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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 11, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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and thanks for having me. four names. maria: there's leah in uniform. >> the people i was with, they're in the dangerous parts of the world and took off after this never came back. maria: thank you. stuart: get some sleep, maria, you deserve it. [laughter] >> i have a day off tomorrow, you know, just saying. stuart: all right, i'll work for you, don't worry, i'll be in. thank you, indeed. trump sets a cracking place. the revolution has arrived, america doing a 180. the left total disarray and a riot in oregon. good friday morning, everyone, what a week! outrage of the day, here it is, the left throws a tantrum. not our president, they say. violence, property destroyed, authorities in oregon make it official, yes, it was a riot.
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would you look at this? the elites say nothing about this. disgraceful. trump off and running at his usual breakneck pace and goes to the white house, meets with leaders and will reverse the obama years, and yes, he can do it. the republicans. >> and the left, allies in the media diskrcredited and the stocks, and the companies that lined up against hillary clinton, she lost and big name techs are heading south. welcome, everyone, it's been a terrific week. we've loved every minute of it and we think you did, too, i think there's more to come. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ . . >> . stuar
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stuart: >> this area is now restricted. restricted. [crowd chanting] >> you're looking at the disgrace of the left. portland, oregon, the cops call it a riot, flat-out. that's what it was. not our president, they say. property damaged and look at this, donald trump hanged in effigy. can you imagine if republicans had done that with president obama? protesters arrested. the police say they arrested a 23-year-old woman for punching a 74-year-old man outside trump tower. we're outraged, we are
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disgusted and we'll bring you more of it. because all americans should see what these people have been up to. all right, let's get to the markets. and i'll calm down. we've got to open a little bit lower today, but the story is the huge rally that we've seen since donald trump won. market watcher and trump guy steve cortez is with us. now, tax cuts. are they the first priority of president-elect trump? because that's what investors want, i think. tax cuts first and foremost? >> you know, i sure hope so. i'm not on the transition team, i hope one, two and three. the protests that you showed, one reason, it's not an economic issue, it's a societal one. one of the reasons we don't have society is because we don't have economic growth. it's not just about paying your
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bills, it's happier and cohesive nature. stuart: it's the glue society and a together society. >> amen. how do we get there? >> hold on a second. it's tax reform and tax cuts, but i've got to move to this. the leaders of both canada and mexico are signaling that they are open to renegotiating nafta. i would have thought that would help the markets, too, wouldn't it? >> right. i think it's one of the reasons you see energy stocks have soared the last couple of days, why? because we're going to build that keystone pipeline from canada and we're going to have a better more sensible nafta trade agreement. i think it's morning in america again, literally right now and figuratively for the economy. stuart: stay there, steve. i want to head to the tech stocks, they are participating in the rally. since the market closed on tuesday, look at the losses. i'm sorry, look at this. amazon is down 6%, okay?
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apple is down 3%. facebook is also down 3%. i'll go through the list, google is down. and microsoft down. and there's the graphic. look at the losses. i think that big tech loved hillary, hated trump. she lost and big tech is worried and so are investors. >> you're right and that's what we're hearing from wall street. amazon, apple, facebook, they all had some-- a lot of issues with donald trump and were public about it. we're seeing whipsaw action the rate we haven't seen since the dot-com bubble burst in 2001. it's severe action going on right now. it could be profit taking and could be over value, the overall s&p 500, but it's the trade issues and it's the positions they staked out prior to election day that has wall street worried about the stocks. >> it's a trump rally and a huge selloff in big tech. >> they're retating into other places. >> yeah, we'll take a look at
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disney, espn, a unit of the disney empire suffering big time. paying more for broadcasting rights and customers are cord cutting and want to pay less. ashley: disney did not give numbers in espn in the latest earnings report, but we know that the operating income from the cable network is down 13%. nielsen said last month that they lost 621,000 subscribers. >> disney disputes that. bob iger says he's more bullish on the future because of deals they've done with streaming services like hulu and at&t and directv and bring in new customers, younger millennials that will of offset the cord cutting. stuart: we've got the stock. it's up this morning. i want to go back to the scene in portland, oregon. and thousands marched and got into a riot.
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tammy bruce is with us and i think it's disgusting. and what do you think would have happened if protesters would have hanged president obama in effigy and not donald trump. >> that didn't happen. people are upset about things. this is a unique dynamic to the left. in fact, you look at what's happening in liberal cities, portland, los angeles, new york, boston, philadelphia. and you're looking at similarities in the messaging and the signs and the attitude. it's international answer we've seen which is a socialist anarchist group. this is not-- european papers and american papers are saying this is an outburst or rejection. no, these are organized planned protest mobs that are not natural and not organic and americans need to realize this. stuart: where is the left condemning this? >> they're not there and especially with the call for the murder of the
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president-elect, for killing trump. where is barack obama? where is hillary clinton and the democrats saying enough is enough. but right now, for the people that voted for trump, hesitatingly o regret, that vote is now being proven correct by this kind of behavior. the left never knows when it stop and they continue to make this mistake. stuart: we are going to bring it to our viewers because we should see it. we're not going to sensor this, we are going to see it and pass judgment on it. changing topics. [laughter] >> we have opinions. stuart: that is, that could be the world's most expensive car. >> oh. >> is that you there? >> no, it's not. it's a 1962 ferrari 250 gto, 0 to 60 in six seconds and they've speeded up since then. top speed 170. for sale in the u.k., asking police, well, over $60 million dollars. most valuable. this is making the round in
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social media, a hillary supporter hiking near hillary's home in westchester, new york, happened to run into bill and hillary in the woods. very nice picture as the church lady says, oh, how convenient. >> hillary looks the best she could look. stuart: if she wanted to look like that through the campaign. what do i know. four states vote to legalize recreational marijuana and one the liquor companies wants in on the action and constellation brands says they're looking to make pot infused liquor and liz's eyes lit up liz: are you kidding? >> more lunacy on college campuses. a professor suspended with pay for speaking out about political correctness. you see it the disgrace of the left. in portland, oregon.
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e. stuart: well, you know, there is a line of thinking that says black voters lost the election for hillary because they just did not show up in big numbers. syndicated radio host stacy washington is with us now. what do you make of that, is it possible that black voters lost it for hillary? >> it's only a part of the reason that she lost, stu. good morning. it's all about the numbers adding up. so, it's working class white voters she lost four points with over 2012 in comparison to barack obama, but it's also the black vote, 6% for romney last time, 2% for trump this time and there were tiny gains in the demographics. stuart: it was 8% for romney-- 8% for trump. 6% for romney, he got 2 points
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better, but that's still not a great performance. >> it's not a great performance. i said on your show he'd get 15% so it was disappointing, but any bump at all. that the media was completely against donald trump is an amazing feat and i think he'll build on that as president. stuart: what do you make of the anti-trump riot, it was a riot in portland, oregon and violence elsewhere, too. what do you make of it? >> there's an interesting video clip of a woman who is hispanic and she talks about people dying on both sides that there will be death on both sides and i find that absolutely ridiculous. and imagine if a white voter said that since barack obama was elected, there would be death on both sides. there would be an outrage across this country unprecedented. yet this woman who claims she has relatives and friends here illegally and afraid of having the family broken up openly speaks about this as if we're talking about coffee someplace.
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we have to stop allowing these people to have their words broadcast across the country, she's inciting violence and it's wrong. stuart: you're an overt trump supporter and you said it publicly, i think. what's the reaction to you? >> you know, i have a video out where i talk about stop blaming white people for the rise of donald trump in this election. this was america coming out and saying, we're repudiating the policies of barack obama. we don't want hillary clinton, we're not sure if she's a criminal or not and we don't want her, that's what it's about. i'm a late supporter of donald trump, but i'm happy to see this. stuart: you're an air force veteran and it's veterans day. i want to know all the team and viewers here respect and admire your service. thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much. stuart: you bet. >> thank you so much, stu. stuart: the ceo of grub hub, the on-line good delivery service, that man right there, he sends this memo to his
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employees. if you agree with trump, you have no place in this company. oh, we're on it. we'll be back.
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>> now, will this have any impact on the stock market this morning? because we've got the price of
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oil all the way back down to $43 a barrel. it wasn't that long ago we were up 50. 43 this morning and down $1 a barrel. where is gold today? a couple of days after the election at action is to the down side, 1254 on the price of gold. that's quite a drop-off. around election time, am i right we went to around $1300. ashley: yes, we did, a safe haven. stuart: today, obviously, veterans day, the six string soldiers group singing "god bless america", listen in, please ♪ god bless america, the land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountain s to the prairies, to the ocean white
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with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪ ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪. [applause] >> i like that. i like that rendition. i think a very good thing on veterans day to show that at the new york stock exchange. i'm glad we ran it. the other guys are in a commercial. okay. looks like-- . [laughter] >> that's facetious sarcasm and i'll never do it again. leave me alone.
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we reached 18-8 and change. it was the trump's rally. did you see this picture posted on social media yesterday. a lady in westchester near where the clintons lived happened to walking with her daughter and she ran into-- she was trying to get over hillary's loss while she was just walking the woods and who did she just happen to run into, but bill and hillary hiking with their dogs in the woods. and of course, they posed for the picture. are you at all skeptical about that picture? >> i'm not. if they were prepared, hillary would have had more makeup on looked more like a robot. there she looks actually relaxed. she looks kind of happy. i think more liberals should be walking in the woods instead of being in the urban areas, that's clearly a healthier thing to do. so, no, i think that actually happened. i think it did. stuart: okay. any skepticism on the part of-- >> no, i'm with tammy. i think she looks like a huge
9:23 am
burden has been taken off her shoulders. >> might be the best thing that happened to her that she lost the race. >> surely for us. stuart: bill clinton has secret service, where are they? he still gets secret service protection, did he walk in the woods on other own. >> maybe it's an assessment. they don't complete will you protected. there's a woman with her baby. stuart: you don't think it's convenience? >> no, a lot of people walk and are lost in the woods at the same time, the democrats. stuart: i've flogged it to death. the ceo of grub hub is not a fan of president-elect trump. >> the hateful politics of donald trump i'll work to shield the community as best i
9:24 am
can. if you can't agree with this please reply with your resignation here. and he walked it back, i did not ask anyone to resign if they vote for trump. i want to see where the grub hub stock is. >> that was meant to intimidate people. and on his site he attacks trump followers, not just mr. trump. look, it's a publicly held company. you don't want it eliminate half of your consumer base and there's nothing to gain about this. this is about your employees, remarkable to be doing. stuart: sorry liz: is this an eeoc case in the making? and you can't threaten your employees like that. stuart: wouldn't that be a 180 in america, a ceo does this eeoc, equal employment
9:25 am
opportunity commission goes off. dream on. >> and the new york stock exchange is about to hold a moment of silence, we will be there for it. watch this. [moment of silence]
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[moment of silence]
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>> a moment of silence, it was two minutes of silence and that's unusual, there are two big stories about stocks today. number one, of course, the trump rally and we might be down at the opening bell today, but it's been a huge rally since election day and the other story is the extraordinary fact that those big name technology stocks, which took in all of that money. they have not participated in this rally.
9:28 am
they've gone south. apple 3%. facebook 3% and we have the other big names, also sharply lower. this isn't just a couple of days, this is just tuesday's closing level. google and microsoft taking it on the can chin. who is with us, ashley webster, liz macdonald, anthony scaramucci and steve cortez. this is a trump rally, is anybody going to deny that? >> no, no question it's a trump rally because people are now focused on the fact that he's bringing a pro growth strategy to washington. which will add the deflection around the world. as they recognize this-- he gave a great speech and yesterday. combination of things, people are saying, wait a minute, super smart people in washington are they focused on the middle class? >> i should have asked steve cortez what is going on with
9:29 am
big tech stocks? why are they sharply lower when everything else went straight up. >> first, let me totally agree with anthony, i think we'll finally see some reflation, which the world needs. interest rates spiked the last few days, a good thing in the present environment. and you're right. the market on the whole is going up and generally the areas that were beaten down. places like financials, places that were extremely extended to the upside like big name tech not doing well. within tech where i'm focused is biotech. an area that's done terribly the last year and vaulted higher since trump won. why? i think that regulatory relief for biotechs so they can bring new drugs, new devices and procedures to market under a trump presidency. stuart: and scott shellady i want to ask you about the big name tech stocks.
9:30 am
are they down because silicon valley supported hillary and she lost and they're worried about trump policies? >> i think that steve is right, market rotation. don't get too upset about it because those are the horses that are going to lead the economy for the next five years. we need to be on board with them. you're getting a better opportunity to get involved. because the 20%, upper 20% is going to create the cash and innovate and continue to do that and that's why the stocks are going to be good. stuart: we've opened lower, not much. down 26, 20-odd points at this moment. remember we're coming off a whopping great big rally over the past two sessions and this is the third trading session after the results came in at the election and we're down 28 points and we're at 18,700. who would have thought that a week ago. the s&p 500 a broad market indicator, it's down .2%. i think the nasdaq is going to be down a lot more, down.3%. the home of the technology spock, big ones, small ones, altogether, it's down.
9:31 am
this may be an impact on the market, too, the price of oil is dropping $1 a barrel. we're at 43.65. that's way down over the past couple of weeks and maybe that's hurting the market as we well. >> where is gold? i believe it's down, too, we were at 1300 before the election and now down 12 at 1253. i'm going to call this a trump rally and i want to go around the table. scott shellady, you first this time. is it a trump rally? >> here, we've gone everything on the monetary side and talked about the fiscal policy, but i'm going to talk about psychological policy. we've got a fighter's chance of winning the game. as long as we're on our feet a chance to knock the other side out. it's like a new head coach and the market is buoyant. going forward, we will have bumpy times, but at the end of the day, yeah, the market psychologically feels totally different than a week ago.
9:32 am
stuart: it's a change of mood. you're right. there is a change of mood in this country and i think that's-- and we've just gone positive by the way, now up 3 points. liz, a changing mood? liz: scott is right. it feels like the age of austerity under obama is open and america is open for business again, not government business, but private market business. >> i want to say something quickly with small businesses, we're putting a plan together at trump tower to repeal and replace obamacare. not to scare people peop. people will have health care and it will create lots and lots of middle income growth. stuart: that's part of it. >> that's going on now. stuart: there's a sea change. scott, come back in. >> here, when i say a fighter's chance, a punchers chance, sometimes he might hit the wrong guy and the wrong time, but the country is glad to have somebody who has got their back.
9:33 am
>> to carry the boxing analogy further, it's amazing how well the u.s. economy has done in with these in the way, and it talks to our character and dynamism. we've been fighting with only a left hand, only jab and now we'll get the right hand involved and a right cross. you won't believe what the america economy can do, once cash come back and animal spirits. and donald trump will surprise anyone, even-- >> it's like smelling salts and sharkles are off and optimism is rising. stuart: and the tech stocks, they've been open three and a half minutes. let's look at the big name tech stocks, they're down, down some more. 737 amazon, apple 107. facebook, microsoft, et cetera,
9:34 am
et cetera, et cetera, they're down, not as much as the last couple of days, but they are still down. any buyers? would you buy it then? >> of those two names, apple and microsoft are the best opportunities. there are tons are cash, lots of opportunity to make acquisitions. in moicrosoft's case, the dividends. in terms of buying-- . did you know if you combine the cash of apple and microsoft you have $300 billion in cash sitting there. >> that's part of obama's legacy. that's part of the obama legacy. the cash hoard on the s&p 500, anti-business sentiment from washington, we're going to hoard cash at the corporate level. that corporate cash is going to get unleashed during a trump administration. stuart: steve cortez, anthony likes or thinks there's value in apple and, what was the other one. >> microsoft and apple. stuart: i like that, i own some microsoft. >> we know, stuart. [laughter] >> i don't know about apple. i definitely agree on microsoft.
9:35 am
i think the innovation is finally back in redmond. they needed new internal leadership. they have one of the largest r & d, but they haven't been investing in what they are he a-- they're finding in the labs. once we take off the policy shackles we'll invest in technology, people, plants, i think it's amazing what we'll see in the next few years. stuart: steve, do you own apple and/or microsoft? >> do not. stuart: okay, do not. >> biotech is where i think we should be deploying. i think that's where the biggest gains are going to come, biotech. stuart: good point, they've been going up recently. that's true. how about disney, espn, the big unit or one of the big units suffering, paying more for broadcasting rights and people are cutting the cords. >> espn is the cash cow. the latest earnings disappointed and they missed on earnings and revenue, why is the stock up right now? because bob iger in the conference call after those earnings said he was bullish about the future.
9:36 am
the deals with hulu and others would bring m more people, millennials they want to tap into, even though they didn't give how much espn lost in subscribers. stuart: espn, one of the analyst predict athletes will skip the traditional white house visit under donald trump. do you want to tell me more? >> i will tell you more. jalen rose, now an analyst at espn said that now that donald trump will be the commander-in-chief don't be surprised when multiple athletes decline the opportunity to visit the white house. stuart: what a disgrace. disgraceful. >> the stuff that's going on right now. >> who cares anyway? >> and here is what happens? we demonize both the people and the other side is being a little bit of a sore loser. what's interesting about consumer. if secretary clinton would have run, congratulations, dust ourselves off and went back to the fight. this is ridiculous, calm it down a little bit.
9:37 am
stuart: kaepernick wouldn't even vote. he was disgusted by america and wouldn't vote. scott, go on, i want to hear you. >> the university of illinois chicago announced yesterday they set up coping rooms for the students to cope with the new president election. and that makes me-- i'm a little nervous. i mean, this new generation, can you imagine, who are we raising if we have another conflict, the storm the beaches of normandy when they can't storm the beaches of malibu. where are we going in society? >> you're making a joke and it's funny, but it's very serious point here, very serious. >> stuart, regarding espn, i'm a sports fanatic and i find it hard to watch espn, it's so politicized, it's unbelievable. they have problems with cord cutting, but i think part of it instead of covering sports they've been injected with a virus of politics, leftist politics and view everything through the prism. i think it's turning off viewers, it's turning me off. >> time for fox news sports.
9:38 am
>> and monday night football, ratings for monday night football down 20%. stuart: good lord, 20%? >> get on your knees and see what happens, fellas. your pay is going to go down as you get down on your knees. stuart: we're down 18 points, eight minutes into the friday trading session. 19 now. 18788. big names you know it, sales down at j.c. penney. where is that stock, nicole? nicole: it's down over 4%. same-store sales dropped 0.18%. it pales in comparison to 6 1/2% growth. what happens going forward? ceo ellison saying they've seen recent strength and trying to give a little light on this, appliances and has high hopes for that group going forward. and trying to paint a better picture going forw but the pockets of strength are
9:39 am
sephora, home, and they're not seeing the foot traffic and not getting sales. stuart: three words, on-line competition. tough to beat. how about yahoo! reportedly they detected evidence of a hacker had broken into the main computer network, 18 months before they conducted an investigation. yahoo! is down. the story, please. >> state sponsored acts. they disclosed in september that a recent investigation uncovered this state sponsored actor and ash and i have been talking about this. when was this? the company disclosed in a recent sec filing, it was actually the state sponsored hacker got in 2014, wait for it, this is chilling. users out there need to sit up and pay attention. what yahoo! said the attackers left cookies that could by words and come and go at will into their computers without the passwords, they've left cookies there and break in. we've never heard that before that they could do that come
9:40 am
and go at will. that's why you see 23 class action suits, sec, fcc probe and manhattan is probing them. stuart: it's a big deal. thank you, liz, i understand that, very good. how about constellation brands. the legalization of marijuana across some of the big states in america, california has the liquor company looking into, wait for it. >> cannabis cocktails. ashley: cannabis infused cocktails. constellation brands making corona and vodka, there are going to be alcoholic beverages that would contain con business, it's a growing market, no pun intended, by 2026. the problem with this, under federal law marijuana is still illegal. constellation brands and the other companies need to have federal permits to sell alcohol. it's going to have a major change for federal regulation.
9:41 am
seems like we'll have it in that direction. stuart: scott shellady, what do you say about booze and cannabis. >> thinking of the name of the new drink, mar-corona. >> double downer. stuart: we looked at scott's on the ground that they have miracle-gro and when you've got miracle-gro it makes marijuana plants grow really, really well and miracle-gro sales have gone straight up and scott's stock has gone right up. >> 29% of consumption is from people who make less than $20,000 a year. it's a deproductive use of your time. you've got 10 billion hours of video gaming going on in the u.s. and a lot of weed smoking in that as well, two thumbs down, two thumbs down. stuart: and that's what it's all about. let's look at the food delivery website, grubhub, the boss there told employees who agreed
9:42 am
with trump's rhetoric they should resigned and i'm pleased to see the stock is down. ashley: they basically sent out widely considered a pretty intimidating and threatening, says i wouldn't to make clear they will not work at grubhub. they did walk it back and the ceo matt meloni said i didn't ask anyone to resign if they voted for trump. but he kind of did. he said if the e-mail if you don't agreement with the statement about trump, please reply with your resignation. >> what about the consumer? 50% voted for him and you wiped out 50% of your market? i don't understand it. stuart: there will be a respon response. and how about alibaba, they have, i think, broken the
9:43 am
one-day record for sales because it's singles day in china, right? their version of valentine's day? >> that's right, smashed through the record. 15 billion in one day, 1 billion in sales in the first five minutes and head today 20 billion. more than cyber monday and black friday combined. apple sold for the first time and so did smucker's jelly. everybody is into that. u.s. consumers don't have access. stuart: u.s. consumers don't have access. wall street week 8:00 tonight on the fox business network, anthony scaramucci is the co-host of that show. big guest? >> we have david stockman very popular with our viewers. he wrote the book "trumped" and the legendary investor mario gabelli. stuart: give him my best. steve, scott, anthony, all good stuff. enjoy that he canned woo -- enjoy that weekend, you deserve it. dow jones positive -- no, down,
9:44 am
i'll call it flat. how about this, chelsea clinton for congress, question mark? details, e-mack liz: so nina lowy, a representative, she's basically retiring and the word is out that she's being prepp by new york state democrats to run for that seat. there's been a lot of speculation who would take that congressional seat. it represents-- lowy represents rockland and it's natural, she lives in chappaqua. the story is out, chelsea clinton might be groomed to run for the house. stuart: will she w deathly silence. they're just looking at me. [laughter] all right, i'll move on. if i can't get an answer to a question, i will simply move on. it looks like a dynasty to me. >> the quote in churchill. in victory magnaminity.
9:45 am
transcanada, the keystone pipeline, blocked by president obama. they're trying to get trump to revive the projectment sounds like a winner to me. and john hofmeister is with us. are we going to get that pipeline built eventually fairly soon? >> well, i think the animal spirits are coming out of hibernation. and so we're going to see a lot of activity and i think keystone xl was in critical infrastructure territory and it's still in critical infrastructure territory. the immediate problem is that the assets are underwater up. the canadian oilsands because of the oil price. so there isn't a lot of pressure to build the pipeline at the moment, but i think that will change. and there's no reason transcanada shouldn't reapply to try to get that pipeline. lord knows we're going to need it, stuart. regardless of what environmentalists say, over the next 20, 30 years we're going to need all the oil we can to
9:46 am
keep the economy moving d if the animal spirits actually do recreate themselves, the economy's going to grow, which is going to lead to greater demand for oil products and for natural gas and so we need all of the infrastructure we can build. stuart: okay. now that would be a reversal, another reversal of one of president obama's policies. another might be pulling out of or repudiating our role in the paris global climate agreement. that looks increasingly likely. what do you say, john? >> well, the paris accords have a very dubious legal standing. you know at the 11th hour the word shall, for all parties, shall agree to do this and shall agree to do that changed to the word should. if it would have been shall under a legal concept that would have had to go to the u.s. senate has an international treaty and the obama administration wanted nothing to do with getting the senate to approve an
9:47 am
international treaty so they accepted the word should. should is a meaningless legal term and in addition the accords have no enforcement paragraph. none of the parties would have agreed to that and china would not and the u.s. didn't want to either. to back away from the accords is really not a difficult decision if you don't agree with what's in it. stuart: you can do it very, very quickly. not that something has to be assembled through a bill and shunted through a whose bill-- >> this is the risk that obama took for regulatory reform through one power of the branch of government when you need the legislative branch as a party to make a change. stuart: we're doing a 180 on so many of our lives and policies,
9:48 am
makes your head spin. john hofmeister, i have not yet demanded the 100 or $200 you owe me for getting the price of oil wrong. i'm a mag manus guy and-- >> i'll have the cash in december if i have to pay you. stuart: you're all right, john, thank you very much. in particular, look at the dow 30, evenly split between winners and losers and it's pretty much a dead flat market after the big trump rally. liber liberal lunacy on college campuses, a professor rails against political correctness and safe spaces on twitter. the university suspends him. we won't and he's on the show next. owe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
9:49 am
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9:53 am
terms of the nuclear deal. the u.n., ash? >> again, if case you're surprised. yes, the amount of what they call heavy water. this is used in the nuclear reactor process that creates plutonium which is on the path to creating a nuclear bomb. they're only allowed to stock pile a certain amount and again, they've gone over this amount, it's the second time it happened of course, an update iran issued a warning to america after donald trump became america. stuart: they warned us, really? >> a warning to the u.s. that we're not going to be bullied. stuart: may i suggest that the iranians do not warn donald trump, not a good idea. ashley: he's not barack obama. >> i think that deal is toast. if the u.n. says they're cheating. ashley: if they violated it, willy nilly. stuart: let's move on. a fun day. a professor at new york university has been publicly criticizing the school's on campus culture of political
9:54 am
correctness and safe spaces. he uses the handle deplorable prof. liberalism and techniques of radicalism and turns them into devices of mass manipulation. well, now the university's placed him on paid leave. the deplorable professor, michael is with us now. sir, you are extremely welcome on this program, even if not in your own university. >> thank you. >> you know, outsiders looking into college campuses and frankly, americans, a lot of americans are absolutely appalled. can you explain why we've got this pc craziness? >> i can talk about it a little bit. what surprises me is i'm the only or one of the only professors in america that's speaking up about all of this. it just boggles my mind that that's the case. basically, what's happened is a
9:55 am
few notions that have come from femmism and lbgtq theory and so on have permeated the whole university culture and they have become the sort of ethical vocabulary, if you will, of the university, and i'm talking such devices trigger warnings, safe spaces and bias reporting line. and my contention is that these mechanisms have been absorbed into the university administrative tools and used to quell decent, and control and maintain a kind of order. stuart: where are we going with this? i mean, it seems to have reached such a level that a lot of people, parents especially, are really up in arms about this. is there anything that can be-- can we stop this? and if so, how do we stop it? >> well, i think one of the ways to stop it is by pointing out it doesn't serve the purposes supposedly that it's
9:56 am
intended for. for example, i don't believe na these trigger warnings and safe spaces and bias reporting lines will serve the causes of anti-oppression or anti-racism or anti-sexism or anti-homophoba or anything. as a matter of fact, they serve as pools of oppression in their own right. so if we can make people understand that these tools will not do what they're intended to do or supposedly, then we may have some chance of overthrowing that. stuart: are you on paid leave indefinitely? or is this kind of a sentence of two months or three months? what is it? >> i'd have to be very careful here. according to nyu there is absolutely no connection between my leave of absence and my opinions, my stated opinions. they say there's nothing, they have nothing to do with each other and that the encouragement to have a paid
9:57 am
leave is utterly independent of those. stuart: you have to be careful because the lawyers are going to be all over this one. i can see it coming a mile off. i think the lawyers are behind the whole thing as well. but professor, look, we very much welcome what you have to say and we very much welcome you on this progra >> thank you so much. stuart: i'm sorry you're the lone standout in this disgraceful situation. >> thank you very much. stuart: michael, hope you get back in the classroom soon. >> thank you, stuart, i appreciate it. stuart: in my opinion, america is doing a 180 as we speak and president obama's entire agenda is being rapidly dismantled. we are on that. my take top of the hour.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
his legacy gone. news this morning from the united nations, yes, the u.n., they say iran has already cheated on the nuke deal. that is president obama's signature foreign policy achievement. if the u.n. says the iranians cheated, how long can the deal last under president trump? headline in the "new york times," climate policy faces reversal. there goes the paris agreement. that was another achievement of the president. it won't last either. headline in the "washington post." obama's big internet policies, may be at risk. internet policies? well the president handed over america's control of the internet to foreigners. let's hope we can take it back. look at this. all government, all the time. that is not the word of the day in the trump administration. he will take an axe to the numbing government bureaucracy with 80,000 pages of new rules. if it moves, tax it.
10:01 am
we've had that for eight years. from here on out taxes will be cut. if it moves, regulate it. swing that, axe, mr. president-elect. immigration? build a wall. education? school choice. isn't it refreshing? we the people didn't much care for what the elites have been many aing down our throats all these years. we didn't like being called by racists and big governments. the change has begun. have you notice ad mood shift? there is really hope for change. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: check the big board now. we're up one point. breaking news coming in about consumer sentiment. liz? liz: better than expected. better than september's read. this is about consumer
10:02 am
confidence in the u.s. economy. this sets stage for market turn around. tech stocks were dragging down the dow. certainly s&p 500. stuart: a little. liz: we were down deeper before. stuart: the news hasn't really seeped out yet. by the way that consumer sentiment indicator that was taken before the election. that has nothing to do with the mood and sentiment after the election or since the election. liz: they're expecting inflation to go up. it could go up. stuart: it could. that would be something positive for the economy. no impact on the market. that is the bottom line. we are at 18,809. big check names, we check them every day. they're still down mostly. we do have fractional gain for apple. it is up, nine, 10 cents. the rest continuing to decline.. they are all over the place with this election, not quite deciding what it means for gun owners an gun sales. this morning the gun stocks are up. how about defense stocks?
10:03 am
they have gone straight up since the election. they're mostly down today, but not by that much. that is not much of a pullback. infrastructure names, they build the roads and bridges, et cetera, et cetera, they're down today after rocketed right after the election. and now this. donald trump met with president obama for the first time, discussing the transition. many though are very surprised by trump's win, including our next guest who called this is the greatest upset in american politics. ed rollins is here. you got to admit it. you were a little surprised? >> i was pleasant at this surprised. i worked very hard for mr. trump. unfortunately the polls indicated he wasn't going to win including our own fox polls. he put it together. he made message to blue-collar workers that helped elect reagan and we had a tremendous victory. stuart: did i hear you call this the greatest political, the most important political development
10:04 am
in your lifetime? >> absolutely by far. biggest upset ever. stuart: bigger than reagan? >> carter was a weakened president and reagan was effective governor. took a period of time. people didn't want carter. in this particular case hillary clinton has been inevitable president as far as democrats concerned for very long period of time. until 10:00 that night. they bought houses in washington. bought inaugural dresses. media, everybody thought she was first woman president. stuart: that was turning point. >> donald trump had done whatsoever. in the primary he eliminated bush dynasty. in this presidential race he eliminated clinton dynasty. that is the last 20 years of politics. he put a big dent in the obama legacy, when he finished in the next six months, repeal obamacare, what have you, he has clean slate moving forward setting new agenda for america. stuart: we're picking up this morning. shock of election are wearing off. democrats are still in shock,
10:05 am
the mood, i think, way i see it, mood of the country is suddenly upbeat. it is scope. there is possibilities. it is a can-do place again. >> it needs to be can-do. one thing i caution them as someone who served served in coe administrations, don't take a bunch of losers, governors, put them in the government. don't rewarded for what they didn't do. stuart: do you see him doing that no. >> i hope he doesn't. richard nixon put a bunch of governors in. governors are political entities. you need innovative people who come in and not taking bureaucrats, bureaucrats will tell you can't do. you need some one say i don't care if you think i can't do it. you need someone loyal to mr. trump. many friend on potential list. at end of the day doesn't work out. they're not used to be secondary figures. they're principle figures. since there is not clear-cut trump agenda on economic stuff, you need people to work with him
10:06 am
to develop it. you need innovative people and new people. neil: we'll see what he has in store for us. ed rollins, we appreciate you being with us all these months. >> great. my pleasure. stuart: good luck. democrats allegedly already planning their 2020 election race. ashley? who are they hoping runs. don't tell me. don't tell me. that guy? ashley: telling me not to tell you, that guy, bernie sanders. a lot of soul-searching going on among liberals in the wake of this election. the 75-year-old independent does say, four years is a long time from now. he faces a senate re-election coming up in 2018. but he says he is not ruling out anything. stuart: hold on a second. ed rollins, still has his mic on. i have to ask, do you think by any chance bernie sanders could have beaten donald trump? >> absolutely not. he would have been crushed. stuart: end of story. wanted to bring you back. >> the end of the day, the one you have to worry about is elizabeth warren.
10:07 am
she will take a lot of his support and try to basically be the new voice, new face of the democratic party. stuart: she will not run banking committee in the senate. >> that is the difference. stuart: good-bye. thank you very much. now, liz, there is talk of chelsea clinton being groomed for congress? >> yeah, representative nita lowey's seat is in westchester. she has been there for 30 years. she is expected to retire. so chelsea is living right in chappaqua. that is the smack in the middle of this district. there is talk out of "new york post," according to their report, that new york democrats are grooming chelsea to continue the clinton dynasty. stuart: in our last hour we had whole panel of people. do you think chelsea clinton can win. there was deathly silence. ashley: we looked back at you, didn't we? stuart: back to you, stu. ashley: doing it again. stuart: doing it again. ashley: she could. stuart: i know she could but will she? ashley: oh, god. stuart: she wasn't very popular,
10:08 am
nbc she worked at briefly. ashley: i don't know if i see it. stuart: magnanimous in victory. >> like churchhill. stuart: just a british accent. all right. take a look at the bank stocks. man, are they done well. there might be a mixed bag today but will you look at that? huge gains just since the election. all of them up big since tuesday night. our next guest says a trump presidency, quote, a grand slam for the banks. his name is dick bove. we rarely have analysts on this program. frankly i don't like them. dick bove is an exception. he is welcome anytime. what is this about a grand slam for the banks? tell me why. >> it is at three levels. first i think ledgetive change will be significantly different than if democrats had won. second achipping away regulation through getting control of the fed. third, i think economic programs
10:09 am
mr. trump has proposedill be extraordinarily beneficial for companies that raise funds, companies that fund from the private sector, the growth in the economy and of course that's the banks. stuart: now, how big a grand slam are we going to get? we have a nice move up for a lot of these banks. jpmorgan hit a new high the other day. how much more? >> i think you can expect at least 50% more about it end of 2017. three-year period over 100% increase. the reason is, look at valuation of bank stocks, they never went up when the rest of the market went up. if you look at their price to book, price to tangible book, price to earnings, all numbers below the norm for the industry the past 15 years. you see companies about a spurt in earnings as a result of adjustments we think are going to occur at a time when multiple on stocks are extremely low. so i think these stocks have
10:10 am
considerable amount further to go on upside. stuart: that is why we like you, dick bove, you explain yourself short and to the point. everybody understands. that we love. one quick point the big-name tech stocks, huge selloff. i know you don't cover them but have you anything to say about them? >> i think mr. trump, president-elect trump definitely needs technology to move the economy ahead in this country and i think that the technology companies definitely need a very positive relationship with government which gives them a great deal of money to stimulate the innovations that they put forward. so they're going to come together. what is happening now may be reaction to the election but they're going to come together. stuart: okay. dick bove, you can come back if you like. if you're a glutton for punishment you can come back. we appreciate you being with us. dick bove everyone. >> thank you. stuart: now this. donald trump tweeting again. they gave him his twitter account back i understand.
10:11 am
emac, what he is saying. liz: busy day planned in new york. will soon make very important decisions on people who will be running our government. stuart: let me read that again. busy day from new york. liz: maybe cabinet announcements could be coming up. stuart: that is what it is. come straight this. now this. varney viewers disagreeing with me on comments i made pardoning hillary clinton. a lot of people really took issue. i will address some of those comments. and this. two bald eagles stuck in a storm drain in orlando, florida, one shields other by spreading its wings. the one flew out on its own. the other rescued. being treated at a sanctuary. very good story. we'll be right back. our special today is the seared ahi tuna,
10:12 am
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♪ stuart: sends a shiver down your spine. it just does, every single time. that is the u.s. army band, field band i should say, honoring veterans day as do we all. to the market, not much to report for you i'm afraid. two wonderful days of trump rally. we're dead flat right now. now i have said in the past few days that in my opinion trump, mr. trump, should consider pardoning hillary clinton. a lot of you really disagreed with this and took issue with me. i have more than 2,000 comment against my position. here's a couple. first from ed, i listened to you, the judge and others talk about pardoning hillary and my blood boils. i spent 30 years in law enforcement and saw what the doj
10:16 am
and fbi do to people for minor tran aggressions of federal law. terry chimes in with this. i wish you quit trying to get hillary pardoned. she needs to be investigated and prosecuted for crimes in this country. i need professional advice, we're turning to katie fang, a former prosecutor. simple question, we always like to have you on the show, should hillary clinton be pardoned? >> absolutely not like the scarlet letter, anybody who touches this, pardon of clinically will have a big ol' p for rest of their careers. trump should not touch a pardon of hillary clinton. it is an interesting concept. it may look very magnanimous and generous for him to do so but reality is, many people don't know this, a pardon can actually be rejected by the pardonnee. it assumes that hillary clinton would actually accept a pardon from donald trump. would be admission of guilt by
10:17 am
her. frankly obama will not do it. we all saw that ford lost 1976 election when he pardoned nixon. obama is not going to do it. democratic part won't do it. i don't think trump will do it. stuart: i do hear you. don't make any mistake i really hear you. coming all the way from miami i can hear you. the reason why i suggested it. >> okay. stuart: i don't want this country to be bogged down in endless investigations. i don't want it to be bogged down in legalisms. he said this to her and when, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. i think that is a negative for the country. i want a clean, fresh start. the clintons are finished. we don't have to drag them through the courts. i want to clean start. that is my point. do you agree with that, my position in any way, shape or form, katie? have i got a point at all? >> stuart, you always have great points and the great point you have is clean start is fine but don't need a pardon to do it.
10:18 am
if you don't want to continue in legalisms. don't want to drag united states and american people through more potential indictment issues, et cetera, fbi stands down, the ag continues to stand down, the doj stands down and nobody pursues further investigations but the problem, the american public demands answers, not just email server issue, they want to know what happened with the clinton foundation. how do you reconcile ying and yang. i don't know how -- stuart: can you imagine what they would feel to be pardoned by likes of donald trump? that would be just humiliating in the extreme. if that is what you want, that is how you do it. that is just my position. i will give you the last 10 seconds, katie phang. >> the reason i said, would clintons accept pardon from trump. that would be a serious logical strategic issue from them. they want the cart blanche but would they actually take it?
10:19 am
stuart: what kind of future would chelsea clinton have? >> not in congress apparently. stuart: katie, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> always. stuart: how about grubhub? that is the food delivery website, ceo sends a memo to the staff, resign now if you agree with donald trump. and hillary supporter bumps into hillary clinton and bill in the woods. bill clinton snaps this picture. seems rather convenient, doesn't it? just being facetious. more "varney" in a moment. ♪ these goofy glasses.
10:20 am
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stuart: you know i'm laughing because our producers know i am a beatles fan. whenever they get a chance they stick on the battles. doesn't mat are which song it is i like it. well-done. on a flat day i'm looking at nvidia. it is up 23%. what gives? they are a chipmaker. they make some of the chips that go into videogames and pcs. revenue up 50%. the stock up 23%. what a performer. michael kors, don't do this. don't say the holidays look kind of grim. that's what they did and the stock is down 8%. $4 lower for michael kors. grubhub, food delivery service app. the country's cofounder sent a message to employees, if you like trump, get out of here. explain. ashley: yes. interesting. he put out -- start with the first part of the first email that he sent out. that is matt maloney, grubhub cofounder. demeaning, insulting ridiculing
10:24 am
worked for mr. trump, i want to be clear this behavior around these views have no place at grubhub. having worked her many of his comments would have resulted in his immediate termination. now, he walks it back a bit and says this. i did not ask anyone to resign if they voted for trump. to the contrary, the message of the email we do not tolerate discriminatory activity or hateful commentary in the work place. we shall stand up for employees i nice try. too little, too late. stuart: another elitist trying to impose political views on his own company. ashley: why shoot yourself in the foot with regard to business? stuart: just oaf ended a lot of his customers. -- offended. ashley: yes. stuart: sorry, list, i interrupted. you got a story about this. >> marge go gerster, lives in the same town as clintons. she was heartbroken over hillary's loss. she decided to take her daughters for a hike to clear her minds, relax.
10:25 am
walking in a woods. comes to clearing. hears rustling. bill and hillary clinton watch walking their sled. we exchanged pleasantries. bill clinton took the photo. then they departed. stuart: does seem rather convenient, doesn't it? ardent hillary supporter, young lady with child on her back. >> i don't think it was planned. stuart: wait a minute. i hadn't got there. depressed about hillary's loss, take as walk in the woods and happens to fall upon bill and hillary walking through the woods. ashley: nothing really happens by accident when it comes to the clintons. stuart: exactly. >> maybe mourning in america will make you optimistic and no longer thinking like that. stuart: i'm a realist. >> i'm teasing. stuart: oh, how convenient is the church lady used to say. how convenient. hillary clinton looks really -- >> you saw the church lady.
10:26 am
stuart: failing badly. we'll drop it. we'll drop it. get to the tech stocks. where are they now? way down over the past couple of days. not much of a recovery for any of them. apple is up 12 cents. the rest of them amazon at 737. that is $20 below the high it reach ad month ago. facebook at 119. microsoft down. alphabet down. they're taking it on the chin, ladies and gentlemen. we have this for you, prince harry, heir to the thrown of england if you go back far enough. he honored war heroes if england. that is the remembrance day, 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the representing sovereign, prince harry, lays the wreath. the queen did not do it this year. she is elderly. there you see some of the people who were in world war ii i believe. we'll be back. the pursuit of healthier.
10:27 am
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♪ stuart: i'm not sure our viewers will like jimi hendrix. i'm sure our viewers were onboard with the beatles. i'm not sure about jimi hendrix acid rock. that is another story. observe your screens, ladies and gentlemen. we're down 38 points. down 40 points now at 18,768. i have a map for our viewers. not a chart, i hate charts. look at that map. that's a map, that is sea of red. this is how the country voted. republicans now run just about everything from the federal government to the state government, to the state governments and local governments. that is how successful republicans have been.
10:31 am
a sea of red. matt schlapp is with us. matt, you got it all. the republicans run the house, senate, presidency. i think they have got, 35, 36 governorships. >> right. stuart: local legislatures. firm control across the country. it is your, it is your country. >> yeah you know the democrats have never done so much losing as they have under president obama. and what is really strange, stewart, i think tuesday's election had a lot to do with obamacare. it had a lot to do with finally saying we want to put a nail in this could have fin of obamacare. it has been a big problem for the health care around economy. stuart: i didn't see it coming not on this scale. one might have imagined donald trump maybe would win. that was a fair question to ask but this sweep, across the country, over, many, many years. it has been building for years. but now the republican party is the political party of control in the united states.
10:32 am
it is a, it is a extraordinary moment because you have not had power concentrated like this for a long, long time. >> that is exactly right. we won in states with large hispanic populations. we won in purple states. won in blue states. won in ruby red states. we really, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania wins, it really changes and realigns our politics in the country. now republicans have to get some stuff done, stuart. stuart: you can do it. >> that's right. stuart: you have the house, senate, the white house. you can get tax reform. you can get regulatory reform. you can repudiate the paris agreement. you can get rid of the nuke deal. you can do all of these things where the pressure has been building and finally you can. you better not drop the ball, matt schlapp. >> i agree. look that supreme court pick is pretty important. you have to throw that in the mix as well. all the executive orders that president obama thought he was such a smarty pants to go around congress, guess what?
10:33 am
a new republican president can repeal and repudiate executive orders on climate and other issues. we get a tax reform bill. you're right, we get infrastructure bill. i think we can repeal obamacare and fix it. and, the only downside in all this is that we don't have 60 votes in the senate. that will still be a bipartisan chamber. we'll have to work with democrats still. but democrats better go along with president trump or more of them will lose next cycle. stuart: you know, matt? you have to exercise your power. power that is not exercised, muscle that is not exercised, atrophy. >> that's right. stuart: the people will resent it. >> that's right. stuart: matt, you're great for us throughout this election cycle and we appreciate you being on the show. >> stuart, a pleasure to be on. stuart: good stuff. thank you, sir. one of donald trump's main campaign promises was his vow to rebuild the military. general jack keane is here, frequent guest on the program, running up to the election. he is back. i think he has a smile on his face.
10:34 am
how about rebuilding of the military, general? i think he is going to do it, isn't he? >> i'm convinced. he said he would do it and it is desperately needed. what has been happening, the certainly the united states military as we're talking today, stuart, is in fact the best military in the world but reality we need to be so superior that our adversaries do not want to challenge us because we are a credible, deterrent. what has happened to us with the obama budgets approved by congress, we have been eroding that superiority to dangerous levels of readiness. for example, pilot training, pilot safety, airplane maintenance, major issue all four services. chief of staff of army, straight-shooter comes before the congress of the united states this year and says this. i'm not convinced we could win a conventional war if we had to fight one. my service, the army is at high military risk to succeed in that
10:35 am
war because i only have 1/3 of my combat units are ready for combat. we have not had a statement like that in 40 years by a service chief before the congress of the united states. there are major issues here, stuart. stuart: then, general, it has to be a military rebuilding on the scale of ronald reagan's military rebuilding in the very early 1980s, because he poured resources and money into the military. is it going to be that big? i know you think it should be that big. will it be? >> it likely may not be as big as that but it has to take place. and you put your finger on it. we have to, we must get back to the technological edge and superiority that we have. for example, we have lost that edge in precision-guided munitions and space-based technology. you saw the russians shooting cruise missiles, technological advantage we have. you saw the houthis in yemen
10:36 am
shooting chinese cruise missiles at our warships just recently. that technological edge that we've had, we've got to get it back. many of our adversaries are building capabilities to stop the superiority that we have in air power, and maritime power. yes, we need more money and by the way, there is a lot we can do inside the department of defense in terms of reform. the department of defense clearly knows how to fight wars but i am telling you we are third-rate how to run the business side of the department of defense. stuart: okay. >> there is much that we can do there to save money. stuart: general, would you stay there for a second. i have a couple issues more for you later but i've got to get to this. donald trump sent out a tweet on this veterans day? ashley: he has indeed, stuart. he said today we express our deepest gratitude to all of those who served in our armed forces.
10:37 am
honoring our heroes. stuart: president-elect donald trump. now, liz, you have numbers how veterans were a very important part of the election of donald trump? >> they came can out in bigger numbers than mccain and romney. two to one came out for donald trump in swing states like ohio, north carolina, florida. they came out big even in wisconsin. what were the exit polls, what were they saying to the exit pollsters? seemingly endless wars, they want peace through strength. want stronger defense department. they want a stronger va to help them out. stuart: that's a fascinating analysis there. general jack keane, come back in please. peace through strength. that's why so many vets voted. that is interesting, sir? >> yeah, absolutely. that pretty much was the reagan's thought process. if you have got a very strong military and credible deterrent which we had during the cold war, the soviet union didn't want to go near us. that is what people have got to understand. it is not just having the best
10:38 am
military. it must be so superior that nokia wants to engage us. that's how you prevent wars and actually prevent incredible amount of human suffering as a result of it. so i totally agree with that thought process, peace through strength. because it gets you peace when you have that kind of deterrent out there. the other thing that must go with it, we have not had last eight years, we need american leadership on a world stage, trying to establish peace and security out there. i'm not just talking about muscular military intervention. talking about strong american leadership fighting for what's right. we have not had that. we disengaged from the world out there at our own peril. stuart: four-star general, jack keane on this veterans day. sir, we would like to say on behalf of myself, our staff an all of our viewers, we respect and we admire your service. thank you, general. >> thank you very much. and great veterans today to all the vets out there. stuart: indeed. thank you, general.
10:39 am
to the markets. to politics. military, how about some money. look at them, all the way down, those tech stocks, mild recovery in just one of them. nicole, why does a trump presidency scare investors in these companies? tell me. the banks and industrials and defense stocks soaring on donald trump's election as president-elect now, tech names are under pressure. every single one of those names we saw is done this week. apple, amazon, facebook, microsoft, google. that is because under president-elect donald trump and his administration he will be tough on this group overall. first one the h1b visas which very familiar with, for bringing in developers, engineers, skilled workers, they're often used to bring in cheaper labor. that is very bad and bad for u.s. workers. he is also looking at trade accords, whether or not they will be producing products abroad. he rather them produce them here at home. he has a whole list of things the overall silicon valley and
10:40 am
tech stocks overall, not too hot on just yet. big picture, he will be promoting growth. stuart: nicole, thank you very much indeed. now we'll show you this. we find it disgusting and disgraceful but we think america should see this. violent anti-trump protests in portland, oregon. the police call it a riot. a lot of property damaged, a lot of vandalization, disgraceful. we're showing it to you. you really need to see this. congressman duncan hunter there on the west coast. he will join news a moment. now here's the house armed services committee. what has he got to say about the military rebuilding? look at this. could be the world's most expensive car, 1962 ferrari 250 gto. zero to 60 in six seconds. much faster these days. top speed 170. that thing is for sale in the uk. the asking price is $56 million. ashley: stylish.
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. fox news contributor tammy bruce reacting to hillary clinton's
10:43 am
walk in the woods. stuart: who did you happen to run into but bill and hillary, hiking with their dogs in the woods. of course they posed for this picture. are you at all skeptical about that picture? >> you know, i'm not. because if they were prepared, hillary would have more make up on. would look more like a robot. there she looks actually relaxed. she looks kind of happy. i think more liberals should be walking in the woods instead of being in urban areas. that is clearly healthier thing to do. so, no, i think that actually happened. i think it did.
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: it could be that the price of oil, all the way down at $43 a barrel is keeping the stock market in check because that is certainly a very low price. how about the price of gold? it is retreat adlong way from the $1300 mark. in fact it is retreating some more this morning. we're down $31 on gold as we speak. put that map up again, would you please? a sea of red. every area that you see in the red voted for donald trump. that is a big red map. congressman duncan hunter with us, california republican.
10:46 am
sir, we have republicans in charge of our political system. you're in charge in washington. investors, they want the first thing that you do to be tax cuts. is that the first thing you're going to do? >> no, i don't think so actually. i think first thing we'll do is work border security, repeal and replace obamacare and, we're going to have a tax reform package. we released it about two years ago. we've been working this stuff in congress for eight long years, putting things on the president's desk, watching them go nowhere. so we have the stuff ready to roll, but i think that tax reform takes longer because it's, it involves entitlement reform. it is more complicated i think. stuart: the president can relatively quickly, almost immediately, mr. trump can repudiate president obama's executive orders. he could have quite a big impact there. is that the first, literally the first thing you do? >> i think it is, yeah.
10:47 am
i think you just uses his pen the way obama used his. i mean that's the downside for the president, for president obama and that is the upside for the new president coming in because when the president did not use congress and bypassed us, the next president can simply do what he did and overturn all of those things. i think what is big thing that trump can do too. you have things like the, like dodd-frank, consumer financial protection bureau. you have these bureaucracies that the obama administration set up. i do think that trump can have a big play immediately using executive orders and using the rule-making agencies to make it easier for small companies and middle sized companies, not big wall street companies, those guys have accountants and consultants and lawyers, by the hundreds. it is small and middle sized guys are under the same rules as these large corporations. that is making them struggle. that is making jobs leave the u.s. so i think that is where he
10:48 am
can have immediate impact is on the small to medium-sized companies. stuart: from where we sit, and we've been right in the middle of this election process, the election itself and aftermath from where we sit, a logjam has been broken. there is a feeling of scope, possibility. here is what we might be able to do now. here is what we can do now. there is much more positive feel to things. i'm sure you share it, even though you're in california and you are a republican? >> no, i on this veterans today too, i did three tours. stuart: yes, you did. >> what i feel right now, something that i haven't felt for eight long years, that i fought for something. and i have not felt that. i have not felt as much required as i -- pride as much as i felt fighting for president bush.
10:49 am
we have a president who understands what a proud american meansi am happier before i was pre-election. stuart: show you big protests in portland, liberals fight trump's election. i want you to watch this sir, and comment afterwards. roll tape. [explosion] [shouting] >> this is the portland police. this area is now restricted. >> not my president! not my president! [shouting] stuart: well, we want, find it disgusting and disgraceful. we want to show america this is happening in america three days after the election. your response, duncan hunter? >> number one, she is folks
10:50 am
should do something join the military, join peace corps, join the job corps. they don't feel like they're part of this nation. that is what i think. i think they need to feel some, invested somehow in realize how lucky we are to be in this nation. why millions of people throughout the world still want to come here. that is what they need to realize. but these guys need to get jobs, and i would say, do something for this country and this country will get back to you. stuart: sir, on this, this veterans day, we would like to thank you, and say to you, duncan hunter, we respect and admire your service. we appreciate that. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: and this. donald trump, he says he has a big day ahead, that he will be making some very important decisions on people running our government. that's what he says. watch this. four people injured after gas cylinders can in a burning car exploded. this is rio de janeiro, brazil.
10:51 am
explosion was so large it knocked out power in several streets. don't know how the fire started. that is what happened down there. we'll be right back. so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right? oh, so my custom studies will go with me? anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control mecine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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10:55 am
18,768. no rally for big tech names. more of a mixed picture. amazon down again as facebook and alphabet as we like to call it, google. now this, a professor at new york university. he calls himself the deplorable prof. he has been publicly criticized, he publicly criticized the schools on campus culture of political correctness and safe spaces. the university placed him on paid leave. listen to this. >> the few notions that have come from feminism and lgbt theory and so on have permeated the whole university culture and they have become the, sort of ethical vocabulary if you will of the university and i'm talking about such devices as trigger warnings, safe spaces, and biased reporting lines. my contention is that these mechanisms have been absorbed into the university administrative tools and are
10:56 am
being used to actually quell dissent and control and, maintain a kind of order. stuart: where are we going with this? it seems to have reached such a level that a lot of people, parents, especially are, really up in arms about this? is there anything that can -- >> yeah. stuart: can we stop this, an if so how do we stop it? >> well i think one of the ways to stop it is by pointing out that it doesn't serve the purposes of supposedly that it is intended for. for example, i don't believe that the trigger warnings and safe spaces and biased reporting lines will serve causes of anti-oppression or anti-racism or antisexism or anti-homophobia or anything. they merely serve as tools of oppression in their own right. ashley: now the u.s. army field band honoring veterans day. more "varney" next. ♪
10:57 am
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stuart: breaking news. any moment now president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. it is about to happen. let's watch. [silence]
11:01 am
>> present! [silence] [drumroll]
11:02 am
[playing taps] ♪ [playing taps] ♪ >> order! left shoulder!
11:03 am
[silence] stuart: veterans day 2016, the 11th hour of the 11th month, that is veterans day. the president lays the wreath, and there you have it. i have heard a lot of people say i am glad this week is over. i am not. it has been an exhilarating week. what a privilege to be in the middle of it all. just look at the week that was. monday seems so long ago.
11:04 am
monday was the last day of the old order. on monday most people thought we were in for another four years of same old same old same old, the polls said hillary would win, that was monday. tuesday election day, late afternoon, gloom among trumpeters, exit polls grim for them. 5 hours later talk about shift, gloom among democrats and by midnight it was over, the biggest political earthquake of my lifetime, perhaps even bigger than the reagan revolution. wednesday morning if we gone to bed at all we woke up stunned. democrats appalled and distraught. trump supporters couldn't quite believe they pulled it off. thursday morning the trump rally on wall street was in full swing, trump swept into washington, paid his respect to the sitting president and began to organize the revolution.
11:05 am
that is where we are now. republicans hold political power at every level of government so all the obama policies are being changed. the logjam has been broken and pings are moving very fast. sit back, enjoy the ride, it is just getting rolling, the third hour of "varney and company" is just about to begin. ♪ stuart: whenever i hear that song i get a shiver down my spine. i am proud to be an american. that was lee greenwood, god bless the usa. we will play it here because he is in studio. we will play at all over again in honor of veterans day. he will sing it for us on this
11:06 am
program. my take at the top of the hour. i say there is a total political shift, republicans run the country, house, senate, presidency, local government thrown in. who is here? american enterprise scholar with a smile on his face. it is good to see you. >> doing great, i promise not to sing. stuart: me too. if you look at that map republicans hold political power at every level sweeping across the country. republicans really can do what they like. i think they are going to move fairly quickly for a revolution. what say you? >> i agree 100%. the obama agenda is toast was when barack obama came into office with complete control of congress and called in republican leaders into the white house and they had some ideas they wanted to present him and he said elections have
11:07 am
consequences and i won. guess what? elections have consequences and donald trump won. all those executive orders, gone. obama care, gone. and the will of the american people over the objections of every republican in the legislature gone. there is going to be the obama legacy is going to disappear and it couldn't come soon enough. stuart: how is he going to do this. he will turn to his colleagues republicans in congress, give me a bill on obamacare, give me a tax reform, i will look at it. the president, donald trump, will go away a little bit, make trips, have some dinner parties, become the single of the revolution and let congress get on with it. what do you think? >> that is part of it and first thing he will do is sweep away a lot of executive actions of president obama when he came into office. when president obama lost control of congress first thing he did was say i will use my pen
11:08 am
and my phone to impose my agenda on the american people so he couldn't pass his dream act giving amnesty to illegal immigrants so he did it by executive action, couldn't pass the cap and trade bill ended by executive action, couldn't pass gun control, financial regulation, healthcare, transgender bathrooms, all by executive action. all of that is going away. i would not be surprised if donald trump, the smart thing to do is go his first day in oval office, issue an executive order revealing all obama executive orders and one by one decide which ones to reimpose. that would be a sweeping way to start. stuart: that would be a sweeping way to start. that is the other statement of the program. it is reaganesque. i live through the reagan revolution of the 1980s. seems like a reagan redo. >> it is different from reagan. reagan was a populist in the same way donald trump is, he was a free trader in a way donald trump is not. there are certain differences.
11:09 am
reagan was a much more internationalist, more aggressive in the world. we will see how it plays out. we don't know what donald trump will be like when he comes into office. we know he will be aggressive in undoing the obama agenda which is great. he will put conservatives on the supreme court which is hugely important. one of the things we know is the left doesn't like democracy, they like to impose their agenda through executive actions and judicial activism. will impose supreme court, appoint supreme court justices that won't look kindly on that. a lot of good stuff is going to happen early on in the administration. stuart: extraordinary stuff and we are right in the middle of it. look at this picture, the first
11:10 am
time first lady michelle obama and melania trump met, they chatted while donald trump and president obama met in the oval office. the white house says they discussed raising children in the white house and the difficulties thereof. michelle gave melania a tour of her future home. exit poll shows 29% of hispanics who voted voted for donald trump. much larger number than expected and much better than mitt romney. we discussed the hispanic turn out with a senior trump advisor. we are honoring america's he rose on this veterans day. more varney in a moment. ♪
11:11 am
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11:12 am
11:13 am
lou: lots of surprises in the election but this was a big one. 29% of hispanic, those who voted
11:14 am
voted for donald trump, much better than expected and better than mitt romney. trump campaign senior advisor, a cuban-american. can i say that? i don't think even you predicted donald trump would get a third of the hispanic vote. >> i always said he would do very well. give me some credit. we are happy to see mister trump's message as we always knew and believed resonated with latino voters. stuart: hispanic voters behave like any other group of voters, they want jobs, they want better wages, they want growth in our economy. that is what they voted for. that is my interpretation. >> absolutely correct. the polls in the study which any unbiased observer should have listened to repeatedly shown for years the number one issue for latinos across the country is jobs and the economy like it is for every other voter in the us. this idea they would not come up for mister trump was absurd.
11:15 am
his message resonated and the media noise that mister trump was not in favor or supportive of that he knows, he had a chance and showed that at the ballot box. stuart: some hispanics here legally are unhappy with illegals. is that true? >> i don't know if unhappy is the right word but concerned what illegal immigration does for our communities, how we came out heavily for mister trump. studies have shown legal immigration hurts working-class latinos and working-class african-americans disproportionately because they compete for the same jobs we have. whether it is or increased competition for jobs, even increased competition for rental housing prices it does hurt us. it is a huge concern in our own communities. stuart: do you have any information, i know the cuban community voted heavily for
11:16 am
donald trump. >> a majority. stuart: how about the puerto rican vote in florida? there was a large influx of people in puerto rico because of puerto rico's domestic troubles. large influx in central florida. any idea how the vote broke down? >> it is pretty high, is mrs. although puerto ricans, cuban americans who vote republican, his message of fighting corruption, draining the swamp, and the corruption in puerto rico, somebody who could remedy this type of problem on the island of puerto rico. stuart: i want to see the expression on your face, would you totally rule out being
11:17 am
americans ambassador to cuba? >> if offered, there are people far more qualified than me but the cuban american community, human rights on the island, part of a big reason we came out so much for mister trump, he understands the cuban american struggles. stuart: thank you for being on the program all these months, being a standout. stuart: i don't know about that. >> i was being generous there. stuart: democrats already planning their 2020 election race. who were they hoping would run? >> that went on the screen. bernie sanders. there is a lot of speculation. bernie says i won't rule out anything, he is 75 years old, he
11:18 am
does say four years is a long time from now. he also said millions of working-class voters decision to back trump was an embarrassment to the party. does that mean maybe they go further left with bernie sanders and elizabeth warren when they put up there next candidate? i don't think it works but they maintain income any quality and wall street other two big issues. stuart: democrat senators, indiana, missouri, north dakota, west virginia, democrats in the senate up for reelection in 2018, if the party goes further left they are in trouble. that is good stuff. the ceo of grubb hub, the online food delivery service sent a memo to his employees. if you agree with trump you have no place in the company, down goes the stock. more on that in a moment. back to the media bias against trump during the presidential election. we will deal with that in a moment but michael goodwin said
11:19 am
on this program that the new york times should not receive special access to president-elect trump's press conference. watch this. >> the pattern is every president wants to leak something to the country, they do it through the new york times or the washington post or give an exclusive interview to cbs as president obama did. donald trump should break that pattern. he owes him nothing. he should treat them like he treats everybody else, they should not get special access.
11:20 am
when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: the founder, that gentleman there, founder of grubb hub, the online food delivery service, a big hillary backer. look at this email he sent to his employees. i absolutely reject the nationalist and anti-immigrant and hateful politics of donald trump and will work to shield our community from this movement as best i can. if you do not agree with this statement then please reply to this email with your resignation because you have no place here. stock has gone down. he tried to walk it back, didn't he? >> he did not ask for anyone to resign if they voted for trump. i would never make such a demand
11:24 am
even though he did kind of say that. this came after boycott grubb hub took off on twitter. stuart: elitists, really, i have a problem with them. i have a problem, a real problem. some rich guy, some elitist who wants everybody else to pay more inaxes is get rid of any employee -- throw up time is what it is, they lost. thank you very much. the stock is down 5%. take a look at disney. calm down. say blood pressure. espn suffering, customers cord cutting, paying less, one guy on espn, jaelyn rhodes, what did he say? ashley: former nba player said this, quote, now that donald trump will be the commander in chief, don't be surprised when multiple athletes decline the opportunity to visit the white house and there it is in all its
11:25 am
glory. stuart: we heard you. espn is in trouble. trump's win could bring back the keystone pipeline. trans canada, the company that wants to build it says they are looking at ways to work with trump to get this thing built. we will deal with that. in honor of veterans day the u.s. army field band. ♪ just like the people
11:26 am
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11:29 am
stuart: to say there has been a major political shift is an understatement. republicans now control washington, the house, the senate, the white house and all kinds of institutions across the country. the question is where do the democrats go from here? have they decided? julie is a democrat strategist. who now leads the democrat party? >> no one. there is no leader of the democratic party at all. stuart: who do you think might be the leader? >> there will be a civil war
11:30 am
between chuck schumer, i think there will be disagreement where the party goes between chuck schumer the majority leader -- minority leader now in the senate are about to become one, a new york city wall street affiliated guy, possibly people like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders with the more populist approach as the election bore out. stuart: you think there's a civil war between the two sides? >> there has to be. it is not bad for the party for there to be. the democratic party has an issue where it became a cult of personality whoever the president is. the clinton party, then barack obama type party, now there is no leader, nobody in the white house to lead. we need to determine how to go forward as a party. it is a healthy debate to have. stuart: you are somewhat subdued this morning. >> we had a nice bipartisan happy hour for fox colleagues so i am partied out.
11:31 am
stuart: bernie sanders is not above running in four years. he will be 79. >> donald trump got elected, i don't discount anything. stuart: you are speaking to the power of the left in the democrat party. i submit to you, you can disagree, if you lurch even further to the left, president obama took it to the left, you go further left, you get wiped out. do you share that? >> don't know that i share it. let's see where donald trump goes. he is not a typical republican. he is not conservative on issues republicans find appealing. stuart: within 30 seconds she reverses my question. >> i am not saying -- not saying it is terrible simply that republicans don't necessarily align with him. in 2004 democrats got shellacked by george bush, john kerry lost and out of the wilderness emerged a state senator from illinois none of us thought
11:32 am
about. stuart: could it be chelsea clinton? grooms for congress? >> i hope not. i am dynasty to out. she needs to score some runs on the board herself and not be somebody's daughter before she went for office. stuart: leave it at this. there is no leader at this moment. i'm not surprised. >> there are leaders but no specific leader. stuart: you are looking towards a civil war, brutal battle between the left and right for control. >> maybe not a brutal civil war but a healthy discussion. that is where we go from here. plenty of people in new jersey and others may emerge as leaders of the party. elizabeth warren could be aligned with either side or chuck schumer, and democrats in the clinton mold, so you don't know, could be anybody. stuart: you didn't have to wear a black dress this morning. the approach from you guys about
11:33 am
the election. you could have worn something bright. >> everything was at the dry cleaner friday. thank you for being part of our election coverage. >> anytime, i love being on the show. i was being gracious, now you make me go after you. stuart: you are not off the hook. look at this picture. it was taken by that lady on the left who is a vigorous clinton supporter, feeling depressed, goes for a walk in the woods and what happens by pure happenstance, she comes across hillary clinton looking pretty good in the outdoors, bill clinton takes the picture. how convenient. >> you think this is staged? stuart: you are a political professional, you do this kind of thing. >> what reason do i have to stage this? it is over. >> to look good after a catastrophic defeat. >> paranoia does not become you. stuart: this is exactly what you would have done. you would have done exactly about it if i were bruising my horrible ego i might
11:34 am
go for a walk with my husband and maybe run across their mom from chappaqua who had a baby. stuart: as the church lady said, how convenient. you are a good sport and we appreciate it. i am going to call this unprecedented media bias against donald trump during the election. headline from the huffington post, morning in america. not good morning, mo you are in ing. from the new york times, climate policies face reversal, horror of horrors, from the washington post, how donald trump could dismantle net neutrality and the rest of obama's legacy. horror. joining us now, media reporter from the hill. how will the media get back its credibility because it is shot?
11:35 am
>> that is a good way to go. is he a priest or whatever denomination handles that sort of thing and sit in front of a priest, don't share stories in advance anymore with a presidential campaign, you shall not engage in poll approval with the clinton campaign. you shall not share debate questions in advance with whoever the democratic campaign is or any campaign. you shall not, john harwood works another network, go to john podesta and say i will interview jeb bush, what questions should i ask? come up with a couple questions if you do your own research. stuart: it won't happen. >> that will not happen because this is a business channel. you talk about balance sheets and profits all the time. the media never made more money than it did this year covering this campaign. there are no punishment for their sins because coffers got filled. stuart: pulitzer prize-winning journalist with the new york post, was on this program
11:36 am
yesterday, donald trump should take punitive action against the new york times, the washington post, roll tape please. >> to leak something to the country they do it through the new york times, give an exclusive interview to cbs as president obama did. donald trump should break that pattern, he owes him nothing, he should treat them like he treats anybody else, they should not get special access. stuart: a presidential press conference. >> the first lawsuit should be aimed at nbc news or nbc. the access hollywood tape they allowed to get leaked to the washington post, that should not have gotten out. when you do that that will distract from the presidency. stuart: they should not have done that.
11:37 am
would you keep the washington post, you are not coming to a presidential press conference. >> i wouldn't do that because it makes you look bad. the new york times is going to cover you anyway, even if they are asking questions. the problem is there executive editor would go to jail for the illegal activism with tax documents was when you declare that is the guy who runs the show with the paper of record that shows you shouldn't be executive editor of the paper of record. what the press missed was temperature in the country because they are focusing on trump so much in terms of sensational stuff they didn't get out of safe spaces in new york or washington and speak to these people. what they did instead is demonized from afar, the voters of a candidate. this was the week magazine that said after the election two week before the election was held the this is what is going to happen if trump wins.
11:38 am
there is going to be rioting in the streets, protests. and the funny thing is he won and we are seeing supporters of the other candidate doing what they were demonized for in that hypothetical situation. get out and talk to people instead of demonizing voters from afar is the biggest lesson. stuart: thanks for joining us. you are younger than i am move along. check the big board, everybody, down 30 points, still very close to all-time record highs, 18,700. the price of oil could be pushing stocks down a little bit. we are up $1.30 a barrel, $34 a barrel. disney, espn, a lot of people court cutting, paying less for the cable so they cut espn. that has not heard disney, they are projecting solid growth in the future. that is why they are up.
11:39 am
big tech stocks not part of the rally, going the other way for the most part and going down. amazon at 735, apple 108, facebook 118, microsoft up a couple cents, google down 7 bucks am a quite a selloff and it is not done. i want to stay on trump and the transition and what we might expect in coming days. i will do that. almost time for this. lee greenwood, we will talk to him about what he is doing to help disabled veterans and he will thing that famous song, god bless the usa. we will be back. ♪ ♪ coming back
11:40 am
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides with your foxbusiness brief, the dow is down 35 points. before yesterday's close the dow gained 900 points. call it a trump rally or whatever you want, s&p 10, nasdaq down 3, dow winners and losers, procter & gamble and coca-cola under pressure, financial doing particularly
11:42 am
well, deregulating the banking system, and we see down arrows and those names including kim ross and harmony gold. take a look at feel stocks, as president-elect trump talked about a progrowth agenda building infrastructure and the like. being 25% this week. the record yesterday up 5 persons.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: donald trump met with president obama for the first time discussing the transition listen to what they said. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful because if he succeeds in the country succeeds. >> mister president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many more times. thank you. stuart: very cordial. nice handshake. joining us, congressman sean duffy, republican wisconsin. big smile on his face, you won and trump won wisconsin, you won reelection, you are looking cool. what do you think is the first thing president trump does,
11:45 am
january 21st when he sits in the oval office, first thing, what is it? >> there are so many things to do a got to rollback executive orders. he will plan for how we fix healthcare, he will work with paul ryan on tax reform, the border and immigration. stuart: there are some things he can do like that was one of them is executive orders which he can simply cancel the executive orders of resident obama. that would make an enormous difference. i say that is what he can do and what he should do and what he will do. first thing. >> he can build the keystone pipeline, give clearance for the keystone pipeline. from canada into the united states was that is a lot of jobs and energy independence. i will go that route but other
11:46 am
things happening too, the problem of labor fiduciary rule that will affect our investment advisors ability to give low income advice to robot advisors. that goes into effect for april, canceling the fiduciary rule. a huge impact on low income, all across america. we will deal with the overtime rule. and a smorgasbord of issues that he can pool from. stuart: can't he rescind some environmental protection agency rules and say we are not going to do that. he can do that. >> he can but it will be more complicated in the first hours of his presidency which will be important. he needs to go back to call country and say we will start using call again and use clean coal, we want to clean energy plan but we are not ready to get
11:47 am
to windmills and solar panels just yet. we went and all of the above energy approach but that still includes oil and gas and coal and nuclear for the short run until we get more energy independent with renewable resources. those are promises he made for those cold jobs in the days he won in kentucky and west virginia and part of west virginia. stuart: he could walk away from the paris climate agreement. that was never ratified by congress, it is not a treaty, he simply find it himself. we can unsigned it at a moments notice. >> we can and that would be smart. we want to be good with the environment. we went to have a good policy and don't pollute but we want to make sure we are looking out for american jobs and these treaties the take our carbon emissions down to levels not met by other countries make us less competitive. when you are talking jobs and job growth and wage growth,
11:48 am
these actions get us out of these agreements that will allow us to grow our economy. we need to set the private sector free, take the weight of government and rule and regulation off of the private sector and how they are going to do it in my part of the world i don't know how they are going to do it but americans are innovative and they invest and work hard and that is what is so great about our country, that is what donald trump understands, being a billionaire builder understands rules, regulations and taxes and how it punishes the creative and the entrepreneur who put so many thousands of people to work in communities, he gets that, starts rolling regulations back, sets the american spirit free and the american free enterprise system will once again flourish, and that is whe you will see substantial growth, and across
11:49 am
america. stuart: in the middle of it all i think the mood has shifted dramatically, just the national mood. thanks for joining us. god bless the usa, the number one most recognized patriotic song in america. lee greenwood is here, he will perform some of it in just a moment. ♪ infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud.
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ stuart: it is of course veterans day. we have a special guest, you know him and you know the song, one of the songs for which he has become very famous. the guy who wrote and things god bless the usa. >> i wrote it in the back of my but in 1983, when i first learned in nashville i learned -- wrote a lot of songs in my first 5 or 6 hours. this is one of those. stuart: i think i have been in america a long time but i associate god bless the usa with
11:54 am
post 9/11. that is when it came to me. >> after 1985 it was song of the year for the national music community than it became news - used by the military and there was the gulf war, there was katrina, the attack on america in 2000 one. each time it got more recognizable and became america's most recognizable patriotic song. we sing it at all our shows across america. stuart: you are all about the disabled american veterans, disabled veterans of america, what is it? >> disabled american veterans. stuart: you work with them. >> a new ambassador for dav which is a great privilege. the initiative is called keeping the promise and dav service 1 million veterans a year and to achieve their benefits which they sometimes don't get as you know. stuart: i do believe our veterans today are treated with more respect, not talking medical treatment but respect,
11:55 am
they get more respect today than they did in the 60s or 70s. >> the lessons of vietnam when the military came home and they were honored for the tremendous sacrifice they had to make, a different time now. keeping the promises from veterans day, we are addressing the nation, from now until november 29th, if you get on the website, you can give a message to a soldier on our wall of honor, you can film a video of some soldier you like and love and send that and make a donation. that would be helpful as well. stuart: you are all right, very glad you are with us on "varney and company". i will step aside and let you do what you do, you are going to sing god bless the usa. >> that is jolly good, thank you. stuart: i will get out of the way. >> thank you very much. >> veterans everywhere, here is
11:56 am
god bless the usa. ♪ if tomorrow all the things were gone ♪ i'd worked for all my life ♪ and i had to start again ♪ with just my children and my wife ♪ i'd thank my lucky stars ♪ to be living here today ♪ cause the flag still stands for freedom ♪ and they can't take that away ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ where at least i know i'm free ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ who gave that right to me ♪ and i gladly stand up ♪ next to you and defend her still today ♪ cause there ain't no doubt i
11:57 am
love this land ♪ god bless the usa ♪ >> happy veterans day from the dav. second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
11:58 am
. .
11:59 am
stuart: ladies and gentlemen, while we have a minute left in the show, we throw it out what is your favorite story. we'll change that today. i think this has been my favorite week on television in all the years i've been doing it. i have been so engaged watching history. you share this. >> i think privilege to have front row seat. i said it before. i truly believe that. it was remarkable the shift we saw the country go through. here we are, renewed era of optimism. change much-needed. stuart: fair point. >> i'm glad we're done. i want to go to bed. 11 days straight with two days off. i'm not complaining. front row seat, loved it, loved it. being with you two gentlemen.
12:00 pm
a treat and honor. stuart: well-said, elizabeth mary regina. so grad you're with us throughout this week. it was a privilege. it really was. thanks for joining us throughout this wonderful time. neil cavuto. it is yours. neil: stuart, thank you very much. we're following impact an implications of this week, already how a lot of folks look ahead to the first 100 days of a trump administration. this is the week we sort of had to get our hands around that, a trump administration. that is in the offing. what will those first 100 days look like? and what are we learning what will be the priorities of team trump? we're getting some ideas you now from steve coughlin, a list on trump insider, looking what they're looking at. steve, what can you tell us? i know you don't want to give away everything here. first off congratulations to you. >> thank you very much.


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