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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  August 7, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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i own it at capital. >> dlbs. thank you very much. it was a spirited discussion. appreciate it. cost of freedom continues right now on the place for business, the only place, fox. well, despite receiving four pinocios, a pants on fire rating, hillary clinton is sticking to her claim that fbi said she is telling the truth. >> what was in the e-mails? >> it was all personal stuff. as the fbi said, everything i said public has been consistent and truthful for what i told them. >> what i told the fbi which he said was truthful, is consistent. >> that's not what the fbi director jim come said. >> she said there was nothing classified on her e-mails. was that true? >> no. secretary clinton said dinlt e-mail any classified materials
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to any r. anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. was that true? >> there was classified material. >> aun someone here says this could cost letter big time in november. hi, everybody. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go to see when steve forbes and bill baldwin and bruce jackson. so what is different here is that she now claims she didn't lie to the public and the fbi director said that is not true. >> the key thing is she did lie. she was called out. she was given the ultimate lie in the paper. the main streep media not just reporting the story once. it's the reputation. with her they do it once and then it disappears. >> but, bruce, there is different. she is doubling down and saying even stronger that she publicly said things that comey said were
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not true. how long can she get away with this as steve said "the washington post" gave her 4 pin oak yoes. that's an out and out lie. is this going to pass? >> she was so far ahead in the polls i was going to pass my turn this week and let you go at it. listen, she is admitted she made a mistake. she -- >> no, she hasn't. >> yes, she has. she said the fbi director went hard at. this he went above and beyond the call. he had a press conference. he outlined all this stuff. this stuff gets in the weeds of small paragraph that's had a small c on it sent back and forth. whatever. it's not -- >> but, john, she is now saying things that absolutely were contradicted by the fbi
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director. she did not -- he did not say that she publicly did not lie. i said publicly what she was saying was not true. >> let's imagine a republican politician that had decades of strug wells the truth as hillary clinton has. this person with not be a national politician, there is no way this person would be running for president. so to deny the mainstream media has given her a pass is, i think, a bit of a myth. if they can't beat hillary clinton based on better policy ideas, they have bigger problems than a mainstream media that doesn't seem to hold democrats to the same standards as they do republicans. >> that may be true, john. thissish sue getting a lot of attention, even by some people that were not trump fans. ron fornier said a lot of bad things about trump. he said her dishonesty could push an unknown number of independent and undecided voters
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into trump's camp or to a nonmajor party candidate and that could give trump the victory. >> there is frustration with hillary clinton. you go from james comey saying we don't have thaefdz she lied. but then that's swings somehow in clinton's mind into proof that morphs into a statement that he is saying i told the truth. this is like saying, you know, that people who eat year old bologna is saying that it's quality good meat. it's bologna. >> how about the e-mails, did they involve the clinton foundation? >> she says they were all about yoga lessons, bill. >> well, why? i want to negotiation david, why are we still so fixated on clinton's mail server? what difference does it make? both candidates are liars. one is a lunatic and the other one is in addition a crook.
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we should be talking about lunacy and crookedness. >> there is a lot of money involved. there were a lot of decision that's hillary clinton made when she was secretary of state that might have had to do with the clinton foundation which she is giving favors to people donating. if she is lying about the e-mail thing, maybe she's also not telling the truth about the clinton foundation. that involves national security and billions of dollars. >> yes, david. that's why two-thirds of the american people feel firmly she is a liar, untrustworthy and these e-mails that were not destroyed were covered. the foundation was mentioned not once. we know she had a lot of correspondence in the foundations. the question is does putin have the 33,000 e-mails in there and has that enabled him to put claws into her. we know there is damning stuff in there. >> bruce, we look at polls. polls don't really give us an answer in terms of this. both of these candidates are not really trusted whether it comes to their honesty issue. do the negatives on both sides,
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both clinton side and trump side kind of cancel each other out? >> i think possibly. here's the deal. i think people when you look at hillary -- people are looking at hillary clinton's 30 years body of work. you had warren buffett endorse her, meg whitman, the former candidate for governor and just friday you had michael morale, a 30 year cia deputy director that worked for republicans and democrats endorse her. >> right. >> she always leans towards the democrats. >> what is the 30 year body of work? the best thing she ever did is she had a good sense of talent and married bill clinton. would any of us be talking about her if she hadn't been married to clinton? it's just a simple fact. what did she do ithe senate that was so special? what did she do so special as secretary of state snt best thing that happened to her right now is she's running against someone who can't even make the case that hillary clinton's
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policies are offered. >> i'm going to throw it back to bruce. bruce, what did she do that was positive as secretary of state? give us some examples. >> she restored our credibility around the world. >> what? >> rock bottom. >> we have more -- do we have more credibility now than we did under george bush? >> yes, of course. >> steve? >> i'm steve not you, bruce. but in terms of credibility among international leaders, they hold obama and her in contempt. libya. red line in the sand. failure. you look everywhere around there. failure. so if you think that's credibility, all she did is run up frequent miles. >> and it's her experience which a lot of people put in doubt as steve just did kbard to what donald trump is promising. he has experienced in the private sector. but he doesn't have any in public. so which do you choose? which do the voters shoes? >> that's so frustrating for the
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voters. you know, when it's going on with donald trump from pillar to post from headline to headline and the statements he makes is masking what could have been the big headline. en that shilry clinton saying that james comey saying i told the truth. that is flat out not true. that is the media headlines this week if we didn't have these things that they're getting into. >> with trump, it's a lot of he said, he said, she said. with hillary clinton, it's actual experience. we can judge how she did with the russian reset quechlt judge how she did with libya which she was claiming as her own foreign policy success. i mean, it' experience that we can judge versus promises which trump has. >> i'm glad you're veering off of the fitting question which is pervasive in politics. and focusing on the real issues. was she good as secretary of state? is trump something of a clown? do we want him in the white house? those are the issues.
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yes, she has a 30-year body of work that began with clever cattle trades. so what's the deal here? do we care she was fibbing about the tat snl do we care she was taking a bribe? those are the big issues. >> those are theish th issues v are going to decide on. the olympic games kicking november rio. why we should go for gold in brazil weeshgs going for a big mistake by going for the failed socialist economic model. we debate next. announcer:t to remind you--
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i'm leland visvittert. >> brazil is kick off the 2016 summer olympics this week. the world's best athletes are going for gold, brazil is going for broke. literally. and so is the socialist neighbor venezuela. free market ireland just announced its economy, look at this grew by 26%. that is outstanding. so, john, in which direction are we here in the u.s. headed?
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>> hopefully we're heading more in the direction of ireland. when you think about ireland, there is a novel angela's ashes which is what ireland used to be, incredibly poor. they made night a movie, ireland had grown so prosperous that they couldn't find bad neighborhoods in which to film it. that's the point. it used to be poor. then they adopted lower tax rates to lure businesses in. now they're prosperous, that's the model. >> bruce, why are we twending in the -- trending in the opposite direction? we're providing more regulations and taxes for businesses not going the other way. >> i think with the brazil, i think it's a buy low and sell high opportunity here. i mean, it's a bad situation. there is no doubt about it. but i think you're seeing some glimmers of hope down there. you have two big real estate firms here, tishman speier and blackstone are ready to make huge investmentes in brazil. it's a sad situation. i think they will, i think they
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will eventually do it. >> i pray bruce is right. they have a really fundamentally changed the economic policies. the social economic policies, brazil's kple is down 3.8%. venezuela's is down 5.7%. and venezuela's inflation is set to top 1600% next year. >> you have yet to hear sean penn or bernie sanders weigh in. here's the thing, i've been getting video out of venezuela. people are eating out of garbage bags. the entrepreneurial class has been smashed in venezuela. what is going on with them is they have no choice but to move into the black market because of high taxes. and you know the other -- the misleading things that being said about venezuela, i wasn't the oil price crash because their problems, venezuela's problems started when oil was trading at $100 a barrel, very high. it was because of socialism. socialism wrecked venezuela and wreck brag zil.
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>> that's the point here. both venezuela and brazil are rich in resources. tremendous resources. but they're not giving human beings a break. ire land just has a lot of grass and chesheep but they're expand like crazy. >> the unofficial slogan of the bernie sanders campaign which has heavily influenced hillary clinton's party policeman form is let's make america more like venezuela. let's confiscate private wealth and give it to an insider like the president's daughter. let me put it this way. i think when the clinton family leaves the white house for the second time, chelsea won't be flat broke. >> yeah. steve, some people say it's a stretch to compare us to venezuela. but look at a comparison to ireland. we have a corporate income tax rate of 35%. ireland's is less than half of that. and it's not jt the income tax. it's not just the corporate income tax either. it's also a lot of other things. there are much more business friendly than we were.
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>> ireland is business friendly for 35 years. they've been aggressively going after businesses, especially with the common market and the european union telling businesses here in america and elsewhere, we have a platform here. we have the same language as you. we have friendly regulations. we'll give you tax breaks. they used to give tax holidays before the eu outlawed them. so they're always doing things to make capital welcome. and then turn the country around enormously. also, david, make possible the peace in northern ire land. >> that's another point. >> and make diplomacy possible. and brazil, they want to put in more of the regulations that have wrecked brazil. and the saying about brazil has a great future and always will. >> yeah. john, i know -- great future and always will. i know it is a stretch. we're not venezuela. we're not brazil. but it's the trend that you have to look at and the trend that we're going towards is more in that direction than towards ire land. right? >> well, i think you hit something on the head in talking about that.
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you talked about how those two countries in south america are resource rich. that was the tragedy about the weak dollar driven oil boom. when resources rise, that empowers politicians. look at switzerland. look at hong kong. look at ireland. where there aren't resources, politicians have less power, hence, they have to have good tax regimes to attract real human capital. >> that's exactly the point about ireland. the crisis is how people govern themselves. ireland had that property bubble burst, right? and they thought ireland is going to go down, too. ireland went in the opposite direction run ago way from socialism. they had resources. and natural resources and cut taxes and cut spending. wow, look that economy boom. >> yeah, one of the only ones in europe. probably the only one in europe. meanwhile, we're getting ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. eric, what do you got? >> critics saying the $400 manchester city cash payment to iran is pugt americans in danger by emboldening our enemies.
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are they right or wrong? plus, president obama slamming donald trump in front of another world leader. what is the fall yaut for america's credibility from that move? see you at 11. 306789. >> we'll be watching, eric. thank you very much. but up here first, the white house tells the entire government it thooz go green. why that could end up costing americans a lot of green. that's next. america's veterans are on the tour of their lives. at dav we're on a mission to help veterans of all generations get the benefits they've earned.
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help us support more victories for veterans. go to
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go green or get lost. the white house wants all government agencies to krt impact of climate change on all
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future energy projects that those agency consider. we think this could cost us all a lot in the future. how so? >> when you look at what the government is asking, it could raise electricity prices for people out there. it looks like they're going to restrict natural gas. look at the forecast of west virginia. the people there are looking at possibly 30% increases by 2030. >>, so bill, by forcing agencies with any energy consideration that they make, they make a lot of it with regard to natural gas, goal, and everything, this could end up costing us some cash. >> well, i'm all in favor of environmental aquarness. but i don't want to bury us in environmental impact statements. we have a simpler solution. let's just have a carbon tax. >> well, steve forbes that's in the democratic platform, i'll read it. democrats believe that carbon dioxide, meth and and other green house gases should be priced to reflect the negative
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extranalities. >> tax is not part of any vocabulary but it's in theirs. is will pose a huge burden on the economy. if they're serious about climate change, why wouldn't they go for natural gas or nuclear power? all they're doing is slowing the economy down, clogging the arteries, making businesses more impossible to get permission to invest which hurts future growth. so raises the cost of energy. hurts those with the least. >> bruce, costing jobs as well. there is a economic institute that has estimated there are 24,000 coal mining jobs lost becausest rules. >> i think coal jobs are going away no matter what. with the rules, it's like an environmental impact study f you're not considering climate change as part of the environment and getting hundred year floods every five years, why you would then spend the taxpayer money to build a new bridge only to see it washed out a few years later? >> well, a lot of the projections, john, as we know
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just haven't come true. >> you know, the obama administration gets it backwards. if you want a clean environment, a clean environment is wholly in infect of economic growth. that's why rich countries they have the time to care about the environment. so if that's the focus, free up the economy and then we'll have a clean environment. this way won't work. >> he is absolutely right. that has been proven time and again around the world. develop nations tend to clean up their environment. that's a fact. >> steve, isn't this all just part of president obama wanting to have another legacy for his presidency? and his legacy wants -- he cares a lot about the climate change issue no matter how muchist cost americans. >> put aside the impact of human beings on the climate which is a huge source of dispute. he is wrecking the economy. the people he is supposedly most concerned about, wrecking the economy, hurting prospect for getting ahead on some nebulous theery. look at germany. they went all out for new energy sources. the electricity costs are two to three times our own. >> john, has anybody got it
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right on this issue? just befr country in the world is going this direction. >> if they're not focused on growth, they visit wrong. i'll just add, not to sound like a fool, but oil, meth and, carbon dioxide, they come from the earth. how is it that they could then harm the earth? >> that's a good question. think about it, folks. most millennials don't think they will ever be a millionaire but our informers have the picks but our informers have the picks that could change their
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we're back with stocks that will make millionaires out of all you millennials. you got a collection of dividend giving stocks. >> that's right. they discussed solid names and often double digit year over year growth. >> that's the twi go now. buy the stocks with dividends and get an income. >> do you understand you're buying into a fad, most of the dividend stocks are way overbought zbluchlt like manpower. why do you like it? >> it's a temp firm. at a time when governments like to smother employers, temp firms can do extremely well. >> what do you think about that?
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>> a lot of overhead cost and slow growth. that's how it's been performing. >> all right. thank you very much, gang. that is it for forbes on fox. keep it right here. the number one business block continues with eric bowling. the president is forward leaning in advance of the nuclear deal of even being completed and acknowledging that we know iran supports terrorism. we know that iran supports hezbollah and the assad regime. and it certainly is possible that some of the money that iran has is being used for those purposes, too. >> wow. the white house admitting the money we're giving iran will likely end up in the hands of terroris terrorists and they still sent it anyway. the shocking revelation as critics call the payment too to iran a ransom to get our prisoners back. are we playing a costly game?


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