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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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avenue, it looks pretty clear. melissa: not really. david: you see that gap between the back lights that is a small gap, most of the city is gridlocked. melissa: because. "risk & reward" now. >> out going administration is sharing its knowledge and expertise with the incoming administration, i view this as encouragement. >> i said that what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion, during elections, may be different than what will work in terms of unifying the country and gaining the trust even of those who did not
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support him. the president-elect is going to see fairly quickly that the demands and responsibilities of a u.s. president are not ones that you can treat casualty. >> president obama held a press conference with german chancellor merkel, they took several reporter questions about how president-elect trump will govern. welcome to "risk & reward" i am adam shapiro in for deirdre bolton, president-elect trump is plans to meet with japanese prime minister abe at trump tower, but first this is the president's last foreign tour as he meets with merkel, they are both reeling from their own political setbacks, merkel sent what was considered a condescends letter to president-elect trump after his victory, that letter
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lecturing him, on how to lead and govern, said quote, germany and america are connected by values of democracy, freedom and respect for law and the dignity of man independent of origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views, i offer next president of u.s. close cooperation on the basis of these values. my colleague blake buhrmann with more. >> they were headliners of news conference in berlin today. but it was president-elect trump who ended up being the main focus, mr. trump, the topic in every question that was put ford forward to both of the world leaders.
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>> my hope is that he does not take a real politic approach and suggest this if we just cut some deals with russia. even if it hurts or violates or creates long-term problems. in regions like syria. president obama did add he sense couraged by mr. trump's commitment to nato. >> i have to ask you, there any what they would have said hutzpah in asking german chancellor and president of u.s. how the president elect will govern this sounds like halthutzpah.
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>> that is one way to put it, there was other question about world security, he was the focus, he was not there, he was nows of mile away, but it was all about donald trump at that news conference. >> it takes nerve, to ask them how the president-elect might govern, thank you. >> today president published a joint statement with chancellor merkel, in a german magazine without mentions president-elect trump's name. it was a quiet attack on his successor's world view, it said, germany and the united states are deeply linked together, our joint history has lead us through bright and dark chapters, that friendship is based on our shared commitment to personal feed om and dignity. trump economic advisory steve moore joining me with more.
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good to see you, steve. >> you too, adam. >> a basic question. this piling on, on president-elect, is president-elect trump getting a fair shake. >> that was an insulting statement to the president-elect to say, it -- almost implies that donald trump does not believe in personal dignity and freedom, of course, he does. this is note a good way to in good terms with germany in this backhanded insult to the new president. >> how does a president-elect like president-elect trump respond to that? you can't imagine a world leader like merkel or president obama, saying this about hillary clinton that seems condescending and unfair. >> it is, and they are both, the voters voted, to repudiate obama's agenda. and angela merck sel merkel is not popular right now in
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germany, perhaps they should look at their own legacies rather than his. >> a steady stream of possible candidates coming in and out of trump tower, we're hoping to hear some things, the news of the day we see faces of potential appointties, but, and visitors, mitt romney is going to meet with president-elect trump this weekend. possibly to become secretary of state, do you think that is a done deal, would that be a benefit to the administration? >> i don't believe, i don't have insider believe information on this, that mitt romney would be considered for's cabinet position level. he was part of the never trump movement for months, i think it important for people like mitt romney and like john kasich and busch all of the bushes to say, we made a mistake, this guy is going to be the president, he is going to be leader of a conservative pro growth agenda, and we want to be a part of it. and supportive of it, i think
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all of those republicans who did not come around to donald trump should now, we need to be unified. adam we're doing really big things out of the gate attacks reform, health care reform, regulationy form. he needs every aboard, and i think he will need democrats too. >> i would agree with you on that. you are more in tune than i am, but would it be a gesture of unification to bring in someone like mitt romney. even o chaffetz was critical before he was not critical, there was a make up if you want to call it that. >> i'm just speaking as steve moore individual, i'm not -- but, there are so many great people, you could choose to be secretary of state. they have been with donald trump from the start, why not someone who was loyal to you, helped make your election possible rather than someone who tried to make it
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impossible. >> a great point to make, you say you are just steve moore, do you vin site. the list of -- you do have insight. can we show the list of people coming in and out. governor nikki haley, henry kissinger, i met him last week, he can advise, what do you think he would say that president-elect trump. >> i think he needs advise from seasoned veterans, i had dinner with alan greenspan how cool is that. i am looking at that list of great people, kissinger, and blackwell, i would love to see him run commerce department, this thing there is a great bench of people, nikki haley, i met her about 6 months ago, she is one of the most impressive governors we have, i would love toy is a woman
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like her in the trump cabinet, we have women, we have blacks we have hispanics we have a representation of america. trump only got 30% of hispanic vote as people see the new people coming in to administration, a real rainbow coalition i think that adds to the ability to get things done, it's not easy to get washington to move, and in 100 days no less is difficult. draining of the swamp is closing argument that donald trump made in of the election cycle it was powerful, people' big change in washington. >> accurate, i was at the trump rally in florida, build up to the election, one morning when you drain a swamp it stinks it really does. >> were you with him in michigan? >> no, i will never forget experience of the 50,000 people and the -- these people, trump supporters, are part of an historic move. that was lost i think on a lot
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of people, but absolutely, this is historic. >> that is why, that is where i got involved with donald trump 6 months ago, i saw this movement out thereby anything on to -- by going to some rallies, i said this a big thing that people are not paying attention to in the bubble of manhattan, washington d c and silicon valley. >> thank you. >> press is still criticizes trump transition using words like rocky, chaotic and in turmoil, we go to political panel. jessica to you. good to see you. president obama did not appoint anybody until december. >> fair for journalist to say there is a revolving door, there are a lot of mixes, one day rudy guliani the next day mitt romney. that could be summarized as
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saying chaotic, but even david axelrod came out, and said, you can contribute site him -- criticize him for a lot of things but this is not one of home. >> i know. trump team has announced a 5 year lobbying ban for appointties, but did not explain how they would enforce, that what do you think of it, what would you advise them? hold everyone's salaries? >> this is will have loopholes, but, do it whether you have enforcement in it or not. you are asking people not to lobby. in areases where they were involve for 5 years, and people will know that i think you could use public persuasion. still worth doing. >> but i am reminded of the movie animal house, they say at end we have learned our less know and promise never to do it again.
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>> i think this is smart, listening you to and steve talk about the magnitude of this movement. and how excited people were about a trump presidency, i was one of those people who said, it is not the size of the rally it is who turns out to vote. in democratic primary, bernie sanders had bigger rallies but hillary clinton won by 4 million votes. the enthusiasm at rallies did translate, and democrats stayed home. so, taken by meaning and import of the drain the swamp idea. not as if democrats love lobbyists they believe that the system is corrupt as well, and we need to drain the swamp in a matter of speaking. people find out how to get where they are going. a nod to his supporters to say i heard you, you like this thing they propose, and maybe you are not getting a border wall, a muslim ban perhaps,o.
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>> i think we're going to have ta that discussion later. >> doesn't administration risk alienating. if one person is appointed to administration and breaks the ain't lobbies rule -- antilobbying rule or cleaning up of washington did you not take place. >> first question no, and second question yes. if there is no real movement to drain the swamp e, people will notice that, there are thins that have to happen. lobbying rule is a small part of it, you should first attack all of the executive orders, that president gave, then do something to curve the bureaucracy. 4 branch of government in obama administration has just
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exceeded its power, incredibly, you cannot just allow bureaucrats who are there permanently and not elected to do whatever they want or whatever someone higher up tells them to to. >> fred and jessica we'll see you in a few minutes. right now, reverend jesse jackson is calling for president obama to toward an hillary clinton -- pardon hillary clinton before she is charged any crime. will president obama listen. then donald trump promises to drain the swamp in washington, d.c., we'll find out if he will make good on that pledge. ron paul is joining us next. with why he thinks there may be more washington insiders in the new white house, than most of us think. >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and heed the words that we, not me, we, have to say, when we win, on november 8,
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>> i want the entire krupp washington establishment to hear our words, our words, when we say. you know what we're going to say, we're going to win today, and we're going to washington, d.c. to drain the swamp. absolutely, absolutely. adam: president-elect trump promising to drain the swamp in washington d.c. if he
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became elected and he was. as president-elect begins to make his appointment decisions, my next guest is not sure that draining the swamp is actually going to happen, ron paul is joining us now. why are you skeptical that president-elect trump will be unable to fulfill that promise? >> we all hope he is successful, imskeptical -- i got involved in politics in early '70s, and my goal was to drain the swamp, every year the government got bigger that is why i think he has a great idea there is a lot of enthusiasm, but there are a lot of names that are not the kind of individual will change thing, other concern i have it event when there may be some people that get in administration, maybe some since -- since tea -- since
5:20 pm
sarety. is they do that, but, there is also invisible government, shadow government, financial industry, federal reserve, and it is so big and powerful. adam: i would say, a term that may not be en vogue, but good ol' boy network, i had honor of working if washington for a year and a half, you saw people condemning these kind of practices and other hand, a system that affect their livelihood, that is what infuriates people, if president-elect trump does not clean that up, does he risk alienate his base supporters? >> absolutely. that is the a tragedy, some of the things he might be sincere, high might try to get
5:21 pm
good people, but the job may be overwhelming, but i suggested is so far, i have not seen kind of individual, that will really do the job. and that is where the real challenge is, but, there is so much momentum involved, momentum, where do you cut? the campaign gave me no hint, other republican campaigns have given me more of a hint maybe they wanted to get rid of department of education and energy. i heard well we try monetary policy, has not worked that well, we need now is fiscal policy, that means spend money and deficits don't matter, the keynesian version. we need infrastructure that is a 1930s, and we're going to rebuild military, i don't worry about that. i think we have a good military. strong. we could defend ourselves. adam: let me interrupt you on this. we been saying, like cab now the roulette -- cabinet wo
5:22 pm
roulette, some of your supporters would like you to be named. are you being considered? is there a position you would accept. >> i am not being considered, i don't think that is -- slightest possibility of that happening. but, i think that somebody was very honest, and would like to give me have me give them an opinion about something, i would do my very best to give, an honest opinion, but to be in there, i don't think afternoon individual like myself would blend in, i think i know the system well enough it would be too frustrating if i was appointed to federal reserve. adam: i'm going to bring this up. >> i want to get rid of federal reserve. adam: janet yellen, turns is up in 2018, i was going to say, you would be last chairman of federal reserve.
5:23 pm
>> yeah, if the senate was there, and everyone was ready for it, you know who knows what might be ready, central banks in last 10 years has debacled a lot of cred bitty, i talk about federal reserve no one cared. oh, fed, they are part of the problem, they kept interest rates too low too long, we're hey have interests and 0% for all these years, and there is no improvement, so it is getting to a points, i think what going to happen, not one individual like made all of a sudden turning the switch, i think that they evenly self destruction. their policy, right now in a way like at interest rates are doing, everyone said if feds twisted switch the stock markets would crash but they have gone up.
5:24 pm
it is exhausted itself. adam: thank you so much ron paul. >> you're welcome. adam: liberal say that donald trump will start what they call muslim registry here in united states, is it what they are afraid it truly is? we'll find out what is on deck. and dr. jasser will explain what is on deck. reverend jesse jackson calls on president obama to pardon hillary clinton before he leaves office, judge andrew napolitano weighing in on that, coming up. g new cars.
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>> we are going assessment immigration from terror prone regions where betting cannot safely occur.
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radical islamic terror is right around the corner we have to be so tough and so smart and so vigilant we can't allow that to happen. we have enough problems. all of them will be considered extreme vetting. president-elect donald trump for extreme vetting was a major talking point during his campaign. you may be considering a registry for immigrants from countries with large muslim populations. thank you for being here. the registry that's being discussed in proposed is similar to one that was put in place right after 911. that registry though that was taken out of service about a year and a half after it was put in place.
5:29 pm
is this what people are afraid it would be. the government creating a list of people who happen to be muslim or is it something else. they need to get the facts before they start getting into that. this is a registry that with the national entry and exit registration system it was for anyone coming in they registered after 911. stayed in place actually until 2011 it was stopped and was stopped for god knows what reason. they did not had any problem and was stopped right before the air of awakening started. we needed it again. this is not about registering muslims. anyone who is coming from iran. any of the hot spots for jihadist ideology needs to be registered.
5:30 pm
we have less ability to monitor our visitors and we do our own citizens. let's cut through all of the fear mongering on every side. when we just register everyone who is coming into this country whether you are immigrating or a visitor why don't we do that. what did that do -- be the logical solution. we even have refugees that have been in the hundreds where we said they been lost. within a few months they are not where they were originally. imagine the visitors who come in on a visa for a few weeks that aren't registered. we should have the system back in place. those who are against it are simply trying to use the identity politics in order to scare them into thinking there is some. if they are gonna register
5:31 pm
me. they need to be known about their whereabouts. it's not a right to visit america. i'm just can give you the last word on all of this. there has been comparisons of what our country did with the internment camps of japanese americans. is it a fair comparison or is it way off base. we need to protect our constitution. but please don't do it on the fear mongering of some tweets or whatever it might be get some engagement and the policies put forth by the elected administration and let them engage on this. it was a policy in place for over a decade. we need real facts and not just hysteria. >> i appreciate you joining us this evening. president obama supports
5:32 pm
hillary clinton. also high school and college students they been walking out of class and protest when i was in high school we just skipped class and call it skipping. should they try to stop the protest. he says no. i will explain why. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about.
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>> hillary clinton has not been legally accused and by this trial they should follow the example and the full pardon would be a beautiful mistake to pursue the persecution. he comes to hillary clinton's defense is a new president obama should pardon her for any crime she may have committed but that news. he repeatedly vowed during the campaign that he would appoint special prosecutor to investigate the private e-mail standard --dash mexican appeared good to see judge. i think i know the answer to this. present for did. you can do that but wouldn't that deny it hillary hillary clinton the chance to defend
5:37 pm
herself if he is charged with a crime. you can give a preemptive pardon for any crime that was a committed committed or may have been committed from the beginning of his life up to that moment of his pardon. you don't even have to say what the crime may have been. they have invested a great deal of money. it's not just the e-mail investigation. >> the clinton foundation and the allegations of public corruption that she tailored her decisions as secretary of state in order to enrich the foundation. it would be a waste of resources where those investigations could be terminated. there are people who have been prosecuted and punished and some are in jail today for having done far less.
5:38 pm
and when it president obama be jeopardizing his own legacy if he would to pardon her. that's what they would talk about from this point forward. the essence is mercy. it's opposite of justice. it's something just as is what you deserve. pardon is what you don't deserve. you have heard me say for months now. it is overwhelming. let me switch topics here. rather than taking responsibility hillary clinton is placing blame for her lost during loss during the presidential election on fbi director james comey. you actually said hillary clinton only has herself to blame this is a two-part question.
5:39 pm
and then we will get into the issues we will talk about. i blame her because she brought this entirely on herself. the concoction of the server in her and her husband's home was something that she entirely did on her own. notwithstanding advice against this by the intelligence committee. we know this from the e-mails. her political operatives who were hurt his visors and notwithstanding direct and position by the fbi during a two hour tutorial that she was given her first date day in office. she signed an oath. the state secrets. she really committed a grave error of judgment and she's suffering for it. and she's suffering for it. wrote in the ad. all of this is commanded by lot to be kept secret.
5:40 pm
and preserve the representation of a person not indicted. i've listened you talk about the fact that the fbi director has totally thrown out the rule of law essentially on how these things are supposed to be done should he resign? >> yes. he may not had to. he will probably be told by donald trump that he doesn't want him there. but notwithstanding a fairly good representation the rule of law but being aggressive and fair prosecutor. he is selling that reputation. given the world at snapshot. it is against three regulations for him to do that. >> i will defend you to stuart bargain -- stuart varney any chance i get. he said he would not advise
5:41 pm
protesters. he should help unify the nation. there slowly punishing. is it too little too late. >> if we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda than we have problems. new bikes aren't selling guys... what are we gonna do? how about we pump more into promotions? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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5:45 pm
matter voting matters. being informed on the issues matter. >> that was president obama earlier today saying he would not advise anti- trump trump protesters to be silent. in citing the importance. before doing so. but will the president eventually stop the protest. president-elect trump the vice chair. drains me now to discuss this. and the president has said he is committed to a smooth transition by holding but holding off in some kind of white of sane look we like the concerns there is a writer can rhetoric and sometimes with these protest. >> god bless you and god bless america first. we only get one president at a time. that is why donald j trump is
5:46 pm
the president-elect. president obama is currently the president on our tax dollars and he has a duty to let protesters know that shirt you can protest but he should be speaking out directly to those who are destroying property who are causing physical harm to their fellow americans. who are out there i saw something like seen things about his wife. it's a violet discussing and un-american. those are the things i think you should speak out and speak against. so if we take out the fringe element. there are several millions of americans who were opposed to president-elect trump. what you think needs to happen in order for the protesters that are now on the street. doesn't protesters who feel more trusting of the
5:47 pm
president-elect to lead our country. >> i think what they should do as they should allow the president-elect and mike pence the vice president-elect to do their jobs. let them pick the leaders. let them show you through the pics and the people that they are choosing in order to lead the nation let them show you. they are not in office yet. let the people know. like i said. it is the president's job to facilitate that smooth transition into power forward to our president-elect. i think it is a big slap in the face in my opinion not just in the american people but to the president-elect if he does not. let's talk about another issue. facebook and google.
5:48 pm
they pledged to block what is called fake news the fake news that was on facebook, twitter and google swayed the presidential election. even president obama he took a shot at the bogus oracles a little bit earlier today. >> so many people are getting their information in sound baits and snippets off their phones. if we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda that we have problems. >> is it the responsibility of a social media networks at the police this or is it the responsibility of educated people. i think first of all i am so glad that president-elect donald j trump are going into
5:49 pm
office we have got to snatch our freedom of speech back. it is not up to the social media to decide that. and so i think it is so important that we have lost what is to be americans. i am so happy that we had candidates who are now going to go into office the ability to not be politically correct. it did not always say the right thing. no one is perfect. it is up to us the voters, the nation to sift through and decide what we want to watch and what we want to believe. it is up to us. >> it's always a pleasure to have you. >> god bless you and god bless america. thank you so much.
5:50 pm
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5:54 pm
first speech since last week's presidential election. they had been licking their winds trying to figure out how to get back on track. last night president bidenhave . we lost because of an awful lot of hard-working americans who live in areas where we did not pay much attention to. barack obama one of these people. they are not racist. they did not vote for the democrats at this time. tim ryan has just announced his bid against nancy pelosi her house minority leader. is that the only reason hillary clinton didn't win or is something else at play. >> i will answer that. they decided they would have one issue. it was not the economy and it was immigration.
5:55 pm
it was donald trump. he's unfit to be president. they didn't have a message of the tax cuts or economic growth or anything like that. and hillary clinton relied on that message and she was encouraged to do it. it didn't work. we were talking during a commercial break. does it risk losing their entire thing. i don't know how you could look at a map that lit up red and the right thing to do was to move further to the left here. i think he's fantastic i think that what happened here as we lost the white working-class base here. we can get them back but we don't want to issue the other side of the base who in the primaries gave a resounding no thank you to bernie sanders. this message of just economic
5:56 pm
populism is again work. so it should she be added here. i have a lot of deeper facts. it is good to have healthy competition just as we head in the primary. it makes her a stronger candidate and leader. i think it's important that they look in the mirror and say we must appear. we need to do better and we have continuity on the senate side. >> would they be better served with congressman ryan over nancy pelosi. she lost in 2010. she lost in 2014. it is aging. you need somebody younger, stronger. we have to go to a commercial break to pay the bills.
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janet yellin thrown down the gauntlet on donald trump. seems she's not going anyway. making money with charles payne is next.


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