we are in a recession? >> what matters is how the person feels in the voter field, they will feel they are in a recession. the backdrop to all this, we have 22 states representing 240 electoral votes, the population is lower than where it was before economic disaster. and is 22 states if you break them out, we have 26 electoral votes or votes in the southwest, 19 electoral votes in those sectors so we look at the candidates and what their message is, hillary clinton attacking coal industry, gas and power, and a battleground, a crossover voters, if they can't
9:36 am
maintain cost of living, they can't sustain an economic position, and and they can't get good paying jobs in their local area and that is a significant number. >> list look at the 10 year treasury. we are looking at one. at one.40 below the mark on tuesday, a record low seen on tuesday, and talk worldwide, talking about record low yields, germany, the uk, denmark, sweden. we are talking global problems affecting the us. what we see with the 10 year treasury ticking down 1.39, if the debt crisis was at 12. and we are wondering when the
9:37 am
federal reserve will raise interest rates. >> here is the significance, $11 trillion of debt is negative. liz: meaning governments -- >> and push investors into riskier investments, >> police activity are reported. and people in the capital building are advised to stay away from doors and windows. and they are told to silence their cell phones by local law enforcement. we will update you on this development as more information comes in. we are checking big names, volkswagen is putting $86 billion in penalties for its emissions cheating scandal and
9:38 am
pay that the california. that stock is trading fractionally up. to poli down following reports of a new person getting sick. after eating at a new york city restaurant. humana falling close to 10% on the down side after turning down 3%. regulators are concerned about mergers in healthcare. juno therapeutics, they are down nearly 30% after, followed by death of two patients, and credit card numbers were stolen in a hack, the number of restaurants involved for wendy's is growing up. mcdonald's down more than 1000, and $35 million in charges related to selling stores to franchisees moving to cut
9:39 am
operating costs, and moving more operations to corporate headquarters, we had another new high as crime day is coming to consumers, what are the winners looking for? >> a stronger-than-expected jobs report since last october, and taking it with a grain of salt. and 3% each. and goldman sachs and financial doing very well, representing technology and an upgrade. they are doing well as oil gains, when you look at the s&p 500, 448 names and that gives you a sense of market.
9:40 am
>> thank you. we are looking at facebook, we are watching where that stock is trading throughout the day, trading slightly up, facing heavy criticism of live streaming features after a man streamed the dallas attacks live. could facebook face a lot of problems over this? mark zuckerberg is all for this if it does not glorify violence. >> a prosecutor nowadays walking in front of a jury without evidence is climbing a tremendous hurdle. when i was a prosecutor we didn't have anything, just your word versus someone else's word and that is what we used to convince a jury, society wants more and zuckerberg and facebook have provided a forum for that. something that may not be that popular. there was a time in the world when those shootings happened that we saw on video the police officers would do what they
9:41 am
needed to do to not be indicted themselves. he grabbed for my gun, threatened me in this particular way. liz: what do you mean do what they needed to do? >> they what they needed to say whether it was accurate or not. if that video was not on their, there have been occasions where police officers would have lied and said i had to shoot him because he reached for my gun. the guy is dead so he can't refute that. there was no video, no one refuting it so you believe the police officer, the guy reached for his gun. liz: you have seen cases like that? >> absolutely. baton rouge case because all this you see on the video they shoot the guy and then take something out of his pocket. if that video wasn't on they may have said the gun was out, we saw it, as opposed to the video which shows they took it out. >> the body cameras on the
9:42 am
lapels were dislodged and more people were turning to smart phones and live stream happening in minnesota. we are going to have more on the markets throughout the day, big june jobs report, the big board is up 143. we are talking markets trading at level higher than it was before brexit. let's get to the tragedy in dallas, a coordinated attack on police officers, 5 murdered, another 7 injured, texas attorney general with us next, don't go away. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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>> breaking news from washington dc, the capitol building in washington no longer on lockdown. it was on lockdown before, no longer. people were told to shut off
9:46 am
their cell phones. we are watching the developed as more information comes in. back to the big board, we are tao 18,000 plus trading higher than it was before people in britain voted to leave the european union popping up 140 points, 18,036 we are talking about. looking at amazon another new lifetime high for amazon in the thick of a disquieting event on july 12th. the deal pouring it on amazon's website right now, 5 day run up to july. we have 12 police officers attacked by snipers during protests, 5 police officers killed. texas attorney general ken paxton is in dallas. attorney general, what is happening right now? >> it is a lot more common than it was. when i got here there were hundreds of police vehicles continuing their investigation and it has calmed down but there is a lockdown on this area of dallas. liz: what we are hearing from are not cooperating, f the
9:47 am
also the chief of police in dallas is saying the police officers were running into the line of fire. what is your reaction to that? >> i have been impressed with the dallas police department protecting citizens and protecting protesters when they were actually shot and i agree with the police chief -- >> the process started last night. and at the 9:00 hour, and the suspects have triangulated, and to kill as many police officers,
9:48 am
>> it was a planned, coordinated effort. and it was planned out ahead of time. the chief will continue the investigation and find out more in the coming hours and days. liz: why were the dallas police targeted? >> i don't think we will know immediately. through this investigation it will lead back to some trail that will put the dallas police -- they have done a great job the last couple years reaching out to the community resolving these issues. this is one of the last places you would go after. liz: we are seeing two cold-blooded shootings, execution style shootings. what are you hearing about the suspects who created this massacre? >> you will see accountability.
9:49 am
and the criminal justice system, and you will see accountability, in texas. a terrible tragedy happening still underway, there will be accountability. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate your time. liz: let's get to the tao, markets are trading higher, jobs report out this morning, 280,000 jobs following the june jobs report, the majority of the tao stocks in the green, and following the latest development in dallas, 5 police officers downtown city area, one of the gunmen targeted white police officers. we will talk about that in three minutes. if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath?
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endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ liz: checking gun stocks surging. and the deadliest attack on law-enforcement since 9/11. >> the governor of minnesota,
9:54 am
mark dayton says the shooting of philandro casteel by an officer never would have happened if he was white. >> it happens to passengers -- i don't think it would have. i am forced to confront this kind of racism exists. liz: arthur aidalla is still here. what does that comment due to the investigation? is there a jury issue here? >> he is not the prosecutor. of a prosecutor said this, that would be much more problematic. he is the governor. he is there to lead and he thought at that point that is what he needed to say to lead his state. of course it taints people and has a negative impact on the defense here but that video is pretty damning for the defense
9:55 am
and the defendant, so the governor made the strategic decision to say i will call it like i see it. he should not be dead. liz: you think it was a political decision? >> he is not a prosecutor but a law enforcement officer. it was a leadership decision. what he needed to say to calm everyone down, why did the police officer shoot that person? i don't think it would be the color of his skin but people with that color skin statistically speaking, are more prone to having violent terminal history. the officer is more raised up, 75-year-old white guy. liz: according to the girlfriend he was told to reach for his wallet to get his identification and did reveal he had a concealed weapon. >> that is why this seems like a
9:56 am
bad shooting by the cop and in my opinion the police officer will be indicted and probably go to jail. liz: the governor making the statement, was it based on fact or opinion? the washington post said whites are two times more likely to be shot by police officers than african-americans although the washington post coming out saying blacks are shot 21/2 times more as a percentage of the population. >> my opinion is this is the governor's opinion, not a fact that this was a racist thing. not like the shooter in dallas who articulated i wanted to kill white people, i wanted to kill white cops. there is no issue that that is a racist shooting. you the police officer doesn't say i shot him because he was a black guy but the governor's opinion, and educated opinion, obviously as a leader he is
9:57 am
supposed to be doing those things whether you agree with him or not. >> killed by a bomb -- and affiliated by black lives matter movement and wanted to shoot white people. >> white people and police officers, a racist shooting. and people of britain, voted the european union, 287,000 audit for the month of june, 11,000 jobs. we are following the latest developer from dallas, police targeted, basically a protest that broke out last night.
9:58 am
he was sympathetic with the black lives matter movement, one suspect, 5 dead, 7 cops wounded, appears to be a planned out cyber attack. we will bring you the latest coming up.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support. >> that was the dallas police chief a little more of an hour ago speaking about the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. the police chief saying that one of the suspects in the massacre that killed five police officers one of the suspects said he was targeting white police officers and he did it in response to recent shootings of civilians in louisiana and minnesota by police officers there.
10:01 am
three suspects in custody police say they are not cooperating, again, five officers killed. seven other officers wounded. two civilians wounded as well. more on that in a minute and take a look at your money stocks rallying right now after this month's solid jobs report. 287,000 jobs created. dow is trading well above 18,000, it's recovered in gains floc from the vote taken in by great britain on leaving the european union. going to check taser or shares i think body cameras for police officers trading on massacre today, last night rather. gun is to stocks moving higher l time highs. back to dallas and bring in retired new york city police detective and fox news contributor bo dieietl what's te response to what police chief said about white police officers being targeted? >> what they've got in communication with this going to
10:02 am
call it chretien and he is talking become and forth with the negotiator. if you listen to the chief i was just with chief brown three weeks ago with mayor rollins involved with this blue shield and cop thing i was down there and bringing into the inner communities of the police to interact with the kids. chief brown is a wonderful person, dallas is a great city. and if you notice, that had demonstration there was no cops there with riot gear. they were walking along because everything was peaceful and then these chretiens came and started to kill cops it was a planned attack it was assassination and that's what it was. listen to chief brown saying what he said was the fact that he was all over the boshed with it and didn't like black lives matter. 4*e79 he wanted to kill white cons. i don't believe he was saying at that time. >> he believes black lives matter. he doesn't agree with black --
10:03 am
whys dallas police officers why do you think they were targeted? >> you have a peaceful demonstration going on right now. what way can you divide this country more than how we're divided now. >> i don't understand why it happened in dallas. thing is it may have happened in dallas because it is a place where they let the people demonstrate peacefully the city is getting along very well in dallas so a good opportunity also you have the fact of the people in the state of texas there who are very open to these demonstration and they don't stop from demonstrating peacefully and they did what they wanted to do. they wanted to divide up and make black america go against cops and look at no one can really say if those cops are right. once that are on the video. being next detective, ex-cop they were horrific and wait until investigation comes out. this reminds me when i was a young cop we have the black liberation army. they kaled 13 cops in 1971, and in 1972 i believe it was they killed 11 cops.
10:04 am
they were assassinating cops this was assassination and pretty well planned. >> wounded and also cops running into line of fire. >> did anybody and my heart goes out to those five cops and they've got children. one guy was married two weeks, they saw the shooting. there were people l there. they ran in there to help those people. >> to save lives. four officers gunned down and assassinated by chretiens they're trying to start some kind of a or war between black america. black america has to support cops. show support. let's be together on this. and show all americans not black, white, hispanic, america is one. we're all the same and cops thinking about no policeman what would the country be like? this is horrific what happened. you know, i didn't have to hold it together this morning while on fox and friends because i was so emotional about watching
10:05 am
these cops run into the fire and getting shot down like -- with no cover. they were shooting from above. >> execution style. stay right there beau. we're talking about about deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11.presidenn here's what the president has to say earlier this morning. roll tape. >> when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more decidely and more tragic. and in the days ahead we're going to have to consider those realities. >> tammy bruce joining us now president seems to be making about this gun control tammy. >> of course he always does and not a surprise. this is what so i think is shocking to our psych cane is hw we're spopgding to humanity involved because of the shooter but also when you think about when you say why dallas in that man may be happens to be in dallas. happen to be the easy location, and what that person has grown up with experiencing and what
10:06 am
the last seven years have been like because of this particular president. this division, this in a way encouragement l of rage, and because it suits perhaps the political framework for one side of the politics here to keep people divided to keep people afraid. this is why this is continuing and to bring it up about guns, of course, it eliminates and this is my problem you might agree or disagree about guns right, by discussing guns only. you dismiss the important conversation about the human condition and nature of what's happened to individuals in this country. lack of hope ironically with this president. the fear that lack of job, this and when you've got everybody watching media, you've got this certain, particular video clip being played and somebody is right on the edge and you have a president who seemingly even worse than -- >> do you think it hurts and uplifting or demoralizing? >> so we have these events they happen. they've happened before. leadership as you heard from the
10:07 am
mayor of dallas is about bringing people together and being engaged in humanity of this and emotionally being engaged but also when had it comes to structure and encouragement president obama has done none of those things. clearly we've got record shootings, record drama. record divisions, because of his attitude i believe because of his lack of leadership. that's the problem. all right so you know just this stepping back and terms of getting to unity and getting to some kind of pagesful revolution hearts go out to victims families, of course. but the way there bo i think you're in these matters is looking at the facts and statistics. "the washington post" for example are, looked at police shoot technician by police. they found that -- in terms of sheer numbers twice as many white people shot as cops by cops than black people. >> although it says as a percentage of the population of the black population, blacks are shot -- >> committing the crimes you
10:08 am
have to weigh that all i agree with tammy and every aspect she says we're at a point because of our leadership. i wases around in the late 60s early 70s and it's the same feeling this divisiveness. also what happened in the last seven and a half years of him reacting to things before the information ftion really there, where is the jot, now you have jesse jackson supporting hillary. where was reaction when you had person killed every -- shot every two hour it is in chicago over the fourth of july weekend? no one says word jesse jackson lives there. why isn't he conducting demonstration? because it fit what his profile is about. shaking down people, and that's what it's all about. what we've got to do is get a leader and regardless of anything, i'm a trump guy. i hope trump wins but if hillary clinton wince we need a leader to bring us together. we have to -- get this problem that we have with this division because it's only going to get worse.
10:09 am
you've got people in communities tammy, young kids don't have no way to look. they don't know what they do with their lives. >> i think americans as they're watching this video they know this is not america. it is not the new normal. everyone deserves better. everyone involved in this dynamic, police, victims individualed who felt compelled to ruin their lives to do this. we all deserve better and americans i think get it. they know it is not just something that is out of context. they see the trajectory here. the the great thing about who we are we can with have this conversation, there's an election coming up. and people are going to make their feelings known about this right now i think. >> putting human face right now on one of the police officers killed this is brent thompson, he was a -- colleague say he served police force -- and he just got married two weeks ago. we will have more on the dallas massacre with congressman william heard from texas he had joins us next.
10:10 am
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>> over here -- four times, right of a that you hear multiple gunshots. make our way around the west end district . you see multiple officers coming this way -- swarming in. that was a witness after last night's shooting in downtown dallas. we also have any minute now congressional black caucus will be holding u news conference on guns and police brutality. we have tammy bruce still with us. tammy what do you make of what's coming up. >> early in the obama administration saying you don't ever want to let a good crisis go to waste. this is what we've grown tired of this is an issue regarding human condition, this is also as you've noted earlier that biggest massacre first responders since september 11th so in all of these intervening years this has not occurred because it's about the individuals that are in the country terrorists or people who are diseffected opposed to the weapons they may use. and in this case we warned about i.e.d.s so we've got a dynamic
10:14 am
here with congressional caucus and vote on guns they figure this is the craven nature of the establishment that this is an opportunity to move their agenda, their narrative, the legislation. and for us as americanss we want this to be addressed. but it's never been addressed it's gotten worse because they talk about things that are really not a factor here. >> meaning what? >> that it's about individuals, mental health. that the dynamic in society, the infrastructure, lack of jobs, the divisions as we lead into the election, we've got a demand to stop to this but we recognize real issue they want to pretend it's not the real issue and as a result things get worse and worse. >> you know president has said things in the past that you know that we don't need to call use term islam pick radical terrorism he was saying words don't matter. but words do matter.
10:15 am
because this one of the suspects saying that he was upset about the black lives matter movement and recent police shootings of black men not putting in context of the fact according to d.o.j. statistics in local law enforcement of who was doing police shootings. who was being you know killed by police shootings. including, you know, not just minorities but white people but in the context of the data. right. >> i come from the left one of our biggest projects and operations was defining things first was changing the nature of who was going to call what had what. we've even discussed whether or not this is terrorism. and nobody knows what to call terrorism anymore. so it matters especially words matter when it comes to bringing people together. and unifying people. the president seems to be very often like a robot i it's the se message somebody turned him on and no connection with what's happening with the citizen e rei, and that's what we need to change. republican from congress. congressman what are people saying back home today?
10:16 am
>> well, look people are saying they're expressing their heart felt wishes and blessings to the family it is that have lost loved ones. they're in dallas. they're trying to make sure that we don't let this -- this attack these killings divide us. that had you know the dallas community are trying to work together to show that they are solidarity behind one community and reality is that these men in law enforcement lost their lives protecting people that or were -- that were you know trying to have a peaceful protest against some law enforcement practices. and that you know they doing thr job and willing to risk their lives to do that. you know, this is i hope that we can use this, this tragedy, these horrific killings as an xasm or let's work together. let's try to find common ground.
10:17 am
let's identify what the problem is first. and then we can talk about solutions. this is not the time to retreat to our corners and use tired talking points that are used over and over. >> congressman you are first african-american, republican, elected from the state of texas. is that correct? >> i think since reconstruction. >> since reconstruction. yep. you also worked for the cish a for nine years i think you were stationed in d.c. you had a tour of duty in operation officer in india so you have quite the background when it comes to what people in authority are dealing with. what is your reaction to one of the suspects saying he wanted to kill white police officers? >> that's unacceptable. killing any innocent people is not acceptable. targeting law enforcement for any reason are is not acceptable. we've got to learn you know as this it shall was this a work of
10:18 am
one person or all four of these -- other three people that have been captured you know in kahoots with this person or across the country or kind of feeling that maybe existing in other parts of the country? that puts law enforcement you know in the cross hair hads. the reality is terrorism or not it is a tactic. terrorism people use that tactic to kill people and to scare many others. and it's a tactic used by different groups right, it could be slammic extremism and it could be domestic terrorist groups, it could be a single individual. and the reality is this is -- a time to gather facts and understand truly what happened and let's have sober conversations and not, you know, fry to beat each other up and use this. let's talk about the problem and trying to find solutions. >> all right, sir just quick reaction tammy bruce tox news analyst here was talking about don't have the reflexive
10:19 am
reaction to politicize this event. what is your take on that? [laughter] >> i agree 100%, and you know what's unfortunate in times of tragedy like this, that often happen hads. and reality is man, this is terrible. a lot of -- a lot of innocent people have lost their lives this week. events in minnesota, events in louisiana, you know my heart and prayers go out to families who lost loved ones there too. we should care about everyone. >> thank you congressman heard thank you for joining us. let's take a quick check at the markets. dow stocks in the green. dow is trading up about 160 points. majority of them are in the green all except united health group. rallying smith & wesson up. sharon up. amazon hitting new lifetime highs stock is up about 10% this so far this year, after more than doubling last year.
10:20 am
facebook facing a backlash today. dallas shooting live streamed on facebook. that's 2 deadly shoot physician live streamed on facebook in less than a week. we're going to have more on that, next. don't go away. appening right now, gop
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
house speaker paul ryan he's speaking on the floor of the -- in the house we've also got nancy pelosi speaking as well about the massacre in dallas. tammy what do you make of the politicians coming up now? >> well i thinks it's typical what you'll hear is you'll hear the same thing we've heard for now for years and what they mean to do is go into their narrative and agenda i don't think we've heard from a democrat who ended statement of sport or sorrow without them saying, and here by my snake oil. right, it's like they can't stop
10:24 am
themselves no matter how much of a tragedy how much of atrocity and a how many dead bodies and americans we're in the streets here. these individuals in washington don't face this. this is the blue collar, the firefighter ares and policeman who literally as we saw rush into the fire to save the very people, in fact, who are complaining about the police officers. they're their saving people in the parking structure. they're there saving people on the streets. it's the communities of color that need to call the police because of the drugs and gaping, and when all of this begins all of that crime increases because the police get attacked not by the regular citizens but by the gangs who were chiming in and up by politicians who find this useful. >> tammy you've talked to a lot of victims of crime. and i see sensitive to what the victims families go through. what do you think their reaction is to politicians come out and talk about they like that happen in dallas. >> americans in general we're all victims of larger waif what
10:25 am
happened in dallas this is the american family. we've all lost these people, and even the families of the perpetrators. where somebody's baby it was's little boy with all of the potential in the world to be the president but instead gets killed bit police in a parking garage because he's assassinating people. nobody plans that for their child so everybody is sitting back and we do question what's happening and the problem for politicians they end up saying as mr. obama has done, with commenting on guns he's condemning american culture. he's saying, it's our fault and he's said that literally for years and some context so it doesn't help the victims families. we do people look for someone to blame. but the fact is, unless we get to the heart of the matter, this will never stop and the heart of the matter is get our nation become on track to where everyone knows that -- the future exist that it hasn't been high hijacked. >> talking about debtliest attack on law enforcement since
10:26 am
9/11 we have a watershed moment as well. the use of smart phones of live streaming attacked on social yeedz we have two videos posted to social media of two black men shot toe death by police this week having fueled the outrage now facebook criticized because again one of the shootings was live streamed on the site. we have mark zuckerberg responding with this comment, quote, it reminds us why coming to the to build a or more open and connected world is so important and how far still we have to go. tammy what's your reaction? >> running for office? that's vague. i love social media it is where i operate and brings people together. it's magnificent. but what had we've got here are things that are sometimes out of context, you have snip its of videos. you've got yes no matter who you are everybody can be watching and there can be this collective action that can happen. because of the emotional nature of certain events. and this is i think the
10:27 am
responsibility of social media and mark zuckerberg like yes all inner connected but our responsibility in being able to put things in context? and these two shootings which were, of course, obscene it's i think important to see them. but what's not done is reminding people in the framework of all of the thrives that were saved the same day of people of color because of the law enforcement. of how many of us are able to live our lives because of those people go out every day so we need to see it but we don't have is leadership now that gives us context. it's -- we've got a fire lit under us that tips us over when we have images luke this and i think that's the kind of conversation we talk about -- about >> here's the thing with mark zuckerberg comments again he made the comments after he watched what was live streamed on the facebook live app that was aftermath of the shooting of the african-american in minnesota and he's saying that facebook -- we basically accept graphic
10:28 am
video on its pages so long as it doesn't glorify violence but is used to be transparent and condemn violence that's a fine line. >> that's in eyes of the beholder so person that watching it. some can watch isis videos and think that it's glorious and most everyone elses it obscenity that it is so it's the viewer who is beginning to be deciding that. i think that's a copout. i think this is one part of the problem. it's not about not showing things and i appreciate that certain things -- sometimes should be seen but even the imagery from vietnam . some you know you don't necessarily need to see everything do you. but the conversation that we need to have. >> more and more using smart phones recorded for police activity than ever before and that basically use of police body cams those too are going to be contesting with each other.
10:29 am
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[inaudible] unknown male wearing a green vest. body armor . >> that is sound from police radios last night as they responded to active shooter situation. if you are just joining us now let me bring you up to speed we have a massacre in downtown dallas last night ambush on police officers following a protest that was fueled by two shootings of black men this week both caught on tape. snipers are hiding in parking garage and what look like a coordinated attack. gunman waiting for the protest to pass by. and then they have their moment to shoot at unsuspected police
10:33 am
officers below many of them are shot in the back. an also citizens were civilians shot as well. report of up to 5 dozen shots fired and this morning, five officers dead. seven injured. meantime, the governor of minnesota is blaming race relations. watch this. >> this happened if it was a passenger, driver of the passenger were awake. i don't think. so i'm forced to confront and this is kind of -- racism exists. >> referring to police shooting of a black man in minnesota this week. we've got news contributor and host david webb is with us. what isier reaction to what governor said? >> idiotic, dangerous he puts a final point on something that is not able to be determined it could have been a bad shoot with a white person and hispanic could have been with a woman,
10:34 am
could have been with a teenager. but this is the problem. the democrats especially like to go to the false arguments rather than deal with the issue. but it doesn't look good on first look. let it go through the due process there's a way to punish the police officer if he's wrong or adjudicate him if it's right. >> what do you think when had they make statements like this? >> it fuels the raw anger of say a parent or loved one who has lost someone. maybe they do recognize that something is wrong if it's obvious. but in this case, it fuels that anger, it fuels that pain. and then when if and when it doesn't turn out their way which it does sometimes or turns out what against the governor said then they have another level of pain to go through. >> did does it make sense? >> it may work to some supporters antes gun krol crowd.
10:35 am
hard core left liberals who like to sit around and talk about their utopia world but they know otherwise. >> what we're talking about now is massacre in dallas. police officers killed david, many of the police officers running into the line of fire. what's your reaction to that ?jts they did what police officer dos. here we have a deliberate situation. they wait for protest to pass. a peaceful protest mind you, and then when had the police officers are grouped as they're wrapping up basically at the end of the protest, they fire shots get them in motion and they do what they do. they ran in to go after them because right now police officers charminged with protecting themselves their first duty protect the citizens. they don't know at that time that these snipers who assassinate because i don't -- i call it assassination of these cops. they pick cops with their uniform. cops didn't know that they were not going to shoot into the crowd. >> i hate to ask you this.
10:36 am
may not know the answer but why dallas . why do you think this happened in dallas? >> i don't know if there's a way to determine that. there were protest in new york city that was on the air while that was playing out. i mean, if you think about times square where there are a lot of cameras you have a lot of vantage points that could have turned times square into a kill zone and chose dallas for whatever had reason. could have been that it was -- something that they just saw more of an opportunity could be proximity. >> house speaker paul ryan speaking on the floofort house if the dallas massacre. roll tape. >> who could have fathomed up such horror as this? no context in which this terror is justified. none at all. there will be a temptation to let our anger harden our divisions let's not let that happen. >> he said divisions david and this after tammy and i were
10:37 am
talking about how president was basically inserting gun control into comments. here we have paul ryan specifically saying avoid divisions. what do you make of that? >> he's right. the speaker is right. this president, this administration, the former attorney general eric holder, and all of the con congressional black caucus carving america up into a minority special interest groups in orlando they have to throw gays under the bus so they wouldn't have to deal with rad call mu. terrorism. gay community was not happy about that. here they have a case -- >> what do you mean by that threw gay people under the bus? >> in orlando there was more emphasis on left and liberal media outlet it is that were pushing the fact that it was his -- whether it was gay -- confused whetherset loathing or fact that he committed act of terror against american who is
10:38 am
happen to be in a nightclub enjoying themselves. so they're gay. who cares? but -- say it was down played and islamist tri. seven times with that -- >> with paul ryan that good statement he made but he's also one bringing gun control legislation to the floor in the house. he's not been pushing for things like the mental health dynamic, arguing publicly about what the president has been doing, and the rhetorical division occurring politically so he also seems to be choosing his words based on what might be best suited for him in the moment. s there's no real consistency with mr. ryan. >> earlier this morning president made a statement, at a nato meeting in poland essentially blaming guns. he said, quote, when people are armed with powerful weapons, it makes attacks like these more deadly. let's take it to nationally syndicated talk show host lest
10:39 am
marshall what do you think? >> i don't think he just blamed this on the situation. i think this is part of the problem in the situation. and i think that we're all naive in the sense to not see that we have a problem . and the problem is with division. the problem is with hate. the problem is -- >> who is we? >> wait a minute liz who is -- we? hang on? >> the nation we the united states. >> everybody in the united states is naive is that what you're saying? >> well i'm saying that if we don't look at the multifacetting problem and approach this with a multifacetting solution, then i think we're being naive. it is partially downtowns and not just guns. it is partially race and the need for this division between law enforcement who are clearly there to serve and to protect and to communities especially in the african-american community where they feel that it is not the case and perception which is their reality is not what we're seeing in the majority of situations like question saw in dallas last night.
10:40 am
those police officers standing there bulleting were being thrown at them shot at them to protect the other around them from being harmed doing their job. >> paul rienl saying avoid the divisive rhetoric saying president is responsible for a lot of divisive rhetoric, what do you make of that? >> no. i think frankly we do a great job with divisive rhetoric without this president or doing it on our own and especially do it during election year. we hear it from both sides. both presumptive nominees, and quite frankly i have to say i was very pleased when i just heard mr. ryan and ms. pelosi speaking in a unified matter and not in a political partisan manner. prouder to be an american in the past few minutes just hearing nap >> radio talk show host thank you for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it.
10:41 am
let's get become to markets take a look at the big board stocks up big today mostly in the green on a positive jobs report for the month of june. we are trading above prebrexit levels. check out dow again 28 stocks in the green. the stockses that ares in the red wal-mart and unitessed ht group let's check gun stocks. ruger trading up today taser makes police body cameras and stun guns that stock sup as well. more on dallas next, with sheriff david clark. he says we need a president that's going to stand behind cops. why he's pushing for donald trump and not hillary clinton. stay there.
10:42 am
10:43 am
new york city stocks exchange held trading in honor of the fallen police officers in dallas, texas. those police chief david brown says five officers killed by snipers who injured seven sir injured. two of them civilians. three suspects in custody. a fourth killed after police sent an explosive device attached to a robot to where the suspect was hold up and then detonated device killing him after trying to negotiate or surrender. chief brown says suspect told officers he was upset over recent police shootings of african-american men and that he wanted to kill white people. trending now to the economy u.s. added 287,000 jobs in june that helps stocks rally on wall street. dow as you can see is up triple
10:44 am
digits at this point. we're going to have more varney after this, an update from the situation in dallas throughout the day on fox business network. has provided guidance to over 100,000 people just like you. visit legalzoom today. the legal help you can count on. legalzoom. legal help is here.
10:45 am
>> we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please -- we need your support . >> that's chief of police of
10:46 am
dallas spags just there. let's get back to the sniper attack in dallas on police last night. we've got milwaukee sheriff david clark with us. what is your reaction, sir? >> well i'm still trying to get my head around this. area lost five of their finest seiving their community in this senseless act of hate and it was hate and i'm still waiting for the cop hate hadder and chief barack obama to address that issue of the statement that is coming as to why this guy did this to kill white poem. when dylann roof attacked and killed black people in a church heinous crime he was all over that and went down to that church, and talked from the pulpit see if he attends dallas funerals. the entire law enforcement community is not only grief stricken but in shock because every time a law enforcement officer loses their lives in line of duty a little bit of every law enforcement officer in america dies as well so you've
10:47 am
got the multiply that by five now. so think about this i'm not thinking about me but those dallas area police officers that have to work that crime scene. still serve the community and answer calls for service, protect and seive and then have to think about bearing five of their members. i mean, this is beyond belief. >> sheriff, the president making a statement earlier saying you know gun control is also an issue. what do you make of that? >> it's you know it shall he politicizes everything and never waste an opportunity to take a political cheap shot and that's what that is. been parts of his agenda. but you know i'm getting tired of the mixed message this is guy has been sending for last seven year. on one hand just yesterday he spewed inflammatory rhetoricken paing flame of anti-cop hate that's sweeping country under name of black lives matter. and then he comes out all we hard from him this morning was
10:48 am
through the thing he had to say something about the police and he talks about how great our police are, and my heart and prayers he doesn't mean a word of that. >> all right, sir thank you sheriff clark and you joining us today. before i get to tammy and david i want to bring you to speed. reports are out that micah x. johnson 25 years old suspect killed in a standoff with dallas police that report is coming in from l.a. times we also have loretta lynch speaking at 11:30 taking that live. now tammy what did you make of the sheriff remarks? >> i feel the same way. we all have these opinions and yet we also have like the police chief david brown we saw in the in clip coming up had. he took over there in 2010. year before he took over in as police chief 147 excessive force complaints. at the end of last year there were 13 because it was a policy because they're on the ground withth people that adjusted choices they made and how they fen gauged the community. so dallas is a strange
10:49 am
environment because it's an environment that actually has had success many dealing with all of the communities including communities of color. so we can't argue when is it issues of racism for me we see that as politically expedient argument because they don't want communities like of color to look at the unemployment rate. they want you to think that it's racism. >> high unemployment rate. >> the hopelessness that it's not about policies that destroyed lives but attitude of fellow americans must be rejected. >> david reverend jesse jackson tweeting out moments ago he said, quote, it was a well planned terrorist attack this was not a civil rights demo . or there are no winners hashtag dallas. what do you make of reverend jackson's tweet there? >> given his history he needs to deflect and make it -- reasonable. >> he's saying this is a terrorist attack. >> right, this look, this is a terrorist attack committed against a group and may not be
10:50 am
muslim terrorist or boko haram or isis but assassinated cops same way terrorists carry out an attack in a hotel, in a mall, on a beach in tunisia. what had i will i cab the dallas community is this having lived there. the culture in that town is one where people get along for the most part and that is important. that's going to help that community. >> thank you david and tammy let's check stocks again. we're looking at a dow that is mostly in the green. dow has been trading higher. up now nearly 162 reports, points rather after that solid jobs report. we've got colonel allen west he's angries at president obama for his response to the dallas police massacre. listen to the colonel's powerful message that's coming up next. don't go away. this woman owns this house,
10:51 am
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you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone. then continue to earn that $100 every year. there's no limit to how much you can earn and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> big story of the day is massacre in dallas here's president obama said about it this morning. roll tape. >> when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. and in the days ahead had, we're
10:55 am
going to have to consider those realities. allen west he's the national center for policy analysis executive director, mr. west what had is your response to the president? >> it's good to be with you liz and condolences to the men and women who have lost their brothers and sisters and the loved ones who have lost family members. you know, last week, friday, i did a night patrol ride along with the dallas police department, in just last night i was at the northeast division. headquarters which patrols my area here in dallas just giving words of encouragement to those police officers who were -- sol of them were about to head down to patrol that riot. and when i listened to the words of president obama just then, after the san bernardino terrorist attack, he blamed guns. after the orlando terrorist attack he spoke about guns. after this horrific ambush of these dallas police officers who were safeguarding america's exercising it their first amendment rights, he once again
10:56 am
talks about guns. again if you go all way back to henry lewis gates and cambridge massachusetts incident he said police acted stupidly once again we have a president that seems to always rush to judgment and cast policism in a negative light as he did yesterday in relation to the louisiana and minnesota incidents. instead of letting justice play out there. but again when it does not fit his narrative that he wants to talk about, he always goes to the ideological idea that is gun. thank you so much colonel west we appreciate your insight there is.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
>> we woke up today to horror and chaos in dallas. and here is what we know on this deadly shooting the targeted
11:00 am
police officers in dallas. 14 people shot, 12 of them police officers, 5 of them are dead. the dallas police chief admitted to targeting white officers in response to this week's police shooting in louisiana, and it was sent in the a robotic device. and the reports that he shot himself. three other suspect in custody, police say they are not cooperating. also shot, two civilians including a mother of four, her name is jess amaya taylor, she was trying to protect her child and was shot in the leg. we are learning of the police officers killed, fred thompson is a 6 year veteran of the rapid transit police, he was just
11:01 am
married two weeks ago, a second dead officer has been identified as the dallas police department, he leaves behind a young daughter. fox news contributor tammy bruce and former secret service agent dan bodio. your response, some courage. >> >> wanted to target white people and white cops. we have not seen this in the far left movement, the use of military tactics and murder and terrorism, this was used by isis and al qaeda. this opens a new dangerous front in american soil was far left groups may implement these terrorist cells, military
11:02 am
assault maneuvers, and right now if that is the case. >> jesse jackson moment ago tweeting a saying this was a terrorist attack, not a civil rights action. >> terrorism technically is attacking the civilian base to move a political agenda. it was used in a lot of dynamics to a t. that wasn't the case in dallas. these are individuals watching things on video, hearing the president laments a relationship with police, and 70% of the american people are on some kind of precision drug or illegal drug, we have society that has been medicated, no room for mental health treatment to put people in hospitals, you see this cascading set of issues and jesse jackson is concerned as
11:03 am
everyone should be who is a liberal or toward the left has our rhetoric, what we have been saying about the american system and the american people gone too far, that is the question. >> it was an attack on police officers at a protest in dallas, and police shootings, but it was an attack on white officers. a lot of devices, paul ryan, house gop speaker saying tone it down, bringing up gun control, what do you make of that? >> i am done with the president and so are my law-enforcement friends, have completely given up on this man. every time he has the opportunity to use the
11:04 am
presidential podium to give the nation some kind of moral bedrock to build their house on he always fails every time, he gives a few perfunctory words with no passion about how horrible it is and he cannot help himself, he goes right to the gun control topic. how grotesquely inappropriate, can we are blessed let cops get the medical treatment and families wrap their arms around what is going on before we try to implement another gun-control agenda, he doesn't know how they got the gun. he has no idea. he cannot help himself. >> one of the ultimate jobs of the presidency is encouragement and unity. it is nothing you can do from a pulpit like that. president obama was uniquely suited, everyone wanted to know to lift us up and he pushed and pushed us down. that is why elections are so important, keeping people
11:05 am
seriously is so important and looking at their background and what they have traditionally done because people are going -- and and what their background has been. mister obama's background, with jeremiah wright and a lot of this is not surprising. >> >> >> the henry louis gates incident where the president went to the microphone, gave an extemporaneous off-the-cuff remark which may give a unique insight into what he was thinking where he said the police officers acted stupidly and i don't think the rank and file, not that i think but the rank-and-file cops i spoke with
11:06 am
having been one myself, they all commented text and conversations, who talks like that and how does he know how they acted? he has none of the fact of the case, it started to turn and got progressively worse. liz: thanks for sticking around. donald trump issuing a statement on the dallas massacre saying, quote, our nation has become too divided, this is not the american dream we want for our children. congressman louis gohmert is a texas republican, seems we need unity, donald trump can unite us, congressman? >> he is exactly right and so was dan a moment ago. this president has had a gift, he has had the opportunity to bring
11:07 am
this administration has supported black lives matter as even their leaders have called out for cops, it is tragic what has happened, some way back, i said i wished this president were like my favorite coach in high school. i play varsity football, but my favorite year was under coach willie williams, he happened to be a black coach, he brought us together in a strong way, used his race to bring us together and it was my favorite year, my favorite coach and for the liberals, he wasn't a basketball coach as they once reported. look for the silver lining, bring us to the governor the way coach williams did on the
11:08 am
football team and he divided us more than ever. say somebody a moment ago, this didn't have anything to do with islam. it is too early to know that. there are rumors a couple suspects may -- liz: we don't know about that. hang on, can you give me other examples where the president was divisive after a tragedy? >> every time there has been one, whether it was the one dan pointed out, every time he has -- there has been a tragic shooting by the police, he has taken the chance to call out police and even yesterday, when this happened in dallas, said something like cops do a good job and they deserve a chance to go home in peace, every american deserves the chance to go home
11:09 am
in peace, not just cops that are doing a good job but those that have done wrong, those were arrested to be arrested peacefully and those who put in gile and tried for their crimes if they committed them. that is more divisive rhetoric. he doesn't even know what all guns were used for or all the suspects were and he is already calling out guns instead of trying to bring us together as a nation. the president has failed miserably as he has been so divisive. i believe the way god works this morning because of the lockdown at the capital, i had time to spend an hour and a half with 20 people, they happen to be african-americans, serving in the navy about becoming a lieutenant commander, they are what america is about and the kind of america we have got to get back to, we need a leader that will do that, not a
11:10 am
divider. rich: thank you for joining us. appreciate it. later this our us attorney general loretta lynch will speak about the massacre in dallas. we have trump spokesperson catrina pearson who is in dallas and a former army special ops officer on the military style attack the suspect carried out. more varney after this. p change bending over like we were ahead of them, 5 or 6 cops shot down. it was right after the rally. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria
11:11 am
that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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>> a movement people have never seen. >> let's get back to the market, we have a solid triple digit rally, the jobs report was trading above 18,000, that is much above the british growth to leave the eu.
11:14 am
a new high for 2016. oil is range bound from 45 to 60. gold has six straight weeks of gains trading at 3056. making police body cameras and stun guns, trading up 7%. we will check other gun stocks, smith and wesson all trading higher. we are awaiting a statement like loretta lynch on the dallas shootings. the department of justice has moved quickly in the past, opened investigations into police involved shootings in minnesota and louisiana. it will be interesting to see the us attorney general's response to dallas. let's listen to what president obama said this morning. >> when people are armed with powerful weapons it makes
11:15 am
attacks like these more deadly and more tragic in the days ahead, we are going to have to consider those realities. liz: we have news for you too. the family of a man killed by louisiana police rejects, quote, reprehensible acts of violence from dallas police officers. that comment coming in moment ago. let's bring in roger williams from texas who represents part of dallas. what was your reaction to the attack at the president's response? >> my reaction was my heart went out to these victims immediately, another attack on police and first responders. the president's remarks didn't mean much, i didn't think he said anything, not about thinking about these families but supporting law enforcement. liz: what are you hearing from
11:16 am
your constituents? >> they are stunned. it is not supposed to happen where you live and we continue to think about the law enforcement people that put their selves in harm's way every single day and that is where texans are, let's get this fixed, let's address the problems, this is a land of laws and we have to respect those that we have. liz: the president is getting criticized for being divisive yet again. this seems to be a pattern according to some analysts that he is reacting in a divisive way, he condemned the massacre in dallas. what we are trying to understand is why dallas? why did this happen in dallas? >> i can't tell you why it happened anywhere. it could happen anywhere. we have seen that across america with san bernardino, alice,
11:17 am
texas, we have got to go back to the basics and understand people have to get along. families are important, young men and women don't grow up in a family environment. you got to respect law enforcement officers. they have to respect citizens and begins go back to basics and quit trying to make it so hard is if this is a land of laws, let's live by it and understand sometimes it is not easy but support law enforcement, understand who you are representing, go to communities and try to fix these problems. liz: according to police reports, officers ran into the line of fire to protect civilians. what is your reaction to that? >> that is what they do. they take a step forward, they never take a step back, that is what they are trained to do. it shows the valor and the police force and how they save lives. we look at ethnicity and how
11:18 am
they spoke, their job to defend the people and did a good job. liz: what do you select us attorney general lynch to say in a few moments? >> i don't know. this administration is all over the roadmap. it is back to police or not back to police, seems to be a black light issue and we have to cut through the ethnicity and understand where those things are. i don't know what she will say. i am sure it will be comments like we heard from the president. will she open up an investigation? are they going to wait? i am anxious to hear what she has to say. >> with what we have seen this week with the issue of the rule of law and the hillary non-indictment the messaging to people is there is no law and order or rule of law. there was no law and order in dallas, and people are handled
11:19 am
different, they get applied justice differently, that is a major complaint. >> what do you mean there was no rule of law? >> law and order where you can have a sniper and environment, which is such chaos. and message to individuals, nobody was going to be safe, whether it is white people with power and money getting different justice. >> the culture you live in, leadership has to step up, have to talk about american values, spiritual values and have to get us back on course. we haven't heard from our leaders so you can't bme dallas, texas.
11:20 am
liz: no one is blaming dallas, thank you so much for your time. back to the markets, we have those two stocks trading in red, walmart, united health, the tao up 200 points, breaking through the levels it was trading at before the people of great britain voted to leave the european union. more on the horrific tragedy in dallas. we have trump spokesperson catrina pearson in dallas with us next. >> four times and after that you hear multiple gunshots, make a way around the west end district, multiple officers coming this way swarming and. you both have a
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claim centers are available to assist you 24/7.
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for a free quote, call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> the big board, session highs up 200 points trading at 18,087, oil is hanging in at $45 a barrel. we also have gold trending above 1360. let's check shares of twitter, breaking news, reports that twitter is in talks to lifestream certain -- the nba,
11:25 am
and turner. and that his drinking down below its ipo offering, shares of trading, let's more on donald trump's statement on dallas. this is what he said. it is a coordinated premeditated assault on the men and women who keep us safe. we must restore law and order, the confidence of our people to be safe and secure in their homes and on the streets with our nation has become too divided. this is not the american dream we want for our children. >> that is pretty much the basis of what he has stood for this entire campaign, what the american people responded to. you can't live your life or follow your dream if you are not safe and secure in your own dream, to participate in commerce in your city. that has to be at the foundation. our job with leadership when
11:26 am
they do that is to be accomplished when a constitutional way that works for everyone especially when looking at communities of color where crime rates are high, unemployment is high, this is how the theory can uplift at that point first when we talk about uplifting all-americans. if he is clear very often, he is off message but this is at his core of understanding, driven his presidential candidacy and he put it right there and the american people are responding so strongly. >> this is the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. do people feel less safe? >> obviously they do. it is not just when they come to the nature of crime in the environment but internationally because of national security. all of this is tied into leadership, and law and order. it is a simple thing to ask for. liz: right in trump's wheelhouse.
11:27 am
we are at the highs of the day. walmart, the only dow stocks trading in the red. also awaiting a statement from attorney general loretta lynch on the dallas shooting any minute. more varney next.
11:28 am
11:29 am
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11:31 am
liz: we have news that the family of alton stirling who was shot by a police officer in baton rouge, louisiana is denouncing the family of the man, denouncing the attacks on police officers in dallas, the quote is we wholeheartedly reject the reprehensible acts of violence perpetrated against members of the dallas police department, the protests last night were partly sparked by the shooting of out in sterling. we are going to go back to dallas, the latest canoes breaking, probably saw it already, that we have robotics experts saying the dallas police department appears to be the first to have used a robotic device to deliver an explosive to kill a suspect, meaning one of the snipers. what are you hearing?
11:32 am
>> you have probably seen these tactical robots, used to detonate a bomb at the scene, you don't know what is in it. it will bring it out. those have a camera and microphone that typically have a tube in them that can do a shotgun shell or stream of water like a water cannon that can put a hole in your head or your hand or metal pipe. i talked to an atf expert and rather than the idea this tactical robot put a grenade next and detonated, most likely what they use is this water cannon to take this guy out or a shotgun shell. this is also how they communicate with this guy and learn all they did. he is a very good shot. we just learned this individual, micah johnson, 25, from nearby mesquite, texas, that he belonged to a gun club, sorting to -- according to cbs news, had previous weapons and drug charges, they didn't want to get
11:33 am
close, the robot allowed them to do that but typically it is not used in this manner. liz: breaking news, thank you so much for your time. now this. the moment of the attack, it was lifestream don facebook. this is raising serious ethical and moral concerns for facebook, whether too much graphic video was streaming on their, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg defending live streaming saying, quote, it reminds us why coming together to build a more open and connected world is so important and how far we have to go. deirdre bolton, host of "risk and reward," what are your thoughts on that? dierdre: tech is at a crossroads. we have seen it with a shooting with antiterrorism measures, we see it as to how these tech companies handle child pornography, so mark zuckerberg and his ilk have to answer some societal questions, what is the
11:34 am
role they are going to be playing as far as helping or hurting law enforcement. liz: zuckerberg is saying they put up graphic video, they do not want to glorify violence but meant to condemn or give transparency to it, isn't that a fine line? >> as far as all these tech companies go, their defense is we are not taking a stand, we are just the plumbing, the tools, it depends on how people use it. we have been talking since san bernardino and that was apple unlocking the iphone. all these tech companies have to deal with it, to me it was shocking, we watched the video and said if there are children in the room, this is upsetting and it can show up on anybody. liz: here is what is happening. what happened with out in the sharp, the shooting, the police officers had body cameras on
11:35 am
their lapels they became dislodged, they couldn't do a proper recording of what happened and it was picked up by a smart phone and you have people live streaming via smart phone. isn't that going -- facebook will run up against what the police could have or problems police have with body cameras? >> instead of my side of the story, your side of the story, my side of the story, your tech. it is very upsetting all around. >> it to draw facebook into court cases. and he has been criticized for doing -- and tim cook saying, there are many things, taking
11:36 am
apple to court, and silicon valley, they are involved in terrorism cases. >> how will that happen? >> to create legislation, this is what the silicon valley crowd is calling for that created legislation, and a lot of preci suspected terrorist activity, it is by law the tech company's duty to help law enforcement, they want permission in advance. liz: new pressure put on silicon valley. they are putting the video up. next up dallas authorities say the suspect said he wanted to kill white police officers. we will see. >> all i know is this must stop, this divisiveness. between our police and citizens.
11:37 am
the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. he was upset at white people. he wants to kill people especially white officers. >> if he was shot by one in baton rouge denouncing, and they are reprehensible. your thoughts on that. >> your heart goes out to these people. my thoughts on this, the suspect saying he is upset, i get upset, doesn't mean i go into the
11:38 am
kitchen and shoot the chef. it is ridiculous. i have a question for governor dayton in minnesota, the police officer who shot the gentleman was black, would that have made a difference, black police officers are more likely, they live in the ghetto and they know how dangerous these people can be. their thought process is a little different socially. >> let's take a listen, the governor of minnesota speaking about that. react again to it, take a listen. >> would this have happened if the passenger and driver were white? i don't think it would have. i am forced to confront, all of us in minnesota, this kind of racism exists. liz: we have data coming in, we
11:39 am
have a study of what happened to philadelphia, the shootings there, minority police officers are more likely to use a gun against other minorities than white officers, that is one analysis. white people are 50% of police shootings involve police shooting white people, 20% where black people, the washington post is saying the terms of the percentage of the population is 21/2 times black people are shot more than white people as a percentage of the population. what do you make of that analysis? let's look to the analysis, look to the data because cooler heads will prevail, right? >> the data is correct. the washington post published data a couple years ago, 12% of the population is black and yet they commit 60% of the violent crimes.
11:40 am
where is the racial profiling? they have done it to themselves. i would like to put governor dayton and barack obama put in blue uniforms and let them drive around one night and see what it is like and what kind of decisions they make. liz: what do you mean they did it to themselves? >> if you are the one committing the crimes and it is a higher percentage, you are out there blaming -- why would you blame someone else for racial profiling you when you are the ones causing the racial profiling? if you are committing more violent crimes than any other sector of america or the population, why would we not be looking at you? the same with islamic terrorism today. all muslims are not terrorists but the terrorists are all muslim. liz: former nypd special investigator, thank you for your time. back to the markets, check the
11:41 am
big board near highs of the day, basically we have 28 stocks trading in the green, the tao up 194 points trading at 18,089. we are going to hear from us attorney general loretta lynch on the dallas shootings. the department of justice opened investigations into police involv shootings in minnesota and louisiana. more varney next.
11:42 am
11:43 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, after a better-than-expected monthly jobs report, since the highest level since last october we are seeing markets bounce higher. dow jones industrial average up 193 points at 18,089, crossing 18,000 the raising the losses since the british exit vote from the european union. the s&p 500 getting closer to a lifetime high of 2130, it is at the highest level of 2016. looking at movers, taking on the risky place in the financial, we see american express, goldman sachs, jpmorgan, intel, technology, energy in favor, and better than expected comparable sales and the old navy brand up 5% and wd-40 cut revenue projections.
11:44 am
11:45 am
liz: we are expected to hear from us attorney general loretta lynch on the massacre in dallas. special operations counterterrorism operative jason beardsley, it is said that this attack was planned. what do you make of that? >> first of all hour hearts go out to the victims and those morning their loss.
11:46 am
the pre-plan of this attack looks like people that were applying basic combat infantry skills, the use of covering concealment, the potential that one or two were located in different places showing coordination and the potential that they had egress routes planned out and at the end of this we know one of the assailants barricade themselves was not going to come out alive which is why the police went in with a remotely detonated charge from a robe at. that indicates the basic sketches of something coordinated and planned with some military cognizance or at least awareness in the events but we have a lot to learn still unfolding. liz: what the make of the fact that the suspects were of using to cooperate with police? >> i think that is an indicator that what we are dealing with is
11:47 am
a bit more nefarious and as you decca out planned and they have suspects, we know the one that says i wasn't connected to any group, we don't want to take the word of that person, a person that murdered police officers so we have to be very suspicious and very cautious with those who are suspect. if they are not cooperating it is an attempt to dissuade or conceal the attempt of their actual actions and that is what we have to look for. what were the intent of persons involved in this and we only get that through a thorough investigation. police are excellent at this, they go after each piece of evidence. it will take some time unless those suspects are cooperative. this looks like a very bloodied, very violent, seated in hate incident and we want justice for our police officers. this is the land of the free and the home of the brave and americans have to request backed law enforcement officers and there are mechanisms in place
11:48 am
when they exceed their just rights to handle that. we need to handle these incidents in the criminal justice system. >> what have you seen suspects refused to cooperate with the police for doing mass shootings like this. >> we haven't seen this. we have to check but this looks like a unique incident and that show the recalcitrance and means they are likely to be a lot more nefarious at the first part of this. jumping to conclusions, if you have a suspect that is not willing to help after 11 officers have been shot after a tragedy like this. and they are obvious gating in the way of justice and handling terrorism, we ought to do that for unity, love and compassion, they need to build trust with the american people, right now they are eroding trust with the
11:49 am
people. liz: appreciate you joining us. here is what happened last night. the protests in dallas, sparked by two police shootings, one in minnesota and the other in louisiana. the family of out in sterling, he was the one shot by police in baton rouge. the family denouncing the attacks on police officers. here is the response, quote, we wholeheartedly reject the reprehensible acts of violence perpetrated against members of the dallas police department. our hearts ache for the families of the officers who were lost as they protected protesters and residents alike during a rally. regardless of how angry or upset people be, resorting to this kind of sickening violence should never happen and simply cannot be tolerated. what is your reaction to that?
11:50 am
dierdre: it is so strong and so powerful. this is a family that just lost a beloved member and still dealing with that and so we have to assume in shock and yet saying shooting police, people who are there to protect the population who maintain social order, actually feel like that was a powerful statement, very courageous. you have been doing tons of reporting on the incident. you hear even last night there were local transit workers who were protecting the protesters. as sad as these events are in the last 72 hours, this statement included from people who have been directly affected and a few moments ago, about the effect on technology and it really is something we have to speak about, we were talking
11:51 am
about another shooting with live streaming doesn't have the responsibility the network has in that it is all live. the responsibility to warn our viewers and some people who are cynically saying tech companies are in a certain way most exploiting tragedies. liz: you will be following that story later today. as we await attorney general lynch, check the board, we are still at session highs but we wiped out all the post british votes to leave the european union. all of those losses there and the s&p 500 hitting a new high for the year. the jobs report fueling stocks higher but we have more on the dallas shooting. we have more after this. ♪
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> trump spokesperson katrina pearson. >> this has definitely been a moment where i don't know if you are more angry or sad that this has happened. to see this sort of unfold let's you know how awful things of gotten in this country where
11:56 am
sentiments, the people who have been targeted are the people we call for help. liz: the chief of police, making a poignant plea, a plea for the end of divisiveness, people in the country feeling demoralized, that they are not living together as americans and in it together when we see instances like this happening in dallas and minnesota and louisiana. how do you think mister trump will react to that? people are desperate for unity in the country? >> they really are. people are talking about the problems we have, whether it is happening in dallas. what we have are symptoms of a much greater problem over decades in the country, that is
11:57 am
a severe lack of leadership and this has been on both sides. we have a president right now, for crying out loud, who injects himself into local events like the police acted stupidly, looks like it could have been my son, remain silent when someone like kate finally is murdered because of his own policy, sent people to michael brown's funeral. of course these things are happening because we have severe lack of leadership. on the other side we have republicans who have been absent in the black community, on the republican side are far greater for african-american this, now we have an opportunity to get out there and bring people together. liz: thank you, we will have more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
liz: the dow is up 100 points. we are waiting for statement from loretta lynch on the dallas shooting. charles payne coming up, take it away. charles: this is the deadliest attack on police officers since 9/11 and police are on high alert from coast-to-coast. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. 5 dallas police officers killed, 7 wounded in a heavily sophisticated sniper attack that all started as a p peaceful bla lives matter protests until shots rang out. three suspect are in custody, when a dead-end police believe they have found a motive. >> the suspect said he was upset about black lives matter. he said he was upset about the recent police shootings. the suspect said he was upset at white people


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