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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  August 25, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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and hispanic voters targeting hillary clinton in new hampshire and the attacks are getting ugl. calling her a big it yesterday. i have a special report, stock to own no matter who wins, stocks to win. trish: donald trump is about to speak in manchester, new hampshire any minute from now. we will bring that live as soon as it begins with the state of new hampshire flag. i am trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report".donal hampshire, hillary clinton scrambling to defend her clinton foundation to get her campaign on track amid allocations the foundation was and is a pay to play operation, countries and individuals that access by donating to the clinton foundation. our political panel is here to
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talk about whether this scandal is done on top of her campaign. uranium vote dangerously close to our navy ships. these boats harassing our navy destroyer, some within 300 yards of the ship, lieutenant colonel ralph peters joined me on the ramifications of all of it, donald trump meeting with latino and african american activists in a short time in new york city before he made his way to manchester, new hampshire, trying to fine-tune his immigration policy asking voters to weigh in on his deportation plan and even seems open to the idea of legalization. can he walk this narrow line, keep his base while pulling independence on this one? hillary and bill clinton scrambling to defend their family foundation and the access donors had to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state.
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>> we provide life-saving work. i'm proud of the work my husband started, provided a massive amount of information. >> we try to do good things, there is nothing wrong with creating jobs and saving lives. the people who gave the money knew what they were doing and i am proud of what they have done. trish: this is after a report found half of the nongovernment officials who met with ben secretary clinton gave money to the clinton foundation including an economist from bangladesh and an author, numerous people from different countries that were able -- they are unaware that agency actions increase the foundation but the appearance of hillary clinton being for sale is still there for many. all of this surrounds president
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clinton's announcement the foundation would make major changes if his wife is elected. some guests defended that move. watch. >> if you shut it down today all the work the foundation has been doing stops immediately. give it time to complete the work it is doing and it is done. >> i am uncomfortable sitting here knowing people in my family are going to die because everyone wants to lie about the clinton foundation. trish: donald trump is fear mongering, heard the families going to die of the clinton foundation doesn't go on? the latest scandal, just 75 days left to go. with more, leslie marshall and republican strategist board o'connell. you don't know what happened but as i said from the beginning, the appearance of this whole
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thing, i do not know why there wasn't more than what we have seen. is this going to cost her? >> it depends whether donald trump is able to bring out questions of his personality. no amount of foundational good work excuses hillary clinton while secretary of state from access to rogue foreign governments in unsavory individuals, the fact they are pushing back says people are going to die is a false tearjerker of 2016. thousands of life-saving organizations and foundations, hillary clinton and her family want to continue the mission they should transfer to another organization like the bill and melinda gates foundation and continue that mission. it doubles a political operation for her ambition. trish: her husband now saying,
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keep ourselves completely separate from the foundation from the presidency. >> she wasn't working there except a period after she was secretary of state and announced her run into thousand 15 to be president in november but secondly there is nothing criminal here. even though i agree appearances have a lot, let's use one example, bob dole's wife was head of red cross, if he had been elected president and she made a phone call, can you help me get some supplies through, the clinton foundation just one example, the world health organization, malaria vaccines no longer working, they had vaccines that were, countries in africa, you will have somebody contact the state department if they have trouble getting things to another country can people pull strings, for the betterment
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of what the foundation is going to do? trish: ubs example, united bank of switzerland, they needed help when hillary clinton was the newly named secretary of state getting 55,000 clients off the hook for tax evasion the irs was looking at. the state department helped out, most of those people other than 3500 were let off the hook and the irs said we won't investigate anymore. bill clinton gets a $1.5 million speaking fee from ubs shortly thereafter and they donate more money to the clinton foundation. we don't know if there was any quid pro quo and it will take a serious investigation to figure that out but if she knew she was going to run for president why didn't she say to bill sit this one out, don't take any money
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from ubs, i am doing a deal with them? >> this was all about gaining influence for presidential run. a lot of clinton donors gave to her campaign. if you are ubs wanting to do altruism and good work, why give to the clinton foundation versus the red cross for the gates foundation because you wanted access and influence with hillary clinton and you also have the fast tracking of government contracts, a sham project. trish: is anyone going to care? it seems a lot has been brought up about hillary clinton already. we talked about the email server and she operated for whatever reason and somehow the fbi is like whatever and voters are not responding to it. will they carry this forward?
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i think they should but it is not having a big effect on poll numbers. >> starting to create some uptick for donald trump but if you want to be a game changer you have to show a causal link or money laundering. there are other arms of the clinton foundation and venezuela and unanswered questions, do we get to the smoking gun for donald trump could be the 45th president of the united states. trish: will this cost her, the appearance of it? >> i don't think so. trump is speaking to the choir and trump supporters who don't like her won't vote for her, people who care, polls show that, the email scandal or the scandal, she has only got high untrustworthy numbers and that does not take away the lead in many battleground states so i don't think so. i have to agree it would be okay, here are the dots, here is the criminal element. trish: judicial watch is gone
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through 15,000 emails, good to see you. despite the scandal hillary clinton as leslie and i were talking about is still ahead in the polls, despite all of these scandals, she is up 5 points. this gap is narrowing. it was eight points a month earlier. none of this matters because the polls don't tell the entire story according to trump campaign manager kelly and conway. >> the polling for donald trump looking pretty bad. >> not all of them. just cherry picked polling numbers put out by media outlets that are bent on his destruction. trish: goes on to say many college-educated voters in the us are afraid to admit they are backing donald trump. the same kind of thing, all the polling data that suggested
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absolutely the people of great britain were in no way, shape or form going to get out of the eu and that is what polls indicated and right up until the last minute i remember coming to work that night to broadcasts on what was happening in the uk and overwhelmingly the polls indicated sure in of great britain was going to stay but that is not what happened and this is why donald trump is campaigning with nigel for raj, they are making this correlation between what we saw with brexit and what we might see in the united states. joining me now fred barnes from the weekly standard. what do you say? is this another brexit? >> i'm skeptical of that. how do we know how many of these shy trump voters are around? trump didn't exactly overpoll or
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underpoll but i wouldn't doubt it because there is a stigma, as you know often applied particularly to places like washington dc to people who say they are for trump, they are stigmatized and it is not socially acceptable so there probably are some but this won't put trump ahead. the quinnipiac poll that came out today shows him down by 10 points. we will see if that is an outlier when more national polls come in from outfits that really do an honest job and quinnipiac is one of them. you can't say they are in the media, against trump, that is a polling firm with a lot of integrity. trish: when pollsters make that phone call and ask people in the person on the other line field i don't want to be judged, are they telling the pollster perhaps what the pollster wants to hear or even what that person
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thinks the pollster wants to hear? are we living through a very different time where as we saw in the case of europe the polls are not always accurate? >> they aren't all accurate but it is hard to know it the moment what is accurate and what is not but we find out on election day. we find out, i remember in virginia when black was running for governor and was underpolled because whites in virginia didn't want to say they were going to vote for him and they won, wasn't just brexit in england, you had shy tories who voted for the conservative party which was supposed to lose and the majority, this happens and this may be another example. trish: you are in polite company, no one likes to say i like some of what trump is saying but if you drill down, to feel they can ease up, i really
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like what he is saying about taxes or less regulation, would be the best thing for the economy or we need 8 disrupter out there. funny how people roll their eyes but when you push them sometimes you hear different things. >> sometimes you just have to break the ice. i have been in conversations where everyone is holding back and then you say i think trump has a lot to say and has a good chance of winning and other people say similar things but somebody has to break the ice. trish: apparently it is not the pollsters. good to see you, thanks. alarming new video of four irani in both canning close to a u.s. navy ship, some coming within 300 yards. this move is called dangerous and unprofessional. is this the kind of talk that needs to be happening? does it have any effect on these
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irani and, just days after the government paid $400 million to iran for the release of four hostages we sent them an additional $1.3 billion. where did that money come from? why didn't our government go for congressional approval before spending this money? details next.
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trish: fox confirming the us navy ship fired three warning shots at an irani and vessel in the northern gulf yesterday. the irani and vote -- boat circle two us ship that refused
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to leave the area after a brief radio conversation. this is coming one day after four irani and ships intercepted a u.s. navy vessel off the coast of iran in an exercise described by us military official as unsafe and unprofessional. the ships approached the navy destroyer at high speed in what appears to be an act of aggression despite multiple warnings by the us military. joining me with his thoughts on all of lieutenant colonel ralph peters. what is going on here? what has happened to us/iranian relations that they think it is just fine to keep approaching us in this aggressive way? >> it is fine to do what they want in syria and iraq. obama's nuclear deal has given the irradiance a license to do whatever they want because obama will always cut them slack. he doesn't want that deal to
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parish. he wants that to be his legacy. if the irani and i doing this part is domestic politics, revolutionary guards playing their hand. part of it is us versus them, the iranians enjoy humiliating us, testing of defenses, seeing how close they can get but there is another factor. they are playing to the audience in the persian gulf and beyond showing the americans aren't serious, they are on the retreat, losing. and multiple levels this is bad news. the danger is it turns into deadly confrontation and we should worry about that because even though we have vastly better weapons the irani don't have to go back to tehran to defend themselves. i would worry about initial confrontation, the irradiance can respond more quickly than we could because of that.
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trish: we have rules of engagement. it seems our typical rules were avoided when it came to freeing those hostages that were kept by iran, $400 million payment made to iran conveniently at the same time those hostages being let go and freed. in the meantime you have an issue with this $1.3 billion paid to iran, without any congressional approval right after those irani and hostages were freed. do you worry the obama administration is once again engaging in executive power ability, trying to go around voters, trying to go around congress in terms of being able to establish its own goals? >> i worry about it not just in terms of iran but establishing
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disqualify imperial presidency is such a bad precedent for future presidents of either party. our founding fathers set up three branches of government to be checks and balances on each other and obama is running roughshod over the constitution. specifically with iran, $1.3 billion payment was made in 13 installments, $100 million, it reeks of money laundering and we would go after any third party that tried to do something like this. obama is running roughshod over laws, treaties, basically a slush fund to pay for this. the timing of it, the alacrity that she made it, trying to buy off ukrainians to go through the new deal is transparent and phenomenally dangerous and we saw yesterday again the latest
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incident in the persian gulf. trish: is there more where that came from? the it didn't by president obama months in any friendship with iran because they are continually going after us against our navy warships. what is it they want? >> what they want is to drive us out of the middle east and be the dominant power in the middle east and they are on their way to doing so. when we leave the iranians win. trish: i have some breaking news, thank you for joining us, donald trump in new hampshire at a rally. i want to listen in because he is talking about the clinton foundation. >> getting lucrative contact while the people of haiti suffer horribly and are not, by the way, big fans of the clintons. but these examples are only the tip of the clinton corruption
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iceberg. hillary clinton's actions constitute all of the elements of a major criminal enterprise. you know it, the government knows it and she knows it. she created a private -- >> lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! lock her up! >> she created a private, illegal email server in order to hide her corrupt dealings. that is all it is, folks, very simple. she knew what she was doing, 100%. she did so knowing full well it would put american lives at risk by making classified information highly vulnerable to foreign actors and that is what happened.
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by the way, people that think 2% of what they did, their lives have been destroyed. but she didn't care as long as it helped her get away with a crime, no risk to america was too great it didn't matter to her and now she is running for president. then to further cover up her crime, she deleted 33,000 emails to keep them out of the hands of the authorities and the american public. as a further element of the criminal cover-up, she claimed under penalty of perjury that she turned over all of her work-related emails. we now know this to be one more
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trish: donald trump talking about hillary clinton and that foundation. >> for the first time in a long time she will be making a quick statement tonight but she is emerging not to take the responsibility for her unethical and criminal conduct but instead to make one of the most brazen attempts at distraction in the history of politics. i have not seen what hillary is
2:29 pm
going to say, but i have heard about it. in a sense, i don't want to dignify her statements by dwelling on them too much, but a response is required for the sake of all decent voters, that she is trying to smear. the news reports are that hillary clinton is going to try and accuse this campaign and all of you and the millions of decent americans at record levels, there has never been anything like this, this was set up late last night and look what happens, look how many people. [cheers and applause]
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>> it is a movement like they have never seen before. accused decent americans who support this campaign, your campaign of being racist, which we are not. it is the oldest play in the democratic playbook. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you are racist, you are racist, you are racist, they keep saying it, you are racist. it is a tired, disgusting argument and it is so totally predictable. they are failing so badly. it is the last refuge of the discredited democrat politician.
2:31 pm
they keep going back to the same well, but the people are becoming very smart. they have heard it too many times before. the well is dry. the well is dry. this is the year the american people who believe in much better and much more honest politics say the word enough, enough. this is the year that the people who have been betrayed by democratic policies including millions and millions of african-american and hispanic american citizens reject the politicians who have failed them
2:32 pm
over and over and over again, 60 years, 75 years, without break for even in some cases 100 straight years. they failed them, and you are going to vote for a change. it is time. as i have discussed for many days now, democratic politicians have run nearly every inner-city in america for the 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 years. their policies have produced only more poverty, total joblessness and failing schools. every policy, hillary clinton supports, is a policy that has failed and betrayed communities of color in this country but she
2:33 pm
doesn't care. raking in cash from people. trish: donald trump talking about hillary clinton saying economic policies, the ones hillary clinton has supported have failed minority communities. we will be right back.
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trish: welcome back, still listening to donald trump in manchester at a rally. getting the crowd pretty excited. saying what do you have to lose if you elect me president, making the case to minority voters. there are not a lot of minorities in the audience but he is making the case over and over about the failed policies the left has put forward in the inner-city, what do you have to lose? then he said what the hell do you have to lose in typical trump fashion, the crowd went wild. one of the things he needs to talk about is his plan for immigration. we are listening if he says anything about this. he has to walk a very tight line.
2:38 pm
we heard him talking last night about perhaps softening what he originally said on immigration, might be willing to welcome people who have been here 20 years, paying taxes that are good immigrants as he referred to them as, find some kind of path for them and kick the bad ones out. how do you do that and how does he balance it in terms of being able to still maintain his base, the people who liked his hard-line against immigration. maria, as we continue watching donald trump and anticipating he may say something in new hampshire, how does he do this? this is an incredibly complicated issue and especially complicated for him. >> thank you for having me on. mister trump has committed and
2:39 pm
given us his word that he will secure the border and that is what he has said all along, and force criminal laws and he has promised to support the national program that will assist families with burial, medical and accounting expenses to navigate through the legal system which so often shows more consideration, and and -- trish: if you support the current law you would be soft, we saw him, do we have time to show the clip? >> >> it seems he is softening. here he is on hannity.
2:40 pm
>> everybody agrees we get the bad ones out. when i meet thousands of people on this subject, i have strong people, great people, mister trump, i love you but to take a person who has been here 15 or 20 years and throw them out is so tough, it is all the time. who wants those people thrown out? trish: you heard from his base, he is making the case, you can't throw out the good ones, trying to earn an honest living. i don't know how he will balance
2:41 pm
it. >> placing americans first, if he met with this -- families his loved ones were viciously murdered, innocent americans killed and preventable, and he will stick to that. trish: you lose the good ones too. >> and enforce our borders, he has given us our commitment. trish: it is a challenging position, he is sympathetic to the person who has been in the country hoping to get ahead. he may not be legal. >> and -- americans are very sympathetic.
2:42 pm
this is america and we place our families first. trish: we are all very interested to see what he comes forward with. i got to take a quick break, we will be back with more in new hampshire. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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trish: let's check these markets, the dow is up 30
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points. falling sharply after another round of disappointing earnings reports. earnings and revenue short of forecast, big-name jewelers also down and business groups across the south, to give grants to companies heard by flood. and giving grants of $10,000. the lowest social media company in our fight against terrorism. there are reports that children as young as 2 years old in france being trained to fight against potential terror attacks in their classrooms. better buckle up.
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plus talk, sports, comedy, news, and more. your ride has never, ever, rocked like this. oh yeah, siriusxm is on for free right now. so tune in and let's ride! trish: on the wake of recent terror attacks in europe children as young as 2 years old are being taught a game called silent rings. this is happening in france, teaching them to automatically keep quiet in case of the terror attacks. uk panel lawmakers, blasting google, facebook and twitter for not doing enough to fight the spread of terrorism. the forum for democracy joins me with more on this. i realize this is a three, eight
2:47 pm
or 1000 prong approach, but i do question why it is tech companies are not doing more to fight the islamic extremism radicalizing many people across the globe. the uk is going after them, what do you think of this report? >> to be fair this is the pot calling the kettle black. if anyone is to blame it is western government, the uk parliament deferring blame to social media, no one has been more critical of social media but the report doesn't even mention the word islam. it is not looking at root causes. social media has had its problems and the report does appropriately say they should hire more but they didn't acknowledge what they have done. they have hired hundreds of folks to look at this radical site and in the past few months finally started to shut down
2:48 pm
twitter accounts related to isis and the report talks about amplifying moderate voices but it is nowhere close to the report we should have which is to amplify anti-islamists and reformers, it doesn't tell social media to continue in the arab awakening, the root cause, dictators putting in prison reformists on social media. you have to have these prongs. trish: incredibly challenging to take down isis right now. i am bothered by the fact these guys can communicate through apps like what's apps, or facebook or twitter, and i question why on earth we aren't partnering with the likes of
2:49 pm
twitter and facebook to shut everyone of these accounts down one by one, we need to do a lot more. maybe this uk report didn't go far enough but why can't we part -- start with basics and agree social media, american companies need to do their part? >> the bottom line is right now the center axis of what they think they are targeting is terrorism and violence. they will shut down an account if they say they are going to commit an act of terror or violence but that is the wrong barometer. we need to focus and put the antiseptic of sunlight on taliban and supporters, hamas, isis, al qaeda, the support of the ideology needs to be the target of social media, not to shut down for ideas, highlight them. trish: there is a lot there. thanks so much. we will be right back after this. ♪
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trish: manchester, new hampshire, donald trump talking about hillary clinton, pounding her on the foundation, talk about immigration, and i'm here with ashley webster. >> control immigration. and cheap labor, have stopped it from happening. and tremendous amounts of money. for years the american people have been worried about letting radical islam spread within our shores but the elites who on m global corporations ignore the concerns of the american voters. for 50 years people living in
2:54 pm
our inner cities have suffered under the democrats's failed policy regime in almost every case. it is democratic rule. the democratic politicians who only want to please media executive and wall street donors do nothing but expand the hurt and suffering that our inner cities and the country is going through right now. trish: donald trump driving home at that point that it is the left's economic policies that have failed minorities over and over and over again in america. effectively a vote for hillary clinton would encourage those policies to continued deterioration of these communities. here is ashley webster. and important point for him to be making, and almost the law of unintended consequences. the government is trying to do
2:55 pm
the right thing. ashley: never-ending vicious cycle. i hope he takes this message directly to the black and hispanic communities and speaks to them from the heart whiche to those places where the message can be delivered face-to-face. i won't said he will win over a reach a few. trish: at the same time hillary clinton saying i will give you this or that, he is saying i won't give you so much but i will give you more opportunity in school choice. you may have lousy schools but if trump is president you won't have to go to them. you will have other -- trish: ashley: that is what people want to hear. he is hitting on a solid message. you can always ask how have you been under this administration? how has your life been enriched? what opportunities have you had? what is your future like? he can make some valid points
2:56 pm
and is dreadful with regard to the inner cities, the policies that have been in place until now. trish: people complain they have not heard enough policy, but we have heard a lot about economic policy. he is covering a lot of subjects, doesn't care for the -- it is a very tricky one. trish: he is negotiating a fine line. ashley: and his heart stands or is going to turn off -- and undecided. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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trish: all right, everyone, donald trump still speaking in new hampshire right now, hitting hillary clinton pretty hard there. he's gone after her over and over again. hillary clinton is about to speak in reno, nevada, any minute from now. we'll see whether or not she
3:00 pm
fires back at him. of course, she's got a lot of explaining to do when it comes to that clinton foundation. she's already attempted that, as ahas her husband in -- as has her or husband in recent days. liz claman is going to take you into that right now. liz: right. donald trump just finished, trish, hillary clinton's about to begin. we will listen in when she begins to speak, but we're talking major mud-slinging on the campaign trail at this hour. donald trump, you heard moments ago, saying hillary clinton has, quote, betrayed the african-american community. reaching deep into the democratic playbook to paint decent americans as racist, trump just wrapped up in manchester, new hampshire, getting ahead those few shots ahead of hillary clinton's big speech in just a few minutes. you're looking at live pictures from the red mountain building student center in reno, nevada, where hillary clinton will give that speech. it's being billed as an attack on the


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