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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  July 30, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> it's official, the democrats pick hillary clinton. is. is she going to do wonderful things for you? >> raising the minimum wage, paid family medical leave. >> that all sounds expensive. >> band for profits, let's do that. is the democratic candidate a creek, creek, liar who likes her server clean? maybe in her people in her party
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don't like her, but she she is a big favorite to become president. >> john: we are live in new york city to get your reaction to the democratic national convention. from real people. not some political blowhard. the democrats, the good, the bad, and the, and the ugly. that is our show. tonight. >> and now, john stoffel. >> john: i won't vote for hillary clinton but i cannot deny that's really compared to donald trump she has experience in government. we heard a lot about that this week. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america.
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>> hillary is uniquely qualified and has the experience. >> the same, and confident person with international experience. >> she like the only person ever to be overqualified for a job as the president. >> john: overqualified? does experiencing government make you a good president? nixon had a lot of presidential experience, eisenhower didn't have any. let's go to our panel of political experts. a democrat, ellis hennican, republican, author and moviemaker, dinesh d'souza and katherine mangu-ward. catherine, she's a qualified. >> obviously expense does not make it qualified to be president, what it does do is minimize the downside risk. i think that's where we are at this point. were hoping for something short of a complete and utter disaster. she could be a
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he was secretary of state for you he was secretary of state for and she supported just about every war and push for others that the president didn't want. this is a moment where you hear the secretary of state. you should be nervous. bipartisan consensus bipartisan consensus in washington, very frequently means both parties are going to do something horrible. i think hillary hillary is one of the most warlike democrats out there. >> john: your conservative and you support her attitude about work? >> no, i think she has been carrying out the obama policy inform policy and i made a movie
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about obama four years ago and he basically said obama will strengthen our enemies and we can our allies. so we were allies and he was gone, i would not call qaddafi and ally but we are doing business with them, he's gone. the mullahs are our enemy, they're stronger than they are. >> you would've left them there? >> i think we needed to do things differently. with obama you saw a great weakening of american influence in the region and isis came out of that power vacuum. >> john: h about that the world is not divided, the republican party doesn't know what it is right now. or maybe not, donald trump houston not want to do anything. >> they are antiwar people who take up about the trump nomination. i definitely heard my fellow libertarians that said maybe we should not have gone into iraq.
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we basically don't know. >> i think the republicans overreach. i think the republicans would do well to go back to the reagan doctrine which is reasonably, we don't buy for's freedom, they fight, we help. a member reagan did not deploy troops to afghanistan when the soviets of any. so i think that the middle ground between interventionism and isolationism. >> folks like me find the hillary hawkish. >> i would think you would find her a lot hawkish. she upper no-fly zone in darfur, she supported bosnia, kosovo, iraq, syria she wants to do more. >> and half of those are you voting for? yes. >> john: do you think these are actually principal convictions by hillary or do you think large contributions of the clinton foundation would alter hillary's position on these issues? >> it has nothing to do with that. it is certainly unfair to say politicians and hypocritical,
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they lean one direction, they do things but it is not true. if we are writing a check. i don't think she's going to war for money. >> i think you have to employ that principle, you say is what happening here and competence or. you should always favor competence. >> but it's not conspiracy. it simply means that when people go from the private sector to the public sector they do not automatically eliminate self-interest and become noble public oriented people. the same motives of greed, and become a must and revenge are also there the public sector as they are the private sector. >> john: and howuch money did the clintons have now? >> how does one go from zero to $300 million. >> there's so many explanations to that. >> how about we raise a lot of money out of office to take on some very important projects of
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the world. they're doing good stuff. you hate them,. >> know he's talking about personal. >> so bill was getting $150,000 to speeches until hillary became secretary of state. so his fees went up to 750,000 dollars. these were paid by people with a direct by people with a direct interest in things that hillary was deciding in the state permit. it's not fantasy to say when a down payment is made to bill, hillary then provides an appropriate policy and the tens of millions of dollars -- >> he's actually plugging a movie that is not made. >> quick clinton cash. >> you would think hillary was the underdog this week because several polls came out saying trump was ahead. this excites it prone trump
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commentators. >> mr. trump i have five here. it shows you were down and took a significantly. >> if the election was held today, he might very well win. >> john: but he's the election is not been held today. early polls postal me much. today they clear pulling average has trump and hillary about ty. but polls are not nearly as accurate as the vetting. in the betting hillary is the big favor, 67%-31%. at the bottom is my preference of just three tenths of a%. what is wrong with people catherine? >> we do not have enough time to answer the question today. but i think all these things that you just listed about wanting to make a prophet and greed, that's what these market show. some people put people put their money where they actually think the election is going to go.
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it still doesn't look like a sweeping trump victory. we can all be called. >> the polls are not perfect but they're better than everything else. >> i'm doing my part to spread fear among my democratic friends. i want them to be very nervous and very motivated. >> coming up, the best and worst moments of the convention. on social media i ask you for your pics. they said her favorite moment was obama referring to the constitution. after all all that thrashing of the constitution suddenly pulls and troops to be self evident. the favorite moment was a wiki leak exposing the clinton machine. and washington from gary johnson tweeted his favorite moment was a johnson, crashing the convention. which johnson did not really do but i'm glad he showed up and i don't understand why he is not leading in the polls because he is really 11 that makes sense. but, next the hypocrisy of
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democratic politicians. in philadelphia the law says bars must close at 2:00 a.m. and ridesharing services are banned. except for convention week. for for politicians they change the rules. that's next. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. the summer of this.
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>> this is the most progressive platform in the history of the democratic party. john: they probably did. but why is that a good thing. the word progressive sounds modern, we are for progress. but they are not. democrats keep passing rules that hinder progress. the sharing economy like airbnb and uber is under attack by progressives. elizabeth warren wants airbnb investigated. >> i'll crack down on boss who misclassify employees as contractors. john: no one is forced to work
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for uber or lift. democrats pass all the rules and they are hypocritical about obeying them. they are illegal in philadelphia except for this week because those democrats in town needed uber rides. they legalized uber lift temporarily. >> saying we are opposed or against it and having some kind of rules or regulations. i don't want my uber driver to be a rapist. i would like him to have insurance. john: they already have driver's licenses and insurance. you say you can figure out by regulation who is going to be a rapist? >> who has the strongest
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incentive to prevent your uber driver from being a rapist? uber or hillary clinton? john: they get rated by the public. that's better than regulation. >> there are some things we want to regulate. i want my airline pilot to have a certain number of hours. >> you are doing cartoon progreivis either peoplget their hands chopped off in factories or we have all the regulations i can think of. there is a huge middle ground. one place we know the democrats love uber is bernie sanders campaign which spent a vast majority of its short-term travel, its taxi expenses were on uber. >> i think it is the case that what these companies, iewber now, but earlier federal express show, these government
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monopolies that were there before were hugely inefficient. john: the post office couldn't get it stout overnight, then federal express came along. >> progressive is a conman's word because it suggests progress and things are getting better. but progressive has an historic meaning. they meant by progressive in moving private control to the government. smarmt people running things rather than letting things happen for themselves. progressive has had connotations of centralization of power. john: they regulate 40% of the economy and they want more. philadelphia requires bars to
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close at 2:00. but during the convention they get to stay open until 4:00. the sharing economy's airbnb which elizabeth warren says should be investigated for law break is housing delegates this week. bookings increased 200%. when democrats passed obamacare. >> the rules apply to everyone else, but not washington, d.c. >> the rules don't work. you have to repeal them for the cool people. >> i'm from new orleans, the bars never close. they have go cups. >> if you had a uniform tax rate you could vote to raise tax but you would be raising your own, too. you couldn't vote to raise other people's taxes. i think the system would work better that way. john: the economic ignorance of the convention.
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well i don't see anybody's name on it. while they were out doing their thing. we slowly changed all that. we changed all that. today women can do anything men can do. and there's one thing we're even better at...
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>> america isn't going broke. john: we aren't? we are $19 trillion in debt. but all i heard from democrats all week is strengthen social security and provide free college and free healthcare and free paid family leave. ellis, how are you going to pay for it. >> pay-as-you-go. don't let the people who are not carrying their load get away with it. you get the super rich to pay their share we can afroad free state college. john: just tax the rich will solve it.
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>> obama has doubled the national debt if it was $8.5 when he came in, now it's $19 trillion. here is what i mean, in the reagan years they talked about $200 billion deficits. annual deficits under reagan were monthly deficits under obama. >> both parties are equally bad on this. i did not see a single thing at the republican convention that would tell me they would touch the national debt. john: here is elizabeth warren explaining why america is not going broke. >> the stock market is breaking records. corporate profits are at
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all-time highs. ceos make tens of millions of dollars. there is lots of wealth in america, by the isn't trickling down to hard-working families like yours. john: just tax those people. >> the difficulties in our economy and the reason working people are strained is due to immigration, globalization and technology. all those three things. i'm not complain being these things. i'm saying if someone genuinely wants to understand why certain sectors a unemployment. you can make steel cheaper abroad. there are products that are done technologically now that don't need to be done. most americans worked on farms. now a small number of people can farm for the entire country. the obama guys and the hillary people don't want to take on actual factors that caused
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working class incomes to stagnate so they create the scapegoat. they say see that guy flying around in the corporate jet? he's the reason. >> elizabeth warren says the stock market is doing well and people are making a lot of money which doesn't address the question of why it' harder to low-still workers to get jobs. bernie sanders proposals which were probably more expensive than hillary clinton's couldn't actually be paid for without increasing taxes on the middle class. that's built into the system. the idea that the rich can pay for everything just isn't true. >> we could decide what else there is left to do. the fact of the matter is -- by huge amounts more of our wealth and income and society is in the hands of a very, very small number of people.
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john: they do good things with it. >> the tax policies gave them a lot of breaks. >> hillary clinton wants to dole those out to her cronies as well. john: panel, thank you. coming up, dinesh's controversial new movie about hillary. >> she orchestrated all of this. she knew all along bill could easily cross the line into sex abuse. first she got mad, but then she figured out she could use his addiction to make him dependent on her. john: the best and worst of the convention. i ask you in social media for your picks.
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♪i believe, i believe
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♪believe we're still worth the fight♪ ♪you'll see there's hope for this world tonight♪ ♪i believe, i believe ♪yeah ♪rock guitar john: our best and worst moments from the democratic convention. katherine picked this speech as her worst. >> i'm lena dunn happen and according to donald trump my body is probably like a 2. we are proud to say, we are with hillary. john: that's cute. why is that your worst moment?
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>> it's like a bad bridesmaid's toast. who gets ahold of the nuclear codes is what's at stake. these gals are on the tv and they like hillary. it's celebrity endorsements but that one was excruciating. john: it got higher ratings and the republicans the first day but not the last day. your pick for best moment was this. >> in the spring of 1971 i met a girl. we have been walking and talking and laughing together ever since. [cheers and applause] john: how sweet. why i this your worst moment? >> i have a pretty -- best moment.
1:37 am
i have a pretty high threshold for feminist warm fuzzies. but i will say the spectre of bill clinton being treated like a political wife was beautiful. this moment where he was just like only relevant in his relationship to her. he told littl little sappy stor. john: your best moment was the one dinesh picked as his worst moment. >> if someone came fro from mars and knew nothing about the clintons, they would think it was sweet. but we lived through the 90s. we know the deal with these two. we know they have a kind of a pact going and they each provide something. hillary provide sexual predator protection. she'll cover for bill, she'll go after big's victims. all while purporting to be a
1:38 am
fighter of sexual harassment. bill does something for hillary. he is her pitch man. she would never have gotten where she is except for bill's silver tongue. it's a romance made in hell. the best moment was a dutching moment. i was walking around the dnc. i see the teleprompters and they are carrying the pledge of allegiance. the pledge of allegiance is not a very lengthy document. but democrats are not expected to not. so it's up there in letters so you will be able to read. john: did you see it at the republican convention? >> i don't think so. the constitution they put in at the republican convention. here is what you picked as the worst. >> elections come and go. in my view, our immediate task,
1:39 am
what we must do or forever look back in regret is defeat donald trump and elect hillary clinton. boo. john: what bothered you about that. >> bernie supporters booing sanders because he's a rational man. they are cockroaches. seriously. move on. this idea if my guy doesn't win i'll crash the joint. it's bullyish. let's move on. let's go to your favorite. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. john: that sent a thrill up your leg? >> i don't know about that.
1:40 am
it was an important moment. the key thing hillary clinton needed to do was lock down the support of most of the democratic party. bernie turned out to be despite his passion, a grown-up, a mature, smart, savvy political guy. john: my moment was democrats promising to give us endless free stuff and that was throughout the whole convention. my best moment was last night when the father of an american muslim soldier who was killed in iraq addressed donald trump by asking this. >> have you even read the united states constitution? [cheers and applause] i will gladly let you -- i will gladly lend you my copy. john: that's nice. to actually think at the
1:41 am
democratic convention somebody would even think about the constitution. my copy is smaller than his. trump doesn't seem to think he has to obey the. and obama hasn't. >> i think people who brandish the pocket constitution is a punch ne for years. but i agree with you. that was a pretty touching moment. but at the same time the rnc, they spent a week saying we don't want muslims in this country. then the dnc, the best we could get is we want them to die in our wars which is still not that great. >> his kid got killed. that was a sad, genuine moment. >> it was a beautiful moment but it was sad because we were asking him to die in our wars. john: we are saying we want to you fight in wars we may not agree with. >> be an american. >> i don't think the constitution was the issue here per se.
1:42 am
because the issue that trump is being faulted for is the idea of trying to stop illegal immigration with an accent on the word illegal. i'm an immigrant. i'm pro immigration, but i don't think we should lose sight between an important continue continues of following the law and going around the law. john: the constitution argument is about stopping illegal immigration. it's him saying i will be strong, i'll torture and do whatever i want. >> as you know, democrats routinely say the constitution is a dead letter. we are a living constitution and the constitution evolves according to the changing opinions of the american people. i don't see this party showing a great deal of respect for the actual words of the constitution. john: thank you, panel. next, dinesh's new movie about hillary. >> if all that were true, i
1:43 am
think that would be a very serious offense. that is not going to be proven true. so they say it's a man's world? i don't see anybody's name on it.
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while they were doing their thing... we slowly changed all that. today women can do anything men can do. and there's one thing we're even better at...
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>> this was a woman who at least pretends that her life was ruined because somebody alleged she had a relationship at some point with bill clinton. john: that's a clip by a new film by our panelist dinesh d'souza. he covers what he says is the secret racist past of the democratic party. >> 50 lashes. >> the democrats support slavery. >> why is this relevant? it's not the same democrats today. >> if you were to say the ordinary american, did you know democratic party was not merely the party of slavery, but the party segregation, of jim crow, every segregation law was passed by the democratic lepght rayture
1:48 am
and it was the party of the klu klux klan and lynching. john: those people are dead. >> yes. even the civil rights movement which supplies the moral capital for what democrats believe. more republicans proportion nally voted for the civil rights accountant fair housing bill. the past matters because the paste drawn upon to claim moral capital for the present. that's why the democrats get to say we are the party of the little man and we fought for blacts. the main opposition to civil rights came from the democratic party. john: i'll bet democrats are mostly movie critics. do you ever use the website rotten tomatoes to rate a movie in 83% is this week's score for
1:49 am
"star trek." more reliable is the audience store whether viewers like the. here they are for the secret life of pets. look at the reviews for "hillary's america. now look at the audience score. 81%. thousands of viewers voted and said things like revealing lesson in u.s. history. moving documentary. i gets audience matters more to you and you made $5 million to date. but it's just amazing the difference. >> it's fun to read the critics. they are on the left. they seat movie and it discombobulates them. they thrash around and use all
1:50 am
the big words they can. this man is paranoid and delusional. one thing they can't do is find anything factually yong in the movie. in 1860 no republican owned a slave. zero. all the slaves in the united states were owned by democrats. you could refute it by giving me a list after half dozen republicans who owned slaves, but no one has yet to produce it. john: they say it's historical fiction. let's talk about you personally. his movie starts with areenactment of his experience in jail. >> i wonder what got these guys here. >> murder. >> bar fights. >> i set him on fire. >> what are you in here for. >> a friend of mine was running for office and i gave her more than i was allowed to give.
1:51 am
john: that was a reenactment. by the describes something that did happen. you broke the law by doing something terrible. you supported a political candidate. >> i gave $20,000 to a college friend of mine running for the senate. i had no corrupt political motive.on friend. i excee exceeded the maximum. when you get into the lock-up the first thing they ask you what you are in for, that incident though recreated actually did happen. john: i want to play one more clip. i have trouble when you say hillary in the movie knew what bill was going to do and he was going to have affairs and she
1:52 am
manipulated him. you don't know that. >> of course i do. the hillary story has been told in many biographies. betsy wright would come to hillary and provide her with long lists of women bill was involved in. john: are democrats crazy? >> you want to force corporations to lose money? i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ i love you. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything. ♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪
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john: how socialist, now anti-business have democrats become? do they have any concept of what makes the economy work? republicans aren't so great on this. but today's democrats are insane. this isn't just a new bernie sanders phenomenon. watch what happened at the last democratic convention when when radio host peter shift walked around asking people this. >> would you be in favor of a law banning corporate prove profits? >> of course. >> maybe we should have dorm rat losses. >> you want to force corporations to lose money. >> let's do it through the nose. john: are you kidding me?
1:57 am
president bill clinton backed free trade, signed welfare reform. now they want to lower profits. >> put a cap on corporate profits so no one corporation can earn too much money. >> i think that's good. john: maybe when it comes to money they don't think. tax money flows in from corporations that make no profit and rich people. and kid you know we all pay taxes voluntarily? >> are people forced to pay taxes? >> it many every citizen's responsibility. in this case virginia congressman gerald connelly. >> if they don't pay their income thanks will they use force to make them pay? >> there are penalties for not paying one's obligations.
1:58 am
>> you think the government isn't forcing people to pay. if they don't pay will the government use force to require it? john: if i don't pay my taxes eventually men with guns will come and put me in jail. i am not saying there should be no enforcement of our tax system, our government needs revenue. but why don't congressmen admit the money is taken by force. >> are people forced to pay taxes. >> what do you mean by forced? john: california democrat xavier what krerra won't accept the forced part. >> if you owe money and you don't pay them you pay a fine. >> so people are forced to pay. >> how are they forced to pay. >> if they don't pay the government will use force to
1:59 am
require them to pay. >> what force does the government use? >> we just went through that. john: yes, he did. democrats love the word redistribution. we are not just taking money and gig it to our friends. we are doing a redistribution to make life fair. but acknowledge that redistribution is forced. >> you said the government should protect all peaceful citizens who want to use force to take their money. i assume what you meant by that somebody who was committing a criminal act. john: it's not criminal when politicians do it. >> you think that the government should not protect citizens against people who want to use force to take their money? >> i think this interview has no longer served its purpose. john: face facts, politicians. you are in the coercion
2:00 am
business. government is not persuasion or reason. government is force. today's democrats talk peace and love, but what they proposed this week in philadelphia is much more force. hlieses


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