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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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crest hd step 1 cleans, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. >> this is a special edition of "the intelligence report." here is trish regan. trish: all right, everyone, three hours from what may be the pivotal moment in an already wild election. tonight's second presidential debate coming amid a leaked audiotape of lewd comments made by donald trump. that tape has rocked this race. a multitude of key republicans from senator john mccabe to former -- john mccain to condoleezza rice all voicing their disapproval and vowing not to vote for donald trumpment but he has come back from these things before. the question is, can he do it again. can he do it tonight in just about 180 minutes from now?
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good evening, everyone, i am trish regan, and welcome to a special edition of "the intelligence report." despite all the controversy and all the criticism, donald trump says he will not drop out of this race no matter what angry republicans think and say about those degrading comments he made about women while talking to access hollywood's billy bush. the controversy front and center at tonight's town hall-style debate. the moderators are expected to begin the debate with questions about it. donald trump is on site in st. louis right now, and i've got to tell you, the pressure is on here. here with more, our very own connell mcshane, he's live at the site of the debate there in st. louis with the details on the format as to how this whole debate will proceed. connell? >> reporter: well, it's swringing -- interesting, trish, you're right, the anticipation is really building as we get under three hours. i can tell you that both candidates are here at least in the st. louis area. hillary clinton did not come to washington university to do a walk-through before the debate tonight, which is not strange for her.
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she didn't do one at hofstra either. but donald trump, to your point, did. he was here for a short amount of time, got a sense of what he could expect on the debate stage this evening. now, in terms of what you can expect, two moderators, right? anderson cooper and martha raddatz. you have also approximately 38 town hall participants, and that's important. those are the people asking the questions, at least half of them. half of the questions will come from those audience participants and the other half coming from the outside from social media. now, which questions are asked, when they're asked, who asks them, that'll all be up to the moderators. they have full discretion over that, and they can also follow up which'll make for an interesting dynamic. two minutes for each candidate to work on their answers, something donald trump is said to have practiced. i think what's important about the audience participants is we're told they had up until this morning to submit their questions, so pretty much the last minute. and that means that any topic,
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including those vulgar comments that were leaked from an access hollywood tape of mr. trump that you referenced, those are certainly up for debate this evening. so on the other side of things would be the stories about mrs. clinton and her speeches to wall street, for example, or the e-mails. all of that would be up for conversation this evening because the questions didn't have to be in til this morning. so we are, you know, getting closer, trish. certainly, the anticipation is building. i'm coming to you live once again from the spin room. for now, back to you. trish: thank you very much. all right. joining me right now with more on what donald trump needs to do tonight as well as hillary clinton, we have rachel campos duffy, gina louding, leslie marshall and jonah goldberg. good to see all of you guys. rachel, here you are, a mother of eight kids -- that blows me away. [laughter] you're a donald trump supporter. you heard what he said --
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>> just want to clarify, libre initiative is nonpartisan. i'm voting for donald trump still, and i think it just comes down to policy. look, there's no question these comments are awful. conservative women are are conservative, and a lot of them are going to be very turned off by what they hear. what we're going to have to decide as conservative women is if the appropriate response is to accept what we expect to be an apology tonight from him, or is the appropriate response to subject america to four, maybe eight more years of a clinton administration and whatever damage that will do to the country. so that's the choice we have. it's not perfect. >> jonah goldberg, to a certain extent conservatives who were supporting donald trump, and you've been quite critical of him all along. but for those that represent his base of supporters, in some ways did they kind of though what they were getting? it's not as though he's professed to be a choir boy. >> yeah, look.
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personally, i am shocked by most people who are shocked. [laughter] i think donald trump on that tape is donald trump. it's been obvious that he's a loudish person for a very, very long time, and if you don't see it, you've allowed yourself to be beguiled or brainwashed by some sort of cult of personality. the issue at hand for donald trump is simply this: he was losing before this tape came out. not by a big margin, but the trend lines were going a bad way for him, and he was losing. if you're already losing, you need to add voters, not subtract more. the question is, where does he find a way to -- if he gains voters because of this tape, then we got some really weird people out there, and earth logic no longer applies. so he's got to figure out a way to sort of say that wasn't me and a way to attract new people back to him. and that's a very tall order. trish: gina, how does he do it? it is a tall order, and the question is can he do it tonight, and if so, how does he do it? what would you recommend he does
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when he gets out on that stage in less than three hours? >> i think that he needs to clearly define who he was before and who he is now. and as somebody, trish, who, you know, my husband has been in politics, i've run for public be office before, been through these campaigns, they are a really humbling and redefining process in a person's life. and i think if he's to speak to that journey and about his heart for the american people and that that's the reason that he ran, i think people will then draw that contest that, to me, is so simple. nothing mr. trump has done has ever cost a single human life. we could go through a list of things that hillary clinton and the obama administration that not only have put lives in peril, but have cost lives and hurt women in very real ways. so i think that's what he needs to clearly delineate -- trish: leslie marshall, that's one of the things he's promised to do tonight. we've been getting rumblingss gk at hillary clinton more her husband's behavior. in other words, he'll say look,
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you know, i was talking poorly, and i regret that, it was locker room chatter and, yes, it's awful, but let's not forget hillary's husband actually did some very, very bad things to women, and she supported him throughout all of it. what will be her comeback, if you would, when he goes there? >> well, i think the best thing for her to do if she takes my advice is like michelle obama first lady said when they go low, we go high, and hillary echoed that sentiment in the first debate. i think she needs to do that for a few reasons. one, hillary clinton has never committed adultery, both donald trump and bill clinton have. two, hillary is running for office, not her husband. that saks very large to the voters, especially young female voters. and in addition to that, we now have tapes where donald trump has said negative things about both paula jones and monica i lewinsky. i don't think it helps donald trump at all not just with female voters or, but overall like jonah said, he's going down. that's going to bring him even deeper, and he will be doomed if
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he does that because i think she will be professional, presidential, calm, and i think sometimes when you have more dignity than getting down to that, getting in the mud with that person, you win the argument. trish: dignity's important. last time around at the last debate, the first one, jonah, he found himself going down these rabbit holes over and over and over again where he wasn't talking about politics, he was just trying to field insults from hillary clinton. all it took, seemingly, was this little poke, this little jab. do you think we will see a repeat performance of that tonight, or has he been forced to really get with the program given the criticism of the first debate and then, of course, the whole tape issue? >> well, i mean, there was a lot of talk out of the trump campaign that he was going to be preparing, he was working hard, he learned his lesson from the first one. i don't think he's been humbled by his campaign as you heard earlier, but he was certainly doing his homework which he hadn't done for the first one,
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at least what we were told, until this tape came out. and then he abandoned debate prep to go on this twitter tear again this morning. the regression to the mean and normal donald trump is someone who's very easy to bait. he's got to be distracted by all of this, and so it's possible that he'll be a much more disciplined guy but certainly not the way i would bet. trish: rachel, this is a tough thing because you keep saying, look, you're voting for the policy. >> right. trish: you're not voting for whoever's necessarily delivering it. and as you said, it's hard as a woman, as a mother to look past some of these things certainly when it comes to the tape. that said, can you trust him to deliver on the policies that you want in place for this country? >> i trust him more than hillary, and that's not saying a whole lot, but i trust him more than hillary. here's what i think he has to do, he has to pivot. what really makes hillary is uncomfortable is talk about open borders, the stuff that came out
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in wikileaks, what makes her uncomfortable is talk about what her record is as a secretary of state and what a disaster our foreign policy is. he needs to go back to those issues because it's those issues that make politicians uncomfortable. he was the only one who was willing to go there in the primary to talk about these things. it's what put him where he is right now. he needs to go back to it. but jonah is absolutely right, this guy is very, very thin-skinned, and it seems like she got the secret sauce. she knew exactly what to do, she pricked him, like you said, and, boy, did he fall for it -- trish: he's got to be careful tonight because he's already in a pricked state -- >> i just don't know if he can overcome it. i think it's in his dna. trish: you're not sure. gina, last word here to you. can he overcome this tonight, and what do you say to conservatives who are saying, look, i just don't like the guy, i don't trust the guy, he doesn't represent the values that i have, yet the alternative is hillary clinton?
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>> i say supreme court, supreme court, supreme court and the fact that hillary clinton admitted, admitted in the wikileaks that the things that she says to the people on wall street, they don't need to really believe what she's saying to the american voters. so the american voters have a very clear decision. mr. trump has said i won't let you down. hillary clinton has essentially said i lie to the american people, and i don't have a problem with it. so she's the one who maybe should apologize. trish: thank you so much. it's good to see all of you. rachel, gina, leslie and jonah. interesting night ahead, a number of polls taken before the lewd video of donald trump surfaced. we've got 'em, and we're going to look at whether or not he can recover from this videotape in light of this polling data. you're looking at a live picture coming in to us of st. louis where the debate is about to happen in just a short time from now. i'll see you back here in two. ♪ ♪
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trish: all right. you're looking at a live picture there of washington university in st. louis, missouri, where in less than three hours donald trump and hillary clinton will take to the stage in a town hall-style debate. the pressure is on clinton's leading trump right now in the polls and, of course, there was that horrendous tape that came out on friday, late friday, which now has donald trump very much in the hot seat. take a look, though, at these polls. according to a "wall street "wat journal"/nbc news poll, hillary's ahead by double digits in pennsylvania with 49 percent of the vote compared to trump's 37 percent. in florida trump is only down by three percentage points, but other polls show he's behind in key states like ohio and wisconsin. it's important to note these polls were taken before the release of that video which, you know, shows trump speaking
6:16 pm
rather in vulgar terms about women back in 2005. so the big question whether or not tonight's performance, if he delivers a real killer performance, can that actually rehabilitate him? joining me right now is columnist stephen hayes. good to see you, stephen. >> hi, how are you? trish: when you think about donald trump in the last debate, the first one, and then his comments about miss universe that he was tweeting at the three a.m. hour thereafter. that cost him in the polls. one would think this tape is going to cost him. is there anything he can do to turn it around tonight? >> i'm skeptical that there's much he can do to say -- or say to turn it around tonight. i do think we're likely to see the effects of this tape on polling in the couple days coming. we'll see some of his supporters decide they're no longer his supporters, but the bigger problem potentially for donald
6:17 pm
trump is he was down going into this controversy 4-6 points nationally in virtually every one of the battleground states if you look at the real clear politics average, and he needed to bring aboard new people. so he needed to get people who are not yet trump supporters to decide in the last month of the campaign or maybe walking into the polling booth that they were going to pull the lever for donald trump. i think he has lost the ability to convince a lot of those people who were so reluctant that they weren't yet trump supporters. i think this gives them yet another reason to avoid being trump supporters. trish: and a lot of those people were independent women he needed to somehow win over. >> correct. exactly. trish: this election has been very emotional. in many ways most elections are because people have a tendency to vote for the person they trust, they like, and in this case you've got two people that, prankly, the american public just doesn't like. >> right. trish: and they don't trust either one of them either. but at this point is it a case of, okay, well, at least one of them isn't goingto embarrass
6:18 pm
us? >> yeah. i mean, i do think there's that dynamic. i mean, you're exactly right to frame that as you did. it's pretty remarkable, it's the first time in the history of polling that we've had two major party candidates who are both disliked is and mistrusted by a majority of the american public. that's the choice that the country's facing right now. and i think when you're, when you know that you're going to, that you're going to have a sizable chunk of the voting electorate pulling the levers for somebody they don't like and/or don't trust, what you need to do is keep yourself from being the most odious candidate. and i think this adds to the concerns that republicans had about donald trump, both republican rank and file vote's and now as -- voters and now as you're seeing office holders completely reluctant to to be linked to him at all. trish: what's sad is policy's lost. so you have an economy that's barely chugging along, an international situation that's a disaster, and instead there are
6:19 pm
all these side shows that people just can't take their eyes off. >> yeah. i mean, it's like we're sharing a brain. i agree with you completely. [laughter] the big problem here from my perspective as somebody who's a conservative is this is just a huge missed opportunity. i mean, you have a time at which the american electorate, the american people are more skeptical of government than at any time in the history of polling, including the days following watergate. the constitutional crisis following watergate. people are more skeptical of government, they don't believe that the country's headed in the right direction. the big three achievements of the obama administration, the stimulus and economic recovery efforts, obamacare and the iran deal are unfavored by most of the american public, and yet republicans, conservatives weren't able to headache a policy-based -- make a policy-based argument against this administration, getting activist government. it's a big missed opportunity. trish: all right. maybe they'll have an opportunity again in four years. but you know what?
6:20 pm
you never know what the future's going to hold tonight at 9 p.m. eastern when the two go to the debate stage. stephen hayes, thank you so much. key republicans calling on donald trump thousand to step down. but come on, i mean, how would that even work? coming up next, a look at whether mike pence could actually save day here. we're on it after this. ♪ guess what guys, i switched to sprint.
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we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. >> i'm out. i can no longer, in good conscience, endorse this person for president. it is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine. you know, my wife and i, we have a 15-year-old daughter, and if i can't look her in the eye and tell her these things, i can't enforce this person. trish: that's representative chaffetz saying what a lot of republicans are thinking right now. donald trump pacing a mass
6:24 pm
exodus of republican support in the wake of that audiotape in which he brags about making unwanted sexual advances on women. here we are less than three hours to go before the second presidential debate, and this scandal is overshadowing everything. donald trump is promising not to step aside, but think about it, how could that even work? i mean, how could he get out right now? what would happen if the party actually tried to force him out as some are suggesting the republican party should? joining me on set is ed rollins, the former campaign director for ronald reagan, as well as democratic strategist joe trippi in st. louis. good to see you, guys. first of all, ed, you know, his camp is talking about going after bill clinton and his affairs and alleged affairs hard and hillary clinton's role in sort of suppressing those women thereafter. is that a strategy that, in your view, will work? >> it's not a strategy that'll work, and i think it'll backfire
6:25 pm
on him, and i think at the end of the day he has to basically prove he's a leader and he's got the substance, and he can talk about the issues that matter to americans. bill clinton got elected twice. throughout his entire presidency there were scandals and stories and rumors and, basically, he got reelected with them, and out of office even after being impeached he still had high numbers. he's running against hillary clinton, not bill clinton. trish: okay. soneeds to deliver a different message which is one of being presidential, and that's kind of hard given what just came out. what would be your advice to him? >> start the night with a major apology. not an insecure thing, it just wasn't a great -- go out and give a good apology. first of all, apologize to nancy who he, basically, insulted. apologize to his wife and his daughters and to every woman in america who took issue with this and say this is not me, and let's now talk about issues that matter to the american people. trish: you look at our
6:26 pm
situation, and none of that's being talked about because people are so glued to all of this. >> right. trish: unfortunately for him, it's of his own making. let's talk about replacing him and, joe, i'm going to get to you in a second, but, you know, a number of republicans are saying he's got to go. but, come on, i mean, is that basically surrendering the election to her? >> it is. and, second, it's not going to happen. i was white house political director in reagan's white house, i oversaw the rnc and all the committees, know about what goes on there. there's 187 members, 167 members. they're not going to throw him out. many of them were selected on his coat tails or appointed by his coat tails, and i think at this point in time there's ballots being cast. the problem he has today is he can't lose that republican national committee support. he needs their financial support for the get out the vote effort. so he has to goat on the phone -- get on the phone this week and telthem, listen, i'm going to run a good campaign, i'm going to go win this thing. trish: time's running out though -- >> time is running out.
6:27 pm
trish: the last set of polls, joe trippi, he was already struggling after the last debate and the miss universe fallout. the latest polling data indicates that, and yet we don't know what it looks like because we don't have any data after friday's release of those tapes. so how much pressure is on him tonight to do exactly what ed said, seem presidential be pivot back to policy? >> look, i think there's a lot of pressure. he's got to be contrite, he's got toshow some humility. he's got to really apologize here. and, frankly, i'm not sure there's anything he can do. to get back on track here. but he's got to. look, right now we're up, before this even came up, i was looking at polling in these battleground states that started to look like hillary clinton was going to have more electoral votes than barack obama got in 2012, and that was before this.
6:28 pm
now it's unraveling even further be as far as his party, key components of it are starting to desert him. he's got to -- and ed's right, he's got to keep the national committee and the money coming his way in terms of get out the vote. this is, this is a night for him -- trish: might they divert all that money, ed? say, look, we don't care about you anymore, donald trump, we're going to focus on -- >> one of the mistakes he made, and i've said this on this show and other shows, is he let the big donors go to the rnc, and he didn't get very much of that money. they had these joint committee things with certain states and the national committee. they can spend that money any way they want to. it's going to be tremendous pressure now, some of these senate races are going south on us, the generic vote is going bad just as joe said. so, basically, the people that are there are going to be argued with by the people in their districts. they're going to say, listen, we're going down if you don't give us the resources. he's going down, don't let him take us down. you've got to divert those
6:29 pm
resources to us. and his whole campaign, get out the vote effort, the final absentee ballots is based on them doing it. so any back off there, he doesn't have the resources, and it's too late to do it. trish: they're talking about there potentially being other tapes. in other words, this may be just the beginning. >> yeah, i don't think this is the end. we've got 30 more days or so here. there's more tape. you're going to have other people come forward with things that he's said and done in the past. the fact is he was never really vetted in the primaries by the party or his opponents -- trish president bush all right, all right. that said, that said you look at your candidate, hillary clinton, and you could make the same point. she's never really been vetted either because of the whole e-mail scandal, all right, that people just keep sort of, you know -- >> she had -- trish: these candidates are very similar because their base is with them. and i think donald trump's base is with him despite all of this. much as her base is with her despite the e-mail scandal.
6:30 pm
>> i think her -- his base will stay with him no matter what through this. that budget his problem. that wasn't his problem. his problem is he has to -- he can't get there with his base. his base gets him to about 42. we've seen throughout the year about 42%. he needed to get women, he needed to get college-educated whites, he needed to get suburban folks, and this particular -- trish: doesn't help, yep. >> -- thing pushes it away. >> both parties need 93% of their own party voters, and you immediate to basically win the independents to win. trish: it's going to be an interesting night. ed rollins, joe trippi, thank you so much. we're getting breaking video just now coming in, these are protesters that are gathering in st. louis ahead of tonight's big debate. about 200 of them you can see dozens of these trump supporters are there, fewer for hillary clinton. along with supporters of third party candidates gary johnson and jill stein. we'll keep an eye on some of
6:31 pm
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6:35 pm
wall street speeches, and they include documents that indicate mrs. clinton's friendly attitude towards free trade and the big banks are all about what she thinks. here's what she said about the financial crisis at a goldman sachs event back in 2013. there's a lot that could have been avoided in terms of both misunderstanding and really politicizing what happened with greater transparency. you guys help us figure it out, and let's make sure that we do it right this time. in another speech, she discusses her desire for open trade saying, quote: my dream is hemispheric, common market with open trade and open borders. well, this, obviously, is in contrast to what she professes on the campaign trail. don't forget, she says she's not in favor of the trans-pacific partnership over and over and over again after having previously been for it while part of the obama administration. now, the clinton campaign doesn't pay any attention to any of this because it's just russian hackers. that's all it is really, folks, or at least they say.
6:36 pm
>> i don't think we can dignify documents dumped by wikileaks and just assume that they're all accurate and true. anybody who hacks many to get documents -- in to get documents is completely capable of manipulating them. >> this should be of concern to everyone, that the russians are trying to influence our election. but i'll answer your question directly which is that she said all throughout this campaign she will crack down on wall street. she said it to -- there's nothing that is, that she hasn't said in private that she doesn't say in public. trish: just the russians. don't believe any of it. joining me right now is national review editor rich lowry along with democratic strategist jessica tarlov. in some ways this story would be a very big story in any other news cycle -- >> in a non-trump world -- >> of course. trish: completely overshadowed, of course, by the trump tape. nonetheless, she should expect some questions about this tonight? >> yeah. it would be complete malpractice
6:37 pm
if they don't bring some of it up. i do think this is a russian hack, and i think it's horrible that russians are manipulating our election or trying to, but they're playing this game where they just won't confirm any of it when les no reason to think any of it is wrong. and, of course, she's completely insincere on trade. you know, this isn't news to anyone. and the big takeaway from saturday when we had such bombshell news about both candidates is we didn't really learn anything new. trish: right. in some ways they just reinforced these stereotypes about themselves whether it's hillary and her coziness with big banks and her preference for a very, very free trade environment and not entirely fair when it comes to the u.s. side of things or whether it's donald trump and his womanizing that clearly is out of control. >> yeah. i mean, i think so. i think that the e-mail stuff and the truthfulness issues with hillary clinton, i think those are are already baked into her numbers at this point, and what we're watching now is how low the ceiling can go with donald
6:38 pm
trump. i think, obviously, the clinton campaign has a lot more to come, and people say there are going to be more trump tapes. of course there are going to be, and they're going to drip, drip, drip -- trish: likewise, more on the e-mails. >> i thought bernie sanders had an interesting reaction to it and, obviously, he wants her to win at this point. what she said is my dream open borders and a free common market. that's what she said, my dream. that doesn't mean that is the reality of what it can be, but everyone has -- and she called -- trish: the challenge, jessica, is that she's there supposedly as this person that's representing unions and representing the american worker and really in that totally, totally borderless economy the american worker, unfortunately -- rich, i think you've done a lot on this -- would get shortchanged. >> yeah. and, look, if you're voting for hillary clinton, the expectation that she's really going to follow through in opposing tpp, you're an idiot. she's very likely going to play
6:39 pm
the game that most of these presidential candidates do, that barack obama did in '07-'08. you sound anti-trade, and when you get into office, you flip around. >> right. >> and that's probably the entirely conventional game she's plague. look, her dishonesty and insincerity has been a suppressant on her. there's a reason she's not beating donald trump by 15 points, and that's one of them. those numbers are so high, and she jueems such a cookie cutter, conventional politician -- trish: what do you think her answer's going to be? is it going to be similar to podesta? they're put out documents that have purported to be from my account -- >> i don't think so. trish: taking no responsibility for suggesting it could all be fake. >> if she really wants to feature donald trump's shortcomings this evening, and we know the opening question is going to be about the trump tapes, kind of see how he makes it through this genuine apology or whatever he's going to deliver, i think she's going to be up front. a town hall format when you have an actual american citizen saying to you, you know, why did
6:40 pm
you lie about this or what happened here, i don't think she's going to try to fudge it and just blame it on ambiguouser if. it's -- gucifer. those are ideas she's been championing for decades. you go back to 1993 and the health care push, we know she wants single-payer, but she understands it's not possible. trish: it would open up the way for donald trump to get after her on her e-mails if she's to say, oh, it's the russians, they're hacking, well, maybe you shouldn't leave yourself vulnerable to the -- >> well, on the flip-flop on trade, one of the best moments trump had in the first debate was when he nailed her when she said that tpp was the gold standard, what changed. sort of denied it even though it's on the record. trish: it'll be interesting to see. thank you so much, rich and jessica. national security's also going to be a big, big topic, and according to a brand new fox news poll, more americans trust donald trump when it comes to handling terror and destroying isis. but can he really capitalize on it in this kind of environment
6:41 pm
when he's dealing with this tape? that's next. ♪ ♪ attention! did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets, packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy. garlock's and coltec's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, including where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. votes must be filed by december 9, 2016 call 844-garlock or go to i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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trish: welcome back, everyone. you're looking at a live picture of the town hall event that's going to happen in just about two hours from now, two hours and 15 minutes. it's going to be a very big moment in a absolutely wild campaign season. you can bet all eyes and all ears are going to be listening and watching donald trump to see how he explains away that lewd videotape many which he discusses his approach, shall we say, to women. now, the question is will this all wind up being major distraction? i mean, here we are, we're going to be talking about donald trump and his views on women, or shouldn't we be talking about issues like national security, the economy as well? they should all play a role in tonight's presidential debate. if he can turn the debate back to policy, it could help him a lot. because take a look at this.
6:45 pm
according to a brand new fox news poll, more americans believe donald trump will do a better job when it comes to terrorism and destroying isis. and we should hope hillary clinton will answer some questions about her e-mails, because in the latest wikileaks eruption, mrs. clinton told wall street bankers she was in favor of open borders. so will donald trump be able to stay on message here and show americans he's the candidate to handle national security? joining me with their thoughts, fox news' national security analyst kt mcfarland and ambassador james woolsey. good to see both of you guys. i'll start with you, ambassador. you've got a very big election happening. this is the future of our country that is at stake, and the future of where we are on the world stage. i know you've been frustrated by the obama administration's inability to protect our influence. so when you think about tonight's debate in that
6:46 pm
context, what is it you need to hear from these candidates? >> i'd like to hear how we're going to be able to afford given our multitrillion dollar deficit, how we're going to be able to afford to take the steps for the military that we're going to need to in order to refurbish things, to build them up, to take account of the fact as russians say the next war had been a no-contact war. they mean no contact between people and armaments. they mean contact though lots of contact between electrons and electrons. we are in a completely new world that we haven't spent the money or resources to adjust ourselves to, and the russians are moving rather steadily ahead in it. trish: uh-huh. i know that you feel strongly that donald trump would be better at protecting the nation in this changing environment, kt, but, you know, as i said,
6:47 pm
people tend to vote, tend to vote with some emotion. and right now emotions are running high -- >> yeah. trish: -- because of this tape. so what would you recommend he do in order to pivot right back -- >> back to policy? trish: -- issues that matter? >> i'm a woman of mothers -- i'm a woman of daughters, rather, and we've had this conversation in our family in the last 24 hours. i think what trump needs to say is, look, i'm of the age where guys talk like that, but i too have daughters and granddaughters, and i'm looking at it again through their eyes, and i get it now. i get the offense this causes, i'm ashamed of it, i'm ashamed for my family. i apologize to my daughters, to my wife, to my granddaughters, and i apologize to every woman in america s and now let's change the topic and talk about how i'm going to help protect the country again -- trish: and you think that'll go over with women? >> i think women need to hear that he gets it. too many men think this is funny, and they've gotten away with it for an awful long time.
6:48 pm
every woman has heard a man say something like this, and it hurts. it not only hurts,st threatening to a lot of women. i want to hear him say i get it, i'm never going to do it again. now that i see it through the eyes -- you know, he was once asked about the abortion question, and they said you flip-flopped. and he said, no, i didn't. i was pro-choice until i saw the sonogram of my baby, and then i understood, i got it, and i changed my opinion. that's what i want to hear him say, that he gets it. he sees it through the eyes of his wife, his daughters and every woman in america. trish: and women are very concerned with security in this election. >> sure. trish: so if he can get back to the topic of national security, it matters. ambassador, we are living in a very different time where there are very, very different threats. so in some ways if you stay on the path you're on, status quo, where does that get you? >> it doesn't get you where you want to be militarily and in terms of being, having an influence throughout the world,
6:49 pm
and it doesn't get you past this terrible multi-trillion dollar deficit that we have. we've got to focus on the way we are able to bring some leverage in the world is because when we're at our best, we're like theodore roosevelt, speak softly and carry a big stick. ask we're not carrying all that big a stick anymore, and the obama administration instead of speaking softly whenever they were about to do something, they'd hold a press conference. and that was, i think, on both counts the wrongapproach. trish: ambassador, can donald trump change that even in light of this whole tape fiasco, in your view? >> i think so. i think people understand that for all the errors and so forth, he calls it straight. and he will tell you if there's a problem, and he'll try to fix it. and he won't gloss it over, he won't get bogged down in what's the narrative. i think he's a more straightforward guy than that. and i think he will do a good
6:50 pm
job of building up our military and conducting foreign policy. he's a very experienced negotiator. that'll help on a number of these foreign policy issues. trish: well, kt, ambassador woolsey, thank you very much. some good advice from both of you. this bombshell audiotape of donald trump getting all the attention today, all the attention this weekend, right? it's all anybody's talking about. and it's all anybody's talking about ahead of this big event tonight at 9 p.m. eastern. what about that wikileaks information on hillary clinton? why don't we see the media paying more attention to that sandal? i mean, we did do it earlier in the show, but we're one of the few places where you're going see that story. don't the moderators need to be addressing that? will they tonight? howie kurtz, your favorite media critic and mine, is here with more after this. ♪ ♪
6:51 pm
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6:54 pm
trish: the count down's on. here we are just about two hours away from the second presidential debate, and there will be a whole lot of focus on the moderators tonight and how they handle donald trump's leaked video and they're going to be looked at for whether or not they are tough on hillary clinton and her latest wikileaks dump. joining me right now for more analysis, the host of media buzz with on the fox news channel, howie kurtz. howie, good to see you there in st. louis. >> hi, trish. trish: big night. we know that everyone's going to be talking about that horrible videotape, for sure. but, you know, we haven't been hearing so much about the whole wikileaks thing. do you anticipate that we will hear about it tonight? is the to to miss on those moderators -- onus on those moderators to make sure it gets addressed? >> i would be stunned the --
6:55 pm
stunned be they don't bring it up. when both of these stories broke on friday, i predicted it'd be a 10 to 1 imbalance in the coverage. in one story you have trump, women, sex, hollywood show, raunchy language, the other one is about the gap between hillary clinton's public positions on trade and immigration. and cracking down on big banks. and what she was telling wall street firms that were paying her a lot of money. i was so wrong. it's been 10,000 to 1. i've watched hours of cnn and msnbc without any mention of the hillary story as this went on -- trish: but that, do you think, howie, because let's face it, one of those stories is more granular, and it takes a little more studying as opposed to hollywood, sex, trump, you know, all of that, all wrapped up in one which just -- and, by the way, the whole thing's on video that you can just keep replaying. >> no, look, i get it. one story rates, it's a water cooler topic, everyone in america's talking about it. it's a legitimate story, an important story, i get all that.
6:56 pm
but there are two candidates running for president, and there were serious issues raised. i don't like hacked e-mails, but it's a fact of life that we mow live in. anderson cooper and martha raddatz face several challenge, they've got to get questions in, figure out how to follow up. they've also got so many republicans abandoning donald trump, they these to be equal hi aggressive, do a imnumber of follow-ups with hillary clinton on issues for both of them that are important to the country and not just do what they're going to do at the very top of this debate a couple hours from now and that is talk about the trump tape. trish: well, hopefully they will. howie kurtz, thank you so much. >> great to see you, trish. trish: we're going to be right back. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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7:00 pm
vulgar comments on that video tape. he needs to essentially apologize to american women and pivot to the issues that matter most in this election. national security and economy. stay tuned. we got special coverage all night. here is lou. lou: good evening, everybody. we're coming to you live from washington university in st. louis, the site of the second presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. in just under two hours donald trump faces off against hillary clinton and it is safe to say this is the most consequential debate in the campaign of 2016. both candidates have been forced to respond to bombshell developments attacking their candidacies over the past 48 hours. these two candidates face off tonight in a town hall format. they will be fielding questions from


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