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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  July 31, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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place. >> it's right on your shoulder. >> i'm an adult with a life. i don't know anything about pokemon. i'm a bear on jhonas. >> you'll pay for saying that about taking your photos to anks for joining us. charles is now. to the general election face-off and who is going to take the nation's debt on. the candidates hit the trail this weekend, it's this hit on donald trump at the dnc not sitting well with someone here. >> donald says he might pay off new debt by printing money. >> you can do that? >> no. in economic terms we would describe this as a -- >> sad thing. >> more like a [ bleep ]. that would really [ bleep ] this economy for decades to come. >> what bleeping hypocrisy. hello everyone. ben stein, charlie gasperino and
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jessica tarloff. great job subhosting "bulls and bears." gary, what about that commercial that upset you so much? >> let's see. $8 trillion of new debt over the last eight years, $4.5 trillion of printed money. 0% interest rate enable all this. yet they have the nerve to go against somebody that even created a dime of the debt. it's almost like they live in their own fantasy land. charles, i listened to you yesterday on the show talking about the economy and why the economy can't get going. look no further than 19 to $20 trillion of debt out there. it is a major head-wind for any economic growth and potential for going forward. >> this weekend has been bizarre with the platforms. the notion that the democrats can actually criticize anyone
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when it comes to debt is mind-boggling to me. >> because the democrats are already doing exactly what they're criticizing. mr. trump, they're already printing money. a random way about printing it and selling it to the federal reserve, made up a bunch of money, but they're already printing money to cover the debt. there's no possible way anybody is going to be able to do anything different as long as they're running these huge deficits. hypocrisy doesn't even start the government. t they're cite sizing exactly what they're doing. >> i want to show the audience what we're talking about. the debt at $19 trillion. but exactly how it's grown. we have got a full screen chart the audience can see. this is where we were coming into barack obama's term. we were up 100%.
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our debt has soared magnificently and nevertheless, your party says at the gop that's irresponsible. >> i'm glad you showed that graphic right before i came on to make it really clear. no. i totally understand what everyone is saying. we should be having a conversation about the debt as a percentage of gdp which is what donald trump should have been talking about. that was not my favorite video of the dnc for sure. he's inconsistent in his plan. what i would like to see is both sides talking about plans like this to be talking about that in deficit reduction and entitlement reform because we're going to at some point -- our entitlement programs are going to go broke sooner rather than later unless we keep printing this money. i would like a more bipartisan conversation here. i think that could happen. >> i get back to hypocrisy. you guys are talking about someone, you know, when it comes
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to the debt, you got to be kidding me. >> jessica and i are both millennials. the fact of the matter is that social security is upon the scheme for us. we're not going to rely on it and we've got hillary clinton talking about expanding social security. if interest rates go back up to 5.5%. we're going to be paying $1 trillion towards the interest on debt. this is unsustainable. i think the debt is national emergency and have to do a lot more than just have a conversation about it. we have to treat it like it is, a national emergency. i'm ready to get soma len y'alls in the. this is affecting us. >> free college for everyone. >> charlie. i think what you're talking about just to refresh the audience's mind is when donald trump talked about refinancing the debt he came out and said he never talked about defaulting.
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in fact we could print money. what's wrong with that. >> he didn't say default in words. what everybody is saying here is accurate. the democrats have been irresponsible. they haven't grown the economy and debt has been piled up. president obama has never seen a social program he didn't like. hillary clinton would probably quadruple the impact in terms o donald trump said some pretty irresponsible things about the debt. he said he would go to creditors and renegotiate if tthe terms or debt. >> why is that irresponsible? >> that is called default. when you go to your creditor and say we can't pay you, we want you to get -- we want to give you less, less money, that's when you start getting next to default. that's what donald did with his -- >> governments cannot do that. >> you're right. >> governments cannot do that. >> it's one thing to print money
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to keep interest rates low and then pay off the debt. donald doesn't get it. he gives the democrats the rope to hang him every time on those issues. >> ben, if you listen to hillary clinton's platform, we're talking a lot of free-bees. college for everyone. >> she's going to make the entitlements grow, not going to find the money to pay for them and debt is going to get bigger and big are. mr. trump doesn't even know how debt works. he's not going to be able to pay off high interest rates. >> but do you believe that when the democrats say that somehow they're going to control debt, the hypocrisy is what bothers me a lot is because they helped to create the worst problem out there and now they created the fire and now saying they can put it out. >> they can put it out if they retire and all go home.
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as a matter of fact, all of us baby-boomers ought to go home and take a nap. >> hey, gary, we got a millennial and not so much saying get out of the way and let the young folks take it over. we're in a political season where a lot of people are going to hear a lot of promises. this one though again i think is really amazing. because again, it gets to the point where folks who created this mess are the ones saying somehow the other party is going to make it worse. >> i'm a teenager and not even a millennial yet. look, the biggest problem is we're never going to be able to pay this stuff off, yet we have a candidate that gave a laundry list of stuff of spending and her answer to the spending was a major tax increase. >> renegotiating the terms -- >> that would -- >> catastrophe. >> you're right. >> let me give morgan a last
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word here. >> here's the final undisputable fact. president obama -- thanks guys. president obama has added more to the national debt than all other presidents combined in our history. >> correct. >> exclamation point. chaos at the convention. we're talking violent protests erupting outside the dnc this week. our own jeff lot was in the middle of it and he reported both sides. what about the main stream media? jeff joins us next. today on forbes on fox hillary clinton and her acceptance speech and her husband bill said government is over and then the economy took off. which clinton has it right? also those hacked anti-sanders' e-mails not only show the ♪ with this level of intelligence...'s a supercomputer.
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now back to cavuto on business.
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>> they have just broken in. >> some of the protests turning violent outside the democratic convention in philadelphia. but you wouldn't know it if you depended on the mainstream media coverage of it. plenty of protests at the rnc in cleveland much smaller in size. we covered them both and we're joined from philadelphia. you did an amazing job, jeff. take us there because those scenes outside the dnc, violence, a cool calm police force but it was all the anarchy we expected in cleveland. >> reporter: i am shocked there wasn't more coverage of it in that mainstream media and the bernie sanders supporters shocked and angry about it. they're not big fans of fox or fox business but they said thank you, thank you for giving our protests a voice and you didn't see it anywhere else. they say they've just been ignored by the mainstream media. this is a big story. thousands of people.
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you can argue, hey, you know, he lost the nomination, let's move on. but these were thousands of people that showed up and said they weren't going to support hillary clinton. that's a big story and that didn't get told anywhere else. >> i just want to alert the audience. offpointed this out, that these folks are watching on the screen right now. some sort of anarchyists. >> yes. very important. they were thanking us for making that point. the bernie sanders crowd, not a violent group went out of their way not to be violent but some an anarchyists came in. i don't know, charles. in terms of how many sanders' supporters will be voting for hillary clinton but i can tell you my daughters by the way, sanders' supporters are voting for hillary clinton because they don't like donald trump but this cloud says never hillary and it's a big chunk of people.
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>> morgan, you were there. i don't get the coverage. the things we're seeing right now, that was pure anarchy. it was havoc considering the state of unrest and anxiety in this country. it's a shame they didn't show that. >> my favorite was the protester burning the american flag and he actually -- the idiot caught himself on fire. so that phrase i wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire was absolutely applied there. it was the highlight of my week. this moron caught himself on fire when trying to burn the american flag. >> i think the mainstream media did a horrible job covering this. some of the bernie sanders protesters weren't violent but were incredibly nasty. i seen them. i was in midtown philly when one of the major ones went on. they were trying to -- there was a 1968 democratic convention with some of this. maybe not full on cop smashing
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but there was an rowdiness element here. this insanity. there was insanity. when you walked into the gates, there were like fences that separated the people inside the convention from the outside. a bunch of bernie sanders' supporters screaming and cursing at hillary clinton's supporters. >> and they smelled. >> that's true. >> this stuff is good for a tv coverage. i guess it's not shocking though that mainstream media looked the other way? >> it's interesting. a fellow said years ago the mainstream media did the blocking for the democratic national committee. and they did it once again this time. they did not show the violence inherent in the democratic party. plenty of the people were burning the israeli flag, waving
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palestinian flags. you didn't see it on tv. i don't know why. >> jessica, two things, the democrats blocking and tackling and trying to put the best face possible on the dnc but also tried to put the worst face possible on the rnc category. >> yes. i think obviously as we saw, the rnc was blown out of proportion and i think that goes back to the argument that with donald trump's rhetoric, we expected a lot more violence there. we did not see a lot of coverage of this obviously except for on -- it's an important story to tell that the democrats are not nearly lacking in the level of unity that those pictures demonstrate. right now polls are showing 90% -- >> no. >> hold on. >> i want to talk about the polls right now though. gary, all i'm saying is that we don't know. i mean, the average person, they
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don't know what kind of division is going on or about the kind of violence we just witnessed. >> why would anybody be surprised? look, when donald trump did his speech, we heard one word for every outlet, dark, dark, dark. they parodied each other. they're in the tank and been there for a long, long while and when you have these dnc e-mails, instead of covering the e-mails they make up the story about russia and ties to russia with trump and drop the whole thing. this is nothing new. it's been going on forever and going to continue as an uphill battle. >> jeff, you did an amazing job but so did the police out there. what are your last thoughts on this? >> great point. they did in both towns do a great job. i saw a lot more anti-hillary vitrole than i ever saw. these supporters felt they were
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disenfranchised are anti-hillary and how that plays out in the fall is going to be an important question, what percentage of those people eventually come onboard because of their hatred for donald trump and we're going third party or sitting this out. that's when we got richard nixon. a big part of the democratic party sat that one out. will that happen again or not? >> thank you very much. the big theme at the democratic convention was reforming campaign finance laws but are those leaked e-mails exposing more hypocrisy. we're going to report and you decide. i'm good.
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new developments in those leaked dnc e-mails up one report saying dnc officials wanted to help from the white house and to reward big name donors with political appointments to commissions and boards. charlie, these of course the same folks calling for campaign finance reform. >> yes, of course, they always do. they don't like citizens united. i think hillary the other night -- >> she went off. >> that's the law, the supreme
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court ruling that allows unlimited pac money or mostly unlimited. i will say this, this is 10% of the teapot in this sense. donald should use this, donald trump should use this for all he can and show what a bunch of corrupt people they are in the dnc and in the clinton campaign, which they are. but, but, there isn't an administration in the history of administrations who hasn't appointed big-time fund-raisers to key positions in the cabinet. bill clinton did it, george bush did it. >> you can argue maybe that's existed or not but -- >> abraham lincoln did it. >> he did. >> but morgan, pay to play right now. big antiish willment push, big anti-washington pish. it ain't good news. >> i think this is a caustic example of the clintons say one thing and do another. look at what terry mcauliffe said last week at tpp. he said, you know what, hillary clinton says she's against it, when she gets in office she's going to make changes, do this,
6:55 am
do that. typical, par for the course. don't say you want to stop citizens united and stop the rigged system when you've got your donors caught by the political reporter in the cafe about which ambassadorships they're going to get. >> ben stein, i get that there has always been if quid pro quo, pay to play kind of thing. it's ugly particularly when hillary says her main campaign platform is to get rid of this stuff. >> well, hillary is the ultimate washington insider, ultimate washington game player. she is the anti-bernie sanders. they as a very close friend of mine said that bernie sanders people went to sleep with bernie. they woke up with hillary. bad news for them. >> gary kay? >> well, hillary did say we are the party and working people. she just did not say you have to donate money to us first before you get work. look, this has been going on forever. it's going to continue. it's lip service from both
6:56 am
parties. it's been pay to play and it's going to be the year 2050 we will be talking about it. >> so far i think hillary spent $130 million, donald spent 5 or $10 million. one party saying they want to get rid of the cash. >> well, yeah, that is true. donald trump is also gotten, what, $3 billion in free media advertising at this point. >> good for him. >> guy, we are going to have to leave it there. my thanks to morgan, charlie, jessica. in the meantime, amazon and facebook hitting lifetime highs. our guys have the next names ready to h welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes or across the globe in under an hour. whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait.
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stocks waiting for their own record run. >> domino's pizza is delivering. great earnings and revenue growth and great reaction. i think it's got another 20%, 25% in the next year. >> same-store sales been phenomenal. ben stein? >> i love the indexes. i still love the index. i can't out perform the market. i'll be happy if i with keep up with the market.
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>> that's not a bad deal these guys. thank you both very, very much. appreciate it. now the cost of freedom. it continues with the best. david azman. keep it right here, the place for business, fox. if you believe that every man, woman, and child in america has the right to affordable health care, join us. bernie sanders and i will work together to make college tuition free for the middle class and debt-free for all. >> free, it's all free. hillary clinton out on the trail this weekend after touting her big government plans at the convention. but her husband had a very different message for america when he was in the white house. take a listen. >> we have work to give the american people, a smaller, less bureaucratic government in washington. and we have to give the american people one that lives w


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