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tv   Fox News Reporting  FOX Business  July 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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hillary, is the nominee but are her problems just beginning? with her party lurching farther left. >> no one in this country who got rich on their own. bernie is the candidate we support overwhelmingly. >> sometimes it seemed like she's scrambling. >> i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> will she galvize her voters? >> will she scare some away. >> i never voted anything but democrat, but i am voting trump
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this year. fox news reporting. >> we just witnessed a republican national convention where delegates arrived anticipating a fight. hillary clinton, heading in her party's convention may not face the outward upon opposition. on the surface at least, the democratic party unified behind her. but for all of the smooth sailing there are discordant notes which she ignores at her peril and shows problems with her candidacy. in the early 1990s, after 12 years of republican presidencies, the democrats felt their party needed to change. >> 1992, we had a new agenda and it was different. it was equivalent to the third party in some ways.
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>> alfrome recognized his party would have to change its ways if it hoped to win back the presidency. >> the great party lost touch with the middle-class. >> i william jefferson clinton do solemnly swear. >> it was a val situation of the new principles and tough on crime legislation and welfare reform and free-trade. >> we believed we had to figure out how to take the traditional democratic ideas and offer a new agenda to furtherer them and more people would support. >> and the new administration that empified so- called third wave politics also brought america, hillary clinton. by the time the 2008 election was approaching, hillary seemed
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heir apparent to the top slot. >> i am am forming a president see exploratory committee. >> but the party was changing. >> i am proud to represent new york and represent the financial capital of the world. >> being a senator with close ties to wall street did not play that well. and the vote for the iraq war did not play well. >> it is easy tore have the argument when we have a nominee who said, i always thought it was a bad idea and a bad strategy. >> meanwhile barak obama was a fresh face and for many on the left, it was off. >> special comment on the assassination. the nation had to forgive you early and often. we don't appreciate what you have done today to repeal the
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incomprehension about the americans you seek to lead. this is too it much. >> eight years later and hillary clinton was inevitable. but is it the same hillary? it is not the same party she knew when her husband rode high. >> no one in this country got rich on his own. nobody. >> and now the energies are in a different place. much further to the left. >> after all, a man who seemed a mainstream candidate for the democratic, jim webb gaped no traction for the campaign. >> i am where the democratic party hab. >> who rose to challenge clinton. the socialist senator from vermont. hillary had to worry about the left flafrng? >> hillary clinton was on the
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other side of the trade agreements supporting nafta. bill clinton helped to push nafta through and hillary was a free-trader, too. and backed the transpacific partnership. >> tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements to open free transparent and trade. >> now in debates, she opposeded the tpp. >> i did say i hoped it the be the gold standard and it was finally negotiated last week. and it did not meet my stdard. >> and in the keystone pipeline, environmentalism versus jobs she was accused of flip flopping. >> i never toom took a position on keystone until i took a position of keystone. >> it so manies the third wave of politics of bill clinton were
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dead in the water with. indeed many of the bill clinton top achievementes were liabilities and political baggage that hillary had to renounce or explain away. >> secretary clinton at that time had a different position on welfare reform and worked hard to roundup votes for the passage. >> hillary clinton navigated the obstacle course of the primary season and ready to be crowned head of her party in philadelphia. but there are lingering anies to those on the the left. is this a hillary we can believe in? and those to the center, is this a hillary who abandoned us? those are the questions one way or the other they will answer in the voting booth? >> had we return. where do hillary and her party go next with the fox political
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insiders. stay close.
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so call your doctor to see if myrbetriq may be right for you. visit to learn more. >> welcome back. with me now political insiders. john and doug and pat. doug, we call you the insider ares. and that is when we talk about third rate politics. you helped to create not just the language of how we talk about it and the platform itself. my question with regard to hillary clinton and what we saw before the break. is it broken, out of style or out of reach. why is she not using it. >> it is gone, harris, it is gone because the democratic party moved far, far left.
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it is effectively a party that adheres to socialist principles. redistribution of wealth. breaking up the big banks. we in the '90s, were business. and it was a partnership and balanced budget and fiscal discipline and it is all gone. what you will see in the convention with secretary clinton is an effort to take the left wing of the party and usurp their ideas on single payer health care and $15 minimum wage and free college and turn it in her platform. very different than in the '90s. >> is it disingenious. if he is taking a new page out of the book of sanders or septemberor elizabeth warren; that is not her book. >> no, that is not how she started the campaign.
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i think one of the problems that this relates to and you used the word disingenuous. it goes to her character problem she will do and say whatever she has to which she is moved on to health care and she opposed the single payer. she's looking for support that day and rejecting all of bill clinton's platform and which she was involved in is interesting that she wants to say look how the economy was. you you can't pick and choose and say we were wrong on everything else. she reacts to the loudest next voice squeaking is in the plane and moves that way and as doug just said, it is an elottist movement. this party sfoek for ordinary americans a common man and it is an upon elite party and a party of let's not forget the
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special interest it represents. >> it is interesting, it did not just open the door for bernie sanders who is far left and so- called democratic socialist. but it created an opening for the other side of the aisle? >> totally. you used the key word for hillary. disingenuous. and how can you believe anything she says, because she's been on every side of the issue and before doug came along in the hillary and bill world, she was to the left. bill and hillary, the first two things they did tax increase and gays in the military and then she started hillary care and get rebuked by the voers and lose the house and september and in comes smart democrats like doug and bill clinton adjusts himself and it worked and now the democrats have changed and they
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are way left wing, but donald trump is to the left of hillary on some of these things. >> how so. give an example. >> to the left of her on the war in iraq and free and fair trade and against the trade deals she championed as secretary of state. >> that gives him an opportunity, pat, to scoop up the bernie sanders voters. >> what he's doing, donald trump campaigning for blue color democrats and in west virginia. those voters who feel alienated from the system which they have large numbers of. those voters he has real appeal to. >> doug, you were there like i said. and i wonder how it feels to see her move to something different and new, but a repudiation of her husband's policies?
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>> i am disappointed and take you you inside of the white house if i can from that period. hillary clinton was adrift. she started out on the left and saw the third way ideas and lower taxes and disciplined spending and balanced budget and welfare and tough on crime worked in the '90s and she said tell me what to say? >> you don't want that in a candidate. really is that what you want in a cand uponidate. >> if you are a political advisor, you want them to do what you said. but the repudiation of where clinton is and was in the mid90s to where she is now. as the clips have shown is disturbing to me. >> look at this thing. when they started, bill and hillary on the campaign, they thought she would sail to the nomination and they had positioned back in the third wave moderate pro business
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democrat. and along comes bernie sanders and voters like in iowa, where 43 percent of the iowa wademocrats self identify themselves as socialist more than capitalist. >> and they are young. >> and to me, the big picture is, america is moving to the left on many social and economic issues. many. not the blue collar steel workers. >> h ironic the nominee of your party can get these. that segues us to the next segment. people were feeling the burn. and when we come back on the special. the insurgency of bernie sanders and the democratic party. stay close.
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>> hillary clinton hoped to have an easy ride to the nomination. the last thing she expected was a insurgency to the left that threatened to sweep her aside. >> we'll not be bought and paid for. we are fighting the ref lugz. >> and leading the -- reeve e revolution was a cent-year-old senator from vermopt. >> it is too late for establishment politics and economics. >> he put up a fright in the primary and winning 22 states.
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it was not until june clinton had enough delegates to be carried the nomination. two weeks later, we went to the washington state democratic convention where there was bad blood. >> we could make a statement just this state, we are not willing to endorse a war criminal who ordered assassinations that killed 90 percent. >> sanders' supporters spoke out with hillary and hillary supporters gave as good as they got. >> if bernie sanders want to be separate but don't come in here and ruin the democratic party like the tea party ruined the republican party. that's it. >> it is a rivalry. and bernie sanders may have finished second. but he is an icon to millions of democrats. >> bernie is the candidate that
9:22 pm
bee support. >> and rebecca is a sanders' delegate in the washington state. >> clinton is bought and paid for and does not represent us. >> and sanders now endorsed clinton, that does not mean they will rush to her side. when sanders finally gave in, supporters was anguished than enthusiasm. >> i will not endorse hillary clinton. i have voted for the lesser of the two evils. enough is enough. >> hillary has the backing of the democratic establishment. she has trouble with the younger crowd. will the mill lennials turn out. >> their hands are in the future of the mi leppials. >> clinton attempted to reach
9:23 pm
out to the bernie people. >> we are going to make college debt- free-for-all. >> and we are going to build on the president's idea to make community college free. >> i know that we can finish the job of universal health care coverage for every single man and woman and child. >> whether the voters will buy this hillary is an open question. >> the fact that she has gone back and forth. not only evolved like a learning person and changes her policy positions in a logical way. that is not something that i think a steadfast leader would be characterized by. >> spotting an opening, donald trump went for the bernie constitiency. >> to all of those bernie
9:24 pm
sanders supporters left out in the cold of a rigged system of super delegates, we welcome you with open arms, believe me. >> the reason for the trump phenom nan and the sanders' phenom nan. they share that. >> david is a lifelong democrat and political strategist. >> there are a lot of democrats in this part of the world i know of that will vote for an economic popullist before voting for hillary clinton. >> there is still apprehension in the clinton camp. >> if it is two candidates neither one i support, i will be writing in a third candidate or not vote at all. >> meanwhile, hillary has to worry if she drifts too far left, she may turn off centrisf
9:25 pm
voters. >> the movement represented by bernie sanders left a major foot print on the democratic party. >> watching that is how bernie sanders is affecting politics in total for america and not just democrats. >> when they write the history, they will write about bernie sanders and donald trump. both leading movementes from the grassroots up and no one saw a year and half ago, and they are here and they are alive and they are still driving the politics beyond the candidate himself. bernie is out of the race, but the voters are here and powerful. >> the idea of a movement why can't she get a movement. >> she doesn't look authentic to the people. she is to them, the status quo. and politics as usual and the everything they feel strongly against. >> anything can change as we
9:26 pm
head in to the convention, but going into this weekend, there was a report that bernie sanders couldn't get a permit to hold a rally outside of the venue ahead of the convention for 40000 people. he was denied by the deputy city manager and you have strong thoughts on why that might be. >> i think the clinton campaign is scared to death of what pat and john rightly call the sanders' movement. it is independent from sanders. what those 40000 or more people do could determine the direction of the convention and the campaign. hillary clinton needs those people and bernie sanders. it is an open question as we sit here whether she will get them. >> interesting. there is more. i know you are cooking up more. we'll talk about the role of identity politics for hillary
9:27 pm
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>> during this campaign season hillary clinton has been moving forward and well to the left many say. it is only natural that some feel left behind. >> i am a democrat. and i believe in the two founding principles of democracy and social justice and economic fairness. and right now, i think that the
9:31 pm
democratic party, my great party has got away from this. >> he seeses how the party shifted and leaving former supporters behin. >> it used to stand for working people. you know, hillary clinton's record, nafta, shasta and favorite nation status for china and we can go on and on and on, and she's not a friend of rural america and rural america knows that and it shown in the primaries and caucuses and it is a huge abc feeling out here. anybody but clinton. >> he feels his party lost its way and going to far and turning virtue in to vice. critics say it is a group more exciting for transgender bathrooms than the economic survival of the middle-class.
9:32 pm
>> democrats are intent on working on social issues and they are important, but at the same token. i don't like them used as wedges. >> to saunders it gets in the way of real worries of the working people. >> we need to deal with the economy. and every poll, the democrats are getting away from it. they have a terrible spokesperson in hillary clinton. >>? >> in rural virginia many feel a bondoned. >> i have been a democrat my whole life. and now i am voting trump this year. >> she is selling trump. >> i can't believe in the democratic party at this time. i am sitting here and talking to people, the majority of the things i am hering we need
9:33 pm
change and they believe be that hillary will not bring the change and we'll have more of the same. trump will bring change. >> clifford turner works with her in the both. >> politicians can't dictate everything. but it is their policies how the country moves. we will go back worse than we are now if hillary is elected. >> i believe donald trump is the best choice for us. you know, america has been be down in the dumps for a long time. >> carl, drives the motor mile speed way near virginia. >> i am all about the immigration stuff, but that is not number one on my priority. it is getting our jobs and american made products. this is an american made sport and american made parts on the car. high performance. an iphone or a kitchen utense
9:34 pm
il. we need products made in the usa. >> people who are working here is democrats and you couldn't find a republican with a search warpt 50 years ago. >> he is hopeful that the party will make a come back in the south. >> see, i want to see the democratic party rebuild. i don't want more status quo democrats and abandoning working people. i don't want it anymore. no more wedge politics and out with the old and in with the new and i want somebody who will throw a rock in a bee's nest and hillary clinton is not going to throw a rock at a bee's nest unless she gets paid for it. saunders is so fed up. he will vote for donald trump. i get asked all of the time when trump has temperament to be president of the united states. i know he's got the temperament
9:35 pm
to throw a rock in the center of the bee's nest there in washington and it needs it. >> in washington, former ohio congressman a democrat left of saunders have a diagnosis that is not much different. >> why doesn't the party represent the aspirations of the american people? because years ago, they went to corporate america and that's where the campaign cash came from. one of the fundmental problems that is a flaw and a fault line and runs through the system. once you have corporations giving money and betting on both horses, they always win and the people lose. >> meanwhile, a lot of people in the rural south, simply don't believe they have much to look forward to this campaign. >> when it comes to the election this fall, we are screwed either way. i guess the lord will decide
9:36 pm
what is best for us all. >> if you look at rural america now, we have been left behind. >> when we return, insiders will look at who's leaving the democrats and if the party can afford losing them? look at all these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline? let me show you something better. the capital one venture card. with venture, you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase... not just...(dismissively) airline purchases. every purchase. everywhere. every day. no really! double miles on all of them! what's in your wallet?
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>> we are back in my happy place. so glad you guys are here. >> we learned from those in the democratic party who thought they were the purse for hillary clinton. her purse is leaking and she may lose them. >> the bag is broken. it is hemmer aging support of blue collar democrats and in rural america, the they are gone. part of the reason it is a popullist insurgent year and hillary clinton is anything but that. but she is the establishment washington candidate and the democratic party is a wall street party which is where it is funded from and takes care of those interests and an elitist party that put extreme
9:41 pm
environmentalism and identity bathrooms and rather than that what is happening to people who are not in the riches or high cotton and working and poor people. >> doug? >> a practical example in 1996, i was the clinton/gore campaign manager in tennessee. we won tennessee. one of the last bastons in the south to stay democratic and run on law and order and safety administration in the schools and four years later aldpoer lost tennessee. >> hillary is the worst fit for these people. bill was a great fit. but hillary is a total fraud for them. she is an ivy league elitist and going to tell you what kind of health care to have and taking the mobby from goldman upon
9:42 pm
sachs. >> the matching blue pantsuit day and warren was putting her power behind clinton and you heard hillary clinton say what she said, people had to be wondering why it is not what i said? >> it is it as a said, she's like dough rolls around wherever you push her. >> oh, my goodness. >> the pantsuit day, this is the problem in the democratic party. what donald trump and his acceptance speech spoke to about the powerless people and i will be your voice and he said her slogan is i'm with her. my campaign. i'm with you. you couldn't have made it more real in terms. bill clinton had an empathy for people. i feel your pain.
9:43 pm
she feels no one's pain and the other problem with elizabeth warren. i had great admiration for until she decided that hillary clinton's refusal to release the wall street transcripts. she's paid millions of dollars. after all, the party comes first rather than my principles and that's what is breaking down on the sanders' voters that are not democratic voters. >> the problem is the clinton foundation and why senator warren would not have pushed in the party to make sure that was clone and didn't become an area of stomping ground. >> elizabeth warren had my moral ground. >> why did she cede? >> she revealed herself as wanting to be vp. she ruined her special reputation she had.
9:44 pm
>> you will see as a result of this secretary clinton will not make too strong of an argument for herself. why? the negatives. >> that's interesting. >> it will be a 2 billion campaign of vilification against donald trump and the republicans in the inting state. >> how does that play with voters? >> it is okay westbound the margin of error and very close. but harris, we haven't sewn it really in full swing and pat and john may believe that donald trump is compelling, but you will see money and messages. >> within the margin of error. and she puts millions in battleground. >> can you say the same thing about the jeb bush campaign and you did and were wrong. 40 or 50 million spent in the swing states. >> that is 2 billion.
9:45 pm
>> they will continue to have this discussion when we go to a commercial break. when we come back more on identity message and the push to try to get people of color to vote for hillary clinton. i think they can hear me while you talk.
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>> the democrats are counting on the black vote to put them over the top. but the question is, can the black community count on hillary? for 50 years now blacks in
9:49 pm
america have been mononlithic of the supportert democratic party and hillary clinton's candidacy appears to be no exception. she has the backing of 87 percent of the black voters. vote for granted. mean she can >> i don't think it is excitement about hillary clinton right now. she has to establish the excitement. >> the ref rend degrav is a member of 100 black men african-american advocacy group. i believe in competition and in some ways, our vote is taken for granted by some in the democratic party. hillary clinton has to not rest on barak obama's laurels. >> the clintons do have a long history with the black voters.
9:50 pm
husband bill had their support when he won two terms as president and he did certain things that raised questions in the black community. the for example, after the rodney king riot rapper sister souljah said if black people kill black people every day, why not have a week where black people kill white people. bill clinton spoke out against her. >> i know she is a young person but she has a big influence on a lot of people and when people say that, if you took the words white and black and reversed them you might think david duke might be making that statement. >> once in office he passed a v law. hillary supported it and, in
9:51 pm
fact, rode the anti-crime bandwagon. >> the kinds of kids with no conscious, no empathy. we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heal. >> a generation later her earlier comments and beliefs have caused problem on some inform the black community. >> you're trespassing. >> please explain -- explain it to us. you owe black people an apology. >> the hillary clinton of 2016 wu a far cry from the tough on crime hillary of the past. then came dallas. 12 police officers shot. five killed followed by baton rouge. three officers killed, three wounded. within days, clinton gave a speech to the naacp. some wondered if this could be
9:52 pm
her sister souljah moment. >> today there are people all across america sick over what happened in baton rouge and in dallas but fearful that the murder of police officers means that violence about police community relations will go unanswered. >> instead of suggesting even once that someone might wish to tone down their anti-police rhetoric. >> there's clear evidence that african-americans are disproportionately killed in police incidents compared to any other group. >> she focused on how the polic needed reform stating the run-ins with people of color are due to bias and not, say, differential crime rates. apparently the sister souljah moment had passed. all right, after watching that, i do want to put this into context. we mentioned the shootings of police officers and where we are in this country with race
9:53 pm
relation relations and where we are at protecting law enforcement. hillary clinton is looking aet it different than her husband has. >> she is. it's a more varied electorate. one political reality is she needs 90% plus of the african-american vote at a robust turnout to win the election. if she double get it, she's not elected president of the united states. >> is she on track to do that? >> right now she is, but she needs turnout, unity at her convention, and most of all, she needs black leaders all over the country to come together for her. >> also as doug pointed out, she's got two presidents who are going to work together even though they don't like each other. president obama and former
9:54 pm
president clinton, they're going to work together to drive that black turnout up to elect her. >> that's the opportunity in donald trump's acceptance speech which i thought was very interesting when he talked about what was happening in urban america, black america and education and jobs he made a case -- >> school choice. >> the problem for the democratic party is it's promised african-americans everything and delivered almost nothing in urban america, but the republicans can't get the votes because they have no empathy. >> then when you say that four-letter word "jobs," it is like a loud bell in the room. >> this is trump's strength that he needs to hammer from now on. when the republicans try to get the black vote, they at least make themselves look better. this is where trump's weakest point is, among moderate white
9:55 pm
voters. i believe he is empathetic, by the way. >> they're compelling speakers as we saw. >> the police chief has said blue lives matter was one of the best lines. >> the republicans have a long way to go in the swing states. many polls have shown under 5% for donald trump. whether he can do that, use what he did at the convention as patton john said as a starting point to emphasize what he's done. look. donald trump has hundreds if not thousands of african-americans working gainfully for him. he loves them. hasn't talked about it. >> let's talk veep station. i heard you say you don't really care for this man. why not? >> he's sort of bland, a political insider. just last week he relaxed some.
9:56 pm
is. >> is this across the aisle? >> they will. >> pat? >> i'm surprised. counting on the press to do everything to deray. i think the problem is he's very popular. they get along. the bernie sanders people will be very unhappy.
9:57 pm
>> there may be underlying things. for all the reasons that we talked about here on our first prime time special for the fox prime time special for the fox news political ♪ it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the c300 for $379 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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>> those opposed shall say no. john: the anti-trumps tried stop it, but they failed. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination. >> i think he can make america great again. john: republicans say trump will make america safe again. >> we'll take the fight to the enemy, because it's here. >> are we crazy? john: i hope not. >> all we have is hope. john: we are live in new york


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