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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 10, 2016 1:00am-3:01am EST

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tears to make that happen with others, i am honored to have a front row seat. lou: jeff dewitt, we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: thahahahahahahahahank you,d peter tomorrow, join us. >> all right hello, man the pinned dit, the man they doubted, has sealed deal, donald trump and his supporters delivering a smashing plow to status quo to become 45 president of the united states of america, i am trish ree reagan. welcome. this is what he faces. a country in conflict.
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protest ors take to streets, they are marching up 6th avenue here in manhattan en route to trump tower, not just manhattan it is all over country right now. live pictures from chicago, portland, los angeles, and new york. no one said it would be easy, he is not kind of guy that takes easy way out, he is promising to mend this division, he will start tomorrow at white house tomorrow morning, he sits down with president obama. but ahead of that, we're seeing all this unrest in parts of the nation right now. those pictures to us from major metr metropolitan areas. in new york city. this is the scene a short time ago. many from black lives matter group. marching to trump tower. oregon, and los angeles.
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protested coming in despite calls from hillary clinton and president obama pleading with supporters to give donald trump a chance. >> we owe him an open mind, a chance to lead. our constitutional democracy inshrines the peaceful transfer of power, we don't just respect that, we cherish that. we'll still not shattered that glass ceiling, some day someone will. >> we're all rooting for a success. uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we're going to show that to the world. >> let's look at what is going on outside in streets of new
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york, thousands of people, marching, up to trump tower. chaos out there. we have coverage. as well as how donald trump is going to work to mend things, what you can expect from a trump administration. i want to welcome our panel here on set. rich lowry. from national review. jessica. outside, you probably saw it on the way in. chaos in the streets. >> i am surprised at the level i have never in my time doing this, seen people who are so devastated by a loss. never seen -- there are people in my office today crying.
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there are people i have seen on streets crying. there is a real fear of what donald trump is going to do by these people, my hope is that donald trump begins to heal things as he promised. that people open their minds and say, i'm giving donald trump and his supporters the of about of the doubt right now -- benefit of the doubt right now, we have a great country, we're better than we are right now. >> he started making chosen roads in the speech, there are a lot of different directs he could have gone, he sounded presidential. and it was not you know i'm going after hillary clinton or this, that or other. but we need to come together, this is the time. >> trump hit the right tone. we have to come together, the day after, we're a divided country, we have to move america forward. i am not worried about donald
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trump, his biggest worry in life is not being a success, i am not worried. donald trump could wind up -- i know i'm getting crushed, he could be one of the better presidents that we've had. >> i agree. he has a big, go that is healthy, you want a big ego in president. but he comes from a entrepreneurial background, he is all about the bottom line, politicians, might think, well, i'm making these strides. and he is the guy who saying, no, how much money did we make. what is our gdp growth this quarter, we have to get it a stage where we care about the economy in a fundamental emotional way. he delivers. >> that is a key part of his message is jobs. , he has to learn how to restrain himself, he will
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occupy the most magestic office of the history in planet, ever fiber of trump right now, can i get on twitter and attack these idiots, because they are idiots, we heard about how trump supporters would not accept, this the left doing that. and would not surprise me if windows are broken. this is just the beginning, it will be like nixon or george w. bush they will plow throw things at his inevitable august -- inaugural parade. >> i got a lot of photos of crying. my friends do not look great sobbing. this is your first amendment right to protest that is important,. if it had gone the other way, trump supporters would have been protesting. >> not like this.
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>> conservatives don't do this, they are not good at mob action. >> but putting that aside, i think they both would have had a tremendous challenge facing them and uniting. >> we saw thousands. >> look at what organization is going on, on the coast. that is whole point. he was a reputin re-- repudiation to status quo, he said, america is not working for the working class american. the people in status quo who are protesting. >> here is -- >> here is the thing. >> jill steyn. >> you know, define -- >> does not happen when you are winning. definition of leader happens when you lost. i'm optimistic based way hillary clinton handled herself this morning it was a
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beautiful speech, a unifying speech, it was heartfelt. >> and obama. >> obama as well, i will say this. >> and trump. >> they are leading. >> they all. >> don't go anywhere, we'll continue the conversation. let's have him fill us in. reporter: we're at a protest outside of trump tower. a protested started in union square 6:00. headed north in the rain. we're outside about a block away from residence of donald trump there are thousands of people here. angry over what happened. so many people we saw come out here. you talk too them a lot of this crowd is very young. these are young people. that live in or around the city, college students, maybe just out of college. we were looking at a lot of
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these kids, they are disassociated. they have not been you know really struck by a great economy. a lot of them, are angry for many reasons, they are angry at rhetoric of donald trump. and happened in the course of this election. that i think blind sided every hillary clinton supporter. and every antitrump person. shock of this election. one thing whether you see it coming, but when it blind sides you, then your guy or woman did not win that anger bubbles up. as you can see, this is lightly dispersioning, this is just one of many protests. today, we're having a skirmish right here. someone trying to fight with my producer, we'll call that right there.
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and we'll just tell you there are thousands of people here. and ugly night outside of donald trump's house. lou: >> let me ask you, we have some reports that black lives matter has been involved in these protests. do you have that? >> yeah, this is hodgepodge so many different group, black lives matter, you know several different groups. even so many different groups joining together, and you see rainbow flags, so many different things. a picture of a picture. >> okay. again. we'll keep checking back with you, rob. sounds like you have something going on. >> a mess here. trish: all right.
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well, i don't know if we want to -- what is going on, we'll continue to check back in with rob. you said, you would not be surprised if you see broken windows? >> certainly, the protests in oakland they will be broken windows there are always broken windows in oakland. >> i don't know why everyone was blind sided, the signs were there for a trump victory, expert ignored it they focused on his flaws and they focused on what they thought were his short comings, they did not listen to his message. trish: they were believing, the mainstream media, if they had been tuning in to intel, have you been talking about it for months, people in manufacturing, in rust belt of america they are hurt, all polling dated in defense of people that have been caught off guard. like jessica, polling date indicated she would win.
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>> it did not, it said she would win by a very narrow margin, she will still win popular vote. kellyanne conway and i had same problem, here was problem i could not figure out where was donald trump picking up 10 to 20 electoral votes, simple 1 in pennsylvania, 1 in michigan, 1 in wisconsin, i called my mother, once i say in florida high would be 45th president of the ohio, when ohio river lit up red like a christmas tree. trish: with the protests we talk about the coasts, we are looking at live to us from philadelphia affiliate, there they are also protesting, we're just in new york city, talking to our reporter rob schmidt. it is happens on west coast, on east coast. looking at middle of the nation.
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>> they are having a great day. trish: places like pennsylvania. >> and ohio. >> these are his people. yes. >> there is a fundamental disconnect in ideology. and a misunderstanding of what the other side believes, we have been spending so much time believing this trump supporters are uneducate, bigots, that is how we've been talking about them for the last since he announced 18 months ago. and i -- it is a dangerous narrative to have now they have won, this is what we think of these people, now, on other side, trump supporters have been looking at hillary supportedders they are crazy to support a felony who is corrupt, there is a fundamental disconnect, underneath this, if you understand what a trump supporter is looking for, jobs and opportunity. but democrats, we also like to have a job.
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i -- people joke that we can do anything. >> i am seeing that trump supporter on other side don't know that democrats also believe this was going to make best america it could, if we could take a step back, and say, we all agree, with what hillary clinton said, and let's give this a chance. >> i think that democrats, at least i feel this way, i am more than happy to give him a chance. i don't want to live through 4 years of -- >> what are we trying to accomplishing by taking to streets? >> i think they want to say, even if this is going to be how it is, no one as we not of seen serious this is a rigged elect thing. they want to register their protest, this is not man we wanted to be president. trish: we have to take a quick break. we're continuing to follow the protests, happening on streets in metropolitan areas in the
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nation, on both coasts, that is new york city. and we're just moments ago thousands of people were marching up fifth avenue, turning. to go over to trump tower. rob schmidt you saw him, he is on the street right now, we'll continue to check in with him, look at other protests in the country as we talk about how it is that donald trump is going to mend this nation, and make america great again.
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trish: breaking right now watching protests break out across country. on the streets of new york city thousands of people marching up to trump tower. we have picturing from chicago. this is chicago right now. oakland, california,
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philadelphia, notice, it is coastal regions. metro polmet metropolitan areas, very liberal, very pro-hillary areas. joining me right now, rich lowr lowry. ford oconnel. and jessica, you know, they can't over turn this. there was a moment last night where people thought that might be where they were trying to go when john podesta came out, and addressed her supporters, said, we're still counting votes. what was you g -- going through his head. >> i was in touch with people at the javits center. it was somber. i think that hillary clinton
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-- i wish she had been able to come out and shake hands with supporters or say thank you. hillary clinton supporters. i have no idea what was going on with her, when you look at fact that republicans and democrats alike. some people -- a huge shock. i think podesta he he buying time. trish: i think she may not have had a concession speech. >> she did. >> podesta comes out and said we're fighting this statement, then 20 minutes later, word comes hillary called. >> did she send him over to bide time. and figured out pennsylvania is going for trump. >> my speculation is based on nothing. i had no contact -- javits
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center, there was a crushing, unexpected loss, she wanted to take a breath. >> to be fair to hillary. when you lose one of these it takes 3 years off your life, when you win that is two years, this is one of the most soul-crushing experienceses, when you win you don't know what you have won yet. trying to coi count vast vote, then it is done, you don't believe numbers. >> numbers were coming in trump family was watching at compantrump tower. i think they probably had a little bit of a shock, we takes i don't know if it was that day or day before, you were running the numbers, you said it could happen because he is within a margin of error. we don't know how accurate the
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polls are, where weren't they accurate. >> i think there are a few. easy in hindsight to go back, but we sat there, it does not make sense. we're going over the numbers, thing we looked at was how do you perform versus poll in primary, he outperformed in inn primary every time, around 5 to 6 points in florida as were as 19. there was something we knew that was anything on with polling, that we call it the bradley affect but people who were really, not willing to say it out loud, i know there were a fair number of people who done make a decision until at that time, late-breaking people did break for trump 2%. trish: they did not want to tell the exit polsters what they had done. i want to point out, you can see streets of phillie there with traffic. and reason. aerial shots, because we have troh test ors there --
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protesters gathered on street, they seem to be gathering around a vehicle, we have word that black lives matter is involved in the protests, as well as a number of other organizations, thousand karimoving on just fine. -- the car is moving on just fine, but thousands in stlee street in coastal regions of new york city, philadelphia, oklahoma and chicago. we will continue monitoring this we'll continue to talk about the challenges that donald trump, now faces, in terms of bringing the nationing it and the economi the economy possibilities with a trump presidency. we'll see you right back here
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father: [beat box sounds] baby: [giggling] trish: welcome back, i want to take you to streets of new york, philadelphia, chicago, thousands of people are protesting the new president
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elect donald trump. we learned that black lives matter is involved in the protests. as well as others, donald trump, campaigned and won on the idea that we need economic prosperity for all. that so many americans have been disserved by obama administration. including so many of these communities in places like philadelphia. where they are protesting right now. because they need jobs. they need an opportunity, they need better wages. here with me now, as we continue to watch the live evens happening, trump economy aid vide viewer steve more. steve what do you think is going to unfolded with these protests. >> i had a hard time getting over here. they did this right near rush
1:28 am
hour, i don't think they have a permit. i think you will see more of these. you will see them in major cities. they could turn violent. left was angry, in last couple years, with obama as president. imagine how infurated they will be. trish: policies, should be policies that you know, econ 101. i say this as a business reporter, in you separate personalty of trump, some people have, with that, and his policy with lower taxes, less regulation and free up business and free up opportunity, get people back to work, give them a job. this -- give them a chance to restore their pride and take care of their family, that is what places like philadelphia, they need that. >> yeah, you know what is
1:29 am
great people are already going back to work all protesters are probably paid by george soros. this is a positive development. but you are right. with donald trump, he has talked about, he has given a voice to shows folks who believe their economic prospects are so dim. they have not seen their take home pay go up in a decade. i hear what steve moore says i agree, american corporate tax code is way out of balance. even with liberal europe. our regulatory state has been unchecked for last 8 years, even with climate change, foolishness of shedding more jobs and making energy more expensive that is one of the reason that donald trump did so well in states like wisconsin and michigan, someone drought this up, her husband won west virginia, by 15 points, she lost west virginia by 30 or 40.
1:30 am
you know -- she -- it of a land slide, voters had enough of us shedding jobs needlessly. >> adding one thing to protesters, you know, i think that when you look at -- most of these are millennials, they are young, between 25 to 40. millennials have been the victims of obamacare. i mean they are people to hurt most, and with jobs for millennial, they have been hurt by obama's ajen, they should be cheering for this new economy couldi economic agenda. trish: well i think they don't understand the economic agenda, they are so frustrated with government and status quo, frankly that is president obama's doing. how the inner-cities across
1:31 am
america have deteriorated in last 8 years. he had an opportunity to do so much more. >> i think that one of trump's strongest points, these areas of country that have been left behind are all under democratic control. if democrat policies are doing so well for you. they never had a response. trish: matt. how do you see tonight unfolding? there are concerns with places lea like, oakland, california. in philadelphia, we watch they look peaceful. people walking on street. >> first of all, idea that we could have violence out of these protests is worrisome.
1:32 am
but i want to go to what i said, down under estimate a fact this is organized. that this is orchestrated by the left too try to immediately, as soon as donald trump wins this race to make him somehow ill legitimate, this will go on throughout trump presidency, do all they can to make it look like donald trump is losing american people, your viewers, most will realize this is not going to be constructive. but we need to do is get congress back to legislating, we need to preform the economy, and reform the economy and open our ability to have more investment and more jobs and our companies can grow and not move to europe. trish: looking at these people there. what do they want tonight? >> they want bernie sanders. right? trish: i think that ship has sailed. >> i think they want a redo.>> t
1:33 am
getting it there that would threaten the entire democratic process. >>y would say, i think these protests will backfire on the left, i think that american people say, these people are out of control, we just had a democratic election, the right guy won. trish: all right, taking a two this is more than just a credit card. it's how adventure begins. and with the miles you can earn, it's always taking you closer to your next
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trish: we're continuing to
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watch this chaos unfield, live pictures from streets of new york city right now side, protesters were marching up 6 avenue, they ahead their way to trump tower. right now. there are thousands gathered outside of trump tower in what so far has been peaceful. we do know that black lives matter is involve with protest in no new york city, we're also seeing protest in philadelphia, chicago. lake shore drives this been shut down in chicago, protest in oakland. these are centered on both coasts. do you think ford, that being a trump supporter.
1:38 am
we know that trump suppor supporters were not really willing to come forward. when you watch this kind of stuch, thes stuff, this stuff coming in do they need to be concernd. >> i hear you, that is what happened in margin in a state like florida, people who supported trump did not want to be judged. in public, work or social media, i had a friend who wrote my a nasty note on facebook, almost unfriended me, and i was in his wedding, i can take it. but, there were a lot of nervous trump supporters in particular among white women, and certain college educated men, they didn't want to talk about this at work, say they believe in trump or he might turn things.
1:39 am
trish: they were fearful of this? they were fearful they would be ridiculed? >> i just, i have a few e-mails, i have been presents about lessons to learn. i got e-mails today saying, i want you to know i didn't say anything out loud, i appreciate your presentation, i have been following trump all along, but i have been afraid at repercussions in my office. his supporters are afraid. to think this is happening, is phenomenal. trish: we saw, some men there hanging from scaffolding. live from chicago. you have concerns about this? thus far it is peaceful. >> yeah, i just, this i is a sign of how divided the country circumstance i think it will be like this for a while, i think it behooves donald trump, not that he will
1:40 am
please these protesters, but ma make himself least radioactive as possible to be as soothing and gracious, and his speech last night, this morning, was a great start. that is kind of tone he needs to try to manetain going forward -- maintain going forward, surprise those people. trish: there are historic analogies to be made. you think about ronald reagan, he was the crazy guy coming to office, there was a lot of division there. >> it requires statesmanship, donald trump of the a great political candidate, he is often outrageous, now he has to up his game, and go to a higher. trish: today? >> let me say this about that, i think that campaign tactics in particular presidential level, have changed so much in last 15 years, when i started doing it st was like queens bury rules we had certain sets
1:41 am
of norm, in last 12 years in it is ufctactics, there is, high hais -- i don't blame him for some tactic he used. trish: jumping in. new york sta industry, streets. we are getting reports of 10,000 protesters. jessica, this is an organized move, happening all over, new york city, chicago. philadelphia. what does it take? >> i don't know. i'm not a community organizer. >> a lot of planning. >> trish: one would assume.
1:42 am
>> it started about -- when it looked like donald trump would win, if it is not peaceful then that is a different discussion, i give people a few days. i to' say, in defense of earlier segment about other side. there was a lot of rhetoric from donald trump this is rigged. i might not accept results, a lot of his supporters fell that. >> these are not his supporters. >> no. i understand that, i know that liberals do protest, i know that things got violent and they were paid to go to some rallies, this election has brought out such fraught emotions. trish: it is that or it is staged? >> well, there are organizational element to this. also, you don't produce thousands of people are less they are genuinely upset about something that happened.
1:43 am
i don't know that is highly constructive, if they really wanted to have an impact, they should have been organizers in michigan or something. >> i understand that people right now are going through anger, let's allow people to go through process, know that there is fundamental truth, you cannot be emotional and curious at the same time, people are emotional right now, they are not ready to be curious about what is happening, let them be upset, then let donald trump lead, let republican party show them there is nothing to be afraid of. trish: that is right. >> i want to add donald trump has to lead the way, it is important who he surrounded himself with. trish: we'll continue that thought, that is critical, he has to get right cast members in place. thank you so much good to have you hire. >> thank you.
1:44 am
trish: we'll continue to watch protests there, new york see streets, estimated 10,000 people have taken to the streets to protest donald trump.
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1:47 am
trish: we're watching a little unrest in streets of new york, also philadelphia. some people not heap, they are going to have to learn to adjustment with the results of this election joining me, scott brown. former massachusetts senator. he came out quite early for donald trump. you had your own protesters, you took a heat from for that at the time. but you saw something scott in him that a lot of people did not sciencishly. >initially.
1:48 am
>> i was first federal, past or president u.s. senator to endorse donald, i thought he would be the guy to knock heads and take numbers, get people in a room, say we're doing tax reform. and deal with border security, and if you don't do it i'm going to get on tv tell your constituents that you are not doing the people's. i like that he is out there making sure we get people's business done. he will surround himself with good people, and move this country forward. trish: what are these people missing in the streets. do they just like to protest? what is this? they have to go back to work, what is the thought? >> missing bernie sanders. and they are missing hillary clinton. and they are missiarack obama. and they are missing big government being in their lives, and basically, you know having total domination of their ex i existence.
1:49 am
this clearly is organized similar to those we saw affecting donald trump's rallies, trying to disrupt them. who is behind it? i'm sure we'll find out. they want so vet that is great. when it turns violence, and you put people's property and live and limbs in jeb jeopardy -- jeopardy that is where we draw the line, law and order takes over. trish: this was part of hid success, a message that resonated. >> absolutely. trish: law and order. >> yeah. trish: and economic prosperity, a lot more to talk about, senator, good to see you. >> thank you, congratulations. we live in a pick and choose world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft.
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trish: again, back to streets of oakland, california. they love to protest in california. this is san francisco area, you may think of berkeley, they have a language history in protests, they have taken to streets toy night, to voice their displeasure with our new president. and philadelphia a similar thing there and new york city we have reports that black lives matter is involved in this. something that is very organized. you have to be to get thousands of people to show up. it begs the question, how do we get through this? we need to. and donald trump, he may be the guy that is up for the task. washington examine senior political analyst michael brown joining me and matt slap
1:54 am
-- you know, we don't know who these folks are could we heard black lives matter. here in new york. there has been talk of a lot of millennials, maybe former bernie folks. but, we're moving into what could be a very different time, hopefully a very prosperous time for the u.s. there is an opportunity rights now, with republicans to get stuff done. in a way that we have not seen in 8 years. >> right. i tell you these 8 years, if you look at every statistics except unemployment rate, this just bad news for so many americans, poverty, statistic, and rates have been through the roof, lowest labor participation rates since jimmy carter was president. donald trump, went to these communities, and to the cities
1:55 am
and said, hey, what do you have to lose, look at what is happening around you, i think -- freight irony of today's protests, these trump policies thatting good-by going to give a lot o these people hope and economic hope, they need to wait for the medicine to kick in. in. trish: that could be the truth, with lower taxes less regulation, freeing up the economy, that enables people in these challenged areas to get back to work, michael this is what this elect about. >> well, it was one of the big factors, one working in donald trump's favor of the economy. the exit poll show i think about half of voters said they picked the economy out of list of 5 issues that was most important to them. and they preferred, donald trump on the economy.
1:56 am
donald trump plot a plurality of electoral votes, both campaigns concentrated to winning those, because that is how you get elected president. >> people, donald trump is that good or was she that bad? michael, i think that, americans they want to vote for someone. and for something, they don't want to vote against somebody. it seemed like it was just i am ain't trum am anti-trump. >> that was not enough voters, looking at people who voter for hillary clinton, lower
1:57 am
percentage of them than trump voters who said they were not voting in opposition they were voting -- strongerring it wit together with her. trish: i'm jumping in
1:58 am
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2:00 am
. trish: all right, it is a new day. we have a new president in america. president-elect anyway, donald trump is going to head to the white house tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to sit down with president obama after his stunning victory that i'll tell you defied all the odds, all the polls, all the pundits, all the media and political elite. wow. i'm trish regan, welcome back to a special primetime edition of "the intelligence report." the big question today, how did those pollsters, those pundits, those so-called experts in the mainstream media, how did they get it all so wrong in this election.
2:01 am
we're continuing to watch the story in the streets of philly and oakland where they love to protest and they are there taking to the streets to protest donald trump as the president-elect, but he won! so it looks like they have to get used to it. joining me fox news contributor charles hurt, republican strategist evan sigfreid and democratic strategist harlan hill. leslie marshall is joining us along with gina loudon. a big team here for you. how did they miss it, harlan? i mean, they were just absolutely blindsided, and hillary clinton supporters and make hillary clinton herself completely blindsided by, this why? >> i think that they overestimated how much of the obama coalition would turn out on election day for her. when you look at the actual data, she underperformed barack obama with african-americans, with latinos, even with women. even with women, which should
2:02 am
have been the defining group for her, i think that was a big part of it. if they didn't show up on election day, there's no reason -- and carrying over to the protests, if you didn't show up on election day, you don't have any room to complain. trish: a lot of them didn't show up on election day, they're showing up to protest. looking at philadelphia coming into us right now from aptn and those are anti-protesters taking to the streets. what's your thought on this, evan? >> listen if they had shown up to the polls like the streets, hillary clinton would have taken pennsylvania and other states. trish: ironic this is happening in pennsylvania. >> i'm sure hillary's ground game is thrilled this is going on now instead of 24 hours ago. i was looking at liberals' timelines on twitter, and they were tweeting out things at 6:00, 7:00 last night. no matter what, we should accept the results, it's not rigged. three hours later, burn it all down. practice what you preach and
2:03 am
they should be held accountable. trish: i've seen charles hurt on set as well, so many people were saying this system is rigged, it's absolutely, and aren't you the same exact people that were all over donald trump saying he threatened the democratic process because he was saying i think the system is rigged, charles? >> funny, a minute ago, i got caught up, walked across the street. caught up, there must have been a good 7,000, 8,000 people stretching about ten blocks and demanding civility and trump is rude. they were saying the rudest things, the rudest things, horrible things about him and i guess us and everybody. but and it strikes me, they're probably bernie sanders supporters, and i suspect a lot of them did stay home and didn't come out for hillary clinton. trish: there is a double standard, right? when you talk about how they turn this on its head, gina loudon.
2:04 am
now it's rigged because donald trump won and now they're out there protesting and making lewd comments and so far, i want to point out things have been peaceful. there are concerns this kind of stuff can turn rather quickly and escalate in a way you don't want to see, but gina, i mean, my goodness, it's okay for one group to do it, not just okay for a conservative. >> right, well, all you have to do is remember the tea parties and the tea parties were branded rapists by existence despite the fact they left anything clean, there was never anything profane. no one was hurt or injured at a tea party and wanted to label that protesting as crazy radical activity. here's my question for them trish, what are they protesting? mr. trump hasn't done anything yet. it's comical. poorly timed. it spells out for really the rest of the world that they don't believe their own
2:05 am
standards apply to them and they're willing to be perfect hypocrites, it makes narrative ineffective. trish: we're looking at pictures from portland oregon shutting down traffic on that highway, so you know, i think you make a valid point. what are they protesting? let's go to leslie marshall in touch with a lot of liberals who don't like how this election unfolded, you know, leslie, i'm going beg to differ, you said that donald trump was the most beatable candidate, and that sure got proven wrong. >> well, i didn't think he was the most beatable. i said i live in a state where arnold schwarzenegger became my governor, don't underestimate name recognition, big bravado and the cult of personality of celebrity. and donald trump had all of those. i really thought that he was an easier candidate to beat than a john kasich or marco rubio and i like the pollsters was wrong. i want to speak to the protest
2:06 am
because i am a liberal democrat who supported hillary clinton and i'm wearing black for mourning today. however, i'm not out on the streets. i voted yesterday. and to the point of some of the people on the panel, one, a lot of bernie, you know, bernie or bust. they stayed home and you don't protest now, you should have gone out and voted before. if you had the youth and the african-american vote and the blue collar states like pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan and added the people that put their vote for gary johnson, this would be a very different conversation today. i would have preferred to have voted before than cry after. trish: yeah, hello, you got to engage in the democratic process, and you don't use this as an excuse to go out and protest and raise some h-e-l-l, there is an element of that. you look in portland, oregon or oakland, california. >> absolute wleechlt do they want at this point?
2:07 am
looks like the world's biggest temper tantrum. they're burning flags. massive civil disobedience, blocking roads. what's the end game? we know they're frustrated with the fact that donald trump won the presidency. what are they after? that's what i don't understand. is this them trying to relieve pressure, or are they protesting for something? do they want the attention of congress. trish: they want the attention -- they want attention, the world is so unruly now because donald trump is going to be our president. my goodness gracious, what are we going to do? this is exactly what they're trying to do, and they want attention, right? >> yeah, i'm going to give them a hug after. that's what they want. no, listen, they are actually undermining the democratic process. when donald trump made the claim this election is rigged, a lot of people pushed back and said we are the gold standard for democracy throughout the world. other countries, third-world
2:08 am
countries with dictators strive to have our open and fair democratic process and now going out and just saying this is not what we like. it wasn't fair, it was rigged. no, it wasn't. it was -- donald trump won this election fair and square and he's the 45th president of the united states, period. trish: and he has a tremendous opportunity in front of him, charles. he's got the wind at his back. he's got the house, the senate, the oval office and he's a guy who wants to get stuff done. i made the point earlier, ego alone, let's face it, and i say that in a positive way, you need a ton of ego to be president of the united states of america. his ego alone will not tolerate ineffectiveness. he's going to want to see a massive gdp number. he's going to want to see wages increase. he's going want to to see record low unemployment. >> and i think that's always why he buckled down at the end and did the things that needed to be done to win is because he really didn't want to lose and
2:09 am
didn't want to lose to hillary clinton. it is a tremendous opportunity that he has right now, and what i think is interesting about it is that, this is a guy who thinks outside of the box, he does everything, tears every rule book up, starts from scratch with everything, and that's not a bad place to start if you're going to try to fix the mess that is washington. >> i think there really is an opportunity. i say this over and over again because our federal reserve has been put in a bit ofd, and you know, i don't have a whole lot of use for fed governors the way they're lking to the media every time they turn around. they have been the only game in town, you know why? president obama can't reach out. it wasn't in his dna. he wasn't able to get anything done. you had no effectiveness on the fiscal policy side. you were left with only monetary policy, guess what, evan? now there is a chance to actually get stuff done. to actually see meaningful
2:10 am
reform to repeal things like obamacare which are crippling businesses to find a way to get lower taxes to incentivize companies to bring the offshore profits back here home, i mean, if you're able to unleash the prosperity. what is the potential? >> limitless at this point. what donald trump really needs to do, he has about a year with the american public to get two types of results. one tangible results, something that everybody around dinner table can say donald trump made my bills less and i don't have to pay more for cost of living. and two, emotional result such as big victory over isis and something we can be proud of as a nation. if he can do that in the first year, he's doing well. voters and americans on both sides of the aisle will become more and more patient with him. that's a risk. trish: stay with me, i want to keep talking about this. i want to point out there's a lot of opportunity right now on the economic front, and he may be able to get stuff done in a
2:11 am
way we haven't seen. you're looking at chicago there. again, more protesters there in the streets. this is a highly organized effort because these folks want attention. i want to go back to rob schmitt from fox news live in new york city with the latest on this breaking story. hour those guys acting out there? >> reporter: trish, at this point, the nypd is saying enough is enough. as you look behind me, you'll notice the crowd has minimized significantly. it started to disperse, it's breaking up. this was thousands of people an hour or go, the barricades are up and the push is on to get these people to go home after what's been about a four-hour protest that started in union square, around 14th street up broadway into 6th avenue and right outside trump tower. we are not sure if donald trump is home tonight. i've heard he might be aware way checking on properties. we don't know. if he is home, he knows
2:12 am
thousands are screaming in protest at his election for presidency, which i'm sure is somewhat unsettling but not unseen. it's happened before, this is the part of america. this is what we do. we protest and allow people to protest. this was a loud one and a very young protest. this was a lot of kids that are coming into the world coming out of college, a lot of them in college angry about the situation they're coming into, angry about the president and the president-elect and some of the things that were said and they found solace, a lot of them, in the words of bernie sanders. they didn't get bernie sanders and a lot of them had to settle for hillary clinton, and then thinking they had hillary clinton was going to win, when that didn't happen it erupted into the anger that you saw. trish: i'll tell you, rob, it could be amazing. we've been talking about the economic opportunity that is afoot for this country. if he is able to get all the ducks in a row and get everyone in washington on board, you could see really meaningful policy changes that really start to jump start our
2:13 am
economy, that get all those kids out working because they need a job. they should be getting to bed right now and getting ready for work tomorrow morning as opposed to all taking to the streets. rob schmitt, thank you very much. we'll continue checking back in with you. donald trump has vowed to put america first and has put the world on notice. if he is elected, all bets are off. now that there's a new sheriff in town, what does president trump need to do about iran, syria, iraq, afghanistan and, of course, the fight against terror and isis.
2:14 am
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2:17 am
taking to the streets in communities that can you imagine were very sympathetic towards hillary clinton, places like new york city where, just moments ago, we saw thousands of them here right outside the studio there on 6th avenue, they made their way to trump tower. looking at live pictures of philadelphia. pennsylvania, ironically, the state that really put donald trump firmly into the category of winning this election, and also oakland, california. california, a state, obviously, well, california likes its protests and they're out there in full swing. here with a look at america's new standing in the world as a result of the new president-elect we have world renowned terror expert, the author of the best-selling book defeating jihad, dr. sebastian gorka. good to have you here. i want to talk about vladimir putin, i want to talk about syria, i want to talk about mexico but first as we watch
2:18 am
the protesters march in philadelphia, i'd like your reaction to that. >> really disturbed. i think, trish, it's just another sideeffect of the last 20 years of education being handed over to the radical left. so these young misguided american children don't understand how the republic works and how a democracy works. the american people spoke yesterday. they chose their president. that is how the republic functions, and as your guests have mentioned before the break, what exactly are they protesting about? and what exactly are they protesting for? you don't get to do the election again if you disagree. it's a little bit like what we're seeing in the brexit phenomena in the uk. in that case the elite didn't
2:19 am
like the views of the democratically active populace and now want to undermine their decision. trish: this is brecksid on steroids when you look how he was able to break into territory that has historically been blue, democratic, union territory, manufacturing workers. i mean, these are the people she was supposed to represent, right? and yet she was out there talking about the need for a trans-pacific trade partnership deal which would have put a whole bunch of them out of work. in pennsylvania saying we're going to put the coal miners out of work and the coal companies out of business. that doesn't go over well if you happen to work as a coal miner. so again, we watch the protests. can you imagine, dr. gorka, if the tables were turned? can you imagine if these were donald trump protesters on the streets tonight?
2:20 am
>> i just thinking that as i was watching the footage. if hillary had won and we had just a few hundred trump protesters in the same cities tonight, what would the reaction have been instantly? these are fascists, these are bigots, these are racists. they have no right to do this. as chris plante, one of my favorite radio show hosts says, if the left didn't have double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. trish: my goodness, an interesting way to put it. i get frustrated with the double standards. feels as though there's one set of rules for them and one set of rules for everyone else. hillary clinton, this is one of the things that got her into trouble that she ran by her own set of rules and would live via another set. talk to you about some of these big, big issues that are going to be on his plate. vladimir putin, congratulating
2:21 am
him today. those on the left would say, well, of course, vladimir putin is going to congratulate him because donald trump is exactly what vladimir putin wants. what do you say in response? >> i say people need to pay attention closely to the speech that was given in philadelphia by donald trump, his national security platform speech in philly, and need to listen to his short acceptance speech yesterday. he's going to blow all the cliches out of the water. the things they tried to accuse him of, he's going to act very, very differently. his response to the last seven years is going to be no more leading from behind. all our allies who have been disrespected in the last 7 1/2 years will feel the friendship of america again. all those nations who are threats to us, who are enemies
2:22 am
or potential adversaries will feel the heat of a reinvigorated and renewed america. trish: maybe it was putin's interest to make nice. you think back to when reagan took office, and people were willing to extend an olive branch because they were so miserable trying to deal with his predecessor. i want to show you what the ambassador there from france, the french ambassador in washington tweeted out moments after he learned that donald trump would be president. my goodness, after brexit everything is possible. a world is collapsing before our eyes. dizziness. i guess maybe the french aren't going to be so welcoming, dr. gorka. maybe that's okay. >> a lot of countries want the international system to have a load stone. they want a reference point and don't want it to be russia,
2:23 am
iran or china. they want america back as the reference point. donald trump is going to make america that international load stone of the system that has to be rebalanced. remember, we have 65 million refugees in the world today. a record that is in part the result of the disastrous obama foreign policy, that's going to change now, trish. trish: a lot can change. we've been talking all about it. dr. gorka, thank you so much. we're going to take a quick break. we're continuing to watch these protests unfolding across the country all in major metropolitan areas on the coast except for chicago. except for chicago. it's obama's territory there. whythen get worse?nks taste chalky?
2:24 am
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. trish: welcome back, the country has spoken, they have a president-elect, that's donald trump. there happen to be a few people in philadelphia, in new york city, in oakland, california that don't like it so much.
2:27 am
they're taking to the streets and protesting. we were just talking with our own rob schmitt in the streets. one of the interesting points we've heard being made is so many of the people shouted obscenities, they've been vulgar. this is something the left criticized the right of all along, now here we are and the left doesn't like the results of this election and so they're trying to make their voices heard and that's what's happening right now. i want to get back to the amazing thing that happened in this country, to think that blue states, historically blue states that were always going fact they switched red. how did that happen? was it donald trump himself? was it ground game? was it a combination of all of the above, the fact she was a week candidate? joining me tim philips and chris hahn. good to see you guys. >> good evening.
2:28 am
>> how do you explain it, chris? >> i'm throwing the playbook out and we'll have a different playbook and different in the two years in between. this is an election like no other. a candidate like no other. he didn't have a traditional campaign. these are things i have grown up in politics expecting everyone who runs for president to do. he didn't do it, he had a traditional campaign, a popular campaign, it wasn't enough to overcome his star power. we live in an age everybody thinks they're a star. you have to be a really big star to run for president. trish: he was getting the huge crowds, the e of the election, 10,000 to 12,000 people estimated to be out for him in new hampshire. i'm from new hampshire, that is a small place. if you get that many people, that is a big deal. >> if it's a point or two, it absolutely matters and issues matter. the fundamental decision that millions of americans made was that hillary clinton represented the old cronyism and the corruption that is washington, d.c.
2:29 am
there were other incumbents on the republican side who struggled because they were too tied to washington, d.c., senator blount barely won despite the fact trump carried missouri by double digits. trish: as you look forward to new races, new elections, are you looking for that star power? you always need a little star power. has he changed the equation that now it's about rallies, it's about bringing out people in droves, about getting the base so darn excited that they're going to show up, you know, no matter what? >> we saw that with obama in 08. right? he was the star quality candidate people were drawn to. you have to have some of that going forward in american politics. people want to have that. they want to feel they're part of a movement. that's what donald trump gave people. trish: they knew that. the democrats knew hillary clinton didn't have the star quality. they knew that bernie sanders did, and did everything in
2:30 am
their power to take him down. >> look, i disagree with you on that. i don't think bernie sanders, bernie sanders did start a movement, i think it was an admirable movement. he got a lot of steam with young people. bernie sanders wasn't capturing the minds and hearts of all democrats. seen as an outsider and seen a little too extreme. >> i think there were a ton of similarities, curious to what you think about bernie sanders and donald trump and totally different approaches but they were the outsider. this is the year of the outsider, hard to run as the ultimate insider. >> issues still matter. ron johnson in wisconsin ran three percentage points ahead of donald trump because of obamacare. he tied russ feingold, the old democratic incumbent and killed feingold. trish: i'm not saying issues don't matter. i think issues absolutely matter. financial security is a big, big front and center issue for people right now in america.
2:31 am
jobs, big, big issue and he talked about these but he was able to command a national stage in a way that a lot of candidates frankly have never, ever been. >> he was a master of using new media and old media to get his message out. it's why he won. campaign had nothing to do with it. the crowd size, i'm sorry, trish, crowd size is meaningless unless you get that media splash afterwards. he could be speaking to 100 people in a room in new york city, if we were carrying it live and the other networks carried it live. trish: it was better than a commercial. >> it was amazing. >> dominant problem that hillary clinton had. most voters viewed her as the same old washington, d.c., they just did. they viewed her that way. trish: that was the mistake, and i saw joe biden standing next to the president probably thinking, you know, guys, you had your chance. >> saw that. trish: and he went through
2:32 am
personal struggles as well. >> i've been playing psychiatrist all day to my democratic friends. always darkest before the dawn. i remember 2004 feeling pretty bad, 2000 feeling bad. trish: don't get too excited about that and i say this given my economic background, there's a lot that needs to be done and he's got an opportunity to do it. if he gets it. >> he's got a year to do it. >> expectations are high. trish: sitting around and wait. anyway. thank you so much. thank you so much. we're goin man: what this place needs is better graduation rates.
2:33 am
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2:36 am
. trish: all right, we're still watching the protesters in the streets of philadelphia. our own lee carter was here earlier and she was saying she's seen organization efforts that happened on facebook including some friends of her who were invited via facebook to participate in the protests. so they were certainly organizing. we heard reports they may have been organizing ahead of everything wanting to stick it to donald trump thinking he was going to lose. surprise, surprise! evan sigfreid, harlan hill, gina loudon, leslie marshall and the whole team as we continue watching thousands of people in philadelphia. so evan, you think this was all very orchestrated? >> i think there was a certain level of orchestration, i spoke to friends who are very liberal
2:37 am
in new york city and they were telling me last week they were planning to come to trump tower tonight to say ha-ha, you lost donald trump. and obviously, that's not happening, and now there is a cathartic thing going on at trump tower. trish: we've been talking throughout the evening about the possibility for change. the opportunity dr. gorka heard talking about it on an international scale, the way we interact with other countries and other leaders will be very different. a lot on the agenda in the way of repealing obamacare, putting something else and economic changes in the way of tax deductions, lower taxes for corporations, for individuals and less regulation, and where do you begin harlan, if you are donald trump? what is number one right now? >> he says he's going to repeal and replace obamacare. and that's a really tall order. i think that's very bold. obama tried to go down the same path when he was elected and
2:38 am
tried to ram rod through health care reform, it took longer than he thought it was and was a total distraction. i think there is economic relief the american people need at this point they would focus my attention on to begin with. cut taxes, let's take a look the regulation. i would put aside infrastructure spending at first because i'm not sure that just throwing money at the big projects makes sense. i think obama fell for the same trap when he was elected. trish: remember that $800 billion, it was like money into nowhere. >> exactly. trish: he would need to make sure that the government was spending that money wisely, for sure. but infrastructure is one of the things he's talked about. charles, 71 days left for president obama. what does he do in the meantime? i'll ask you about hillary clinton and whether he prematurely pardons her if he needs to? >> i wouldn't be surprised.
2:39 am
obviously that last announcement by jim comey changes a lot about her case but we still believe there is an investigation going into the clinton foundation, and if indeed that is true, and i believe that is true, i would not be surprised if he does not go ahead and pardon her. it would mean that president trump doesn't have to do it, and it would -- he could make the argument that it puts all this behind us and we can move on. trish: you know, his press secretary was asked point-blank and he hedged that one today which had people speculating, well, this may be exactly what president obama does. again 71 days. what does he do to preserve his legacy? can he because you know the moment donald trump gets in there, there's a good shot he's going to try and reverse a lot of executive orders.
2:40 am
>> it would be an extraordinary misstep if barack obama is concerned about his legacy to pardon hillary clinton. i don't see what he gets out of that. unless he thinks she can drag him down and his legacy down -- >> you know, it would consume the nation, certainly in a negative way, but maybe in an important way in that there need to be consequences for illegal actions. that said, he might want to preserve his own reputation, his own legacy gina, and that may be a reason why we see a pardon sometime within the next couple months? >> yeah, and i think that we could also see a pardon of huma abedin and anthony weiner.their republican counterparts. i think we can look for a
2:41 am
little drama in the white house before it's all said and over, trish. trish: leslie, you agree with that? >> well, it depends on what he decides to do. think about this. if you want to preserve your legacy, and you have somebody who is saying look, i'm going to do the seven things when i get into office and you look at the executive orders, a little more than that, to undo everything you did in your legacy, you may not pardon because one things the republicans in the house have a field day with is anything clinton foundation, e-mails, benghazi or anything can you tie to clinton which ties up time. ties up money, and makes it harder to get things done which further angers the american people and gets them riled up. trish: okay, the panel has thoughts what you just said. >> but barack obama is implicated in the e-mail scandal. he claims he told the american people when he addressed us he didn't know about the private e-mail server and we know for a fact that he did, and that he had regular correspondence with hillary clinton through e-mail
2:42 am
that was at hillary he knew this was not an official government address and lied point-blank. does he want us to litigate this in the court of public opinion for the next six months. trish: it has been litigated in the court of public opinion in that the people chose not to elect hillary clinton. >> there is one other pardon that could get barack obama in trouble. many latino democrats want to see pardoned by president obama and released for bombing tavern in new york in the late 70s. it's a very, very tricky issue especially among latino democrats in the northeast. a top clinton surrogate is pushing very hard. trish: we're watching all of it. just getting started. thank you so much to all of you, we're c
2:43 am
2:44 am
2:45 am
2:46 am
trish: breaking right now, we're still watching these protests in the streets. looking at a live picture from portland, oregon, we're watching protesters in new york city. estimated 10,000 people in the streets of new york city outside trump tower. dallas is up. you're looking at live pictures of dallas. we are told that at least in new york city, black lives matter was one of the groups responsible for the organization of these protests tonight, but they're happening all over. chicago and also in oakland, california, and up in oregon as well. notice, by the way, you got the coasts protesting not the middle of the country. the middle of the country they've been hurting a lot. hurting when it comes to jobs and they're the ones that manage to get donald trump to the white house. as we watch it all unfold and the significant changes that could be ahead. i'm here with fox business' very own kennedy with her thoughts on all of this. look, a lot of millennials out
2:47 am
there, in fairness to them, they've had a tough go of it that obama's economy has not offered much in the way of opportunity. >> no, i don't think the world really does, and i think that's why they didn't come out to vote for hillary clinton, and, you know, if they actually imposed a little self reflection, how are they thinking that the world would be different if she won? how would the world be better for them being stuck in a job that pays you 12 to $15 minimum wage forever because so many businesses will be saddled with that mandate that they won't be able to raise wages over time? so it's like what would you rather have? actual economic opportunity and remains to be seen how president-elect trump is going to impose that on the country instead of imposing, allowing, he talks a lot about getting rid of regulation and barriers
2:48 am
to entry that small businesses have. trish: small businesses and you in your background you looked at this extensively. there are so many regulations, it makes it so hard and onerous for a small business owner, you're saying i'm spending more time filling out forms and making sure i agree to various regulations and stipulations as opposed to focusing on my business. >> and draconian licensing laws and so many places like the institute for justice that really try and help and foster more economic freedom which is definitely what we need. trish: economic freedom is so important, and think about it kennedy. this is where i think the two sides should be coming together, right? >> yeah. trish: this should be a message let's grow our economy together. going to put a lot of pressure on republicans, republicans have him to thank for hanging onto their jobs but also democrats. i think they might be willing to work with him, too. bill de blasio is saying heck,
2:49 am
at least we got a new yorker. >> no matter who you are, instead of being super negative today. you and i were talking about this a little earlier when we bumped into each other in the hall, president obama when he took office in 2009, he was considered a saint. speeches made women faint and throw their panties simultaneously which is difficult to do, donald trump is coming in perceived as a very flawed human being reviled by half the country. he's got nowhere to go but up. if he accomplishes something, if he gets economic boost early on, you know, it's like, yeah, sit back, and you don't have to embrace all of his views on immigration, whatever you might disagree with, but at least allow for a little bit of positivity. trish: wow, well put, kennedy, and it's always good when they and it's always good when they underestimate you. a
2:50 am
2:51 am
2:52 am
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. trish: all right, everyone, thousands of people still out in the streets. looking at oakland california, they like to protest in oakland, california. this san area near san francisco. so far everything is peaceful. this is something that was highly organized. we're getting reports that people coordinated on facebook, also getting reports that in new york black lives matter had a big part in organizing this effort. joining me with final thoughts, progressive radio hosts chris hahn and leslie marshall. leslie, you're a liberal radio host, chris you're a conservative. >> no, i'm a liberal. trish: forgive me. usually we have one of each! i got tripped up this time because -- >> you forgot? what am i subtle in my progressiveness with you.
2:54 am
is that it, trish? it's been a long day. trish: i have not slept in probably 40 hours. cut me slack. what are radio show listeners saying to you today, leslie? >> well, i just read something on twitter that puts something together what my listeners said, you demonized our president obama for years, you just were killing hillary clinton and now you're saying hey, unite, trust cerned for one and that a lot of the actions and rhetoric and proposals of donald trump are going to make it harder for liberal lefties like me and listeners to come to the unity table. trish: you say that now, kennedy was just on and i thought she had a good point, chris, she said there is some value in being the underdog and people thinking that, you know, you're not going to be able to get anything done, and you're this that and the other. barack obama came into office and, my goodness, people thought he was a hero, and yet,
2:55 am
look, i know he's your guy, but the economic numbers have been lousy. our country is in an international mess, and you know, all that he promised in the way of hope and change and unifying us, it didn't happen. >> it sounds familiar. we've got a guy coming into office who made a lot of promises, and it's not the progressives he's going to have to worry about calling them out. it's the people he made the promises to. the base. i don't think he's going to build a wall. i don't think he's going to get out of iran deal. i don't think he's going to renegotiate trade deals. if he doesn't do, that it's not me he has to apologize to, it's his own base. i'm like leslie -- trish: are you so pessimistic? >> i'm not. >> you are pessimistic, you said you don't think he's going to get anything done. >> people have the opportunity to surprise you, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he doesn't deserve it anymore. like hillary clinton said i wish him well.
2:56 am
trish: he got a the love your party's voters. leslie, that was the key, the middle class blue collar democrats with independents that came out in droves for him. this was a missed opportunity for her. she neglected these people and the result is what we now have. >> well, i don't disagree that this is a segment of the population of states where she definitely should have campaigned more and spoken, to it's the economy, stupid. the middle class and the labor is out there. the blue collar workers. i don't think we can ignore, when i was hearing georgia is too close to call, arizona is too close to call. she made gains in red states, she did win by a very small amount the popular vote. whether you like trump or clinton, this is a very divided country. is that the guy tour, night it? i'm not sure. trish: don't count him out just yet. >> i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. trish: it's a process, and this
2:57 am
is the democratic process and we'll see what he can do. thank you so much. thank you to all of you for being here tonight. this is our special edition of "the intelligence report." i'll see you tomorrow for the
2:58 am
2:59 am
3:00 am
lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, donald trump has done it ultimate political outsider pulling off an historic upset, this morning to be the 45th president of the united states. the republican nominee ran one of the cleanest campaigns in recent presidential history. pledging to be a president for all americans, to bridge back jobs, and restore prosperity, to our middle class. and his supporters came out in droves, to propel him all the way to the white house. trump, summed up his night in this way, on twitter.


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