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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  August 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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of questions whether it can keep the upside up right here, down 36 points. liz claman is going to take you into the close of trading. liz? liz: thank you very much. we're about three minute away, if they're on schedule, to donald trump. the question is, is he in trouble? with less than 100 days to the 2016 election, trump is facing one of the biggest tests perhaps of his presidential campaign. live pictures from columbus, ohio where the republican presidential candidate is expected to speak at any moment. the nation eager to hear what he has to say today after his weekend jabs at the family of a fallen american soldier. jabs which threw razor sharp criticism from his own party, and now the vfw, which just a week ago cheered trump on is blasting him. our political panel breaks it down. hillary clinton also on the road at this hour set to meet with billionaire warren buffett
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in omaha, nebraska. clinton getting buddy buddy with the billionaire class. continuing to critique wall street, a fox business exclusive, jane cleave is the incoming democratic party chair in nebraska, a state that's gone red for years. why is hillary fighting so hard? for one single electoral vote. that's what president obama got and hillary is trying to get that now. plus cape canaveral, we have a problem here, here as in florida. the cdc says fear the mosquitoes and don't go miami if you plan to have a baby, man or woman. dr. anthony fauci, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious disease on the frightening new details of the zika virus and whether 14 new cases in florida make us close to seeing a crisis. on wall street, the first trading day of the month on typically the worst trading month of the year, oil weighs
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on the markets, dipping into bear market territory. below $40 a barrel with the dow jones industrials down 35 points. why is the nasdaq charging right up to annual highs. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's start the "countdown." . liz: we need to get you this. goldman sachs has issued a warning about stocks. advising clients to avoid equities for the next three months. to go underweight. it's the first day of august as we mentioned which has been the worst performing month for the market for the last 20 years. why is the nasdaq hitting 52-week highs and the s&p not far from a lifetime close? is it all gloom and doom? we're going to break it down with the floor show in just a minute. tesla, the electrical carmaker will purchase solarcity for $2.6 billion. this deal is all part of tesla
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ceo elon musk's big plan. he's a big thinker, thinking about way on in the future. he wants to make tesla the one stop energy stop, soup to nuts. the deal is 200 million less than first expected. shares of both companies lower. tesla down about 4 bucks. solarcity down $2 or 8%. how do you say truce in mandarin? uber selling china operations to rival. while ubser profitable in the u.s., that china market has been a problem for them. uber has seen billions in losses because china makes it very difficult for technology companies to do well there, especially if they're in competition with chinese companies doing the same thing. the move could be a step for the company to issue an initial public offering. with less than 100 days to the election, the clash of the billionaires ramping up.
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the oracle of omaha throwing hat into the mix. warren buffett hoping to give a boost while introducing hillary clinton at an event in heavily republican nebraska in less than two hours. this after fellow billionaire mike bloomberg offered hillary endorsement at dnc. let's be honest, he said hillary has her own problems but can't stand donald trump for the reason he articulated at the democratic national convention, and mark cuban delivering billionaire beatdown on trump over the weekend. >> leadership is not yelling and screaming and intimidating. you know what we call a person like that in the screamers, the yellers, the people who try to intimidate you. you know what we call a person like that in pittsburgh? a jagoff. is there any bigger jagoff than donald trump? liz: not so fast since donald trump has his own stash of billionaire backers including petre thiel, wilbur ross,
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sheldon adelson and oil man harold hamm. charles koch who has often gone republican says count me out. refusing to endorse gop presidential nominee donald trump and saying i'm not voting for hillary clinton either. who comes out on top, and which billionaire endorsement influences voters the most or at all? our next guest is the incoming chair of the nebraska democratic party, jane cleave, joining us in a fox business exclusive. jane, welcome to the show. look, nebraska has more billionaires, it is also an agricultural state. blue collar, you could argue. how much does buffett's bump matter here? >> seen as a hero not only in nebraska but nationwide. and not only for democrats but moderate republicans and conservatives as well. seen him invest in energy so it means a lot he's going to be
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introducing secretary clinton today. liz: he doesn't get liked by a lot of people who feel his tax ideas which are making the wealthy pay more, tend to be negative for businesses, but let me get to this, nebraska is an interesting state. it has gone red year after year after year, dems have not campaigned in the state during the general election since fdr. that's a long time. what can hillary get from this beyond one electoral vote. in nebraska, if i'm correct, the electoral votes pretty much go per community, right? per different areas. >> there's only two states in the nation that do the splitting of electoral votes, nebraska and maine. president obama got the omaha district, which is a progressive district, split 50-50 between dems and republicans when you figure out where the independents are leaning. secretary clinton is going for that.
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we stocked the keystone pipeline, abolished the death penalty. gave dreamers a license. while we look red on the surface, there is independent and populist streak throughout the state. liz: with all of the things you articulated, you have a republican governor, we have hard money all the time. he is one of our favorites. your unemployment rate, with all that you articulated, is much lower than the national average. 3%. nebraska is an interesting state. you can prove that certain left leaning ideas with pete ricketts ideas, not do such property taxes that are onerous, et cetera, really tend to work. when you hear bud singhorse says hillary clinton is, quote, wasting her time and money in nebraska, what say you? >> let's be honest, right? secretary clinton would not be coming here if they didn't think they could get the
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electoral vote. and any states that the presidential nominees go after, after the convention are the most critical swing states and very important states to them. i think the republican party is comfortable in their role, and facing a huge scandal that's rocking the republican party and our state. one of the senators had cybersex on a state issued laptop, they're facing a lot of problems, we're happy going after the little blue dot on the prairie. liz: the little blue dot on the prairie. i have to ask you, you were known as the keystone killer, you led the fight against making sure that keystone pipeline did not get approved. hillary clinton has been accused of flip-flopping her position on keystone. what do you say to people who said why not let it work? because you had the previous governor coming out and saying initially, and he was a republican too, we don't like
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the keystone, it could hurt the water table and once they rerouted it, that was satisfactory to him, and those were jobs that could have been created. >> well the previous governor said he was against the keystone pipeline if it crossed the sand hills, even when they rerouted it, the pipeline crossed the sand hills. we were against it for the sand hills and the water, we didn't like a foreign corporation from canada could take american land through eminent domain for a pipeline that did not carry nebraska oil and we were not getting oil off the pipeline. liz: canada say great friend, don't you think? >> they sure are. when you talk about this, it essentially starts to open up the risky door, any foreign corporation can come into america and tell any land donor, you don't want the pipeline, it's not going to serve you, we're going to take your land for eminent domain.
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that did not sit well with farmers and ranchers. liz: quick prediction, she gets the electoral vote? >> she gets it and representative ashford and the district gets elected as well. liz: jane is with the nebraska democratic party and the incoming chair. fair and balanced. live pictures of republican presidential nominee donald trump stumping in columbus, ohio. we expect him in moments to get up to that podium and to speak. you can see that the crowd is pretty full. in fact, it's probably standing room only as it has been time after time. lot of people want to hear what donald trump has to say and whether he will address the back and forth with khzir khan, his son died and the rest lived. the brouhaha escalated considerably in the past hour. president obama comdemned the
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comments in atlanta, georgia to a speech to veterans. here's some of what he said. >> commander in chief, i'm tired of people trash talking america's military and troops. made a sacrifice most of us cannot begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country. liz: and i'm hearing breaking news that the shot that you had just seen of donald trump is pretty much a shot of him just walking in and saying there is only standing room, and that there are apparently thousands of people outside trying to get in, quote, due to political reasons. we'll get the sound for you in just a minute. no doubt, they want to hear what he has to say about the situation. let me bring in mercedes schlapp, a republican strategist, fox news contributor. chris hahn, syndicated radio host and former aide to senator chuck schumer. we're on the news. the captain khan story exploded. at first people thought it
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would calm down a little bit, but donald trump kept attacking and the family came out and countercommented. mercedes, who is in charge of donald trump's campaign? i ask that because this is not a great thing to take on the parents of a serviceman who gave his life for this country. >> i agree with you. and donald trump felt he had a right to respond back to mr. khan. however, one of the lessons that you learn in politics is that when you're dealing with those who have given their ultimate sacrifice. given lives for our country, it's a matter of respect. and mr. khan obviously gave a very emotional speech at dnc along with his wife, and i think it's one of those areas that you kind of have to let it be. and it's interesting, when patricia smith who is the mother, whose son died in benghazi spoke at the rnc, i
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remember chris matthews from msnbc saying she ruined the gop convention, and i don't feel for that woman, and hillary clinton calls her, basic leads she was a liar. >> no. >> interesting how the double standards play. trump has escalated this, and you got to step back. i would have hoped and very disappointed that really trump and the campaign should have just stepped down. >> mercedes -- liz: chris, chris, one second. aside from everybody jumping in right and left over all of this, let me focus on republicans. of course you would expect democrats to criticize trump on this. senators came out in full force. senator ron johnson, senator rob portman of ohio. senator pat tumi who said the khan family deserves our gratitude and honor, anything else and inappropriate. john mccain's quote, can we put it up, trump doesn't get unfetterred license to defame those who are among the best of
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us, and now the vfw which has 1.7 million members and just last tuesday trump spoke before the national convention and gave a standing ovation is blasting them. here's what they say. can we put it up? chris, now what? what does donald trump got to do come out here now? >> only one thing he can do, and he's been so far unwilling to do it. that is say he's sorry! this is a person who lost their son in service of our country, there is no better thing that you could do for your fellow citizen than but to give your life for their freedom. and these people have pain, and i completely disagree with what mercedes said about what
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hillary said about pat smith. she honored pat smith's son and recognized pat smith's pain. donald trump has done nothing. in fact, he keeps going on and on and on. it proves he failed the commander in chief test, and he's not really the right mind frame to be president of the united states, and it is shocking how bad he's been at responding. liz: mercedes, look, i ask you because this has blown up. he could have spent the entire weekend friday. we said this before the whole situation, talk about the weak gdp. 1.2%. instead, he's tweeting and tweeting against the father of this fallen soldier who saved the lives of so many. >> that's his biggest obstacle. inability to stay on message. >> right. >> you were talking about the economy for instance. chris is right, giving an apology is the right approach. it's interesting because his campaign did issue a statement
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basically talk about captain khan's heroic service and offering condoleens to the family, but it didn't work. that should have been the first thing that came out of his mouth. it created the opportunity, and it was again, such a disappointment to see that he just didn't stand up to the plate and be like, look, we totally understand, this is so hard for the family. liz: quickly, chris. >> the campaign has been doing what campaigns do, issuing statements. and the candidate goes on this week and screws up the apology. he really just needs to stop, say he's sorry and move on. but i think he's damaged so much. john mccain's comment, john mccain is in a tough primary battle from the right. for him to come out and say this today, that speaks volumes. others are in swing states where they need to be critical. john mccain needs to be supported, that's shocking. liz: mercedes, chris, thank
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you, we'll keep an eye on this, and, of course, when donald trump begins to speak, but we have the sound bite from him. we'll get that for you right after the break. don't go away. tune in tomorrow for stuart varney's interview with donald trump. "varney & co." airs 9:00 a.m. eastern. we're coming right back. ♪ [announcer] is it a force of na? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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. liz: this is donald trump and this is a live picture in the greater columbus convention center, and can you see him walking up to the stage right now. this is a live picture of donald trump. let's see -- what we're going to do is monitor this. he had complained there were thousands of people outside who were -- let me clarify. he says they were being prevented from coming in due to political reasons. let's listen in. >> they turned away thousands of people. look at the size of this place. they turned away thousands, they were given orders that no more than a thousand people. now hillary clinton, i have a picture here, which is pretty sad -- [laughter] >> she had, last week or couple of days ago, look at this, totally empty. [ cheers ] >> is the mayor a democrat? is he a democrat over here? that's what i heard.
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he ought to be ashamed of himself. they turned away thousands of people. but that makes it better for you, right? [cheers] it's very sad. you know, shouldn't be so much about politics, folks, well, we're going to do a town hall, we're going to be talking about questions and this and that. i'll say a few words. outside, i met two gentlemen from piketon who really were misrepresented very badly, very badly by president obama, and they're going to come up. come on up, fellas. i just met them. come on up. [cheers] because we're going to bring back our jobs. we're not going to let our jobs go to mexico and all the other countries. we're going to renegotiate the horrible nafta deal which is maybe the worst deal ever made from an economic development standpoint. i'm not talking about just this country, i'm talking about the world. we're going to bring back our jobs.
3:23 pm
and we're also. we're alsoing about it to stop radical islamic terrorism. we're not letting the people come in. we're not letting them come in. they can play all the games they want. liz: we're going to monitor this speech. if he says anything about the gold star family and that situation, we'll go back to it at the moment. we need to get to oil. oil is in a bear market that the very moment. that means it's off 20% from its recent highs. oil at the moment, below $40 a barrel at $39.99. this is the after-market. are we headed for 20 year bear market or see the bulls bounce back? that goes on stocks, too. traders at the new york stock exchange and cme group. scott, goldman sachs put out this call and said the market is pretty much quote fat and flat.
3:24 pm
overpriced, having trouble making it through the ceilings. they say go underweight for the next three months? do you agree? is that a smart or wrong move? >> listen, i listen to the market, not goldman sachs. i think they made the same call three weeks ago, i think that is when the s&p was below 2100. liz: yeah, that was a mistake. >> the market is acting well. technology is at all-time highs, stocks are making all-time highs. i think there is a nice rotation. oil, 20% off the highs, maybe you dip your toe into there, and with technology at all-time highs, you trim and sell some. leading the market overall, that is a bad thing. liz: 5178 is the 52-week high which we hit earlier today. so the nasdaq surging ahead, tech has been a leader over the past month or so. on top of all of, that the fed's gone fishing. when you see the gdp number
3:25 pm
friday for the second quarter of 1.2%, do you fight the tape or pile into good-quality stocks here? >> well, it looks like everybody is trying to empty out on most of the stocks right now. we have big numbers that are coming out later on this week. we have the bank of england coming out. nonfarm payroll number, that is the number that everybody is focused on. as you remember last month, that number surprised the daylights out of everybody at 278,000 new jobs, and i don't think we're going to see that number again, i think we're going to be back into the 150's. you're going to see people sitting on the side lines or liquidating until the number comes out on friday. liz: july jobs report, 175,000 is the expectation from the economists we spoke to. the dow is down 53 points but as i said with the nasdaq up,
3:26 pm
we could very well see a 52-week record here. the closing bell, 35 minutes away. fears of a full-blown epidemic consuming south florida today as more cases of the zika virus, and this is important, contracted locally. could the mosquitoes carrying the disease eventually ruin lives as well as florida's tourism economy including disneyland? disney world? world renowned infectious disease expert dr. anthony fauci explains what's at stake. that's next on "countdown." there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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♪ liz: this is a quote from the cdc. zika is now here. florida governor rick scott announcing today that 10 more zika cases have been identified in miami but these are different. these bring the number of locally-acquired cases in the state to 14. meaning people never traveled outside. they were bitten by mosquitoes here.
3:31 pm
the cdc is advising pregnant women to avoid travel to the infected miami neighborhood. is this just start after brazil-like outbreak in the u.s.? what is the battle plan? joining me, director of national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, dr. anthony fauci. welcome, doctor. up until now, all the cases here in the u.s., 1600 involved people traveling abroad or text all transmission this is different. how concerned are you about this? >> this is certainly something you want to take very seriously. you sort of posed the question, is this beginning after massive disseminated outbreak throughout the entire continental united states. we don't feel this is something that is going to happen to that extent, but, we will be seeing as we're seeing in florida, these kind of local outbreaks. the issue is, and the challenge is going to be to prevent them from becoming sustained and from becoming disseminated.
3:32 pm
it is not surprising that these local transmissions have occurred because as you mentioned we have 1600 or more travel related cases. we have mosquitoes capable of transmitting, particularly in the southeast part of the country and gulf coast states including florida. so seeing this happen is not unexpected. the real thing now is to make sure that we address it in an aggressive way. the most important tool we have is by controlling and eliminating mosquitoes. this is the vector of this particular disease and the florida authorities in collaboration with the cdc are now engaging in a very aggressive mosquito control program which involves everything from cleaning up still water where they breed, where they lay their eggs and get larvae and adults, using larva sides and insecticides, a variety of approaches.
3:33 pm
people avoiding mosquitoes by a number of mechanisms particularly pregnant women who are the most have errable. liz: pregnant women who get it have babies born with microcephaly. this is distorted brain and. this is multiplying in puerto rico. 5500 concerned cases. 50 pregnant whimper day. that has risen seven fold. you sound more confident i don't think we'll have a full-blown nationwide crisis, what if the mosquitoes travel northward,rd, where disney is where tourists descend on that area, they travel. next thing you have dustin hoffman in "outbreak." >> distinguish the entire country, massive wide outbreak we've seen in brazil and what we see happening in puerto rico. the conditions in the united
3:34 pm
states, the lack of crowding comparable to what we see in those countries, the ability to be able to have access to air-conditioning, screens, on doors, and screens on windows are going to be conditions that the are not amenable to at nationwide outbreak. now having said that, that doesn't mean we'll be cavalier bit and that we're not going take it seriously. we will take it seriously and have been taking it seriously. having said that, there will be pockets in the country, such as what we're seeing in florida now and what we might see in texas and other gulf coast states where you could have an outbreak that hangs around and is sustained for several months or longer. the reason we say that, is that we have seen this with other infections such as deng gee and chikungunya, which are transmitted by exactly the same mosquito. we've seen these kinds of outbreaks. so don't get the impression that we're taking this lightly.
3:35 pm
liz: i don't but, let me, because we can't get the bill passed through congress to put a lot of money towards fixing the situation, but let me forward it to the vaccines. there is a company where the fda has given, this is the pharmaceuticals, we can put up some competitors. this is zika vaccine, people starting this month working on that. what are you hoping to see from the companies trying to get together a vaccine and how quickly can we get it to market? >> we are involved directly here at nih in our vaccine research center, not only directly developing vaccines collaborating with number of countries. we'll start this week another vaccine trial similar to the inovio product. we're looking to safety and vaccine induce as response that we would indkate is protective. we're starting within a week, probably next couple days t last
3:36 pm
as few months. probably by the end of the year we'll know if it is safe. if it is we'll go on to much larger efficacy study in regions where there are a lot of infections, south america and central america. liz: thank you for joining us, dr. anthony fauci. national institutes of health infectious diseases. we have symantec and the dow is down 49 points. what powers the digital world? communication.
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like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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♪ liz: donald trump continues to speak in columbus, ohio, right now he is addressing what he says is a threat from yes, russia, and china, and i can tell you, we just told you zika is here. well the russians are here. they're hitting the u.s.
3:41 pm
officials say they believe russian hackers could behind the email leaks from the democratic national committee and the clinton campaign this on a day one of the biggest cybersecurity firms in the world gets even bigger. symantec closed the deal to buy fellow security firm, blue coat. join us on fox business exclusive, the man on the front line of these attacks, symantec's president. he is the coo. michael, you believe russia is to blame, what this says about the state of u.s. cybersecurity, that they're getting involved in our political process too this way? attribution is a dangerous thing. when it comes to cybersecurity and advanced attacks, the same people that can build these great attacks can also hide their identity and point the finger in the opposite direction. but in this case as you start to peeling it back and look at the mounting evidence it appears there were two different groups with strong tieses to the
3:42 pm
russian military that committed these attacks. first group starting in 2015. the next group coming after that to the point they're stepping on each other in the process. definitely looking if russia is behind this in some meaningful way and if we think about the value from a espionage perspective it also makes sense. liz: okay. that's news. you're saying russia is behind this in some meaningful way because you guys are the best in the business figuring this kind of stuff out. now with the blue coat acquisition you have multilayer security, when i say that, i want our viewers to know that is mobile, security, cloud, storage, backup but the patches are so necessary too because just as we figure out ways to put up the teflon walls, they figure out ways to get around it, correct? >> without a doubt. you know, protecting ourselves from a cyber perspective is an ongoing effort. as we change shape we have this think about our new exposure points.
3:43 pm
as we operate in the cloud, as you start to use applications, cloud apps and cloud interactions, how you get targeted and information people want is different. i may be more intrigued by your log ins and interactions to other systems than the one i breach you on. when you think about the group that was targeted here, the systems and information have access to beyond the actual democratic national party is staggering with the reach they could have. liz: well, look, donald trump was out there saying hey i would like the russians to figure out how to get the missing clinton emails, 30,000 ones. whatever side you stand on it is important to point out she had what you guys at symantec might consider a very porous server. i think that is, is that a message to every single business both large and small? who needs to worry? every single person with a website and a digital operation? >> you know, i think that is a great observation. we used to think about cybersecurity as a concern of
3:44 pm
the militaries, critical infrastructure, the banks. liz: yeah. >> here you see, something that is neither of those. a breach literally attacks our freedom. it attack what is we hold near and dear to the democratic process. i think we need to start to take cybersecurity seriously regardless of size. we need to appreciate the information and what it is we have to protect and start there. don't be confused of the size of the organization or the company but focus on what is it you're dealing with. if you're dealing with the freedoms or people's information, or your own critical information, there is somebody out there that wants it and somebody may do harm with it. liz: you just bingo, hit it on the head for every single one much our viewers. we have investor audience. we have business audience. think that i is crucial. michael, thank you, good luck to you and greg and whole team at symantec. >> thank you. liz: michael fey, the president and coo of symantec.
3:45 pm
they just acquired blue coat, big in cloud security. dow jones industrials down 38 points. the closing bell is ringing in about 15 1/2 minutes. oil getting clawed, officially into bear market territory. falling for a second straight month with july. so far august is not bringing us any relief. what we'll do, we'll take you to jeff flock, live in the thick of the reaction from the chicago merc with live from the floor and what it means for your wallet. stay tuned, jeff. you didn't read your car insurance policy.
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you just stuck it in a drawer somewhere and forgot about it. until a dump truck hit your pickup truck and now you need a tow truck. does your policy cover the cost of a tow truck? who knows? you didn't read it. you can't even find it. the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™
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makes it easy to know what you're covered for and what you're not. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at coverage compass™ gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liz: oil has officially entered a bear market. crude closed at $40.06 per barrel. look at it now. we're below that at $39.99, down a buck 61.
3:50 pm
what we're looking at is more than 20% drop from oil's recent high of $51.23 on june 8. today's fall is the steepest in three weeks. why? what i've been telling you guys. a global supply glut that is not going away. in fact there is a new opec report out of reuters saying they're pumping way too much. nigeria upping production. so is iraq. how much is oil expected to fall? jeff, people need to listen to us here at fox business because the price is just going to keep going down. >> we've been talking about this for a while. phil flynn entered the house. he will be on next hour to tell you more about it. we're down below $40 in the after-hours. we got low as 39.82 after the close. who knows how low. as you point out, iran at presanction levels. saudi arabia is 10 million barrels a day. u.s. rig counts are up. you know, this is bad. it is not just the commodity by the way. look at the oil company stocks today. they're all down across the board.
3:51 pm
i'm looking at exxonmobil, down 3 1/2%. chevron down 3 1/2%. conocophillips, three. royal dutch/shell, 4 1/2%. here is a sign of the times. today up until today when trading started exxonmobil was the fourth largest company in the u.s. by market cap. after today, not so much. big loss for exxonmobil today. a gain for amazon. they have been headed on those paths for the last three four months or so. today, amazon is the fourth largest company by market cap. that means the top four largest u.s. companies by market cap, are all internet companies. apple, google. microsoft, and now amazon. you know, how low can it go? i don't know. we're, as i said, we're 39.99 as we speak, flirting with 40 bucks. liz: by the way, so the nasdaq of course, all of those names, the high-tech names that you just mentioned are the in the
3:52 pm
nasdaq. 51.78 is the 52-week high to look for. we're at it, okay? just as we say watch out for oil, you're going to get caught in the bear hug with all the excess glut, be careful what is happening with technology too. it might start looking a bit toppy. jeff, thank you. jeff flock. closing bell eight minutes away. goldman sachs and jeffrey gun lack, big in the bond world too. sounding the alarm, telling investors to get out of dodge and go underweight stocks but is wall street really running scared? cantor fitzgerald ceo zan matthews, he doesn't scare so easily. he is up next how to really invest in this kind of atmosphere. coming up.
3:53 pm
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3:56 pm
nasdaq is the best performer post-"brexit." it is hitting a 52-week high today where tech stocks are feeling the index. let's go to the new york stock exchange, lori rothman is right there looking at this. hi, lori. >> hi, there, let's unpack the nasdaq at 52-week high today. nvidia, the chip company is up 186% year-to-date. gaming, data center, chips used in the automotive industry. ulta cost metics up 57% in the last 52 weeks. these are 52-week highs. activision blizzard. overwatch is all the rage. the time wasting classic, "candy crush" is still apparently pretty popular. applied materials up 51%. over the last 52 weeks. this is impressive stuff here. i will send it back to you. liz: three tech and one beauty product, right. ulta. all the perfume and shampoo you can choke on. lori, thank you very much. so look, contrast that with
3:57 pm
bearish outlooks from two of the biggest players located on opposite sides of the country. goldman sachs says stay away from equities next three months but don't look for safety in the treasurys, jeff gundlach says there is no upside in u.s. debt. he has more than 100 billion under management. i've known this guy forever. let's bring in this guy. i've known him forever. sean matthews. you have 1,000 institutional clients locally. gundlach is saying, that gold man is also fearful, you say what to our investor viewers? >> i agree with jeff there is limited upside in the u.s. treasury market. look at 10-years at 1.50. could they go higher? sure. in reality you would be net seller whenever you thought the market was going to turn. goldman is talking about a short-term technical trade, as to don't be long the market for three months. when you look at expectation, it
3:58 pm
is now about expectation management. as we look out over the next five years we have to look at what the return on equities is going to be. i think it is going to be mid-single digits kind of returns. in the fixed income market you will have lower returns that that. we're in low inflation, low interest rate environment. liz: knowing though as we look, for example, the nasdaq, where a lot of these stocks like amazon are doing incredibly well, knowing the herd can charge ahead, you don't want to fight that in many shapes or forms, knowing that it quickly can switch, what is decent trade where you can stand and capitalize on the upside but make sure you don't get trampled when the herd shifts and goes down? >> i think from the perspective technology stocks i think people are looking at them, saying, we'll be in lower interest rate environment for extended period of time. liz. right, right. >> i think that growth trade will continue on. i would shy away from those
3:59 pm
stocks at some point here in the relatively short term and look for deep discounted areas. i think the banking sector provides an interesting opportunity right now. we know we'll be in a low interest rate environment. banks still have reasonable earnings power. their balance sheet are in really good position. when we look at longer term plays i would certainly look to that sector for opportunities. liz: just the big money center banks like goldman or morgan stanley or also the regional banks because they look like affordable plays? >> i would look like toward the commercial banks, jpmorgans, et cetera and regional banks make a lot of sense. if you want to go to the traditional banking sector where there is opportunity to make money, balance sheets are in good shape. we're in a low interest rate environment. liz: shaun, i look at this and g time. does anything concern you other than a crying baby? i don't know if you have one but the market can be a crying baby.
4:00 pm
>> exactly. lack of volume is something we've all lived with for extended period of time. i think that will continue on for a short while because we're in a low interest rate environment and people are actually trying to buy and hold as much as they can. that is the new world we live in. closing bell rings] liz: there we go with the close. market closes down for sixth straight significance. here is cheryl and connell "after the bell." >> thank you, liz. tale of two markets going on. dow in the red, longest losing streaks since last august. hello, i'm cheryl casone in for melissa francis. >> i'm connell mcshane in for david asman. this is the "after the bell." first here is what else we have for you this hour. after what was a rocky weekend, donald trump looking to get back on track and doing so in the buckeye state. you see him there in ohio. where he he is holding a town hall in columbus.


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