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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 14, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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night, it was relatively conciliatory. the other big story is financial. those big name tech stocks which we have covered very thoroughly way down again, i'm talking serious selloff in big tech. it continues. my time is up but, neil, it's yours, sir. neil: thank you very much, we're keeping track of those two protests in los angeles and silver springs, maryland. they're mostly by high school students, most of them not even legal to vote, but they are arguing to stop donald trump in his path and try to make their locales sanctuary cities to protect illegals who might be in these communities. donald trump has already promised to deport up to three million illegals, that is down substantially from the numbers he originally talked about, 11-15 million illegals who might already be here. to say those with criminal intentions should go.
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having said that though, many of these protesters -- again, these are high schoolers -- have been allowed to sort of leave school, go protest and let it be known that they will not tolerate any of that. so if this is one of the more unusual protests, it is on the part of kids essentially following cues from many anti-trump groups that are out there and protesting en masse sick days after his election -- six days after his election. reaction now from senator scott brown this new hampshire. senator, what do you make of this? it's certainly a novel protest, but what they're looking for is protection from local leaders for donald trump who might want to move in on their community and weed out the illegals? >> well, first of all, neil, i would say what donald trump said last night in his "60 minutes" speech, just stop it. it comes from the lack of leadership with the superintendent and principals of those schools allowing the kids. if i was a principal and i had heard they were leaving, i would
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have said if you leave, you'll be suspended. that being said, donald trump said that he's not in favor of sanctuary cities. now, the various political entities can certainly have them, but then you're going to lose your federal funding. so there's a choice there. choice is up to them, but to harbor people illegally, which is really against our law, and have state law basically sir i couple vent federal law, i think, is wrong. neil: you know, it's interesting, they have their own press release here saying they're being targeted by president-elect donald trump's white supremacist, patriarchal, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic and islam to phobic agenda. so many phobias, i didn't have time to get to them, but that he is responsible for that, and that they're going to put a stop to it by ignoring, essentially, the will of the people. >> well, actually 50, if i'm not macken, neil, 51% of white women also voted for donald trump, so
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i guess they are all the bo as well. -- above as well. 39% of the mexican-american, latino-americans voted and a large percentage of african-americans also. i guess they must fit in that mold. those are a pretty resounding sweep when it comes to -- neil: these are kids being put up to do either their parents' or others' bidding to express rage at a vote outcome that i could imagine few of them appreciate or understand. i'm not saying all of them, but they are being used as tools here to sort of dislodge the country a little bit ahead of donald trump's swearing in. >> well, you've heard, neil, that there's an organized effort by some people, george soros is rumored to be one of them. quite frankly, if people are hurt or killed or property is damaged during this time and they can actually identify who's leading these protests, those people should be held either through civilly or criminally responsible for what's ultimately potentially going to happen. when president obama was president, there was a lot of
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people upset, but they didn't do what is happening right now. and i, quite frankly, think it's ridiculous. i actually spoke at a college the other day, and a lot of trump supporters, students say that their teachers are belittling and demeaning them, that they're scared, they're being threatened by their peers because they're trump supporters. let's take care of everybody, and everyone just kind of relax, and let's see what happens. neil: all right, well put. former senator scott brown. good seeing you again, scott, i appreciate it. >> all right, neil. anytime. neil: think of what you're witnessing here. these are kids, and they are getting the blessing of their school to do this without getting tacit, you know, approval to do this. but these protests are continuing in a number of cities across the country, and we're going to see more of it being planned as they bus them in in portland, oregon, and elseere. and you wonder where, where is this all coming from and why now?
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and does this get worse? these are supposedly american students waving mexican flags. it is odd, but it is what it is. reaction to all of this and the increased protests that are planned, stacy washington, host of stacy on the right, is here, niger ennis, tea party chairman. niger, what do you make of what's happening here? obviously, the nation isn't coming together. one of the first questions leslie stahl gives to donald trump is what about the behavior of your people at some of these protests and what they have been writing, etc., about blacks and muslims and no reference to this? weird, don't you think? >> i think it's quite weird. i think it's quite weird that the hypocritical, hard left within the media was warning, i mean, we were all running for, you know, doing the chicken little dance about how trump protesters were going to be
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anarchists if hillary clinton won and that we have to accept the verdict. and all these folk now, there's a deafening silence as they are not chastising these protesters trying to win on the streets what they could not win at the ballot box. you know, neil, this is not an accident, this is not a surprise. this was orchestrated, this was planned as we know over a month and a half ago, i think several months ago. it was asserted that the black lives matter foundation was pledged $100 million, $100 million by a variety of sources including, of course, mr. prince of darkness, george soros himself. and and so these types of protests are just the beginning. they're going to continue to manifest themselves and try to intimidate the trump administration and the republican congress before they come into power. neil: well, you know, your views -- [laughter] of george soros notwithstanding,
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one of the things i do notice here is many of these protesters are, in fact, illegal themselves. >> wait a minute, how do you know that? timeout -- [laughter] you've determined they're illegal? neil: we know right now that they have been emboldened and rah trying -- >> but you don't know they're illegal, right? they could be the children who could be -- neil: wait, wait, wait, you don't think there are any illegals in here? >> i'm not going to judge them based on how they look. neil: wait a minute -- i'm not saying that. if they are legal, do you think they should be protesting at all? >> if they are illegal? neil: if they are. >> if they are illegal, they can protest. this is great. this is what -- neil: but wait, you just -- [inaudible conversations] illegals who have no rights -- you're part of the problem, joe. joe, you're part of the problem. your just saying -- you're just saying that illegals have every right to march and demonstrate in a -- >> we are a land of equal laws and protections of everyone -- neil: for legal citizens, joe. >> they can, they can still
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exercise their right to free speech because we believe that is a right that people have -- neil: a right to those who are born citizens -- >> you don't know that these students are illegal. neil: you just said it doesn't matter, joe, you just said it doesn't matter. all right, all right. stacy, what do you think of that? is saying illegal or not, they have a right to be among this group protesting. >> the constitution is for the citizens of this country. if you're here illegally -- >> the constitution is for everyone. >> -- protest someone who you say is not your president. [laughter] look, there's a huge thing here. their president, if they're here illegally -- >> so they're all mexicans now? you know that -- >> i didn't say they're all mexicans -- >> you just said their president was -- neil: let her answer, joe. >> are they protesting -- >> a little extreme? >> this is pretty typical of the left. when they don't like what you say, they shout you down -- >> i've been overtalked on this channel plenty of times. >> he sounds a lot like hillary
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clinton, and we know what happened to her. [laughter] she lost big. >> yeah, she got two million more votes. >> she doesn't understand our desires. look, these people are special snowflakes. these people think that they have a right to do whatever they want -- >> and they do. >> the american people voted, and whether you interrupt me repeatedly or not, it doesn't change the fact that the president-elect is donald trump. neil: all right -- >> these peaceful protests? neil: joe -- >> they not peaceful protests? are they armed? neil: joe, you just said a second ago as she was trying to get her point across that hillary clinton got more of the popular vote as if she should be -- >> no, i'm not saying that. neil: joe, you also said -- >> are the electoral -- neil: joe, you can talk over me as much as you want, but you keep avoiding the issue. >> okay. neil: you said it didn't matter whether they were legal or illegal, you have the same right to do what you're doing. i'm telling you, it most certainly does matter.
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if you're a legal citizen, you do have the right to protest. you don't have the right if you're illegally here -- >> but we don't know if they are -- neil: niger, i cannot argue with -- what i want to know here is these kids are protesting, they're upset, they're free to do that. they want protections and assurances from their local communities, l.a. and back in maryland, silver springs, maryland, that they will be protected. that if they are protected zones or areas where they can protect illegals who shouldn't be here, that that should continue. and donald trump and his squad of goons as one of them put it that's going to --? >> deportation force. neil: should not be allowed to do so. what do you think of that? >> of all the folk on the panel, including joe, i'm the only one -- one of my other organizations that actually assimilates permanent residents and helps them become citizens that speak english and understand our constitution, our bill of rights, and something called the rule of law.
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and what, unfortunately, hard left folk like joe have done to these kids, some of them innocent, is make them believe that somehow american citizenship is some type of constitutional entitlement. it is not. it is a gift. [laughter] >> actually, it is a constitutional entitlement -- [inaudible conversations] if you were born here -- neil: one at a time. [inaudible conversations] >> factually incorrect. neil: all right. i wish we had more time but we waste time when we talk -- [inaudible conversations] neil: guys, i didn't want it to morph into this kind of stupidity, but it has -- >> i'm sorry that when we look at them, we judge them. that's what i've heard so far. neil: no, no, no, you didn't even have to look at them -- [inaudible conversations] neil: we're wasting our time. >> i didn't fight for these people to have rights, i fought for american citizens to have rights. neil: all right, guys -- >> again, you judge them based
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on the way theylook -- neil: we're going to keep going back to this, whether you want to ignore the election results over which this is about, the bottom line is you are looking at high schoolers, most of them not even old enough to vote, who are now galvanized on the west and east coasts of america, and their central premise is this: they do not welcome, they do not want what a trump presidency will bring. the promise to crack down on illegals who shouldn't be here. now, do you at home -- e-mail us -- do you at home think they have every right to protest even if they shouldn't be here at all? after this. your insurance company
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continue now in los angeles. this is at least half a dozen different high schools represented here and possibly more as they get sympathy rallies that have been planned ever since donald trump was elected president of the united states six days ago. essentially, what they're arguing for are protections from a donald trump who might want to crack down on illegals in this country and kick 'em out. now, donald trump was telling "60 minutes" and lesley stahl that he can envision as many as three million going, those with a criminal past or who shouldn't be here because of other intentions that would bring problems here in the united states. so not all, but three million in his eyes problematic cases. former arizona governor jan brewer on these anti-trump protests as a result. governor, what they are essentially saying is we want protections. i think what they're arguing for is provide us the sanctuary, the cover that we need so that mean old trump doesn't do anything to us, i think. what do you think?
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>> well, i believe that it's outrageous that they're out there and that it's being allowed to take place. it's like they're flaunting it in everyone's face. they ought to be in school and getting the education that they so badly say that that they want and that they're getting afforded with many of them not legally. they're here illegally. it just -- they want all the rights and privileges of being a united states citizen, and they don't have those rights and privileges. and to step up and behave in the manner that they have has been very disturbing to me and to other citizens that live and abide by the rule of law. it's like they don't care. it's their country? it's not their country, it's our country. neil: well, what i find odd is that many, you know, protesters with the mexican flag either on behalf of others or they themselves. i can understand not wanting to
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leave, but the fact of the matter to equate what they're doing to rights that legal citizens have or to argue legal citizen rights to those for whom they might be marching on their behalf, either way it's an odd message to send an incoupling president of the united states -- incoming president of the united states who is responsible to honor and uphold the u.s. constitution for its legal residents, right? >> absolutely, it is. and let me say this, neil, when they fly and march with the mexican flag, their allegiance, obviously, is to mexico, it's not to the united states of america. they -- it's beyond comprehension to understand what they think they gain from this. fortunately, it's not all of them, i know there are other people here that are behaving right. they might be here illegally, but they're not out there marching and destroying the hope
12:19 pm
that they might have had on five days after a new president has been elected. i think we should bring everybody to the table, but this kind of behavior is so,so disturbing that they find little sympathy with a lot of us. neil: all right. but it's a silent majority of those witnessing this saying if they're arguing on behalves of protections and measures to be taken to shield those who are here illegally, who's picking up the bill to make sure that happens? >> well, it certainly would be us, i guess, picking up the bill to protect them. but they're here illegally. they -- what is it that they don't understand? you know, it seems to me they would be acting properly contrite, encouraged that a new president is here that they need to work with and a congress. but, you know, this kind of behavior is unacceptable, neil: governor, thank you for taking the time on these
12:20 pm
late-breaking developments and responding to this news. we did want the bring it to your attention -- of course, you knew, but you at home, these are essentially, whether legal or not, arguing for the rights of illegals, for those who shouldn't be here. and they're very, very worried their friends, many times family members, and they're worried about their relatives or friends getting kicked out of this country, if not many of those marching themselves. the reality is they don't like that reality. and the reality is they don't like a donald trump who campaigned on the promise to kick those illegals out or those who are blatantly dangerous to the american population. not all illegals. that is already looking like a pretty heavy task. but the push for a wall, the push for a fence, the push for anything to protect our borders not being greeted favorably by these largely high schoolers who are now being goaded on by others who take a certain dim view of just that. after this.
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neil: all right. well, many may protest, but the dow kind of collectively shrugs in the face after owl -- after a all of this, ten-year treasury notes on the dollar hitting 2016 highs, interest rates go higher on the growing belief that whatever happens in a trump administration, economic activity's going to pick up, and maybe with that a little inflation. there is a little between a little inflation and a lot of inflation. a little inflation could be welcomed, a lot of inflation -- just ask jimmy carter -- not so welcome. to trump transition team member david malpass on those worries. david, very good to have you. what do you think the markets are telling us on this inflation thing? they'd welcome a little but not a lot, right? i guess what i'm asking, what's a little? >> hi, neil. well, we haven't had much inflation and, you know, the bond yields had been very low thinking that growth was going to stay super low into the future as it has been in recent years.
12:25 pm
trump comes along, says let's have faster growth, won't that be better for americans, won't we have more jobs. so the bond yields are going up. i don't think that's a signal of anything wrong, that's a signal that we're anticipating more growth going forward. as far as inflation itself, the fed hasn't created money. i think they've actually been a drag on the economy, and so i don't think the inflation would come from them. there is the question of could you get inflation if you didn't make structural reforms, like let's say the country just blocks change, and so you can't get more production, then you would have maybe harmful inflation at some point in the future. no reason to anticipate that now. neil: when you look at what the markets are saying and, first, the violently negative reaction late election night when it looked like he was going to win versus what happened just hours after that and since that time, are the markets, the markets seem to be okay with the
12:26 pm
prospect of a president trump and okay with his economic policies. it would seem. >> right. i think there's kind of three things going on. one, the market went down when there was the risk of a hung election. you know, it wasn't clear that secretary clinton was going to concede that night, and so the market is looking at the possibility of a protracted indecision. that would have been an uncertainty. and then second, people hadn't, i think, properly digested trump's policies. they are growth policies. and so that's going to end up being good for profits, for jobs, especially for jobs. and so that's going on now. and so i think we can go forward with the markets trying toty jest very -- digest very high valuations but more growth coming. that's what the markets are signaling. gold is down, that's not signaling inflation. copper is up, that's signaling growth.
12:27 pm
so right now we have a decent environment for policy making. neil: these protests that have been accelerating and now involving high school students on both coasts and talk of more to come, does that image get in the way and controversy and all the dust-ups since the election get in the way of a president-elect trump and, ultimately, a president trump enacting provisions that were popularly approved in very fair and square american elections? >> i don't think it's in the way. i think, though, that what we these to do is have all americans really recognizing that people need to pull together and move forward in ways that will create more jobs. you know, we've had this long period where young people were having great difficulty getting jobs. some of them turned to socialism and were supporters of bernie
12:28 pm
sanders, others are just against anybody that's elected. and so what we need to do at this point, i think, is pull together and get better policies in place, and that's what the task at hand is. it's going to be a lot of detailed work. you know, in every area of government we've had the federal government controlling what people do, and they haven't done a very good job at it. so some part of this is to correct those policies as quickly as possible so that people can get on with their lives, have more prosperity. that's the highest priority. neil: david, thank you very, very much. david malpass. and as david was talking and referring to these protests that are going on, i've been getting tons of e-mail on the earlier suggest, one saying, joachim, neil, you must realize illegals have rights too. joachim, i hate to pass along a fox news alert, they do not. they do not have rights.
12:29 pm
they do not have constitutional guarantees in a country in which they aren't citizens. it's as simple as that. more after this. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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neil: we are to note that reince priebus will be the chief of staff, steve bannon, chief administration is strategist. maybe for the desired effect to encourage the robust debate.
12:33 pm
now comes the even harder part getting a cabinet calling that will also lead to some of the changes that voters seem to address with donald trump wants it takes over. charlie gasparino on who could fill some of those important positions. >> financial deregulation has been one of the hallmarks of the term campaign. at least roll back parts of dog franken says that he thinks that i'm hurting the economy and preventing banks from landing. he wants to get rid of the department of labour fiduciary role which makes -- it means you get less choices as an individual. they will not give you a lot of choices and do investments. that's two things he wants to roll back. is that the position of sec chairman or chairwoman. right now there's a chairwoman
12:34 pm
has a former prosecutor u.s. attorney. the names we hear the leading metropolis. i'm getting this from wall street sources. they have not called us back to two names they hear fairly prominent with more by the end of the week is spot in the, former commissioner. the gop appointed commissioner and is a very anti-regulation type guy. he's a lawyer but a guy that wants to roll back a lot of regulations. the other name i'm hearing is our old friend anthony scaramucci who runs a company called sky ridge capital. he works those wall street week although now i believe he's on a transition break. but he's a guy who's and mars in the interest is the wall street of regulation. he knows better than the department of labour fiduciary role because they get less
12:35 pm
choices. those are the two names at the top of the list. this is a very important position if you're an investor. if you own one share at dock you care about who's at the sec for if you wanted on you care because this is the person that will unravel.craig or at least pull it back and make banks for your to do business. those are the two things i hear pretty much people that want deregulation in its various forms. atkins is a lawyer. so is anthony scaramucci. i'm not sure how much you this law in the past. back to you. neil: thank you very much. hillary clinton six days after director comey for her defeat in speaking with the number of democrats today on the phone. this is a ritual that the campaign most days. they talk to the money guys and their own. and sort of repeat what they've
12:36 pm
been telling their own staff members what contributed to their defeat. what she makes of this argument that it was not hillary clinton's making. it was james comey. >> you've got to blame something. you don't want to blame yourself. the party never likes to do that. this is again back to 2012 when republicans had to do introspection about what led to their big loss again barack obama and democrats right now are doing exactly the same thing. they are trying to figure out what happened, and and i think their focus will be on who showed up for donald trump, rather who didn't show up for the democrats. they will focus on that group. so what we are seeing now is i think a push to the left. hillary clinton was not the most left of the two candidates.
12:37 pm
that was bernie sanders. i think now you are hearing voices from the left that that is the direction the party should be going in. that is who you may see running the democratic national committee and that is how you will see the agenda moving forward. less of a centrist left agenda and more of a further left agenda appeared neil: will take a close look at what they're wishing for. this is the same after losing by richard nixon in 1968 so the party drove hard left but obviously the rise of george mcgovern and that ended in a debacle for them. it might be an even bigger loss if they take a hard left turn. >> well, if there is an even more recent employer not within 2010. you have the president and both houses of congress, democratic moving towards a less agenda. they lost very badly. you are right, that's a
12:38 pm
challenge for them. there is this intersection between the bernie sanders followers in the trump followers that there is a populist agenda tear. and so, i don't see there been a big fault in trying to examine back kind of agenda for them because it certainly brought on a lot of new voters for bernie sanders and it was some rain that the populist agenda brought out a lot of voters for trout. >> the election results controversial as they are too many on the left bring out the passionate base. in this case the people can't even vote, high schoolers who are protesting say essentially this is unfair, this isn't right. this is giving a license to donald trump to kick the legal side of this country and all but asking for sanctuary city status in the locales. exit inside on behalf of two shouldn't be here. the question for you is oddly enough for the election was old
12:39 pm
galvanized in the lunacy with the sober thinking party would try to avoid. >> listen now they are responding. already elizabeth moran is saying we should allow them to protest and their voices need to be heard. i think you hear that from the democratic leadership. they want to capture the allegiance of these you are passionate voices who will become young passionate voters. i don't expect the party to speak out against these protesters. they want to win over the passion and support that could help them win the election. they have their eye on 2018 and 2020. neil: that's a very good point. thank you very much. good seeing you. keep an eye on this protest and what bob dole makes the former republican back in 1996. and why he liked the man who has
12:40 pm
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12:42 pm
trump and plans going forward. apple, amazon, facebook down 3%. this group has come under pressure. there is some concerns on silicon valley employees. even possibly the end of the totality which is something netflix was a supporter as. we have record highs today. the group is not worth debating. tesla has been stumbling to the election and has a down arrow once again. this is the kid elon musk says president elect trump was not the )-right-paren for the white house.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
neil: i want to continue showing something that's really amazing here. these are protesters, high school kids largely in the united states in maryland, los angeles area. they are protesting the election of donald trump to be our next president and thereafter local authorities and the los angeles area for half a dozen high schools are involved to make them essentially sanctuary cities with many parts of los angeles protecting illegals who were there, illegal friends, family members, many of themselves with mexican flag on this idea that they want protections and assurances that they want and the people they
12:45 pm
know will not be deported and that they afforded these rights as human beings. unfortunately, that doesn't cut it in this country because you have no right to muster american citizens. former republican presidential nominee and senator, bob dole on what he makes that these protests. senator, what do you think of them? >> i don't think they even know donald trump. you know, i think they are crazy. i can't understand what is happening to the young people in america and what the future holds for the rest of the country if these young punks take over and continue their protests. neil: someone outside to put them up to this, senator. bus 14, 15, 16, 17-year-old. we do this.
12:46 pm
>> they don't know anything about the election. half of them couldn't name the opponent. so, i think there's some professional protest yours who go around the country organizing and stimulating these others, in this case, very young people. but i also wonder where their parent power. if you have good parents, you're not going to be out protesting. you want to be in school worrying about your grades because if you are going to have any life in the future, you know, you've got to have not only a high school diploma, but also a college degree. so i just can't believe what's
12:47 pm
been happening with adults and college students and now high schools to dance. neil: you are right. you see a lot of this stuff, and mutual mom her and i'm wondering if it continues and escalates and now we're getting word that they are planning national protest of various groups not that of eid with a result for january 20th of next year when donald trump will be a nod. president. his goal appeared to just stop right at the start and just had the media keep talking about these stories even in the case of leslie's doll, and the first issue about protesting product concerned donald trump protesters who, you know, might have spray-painted them racist terms here and there. but nothing approaching the magnitude of what we are seeing all square. a lot of the violence, too. my cat, well he hasn't gotten
12:48 pm
over the election yet, but i guess next will be in elementary schools and maybe kindergarten. neil: we are not too far from that. a very sad point here. what i want to know, eventually this will die down. there has been pressure on barack obama may be in a press conference today to address this, he was very civil to donald trump and said all the right things as did hillary clinton in the concession speech. you think either or both of them should come forward and address what is happening here? >> i think they have an obligation after raw obama is still president of this great country and hillary, you know, has a lot of fans and of course all of these people whether they know it or not are protesting
12:49 pm
because she lost. neil: do you think senator, leaving ms. protestsaside that donald trump and his behavior and how he's handled and help since winning the president he is encouraging and even with some of the early choices having someone like reince priebus nasa's chief of staff balanced out a little bit of an eternal back-and-forth with the chief administration strategist that he's at least initially making the right moves or how would you characterize? >> now, i think he's made the right moves. i think he's been acting as he showed like the president elect. and now, i guess he did have a little to eat about "the new york times." they deserve it. so, i think he's doing a good job. i'm going to try to reach them today to talk with him.
12:50 pm
neil: well, that would be an important phone call. senator, very good having you. the well, be safe. >> you'd be well. i pray for your help. neil: thank you. something is working. keep track because i want to show and think in reverse right now if you key in this is the world i live in. what if this were donald trump who lost the election and these were protesters, donald trump protesters and they were petitioning hillary clinton and her supporters. we don't like this result. we are going to get violent. we are going to get nasty. with the same constitutional freedoms and rights being extolled in the press, whether a legal or illegal, would they still carry the same weight? would they get a pass just like many in the media have given
12:51 pm
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you can learn about healthy living and earn rewards, too. remember, medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare today about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ neil: as protests continue across the country, president obama planting to hold a news conference before he takes off for europe through his last presidential trip and no doubt a lot of these issues will come up including foreign leaders and talk about the same donald trump that he was last time he met with them. that is at 3:15 p.m. eastern time. fox business will take you live to that. the fight over facebook and was
12:55 pm
very big extolled fake news. the latest on the dustup that won't go away. reporter: looks like facebook is trying to play both sides of this fake news story. sometimes hoaxes. someone says they don't see much of it. well, it didn't really influence the election very much. two quotes from the facebook ceo and it's become more of an issue number one. to think it influenced the election and anyway it's is a pretty crazy idea. meaning there weren't enough fake news stories out there to have an influence, but the second one, our goal is to show people the content that they will find the most meaning of and people want accurate news. he says they are taking steps to take any hoaxes that appear on facebook and get rid of them. someone's point is 99% of the stories that appear on facebook
12:56 pm
or leave it or not are actually accurate. but they are taking steps to eliminate that are hoaxes. kind of a balancing act. he says to identify what is a true story is kind of complicated and some are just a simple hoax to get rid of those. others may have truth to them. maybe they are missing a few facts and they don't seem to have a policy at as to what they will do with stories like that. the bottom line is more and more get our news from social media. half of americans get our news from this book were to intend the term print newspaper. kind of amazing. neil: thank you very much, connell mcshane. we know that donald trump may be like the little tension. reince priebus and steve bannon as co-strategist, co-advisors here. many people say that could be very good. it could lead to a little bit of agitation but all good.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
mac if hillary had one and it might people when i protested, everyone would say that's a terrible thing. there is a different attitude. there's a double standard here. neil: does he have a point that protests concerning our hack of a lot worse than the media coverage of them if that were the reverse. charlie gasparino joins us right now. the independent women's foreign senior fellow. what he is saying is no, the media is still not fair and balanced in the coverage of these riots probably prove it. what you say? >> i think there is a point when we've seen the coverage it seems like thousands of young people are taking to the street grid when we consider the coverage of the campaigns and the election, the rallies, we didn't see much
1:01 pm
of that. i will say that if every young person's right to protest. however i hope they are motivated by getting out of the mid-term exam. >> i would've done that. what can i do. what can i cook up? charlie gasparino, the story comes up in light of the high school protest. most of them can't even vote and a lot of them speaking on behalf of illegals among their own ranks who are afraid of the president trump and high school, the age group, someone is putting them up to this. >> what the prior gaster said was pretty funny. these kids when they get out of their midterms and maybe that's why they're out there. this is much more organized. these are organized, often violent. a friend of mine and manhattan had a little thrown at them as
1:02 pm
he was witnessing what went on sixth avenue the other night. it was highly organized if they're 14, 15, 16-year-olds, being organized by 20 and 30-year-olds being financed by everybody from the socialist workers party to george soros. this is a left-wing attack on our knee. it's violent. it's despicable for the president not to stand up and say this has to stop. it's an abomination. this is like one way to destroy donald trump just getting into office by letting these foment violence. either way, anti-americans. half of these people should be considered terrorists. that is my solution. neil: that is one possible option let me get your take on what this ultimately does, whether you agree with the
1:03 pm
demonstrations, protests or not. it is meant to give a sense of delegitimizing the ultimate winner and that could continue to when he assumes office. >> i just don't think that uncertainty is really all that helpful. we have a lot of problems to solve in this country. an economy that's been sputtering. opportunity for growth. we've got publix will spend the education system in general. these kids should be in the classroom studying the issues, not on the street protesting. they've got a lot of work to do. you see all this activity and it's not addressing the real needs in the country. i would encourage these protesters to step back and say what can i be doing in my community to be helping people in the streets throwing rocks and bottles and it's not the way to go right now. neil: what he's trying to do and sort of say we are protesting ahead of whatever action he going to take us president
1:04 pm
donald trump. i'm all for protesting. shouldn't they wait to see what he does first? >> yeah, putting the cart before the horse. we have some indications on what the trump administration could do and it could be a potential for opportunity for young people to return to this generation. i do think picking up on some of the comments made earlier that this is driven by more than young people. this is driven by people who have an agenda. i will quote oprah who sat in a treat, take a deep breath. thus you see what's going to happen next before we jump out there and start destroying property and being destructive. neil: go ahead get >> we are playing with fire. you and i are old enough to remember the early 70s and late 60s. for every violent left-wing reaction to the vietnam war to attacks on american culture at the time, they were right wing
1:05 pm
reactions. i'm not proud of this, but it's true. he took part in something called the hardhat riots back in the 70s. you are playing with fire when you go out there and pull stuff like this. does the president of the united states want social unrest equipment to the early 70s, late 60s and if he does he keep his mouth shut. if you want to leave office on a very high note, he should condemn this right now before the country implodes. neil: brian, one thing i get high marks to president obama and hillary clinton as their conduct and demeanor post-election. obviously they didn't like the results that they honor the result. the american people have spoken. does the president need to do that again and a more forceful way or does it just emboldened and encourage action every time a prominent leader does? >> i think the president should continue to say we have election results. we have a direction to move in
1:06 pm
the future and we have to support our president. but what trump is talked about so far since he's won the election. talking about tax reform that helps everybody. he's got regulatory form that helps everybody. he's focused largely on the noncontroversial issues where everybody stands to gain in some way, shape or form. i applaud him for doing it. there are things he could be talking more about that are divisive. he's not doing that. but the killer clinton and president obama should be stable, he's giving us an honest effort and he deserves that as he works to this transition. >> the protest you are looking at today, i want to thank you all. we appreciate it. these are all protests over planned action to deal with illegals on the part of president trump that he would crack down on illegals who are here up to 3 million of them. the dangerous ones. he didn't outline exactly how
1:07 pm
many would fit in that category after 3 trillion. that is well shy of the 15 million illegals who are here. that is falling on ears to protesters who largely believe they could be among them are relatives or friends they know could be among them. but is it their wrath that is real or are they being sort of pushed into this? we just don't know at least for now. what we do know is trump is trying to focus on bigger things right now. it will deal with these and many other issues. peter barnes at trump tower with the latest. the >> that is right. obviously reporting about the appointments over the weekend of reince priebus, chair of the republican national committee to be donald trump's chief of staff when he takes the white house in january. reince priebus, one of the ultimate insiders very close to house speaker paul ryan. both from wisconsin.
1:08 pm
both been good, close friends for about 20 years. mr. trump appointing steve brennan, the bright art chairman, steve dan rather. ultimate destructor of the republican party and destructor of the conservative movement. there are questions about whether or not the team can work together but the trump folks are saying they have been working together on the campaign for quite some time and this morning reince priebus was asked about how he would get along with abandon and he says we've been getting along and right now everything is to buy out. >> steve dan i know is that died on the same page as almost everything i agree with us or visit diahann president-elect trump. i haven't seen any of these things that people are crying
1:09 pm
about. look, it works and i think people saw the last few months of the campaign it works very well. >> we will see if it continues to work well. one area they disagree on, bannon thanks paul ryan should be removed as house speaker. the election is tomorrow i believe. neil: they are same things that changed. peter barnes. something else to be addressed pronto as obama cared. repeal has been the way the trump administration has been sort of pounding. that might not be quite like that. gerry willis on what changes we are likely to see. >> you've got that right. there were two things popular with the american people that donald trump wants to keep. he told us "the wall street journal" over the weekend, first
1:10 pm
law prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for preexisting conditions. secondly allowing kids to stay on their parents plans until the age of 26. that is very popular with joblessness was so current. but there are many things that trump wants to get rid of entirely. first of all the individual mandate. that is attacked that if you don't have any coverage. 2.5% of gross adjusted income last year for 2017 which is that people weren't rolling forward to be 2.5% plus inflation very unpopular. he wants lower premiums. the average premium of 25% on exchanges across the country. and one state tennessee 56% increase in premiums. i am hearing anecdotally that people are taking out second mortgages on their houses to pay for the premium which makes no sense at all. also he wants to allow insurers to cross state lines.
1:11 pm
thereby insurers to provide insurance to car drivers all over the country. they would increase competition and make this a much better situation. they pay less for their health care. we are all after that. neil: we are. gerri willis. thank you very much. it doesn't mean all of obama cared as the big government. we shall see. we shall see also the effect of the protesters who have been among other things calling donald trump a racist and furthermore that he is against everything that is right. the muslims say you know what, i don't quite agree with that. in fact, voted for donald trump. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
1:12 pm
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1:15 pm
neil: there is a theme to a lot of these protests against donald trump and it usually comes back to the issues that he's racist, sexist, islamic blowback. phobic. standing alone in mecca. as sarah -- astra armani with us. you voted in the end for mr. trump. why? >> i did. i'm an american muslim as you mentioned. i'm an immigrant from india. and the woman of color. i'm a feminist. i'm a lifelong liberal and i voted for donald trump. i feel like i am in a support group. neil: five different demographics. >> but i'm also from west virginia and i love my fellow west virginian.
1:16 pm
armando is not near as are always free. we are not racist and bigots and chauvinist like caricatures have been made of many of the voters that have been supporting donald trump. i came out of the closet because they wanted to stand up or rational thinking is a liberal. as a journalist for the last three years have been trying to investigate something called the honor brigade movement that tries to silence any debate on islam. so when donald trump would make his indelicate comments about a band, the gold star family, about all of these other issues for which he was deemed a racist and an islam of faux. i did what journalists do, i followed the money. where i went with the entire network of these organizations, you know, oftentimes we talk about all to right.
1:17 pm
these are people on the all-black. these are folks who refuse to have conversation that is rational and they get caught up in identity politics are donald trump is a perfect target for them. i thought maybe with the election we would be done with these eight years we've had at this liberal honor brigade. and now i seewith these protests on the streets, they are not going to give out. they are just going to get more fierce and more aggressive. neil: when you see this wave of high school kids, nothing of the violence was interrupted portland, oregon and it's escalating. it is widening. do you think people are orchestrating this? do you think they are giving donald trump legitimate protesters have staged protests? >> i watch the same broad pass you did the night the protesters started. i was watching msnbc.
1:18 pm
colleagues that we respect. brian williams, lawrence o'donnell. they said look, spontaneous protest on the street. so i did. i told you what i do, which is follow the money. i found the trail 100 organizations of women of color have come as leaders of these protests and then i started studying the source files. the left always wants to talk about the koch brothers, but we never get to talk about george soros because they shut down. in fact, 33 of the 100 individuals that are supporting these protests receive funds for the society that george soros has created. they said that they are not supporting the protest financially but they are supporting the individuals and organizations behind these protests. why are they doing this? i want to know.
1:19 pm
i want to continue to follow the money. i ask your viewers to help me. i append the evidence of these names and all that to my twitter handle. we've got to as human beings in this society find the truth because unfortunately, i think folks will try to sabotage the governance we've got coming forward and they are basically plain sore loser. neil: when you talk to fellow muslims about your positions and about your insights here, you seem very sound and rational to be regarded as a near religious persuasion. what is the reaction you get? >> well, we have a wonderful and not work of liberal minded conservative politically some of them. others in the u.k. who are muslim reformers who are there to do the critical thinking. they are free and mind, but
1:20 pm
unfortunately our muslim culture like so many traditional societies is a shame they society. they run on the east coast that if you say anything bad about any part of our culture or our religion, you are shaming everyone. it is very diverse. what they think when i speak up and say anything is that i have e*trade then. the allegation has come forward in the last few days that i'm an uncle tom. probably more like an aunt sally. as you know, that is a great crime in our muslim community. atheists are beheaded, they are targeted. it is a death sentence for many of us, but we stand up and fight because we believe in this country. we believe in this world and we believe in the values that are around us and we went to fight for them. neil: well put. very good chatting with you. standing alone in mecca. she is the author.
1:21 pm
some of the heat on either side. look at it rationally. >> thank you, always for your measured tone and everything. it neil: i appreciate it. be well. this is not a message on what's going on at these protests. occurred simultaneously with the weird market. tech stops are falling off after donald trump's victory. there is a weird connection here. i will explain. hey nicole. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head.
1:22 pm
i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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1:24 pm
neil: they already say in the media that donald trump is blinking and in some cases it was the one that he is so bad and not all of the health care law when it comes to the financial reform law, even when it comes to those illegals, which has been the source of so many protests across the country these last couple of hours that he might not deport all of you that into 15 million of them, maybe just 3 million.
1:25 pm
of course they don't even like 3 million part. a lot of supporters say wait a minute. he said one thing and now is president elect you are saying another thing. presidential historian has seen and heard this before. once elected to office, i guess professor it is like -- hessor r all is president and could undermine some of what they say. so i expect president-elect trump to be rather quiet on the specifics. he's arty indicated the general direction that he wants to go. i don't date we will hear a lot of specifics between now and january. neil: you know, i didn't even see when he talked about the angst he liked the affordable kora covering preexisting conditions, during the campaign
1:26 pm
he taught about features that he would want in a republican alternative. i don't know if the media sort of jumped the gun on that one and say these daily not that. i didn't think on that he was. >> now, i agree with you. i didn't see any sign of a real pivot because he emphasized during the cam i don't think there's been any change at all and idon't expect there to be many specifics in the next two months. >> if you are to advise him on it as these media interviews to 60 minutes or anyone else they would get you the got your moment that he has reversed his position on this wall thing that could be easily offend and didn't cover the entire length of the border. i can remember the length of the border thing he addressed during the campaign. that was a central piece of his
1:27 pm
election strategy. the darn wall thing. issue. president reagan was asked about the hostages in iran and it proved to be a moot point because they i am saying there could be changes that come out of mexico. there could be changes out of the obama administration that will cause him to approach the issue in a different way. he has said that health care, immigration and tax reform, specifically cutting tax rates are the three big things he's looking not. i expect to see move meant on
1:28 pm
those three issues when trump takes office in january. neil: professor, always great having you. thank you for your time. >> thank you, neil. two hours away from hearing from the president of the united states whether he will weigh in on this protest. his donald trump saying something or the guy who already is president of the united states to save them in. -- save some vain. --
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
neil: all right, i want to show you. outside of chuck schumer's office. these aredisgruntled young democrats. looked like a handful of them saying how disappointed they are in what they call wall street democrats, and that they're partly responsible for donald trump's victory. called on schumer to withdraw his name from running for senate democratic leader, but i feel sorry for these guys because these earth protesters, high schoolers are getting far more publicity and far more action when it comes to media attention. these guys, i think they were arrested on site. not these guys. the ones holed up look like an office. these guys continue to march on. these poor guys, better luck next time, guys. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty, financial services roundtable president. governor, at their core, they're arguing about, you know,
1:33 pm
wall street's tight relationship with both parties but in these kids's case with the democratic party, they're not happy. this is something that president-elect trump talked about addressing, the dodd-frank financial reform measures. how much progress do you think mr. trump will make there? >> well, a couple of things, neil. a lot of things happened in this election but it is clear when you look at geographic map by dispersion of the vote, who voted for who, reagan, modern day reagan democrats have become donald trump republicans. a lot of folks are feely economically displaced this this economy and want washington to do something to make their lives better. one of trump's proposes, fix dodd-frank enacted postcrisis to crack down on the industries, but make sure the bill as they crack down on the industry also doesn't suffocate the economy. there will be a lot of debate
1:34 pm
but hasn't filled out spaces or details what he means by repealing or replacing dodd-frank. neil: he said the thing failed. it didn't do what it was supposed to do, it piled up regulation on top of regulation, paraphrasing, governor, that banks stopped lending. >> on one hand that is exactly right. so you could, he says, and i think correctly if you pile on too much regulation, you stop capital formation and deployment or lending to families and small businesses and extending new credit you need to keep the economy moving. making that reasonable would help a lot but you also want to make sure you still protect consumers in the process. neil: governor, i noticed since his election no group of stocks has ared as much as financial stocks. i don't know whether it is an uptick in interest rates or uptick in market in general, feeling economy will good, taxes will be good or he, donald trump, will ease off on them. what do you think of this? >> i think it's all of the above.
1:35 pm
i think, you know, dodd-frank, people will say look, the republicans are going easy on the financial service industry or wall street. that will be the criticism. neil: right, right. >> hey, look, i'm trying to get the economy going. dodd-frank stifles economic growth and investment. he will say dodd-frank picks government winners and losers with special designations and like. he wants to get some of that as do conservative republicans. that is the sights and sounds of coming attractions of the debate as it unfolds. democrats say here we go again, letting loose the reins on wall street. people have to look at details to make sure it is not rhetoric. neil: your name, governor, i'm sure you're aware would come up for a variety of cabinet posts including treasury secretary where you would have a hand in any of these debates. have you expressed interest? >> i'm not being considered for any of these positions. that one article was speculative.
1:36 pm
neil: how do you know? , how do you know? >> i have a pretty good sense i'm not being considered. it's a moot issue. thank you for asking. i appreciate it. neil: i bet i'm right. my sources are impeccable, and when they're sober they're really impeccable. i'm kidding. do you think that it is important with this cabinet, whoever is ultimately chosen, reach over to democrats? i mean the republicans are feeling very confident. look we've got the house and the senate. we have essentially what barack obama had when he came into office, a full run of the table. so, we don't need to do much outreach to democrats. what do you say? >> well, they do have full control of the government. so with the exception of the filibuster they have a chance to go bold, go big, do a lot. transform all policies they talked about during the campaign. conservatives and republicans talked about a long time. they don't necessarily need phase one, the democrats. keep in mind two things. one is, certain issues you still
1:37 pm
have to have 60 votes in the senate. democrats will have some influence there. a lot of them are up for re-election in trump states in a few years. they will be more accommodating than they were last few years. secondly, you want to make sure you don't so far overreach it boomerangs on you. i think it's a time to be bold. republicans can do most of what they need to get done frankly by themselves. neil: governor, thank you very much. >> u welcome. neil: to the governor's point, that is donald trump will need on some more signature massive efforts like cutting income tax rates and the like. you would need 60 votes in the senate. cabinet appointments, 51 will do it for you. but 60 votes for some of these substantive changes the administration is looking at. ronald reagan easily cobbled together enough democrats at time, bo weevil democrats, southern democrats, to do just that it remains to be seen will move over to donald trump to help his agenda.
1:38 pm
he will need that help at least in the united states senate. we have a lot more coming up when donald trump is signaling about hillary clinton. if you might have noticed he is praising her and even his husband bill. is that a sure sign as any, as far as prosecuting her, going after bill, ain't happening, under president trump? ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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1:40 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro own the floor of new york stock exchange. dow is in positive territory as well as s&p five lunch we'll see if that holds the rest of the day. let's talk about twitter. it is up 3%. look what happened to twitter in the last week and the last year. up 5% in the last week. still down a little bit over the last year. part of the good news for twitter today is that activist investor jana partners actually buying into twitter, 2.9 million share stake. this could be to push for change in twitter or potentially sale for twitter. they have a history, janna, restructuring large companies such as mcgraw hill publishing and conagra foods. last week fox business reported that twitter told us they were reportinging to the fbi, secret service and other law enforcement threats being made against president-elect trump. more after this.
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> are you going to ask for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton over her emails and are you as you, had said to her face, going to try to put her in jail? >> well, i'll tell you what i'm going to do, i'm going to think about it. i feel that, i want to focus on jobs. i want to focus on health care. i want to focus on the border and immigration.
1:43 pm
neil: all right. does that represent a 180 by donald trump that he won't go aggressively after hillary clinton or her husband or clinton foundation or any of that stuff or recommend a special prosecutor to pursue this through the justice department? it is hard to say. this much is not. he is under enormous pressure from many on the right who want to punish mrs. clinton. progressive radio show host joining me right now. we have republican, former chief of staff to senator mike lee. and we have federalist millennial politics reporter. what do you think he is intimating there? i don't think he will go after her at least any prosecutorial efforts coming out of the white house or his justice department but i could be wrong. what do you think? >> i think it is true he is deciding to squish on it now. i think, donald trump is very well-aware of just how terrible hillary clinton is as person.
1:44 pm
how she and her husband evaded the law for decades. so, you know, i think he is in full knowledge of everything that she has done and what she has evaded justice for a number of decades so. i think it would be a failure on his part if he doesdecide to not go on with his word. this is a candidate who promised us he would hold the politicians in washington accountable. this is someone who told everyone that he would bring hillary clinton to justice, and by appointing a special prosecutor would evade the very bungled investigation for what seems like a very biased and self-interested fbi director. so i think it would be a failure on his part to not make good on his word. and i think it would make him part of the problem. neil: boyd, a lot of people would say he succeeded by defeating her. it's a moot point now. that it wouldn't be worth rechurning all this up. it would get in the way of his agenda all of sudden we were knee deep in hearings and investigations again.
1:45 pm
i'm not excusing or condoning that but that might be what he is thinking, what do you think? >> from what i understand -- neil: first to boyd, i'm sorry. >> sorry. >> i think it is interesting that he really finds himself now as president-elect, intersection of political rhetoric and reality of governing. so it will be interesting to see whether he has a gerald ford kind of moment, hey, the long national nightmare is over. or even if president clinton, or if president obama would choose to pardon her before leaves, both of those would require some level of admission of guilt by the clintons. i don't see that happening. so the challenge for the president-elect is to, one, can he ratchet down and allow the nation to exhale and breathe. i think we're seeing that in terms of some of these other protests that are going on. if that happens he get as release valve, this will be interested pointing how involved he will be in operations of things as chief executive.
1:46 pm
that is fascinating thing to watch as this progressives. neil: to both their points, he seems to have many more urgent things to do. that seemed to be the message he was sending. economy, jobs and he might get an out by the president of the united states, until january 20th, barack obama pardoning her. what do you think? >> i mean if we look at this from practical non-partisan perspective, a lot of people on the left wanted president obama to do investigation on bush administration for torture. he didn't do it. now people want president-elect trump to go after secretary clinton, who is a member of obama cabinet. i don't think you will see presidents do that for this reason. if you start that snowball down hill where every president, if administration ideologies go after one before, no one will accept a position in any administration knowing that if the other party gets it next they will be subject to endless investigations. so i don't think it will happen
1:47 pm
from a practical perspective, from a non-partisan perspective to maintain continuance governance of a country without endless investigations. neil: i would agree with that. bree, i see your desire to follow up on this and with donald trump. he wants focus on his again today and turning things around and something like this justified or so, would take at least one eye off of that, right? or at least the attention it would be getting in the media? >> i don't think so at all. i think the most important point that donald trump made throughout his entire campaign was that he was going to drain the swamp. hold those in washington accountable. that he was going to be outsider, right? that was entire point of his campaign. neil: by not doing it that would do him more harm? >> exactly. he needs to follow through. he needs to make good. needs to hold politicians in washington accountable. if he doesn't do that, i think he will become part of the problem. neil: boyd, do you think there is any chance taking such an approach if he did, that he
1:48 pm
would alienate those he is trying to reach, extend that proverbial olive branch? >> because he really face this is national issue in terms of can we bring the country together. obviously he has a very fragile coalition he put together with many democrats and blue-collar workers. so he does as brie pointed out he risks alienating them, disappointing them saying he is not going to drain the swamp. on the other hand he will send is the message it is about the economy. he is trying to challenge something very much part of the swamp and this idea we're just too divided as a nation to deal with any significant issues of our time. if he wants to exert real leadership in the oval office he will say, you know what? not so much about this investigation as it is about proving once and all we're not that divided, that we can come together, non-partisan, we can solve problems and really get the focus back where it belongs, on the communities, what is happening in the states.
1:49 pm
how do we help individuals and families and communities to really survive. neil: i either think it will be poisoned atmosphere. i don't see that. >> exactly. he doesn't have much time. 2018 is blink of an eye away. if he doesn't start to come few, at least some of his promises in 2018, won't have all three, all three levers of government at his hand. neil: always a party-pooper. thank you very, very much. seriously all welcome insight on this by the way whatever happened in this country is apparently abroad. some people say what was going on abroad spread to this country. regardless, france, the next stop on the populist express. ♪
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♪ neil: all right. you know, we could have a whole world of donald trumps. think about this populist wave that had latest stop in the united states could now spread pretty much across europe where a lot of folks say it started if you think about it with "brexit." many argue you started before then. imagine a french version of donald trump or italian version or portuguese version. i mean all of these countries have crucial elections, regional elections coming up in the next six months to a year and all could follow the wave started here by donald trump. so, what's the read on that? steve cortez, gop strategist. steve, what do you think of that? i don't know where it begins and where it ends but i don't think it ends with donald trump. that much i'm pretty sure. what do you think? >> no, neil, i think you're definitely on to something. when we look at the entire western world we largely see the same problems, slow growth, giant government, cultural
1:54 pm
relativism, besets america and europe. thankfully america is not nearly as bad as europe. i've always said, i think this was part of the donald trump campaign, we don't want to become europe. we see where cultural relativism gotten them in terms of demographically in economic growth and we don't want there. thankfully on november 8th, we pulled back from the precipice. we'll be leadership to show them how similarly to pull back, how to achieve growth and security again. i want us to reject the values of davos crowd. i want us to embrace the values of dayton, ohio. neil: there you go. that is not too bad. one of the things i see the protests that have been going on, i think they're as much orchestrated as planned for a global audience as a domestic one and remind folks in france or later on this year or next year in italy because careful what you wish for. this is what happens. you have demonstrations. you have social unrest.
1:55 pm
a lot of this might be choreographed but it is what it is. i'm wondering, if it speaks to a broader audience to say, don't go the donald trump route? >> right. listen it could can be. there are a lot of multilateral folks, george soros types, whether he himself or similar who are involved in these endeavors who are financing them, organizing them. they are true multilateralists. they don't believe in countries and boundaries that may well be in play here. would i say specifically to our protesters here in america, i respect and admire in fact your right and your ability to protest but protest, you know, my wife and i, we have four kids at home, when they were toddlers, use your words. don't lash out. use your words. i would say the same thing to these protesters. the first amendment guaranties you the right to speak and that is important. it does not guarranty for you to destroy anything, to harm anyone, to stand in the way of traffic. that is not free speech. that is exacting like a spoiled brat. use your words if you want to protest appropriately.
1:56 pm
neil: meantime, while i'm thinking of high school protesters in california, elsewhere in maryland, i mean that is not these kids orchestrating that. it is just not. >> sadly, yeah, i think here too, neil, unfortunately i'm so glad donald trump talked a lot about school choice during the campaign. we have a badly broken public education system in the country. i suspect a lot of student agitators are being encouraged if not directed by their schools, teachers and administrations. neil: yeah. >> he talked about a rigged system in washington, d.c. part of that is what we've done to education. we need school choice and competition. i think a lot of parents would opt for very different educational outlets if they could afford it. that is going to happen on donald trump. neil: protest after class, after class. steve, thank you very, very much. i am sounding like the old man. more after this.
1:57 pm
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neil: all right. about an hour and 15 minutes
2:00 pm
away from a presidential press conference, no doubt to address some of these growing riots, especially this odd one featuring high schoolers on both coasts. who put these kids up to it? because, i don't know, when i was in high school, i didn't think of protesting or riots. food, maybe. protests, not really. trish regan, take it. [laughter] trish: all right. breaking right now, the leftist billionaire, george soros, reportedly gathering his liberal troops, pulling key democrats together for a three-day convention in washington d.c. their entire goal? to stop donald trump. this as we watch thousands of high schoolers in los angeles stage walkouts to protest trump's victory. i am trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." the political left reeling, gathering its biggest donors in d.c., they're working up some kind of battle plan to fight the president-elect.


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