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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  August 28, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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almost destroyed eczar but brittney spears might save the company. >> john, brittney, yes? >> caesars, evil knievel to jump the fountains not brittney. >> bye. >> [ bleep ]. >> trump supporters under attack, going under the radar. hello, everyone. i'm charles in for neil cavuto. shocking new video showing trump supporters targeted at a fund raiser in minnesota and outside of trump tourre in new york, one protesters getting into a shouting match pastor mark burns. scott martin said if they were hillary clinton supporters this would be all over the tv. joining me, charlie, julie, and gary. dagen doing her usual great job subhosting bulls and bears and adam and ben are out this week. scott, look at this video but
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you're not seeing it on the mainstream media like those previous attacks in california. >> well, like you said, charles, you are seeing or not seeing this type of thing happen all over the country. it's not just minneapolis or california, we had it months ago in chicago. all these attacks and protests sponsored by leftist democratic groups like creating panic, hurting trump supporters intimidating them with violence. the mainstream media doesn't want you to see it because they don't want you to know the truth. >> gary, in fact, to scott's point, if you were just an average or, you know, sort of a political watcher of political media, you would think this was happening vice versa. >> look, let's not call them media. let's not call them journalists. they are the public relations department for the hillary clinton campaign. but it's not just on trump. it's everybody else. anybody who they don't like they go after. and just remember, there was one
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guy at a trump campaign that knocked out somebody. they covered it for three days. now when you see this, it is crickets and don't see anything. they don't even pretend anymore about who they are and what they're doing. and it's unfortunate because you know who does the job for them now, people like judicial watch, people actually doing investigating on things going on on the other side and i wish it was the other way but it's not. >> yeah. what do you make of it? certainly i think even liberals would agree there's a certain degree of bias when it comes to this stuff? >> first of all it's unacceptable on either side. we learned about this from "the washington post" which is the most mainstream media of outlets. the difference here is this, you don't have hillary clinton from the stage yelling at her supporters get them out of here, i will pay for your legal fees, if the police arrest you. that's why it's getting attention. >> the point people are making is we've seen that. people get to see that and it's fair you point that out. unfortunately, most of america don't see these other images.
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>> i would say that do donald stepped over the line we know that more than once. hillary clinton steps over the line by not condemning this. let's be clear here. this is 30 times worse than what the trump supporters do. the crazy stuff at his rallies. i'm saying as someone not necessarily a big, you know, pound the table for donald trump guy. i mean, this is really bad. it is a violation of the first amendment. it is horrible that "the new york times" doesn't cover this every day. i went to the philadelphia convention. you were there. >> i certainly was. >> you were there. >> sweltering. >> sweltering hot and guess what, the far left of this country, these idiots that hillary clinton is looking to basically bring in her coalition, were burning israeli flags outside. and nobody reported it. >> this week, guys -- >> a few people. >> i shouldn't say nobody. i'm going to get -- someone will attack me from media matters. it was reported but well below the told. >> fold. >> here's the thing, pastor burns on our network, he's
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becoming a face particularly a black face within the trump organization. he was virtually accosted examining through the revolving doors, barely through the doors, if someone can't walk home from one of these events, then i think you certainly have crossed the line. >> yeah. i agree. it's a sad thing political affairs, when a pastor isn't protected. both sides can give examples you did this at a clinton rally, this at a trump rally. what we need is one of the two of them to stand up and be a leader, condemn your side as charlie said. if your side gets out of line condemn your side. this is really bad for the country that we can't have political discourse and that people can't attend fund-raisers or rallies. both of them, somebody stand up and lead and take control of the nastiness of this campaign. >> as anarchy and the police is -- the police in this country, as much as i -- you know, listen i'm no -- i don't sit around attacking cops but they are allowing anarchy to go on in the face because of political correctness. they should be cracking down on
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this crap. i mean, why aren't police out there saying that that pastor can go home, he was accosted. >> because they're afraid. >> i don't think the police were prepared for that. i think this is such -- this is such a unique and evolving situation. it is getting ugly and it is getting sad you to have police stationed at normally you give an event and go home. everyone is caught flat footds. that's one of the problems. if the media doesn't report it how can you get increased scrutiny? >> so right. go back a few months in chicago which you the trump rally that was canceled because of the protests due to getting way too many people there. overbheming the police and taking that over. that's the problem. julie touched on it. it's not so much that hillary needs to bemoan this, and some other organizations so strong that can get people to rally that they overwhelm the police and therefore -- >> hold on. >> let's be clear. the police never asked donald trump to cancel that rally.
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he didn't have the courage to go to chicago and have that rally. that's a big difference. >> [ inaudible ]. >> he can't go to a major city in america and have a rally with all the secret service he's got around him. suddenly blame the protesters. give me a break. >> maybe that's the point, gary, is that maybe -- these are large cities or large populations and the police aren't -- have not been prepared. maybe you got go back to the '60s, '68, for this vitriolic display of animosity played out in a physical manner. >> look, if the media is not doing their job it's going to get worse and worse. remember, this is not surprising to me. remember how they covered occupy wall street versus the tea party. this kissed occupy wall street's butt even though they were a horror show on what they looked like and acted like versus the tea party, didn't like what the tea party was about. we're at a point that if this continues something bad will
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happen and then somebody will have to report some real bad ne news. >> this is more than the media. this is the police of the country backing down in the face of this stuff. they are afraid to go after -- >> they are afraid. >> that's the point. they're afraid. >> worried what's been happening to them. >> but they shouldn't be. here's the thing, peoples lives are at stake. i'm telling you this. occupy wall street was allowed to stay down there. you went down there, i went down there. disgusting. >> sick of it. >> doing drugs, they were starting fights, they were keeping people up at night making noise. it was a horrible horrible situation. but the bloomberg administration at the time was so politically correct didn't want to end it until it got so far out of hand. the chicago police are trained to handle -- >> it makes it easier for the police to do their job when the public understands what kind of challenge they're facing. if the public never sees this then it does make it hard he. again, there's a huge responsibility, more fairness within the media to show what's happening out there because so far it's been a one-sided conversation with the media and
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the american public on what's been happening. >> that's what you're seeing the democratization of the media, why people are going to twitter, facebook, people are looking for more places, fox news, to get their news sources because no one -- if you ask anybody out here on the street in new york, ask ten people, do you think that news treats republicans or treats anybody fairly, no one thinks that. this way people are doing. >> let's leave it there. in the meantime hillary clinton on a fund-raising blitz with super stars and the super rich this week. now, some are king, if you take cash from big money, should you be bashing big money? >> today on "forbes on fox" the u.s. firing warning straights at a iranian vessel. is this the thanks we get after sending them $1.7 billion in cash. some say hillary clinton may be running against her husband bill not just ♪
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>> so hillary clinton knocking the rich while hobnobbing with the rich. on a fund-raising blitzes from hollywood to the hamptons snapping picks with justin timberlake and jessica biel an event at their home. the price for attendance, $33,000 er guest. the hypocrisyhypocrisy. you could afford 30,000. >> great book for you to read. i wish ben was here. called [ inaudible ] by thomas wolfe back in the '70s when the term radical chic came out where the stars like leonard bernstein would embrace the black panthers and the left and it's still going on. it's the most absurd thing in the world that these super rich people who fly around in jet planes and send their kids to private schools with the like forced bussing and forced
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integration, cuddle up with the left. it's been going on for years. i think it's a form of i believe white person's guilt on a lot of these folks they are so guilty for making money that they have to embrace idiot -- idiotic economic policy which hurt minorities in the end. >> here's the thing, morgan. hillary clinton is running as the person who represents the poor, who she bashs wall street every time, bashes the rich. >> except when they're paying her. >> when bringing her sexy back with justin and his wife at their hollywood hills home. the hypocrisy screams. >> what's interesting, it's so out of tune with her base and where her own party is. if you looked at what happened in the primary with bernie sanders, people were railing against money and influence in politics and railing against the concept that the rich and the elite and powerful in washington and hollywood get together and so it's kind of confounding to me whether it's hollywood or
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wall street, she continues to raise money in a fashion that runs counter to her base. >> even bernie sanders, though, had his own degree of hypocrisy on this. had like courtside seats at an nba playoff game. >> three homes. >> oh, yeah. just bought his most recent vacation home. hillary clinton again says i'm going to take this mantle and represent you folks because these are some evil rich people, forgetting about maybe she's worth 100 million plus and spends so much time -- guys do the math on this. monday, tuesday, wednesday, over 6 million, almost 7 million in one day $20, million in three days, scott. >> it's big money and wall street too. the hypocrisy goes so deep. the wall street that she hates on public tv paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches to their employees years ago before let's say after she walked out of the white house dead broke. that's the thing that kims me here. what goes around keeps coming back around in light of justin
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timberlake here. hollywood seems to love her, they love her only because it's the imagery, they think they should have to when with the reality is they should be on the other side. >> while julie seems to more but -- >> julie will say cry me a river as a justin timberlake here. >> good for you. >> listen, i love justin timberlake. >> almost $48 million. gary k. >> look, she has to raise a billion dollars. she's going to go wherever the money is. she's going to rip on wall street and then she's going to meet with them and kiss kiss and then they're going to give it to her as long as she knows they will give it to her she will come for it. realize if somebody has a big amount of money and don't like her you're a racist. it's just -- this has been going on forever. it's going to continue going forward. the hypocrisy is at its highest level it can be and it's never going to end. >> julie. >> first of all, leave my boy j.t. alone. i was the oldest person at his concert not accompanied by a
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teenager. >> you were dancing. >> i was. it was great. secondly, look, here's the problem. donald trump is the same thing. he will talk about he hates wall street not going to hang with wall street people and tough op wall street, [ inaudible ] hangs out with him. >> steve bannon. >> will ber ross defending him the other day. the bottom line is both these people know the imperative in politics is to raise money and unlike bernie sanders who can raise them for $27 a pop from real peoples these guys are -- >> there's more of a theoretical difference between donald trump's attacks on the rich and hillary clinton. she is actually attacking them every day, class warfare every day. he's not. not as bad. his plan would help them and give them all tax cuts. >> well, and she said she's going to overturn citizens united and talking about specific policies. interestingly i went to her website to see what she would do about campaign finance reform. this is what i love the clintons, she's going to get
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unaccountable money out of politics. not money out of politics, but unaccountable money. this is her way of parsing words to get money from wall street, hollywood. >> gary? >> the hypocrisy is simple. the left rips the rich on a daily basis. that if you're poor it's because others are rich and they are keeping you down. yet that's a jump to the rich every single day for their money. that's where the hypocrisy is and lies and continues to be going forward. >> been there a long time. thank you very much. talk about a hard pill to swallow. some say announcing obama care premiums are shooting up by double digits. think your plan is immune. someone here says think again. >> a trump town hall special encore presentation. inside the immigration crisis, saturday victims share their firsthand horror stories and then sunday, officers sound off on securing the border. plus the candidate's full plus the candidate's full immigration
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several states announcing new obamacare rates for the next year and they may make you feel sick. some jumping more than 60% in tennessee. gary says it's going to be worse and we'll all have to pay even if you have a private plan. no one is safe, gary? >> no one. private plans will end up matching the price hikes that the government forced up. when you have young people that don't need insurance not buying it to subsidize the chronically ill, that's where trouble begins. government forcing the issue. that's where prices get out of whack. remember, we've been gruberized here. one of the architects said that the transparency that we don't know what the heck we're going and we're stupid idiots. yes, we are because we're paying for this. >> patri riley gets it, and you need to patent gruberizing. >> charles, it's worse in
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illinois. one of the local exchanges just went bankrupt. we were on that plan, my family. we got kicked off a month ago. we've lost our plan every year since part of the aca. premiums have gone up. lost access to doctors. as gary put out, it's going to be worse because some of the big carriers are losing money on the exchanges. they don't want any part of it. >> to his point, my company, we had to -- we got kicked out and it's been an amazing struggle. for regular folks out there who ready lost their doctors, how the heck can they keep up double digits, 60% in tennessee? >> you can't. listen, if donald trump was smart and had message discipline in october, this could be a good month for him politically. unfortunately, it's bad for everyone experiencing this. here is an opportunity to point out the failures of big government. why are major insurers walking away? it's private business. if you're losing money, you're going to walk away from the deal, which is what they're
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doing. it's hurting all of us. >> the big boys wrote this. the first couple years they built in a mek schichanism so i lost money, the government pays for it. that's out the end of the month. one of the key problems was there was never true competition anyway. >> listen, i don't think anybody really understands what is here right now. it was always a rube goldberg contrapti contraption. it wasn't socialized medicine. more like socialized health insurance, something that's already really socialized and made even more -- even worse when it came down to it. the bottom line is when you force everybody to get insurance, you know, there's going to be cost overruns. particularly in this really inefficient market, where doctors are sued all the time, when there is cost overruns. you know, so the bottom line is, premiums are going to keep going up and average people will get screwed on this. >> the young folks who won't get
6:56 am
sick and use it refuse to play the game. it's riddled with a lot of problems. >> it needs a fix. charlie's head is going to explode but this wasn't health care reform, it was health insurance reform. >> that's what i said. >> when you cut out the middleman, get rid of health insurance companies, make a public option the way all of us wanted in the first place. some of us. >> who? >> some of us. that's what happens. >> sorry, gary. i want to give my thanks to morgan, julie and charlie. up next, the sox so good, our guys are buying them with their own money.
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names our guys are buying with their own bucks. >> leading up to the election, we'll need a lot of alcohol. buy consolation brands. strong earnings in sales growth.
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20% in the next company. >> scott? >> it's the heart of election season, as gary said. nothing more than fighting it out over social media, facebook. >> the cost of freedom continue. here's dave. tensions escalating with iran. the u.s. navy firing warning shots at an iranian vessel in the persian gulf after harassment of u.s. navy ships by iranians are on the increase. our government also issuing a new iran travel warning for, quote, the risk and arrest and detention of u.s. citizens. so is this a thanks we get after sending them $1.7 billion in cash payments? hi, everybody. welcome to fox. let's go with mr. steve forbes. elizabeth, kerry, bruce and john. steve, we're just getting word from the fifth plea. navy


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