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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the 12th record close at 2016. thank you for welcoming us into their homes. "making mone wh charles payne is next. charles: breaking news. two hours ago president obama weighed in on two high-profile appointments by president-elect trump. >> the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president. the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his policies. and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that that's how democracy works. charles: president obama giving
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the president-elect the benefit of the doubt. neither bannon nor priebus come without controversy. reince is a long-time ally of speaker paul ryan and is considered to be the ultimate washington insider. mark, you know putting these pieces together can be complicated, even more so this year because of the campaign donald trump ran as the complete insider. are you happy thus far? >> i'm happy. i think bannon is a great choice to maintain the movement and hold everyone accountable to that movement. donald trump has a bond with the american people, and that bond will not be broken. at times he likes to create a
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natural friction in his leadership and he has got that between bannon and priebus. but on top of that, people are criticizing his choices, they are forgetting one fundamental thing. donald trump is the boss. he's the leader. these guys have to toe the line. they have to deliver nothing less than excellence. charles: two different people have two different opinions on what excellence means. >> that may happen. that's what trump likes to see. he likes to see them battle it out and come up with the best solution possible. they have done more digging on steve bannon than they have on the clinton foundation. he's a trump loyalist, a former naval officer. priebus * can make the trains
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run on "time" in washington and he can move legislation. i like his combo. it may be batman and robin and jin and ya -- and yin and yang. charles: who is batman and who is robin. you have not been a fan, you are republican, you think the republican party went the wrong direction. i have seen a lot of trump critics saying he has done just about everything right so far. >> as i said after he was elected web's our president and his success is our success. charles: your duties to support him. do you like what you have seen thus far? >> reince priebus will be needed to help usher all of the reform and bills he wants to do.
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he wants to repeal and replace obamacare. he can't do it by using obama's stroke of the pen. he needs to work with paul ryan and chuck schumer. at the same time, steve bannon allows donald trump to feel comfortable within the establishment white house. it's the ultimate symbol of the establishment. while there are questions about steve bannon's past, we should give him the been 23eu9 of the doubt. he never presented himself as an anti-semite or racist. at this point in time i'm pleased with what i'm hearing from the trump camp. charles: i read a piece from roger stone and he said if you bring in priebus it's an absolute disaster and the base will be upset.
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is it too early to sense the base is starting to get upset? there will probably be morer in trumpers. >> i have a concern the establishment types will come in like snakes and you can't hold them out of the garden. but that's quality control that needs to take place in the coming weeks. one guy to deliver that is the vice president-elect. mike pence will be the glue that holds the republican party from the ends of pennsylvania avenue. there is concern never trumpers or establishment types will sneak in. but by and large, donald trump is in charge. he will make the shots and make the calls he is the one who takes steve bannon who is an excellent selection to maintain this movement and reform this government. mike pence will have a huge impact, and he understands what donald trump is looking for and
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how donald trump stays true to the movement and his supporters. >> let me add this. part of being a successful president -- it takes thousands of people. the key is to lay that successful foundation. i think donald trump put in the right people who are loyal to him and the right people -- >> he made the concession. he has got prebus in there. how many more of these establishment times -- if you are going to drain the wamp. when people heard that, they weren't thinking just democrats in that swamp. they were thinking of all the people who go to washington, never leave, get rich and never do what they were elected to do in the first place. >> donald trump has to go cabinet position by cabinet position and determine what is best. a big concern for myself and more is the fact the rattle snakes are hovering around. a lot of them are getting back
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object their hands and knees saying i wasn't against donald trump. i hope donald trump has the foresight to see through the nonsense some are pitching. >> guys like giuliani and speaker gingrich and john bolton, these are guys who will implement reform agenda. charles: why do you like bolton? >> he's have much in favor of standing up to russia. that's the carrot and the stick that donald trump has been talking about the entire campaign. being nice with putin and why can't we get along. you put bolton in there and you can use him to play bad cop, good cop. i heard kelly ayotte might be the defense secretary. charles: after the first woman and a half gate the campaign of
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a presidential candidate, that would be a great first. what we are already seeing in your mind is really a reflection of donald trump taking a businessman approach to this rather than a typical washington approach to this whole thing so far. >> absolutely, charles. through and through web's a business executive. absolutely that's how he's going to put his reform agenda in. these people, they are going to toe the line. no matter what position you are talking about, these are people who understand that he's got this opportunity with a republican congress to put tax cuts into place, to fix our immigration system and fix healthcare. he stated, those are his top three priorities. with congress coming behind him now, he happens such a tremendous victory last week, the congressional leaders have no choice but to fall behind his agenda. charles: it seems like everywhere i look progressives
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are throwing temper tantrums at the least or break windows and creating riots at the most. why hasn't president obama spoken up? ♪
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charles: progressive temper tantrums are erupting nationwide after president-elect trump's victory. don't forget about the therapy dogs courtesy of the university of kansas. would a clinton victory have prompted the same reaction?
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gillian, this is what you focused on, temper tantrums and the social justice warrior shim run amok. >> this is a dramatic reaction to this. and it trivializes some of the real concerns people have with this election. no one is going to take you seriously when you are having group screams. charles: are you surprised? i have read your articles for a year on these things. are you surprised the it's gone the this out of hands? >> no, not at all. you had i think we have seen this habitually. i think they are creating a false double standard, equating things that are not racist to some of the things that are racist. i think our country is really divide. we have a president-elect that
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we have to hope for the best. there are racists that have gone won the alt-right. this is my effort to reach out. if there is real racism going on. >> ryan, we had you put away your chalk before you came out. are you surprised the tent to which it has gone on? >> i'm not surprised. this is the natural reaction of the left. when chalk can trigger you, anything can trigger you. we are stereo typed as being cry babies and they are falling into stereo types. if you are italian you walk with a gun and cannoli. but the point is, donald trump won a large portion of millennials. in florida and wisconsin and a
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slew of 30-35-year-olds. their vote should matter just as much as your vote against him. it's disrespectful to your fellow americans hospital voice does matter. charles: how embarrassed should we be? >> we should be so embarrassed. these young people are making such foolts of themselves on college campuses. if they can't handle offensive speech and getting through college without needing asafe space, how are they going to deal with the problems they will face as adults. we know there are hard things we face count line whether it's the death of a loved one, illness, losing a job, divorce rate is over 50%. there are parole problems and pain in the world. how will they have the he sill yens to handle all of that if they are such cry babies. welcome to a democracy. there are multiple parties.
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we had the green party running, republican-democrat. it was a fair election. donald trump won, they should accept that and move on and hope for the best. they should be giving him a chance. he hasn't gotten inaugurated yet and they are attacking him. that's terribly unfair. charles: fit had been flipped and hillary clinton won, the media would be up in arms. this would be national emergency. >> i think you are right on that. i guess i just want to remind people, politics is not everything. maybe if we are going to look for hope in this situation, it's that people are politically engaged. but i think they are also recognizing how important civil society is. >> elections aren't t-ballgames, there is no participation
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trophy. charles: are you disappointed the media is not speak out? >> there was a report that state transgender teenagers killed themselves the day of the election. donald trump may appoint a gay man to the am bass coast u.n. this is tremendous. and the media feeds on their fears. charles: the good thing is the temperatures have droppein new york and so far there are no rioters outside so far. thank you all very much. when it comes to loud and rowdy trump protests, it's the silence from hillary clinton and barack obama that's been deafning. we'll discuss that next. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans...
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>> do you want to say anything to those people?
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>> i say dent do it. it's terrible. i'm going to bring people together. >> they are harassing latinos, muslims. >> i'm so saddened to hear that. i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this, and i will say it to the cameras. stop it! charles: donald trump in his first television interview telling all those engage in hateful speech and violent acts to stop it. what about the other side of the aisle? despite holding a press conference earlier today, president obama like hillary clinton has not attempted to reel in the anti-trump protests, some of whom have turned violent. i don't understand why president obama has not spoken out on this, and forcefully, by the way. >> i don't either.
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i don't understand why obama habit, why bernie sanders hasn't, why bernie sanders and michelle obama and hillary haven't. these are the people that rels night and evoked passion from the other side. these are the people that need to come forth and say let's give peace a chance. let's give it a chance and stop this. i think they really could help out with to of these riots going on, but they are silent. charles: chris, you are the president of vote america. most of these are millennials. what responsibility do you think the president has? it's so interesting. cbs didn't even show that clip, they downplayed that clip in donald trump. what do you think? >> when i read the statement, cbs said they wanted to go with what they thought was most important.
6:23 pm
charles: not showing the trump. >> which i think is totally crazy. with all the protests and violence, that clip should have been -- obamacare is important but that clip should have been released. and the clip itself. charles: what about president obama and hillary clinton? what's their role in trying to reel us in? >> it's almost makes you wonder. look what cbs has done with with hold be the clip. these are people who believe in secretary clinton more than they believe in president-elect trump. she needs to come out and make a statement saying this is what happened. this is where we are. we need to come together, be solution oriented and move forward. charles: bernie sanders from what i have been reading, he encouraged these protests. he thinks it's a great way for
6:24 pm
the millennials to get their voices out there. >> this proves rage is a proven commodity for democrats and liberals. they want to maintain the rage. because that's how they have political influence. obama, one of the these of his presidency is tolerance for tyranny. there have been 8 major riots since his time in office and never one time did look in the camera and say stop it. donald trump has more leader-ship than barack obama does after 8 years in office it's rage. that leads to political persuasion, they want to convince donald trump to ease back on his policies for the sake of the obama legacy. that's what this is all about. charles: i think this is backfiring. i think a lot of people who were
6:25 pm
sitting on the fence, some never trumpers, see this and think maybe america made the right choice. what mark said is interesting. it feels like violence has been a hallmark of the ft. we saw it in the primaries and during barack obama's term in office. it feels like they like this violence. it seems like it empowers them and their message. >> let's think back to occupy wall street. remember that gang and their message even got somewhat diluted. there was violence and a couple people got attacked and assaulted. i think a lot of millennials -- i can't speak for all of them. but a lot of them are looking for a movement. there is nothing wrong with protest. but when they turn violent and damage or they are destructive. that's where it takes a turn. maybe they just don't know the difference between a peaceful
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demonstration and all-out riot. charles: it would have been great if president obama had spoken up on that. the l.a.p.d. has a message for donald trump and his plan to deport millions of illegal immigrants. they are not going to help at all. it might even be a roadblock. next. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine.
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charles: the los angeles police department chief dropping a bombshell declaishing in a radio interview that lapd will not help deport illegal immigrants under trump's plan. >> we're going to maintain the same posture we always have. we don't make detentions or arrests based on status, whether it is immigration or any other type. >> here is president-elect trump last night. >> what we're going to do is get the people that are criminal with criminal records -- gang members, drug dealers -- there are a lot we're getting them out or we'll up cars rate -- incarcerate them. we're getting them out of the country if they are here illegally. charles: let me start with you . this is chief beck saying
6:31 pm
we're not going to help, there are over 100 sanctuary cities in the country, how can donald trump implement his plans if they provide safe havens. >> oh, he will implement them, it is clear, this chief is not a law enforcement officer, he is a political actor, unless california wishes toe secede from the union then he will have to. this is a law they don't get to decide if they want to or not. charles: why would that i want to protect the illegals who commit a crime? this is first phase of a plan that i understand is being thought out. >> it is clear there is a liberal bubble. they have isolated themselves from reality.
6:32 pm
they are committed to various pillars, one is there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. they have not woken up. >> america rejecting the notion' open borders, paul ryan said, there will not be a deportation for us, how could i.c.e., are they equipped to round up 2 to 3 million illegal immigrants who are here could probably have safe havens, wh how can this be done? >> is i.c.e. really overworked? right after the election a quote a i.c.e. officer saying he does not even feel like he has been working as an immigration agent, he felt as if he were a travel agent for illegal aliens to be sent to u.s., this is note an, of resources that clip from los
6:33 pm
angeles, what that person said, actually is not inconsistent with what i.c.e. wants ice does not' local cops to arrest people because they are illegal, i.c.e. wants to know when local cops east people who are illegal, but they arrest them for whatever usual thing they arrest people for. then they let i.c.e. know, hold on to them until i.c.e. getting them that is the way it used to work under clinton under bush, it was not that great but it worked. this past 4 years this dang administration has worked with sanctuary cities to enable them to ignore federal law. charles: a lot of people wondering okay, have you someone like, that how do they slip through the cracks? if someone is arrested for a crime, and they are held legally how do we have millions still in the city.
6:34 pm
>> there are kinds of reasons for that. it depends on how severe the crime is. sometimes it is fact that local authorizes say, we've -- >> we've seen felons though. >> right. charles: lists as long as my arm. >> right, because of what your guest said, told to come back on your own ring on -- recog we will be back. we have bust a guy for a broken taillight but he was convicted of battery in another u.s. city, you need to tell ins, that is not happening in obama's america. charles: mark over years, i trace it back to vietnam war that brought it to our living rooms, we see something horrific we recoil and reject it. what do you think the kid runs
6:35 pm
outback door and gets hit by a car, the there be major shifts in public opinion. >> no. i don't think so. there is always some tragedy like that but, we're so far from that kind of position that it will be a long time before we get to a point where enforcement is so strict that cell cause those problems. people in i.c.e. are professional law enforcement people. the problem here is not them. it is they have been prohibited by the white house, from actually doing their job. charles: what is the time lik timeline? >> i can't make it up, it could take 3 or 4 years, that is half a million or more departed a year that is -- deported a year that is perfectly within the kind of system we have right now, that is not a radical change. charles: the next level, there
6:36 pm
are over 11 million illegals in general, do you think you will see a soo softening with that. >> i think it is early date to predict any change in a policy stance. let's look at one thing this man was swept into popularity on the wall message and antiillegal immigration message, jeff sessions was his mastermind, unless jeff sessions does a 180, i don't think that donald trump is going 180. charles: thank you very much. great have you in studio mr. nash. >> thanks. charles: another day, another record on wall street, the 12th closing high of the year could my market commentary is next. our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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6:39 pm
very well, who says that is not the case.
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charles: no doubt that trump rallies looking for a pause, but midday lull. this actually cop is reflected in important names -- transportation names, they got a big boost, warren buffet took stakes in 4 airline. remember dry bulk. there are a lot of areas that reflect new hope for the economy, one that seems odd, is because think about worries about global warfare, dry bulk index rallied 230% from lowest pain in january to 15% since the election, dry bulk ship carriers, they are 15% of merchandise.
6:41 pm
there was a time when this index was used a primary gauge for health of the global economy. they got in trouble, global economy slumped, not a pure proxy for what is going on. there are certain elements to what we're seeing in dry bulk that reflect the health of trade and the promise of a global economic recovery we've seen where the market said it does not think a trade war is going to happen. it sees donald trump's spurs growth and putting america in a position to be straw that -- the star of this industry, dry ships, up 28% today -- 200 -- >> 208% today. for tomorrow, watching for a
6:42 pm
rebound in crude oil, which has been crushed. they are looki oversold, that could get a boost with an announcement of an energy secretary, who happens to be a pioneer, in the industry, i am not saying who it is, keep in mind i just said that though. i am watching for tech, key names with more room for down side, then more support points for those who wanted to buy oversold tech names. >> catch "mornings with maria" tomorrow, she sits down with m.i.t. economist jonathan gruber, remember morning, 7:30 a.m. right here on fox business. >> renegotiating nafta with mexico and canada, that will be a walk in the park compared to a trade war with china, that is coming up next. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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charles: i've been predicting that mexico and canada will be quick with renegotiationing nafta. but it will be a different story with china. can we avoid a big scale trade war. jim is joining me, president-elect trump has spoken with xi jinping. they are making nice. but there are sabre rattling in china, talk of damage that a trade war would have on american companies and american consumers. >> trump has talked about 45 percent tariffs on chinese import, china said you do that
6:47 pm
no more orders from boeing, and no more iphones, they are both tough negotiators, they are opening bids. this is where he starts, this is the art of the deal, problem with a trade war between u.s. and china, both sides would lose, china would lose more. with a illegitimate communist regime. i do not view these as threats they are opening negotiations. charles: i'm not so sure all of the people who voted get it, they may be expecting a lot that might not be achievable. we're 5% of world's population, we make products that the worldment wants, what is the route if you had donald trump, would take. >> he starts with 45%, but
6:48 pm
said hey, china what do you have for us. let more u.s. investment come in, more u.s. control of chinese corporation, now 30%, now what else? it is a give and take. charles: what would china want. >> they want to keep things the way they are, they have to keep the jobs going, they have problems, 240% debt to go, dp ratio, a lot dollars. their surplus is going from dollar$4 trillion to 3 trillion. charles: half of that, 500 million was spent trying to -- 500 billion of spent trying to keep their currency up. >> right. most of 2015 they were propping it up, that was to
6:49 pm
play nice with imf to get in world money, they have more voting rights, thanks to paul ryan. china has been getting a lot with imf, but currency has been going down, there is no greater currency manipulate or than u.s. u.s. >> let's say, their is know impasse they get to 30% or something, we want american voter to see something in their backyard, in a' those jobs back, highwa how does he force their hand. >> you don't put pressure on china, you put pressure on the companies, trump has talked about that. you could have selective tariffs but you could target particular sectors saying put more jobs in the u.s. >> would you do that to apple, i read average worker on fox
6:50 pm
makes $4500 s -- 4500 a year. >> you can create jobs in u.s., there are a lot of other factors, beside wages, starting with import duties, transportation cost, energy costs, water, there are a lot of advantages, corporation, it is not just the wages, that is a part of it but there are a lot of things you could offer. they look at a lot of jobs >> no more inversions. so we heard corporate america also so far sound pragmatic and make nice. apple is one of key companies, because of their success and what they mean as a world company. what about carrier?
6:51 pm
>> there is a lot of hope maybe airier would change it's mind if ford does not. how would in a compete. >> quality, get other factors i mentioned, let's just say nahaier wages were higher. ford said, what good is it to have cheap labor if my employees can't afford the car. charles: i have a abouter in in law in jobs metal business -- scrap metal business, said los angeles they have seen more business than in last three years. charles: a key trump aide defending another. we'll get to bottom of this. with someone that knows steve
6:52 pm
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>> people should look at his degree, a brilliant technician. charles: kellyanne conway today, defending steven bannon, somewhat controversial figure who many think is a racist, but some media and others. but either way donald trump named him to be his chief of staff, senior advisory, who is steven bannon, how will he help shape donald trump presidency, joining me is david cohen. -- and ai adriana cohen. you know stevenbannon very
6:56 pm
well. >> i know steve very well. to people that call him a racist, i know him, you don't. there is nothing racist about this man, there is nothing attached to him that is racist, you can contrast with many association of others like barack obama, reverend write and many others, how dare you go that far, they need something to attack on. they have nothing. so, call him a racist. charles: but what about when they say, breitbart, you know home o of alt. right that what is going with that. >> you just said it they extrapolate. where is the action? where is the thing that makes steve bannon or breitbart a
6:57 pm
racist, what action is there, what racists are there that work in the building. charles: reince priebus who got chief of staff job with other republicans, pressed on this listen. along with audience, what he said. >> steve bannon i know is a guy that is really on the same page with a lot of things, almost everything that i agree with as far as advising president-elect trump, he was a force for good. on campaign, very wise, and smart. i have not sign any of these things that people are crying out about. charles: you know. nancy reagan put out stuff, harry ride -- nanny pelfrey put out stuff, and harry ready, what do you make of this. >> you know unfortunate, and also hypocrite k58 to point out. what was said they gave
6:58 pm
president obama a pass with his good friend bill air a terroris terrorist. so many latinos that vote for trump i respect those people. they know who they are voting for. and i just want to echo that sentiment that you know, father jonathan morris the priest, fox news contributor, he said, he tweeted today that he has known steve bannon for 15 years, he is a very close friend, he never heard or seen a racist word or act from him. that is a solid up dors am to me coming from a man of cloth.
6:59 pm
i'm going do leave it there hillary clinton, was supposed to give an economy speech in vegas, she switched it. >> clinton campaign and democrats missed the mood of the american people who have been failed by the political class, i have worked with steve since day one. whether this was tea party other things he was out there. brothers in arms, this is not about race. this is about economic prosperity. about fixing the problem in the country, about fiscal conservatism, constitutional governance, to everyone how the there who might have a question, i know steve better than most of them will, he served our nation, a surface warfare officer, his daughter is a graduate from westpoint, he is an all american success on his own none tied to
7:00 pm
anything racist. charles: thank you very were. it is david webb and adriana cohen. thanks for watching, lou dobbs is next. lou:e good evening president-elect trump is beginning to fill out his government. tapping two great americans to join his administration. reince priebus his chief of staff. and breitbart news executive steve bannon his chief strategist. rinsreince priebus tells fox and friends he was honored. >> really run, the operations so that right people are getting in front of the president, giving the president the right advice at the right time. then privately advising


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