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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> we are watching this for you. a protest break out in los angeles and chicago. you are looking at the pictures live. this is happening now. we have protests break out in berkeley, oakland. france, new york city, also pennsylvania. "making money" charles payne next. charles: the dow industrial average skyrocketing near an all-time high after donald trump pulls out a stunner. he's now president he select trump. the dow closed up 256 points, just shy of a record. that's avenue tiewrs collapsed some 800 points as donald trump was pulling off the miracle of miracles overnight. president obama scheduled to host donald trump at the white house to shep smooth a peaceful transition of power. the point now is the message. from trump i think it's pretty clear.
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>> the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. we are going to fix our inner cities. and we build our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals. we are going to rebuild our infrastructure. which will become by the way second to none. charles: that was donald trump speak but last night it was the people who spoke. question is what exactly did they say. gina, what is the message? because, you know, toddling around the tv stations it was unclear. what was the message from the american public last night? >> i think globalism was on the ballot lost night and it lost. i think americanism was on the ballot and it won.
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i think that identity politics was have much on the ballot. let's look at how the democrats ran. they ran on i don't i politics breaking it down by race and gender and class. the american people have spoken and they would be so smart on the other side, after licking their wounds -- think would be smart to accept the reality that kinds of politics isn't going to work any longer. charles: we saw a version of a violentless revolt, if you will, last night in america. but what does it mean now? what do the voters who spoke loud and clear, what do they need to see? >> i think the voters need to see real change and real governing in washington, d.c. i think what you will find, with a republican majority in the senate and in the house with a republican president, donald trump coming together and really solving these issues on
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immigration, trade, tax reform, repealing obamacare. these issues that i have come to the forefront for so many of these american workers. i think that governing, break down this gridlock we have seen in washington is going to be key for donald trump. donald trump will actually bring together both parties and say we have got to cut a deal and move forward. this is as man who measures his success by his accomplishments. i think that's what you are going to see, a very aggressive first 100 days from donald trump. charles: i love when mercedes says real change. donald trump won a bunch of states barack obama won twice. i think some people were voting for barack obama thinking he would be the agent of change. maybe this was the real change they were looking for, and this is the last straw. we have given this establishment system the benefit of the doubt, but no more.
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>> to build on what was previously said, a lot of people out there are also not just fed up with globalism but they are disappointed in the establishment. they are disappointed in the politics. they are disappointed in the establishment elite, what they are doing. media, even the media in many cases. this is a way to take back that control from the american public. charles: so many people have been bogged down to sort of the wages haven't gone anywhere for people for a couple of decades. yet there is a portion of this country that continues to get wealthier and more powerful. is that the toda -- is that thel that includes the 1%, the media, the bankers? are they all part of this? and are they going to deliberately or is there something wrong the system that simply rewards them? >> it many the every day working american that sees themselves
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work heard and harder. they have bad policies like obamacare that takes more and more of their paycheck. when they go to washington and become part of this revolving door and go politician to lobbyist and they are getting ahead on the backs of the everyday working taxpayer, they are fed up with the system. you have somebody come along with donald trump who is successful in the business world that wants to bring that approach and bring back opportunity for all. and don't forget his message was not segregating by gender and race. his was an inclusive big tent message. a lot of people got on board and that's why he won. charles: i want to listen to paul ryan. he was not the biggest fan of donald trump's. listen to we had to say. >> this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in my lifetime. donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard.
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he connected with -- he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. charles: donald trump heard a voice. what's interesting is this voice wasn't hard to hear. they were screaming. they have been screaming for years. that's what the mid-term election was all about. i guess he was the first person to pay attention to that voice. >> you can go so far back on this. you can talk about the tea party and the paul street -- what am i trying to say, operation -- occupy wall street movement. you can go back to ross perot. these people have always been there. the establishment has been tone deaf and refused to listen to them. to hear paul ryan say that today i feel like finally our message
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as we the people has rest -- resonated with they the establishment. we are not going to take it any more. they were look for a candidate and they found it in donald trump and made it happen. charles: what do you think, mercedes. >> it goes beyond that. it's the white working class. you had a tremendous shift. 30 points going over to donald trump that delivered these states like pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin. these are the voices that were not being heard. these are the voices where the manufacturing jobs left their community. where they felt they were left behind by an obama economy. where the democrats were pointing the fingers at them and name calling and shaming the voters. i think they stood up, they stood up against the political machinery. they stood up against the establishment. they stood up against the media
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who said you need to vote this way because you are not a racist or sexist. that's a strong message coming from millions of voters in america. charles: now of course a lot of people talked about him in the beginning of donald trump's campaign, the good old days, 1950s, 60s, and america of course we were at our most dominant point in the 1950s in the world after world war ii. can we get back there. are you confident folks who may thought have the ability with computers, that we can get the policies in there to really ignite that. particularly men. it's black men and white men who have fallen apart and we are the centerpiece of their families. they were the centerpiece. wait until your father gets home. father knows best. it was always about the dad. and dads feel like they have fallen apart.
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>> think about the missing piece from them to now. the manufacturing sector. what you saw in the 50s and 60s and post world war ii america was a big rise in the manufacturing power of our country that has been given away to other countries through these bad trade deals, currency fluctuations and that's what donald trump is going to bring back. if we bring back the manufacturing sector and bring back the jobs, and that's what brings back america. charles: we are talking about bringing back pride to america, and we want to bring back respect around the world. we are talking syria, iraq, nato. we have former national security advisor james woolsey. yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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>> i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interests first. we'll deal fairly with everyone. with everyone. all people and all other nations. we'll seek common ground, not hostilit partnership, not conflict. charles: donald trump saying he does not want global conflict. though he faces plenty right out the gate. russia, north korea, russia. moments ago the president of mexico announce he spoke with donald trump on the phone and is making plans to meet with the president-elect despite the fury that ensued after donald trump
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demand that mexico pay for the wall. james woolsey is a member of donald trump's transition team. and a former director of the cia. we could be here all night going down your resume. one of the key issues in the election was donald trump and temperament and ability to deal with foreign policy. america first, but he did encourage world leaders not to take that the wrong way. i like the way he came out the gate. but what is the policy going to be? >> this is surmise on my part, not any kind of policy he lewis days. i think that a lot of this stance from the podium and his expressions and his use of language and getting chants gigs kind of a schtick. it's like a validville comedian
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to keep people focused on him. it's not my style of speak. it's not the style of speaking of anybody i know. i don't like it very much. but i don't think it should be interpreted as a diplomatic overture. because he says something in passing favorable about russia. in world war ii we and the brits were allied with stalin who was the greatest killer in history and we called him uncle joe. charles: someone who was even more of a threat. has that been the consolation, because ther out there that we are engaged with? isis and some of the bad actors in the world, despite what people think vladimir putin had ambitions to recobble the u.s.s.r. or portions of it? >> i think we have to try to get
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the russians to work with us against north korea and the chinese to work with us. and to have some stability in that part of the world. one thing, we have to persuade the russians to stop conquering their neighbors, whether it's the ukraine or somebody else. charles: crimea, georgia. >> lincoln lived on a farm when he was an old boy. he said the old farmer next to his family said i don't need much land, just what adjoins mine. that's the problem with russia. i think that's kind of the instinct of russia. it's been that way for a long time except under the great alexander ii, the one wonderful czar. it's been a power that seeks to take over its neighbors.
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we need to try to tone that down. charles: i think vladimir putin is probably the first world lead tore call and congratulate donald trump. they have an admiration that could be developed into a mutual respect. let me ask you about our allies. there is data that japan's market took a hit. they convened an emergency meeting. we are talking about shutting down bases and not being the policemen of the world anymore and withdraw from a place like japan when china as imperialistic ambitions. i know we want people to start ponying up some cash. where are we going to go there? >> japan need to be the bedrock of our treaty relationships there and south korea coming up close on the inside track as a major player. i think that need to get in a
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situation where we usually ordinarily and at a fairly low level of substantial to low level of diplomacy, we are continually engaged with our allies. the obama administration got allies mixed up with adversaries. they treated allies like israel as if they were adversaries. and adversaries like iran like they were allies. and we have to get off that. and i think trump has enough common sense approach to things he could well do that. charles: ambassador, thank you very much. congratulations. >> we are breaking down trump's economic priorities. grand ambitions.
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charles: there is no question this election was all about the economy. now that the voters have spoken donald trump will get a chance to act on the economy promises he has made. donald trump made a lot of promises for the first 100 days. they are pretty grand, the middle class tax relief, simplification act. the infrastructure act, repeal and replace obamacare. is there a list of priorities you shid think he should focus on? and what do you think will get done in that time frame. >> there is an opportunity for him to rein in the power of washington. that was the message. trump's plan in the first 100 days would be to lower
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individual tax rates and provide significant corporate tax rates down to 15%. help small businesses with targeted tax. repeal and replace obamacare. that's man dated from last night. charles: speaking of small businesses. monday the national federation of independent businesses, the largest group of small businesses said the number one problem right now is government red tape it surged from september to october. number 2, taxes. brad, you are the author of the trump factor. howe do you see the economic plans implemented. some are saying lower taxes right away. some are saying hey, those formerly blue states who voted for you in the rust belt want those jobs asap. >> i was at a victory party last night and the average joe showed. you. the average person in the united
6:24 pm
states will see a simpler tax code. a simpler way of doing business. i'll have smaller tax i have to pay on my small business. charles: you will have a job, too. before you can worry about taxes, you have got to have a paycheck. wee used to have bethlehem steel, it's no there any more, do we pledly do something for them? get some jack hammers in their hands? >> in real estate, if you look at some of the tax codes out there, donald trump knows very, very well, and i illustrate those in my book of the net operating loss which has been disclosed. millions and millions of dollars. that's probably going to stay on the books. he took a lot of risks to get those losses. it's not a loophole, it's a tool donald trump used to create wealth.
6:25 pm
and it's for the average investor. my wheel house closer to home is the investment trump that was created by eisenhower in the 1950s. this is a vehicle for the average investor to create wealth. you will see all of those in place, especially with donald trump being so close to his real estate business. charles: people are saying, i want jobs. jobs and obamacare. those were two of the big things, particularly the sticker shock on obamacare that people saw. in a lot of these states it re-flects that. how easy will it be to repeal and replace obamacare. >> i think it will happen relatively quickly. but the two are tied together. my clients are telling me the burden of obamacare impacts their ability to grow their businesses and bring on -- create new jobs and bring on new workers. that's a direct result of trying
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to provide adigital jobs and economic growth to those who need it most. you have got to get rid of that red tape. a simple attitude ajust in the regulatory bodies that work out of washington. that's a real big change. charles: when you say attitude ajust. take it foot off the pedal? who in wisconsin when rick -- in florida when rick scott was elected governor, he said we are here to assist businesses, not be in their way. he i am nateed the unnecessary burdens placed on businesses that unleashed business here in florida. charles: imagine the government being there to help you not hurt you. coming up, it sounds messy. what exactly are the abcs of
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it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. charles: maybe donald trump's pledge to drains swamp, i think that is one that really got him over the top, part of his plan, weeding out washington d.c. corruption, its unethical practices.
6:31 pm
the big question is, how does he do it? where does he start? how do you go about drainings swamp. >> well, charles, keeping your promise to the american people. certain things he could do right off the bat to regulatory reform, any regulations that are being proposed that are harmful to our competitiveness or energy costs he could top those as well as executive orders on day one. he could approve keystone excel pipeline quickly, allow offshore exploring off of virginia and carolinas. on the ethics issues which are important in draining the swamp, there is a few one as far as limits on lobbying, and find a senate and a house member who agrees with him in an idea, put it in allege
6:32 pm
latest package, work with them, say what can you pass. and not something you will get done quickly, let them figure out what they think could be done. if they don't, then you have to force it to a vote some way somehow, he will have the american people behind him, sometimes you have to embarrass them in to doing the right thing, the term limit that is a constitutional amendment, i think members might say, let's send that to the state, see if people want a limit to the terms of their members of house -- charles: you can't make it a blanket federal? it has to be on a state by state level. >> that would be in my view a constitutional amendment. charles: i got you. >> yo you can't do it state by state. >> you mean the constitutionalmthe constitution amendment itself. kyron, you are a professor. a great slogan, something we
6:33 pm
feel. nothing has a lower approval rating than congress. we hate dc. but how do you drains swamp? i get what the governor is saying, but how do you really push back a embedded bureaucracy and power basis where people will be there 20 years after donald trump serves. >> my research has shown how one campaigns, says a lot about how one will govern, he did not begin to use that term drain the swamp until the end of his campaign, high actually campaign that way. some was actually out of necessity, many of foreign and domestic policy experts abandoned him in a 52 newer -- entrepreneurial way he had to create a time of people who were experts in other areas that were not looked at before, he put together a human capital team is representative of draining the swamp, many of those who were against him signed letter
6:34 pm
saying he was unfit for office, i don't think they will be serving in office. charles: true, people who have been there for a long time, and unknown, unnamed barr crass for whatever -- bureaucrats for whatever reason they have a lot of power they know how to grind the system and buy time until the next person comes in in my mind, they are the ones that blocking the great ideas and brock implementation. >> to me, draining the swamp, means getting government focused back on serving the american people, not themselves, step one is electioning someone like donald trump who is an outsider to th system, and who does not need a job. he is not going there to get rich. the problem is so many people are getting elected to get rich, not getting elected to serve. enacting his 100 day plan,
6:35 pm
stopping revolving door of politicians, and lobbyists and expensive speaking fees, donald trump has talked about putting in pro bi prohibition for 5 years. >> president obama talked about, that i think he had the idea, i doubt it happened is that a key here. make sure that people don't --? it feels like i am a regulator, i make whatever, 80 grand a year, but i regulate a business when i leave i am making 300 grand a year because they are hiring me. >> we have to put policies in place, that prohibit that very thing, or prohibit somebody from running for office while their husband is accepting big checks from foreign governments or big banks or speaking fees, you know. it is obvious influence as far as bedroom when they tax a talk at night, we have to stop,. charles: if someone could cut
6:36 pm
off that wall street to washington d.c. incestious cycle would be great, thank you. charles: a new investing model forever a new administration. white house market report is next. your insurance company won't replace
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6:39 pm our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. charles: wow, what a day, i naysay ires, well they lost. woo were hearing a 5% stock
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markets crash. equity futures plunged further and further, paren trump confounding the expert again, with his positive acceptance speech, dow jones on cusp of a new all-time high. the index finished up 266 points. now the stage is set for a true break out. for now the key for do you w dow, we need to see it get through 18333 level. several industries are riding the trump coattails. they are mass in stimulus,
6:41 pm
rebuilding military. one industry that was pushed into recession as a result of a lethal combination, are restaurants. pennerra, cracker barrel, they lead the way today, after the close shake shack joined, beating wall street consensus, revenue earning, management lifting guidance for 2016 and 2017, stock market rally is reborn, so too enthusiasm among folks who have watched this from the sidelines for 10 or 11,000 points, i want you in the market, but uncertain conditions, it has to be a long-term en beforer -- long-term endeavor, don't make it a loaded casino. and you must understand that losses are a part of success. i hope regular viewers are some of the big winners today, caterpillar right now.
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and -- nevcorporation. that is it. >> when we come back, nation as leaders setting examples for us, a united country, and a new president, next.
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of seeing decent paying jobs go to china, and low wage country, a billionaire paying no federal income taxes and not able to afford college education. while very rich become, much richer. to degree that mr. trump is serious about pursuing policies that approve the lives of working families. we are prepared to work with him, to degree he per -- we will upo op owes him. >> donald trump delivered hid victory speech last night, pleading to come together. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. we have to get together. to all republicans, and democrats, and independents, across this nation, i say it is time for us to come
6:47 pm
together as one united people. >> following that secretary clinton echoed same sent. senti. >> i still believe in america and i always the, if yo will will, and if you do we must accept this result and look to the future. >> president obama reminding us, of the unifying truth. >> we're not democrats first could we're not republicans first. we're americans first. we're patriots first. >> joining me now to discuss america unifying. gina, last night the stock mark equities were down 800, when donald trump gave that acceptance speech, i think he threw a lot of people off, he put out the olive branch, and equity futures came back, a similar speech was echoed by hillary clinton and barack obama.
6:48 pm
are we heading down a right path now. >> i have to tell you, i sing yourraises for just a moment, have you been saying this is how it would go. have you been predicting this for a long. all predicts that something horrible would happen, you said it would be very short lived and markets would recover quickly. i am glad to hear mrs. clinton, and president obama talking about u -- up tie, i was at that victory party last night, in new york, i can tell you, i met people who called themselves liberal democrats who were there to support mr. trump, i think that unity happened a long time ago, they missed train because they were so busy talking about division. charles: morgan, i saw something, a couple of days ago an article about donald trump's children, saying they saw a change in him over the course of this election. he has crisscrossed nation, and met with a lot of people,
6:49 pm
perhaps people he never came in contact with before, evangelicals, laid off factory workers, i think there is something about the office of president of the united states that does something to a person. >> i agree, there was no floating last -- gloating last night. we were struck how it was humbled a unifying message. and gravity in way and awesome responsibility of the united states and the world, i have talked a lot on your show about frustration of our allies, in the middle east and in the world from lack of american leadership. and i think today, last night he gave that speech, he has to be feeling weight and awesome responsibility that american people have given to him. charles: you had to be impressed with what he had to say, and all of the players in
6:50 pm
this whole thing. >> i was extremely impressed this man like you said in most powerful was on the in the land, he -- office in the land, he knows, that hopefully he will come more to middle, and let's start talking about unity, about the economy. and ways to fix it. we have to give him a chance, he won there is nothing we can do about it, let's work with him, if he is successful i this office then all of us are successful. charles: i read breaking news with bernd bernie sanders, he is willing -- he fired a shot across the bow, she not pursuing solar energy and climate change stuff to degree that bernie sandersments, how long will this honeymoon last? >> we're all trying to sort of through it. i think that berny is too probably. but i feel like he lift his movement behind, once he knew that hillary clinton betrayed
6:51 pm
him, i'm not sure he has cred bill tie with him he used to have. i think he needs to know that mr. trump never did the move to the middle, that is highly advised by all political consultants, he rejects that wholly and he still won. i think that people like bernie need to wake up to that. charles: morgan? >> yeah. charles: people sometimes govern different than they campaign. >> i think that mr. trump is a smart businessman who has said, that he is going to make deals, i think what america rejected was gridlock and partisapartisanship in washington, i think that is why republicans have control of all 3 houses they just want someone to get something done, as a party we have that responsibility to do something, and to not have circular firing squat that we had for last 6 or 8 years, get behind our time, and our leadership and unify. >> i believe he will go to try to profit point, i can unify this nation, let me show you.
6:52 pm
charles: that would not be a bad thing. thank you very much. >> coming u of global poll yo got a boost last night, while most are cheering there are some who are concerned, next.
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6:55 pm
charles: president-elect trump riding a tidal wave of global populism to the white house, back to antirefugee in europe it is edging from "fringes" to mainstream it has some people worried, should we be? stalking to steve hilton, former senior advisor to david cameron, and chuck nash, eve, thi populism has been in place for years, some are concerned what do you make of
6:56 pm
it. >> i think that roots are economic. i think you saw a little bit of it in the statement that bernie sanders put out, what have you going on, i think over past few decade a build up of resentment against the ruling class in politics and government in business and in finance. this sense that, this is true by the way, not a slogan, that the rich have got richer and poor and middle earners have got poorer, people feel that, they recent it. that is what unites what is going on in europe with brexit, and the trump movement and the bernie sanders movement. i thought it was interesting that bernie sanders felt able to pick on many of themes that trump put forward in his campaign to say, if you are serious about it, i think we can work together, so i think that the heart of poppism is economic. charles: some say, you know why this is happening now,
6:57 pm
elites, but also, policies, immigration policies -- i know they moderate these parties and they make them more mainstream, but i'm saying, i think empowering the middle class is fantastic. but those who are warning us about negative consequences, how off base are they? >> i don't think they are off base too were. when it cuts to state, huma human beings are tribal by nature, the nation state was a way of pulling multiple tribes together and solves that diversity problem byoune fies and finding that common thing that bound them together. and when you have governments that are supposed to work for the people, suddenly start
6:58 pm
dictating to the people, and people feel helpless, then you add into this this celebration of diversity instead of unifying factors, that is what is going to cause trouble, because people as turned out with president-elect trump. they are not going to put up with it and at some point they will stand up, about when it brex i brexit or trump phenomena or country with europe. charles: speaking of tribal implement we have protests in a few cities, including chicago, and new york. people who are not happy with the outcome. in chicago, trump tower. we have a similar protest in new york city. columbus circle. never -- always somewhat messy, where do we go from here? populism is the way, i would suspect in europe, we may see, even greater move am --
6:59 pm
movement particularly with brexit now donald trump. >> i think on question of immigration, it brings to mind something i remember margaret thatcher said in uk, she said, the best way of guaranteeing good community relations and race relations is to have strong controls of immigration. managing immigration, so you could make sure that different communities are not affected dispro portion natalie, i think that is something that people are looking for u.s., going forward, i think that if trump, actually, delivers, on his pro-growth, pro-jobs economy plan. and manages a sensible control of immigration, then that would go such a long way towards satisfying the answe the an anger that people felt, there is an indication he will do that now that he has a unified republican congress to make it happen.
7:00 pm
charles: think about that. most powerful countries in last 100 or so years, now having to prove there people and the world they can still do it a great time in the world, thank you both very much, a great time for you. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, donald trump has done it ultimate political outsider pulling off an historic upset, this morning to be the 45th president of the united states. the republican nominee ran one of the cleanest campaigns in recent presidential history. pledging to be a president for all americans, to bridge back jobs, and restore prosperity, to our middle class. and his supporters came out in droves, to propel him all the way to the white house. trump, summed up his night in this way, on twitter.


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