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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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>> thank you for joining us. our maria bartiromo. good morning. wednesday, november 16th at 6:00 a.m. and east coast at the dawn of a new era in atheist president elect donald trump's cabinet begins to take shape. major names like rudy giuliani and ted cruz had been floated for key roles in the country's leadership. the news coming as commander-in-chief president obama makes his final appeal on the world stage. >> people think i did a pretty good job and so there is a mismatch between frustration and anger and i still don't feel this possible or what the president-elect says or does, but i do feel responsibility as president of the united states to make sure i have a good transition. maria: angry protesters continue to cloud the president's final international trip. by the company is selling workers not to download a union backed up. the silicon valley darling makes
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its wall street debut. the report surrounding snapchat initial public offering $25 billion deal. we are beginning another record high this morning. a fourth straight day with the markets closed a recor high. as far as i pull. dow industrials pulling back about 20 points. nasdaq, as did the 500 in the negative column. as you can see fractional moves this morning. in asia overnight stocks were mixed with the nikkei average top performer up more than 1% as you see. new airline fees set to hit your wallet. not only take away overhead space that could separate you from your travel companions. the average coming up. joining me to talk about it, that gabrielle is that the spirit recon capital partner kevin kelley and pollster lee carter. good to see you. >> great to be here. >> good morning. maria: a lot to talk about the cabinet taking shape.
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>> i think people have trouble knowing what to believe. we just have to wait it out and see. maria: kellyanne conway jirgas yesterday and said we will have a good idea who's in these leadership roles at thanksgiving. >> what we can expect us to vote as a sense of loyalty, people talk about donald trump who have been boiled throughout the campaign but the importance of unit cohesiveness among the people he picks and how important do have a group that's really good team. >> that's important because they have over 4000 positions to fill. they need to get the key people in place to fill those extra vacancies underneath them. maria: fascinating to watch it come together. steve forbes is that does. chairman prince hourly been tall the angle from saudi arabia coming up a mistake with the prints. congressman darrell i said. colorado governor john hager
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moped head coach board the basketball team john calipari. take our coming up this morning. speculation is not in his donald trump works to assemble his cabinet. one person no longer issued serving. still to run in this rudy giuliani. and john both. device resident elect mike pence in senator ted cruz visited trump tower yesterday. as you see they are here in into the elevators. crews being considered for attorney general. trump treated this yesterday. organized process taking place inside to send cabinet and other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalists ire. throwing in a joke there which is very typical of donald trump. former senator of massachusetts and contributor scott brown. >> good morning, maria. how are you? what is your reaction in terms of the cabinet being put
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together? >> have not seen anything unusual. folks are kind of posturing for those individual positions. i kind of look at it as the nba or nfl draft where you have the speculation who will go number one in b. at the beginning of the second round. the actual draft happens and people are like my goodness the person didn't go in the first or second round. a lot of speculation. the only one who knows what is going on our donald trump and his family members. i know you'll get a good and qualified cabinet to move the country forward. maria: do you think we would see ted cruz in the lineup? you just said we don't know, but what do you think the perception of reception will be the ted cruz as attorney general or maybe a supreme court justice c. >> certainly he has a tremendous amount of experience in the field here he's argued before the supreme court. he's a great lawyer, accident orator, knows the ins and outs of congress.
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it will be an interesting choice. here's what donald trump is to do. we have the majority of the senate. he can't take too many senators away from the pool or we will not have the majority and that's critically important and moving agenda forward. attorney general would be whether qualified or most of it happens. maria: senator, this is lee carter. one of the things i'm always curious about, there's always a few surprises, a few times you have to say who is that? i've never heard of that? is there anyone being considered that she think people don't know where you might like to see that his unexpected? >> i want to make sure we have the most qualified, i don't care whether democrat, republican ,-com,-com ma black, white, i don't care. i want the best people who will not only unify the country to move the country forward. he will cease an out-of-the-box thinking of donald trump.
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he's not an establishment i and has to have a relationship to push his agenda through but i don't think -- i know he's not beholden to them. you will see some surprises. >> senator, kevin kelley. how is donald going to manage the message that is message that he straightens on considering the blood of people he's nominated her old establishment people who have been in washington for a long time with long track records. how will he manage that when putting people in place? he hasn't dominated anybody that i'm aware of the extent reince priebus and steve bannon. they are subject to be embedded in going through the usual and normal as which sometimes can be certainly tedious and troublesome for some folks if they may not have to go through the long process. and hopefully will strike a good balance. whether you like it or not, their congressmen and senators who work in washington and we are a country of laws and you need to have lost to move the
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agenda forward. you can do with this president has done. i guess you could come use the phone append to put through executive orders. then you get in a situation where america is mad at you. i believe he's up for the task. lea: lea gabrielle. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> so many national security threats around the world and at this time on the president takes office to have a good staff in place, what do you see is the most important points and considerations in picking a national security advisor? >> well, putting someone like you on that team that obviously has a wealth of it is. >> i agree. except your nominee. >> you would be fantastic with your military background. having people of different generations of different experiences in war and peacetime to be there as it is theirs. you don't want to have folks from one generation of one branch. you want to have an amazing mix of mind not only intellectuals
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but actual warriors that can step forward and make a great presentation to the president so he and his team can make decisions. that is the standard that should be met as well as fulfilling the mission. that's very important. maria: sources tell fox news that mike pence is in the process of removing it is obvious from official roles during this transition. interesting develop it. what do you make of that? >> no love lost between k street in the trump tense administration. a lot of them were not with them certainly. the player will provide information but it's up to the individual to balance the folks who are not lobbyists. the heart association, lung association. there are amazing charitable groups to lobby congress. it's a question of good lobbyists come about lobbyists for selma should keep them shouldn't keep. that's the questions. it really is everybody who has a
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cause that means to get some type of funding or law passed to help people in this country. i am hopeful they will strike a balance. the charitable groups as a reference to cancer society. they all have lobbyists. i want to make sure we have good information and i think mike pence is taking a good and. i think we all know what the folks that shouldn't have any influence in washington are and hopefully they'll make a good stand. maria: this is something important to donald trump as he was campaigning in terms of the whole draining the swamp idea. let me ask you about mayor giuliani. the mayor as well as kellyanne conway talks about the possible secretary of state. here's what she told me yesterday. >> he was not the attorney general. he is not deadly talking about secretary of state.
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>> i'd be very honored to serve. he will put together an extraordinary administration. maria: looks at based on the body language to look as secretary of state. one of your former colleagues ran paul spectator giuliani would get their vote for secretary of state. expecting to get ag. what is your take on giuliani? >> is america's mayor. we all know what he did. he's a great guy, more than qualified. he has knowledge of the world affairs and those people in the world. i would certainly vote and that's what the offensive content. it would give this president an opportunity to have his cabinet move forward so we don't have to rely on democratic votes to gut this time. terry repast of those.
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cabinet secretaries and ambassadors from a federal judge need 51 votes. harry reid did do a good name for this country. >> senator randy paul's problem with giuliani is that they didn't have it repudiated the iraq war and he sees that as a prerequisite for being the top statesmen as secretary of state especially considering how fragile the world is right now. do you think that is a good prerequisite for him to have? >> it's great to monday morning quarterback. you have the facts are voting on something and here we are years later and you've got to say or do the work. we have to focus on the scenario right now in the forward and not worry about the monday morning quarterbacking. i know ran. i like ran. to give the president opportunity to the pixar to change the direction of the country. maria: harry reid not doing any favors for anybody.
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>> it doesn't matter, maria. traitor does matter. he's inciting and empowered protesters. >> no, they are being paid to bring a planned parenthood to spend $1500 a week for protesters. the president could certainly do something. hillary could do something. listen ,-com,-com ma they have nothing else to really complain about. i would hope that they would protest the dnc and the fact they completely with the system against bernie sanders. why are they protesting donald trump? you would think the bernie sanders supporters want that because they have to be enraged by what they learned. >> some of them are protesting. >> senator, good to see you. have a great day, senator. president obama did not get a warm welcome for the people of athens.
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maria: welcome back. president obama strip to greece with fire protest across athens. cheryl casone today. transfer the crowd tried to enter an area off-limits. they drive back about 3000 left-wing marchers protesting president obama says it. he was attending a dinner when the violence broke out. at least four demonstrators. on the one person was hurt in the chaos it president obama will visit the acropolis and give a speech in athens and democratic values before departing for germany. since hearing the details in walgreens liquefied, silicon valley over 11% of all blood tests provided to its customers. that's about 1000 reports. the companies are former partners to walgreens provided fingerprint of a test of 40 wellness centers throughout arizona and california in the
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$140 million breach of contract walgreens claims it was constantly misled. meanwhile, sources say snap chad -- snapchat has filed word ipo contest investor confidence by filing for an ipo. the valuation upwards of 25 million. that would make it the largest ipo since chinese e-commerce giant alibaba went public. united bring in a whole new meaning to no-frills flying. they are trying to fend off competition for people like spirit of frontier. basic economy for anybody -- basically if you can do with bitmaps back in a backpack and not you, this is for you. automaticautomatic ally assigning you a seat at check-in. the choices for you. carry-ons one personal item and you can't check anything.
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you can't put anything in the overhead. there's no turning back. you can get premium upgrades, nothing. maria: but you get the cheap ticket. done and done. >> i'm in the military could do an $8 slide if i sat on a cargo net and i did it three times. it's the way to travel. maria: good stuff. president elect economic plan but the course of action next bid was ceo stank a job administration and how they are planning. one causing clashes. why wal-mart is telling its employees not to download this new union backed app. next.
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maria: welcome back. americans looking for economic growth in trump economy. businesses waiting to see what trumps policy will mean for them. good to see you. thank you for joining us. the back last week or so. the market reacting to donald trump's economic man, lower taxes, rollback of regulations. as an economist, but here expect dean? >> is certainly as a positive good good regulatioregulatio ns have been one of the biggest challenges facing for the previous administration, the tenure of that. there's a positive outlook for business leaders, ceos across the board optimistic about that and almost every industry. that is good news. we still have some challenges in the economy. we have an aging population. we have slower population growth. we have a large debt overhang.
6:23 am
a lot of big challenge is still out there that will make it difficult to get the economy really growing significantly faster. at the very least it's an improvement for where we've been. maria: steve moore says he thinks that the dublin for paper 2%. is expecting 4%. in a short period of time, is that doable? >> for a quarter or two, but it's hard to do that long-term. you still have these big structural fact there is in the biggest that are right now is the aging population. as people age, a couple things with fewer people in the production cycle with goods and services. they spend most of the age of 75 tangents and the national median. they don't virus much. when you have less leverage in the system, less economic was generally. this is a structural factor that monetary policy, even fiscal policy will help.
6:24 am
long-term. >> one of the biggest issues investors overlook right now is what is the impact of the strong gdp growth and it will actually have the dollar stronger which could impede growth overseas as well as strengthening rays. rates could go up. we've seen this deepening of the yield on the long and enough of impede growth as well because the cost of capital is more. which one of those factors will have a harder impact on the economy? the stronger dollar or the strengthestrengthe ning embrace. >> is both good faster the stronger dollar went up 24%. exports declined 13%. manufacturing completely flat line. it will be a big challenge for exporters and manufacturers to on the flipside afraid keep rising, which this is one of the factors on interest rates. this isn't 2004 where as they start raising rates the stock
6:25 am
market a year later started racing to the corporate profits of 14% during that time. they were able to overcome the p.e. compression in 2004. corporate profits are down to it the last three quarters down 3% from where we were when the fed started raising rates. if you see rates rising from his talk markets come back down. i don't think they'll both go up like they did then and that will hurt consumer confidence. >> how fast could rates rise? here's the first summer we've been waiting for today for retail those. eighty-eight cents versus 96 cents estimate. >> in the middle of the year down 140. we had 147. maria: what's the problem? >> almost 100 basis points higher.
6:26 am
we are up basis points closer election so it can happen quickly. we are still at low levels. it does affect the numbers you can talk about and so not only will it hurt the profits guidance from the corporations going forward and we saw home depot's numbers for great yesterday. then the stock traded down. the 100 basis point this does hurt the consumer because maybe you can touch base on how not only corporate ballot sheet for personal ballad sheets or impediment. >> theersonal ballad sheets have been the beneficiaries of lower rate. treasury interest payments have been a big beneficiary. >> everybody's raising cash. >> factly. they produce their mortgage payments by $282 billion a year refinancing to 3.9. one thing that is interesting to note when you talk about the consumer and higher rates.
6:27 am
in 2013 mortgage rates rose 1% from 350 to 450. houston fell 1.8% during that time you must because we have more people that are venting. more of the purchases are from investors. the resume of rich money which means an increase in rates has a bigger in tag on their tv. we are already postelection with mortgage rates of 40 basis points. 350-390. if that continues. if that continues it will be a self governing mechanism. maria: a couple catalysts are looking for. janet yellen is on the hill and it got a fed meeting december 14th. anything else that we should be looking at? >> retail sales are very important at the consumable power growth in the fourth quarter. yesterday's report was great news. more importantly will be the fed meeting in december and ecb meeting in december because the ecb accepts quantitative gene or cause further that could push
6:28 am
the eurozone meals lower which will have an impact on jewish is pushed those lower. >> the fed has to raise rates. if they don't tell us don't tell us a note weakness is due. that's an important part for people to take away. >> good to see you. thank you so much. still to come, bustamante in the cabinet. by carl icahn knows who will win the top spots in the finance team. peace and quiet might not be a good thing for cars. all regulators say electric cars need to be louder. that is coming out. ght-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me. ..
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maria: good to see you everyone. happy wednesday. it is wednesday november 16. your top stories the future leadership of the country beginning to take shape. president-elect donald trump wayne top names like rudy giuliani and senator ted cruz. paul ryan reiterating his message of unity. as paul ryan reiterating his message of unity. -- >> this will be a moment to turn it into real progress. we recognize the task ahead of us is enormous. for put our country on the back on the right track with to go bold and big.
6:32 am
this country is expecting absolutely no less. maria: we are taking a look at the top names. walmart at odds with employees. company is pushing back. earnings and focus on wall street. missing expectations for earnings and revenue. the company reporting earnings of 88 cents per share. that was below the estimates of 96 cents per share. what does that tell you. broader markets this morning pulling back from record highs it yesterday. the dow closed at a record high for the fourth straight day. the trump rally goes on. moments ago the st. louis federal reserve said that december is a reasonable time to raise rates. he is a voting member.
6:33 am
in the meeting is december 14. markets are pulling back. as you see that factual moves. the big performer on the upside was japan. average up better than 1%. she will be here today. and just in time for the inauguration. the famous address it could be yours. first though speculation is mounting over president-elect cabinet. they confirmed reports of her key finance posted. spoke to donald trump. they are being considered for treasury and commerce. both would be great choices. good to see you gentlemen. i think you so much for joining us.
6:34 am
steve, he was actually the have of campaign finance for donald trump during the campaign when he be a good pick for the treasury secretary. what's your take? >> he has exhibited diversity over his career. i think he has an open mind that's good to be needed to make changes at the federal reserve's and some other things. you want some is not rigid ideologue going into that post. foster, we know that the true plan includes lowering taxes rolling back regulations. i think anybody has to bring our country to unify both the left in the right. there 70 things we agree on. it's getting blocked by the administration. now this will be an opportunity for us to have an
6:35 am
administration and that would do that and i think in the financial area we need that same thing. there is just way too much divisiveness in our country. he made a stunning statement. he said there is no evidence that obama care is the reason for job losses in business what do you think about that? >> it shows he is in the bubble world. in the real world people don't feel that. their real standard of living is under pressure. their wages are starting to go up. especially in healthcare. if that guy ever ran a real small business without government subsidies he would find out that these regulations you don't know the cost of your labor, you don't know what's can happen next year which means you don't invest in that kind of environment of uncertainty. they are in lala land. civic i thought it was so
6:36 am
incredible because we speak with so many managers a business and that's all they say. that's where they lost the election. >> even though ceos say that they might just lie. if we could follow steve forbes advice over the years. he's been a champion for more private sector involvement. he has a formula as well as his flat tax. are you liking what you're hearing from trump or is he changing his tune when it comes to tax cuts for individuals versus tax cuts for corporations.
6:37 am
i think politically if they have to do both. they have to do business and personal at the same time or else they're going to get hit. business first people second. then you can put them together. and democrats will be more supportive i think. although they would never admit it publicly. you put that together there's no reason why we can't have a comprehensive tax package ready to go in january 20. it's huge. you think people will start to feel the impact. markets anticipate that. when they make an investment. it it's just not for the next quarter. if they see that the tax code is gonna get more benign i think donald trump will repeal. a lot of those executive orders. people are in the state let's start getting in. >> would you change your behavior.
6:38 am
>> i wish they would take the message a little more carefully. what i would like them to say is take the third highest rate in the world and bring it more in line with the rest of the world. it sells a little bit better than just a number to cut corporate taxes. if i would get a post from trump i would like to get involved there. just the way you communicate it it's really important. donald trump has not he's now beginning to really understand a more charitable way of communicating this. it's amazing to see the progress he's made. he's never been a politician before.
6:39 am
i would encourage your readers to look at lynn patents video she talks about the real trump family. we are blessed to have the kind of leadership with the whole family now being involved. >> i think people fell in love with his family. maria: it's over a new phone app. it's called work it. it's aimed at educating walmart employees about workplace rights there's concern over the chat function that allows current and former walmart employees to insert submitted questions. do they have good reason to discourage them from using this app? >> we have this greater and the management calls in.
6:40 am
what are they say. would you like some coffee admiral. >> i tried to clamp down on the chatting. any concern. i think it's a pr black eye. this is full of junk. they want to hurt you not help you. they agitators always know how to set you up. don't fall into their traps. at the same time everybody thought the unions were for hillary clinton. they came up for donald trump. people want to move ahead. one reason why trump have one.
6:41 am
they were looking at tax cuts and better health care system rather than just staying with the status quo. and she was very much in attack mode. do you think we can double economic growth. >> how about tripling. we did in the 80s we've done it before. it's like going 30 miles per hour. you think 4% is doable. the latter part of next year. you don't get into trade wars. if to be careful on that. with seven years of a subpart growth we should have seven years of above part growth. good to see both gentlemen.
6:42 am
twitter is taking on bowie. a birthday gift to remember. we are back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. it's been a record-setting week so far. take a look. we are pretty much at the lows of the day this morning. thirty-five. a couple of names on the move this morning. we will hear from technology giant cisco after the close. the decline in sales. in the profit as well. it will cut more than 5,000 jobs last quarter.
6:46 am
it will take longer to see the benefits of the turnaround effort. very much flat. a consumer watchdog taking up complaints from users that i've phones are randomly shutting off and cannot be turned on again. this comes off of the sales concerns in the country. a suspect in the shooting at oklahoma's willow rogers airport found dead. cheryl with the story now. >> it was quite an traumatic event. he fatally shot a southwest airlines employee in what and what please say it was a attack. >> we were able to very quickly number one find the victim and get them transported to the hospital unfortunately they did die at the hospital. but we were able to determine a very quickly that it was not an active shooter situation. this was at premeditated act against the victim. this was not random.
6:47 am
is not clear why the shooter killed the worker. he was a father of kansas city chiefs the suspects body was found in a garage with a gunshot wound to her head. the company is expanding the mute option which allows him to block keywords and phrases into conversations. they can also support hateful conduct. in the last few years. the obama administration has released a roll. they make noise when moving and noise -- low speeds. especially for those who are blind or had poor eyesight. they can have to make an audible noise when traveling in reverse or forwards at speeds of up to 19 miles per hour. they have until october 1 of
6:48 am
2019 to add the sound. the famous address that marilyn monroe wore his hitting the auction block. happy birthday to you. happy birthday mister president happy birthday to you. >> the dress is being sold by julian's auction in los angeles tomorrow. the estimated price would be about $3 million. that was president kennedy's 45h birthday. may 19, 1962. love it. if you see a color picture of the dress it's stunning.
6:49 am
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one millennial is on track to become the passage of fastest at the mount to visit every country in the world. she's 27 years old. she is hit 180 destinations so far in only 15 months. she joins us this week. i ask her how she started all of this? >> i started the planning stages about two and half years ago now. i just wanted to travel to every country but do it for a purpose specifically promoting positive peace. you actually found sponsors to pay for this. how did you find the sponsors.
6:54 am
continually to this day i have some investors for educational and documentary companies as well. >> how much time did you spend in each country? >> an average of two to five days. so your favorite places i really enjoyed the middle east. i definitely very different and very unique. i love it. but there are 70 places. >> i've been everywhere since those. we lonely. you're always kind of is surrounded by people so you never feel alone.
6:55 am
>> tell us about how you decided where to go? >> i based my patterns based on weather. student medians and visas as well. i think humanity is a huge thing that i picked up the kindness of strangers of people around the world. i've been tan into the home of strangers just to show me there. generosity. i think that humanity aspect of it. just to be open to religions and people of different cultures in general. maria: a lot of different religions and ethnicities. what was the perception of america. >> generally welcomed by most people around the world.
6:56 am
some people have a few hesitations. but generally speaking i had been treating it really well. hopefully a book as well. in speaking engagement. and in the middle of it all it would be fun. trying to help the world more and more. >> my thanks. still to come. a celebrity chef looks to take a celebrity chef looks to take students back to the basics. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and t west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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morning everybody. thank you so much for joining us everybody. it is wednesday november 16. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect donald trump looks to fill his cabinet top names being considered in weighing in on the process. top and names being considered and weighing in on the process. there are a lot of questions and a lot of issues. he has a lot of good people around him. i think he is handling himself really well.
7:00 am
since the day he got elected. and i think he's gonna put together an extraordinary administration of really talented people. >> and there was never a big group hug. i would be very surprised about that. this election has been full of surprises. maria: as a republican's republicans call for unity now. harry reid is on attack. several nba teams are refusing to stay at trump hotels. we will tell you about it. general electric why they are blaming construction over last month's scare on the tarmac. obama care unraveling. breaking down the major impact. today as you see the markets
7:01 am
are pulling back from his record levels. they expect to be down about 40 points. this morning december is a reasonable time to raise interest rates. voting member of the federal reserve. we agree. rates are going higher. markets are lower across the board. it's down about half of a% on average. apple is taking aim at your coffee table now. all of the stories coming up. the recon a capital partner. great to see you. 6% economic growth. it could happen for a quarter i think. if the policies go through and they have all chambers.
7:02 am
they have the power to do it we will see that 6% growth at that point. talking about triple. kingdom holding company we will speak with the prince. kentucky wildcats have coached is here. a big show ahead. we kick it off this hour with the trump administration. as vice president-elect mike pence removes the lobbyist. we want to bring in amy's daughter. along with charles hurt. good to see both. incorporation you so much for joining us. what is your take so far on
7:03 am
the cabinet being put together and what message does bryce president-elect sent by ridding the team of lobbyist. he was asked about this in a 60 minutes interview over the weekend and he said it's really hard to get around having lobbyist on the team. having to try to figure that out later. they tried to make an effort to get on top of that situation. it's obviously part of the complaints among those who wanted to keep his promises. what's going on with the national security and of his transition. i dig it's clear from the cabinet menu that were to get something. those are becoming more clear but in terms of him recruiting at the top national security officials in this country who
7:04 am
are in the republican party that is running into some problems with mike rogers. the chain of command is in a state of confusion. people just want to make sure that they see that part of the team coming together the transition as you know is the most vulnerable time in terms of our security. when you go from one presidency to the next. it is fairly disorganized right at the moment. there was no way he was gonna win. they are starting out very much behind the eight ball here. i think the concerns about mike rogers for example with his involvement in the botched benghazi report i think all of that sort of clears out the underbrush.
7:05 am
i think people like jeff sessions and rudy giuliani are looking at the possible positions. another report that just came out a long history in washington. with foreign affairs. it is a rising star start right now. along with of course the former un ambassador. i'm curious what you guys think about appointing someone so early. it came out at sitting there. it's causing so much scrutiny. questioning his integrity as a whole. it's very symbolic of what people are criticizing. how do you explain that to folks. i was late steve is somebody that have his ear for a long
7:06 am
time. he is politically incorrect. much like donald trump. they're probably people that don't even read the website. all these accusations about him being racist i suspect that donald trump will do what donald trump does. they had have the courage to report that on many levels. i think the other side would say it has to do with that. it's kind of become the platform.
7:07 am
what happened to free speech. >> i think the question is in terms of bringing the country together in terms of unity leader of the movement in many people's eyes that is a real question. the protesters are taking down this country. i was having a conversation with someone yesterday. imagine if hillary won. would people be up in arms. how is it different. they are using the remaining days in office to attack president-elect trump. i have to get your reaction here. talk is cheap and tweets are cheaper. so far mister president rather than healing the wounds
7:08 am
trump's actions had deep in them. with his first official ad. it's the number one strategists in the white house. >> this from the man that stopped so much legislation from being passed would not allow so many bills to get to the president's desk. they have yet to condemn the anti- trump protest some of which have turned into riots. they are destroying people's property. where is a leadership. >> if you're see mike if you're looking at it from harry reid you're looking at it from the wrong place. he's on his way out. he will go out with the bank this is what he will do and we shouldn't expect more from him. it will get worse. in terms of the question of being and i think the concern is how does a team of rivals
7:09 am
that has been set up between these two how does it actually help the trump administration get off to the good start because it's not so much what they said about muslims or jews or anything else as what it have said about paul ryan. the antagonistic position that they have taken towards paul ryan it sets up this situation. you can have the leader of the house republican trying to pass a trump agenda. they're hoping that they will find it. the populist movement. this is a leader here. i just want to talk about rudy giuliani. people are already bringing up
7:10 am
his case consultant to work. how do you think this is can you come into play. donald trump he ran against the clinton machine which have all of these conflicts of interest. that is a real problem for donald trump. it seconded to him any good to find his own secretary of state back in the exact same sort of compromises. going back to the thing that they were to say about the problem between bannon and paul ryan. i see that as a tremendous opportunity actually. they've been very open about their disagreements. it is what the founders intended. it's how it works.
7:11 am
as long as it remains open and honest. i think actually good things can wind up cong from there. after what we were just thrilled with the media in terms of being on one side of this. and not really telling the story of the proposals it's hard to believe a lot of what you see out there. this is what he set down. he is communicating with the public and here is what he treats. i'm not trying to get top level security clearance for my children. they have completely ruined their credibility. they have revealed how how and
7:12 am
influential they are anymore. unfortunately they are journalistic integrity has been compromised and they aren't always quoting sources. i'm just talking about the major networks in the newspapers. as a whole another conversation. the storyline on all the networks in the last week was that he wants security clearance for his kids. it goes back to some intern saint thereas been some nfusion. it has caused some controversial concepts.
7:13 am
i believe that. if it surfaces again it would be a real problem. his kids are running that business. >> we should also remember the washington post put 20 people on donald trump. even have the new york times come out. they apologize for their coverage. we actually have cold hard facts that were being reported on front page of their website. let's talk about what is ahead. we keep going back. it would be nice to see accuracy in terms of what is ahead. do you think will find out this cabinet by thanksgiving?
7:14 am
>> kelly in said helping by then. i do think his a few more weeks. what we don't want to see is stories about people not wanting to join his national security team. that is really critical. we don't want to hear there is a lot of resistance there. both from inside trump world and without.t an thank you so much. we will be right back. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
maria: 18 passengers aboard the fire on the plane last month. american airlines flight 383 bound to miami caught fire on takeoff. the lawsuit names american as well as at boeing as well as ge. it sold a faulty engine that they used in an unsafe aircraft. they also claimed american employees should've done a better job inspecting the plane. wells fargo is teaming up with wealth management to bring automated investment advice. they are usually cheaper.
7:18 am
it makes all the decisions. it is is going to lunch at wells fargo next year. the holiday shopping season kicking off next week. and apple has an interesting gift idea. it's a coffee table book packed with 450 photos of apple products. 199. they self published the book and they don't -- did dedicated to the memory of steve jobs. espn is reporting that some nba teams have stopped staying at teams owned or branded by donald trump. they don't want to be associated with the president-elect and it's important to note the mavericks are owned by hillary clinton supporter mark cuban. american should give the president-elect a chance. the nba has not made any
7:19 am
statements regarding the outcome of the election they have told espn that they are still currently staying at the properties. what a story. cheryl, thank you. we're taking a look at the numbers behind the trump legislation. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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7:23 am
>> the fact is that that growth is 2% or lower. and the fact is one of the reasons that it is as low as it is is because businesses are not hiring workers and not doing activity. then it becomes a fact. look at the data. you use the word data. there is not a single data. i just spoke to the boss and he give me the reason. >> i got really fired up yesterday. take a look at how much they have gone up.
7:24 am
this is a chart. the average worker contributions have gone up 50% since 2009 so we have this debate yesterday i just spoke to steve forbes again. how much do you attribute the job weakness to healthcare. we are seen such slow growth. he actually said to me there's no evidence that obama care has caused job cuts. it seemed time and time again a lot of even large corporations are putting people's hours to work we've seen that creep up in the jobs numbers. the problem with obama care is it needs to legalize all forms of insurance. they are forcing people to pay up for higher premiums and people cannot afford it.
7:25 am
once this whole repeal and replace is all about legalizing all forms. we have higher incidences of chronic diseases. you're actually penalized in their penalize in their throwing taxes at you but it makes more sense for you not to do it. only six people -- sick people are buying into this. the predictions are the government for how much the premiums are cannot go back. if you're 27-year-old man and you're a non-smoker you can expect your premiums to go up by 27 percent. a healthy 27-year-old person. they can't afford it. we didn't even get into deductibles.
7:26 am
you had people that are siting up at signing up at the exchanges. there's all of the rest of us that had employer-sponsored plans. people are feeling the pain of that. arizona and the reason it was going up there is a microcosm of things to come. this is exactly what's can happen. across the country of what happened there. you older people. and they aren't going in there because of the cost that's what's can happen if this continues to go on. what set me off was i was making a point in the first two years of president obama's presidency had both houses did
7:27 am
he waste that huge opportunity but pushing healthcare through when 50% of the country didn't want it rather than focusing on things that would create economic growth. he made at the point that this is just a health care law and has nothing to do with economic growth. just try to come up with this huge program. there are things that are good. i think you're right. that idea was misguided right from the start. never underestimate a gamers grudge. a single video game player
7:28 am
might have caused a massive internet meltdown. we will be back in a moment. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together
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changes how we live.
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7:31 am
hillary clinton former running mate getting back to work. >> i was very proud that i was hillary's running mate. i'm proud for her sake that we won that vote. it's good to play a very important role in being a reasonable and patriotic check against what may be some overage. we have to look for opportunities to work together. the latest with democratic leadership. president-elect donald trump. wildfires lab -- ravage the u.s. we may be getting some answers
7:32 am
over last month's massive denial. it hit more than 1200 major websites. the company responsible may have been targeting. the stock attire after they beat earnings stock is looking much higher this morning as you can see there. i can have the broader markets. we are expecting a weaker opening. as a pullback from another record high yesterday. the record close. futures are in the red this morning. extending those losses. december is a reasonable time to raise interest rates. he is a voting member. we know they are already moving up. and we are expecting that to continue. we are watching oil prices at this morning. pulling back from a big gain yesterday. that could be a market mover as well. speculation is announcing. donald trump works to work with his cabinet.
7:33 am
also senator ted cruz been considered for attorney general. his views. his kingdom holding company. thank you so much for joining us. it's very good to be with you. even you been critical of donald trump in the past what is your take on president-elect donald trump in this victory. on president-elect donald trump in this victory. i would like to correct you. i was that critical of mister trump i was critical of what he said about islam. i never talked about his policy on immigration i was critical of him when he attacked islam but as you know mister trump has taken all of
7:34 am
this comments that were offending to him all of the reasons that they were there. we are back on track right now. i actually tweeted and congratulating him. i was in contact with him. things are on track with that. with mister trump. i was referring to the tweet last december when you tweet it out you are a disgrace not only to the gop but to all of america with the drop from the u.s. presidential race as you will never win. after the election we have that tweet as well. congratulations and best wishes for your presidency that was very elegant. let me ask you about that.
7:35 am
in terms of his abuse on islam do you think his views have changed do you think that he has got a better handle on the extremism that we are talking about in particular isys. >> with to demonstrate between president-elect trump we are seen him progressing from being more aggressive in his studies on policies and we are seen him right now with toning down the campaign and we saw that. he began accepting it. i think is behind us. we have to look at president-elect trump right now. it's can be official.
7:36 am
that's when he will begin talking. and we we will have to begin hearing him at that time. one of the biggest things that push donald trump over the edge. we are seen these tragedies across the world. killing people. so let me ask you this. as a muslim. what do you think the answer is to destroy in defeat isys. they want to kill americans on thanksgiving day. for someone as important as yourself. with the leadership that you exhibit what you think should be done. without any doubt.
7:37 am
by the existing administration. they take that against isys. we are feeling the impact for them. having said that. we will support that. they will be a threat to the united states and saudi arabia. we are seeing right now the major fight in the muslim world where we hope that we go back to the iraqi regime rest assured that they will back mr. trump. isys is a common enemy of saudi arabia what do you think
7:38 am
they can do two better fight isys does the royal kingdom had plans to work with america. in terms of defeating isys. they are already part of the coalition attacking isys in our borders. they're already fighting isys. we have semi- terrorist acts here. that were isys related. in the coalition. by having daily bombardment of the iraq and syria. were really together here. what do you want to say that critics that they should be doing more. and is not doing enough to make sure to eradicate these killers?
7:39 am
they have done their best. saudi arabia is a special country. the word islam comes from the word peace. what's happening right now with isys is against our religion and our ethics and our principal. it goes without saying that they are doing as much as they can. >> your highness tell me about the perception of america throughout the middle east right now. telus from your standpoint as a muslim what the word is on america today and over the last eight years has that perception changed. >> i'm a friend of the nine states. there's no doubt that the image of the united states is
7:40 am
very wobbly and were not sure we can count on the united states. but i hope with the incoming administration of firmer stance will be with us. we know the united states. against syria. that is history obviously. we have a new administration it's can be sworn and so we just hope that this well had that strategy. against isys. we are friends of the united states. but also they have to have that position against certain issues like isys, we never talked about the israeli
7:41 am
politicians. give any thoughts about rudy giuliani. what do you want to say to that newcomer. if in fact he does become secretary secretary of state. no one can dispute that. there was extreme pressure and a pretty difficult situation. he was the maid of new york. to really blockade and come down with the new yorkers. i think it will be a perfect choice whether he's chosen for that or any other position
7:42 am
with the new trump administration. saudi arabia of course huge producer of crude oil. what a block on importing oil damage the global economy. what trump said when he was a candidate for the presidency. we should begin listening to what president-elect trump says. let me ask you about what you want to see in terms of the relations between the u.s. and saudi arabia right now. do you think that relationship gets better with donald trump as president? >> they were one of the first leaders. to talk to mister trump personally and send them a very cordial congratulations
7:43 am
and message. were on a very good track here. i'm very optimistic about this. let me ask you about markets. obviously we are seeing a big rally. i know you are a big investor. have you been a buyer in this market have given up putting money to work in the u.s. >> we had been investing in the united states for more than three decades. clearly the market was very optimistic with the election of president trump. and you're seeing how in the last week or so we have seen the market going up on a daily basis. and it's very optimistic about what mr. trump will do.
7:44 am
is that warranted. do you want to buy. they had been rallying dramatically. we have seen how some of the energy companies have been hit. we will wait and see. we will to take our time. thank you very much for calling in. we appreciate your time. we will be right back. stay with us.
7:45 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:48 am
welcome back. at least seven people have been arrested in tennessee. here cheryl with the headlines. dozens of wildfires our raging in tennessee arson is suspected in many of them. they had charged charles edward martin and matthew ryan wallace with the liberty starting fires. meanwhile they are set at. dry conditions continue to fuel those fires. and with no rain in the forecast officials say fires can take week to extinguish. >> the massive internet attack may have been caused by a videogame player. the attack appears to have targeted the playstation network. this attack blocked access to more than 1200 websites at the time. the attack was part of several rates --dash make several waves of data.
7:49 am
those are your headlights at this hour. back to you. maria: teaching students life skills. we are back in a minute.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
maria: welcome back. a big thank you. my high school in bay ridge, brookland we celebrated a new course in a new broadcast studio in my name. i was honored to join them. the veteran. and my former math teacher. as well as all of the wonderful girls in the pioneering class. i am honored to help be able to help build this new course.
7:53 am
it warms my heart to go back home. good luck girls and thank you bringing home. they had left the students without many critical life skills. thank you so much for joining us. you now are creating this life skills charity. why. really easy fit. home hasn't really kept up with the pieces of how we've grown up as a society that when we need to do it. every 20-year-old needs to learn how to do that.
7:54 am
we can level the playing field. i want to empower kids to grow up and had options and to really be literate in what they're doing in this world. none of us really cook anymore. there are thin additional things it's kind of like merit badges. >> i think you're heading home on a really good point here. for them to actually engage in home economics. they have that whole desire when there young. in discussing what you're talking about a lot of millenials right now are focusing on experiences and food and things like that. i thing it's good that were doing some of these things.
7:55 am
what he think the biggest impediment is to get these kind of programs into the schools. no one is focusing on this one thing which is the curriculum. it's been really easy. it's untested. this is kind of an elective. we don't care. it's for everyone. it has been relatively easy to really get in the right people's hands and create something really launches. are you seen more interest. we are seeing rural interest.
7:56 am
a lot of those have gone by the wayside. how does this impact everybody's life later. your member certain things. we never forget. if i teach you to make how to make a vinaigrette from scratch. even if it's a 75% success rate. the ability to cook for themselves or any family of four.
7:57 am
many of those financial hurdles of that are about to be in front of you that you can avoid them with just a little logic and a little skill set. it's very exciting. maria: and also builds confidence. >> where you're from. we need to empower kids. that's all we what we need to do these days. good to see you. there's more still to come. we will be right back. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
maria: good wednesday morning welcome back thanks so much being here i am maria bartiromo it is wednesday, november 16 your top stories 8:00 a a.m. on the east coast dawn of new era in d.c. president-elect donald trump's compassionate takes shape rudy giuliani, senator ted cruz floated for key rolls in our current's leadership, not all are happy with possible picks senator harry reid went on the attack. >> -- accept themselves this election --. >> must also give voice to those who are afraid because there are many that are afraid and indeed a majority of americans -- oppose donald trump many republican colleagues in this champ oppose trump they went along trump will be the first president to take was having lot of particular vote by two
8:01 am
million not only did in a mans lost the particular vote win elects but rising hate crimes athletes of violence. >> country preps for trump presidency concurrent commander in chief president obama, in national ship images being targeting to greece what are they protesting a terror warning may change plans athlete against holiday season to tell you about silicon valley darling may make its debut big bucks in the process, new reports surrounding snapchat, ipo of more than 25 billion dollars. earnings focus on wall street lowest reporting missing expectations on earnings and rn also gut guidance stock going to be town bid and ask sharply lower broader markets lower, pulling back from a record high yesterday, dow industrials hit record high for the out forth day in a row futures indicating a decline of about 50 points on dow industrials this morning he
8:02 am
lower across the board declines between 3/4 of 1% and 1% the lowest in the eurozone, asia overnight mixed pourmz japan best nikkei average up better than 1%, no lunch plans? we've got you covered top ordeals on national fast food day. all thosers stories this morning joining me to break it down pollster lee carter, recon capital partners kevin kelly, fox news correspondent lea gab brie snooel what a week. >> i look forward to fast food chick-fil-a hopefully back. >> tell me about it you -- >> love eating -- >> joining the conversation, this morning, colorado governor john when you say kentucky wildcats head coach john calipari a brand-new jam-packed show, president-elect donald trump working to quote drain swamp round of changes on the transition team all lobbyists
8:03 am
being cut off from official roles, this reshuffle as trump narrows cabinet pooikz, california congressman darrell issa thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me on thanks for noting that donald trump is keeping one of his campaign pledges which is in order to drain the swamp, you have to have reformers. >> that is true, so what are your thoughts on trump poernl cabinet picks tell us how you see the cabinet coming together. >> when you look at donald trump it would have things, he made it very clear the type of person that he would put in his cabinet, and about secondly, this is a man who had many seasons of the apprentice he is good at looking at people, evaluates them making them tell him what they are going to do, and then making decisions about who should be hired. and i think you are seeing that at work top level obviously, with 4,000 plus appointments you are going to see a trickle down to reformers rather than the same old crowd going through
8:04 am
revolving doors. >> i want to ask you about getting things done obviously he has localities of plans tax reform about national security tapping into energy what do you think should be the priority in 2017 in terms of passing legacy? >> well, i think any president coming in, has to mix the aspirational big projects may make more than 100 days with early wins, and i think that is exactly what the team is preparing to do. some of it is simple as appointing a secretary of state who can go and visit our allies, remind them that we have a long and effective relationship on both sides of many issues, but we have lost the that we have lost the the arabs we lost the our friends israel regained with allies in europe and like one of the things you are going to see isn't legislation will take time that is why that is one of the most important picks president-elect trump is working on. >> shreoul shrewd rood get rudy
8:05 am
giuliani get that. >> he is amazing individual has confidence of president-elect trump i think one of the positions he is being considered for but as you know there are a number of things rudy giuliani can do do well as mayor changed the face of new york, in a way that no one in a century had done. >> congressman i used to be a reporter in san diego and you know i covered camp pendleton a huge, huge part of the map when you look at your district, you know, the military is saying many people in military are saying that the biggest threat to our national security is actually sequestration that is a problem in congress. what do you see in the coming days in the coming years, how as congress is going to fkz problems of sequestration and restore our military? >> you know, president-elect trump made it clear both wanting to take care of our evertz, something elseed a veersly affected by sequestration and revitalize our military not just money it
8:06 am
is about changing how you do business, it is about going back to a plan where every year, early on, those programs are funded properly you actually save money making appropriations decisions sooner rather than these continuous crs as they are called as you know president obama never either under republican or democratic leadership in the house and senate done a regular order funding of our troops that is something has to change. >> in 2012 he put blasquarely o congress with a republican president republican congress where do you see congress taking this how quickly can we expect action. >> well i expect the speaker ryan is going to get back to regular order, particularly on those appropriations that are most significant such as defense. you know there is work to be tone in closing days i hope will get done, but the fact is we will have a different partner i came into congress in 2001 with mike pence you
8:07 am
have somebody understands what regular order was like how we got things done in the bush administration, and i think you are going to see that work and work to our before he very quickly. >> what about that that house republicans unanimously backed paul ryan for a second term as speaker sending a strong signal of unity your reaction to this congressman listen to this. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government this will be a government forced on turning presidenth president-elect trump victory into real progress for american people our team is very excited and we cannot wait to get to work at the same time, we recognize, the about task ahead of us is enormous if we are going to put our country back on the right track we've got to be bold we have to go big. >> how does that translate into getting things done, congressman? >> well, first of all, the big issues such as dealing with entitlements that are basically a root of how sequestration came to happen is something that paul ryan as
8:08 am
former budget chairman and then ways and means chairman is equitablying equipped to have a seat at about table make sure it happens that is extremely big it has been a generation since we did anhing, bob dole cut a deal that helped us save for a period of time, social security but it is far overdue to do that again, and as you know, whether you are talking obamacare, or you are talking medicare you are talking health care reform that causes americans to be able to afford with their own money health care something slipping away right now. >> one of those questions i have heard a lot of people have about transition in the cabinet is saying talk about the reformers election all about change yet we are seeing a lot of the same old same old people being considered, newt gingrich, bolton giuliani not necessarily change makers because because they are old news, names, what do you say to that? >> well you have gone to new york before rudy giuliani was
8:09 am
mayor and gone there, any this time after a few years, to realize that he has a unique way of changing things. and that isn't also a as ease for people to understand. in a three quarters plus democratic town a republican made at a democrats proud of their city again, do you want to not have that kind of advice at the table for a president-elect trump when he takes office? of course, not. you want that advice there newt gingrich was the first republican speaker in 40 years, of course, you want to have that advice available. so i think when you look at people who have long histories in the ability to advise the president, that is important. but i also think you are going to see a lot of youth in those 4,000 appointees a lot of young people who are really he reformers after all president-elect trump had hundreds of thousands of people coming to his rallies, and they were disproportionately young
8:10 am
people from west virginiaa plays disenfranchised by this administration policies that want changed. >> a referendum against what they have bent through congressman what do you want to say to the protesters, i mean harry reid seems to be continuing to attack donald trump, and kilometer empowering protesters how are we going to come together? >> you know harry reid my colleague in the other body to try to be kind, has said some things just weren't so didn't come to pass all the way back to mitt romney. he has been, an strangested loose cannon in some of what he says let's leave the outgoing scenario aside, and talk about the protesters, the protesters are not doing what we do in america, particularly well. which is agree to disagree the end of election and give new incoming president an opportunity to move an agenda or at least to describe it. he protests are very appropriate in america but not appropriate the day after voters speak they are vote when there is something new to
8:11 am
talk about. maria: right. >> so i think they are missing an opportunity to wait and then object if they disagree with the real goals of this president which i think are to the good of those very protesters. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> we will see you soon one of the year. lt anticipat >> celebrate national fast food day where hubbing a free bite for lunch back in a minute. asia
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
overnight. . maria: welcome back security officials are preparing for holy terrorism, cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah maria so a new warning from the department of home lapd security, about says officials are concerned about violent extremities could strike with little or no notice it has no specific intelligence about any attack but says the season is prime time for terrorists they target public events in places where people congregate, last week isis magazine says macy's thanksgiving day parade would be an excellent target, major in the works snapchat has filed two value app at 25 billion dollars would make it
8:15 am
largest public offering since alibaba hit the market in 2014, snapchat as you may know allows users to sent photos short videos that vanish within connecting could lap in march. >> investors do not like earnings from lowe's the home provment chain plunging 4% in premarket as you can see on screen falling short of expectations did you give cutting guidance for the year as customers coming through the doors traffic, different for target take a look at these guys up 9% realer reported better-than-expected earnings helped by unopenedly strong back o to school shopping is there any a stock in premarket target also raising outlook for same store sale over critical holiday shopping season. >> you mentioned earlier it is national fast food day offering deals subway going to
8:16 am
give you free 6 in which subwhen you buy a beverage mcdonald's offering weekly deals free hash browns if you have breakfast one of the deals this week, and you can get a free roastbeef and wish at rb's, when it is national fast food day, you have to -- e-mails or get the app they want to get you onboard. maria: there you go. >> want to be able to communicate. >> yeah. >> taco bell. >> that is my -- >> taco bell like to see what they've got going, on. >> national fast food day coming up president obama greeted in greece with fiery protesters, what that says about the prefix americans abroad democrats in disarray looks at future of the republican party following the sweep in this election, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:17 am
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8:20 am
. maria: welcome back, protests in aththens during president obama's visit greek riot police using tear gas, and stun grenades to disappears demonstrators look at scenes they had signed read we don't neither protectors yankees go home, o the institute of world politics professor authorize defeating jihad dr. sebastian gorka good to see you. thank you for joining us. what do you think protests say about misperception per receptionist.
8:21 am
>> before i do that there is a pulitzer prize for financial reporting i hope you get it after the way you dealt we prefer gruber yesterday massive allows wo marvellous. >> he set she off said no relation to economic growth. >> both barrels you gave it to him. >> the -- look let's remember do we remember just a few years ago the beginning of a certain illinois snow's presidency he made statement i believe in american exceptionalism the same way greece believes if greek exceptionalism i guess didn't win friends nor respect this administration, has had official slogan in international affairs leading if behind that is the white house bumper sticker yes leading from behind in my dictionary means following. that lack of leadership is
8:22 am
what president obama is paying the price for now. he is disrespected not respected he is noted a mooird more importantly is not feared by people who should fear america. donald trump will have to deal with this and he will deal with it. >> why do you think he went to europe his next stop is germany. what do you think president obama is looking to accomplish or is this another apology tour over donald trump. >> i know if another apology tour upperii think this is probably last place in the world he ethics might have friends if you look at his policyholders the idea we are going to have unfettered migration going to legalize illegal immigrants where do you see this only in europe you see this in chancellor merkel, scandinavian nations i think looking for his sympathetic bedfellows before he leaves
8:23 am
the white house. >> thanks for being on with us i enjoy your insights the main question we need to come back, from the this 8 years of power vacuum from middle east establish to iran saber-rattling a ransom situation what are best policies what is best things new administration can do within first 100 days to set the tone on foreign policy? >> yeah, so the world is on fire, after the last 8 years kevin wherever you look asia, middle east africa europe because of lack of american leadership. first 100 days i think because of the threat of isis the most important thing president-elect trump has to do is to rebuild all those relationships in the middle east that have been broken, by the obama administration. whether it is a president of egypt king abdullah monarch of
8:24 am
jordan we have to reestablish ties upon when we can build effective response i can tell you he i worlgd closely with militaries of both muslim allied nation we don't have friends in the reaming because he they don't trust us they think we go in break china leave. donald trump has to rebuild relations the first 100 zmoos how tough will that be. >> tough but i that i big difference in terms of style in terms of rhetoric between a president obama who says lead from behind and man who says make america great again, i think it will be easier than for any other potential republican politicians to do this if anybody can do this maria it is donald trump. >> great point. >> dr. gorka i am really curious who he you want in the cabinet to help him make all this happen. >> look. -- i want to see the most important the most important thing for me is that it is
8:25 am
people who share his vision. people who understand it is not about incrementalism we are not hear to biker at edges we are here to change it look what mike pence once did no more lobbyists, lobbyists are out if you are on the recognition team connected to lobbying firm thanks but that is new day, so i want to see people, who truly share his vision, about making america great again, and who wish to support american leadership in the world. >> dr. gorka his vision has not necessarily been one of making ties with a lot of countries, and some of the people associated with him like frequency lieutenant general flynn have talked about stepping back from some of our allies like japan and south korea where do you see some figures who have not necessarily been about making ties as used as i described are so important into the administration and message that it will send to the rest of the world. >> yeah, i don't think that is accurate dek depiction i
8:26 am
thought about disconnecting breaking ties the statements about asian partners european allies is a simple one look guys if you want to be -- >> leaders -- >> maybe, it should concern them because there is a different show in town the key message is look guys you want to be part of the team? you want to benefit from america's role in the world? you have to step up to the plate. you've got to do things for yourself, before we come together as a team, that is a really sound message. when you have nato nations that can't even get to 2% gdp defense spending that is ridiculous. >> have that is an important -- >> dr. gorka i think you are hitting anail on head when you spoke previously america used to spending a softly carry a big stick we lost efficacy of words and actions one of the biggest issues on campaign trail was nato do you think donald trump will be able to get our allies back onboard and have them also carry their own weight as you were talking about? >> i think so this is having
8:27 am
respond to regularly to general flynn forget ridiculous accusations in the media man understands threats of bullying russia what they are doing in the baltics these nations want a strong america want america back on the scene, as the leader in the international system, so you know there will be some tense discussions at the beginning but the new coach will bring the team together and we will -- we will deal with threats such as a bullying putin or rising militant china it will be donald trump who understands and thanking people like general flynn. >> i know you are also considered for a role in government should you get such a role, would you recommend iran on undoing that deal priority dealing with russia priority understanding putin what motivations are? or something else what should be the foreign policy late for
8:28 am
the party right now send a very clear message america is back we are here to help we were not about invading countries not about cookie cutting them into visions of ourselves we are here to defend values. that means isis number one we have to create a real coalitions not the one that exists now a coalitions to take down isis deal with russia as bully not existential articulate iran a huge, huge problem we've got to take down that deal that deal that facilitates a terrorist sponsor, has to be completely jettisoned a clear message sent to the iranians, stop sponsoring terrorism or you will pay a price. >> dr. gorka great to have you on the program thanks so much. >> thanks. >> we will be watching the developments dr. sebastian gorka new direction for democrats the future of the party following heavy losses to the republicans in the election then, these are the oi you are looking for nissan
8:29 am
he going rogue in first ever "star wars" partnership we are going to check it out and see, if that is true. stay with us.
8:30 am
8:31 am
maria: good wednesday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november 16 you are top stories 8:30 oom on the east coast, the future leadership of the country beginning to take shape, president-elect donald trump weighing top names rudy giuliani wilbur ross senator ted cruz for key roles in his
8:32 am
administration former pet george w. bush speaking out for the first time since donald trump's election. >> and some people might have been angry when i was president. but anger should not drive policy. one of the things that is important to understand is that the united states workers mexican workers canadian workers work together to make products to sell to the world we are not pirateing from each other we are working together to be more competitive, in an ever changing world. >> as transition of power continues, vice president elect mike pence to meet with vice president joe biden the latest both sides stress unity during the process. breaking news take a look at pictures, they say are live images, of a train die railment marion county florida pictures two trains derailed 20 yarz are overturned, no injuries have been reported, at this time. but we do have pictures,
8:33 am
showing the derail meant of two trains we will bring you any news, concerning injuries, in the program coming up we will bring the updates as they come in, markets this morning, looking lower we just got the ppi for october unchanged the producer price index the dow worsening pulling back, after closing a record high yesterday, for the out forth session in a row now expecting a opening of down 0 points on dow industrials the low of the morning certainly the lows in europe take a look major averages between 3/4 of 1% better than 1% on cac quarante down 1.1% in asia overnight markets mixed nikkei average top perform up better than 1% japana nissan feeling the force fis look at partnership with "star wars" new meaning to 30 minutes or less details on domino's beginning delivering pizza by drone! oe.
8:34 am
omd. >> in limbo house democrats delay leadership election house minority leader nancy pelosi agreeing to postponement for caucus leaders until after thanksgiving in wake of general election cost democrats control of the presidency both houses of congress governor thanks for joining us. >> you bet goal morning. >> are in thats in disarray after what has at an place. >> i don't think they are in disarray that is too strong a word but i think they are you know thinking through what the responses should be, and how to kind of reimagine the party, and make sure there are core values of the party are brought to the front. jooe you were very supportive of hillary clinton during this election, what do you think went wrong? >> well, i think that was a very close election i think everyone any it was going to be a close election, in the end, sometimes, the polls are not as accurate as what you think where you think you've got a safe majority safe margin you don't have that
8:35 am
margin, you know, such an election like this where there was so much polarization a lot of people did not want to say to pollster who they were voting for easy to get it wrong. >> what i am asking did people reject what is happening with democratically party we know where elizabeth warren is all the way to the left barack obama as well it feels the party is being pulled to the left do you think this was a repudiation from the american people to say, it is too much? and do you think the democrats have to rethink their thinking? >> no, again, this campaign was about as evenly defied as you could imagine battleground states mr. trump where he won is a razor-thin margin i don't think it is repudiates anybody a chunk of the democratically party doesn't feel change the vast majority democrats
8:36 am
believe in cutting red tape hillary clinton talks relentlessly helping small business get started. >> policies weren't doing that kept talking about it the fact schee was raising taxes on small business. >> she was raising taxes on very successful and high in terms of. >> includes small businesses. >> to say type of businesses but those are. >> arrogant uk successful small businesses the in being treated as personal income to people why he you are right, but the small business she was a trying to help the ones starting the ones trying to grow trying to hire more people. >> one of the things that i have been seeing from a lot of a lot of democrats there are two schools of thought right now the self-reflection what do we need to be right now and blame comey let's blame, blame, blame, where are you sitting in that right now? >> well, i don't think it is -- constructive to go after proclaim it is good to try to understand what happened make
8:37 am
sure you correct mistakes if mistakes were made you know i think the blame game never pays dividends i i think that you know the real approach now is to look at who is donald trump pointing what are policies going to be is he really serious? i mean i don't know about the other states but i can't magic platoon of people coming out from washington going door-to-door pulling people out of their homes, if they haven't committed violent crimes saying this is deportation force hard to imagine in colorado not going to happen in colorado. >> isn't one of the biggest issues happening right now within democratic party they did not listen to their constituents' needs and wants and it fell on deaf ears you saw it come time and time aagain unapologetic about it donna brazile is that one of
8:38 am
the biggest issues can they turn that around get it back from constituents. >> both parties after election like this both parties have different aspects of different constituencies to make -- that make up strengths i think the republican party has the same kinds of issues even though there were successful, victorious, they've got people with very different views about how this country should go forward like the democraticallies did gaining i don't think it is constructive doing back and point fingers we sheriff done this they should have done that i think both parties have the to figure out together have to figure out how to come together to begin working together, on the common goals of this country look at george w. bush said a few moments ago, on your show, he is really talking about collaborative approach i think best for both parties. >> somebody sent me a tweet said marijuana won more states than hillary clinton won i was like wow i looked at it the
8:39 am
market for legal pot could pass 20 billion dollars, you would you believe ahead of this you approved in it your state how much revenue have you raised as a result of the marijuana trade? >> well, i don't think anyone should do it for raising revenue we had 121 million dollars in tax revenue last year, our budget is 27 billion dollars this year so it is a drop in the bucket it is useful for some of the consequences of the drug trades, to market make sure that kids understand that your brain is growing rapidly you are a teenager do not smoke marijuana, can lose a sliver of your long term memory forever, i as opposed -- first on ballot here passed 55-45 we tried to make it work, figure out how to make that regulatory framework successful i think we are getting close so maybe there is a new system might be better than the old war on marijuana that clearly wasn't successful. >> quick governor on that call
8:40 am
the other day were you on that cal when president obama spoke day after the election did democrats come up with a priority that you think is most important that you should be rallying around? right now? what do you think will be the most important policy that the democrats are going to be rallying around going forward? >> well i think it is going to be a kind of a parallel policies of really championing speaking out for sirts protecting rights of individual people at the same time how do we make sure the economy in this state goes forward in a way that benefits everyone, gives everyone fair opportunity to achieve their dreams. >> governor great to have you on the program this morning thanks so much for your time. >> you bet. >> we will be right back.
8:41 am
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maria: big reveal nissan going "rogue one: a star wars
8:44 am
story" one that is the carmaker partnered with lucasfilms unveiling brand-new "star wars" limited edition 2017 "rogue one", jeff flock is live from the l.a. auto show with details, jeff, big re. reporter: you are getting first on fox unveil of the roque one huge presentation planned going on behind me cars drive through, i've got jeremy pucker with me marketing at you had a storied marketing career turned around doritos brand. >> part of my do a that pepsico a lot of fun but now i am at nissan billed this brand taking to next level of a let's do honorors nissan rogue first will being go far it oh that was longer than we thought. >> [laughter] and, take a look what it looks like this is comes in black, and white.
8:45 am
right for the two focuses of evil. >> absolutely these two colors inspired by iconic troopers on "star wars" storm trooper white death trooper black debuts in the movie. >> a tremendous collaboration between franchise and your best-selling vehicle the rogue. >> that is right starting october became number one selling unit for nissan announced 2017 rogue on sell in september today unveil limited edition unit. >> making 5400, 5,400 special bandages on there if we open the door may be you see other stuff on inside, limit edition truly. >> 5,400, 5,000 u.s. 400 for canada once gone they are gone. >>b we get away spin around here lance if you would if you do apply one of these you get. >> a limited edition death
8:46 am
trooper helmet only licensed full sized replica of new trooper numbered exclusively from nissan. >> the movie in december. >> right. >> one month from day, here auto show november 16 now seeing limited edition "rogue one", and rogue car and then one month from day movie debuts in the united states. >> "rogue one." >> there you go the auto industry goes hollywood, big time. >> we had that fabulous at studio a couple weeks ago tucker joined us great jeff thank you so much we will be watching jeff flock, two trains have been derailed in florida cheryl has details right now. cheryl: we are getting in i want to so live pictures getting in getting new details from the sheriff office in central florida they have confirmed 20 cars three engines overturned so far we are told no injuries emergency personnel are on the scene this happened earlier this morning about officials say 4,000 gallons of fuel have now spilled. we are going to try to get more information as it becomes
8:47 am
available for you. >> also this morning we are following this story, ceo cybersecurity firm has resigned after he threatened to assassinate donald trump. harrigan treated he was going to kill president-elect, well he apologized saying quote my humble apologize, a flawed joke has become public out of context harrigan tweeted he has no malicious intentions towards the president. >> take a look at this, it is a piece of delivery pizza deliver by drone dominos the world's first commercial drone pizza delivery in new zealand three minutes to take halftime by motorcycle, gps was a used to navigating drone from the ground if you are working on anybody one pizza another chicken and cranberry pizza back to you. kentucky's king when it comes to basketball court john cal partiali in calipari is here
8:48 am
back in studio, back in a moment. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here.
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about an aarp medicarecomplete plan. you can even enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ . maria: welcome back, recruiting high school talent to becoming kentucky wild carts head coach john calipari sharing secrets for success the author of success is the only option. the art of coaching extreme talent coach great to see you congratulations on the book. let's talk about it your new book transforming stupor star players into one cohesive team how do you do it. >> reason i did the book everybody asking how do you take all young guys the all-american, , 8 of them get them to play together, so i kind of went through the process, and made it more of a
8:52 am
business you know, and i am a basketball coach but the things in the points throughout the book i think make it so that if you read it like wow there are things i can connect the dots, the biggest thing in this is it is appealing to this aspirations not ego aspirations, and being able to coach them, they part of this is recruiting process. of getting the right kind of players, but extreme talent likes to be around other talent. >> 8 players want to be the -- >> it is not like they want the to be the only guy whatever business is whatever they want to be together and then how do you manage all that. i am -- coach i am so glad usual here today one of the hardest things getting teenaged alpha males together to form a cohesive unit i do like win up proven that a great concept what is secret
8:53 am
getting parents onboard over the hurdle you talk about recruiting how do you do that, not only that but family unit. >> i would hope you say kids want go there because suckeding 28 draft pooikz seven years four players drafted nba a year five or six on this team that same opportunity, so there has to be trust we -- and undersell over deliver tell them you have to share you are not coming in to take 30 shots a game not going to be your face this is going to be all of us together bringing it together, and then winning, if i love on them teach them to love each other, about we will win in high level if i have their back they can worry about each other more than themselves that is basically how we are trying to do it. >> basically, you want them to feel this confidence that you've got their back just strive for success. >> we will fix it, try don't be afraid don't be selfish be
8:54 am
about each other i had to call three guards in saying you are going to take most shots so don't take bad ones let other guys take those shots you are taking most shots that was my meeting with my guards, about three days ago. but the other side of it is, they build their own confidence. by how they work, isiah briscoe right now is the last one in the gym every day you can see it on the court. >> guys that run out of the gym when practice ends, last one in, they struggle in game when they do hard to build confidence in yourself because you know you are cutting every corner. >> so preparation leads to success. >> no question. >> how is leadership perspective on leading teamed throughout the year how is it evolve i am sure there have been changes. >> what has happened for me when i took the kentucky job first year five players went in fissure round, the patterson positives, five first round changed my view
8:55 am
what my job was i went from bits of basketball to the business of helping families. it didn't hurt people say he didn't care about winning he only wants to get kids in the nba. well wait a minute, we won more games than any team last seven years, we have been to more final four's than any team won six league tournament regular season titles won national title -- >> you shwon four -- what i found out, and probably all of us when you make life about everybody else it becomes easier when it is all about you same as a player, the game so is hard when you make it just about you, but with you make it about everybody else, you just try to be the best version of you, i am not competing to be you, i am just trying to be my best. that is what i try to get on and off the court, i mean so i am proud of john, anthony
8:56 am
davis community awarded in nba about giving back, we're trying to do more if kentucky you are trying to do everything with these kids it is in sometimes i have a 8 months, and it is fast. >> and what do you think about this pushback on thank you know protesting during games like colin kaepernick kneeling during the national an thenl are you having conversations with players about that. >> i do, i do have it, and i look at -- are there any issues within this team do you have any stands we need to talk about -- my thing is, i told them, if you feel strongly about a cause, are you thoroughly researched and educated about the cause? dlaurs all kinds of little fringes of that cause if you don't agree with all of it you don't agree with the cause. if you want to do something, can it makes a difference? and then are you ready for the ramifications of making that doing that cause if you are, mohamed alluhammad ali is an ice
8:57 am
time was hated, but you got to -- the it is relevant to what is it are you educated, are you being shoved to the front of the line you don't know everything you are shoved up there for. >> that is great point. any thoughts in terms of basketball in general how it changed what is biggest change you see. >> it is boxing positionless. >> what does that mean. >> it means there are no real point guards big men teller all everybody bigger size smaller kind of like a positionless game. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> we will be right back. millions of you are online right now,
8:58 am
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... ... >> i want to thank my phenomenal panel for the morning, leah gabriel, different carter. "varney & company" begins right now and here is ashley webster in for stu. ashley: good morning, i am indeed ashley webster. stuart, by the way, back tomorrow. here is the big story today. the left remains apoplectic over president-elect donald trump and we have several examples. mr. trump goes to dinner and the media loses it. that's right, he and his family left trump tower for a steak dinner at manhattan's 21 club and scream lack of transparency. look at this headline, as trump leaves for steak dinner, incoming administration already


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