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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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dagen: who is going to be secretary of state? >> dagen mcdowell. dagen: never in a million years will i ever work in government. that said, morgan, anthony, guess who is up? mr. stuart varney. stuart: that's an introduction and deeply appreciated. dagen: you're welcome. stuart: reversal, she was against it before she was for it. and black friday, bricks and mortar and the online. the castro saga out on the football field. the left is challenging the election trying to undermine trump presidency. hillary clinton will join the recount in three states, a complete reversal for her. trump is not happy, she conceded. nothing will change.
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black friday a bust for the discounters, sales were huge, but down. in contrast, on-line sales hit a record. we're rapidly becoming amazon nation. then the death of fide darling of the left. wait until you hear the story of colin kaepernick, stackled by a castro-- >> and have we got a show for you, "varney & company" is about to begin. stuart: well, it will be a slightly lower open for the dow jones industrial average. it will stay right there and look at that. the russell 2000, that is up more than 12% since election day.
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it's gone up in each of the last 15 trading sessions. this represents smaller companies who do their business largely in america. that, what you're looking at, is the trump rally. don't forget, oil, opec meets wednesday, the saudis backed out of a meeting with russia, one analyst said that oil could head to 30 bucks if a deal is not reached. it's up today, 46.93. and attention shoppers, today is cyber monday, i hate that expression bus we've got to use it. here is the stock price of amazon, it's going to be done despite vigorous on-line selling. about 70 or $80 away from the all-time high. fedex are going to be delivering a lot of this on-line bonanza, virtually unchanged at least at the open. ups, we have the ceo about 40 minutes from now, the heat is on them, they have to perform this christmas. the ceo at 9:45. all right, to the big story, please, hillary clinton's
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campaign, now jumping on board with jill stein's recount effort in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. look who is with us on a monday morning to start the show. gentlem yes, the man himself, judge andrew napolitano. where do we start on this one? >> legally she can do it, but-- >> yes. >> it's going nowhere. >> so this is not a recount mandated by law because the difference between the votes is far greater than that minimal amount, which is one quarter of 1% in the case of wisconsin in which would be mandated by law and paid for by the statement any candidate on the ballot can ask for a recount if they can pay for it and jill stein is paying for it. mrs. clinton joining it is a head scratcher. who knows why she's doing that. there is a little bit of concern here, not that the gap could be narrow, there's 25,000 votes they'd have to find were made up for, or calculated erroneously.
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here is the problem, if wisconsin does not complete its recount by december 13th, it may lose its right to cast 10 electoral votes. donald trump will still be elected president of the united states, but he will not have those ten votes. i don't know if there's a method to her madness. they don't go to hillary clinton they just aren't cast. stuart: look, i think it's designed to undermine the legitimacy of the trump presidency. >> didn't we hear a very articulate or ration from mrs. clinton herself about dangers of undermining the results of the election. if the third debate. what's wrong with you, why would you want to undermine the legitimacy or appears to. stuart: let's go back to jill stein, she's alleges that russians, a foreign intelligence service meddled
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with the election and she has no proof, but that's a dynamite charge she's levelling. >> it is a dynamite charge. it may implicate the fbi, which as you may recall, did some investigation at the request of the president, and the justice department in late october and early november, we don't know what the results of that was. here is the law. the law does not guarantee perfect elections, guarantees basically fair elections, that the person declared the winner in fact won. whether he won by 21,000 votes or 25,000 votes or 19,000 votes, votes is of no moment to the law. stuart: i see it as mischief making by hillary clinton undermining the legitimacy of the presidency and jill stein raising money, getting 7 million and only needs 2 million. >> i think you're right and the president-elect said the staple thing.
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and this is the green party on the ballot in most states. stuart: judge, we'll see you back in an hour and a half. thank you, judge. let me get to that sound bite from hillary clinton. what she said before the election about challenging election results. roll that tape. >> that's horrifying. you know, every time donald thinks things are not going in his direction, he claims everything is rigged. that's not the way the democracy works, we've been around 240 years, we've had free and fair elections. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election. stuart: ooh, the value of videotape when you need it. she said you should accept the outcome before the election. now, president-elect incoming chief of staff responded on fox news sunday. watch this.
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>> it was their team that cut a deal with our team when it said the ap called the race they would call it in 15 minutes and concede, which they did. it's a total and hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. stuart: i want to know what really is going on here with the clinton camp. i said that she's meddling with this undermining the legitimacy of the clinton-- presidency. >> she's placating the left. everybody knows an impossible dynamic. in pennsylvania itself 70,000 vote margin. with florida, bush and gore, 547, you'd want it recount. at this time it keeps herrell vapt. there's an election not for
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2020, but for mayor of new york. stuart: whoa, whoa, you chucked that in the middle of the ring right there. you think she's angling to be the next mayor of new york city, is that your implication? >> she's not going quietly into this dark night. she likes influence. there's been a decline in donations to the foundation. this is a woman who thought she was entitled to this. she was strongest clearly in california and new york, if there's anyplace where she could go in and win a local or state-wide election, new york she feels would have more influence. keep in mind, this is not about changing the election. this is about what the democrats do. they manipulate people's emotions. they promise things that are impossible and then they steal your money. this is why they lost the election on november 8th and this is what this is all about, once again. stuart: i can't get past your speculation, i think that's what it is. >> we'll see. stuart: that she wants to run for mayor of new york city. now, look, do you have a source that says this or is this-- >> it was a discussion amongst people who would know or at least know that the democrats
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and know her-- >> she was first lady, a senator from the great state of new york and she would become the mayor of new york city? >> look, she's never really won a hard fought election. her election to the senate was with rick lazio after mayor guiliani dropped out. this is a woman that's not been challenged directly. i think she wants to be able to do that. becoming mayor of new york could be a walk for her, i think. you've got a dynamic with hillary and democrats in general looking for relevancy. what could your leader of the party do to make them relevant again and remember, also, barack obama is the one who told her to concede and when they did concede, it was not hillary, according to reports that made that call. so, she has been resistent this entire time and this is what could-- but ultimately this is a scam. it's about money, it's about relevance and i agree with you,
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to sew doubt into the election because that's a bonus for them. stuart: mayor of new york, scratching my head. >> god help new york. stuart: i'll tell you this, more violence in chicago, terrible story, several shooting deaths and dozens injured over the thanksgiving weekend. liz, give me the numbers. liz: 61 shot and nine fatally. the number of people shot triple last year. stuart: this is the whole thanksgiving weekend from wednesday night to sunday night. liz: that's correct. thank you, nine fatally shot. 61 is shootings triple the level last year, comeses a the mayor, rahm emanuel is saying chicago will always be a sanctuary city. let's stay on that for a second. we do not have any information about illegal immigrants committing the crimes there, we don't know it's about chaos in the city of chicago. stuart: nine dead, 61 shot? connell: yeah. stuart: in a weekend? >> in an american city. stuart: in an american city. that's extraordinary. >> a weekend for family. liz: it's like the murder
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capital of the united states right now. it's fast bomb -- becoming that. >> if not the world. stuart: and down 50 points, but keep the dow well above 19,000. it's cyber day, looking at on-line shopping. we're looking at well over 3 billion in sales, what's predicted. we're going to take you to an amazon mega warehouse and talking to the ceo of ups later this hour. the heat is on them. the syrian army getting inside aleppo. they say they have captured a large area of the eastern part of the city. essentially, they split the rebel held country it would. russia and iran, they are backing syrian army's campaign. how about this? the failure of socialism in venezuela, rit large. good heavens. citizens escaping the country
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to escape starvation. and inflation 700. and the currency is so devalued you need far more crash than you can stuff into a wallet to buy something. we're on it. speaking of socialism. colin kaepernick, a sporter of fidel castro gets booed and tackled by the son of a cuban immigrant. you can't make it up. we'll be back. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> since the death of castro donald trump has been tweeting furiously and he's at it again. ashley what is the latest trump tweet. ashley: if cuba, says mr. trump, is unable to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban/american people as a whole i will terminate the deal. he's already laying down the gauntlet. stuart: dare i say that he watches "varney & company"? >> why not?
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>> dare i say that. >> everybody does. stuart: oh, thank you. you're back tomorrow. now, i've got to move away from that for a second and talk about sunday afternoon, the 49ers, their quarterback colin kaepernick, outspoken supporter of cuban leader fidel castro. he was seriously booed. ashley: he was. this was in miami and of course, he was the starting quarterback, comes out and let's listen to the boos, if he can, as he was greeted by a lot of the cuban-americans, can you hear that. stuart: oh, yeah. ashley: that's very loud. look, capper neck has been, made statements supporting fidel castro saying he invested a lot in health care and in education while the united states seems to just invest in prison systems. and then look at that final tackle of the game by tito alonzo, the son of a cuban exile, a very, very outspoken
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against what fidel castro has done to cuba. and he gets the last tackle on kaepernick, there was bad blood in me knowing what kaepernick had said and as life has it, gets the final take youn -- the final tackle. stuart: and they're not in the playoffs. ashley: and it's worst ever. >> health care is less expensive when you're dead. stuart: you're terrible. and "the washington post," cuben dictator, they used the world, a spiritual beacon. >> gosh. stuart: do they understand the world spiritual. and calling castro the cuban revolutionary who defied the united states. mercedes is with us, a strategist and i believe cuban-american. i want to start, mercedes. you have a personal story about your dad in cuba. tell us, please.
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>> i do. my father lived, grew up in cuba, owned several businesses was very successful entrepreneur when fidel castro came into power in 1959 during the revolution. the military and the regime took over my father's businesses, his home. my stood up against the regime and he was thrown into jail for six years and a political prisoner for speaking up against the castro regime. he saw many of his friends die, executed by a firing squad and it was clear that fidel castro and his thugs were very much focused in getting rid of anyone who spoke against the communists and i think my father had a clear vision as to the fact that communism would destroy his homeland and one of the reasons when he did come to the united states, he will always say he is american now first and foremost because he loves this country for embracing him and allowing him to succeed and raise his family here and he's forever grateful
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to america, but i have to say when i broke the news to my father on saturday, he did smile, he cried, and there was a sense of relief. there was a sense that someone who has done so much damage to this island, and to the people, is now gone. that doesn't mean it doesn't change things in cuba, still much work to be done obviously, but it is just the death of someone who has been so destructive. stuart: now, we brought the news a few moments ago, the latest trump tweet. he'll probably renegotiate the deal with cuba. i think i'm sure you're laughing at that one. romney, enormous opposition to many republicans putting him in as secretary of state. where do you stand on this? >> i have to say kelly anne conway is right, there has been a grass roots growth of individuals basically saying that they don't want romney in there and i think that after the absolutely critical and i would say mean comments that romney has made of donald
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trump, i think it would be very difficult for trump to appoint romney as secretary of statement you need a loyalist in there. you need someone who understands, who stands close, hand in hand, with the president on pushing forward the foreign policy vision. and i just don't think that romney is the right pick for donald trump. stuart: well, i am not an english-american. you are not a cuban-american. we're both americans, i do declare and very happy to be that. >> that's right. stuart: mercedes, all american, thank you for joining us and we'll see you soon. >> thank you, yes. now, here is a story-- . [laughter] >> i don't know why i'm laughing. some hotels in italy have a unique plan to counter the country's extremely low birth rate. they're offering rooms to them if they conceive while guests. we will be back.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. >> i want to get back to this tweet we just received from donald trump. if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate deal. now, that's interesting because president obama worked out the deal with castro's cuba. we got nothing at all. we didn't get any american
9:25 am
companies allowed in to do basic business in cuba. trump's going to change that. >> look, we in a way don't want, especially with no deal for the cuban people themselves, there's no freedom of religion, there is no freedom of the press, they do not have access to the internet and to a free discussion. joanne, a convicted cop killer on the fbi's most wanted list lived openly and freely, she was not extradited. we want a better deal. but part of that is allowing the cuban people to live freely. we doesn't want to just make money and have them live under this extraordinary oppression. stuart: this is another part of the obama legacy which is going to fall by the wayside. liz: it was done by executive order so trump could rescind that. stuart: i don't know the formal terms under which he could rescind it, but the man could negotiate a much better deal. ashley: for the cuban people. >> and it will make the cuban people freer, not just a better
9:26 am
deal for them, but for everyone. stuart: fears of racial attacks under the trump presidency, a falling a surge for gun background checks. cyber monday, maybe 3, 3 1/2 billion in sales and amazon will get a chunk of that. the bricks and mortars can't keep up. the opening bell is next.
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>> the opening bell will ring in five seconds. remember, please, it's less than three weeks since the election. we've seen a trump rally and let's see if it continues this monday morning. probably a small loss, yeah, down 27 in the very, very early going. i see a lot of red indicating overall stocks are moving down. sow about the s&p 500? it's also on the down side, not much, .16%, that's a fractional loss. how about the nasdaq? it's been doing well recently and it's down .2%. so, we're off and running on a monday morning. most stocks likely lower. the price of crude oil is close to $47 a barrel. it's up today. how about gold? where are we? lost about 100 bucks right after the election, and now
9:31 am
it's at 1189. it is up 8 bucks, but that puts it down about 110 since the election overall. ashley webster is with us, elizabeth mcdonald is with us, scott shellady, too, and keith fitz-gerald. today is cyber monday, yes it is. you have to go to the store to get on-line. around the block, my daughter bought a 44 inch, what's the name of it, tv set. ashley: 4-k, the newest one. stuart: it was a 44 inch screen, $150. ashley: how much? >> an extraordinary deal. can anybody beat that. how about you, scott, can you beat that? >> no, i can't beat that, but you know what they say, stuart, the average discount is around 40% if you're not at least getting 40% off it's not worth your cyber time. at the end of the day i think that black friday is now just a social event and obviously, the retailers on-line will take over. stuart: what do you say, keith,
9:32 am
about my daughter's bargain? [laughter] >> i think that's a great bargain. we got one look, interestingly enough at that nike retailer that got torn apart and we didn't want to park in the parking lot and went right back up the highway. stuart: there you go. that's cyber monday. what have you got, ash. ashley: i think it's interesting another phenomenon hurting sales. how many people went to the mall in the old days and buy something you wouldn't normally buy. all of those sales are gone because people are more specific on-line they click on something they want and they buy it. so sales of the stuff you don't really need goes away. liz: i'm impulsive on-line though. [laughter] >> and it was a sony kd will 40 inches, lcd for 149.99 at amazon at 4:00 this morning. i call it a bargain. liz: she got up at 4 a.m. to do that? >> it runs in the family. stuart: enough of this family stuff. look at the price of oil, where
9:33 am
are we? goldman sachs says the global economy would do much better if oil prices were higher. scott shellady, you say what? >> well, that's probably because they're looking at 2008, 2009 when they represented us out of our problem by the oil industry created all the jobs and now what, stuart, i have to say this, if oil is at $20 a barrel and you don't have a job it doesn't matter it's at $10 a barrel. you have to have a job to get benefit from the cheap oil. a little higher oil if it helps out the oil companies obviously would help out the equity markets and i think, yes, to some degree, telling a little bit of truth on this one. stuart: okay, we haven't talked about the italian banks not since the british exit actually. they're back in the news and one of them is down big time, almost down 100%. they're in trouble, what's the story? >> yeah, eight are on the
9:34 am
brink. 380 million in rotten loans, they're on the brink of clams. december 4th, constitutional reform vote coming in for italians to vote on. if the government doesn't get its way, we're looking at possible e uchueu at stake, ita wants to get out of the eu and they're right there, second in the lead in terms of popularity. this could set in motion italian exit by next summer. so the banking collapse is so severe right now. stuart: on sunday, if it goes the other way, they say no to constitutional reform. italians banks in trouble. european union in trouble. is it affecting us, do you think? >> yes. liz: it could. they would have to print their way out of crisis. stuart: we're what, five minutes into the trading day. >> that's a novel idea. stuart: what do you say? >> i say print yourself out of
9:35 am
the crisis is a novel idea. sounds new to me, i've never heard of that before. [laughter] >> yes, you have. sarcasm is a low form wit, and you know it. >> april fool's is a few months away. stuart: and down 34, 19,117. how about disney stock? mo moana, second best thanksgiving weekend behind frozen and tickets are now on sale for "star wars" movie "rogue one", disney is down a little. and the cuva, soaring after the death of fidel castro. barron's like the share price of resorts and casino operator mgm. nicole, come in, please, why do they like them and going up? nicole: they love it. they think of the stock and in
9:36 am
barron's if the stock could rise over 21 months and the idea behind it, las vegas is not just gambling and it's knots just elvis impersonators and celine dion. what it is, analysts are saying, it's a convention place for business. to tourism and seeing entertainment and sports there and even have a nhl hockey people they're going to have starting next year. the golden knights. and the number of people going to vegas gained about 2% year over year, so it was about 32 million, upwards of 32 million through september and it was up almost 2% year over year. the other piece here is the real estate investment trust that mgm owns about 76% of that and contrary to their competitor, wynn which has big exposure in asia and somehow gets its proceeds in a different way, you know, mgm is the beneficiary of this one
9:37 am
making cash in the states. stuart: the comeback is the story. i've got breaking news for you, pictures from trump tower, general david petraeus will meet with president-elect donald trump today. and who will be offered the secretary of state-- sorry, the secretary of defense, could be david petraeus. ashley: and secretary of state. stuart: and be there, too. who knows? about you the meetings continue at white house north. we don't often talk about the russell 2000, but we should, it's up 12% just since the election. keith, you're our market watcher here, this is the trump rally, isn't it? okay, it's down today, .2%. but this is the trump rally rit large. >> absolutely, stuart. because these small companies, many of which are in the russell index have the opportunity and they're going to gain from the tax reform an and they're the ones that have got the enthusiasm and innovation to come onto the scene. so it's logical we're seeing some sort of rotation into the
9:38 am
small cap stocks. stuart: they had a terrific run-up, 12% on this alone. >> i think some of those stocks are expensive. here is the key. if you a look for the companies that have a growth rate that's independent of the economic model and higher than economic, and doesn't have debt and put those things together and make the argument you buy even at the top. stuart: how about apple? you said $200 share on apple in two years, i don't think you look it now, do you? >> to be clear, i'm not saying sell ap apple, i'm saying holding onto apple. they' they're-- products margins and sales are not as deluxe as it was. i'm saying there are better opportunities for them, and amazon with the streaming intelligence, where you want to put money right now.
9:39 am
stuart: we've got pictures of a nike store trashed on black friday. i'm not sure where it was. ashley: washington state and keith referenced it. look at the karncarnage, unbelievable. people store through the store looking for black friday. and one employee described it as "jurassic park." you don't put the box back, apparently if you try shoes on. throw it to the floor and grab another one. >> i guess you do. that's black friday at nike, one store. we like to talk about tesla, consumer reports says the new model s is fast and flawed. what's that. liz: it's electrical problems, the rear doors don't close, they pause and stop. this is a car that costs $110,000. consumer reports also saying the second row seats can't be folded down. limited cargo capacity and even
9:40 am
though it can go to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds, the ride is choppy, way too stiff and firm, not a pleasant ride for $110,000. ashley: that's not-- >> wow. stuart: keith was that you, saying whoa? >> everybody has to beat up on tesla pause -- because they're innovative. not different from any other company that brings out a new car. stuart: gun stocks, an interesting report here. gun sales spiked for minorities after the election, i'm not sure if it was gun sales or applications to are permits that spiked. it was amongst minorities. ashley: and the lbgt community saying they don't feel as safe since donald trump won the election. one gun store owner in texas said they have seen more black and minority customers and fbi background checks, with the latest phenomenon, november
9:41 am
could be higher. stuart: we don't know where black folks think the threat is coming from. ashley: well, there was one quote from a shop owner who said, racists feel like they can attack us just because the president is doing it. stuart: you could make the counter argument in some inner cities with strict gun control laws, blacks are not allowed to defend themselves against black criminals. ashley:. you could make the case. ashley: you could. stuart: gun stocks are down and they've been down pretty much since the trump election. and more from the minority and lbgt communities. 19,100, yes, it's cyber monday and amazon is gearing up for a very busy day. on your screen now, a live look at an amazon mega warehouse, huge place. i don't know how many football fields you can cram in there, but a lot.
9:42 am
that's in new jersey. we're going to take you there momentarily and again, i'm going to tell you about the story. some italian hotels offering free rooms if you conceive a child during your stay. it sounds like a funny headline, but there's a serious story behind it. it's all about demographics and the aging population in italy. serious problem for them. we'll be back. ♪ no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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>> all right. watch this, please. taking off right now, that's a jetblue flight. the first commercial from, to cuba from new york city is about to take-- there it goes. just took off from jfk. in july, jetblue was offering charter flights to cuba. this is the first commercial flight from jetblue, it just took off.
9:46 am
all right. the focus of holiday shopping turning to the internet, cyber monday, that should be huge for sampson. adam shapiro is with us at the amazon facility in robsensville, new jersey. the shot, the camera doesn't do it justice how big that place is. >> no, the pictures don't do it justice, stuart. 100 million square feet. 18 football fields. take a look how it actually works because you have several different stories of storage and when the orders come in, it's automated. they literally that have computers that pick products off and put them in yellow bins and go on the conveyor belts. they're throughout the entire facility and come over here, if we pan over this way, you can see some of the packing that takes place and remember, this is only about a quarter of the facility in your shot right
9:47 am
now. there are 4,000 people who work here part-time. so when you think about the size of this facility and they will shift just from this facility with 69 others nationwide. 629 parcels a second. that's what they did last year. they expect to beat that this year. as far as the size of this place, you could get a lot of chrysler minivans in here. [laughter] >> very good. that's a logistics story and and a half. we'll be back to you, adam, thank you very much indeed. now, david abney with us, he is the ceo of ups. mr. abney, welcome to the program. it's very good to see you. there you go, you're on camera. good to see you, sir. >> glad to be here. stuart: the at is on you, you've got to get it right this holiday season. will you absolutely guarantee our viewers that if they order something on-line, you will deliver it on time?
9:48 am
>> stuart, we're very covet this year in peak season. we've gotten off to a great start. the reason we're so confident is that we start at the beginning of the year in planning and we really have four c's to success. we collaborate with customers so we have a very good understanding of what they're going to actually give us and then we have our capacity that we have expanded in all areas. the control that we give to our customers through our technology, and then the commitment of our 440,000 ups-ers, plus 95,000 we're hiring for peak season. we're confident this season. stuart: what share of the on-line delivery market do you have? there's you, ups, fedex, postal service and i think amazon's got a little delivery service of its own.
9:49 am
what's your market share? will you tell us? >> we really don't share that information. what i can tell you is that we obviously-- that e-commerce, this time of year is over 50% of our business, so we're a big, big employer. stuart: you've got to be worried about amazon. we hear that they're gearing up to get their own delivery service. >> you know, amazon is a good customer of ours and we have mutually beneficial relationship and we believe that as long as we show them the value, that we know we bring, that we'll continue in a good relationship. stuart: okay, david. we thank you very much for being with us today. best of luck in what's going to be an extremely busy holland system. season i should say. holiday period is what i'm trying to say. mr. abney, thank you very much. check market scan.
9:50 am
mostly in the red this monday morning, but we're just above 19,100 where we are. i'm going back to that demographic problem in italy. they do have an aging population and a rapidly declining birth rate. what are they doing, free rooms if you conceive a child during your stay. you may be surprised to hear that, but they have a demographic problem in italy. hampshire college in massachusetts orders removal of the american flag on campus and look at that, a thousand veterans turned out to protest. more on that coming up. >> we stand for all the veterans around the whole nation, everybody who fought for this flag. it's more than just a symbol.
9:51 am
9:52 am
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9:55 am
room there. you get refunded or a future holiday stay you have to show paper work. we were talking at the break, basically the collapse in the birth rates, lowest in 155 years. stuart: two problems, rapidly aging society in three year's time in italy 55 out of every 100 adults will be 65 and older, which is an impossible situation and as you said, liz, the lowest birth rate and no babies coming along. ashley: taking out of the system and not putting in. liz: it's too hard when the job collapse and the economy shrunk below 2007 levels. stuart: it's extraordinary. let me back this one in, too, about 1,000 veterans were at a college in massachusetts, when they took down the flag. ashley: when donald trump won
9:56 am
the election, they lowered the flag to half staff and then a student burned the flag. the school said you know what? we're going to take away all flags for now and we will-- our goal is to give voice to a range of viewpoints. and vets why outraged. and discussions wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the vets. what the school thinking, 1400 liberal arts students and put the liberal in liberal arts. stuart: if they'd raised the mexican flag they'd be cheering, i'm being pejorative flag. i've got that feeling, they don't like america and-- >> what about the middle class families paying high tuition to have this kind of behavior going on. stuart: not one of the top 50 colleges have one of these
9:57 am
courses, i sense something big is going on towards that and away what they're trying to ban. donald trump is at trump tower. we're on tower watch, what we're doing. we're told that vice-president mike pence will arrive at any moments and hopefully you'll see it. fidel castro died, trump calls him a brutal dictator. the mainstream media, he was a spiritual beacon. you'll get my take on that at the top of the coming hour. hillary clinton's campaign joins jill stein's recall effort. is this sour grapes after trump's historic win? second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
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10:00 am
>> fiegel castro is dead donald trump immediately called him a brutal dictator in my opinion that is accurate. on the left although there's confuse. they know he shot and imprisoned opponents but loved him because he stood up to america. and in their book that's good. but washington post called him a spiritual beacon of the far left. what -- i guess on right track but a perversion of the wood spiritual is it not? john kerry said he played outsized role in lives many. there's a fine piece of fence sitting for you. for me, the castro story came alive on the football field. colin kaepernick the an theme neral on a conference call with miami beat reporters he said he admired castro and then castro dies. and kaepernick had to play football in miami he got an earful again. let them know what he thought about his politic answer loudly
10:01 am
booed in the time irony in last play of the game when he could have tied the game he was tackled by the son of a cuban immigrant. 49ers lost -- one last point, obama negotiated a deal with cuba. they got recognition, tourist and dollars we got nothing. american canes deliberately excluded from rebuilding contracts. gee, do you think perhaps that deal will be renegotiated by president-elect donald trump and that's what he tweeted first thing this morning. new deal required. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> all right, sir 31 minutes in, 45 points down, 19,001 is where we're holding. this is called cybermonday i guess we could look at some of the cybermonday stocks that will
10:02 am
be online amazon right up there. wal-mart, target, i guess you could call them cyberstocks i guess they're brick-and-mortar more likely. but they are online delivery services they're down today. don't tergting the price was oil. maybe you got to think about your affect on there's the big name it can stodges first. how about oil $49 a barrel. no real impact on the stock market this morning. all right, let's get to the fidel castro story. cuban americans flooded streets in miami, and they are still celebrating his death. president obama and president-elect trump they had very different reactions to the the news all right ash start with president obama opinion >> didn't they ever. let's begin with a quote from president obama, quote, we know that this moment fills cubans in cuba, and in the united states with powerful emotions recalling the countless ways in which fidel castro outed course of family, lives and of the cuban nation.
10:03 am
what the heck is that? >> like a no statement. here's donald trump. just two kowngts of that. >> how it is. today the world marks passing of a brutal bike tater who o pressed his own people for six decades one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty, and the denial of fundamental human rights. >> has a certain way of going right at it does he not? >> it is so demoralizing to hear the president talk in the abstract when women and children were shot by fidel's goon squads, and it is a and his own sister said this is an island that is basically a prison surrounded by water. that's it. stuart: also like to say what would happen to kaepernick to knelt under fidel kansas trough. very good question and we don't note answer. patriot host and columnist david webb is with us now. the left is afraid to call castro what he was. a brutal dictator.
10:04 am
>> because in large part some of them agree with him. president obama issued what is the effect of the most tap tapia like statement a supposed world leader but you know we're talking about cuba, we're talking about all of the other things from a somewhat personal angle. no one talks about effect cuba and communism not socialism you should a brutal dictator fidel castro on a deis -- who fought who was by the hero in that country. the socialism and communism brought to jamaica by the friendliness of jamaican prime minister and castro and destroyed the social cultural, and economic situation in jamaica, people may go to sandals and see all a of the people things but try to go inlands to an island where my family lives it is completely different. it is tragic.
10:05 am
crime socialism, communism, castro, and other islands around including relationship with venezuela look what's going on there right now. >> an influence. really supported. >> obama administration involved in the deal that false worked out the settlement with the rebel it is in columbia which basically made them political appointees and political figures thus taking them out of criminal prosecution. we're talking about the left is at all time low. and what they've done to this world. >> they come back at you and say well, castro gave literacy to cuba, they've got a very is is strong literacy rate, and they say they've got three medical care. >> so they, obviously, haven't looked at books or they agree with them. you give literacy, but education is not just about the ability to read. it is about the context of understands and compression. castro's education was formed around his brutal dictatorship
10:06 am
and communism it was not formed as you and i were in the western i call it the western civilized world where you learn it be different systems including communism. there you learn a form of education that fits what his world view is. it's very close to being a slave under kim jong-un in korea where you believe that that is your world. >> all right david you tell it how it is next one. hillary another story viewers just joining us. recount story is very important. hillary clinton is supporting the recount idea started bid green party jill stein is. however, please let's go back and remember with when hillary clinton said this. >> that is horrifying. you know every time donald think yourself not going in his direction he claims, whatever it is is rigged against him. >> he said something truly horrifying -- and that was that he wouldn't say he would accept the results
10:07 am
of the election. >> i want everyone to know that i respect the choice you make. we were asked if we would respect the outcome of the election. i will. >> very clear, i will respects the result ares of the election. here's the response from reince priebus incoming donald trump chief of staff. roll that tape. >> it was their team that cut a deal with our team that said when the a.p. called the race, they would call it within 15 minutes and concede which they did. it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought they were nervous about president-elect trump are, not conceding are the people that are -- consulting recounts in states we won by over 68,000 votes. >> trying to undermine legitimacy of president-elect donald trump's presidency to come you say -- >> they absolutely are. remember the calls of -- and in the obama years early
10:08 am
years that wright trying to delegitimate the presidency that is what the left is doing. hillary clinton is a hypocrite, jill stein is an opportunist raising money i would dare anyone to follow the money and see where the money that she's collected actually goes. >> let me -- stuart: if you go to her website she's asking donate, donate she wants 7 million they have 6 million already. i'm told that it only cost $2.2 million to fund the recount in wisconsin and pennsylvania, and michigan -- that means she is fund raising for the green party. >> fund raising for the far left anti-american anticapitalist movement that is going on in this country supported by compsl webb dorgt party for socialism and liberation, revolutionary communist, the anarchist these are all of their cohorts and far left black lives matter movement which has gone in with this along with msa and muslim
10:09 am
society of america, look at the groups that are involved in this movement. it is a collusion of everything that is anti-freedom, anti-western. >> their world view back to world views colliding but folks you're giving money to jill stein, at least you know what you're supporting. stuart: stay there please a lot from you later. i want to move on to venezuela. currency so hugely devalued you can't actually fit in a wallet what you need to have in your quality to buy anything. this is a failure of socialism. period. liz: they have basically -- have a fire hydrant right now of boulevard pouring into the economy. they've more than doubled the money supply in one year. so the value of the in venezuela had had collapse ever cut nearly in half. people need backpacks to carry the boulevard, it's a value that
10:10 am
is now 100 boulevard to the u.s. nickel so what we're seeing is the trump administration could be inherenting on its back doorstep on our back doorstep a default meaning it is in collapse but it is going to default so what happens then? yeah, we're with also hearing reports that -- there's medical supplies coming into the country of venezuela but government is taking it at the same time the oil company, 11 billion dollars in theft out of pay went to -- went to the socialist who were running the oil company. it is so bad people are actually using scales to weigh the money. to ascertain how much they have. >> they need backpacks to walk away from this. >> i have israel third largest city, this is a -- that doesn't show what i want to show. wildfires you can see they've burned through. it's wildfire that is left 130 injured 700 homes destroyed.
10:11 am
890,000 to evacuate officials say those fires were caused by arsonists that's the aftermath of the fire right there. and this mother of a u.s. navy sailor her son jailed for handling classified information. what does she think for a pardon of hillary clinton who did allegedly the same thing. nike store trashed by black friday shoppers. we have the video for you. more varney for you coming up in just a moment.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
>> take a look at this black friday shoppers tore apart a nike store in washington state. i don't think it was a riot there's no looting they were just crushed with people. >> yeah, that's right stuart so 20,000 people visited this one
10:15 am
store in seattle. it was the factory outlet store. people waiting knee-deep through cardboard box thrown on the floor. you know, people who were saying it was like crazy "jurassic park" crazy and people were saying they see adults and behaving like that. >> nike stock not effective. >> worst performing stock in the year. nicki is worst performer so far -- >> this year. >> i'll link it. [laughter] stuart: tick -- attack a look at the big board 19,1,000 that's where we are down 40 points now this president-elect trump incoming chief of staff reince priebus says it will be up to justice whether or not hillary clinton is prosecuted or not. watch this. >> and the issue in regard to hillary clinton his point there is he's not seeking methods and ways to prosecute and persecute hillary clinton but i would tell
10:16 am
you if attorney general and the congress find evidence that -- that would indicate that something needs to happen, and our attorney general jeff sessions that d.o.j. says something needs to happen i would suspect that president-elect trump is going to be open to listening to what that is. but ultimately the d.o.j.'s call. >> we have a poignant and special guest with us this morning. kathleen -- the mother of a navy sailor who is serving a one-year sentence for mishandlings classified picture was a nuclear submarine. welcome back kathleen. >> thank you stewart for giving me an opportunity to speak out again. >> your son did a lot less of what is accused hillary clinton is accused of doing, correct? >> absolutely correct. >> now, what do you make of this it is possible that attorney general under a trump administration would continue the investigation and maybe prosecute hillary clinton. it is possible she gets a pardon. what do you think about all of this? >> well, one of the things that i've had to pox on since the election is -- healing for myself and for my
10:17 am
family, and i also recognize we need to heal as a country. am i rei about that and feel it is a double standard absolutely. but there's another aspect that is bigger picture than moist an my son and others maybe held to a double standard is healing of our country and it needs to go through proper channels. i think he's not necessarily stating that he wouldn't do that. but that the proper channels would do that to criminal justice. >> as you say proper channels to be gone through. you're not necessarily plugging for a pardon which would include your son. you want justice to be done. >> i want justice to be done. i believe that she needs to be held to the same standard as all american patriots are held to. i, in fact, never thought about requesting a pardon until people such as mayor joule general knee came on. others came on talking about if you're gopg to pardon her you need to pardon him as well. >> would you support that? >> i would support that, in fact, there's a -- >> priority is you want him out. >> priority that my son can go
10:18 am
on with a life a mistake at 22 years old although it was wrong he shouldn't have to be paying for the rest of his life when people such as hillary clinton made the mistake many more times than six times. >> what about this donald trump has returned to trump tower and this morning we understand that david petraeus came to trump tower there's talk of him being the next secretary of defense. david petraeus there he is, david path petraeus was punished severely for handling mishandling classified information same as your son. what u do you make of petraeus? >> what i make of petraeus again is here's a higher level official, in a rank who didn't go to prison why as my son did go to prison. so i think there's a different standard there as well. as far as him being a fern qualified to the position, i don't know. but i would feel that he is because i think in that defining aspect it was incorrect of the crime.
10:19 am
>> maybe secretary of state as in maybe in line for that job. secretary of state but same argument hold os. he's a senior pcial official and if he gets in as secretary of state, you had want something done about your son. >> well, i feel strongly that we need to look at what's happened and level of punishment that my son has and what our family has gone through. we have a wonderful attorney who was a retired judge a retired chief of police of disabled veteran actually here in the green room today, an he has offered his service pro bono to fight for my son. he met chris last week for the first time and went to prison and met him and came out he called me crying and i started crying because he said, i feel i've met a true patriot and a hero in your son and i'm going to fight for him. >> what's the status now what is the chance do you think you've got sentenced to a year in jail -- >> correct. >> sentenced to a year you don't get out early for 2k3w50d behavior. >> not in federal prison so part of it isn't just this year. this year is important, obviously, because he's away
10:20 am
from his family and serving in a federal prison. the time is the rest of my son's life he's a young man with a young daughter, he's losing all of his benefits for the v.a. for his disability which he's service connected disabilities as well as a convicted felon so not just about one year that he's serving right now. so it's much more than that. >> kathleen we wish you well. we wish you well of your endeavor and wish you the very best of luck. >> thank you please pray for our family and facebook page american patriots against double starpdz where we speak about double standards in all aspects not just my son. >> thank you. god bless. >> god bless kathleen thank you very much. >> reports of an active shooter at ohio state university. an order of shelter in place is in effect right there. obviously we bring you more news on this. when it occurs thank you we'll
10:21 am
be back in a moment. wow, x1 has netflix?
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then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. stuart: that breaking news we brought to you moments ago no new dts but the story is this an active shooter has been reported at ohio state university. a shelter in place order is in effect and as you can see, the authorities are responding in force. that is ohio state university. obviously, more for you when it become available to us. and now this. chicago police say 61 people shot in chicago, nine dead. debbie webb still with us. david can i conclude that gangs run chicago. >> in some areas they do and there's a couple of things that play into in the leadership of chicago rahm emanuel they issue, command tells the police what
10:25 am
they should and shouldn't do. police officers want to do their jobs. but in some areas they're not being -- not being knew neutralized but held back because of what they have to do and gangs step into that vacuum no different than a military dynamic when you leave a vacuum in part that it's the failure of leadership. that police officer don't get the blame for this. the leadership that tells them what they should do. stop questioning -- needs to be used. stuart: in chicago not so bad in some other american cities. >> couple of things. one, you have a pipeline that goes from south of the border up through chicago of drug, human trafficking and other elements of human behavior and up through the midwest that's the part of a drug hub that goes on up there. the other thing is, you have a situation where over the year, you have a reduction in police in practices again back to command. back to the leadership in the
10:26 am
city, and you embolden the gang, illegal activity but nobody ever talks about effect effect on these communities. these neighborhoods when you have that much crime, your economic -- your economic is suppressed at the very street l level where people need an opportunity. >> you cannot rebound in that situation. can you david webb thank you very much. sir, appreciate it. where are we on that get steady around 19,100. it is monday, less than three weeks away from the election, this after the election -- we've still got a trump rally 19,100 is where we are, and we'll be right back. ♪ guyhey nicole, happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you.
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stuart: all right this is a developing and breaking story and bring you as much as we can you're looking at ohio state university where there are
10:30 am
reports of an active shooter at that university. now, a shelter in place order is in effect, and the administration of the university has sent out a tweet which reads, run, hide, fight. that is what is taking place right now in ohio state. >> to say 19 college and it is a material science and engineering building that's all we know that first went out from ohio state emergency management and then retweeted by the university. >> okay that's an aerial shot of the university itself taking place. obviously, keep saying this, more details as they become available. that's a promise. vice president of had elect mike pence arriving at trump tower new york city earlier today, and this was moments ago literally. and as expected, general david petraeus was seen entering the building earlier today. he's being considered we think -- for secretary of state job, maybe defense secretary. not sure which but a high level appointment possible.
10:31 am
general david petraeus. now we're only 34 points down on dow industrials yeah this is three tbreex weeks from election to yesterday by the way and down 30 points that's it 19,119 who would have thought. we're focusing on italian banks, strangely -- they could be in trouble if the prime minister's reforms are rejected in a referendum this coming sunday and so could other banks in the european union and european union itself that is a big deal. big tech names check them every day. they have not returned to the level that they occupied before the election. facebook is at 121 it was over 130. amazon 768 it was 850, and my kro soft is back, google is back almost to 800 and netflix also back largely, and 116. ongoing theme of this program for a long time, the democrats scrambling after the election,
10:32 am
ohio's tim ryan challenging nancy pelosi for house leadership of the dnc, and i'm sorry at the dnc, far left keith ellison is a possible new chairman at dnc. congressman ryan says that democrats are flonger a national party. roll tape. recognize that we can't claim to me a most season political figure in their region. they understand politics and i think they understand that this is about having a new message and a u new messenger and be able to reach those folks in the numbers that are big, and they know that if we don't get the middle of the country that we're never going to be back in the majority. >> that's tim ryan going up against naps for leadership of the house of the minority leadership i should say. look who's here. manhattan institute fellow and washington examiner contributor heather mcdonald welcome back to the program.
10:33 am
>> thank you, stuart. stuart: you say democrats democe obsessed with race. make your case. >> this is now the party of identity politics they are the extension of the university, and it's ludicrous for the pundit and democratic side to start saying we need to reach otowhite voters, good luck with that because the university an the identity politics generally defines white as the worst problem facing this country. white privilege, white supremacy these are materials that roll off the tongues of academics and now -- their counterparts in the democratic party. so why should whites vote for a -- ideology that defines them as the biggest problem facing this country? erchghts >> well, keith ellison a black man from minnesota he's a muslim, he's a socialist and he may well lead the party apparatus as well as dnc. corybooker is a possible candidate for democrats to the
10:34 am
2020 election for democrats a black man from new jersey. kamala harris u new incoming senator in california another possible 2020 candidate she's black from california. this seems to to be. i don't know how to put it but advantagement within the party are all black. >> that would be fine if people were chosen on their merits and these candidates well may be. the issue is the thinking that defines whites as the problem. you cannot underestimate the extent to which the academy now dominates democratic thinking an we have seen this with black lives matter activist that have been conducting a race based war against police police officer. president obama has several times welcomed black lives matter activists into the white house. and we have this summer cops being assassinated deliberately trying to find white cops to kill.
10:35 am
this is a more extreme version of the thinking that is now to the democratic party. >> identity mr. politics arguaby lost three weeks ago. >> well, that's right. >> why do they assume that it will win four or two years from now? >>hey have to completely jet their connection to this extreme left one thinking and start talking again the language of economic interest perhaps. >> you think it will? >> i do not. i think that americans have to understand how poisonous academic culture is and how much it now affects government. we have mass haddive government bureaucracy and that evidence of such discrimination is hard to find now you have desperate impact theory, reigning in the department of education, department of commerce, this says you don't need to find evidence of discrimination whites are guilty until profnght innocent basically.
10:36 am
>> you have a book, it is culled the war on cops. does that capture your thinking that you outlined for us? >> it is certainly part of it. absolutely. and you know, we'll see what happens with donald trump. he better change the rhetoric about war on law enforcement or otherwise crime is going to continue going to the roof. >> we thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, stuart thank you very much. >> now, this trump campaign manager kellyanne conway is not a fan of mitt romney as secretary of state. watch this. thrvetle -- and this is his cabinet top form, i only o win governor romney had been as critical of hillary clinton and her policy position -- i'm all for party unity a big party unity person. people feel betrayed governor romney out of his way to question the krk and intellect and integrity of donald trump now or president-elect would be
10:37 am
given the most significant cabinet post of all secretary of state. the number of people who feel betrayed to think that a governor romney would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt donald trump, there was the never trump movement and then mitt romney. >> it is pretty clear she does not like mitt romney for secretary of state. joining us now burnell donald formerly with the trump national diversity coalition. how -- how could president-elect trump now select mitt romney for secretary of state when there is so much extraordinary opposition to him? >> god bless you and god bless america first. [inaudible] >> what i would say to you is this, we know that our president-elect, donald j. trump is very is shrewd, he's a theird strategic what i'll say is this, governor mitt romney has an
10:38 am
exceptional business and savvy that he can bring to our foreign policy economic plan. he also was a top negotiator for bang capital and that business will come in handy for our trade deals, deficits, we know that china with the manipulation of money, he brings a certain business sense to the secretary of state that the other people that are -- up for decision don't have. and you know, i understand where kellyanne conway is coming from, rudy giuliani and others have been very loyal to mr. trump. but as we know about this particular man, we know that donald j. trump our president-elect, he does not likely make decisions and if he is pondering longer a hard on it it means that he sees something in governor lom mitt romney that we don't see and we have to trses his instinct.
10:39 am
>> i know you live in chicago and i'm sure you've heard dreadful news over long holiday weekend nine debt, 61 shot in that one city. what do you make of this had is a sanctuary city. what do you make of it? >> you know, there's no sanctuary this this city for african-american youth and latino youth who are dying and filling up the prison and mortuaries here, and i just wish that the mayor would put his time and effort and fun behind our american citizens. give us the faith and hope and sanctuary in our city that he desires to give illegal aliens. able that he should focus his mind on making sure that we are safe. the people who can vote and put him into office, and i'm not saying don't look out for other people. but you have to take care of your bread and butter first and that's american citizens. >> god bless america so got it
10:40 am
in first. >> i received that god bless you iowa -- amen. >> see you later. active shooter at ohio state university, shelter in place order in effect. now, we've got this tweet run, hide, fight what does that mean, ash? ashley: basically it means this -- hide if you can. run and evacuate, obviously, if possible. if not, hide, get silently out of view and then fight as the last resort take action to disrupt or incapacitate sheeter if your life is in eminent danger. >> ohio state tweeted this out that started to happen 43 minutes ago they tweeted out four minutes ago continue to shelter in place, and wait police police officer directions, and contact 9-1-1 only if you have information we've got police and ambulances on the san. >> just mention this, local fox affiliate in columbus, ohio,
10:41 am
reporting seven people shot. >> seven that's a local report nog from authorities and to liz ice point on latest tweet, obviously, asking people to call 9-1-1 if they know anything. means you to suspect they're not sure where -- if this shooter is active. where he is. >> within of the small detail this is centering around what -- a science and engineering -- at ohio university. >> the school is in lock down. got it more details as they become available yes we will return momentarily.
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ >> remember "varney & company" starts at 89 a.m. eastern, here's what you missed last hour. fox news contradict tore mercedes on her father's experience with a kansas trough regime. >> when fidel castro came into power back in 1959 during the revolution the military and regime took over my father's business, over his home. my father stood up against the regime and-thrown into jail for six years he was a political priers. for speaking up against the castro regime, he saw many of his friends dies. they were executed by a tiring squad and it was very clear that fidel castro and his thugs were very much focused at getting rid of anyone who spoke against the communists.
10:44 am
10:45 am
>> we're following this for you reports of an active shoot or at ohio state university do you have some late news on this, ash? ashley: local fox affiliate several people shot students been told to either -- run, hide, or o fight.
10:46 am
depending on your situation they're also encouraging poem to call 9-1-1 if they are on the scene and have any information and they can do that safely. stuart: that's new seven shot. >> s.w.a.t. teams are heavily armed personnel for numerous on the scene they're also taking to the loud speakers to tell students to hide or run. >> let me change my wording here local fox affiliate says seven injured that is different from shooting -- seven injured the correct expression from that local fox affiliate rooght there. moving on. president-elect trump's democracying chief of staff reince priebus says it will be up to department of justice whether or not to prosecute hillary clinton. judge napolitano is with us now. what is beginning on with this? >> we're saying new stuart. the president-elect himself and i can't get into his head maybe he was being merciful maybe he was being big hearted and wanted to wrap arms around everybody
10:47 am
which they want to and didn't have a stomach or o or interested in prosecuting mrs. clinton that produced a bit of a fire storm cor some of his more fervent ally and priebus said to let the justice department decide. would not be indicted and not hear testimony against her without the president giving direct or o a approval just because of who she is. >> still donald trump's call. >> basically it is . e-mail investigation has been closed twice but presumely shutdown. there were two other active investigations whether or not she made decisions as secretary of state to enrich the foundation. that's a national security investigation, and is the clinton foundation a true charity, is it a slush fund or a criminal enterprise? that's another investigation. >> so donald trump has to decide whether or not to pursue an investigation and go to a grand jury. >> whether or not to permit
10:48 am
justice department to do that. that's his call and take advice from whoever runs the the fbi i doubt it is comey but it may be will. and jeff sessions who has been a fierce proponent here to for. >> hour that will be clouded maybe by hillary clinton's decision to join this recount movement. >> hope not. >> trying ten it back up again. >> the recount is frivolous, and preposterous but i hope any decision i would think any decision the president of the united states made about a former government official being prosecuted qowld not take into account her political behavior. >> donald trump is encouraging as i understand reading here is encouraging foreign governments to investigate hillary clinton's foundation. is he going to demand a rebate on their and a half? [laughter] that's a joke. >> you know, that is -- as funny as that sounds, that is not a joke.
10:49 am
>> no -- >> some foreign governments may very well argue we did not get what we thought we were going to get. [laughter] you promised us something -- was in writing. we didn't get that or we donated to a foundation and we thought this foundation was going to district our funds to a charity. a charitable purpose. now it turns the they districted 9% what happens to other 91% is so president-elect may be very well be on to something here. it's not dead. no. no it's not dead. >> only thing that is mrs. clinton use of the e-mails government would have to reopen that. but all of the foundation stuff is live and ripe for investigation. and a lot of their contradict tores turned off the spigot because of what's come out about them during the campaign. >> you know this is all over the internet there's this famous picture of hillary clinton with two people from saudi arabia saying -- can we get our money back?
10:50 am
i mean, it's sounding funny but your saying it is not out of the question. >> well -- out of the question. but next is a lawsuit for claw back. can you imagine that testimony in those lawsuits. but here's what was promised. and here's what was delivered. and look at the difference. >> that is a possibility. >> that is a possibility. : the launching of private law lawsuits for club -- o and thenuest your money back sue the foundation for money back say well this is not what we intended our money to go for and not what youd promised money. >> for the rest of your life that might not be such a bad idea these days. [laughter] thank you indeed back to ashley we have new details. >> tweets and everything wb and s reporting now nine people
10:51 am
shot. eight in stable condition. one in critical condition. there are reports that maybe more have been hurt as well. shot, but the latest number we have from the local media is nine. the alert stating that the active shooter situation occurred near watts hall north end of the campus. ohio state is huge it is 1700 acres more than 58,000 students. it's a huge, huge college. but this happened near the engineering building watts hall, close to 19th avenue and college road there. >> a nine injured -- >> what affiliate is reporting. nine injured. eight in stable condition. one in critical. >> eight stable -- >> a large magazine weapon if you fired at least nine times or if you have more than one weapon or o more than that shooter a and somebody who knows exactly what they're doing with weapons. >> none of the numbers -- >> confirmed reports -- nonconfirmed those arerom
10:52 am
columbus, police fire departmena dreadful situation we're on it, of course, and we'll be back in a moment. ♪
10:53 am
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10:56 am
mitt romney will meet with donald trump tomorrow. the question is, who will be picked as secretary of state? we will stay on trump tower watch. you can be sure of that. meanwhile back to the breaking news now, reports of an active shooter still at ohio state university. here is what we know. there are conflicting reports at least eight people shot. we understand seven in stable condition. one described as critical. they've been transported to area hospitals, as we mentioned one in critical condition. the emergency message to shelter in place, still in efnght. by the way, the focus we understand is on watts hall. engineering building on huge ohio state campus and on top of all of this local dispatchers say there cob a suspicious package as well. of course we're following all of the latest dwots with the latest for you as hour three of varney is straight ahead. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
10:57 am
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. .
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11:00 am
stuart: identity politics, the mainstay of the democrats for at least a generation. now there has been a constant appeal to african-americans, hispanic, women and gays. the election results suggested that the country has moved on from that. trump said, make america great again. a broad-based appeal. he won. but the democrats have not moved on. they are still mired in identity politics. congressman keith ellison is the leading contender to run the democrats national committee. if he wins he runs the party. he is black, he is a muslim. it is his identity that stands out, almost as much as his socialist politics. then there is the jockeying for position among likely 2020 democrat presidential candidates. "washington post" runs through a series of possibles. senator cory booker from new jersey. he is a black. senator kamala harris, incoming senator from california, she is black and a women.
11:01 am
senator kirsten gillibrand from new york, a woman. senator amy klobuchar, from minnesota, another woman. michelle obama, soon to be former first lady. the only one white male. something big is going on in america. many things rolled into a sea change. the decline of pc culture, the end of the left's dominance of our culture and perhaps, the end of identity politics. except of course in the party that invented it, ran on it and lost. special guests coming up this hour, about a half hour from now, mark stein on that subject. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: alerting again, reports of an active shooter at ohio state university. what is the latest? ashley: according to officials, eight people total we're told
11:02 am
have been injured. we're not sure what the injuries are. they are transported to local hospitals. seven in stable condition, one in critical condition. the university tweeted out a run, hide or fight message, and say that this shooting apparently appears to be on the north side of the campus. ohio state, one of the biggest universities in the country. it is huge, in the watts hall area. the engineering building at ohio state. we have no idea if the shoot something ongoing, whether they have located shooter. there is an active shooter situation is ongoing, eight people injured and those in the area are being told to shelter in place. stuart: ashley, thank you very much. check out the big board. now we're down 71 points. yes the dow is still well above 19,000, still fairly close to record highs. it is still the trump rally very much in place. check the price of oil.
11:03 am
opec meets wednesday. the saudis, however, have backed out of a non-opec oil producers meeting with russia. one analyst says, well, oil could head to 30 bucks a barrel if some kind of a production cutting deal isn't reached. steve moore, trump economic advisor on the markets. trump rally, we have steve moore first? there you are i i'm a little confused, steve, i'm very sorry. i'm concerned about oil but i don't want to talk oil about with you. talk about donald trump. he is big spender on infrastructure and rebuilding the military and pouring money from tax cuts into the private sector of the economy. big spending, here it comes right? >> well we have got to cut taxes, no question about it. we have to get the tax burden down. we have to have a competitive tax system. i'm a big believer we'll get a lot more growth i said many
11:04 am
times on your show. more businesses, more people working, that is one of the best ways getting tax revenues in the economy. it is simply economic truism. simple math, when the economy is growing at 1 1/2%, there is no way to bring down the deficit or debt. on spending, yes, of course with any president he has priorities areas he wants to spend in. one is infrastructure. the other you mentioned he wants to rebuild the depleted military. my goodness, there is 4 trillion dollars federal government, stuart. there are ways to save money. so many ways to see spending. stuart: we have heard that before. bloated government. plenty of waste, cut out. >> no doubt about it. stuart: cut the waste, okay. we heard it so many times before. we never see it. what you're looking at, surely, steve is a big run-up in the deficit next year and 2018. >> first of all, look, we had $10 trillion of new debt last eight years.
11:05 am
we could hardly have a worse record than barack obama has. if you get growth and you have a president who run a company, knows how to cut expenditures, how to make sure that your revenues are matching your expenditures, i think you are going to see some downsizing. i will give you an example. trump mentions many times this report about $150 billion of fraudulent payments from programs like medicare, social security, medicaid, food stamps. nobody in government has taken it seriously to get rid of the fraud. tell me, stuart, why is it visa and american express have fraud rates of maybe half a percentage point but these federal programs have fraud rates of 12, 13%? you tell me we can't do something about that? stuart: i'm looking at history, how many times i have seen politicians, leaders, say, there is a lot of waste, we'll go at it and cut it and drain the swamp. i haven't seen serious action on
11:06 am
anybody. >> he hasn't been in office yet. stuart: true. >> i think there will be a cultural change in government agencies. i've been involved a little bit with the transition. one of the things we're talking to the transition people about we hope you work yourself out of a job. look at ways you can make your agency leaner, more efficient. stuart: okay. >> regulatory agencies, most have budgets at least a third larger than they have to be. seriously you can downsize the federal workforce. you can get rid of a lot of the missions. the commerce department, my good friend wilbur ross would be head of commerce department. i would ask him, do we really need a commerce department? do we need an energy department? there is a lot of ways to cut the budget. give him a chance. let's see, if he doesn't do it, i will be his sharpest critic. donald, you promised to cut the budget, you are not doing it. stuart: get you to clear this up. tax policy center suggests that president-elect trump's plan
11:07 am
will raise taxes on eight million families, included in that number, families with three or more children and majority of single parent households. do you accept that number? do you accept that critique? >> i don't accept the numbers. i think there are problems with the plan. some people who actually, because of ways we'll have to tweak the tax cut would actually have to pay possibly somewhat higher taxes but hear this, this is important. we're going to fix that i have talked to steve mnuchin. i have talked to the others in the incoming team. we made a priority if you're paying taxes, you can take this to the bank, if you have a tax burden undonald trump's plan your taxes will go down. it is not going up. if people fall through the cracks we'll fix that we'll fix it. stuart: steve moore, thank you very much, indeed. we'll see you again very soon. >> loved your commentary by the way. exactly right by identity politics.
11:08 am
that is why democrats lost this election. stuart: i think i'm right. thank you very much indeed, sir. >> take care. stuart: jeff flock, come on in, he is at the cme in chicago. i want to know the price of oil is up this morning when we have all kinds of stories about the opec and russians and saudis not being able to come to a production agreement? why are we up? >> we dived at open that the saudis might skip the wednesday meeting. traders we'll tell you we're up 75 cents. we've been up a dollar. they say opec has to reach an agreement. there is no way not to. if they were counting hillary clinton presidency putting brakes on u.s. oil exploration, that is out the window. u.s. exploration under a donald trump administration is going go forward. they have to control themselves. that is what we're debating on,
11:09 am
that is why oil is up today. stuart: that is fascinating. opec must reach a production cutting agreement, therefore the price goes up. jeff flock, good explanation. thanks very much. serious story about a active shooter at ohio state university. there is something new, ash? ashley: we reconfirm what we have. columbus s.w.a.t. team, atf, fbi all on the scene at ohio state university where we believe an active shooter is still on the loose. we've heard nothing to suggest that person or persons are not. we do know that columbus fire, confirming, according to them, eight people have been injured an transported to local hospitals seven in stable condition. one in critical condition. this is very fluid situation. those numbers tend to change when you get different agencies giving different reports. to this point we know people have been injured. we don't know the nature of those injuries.
11:10 am
one person in critical condition. we do not know what is the situation with the shooter or shooters. based on what we're seeing and what we've heard so far, it appears the situation is ongoing. stuart: the authorities are telling students to run, hide, fight. ashley: fight. stuart: that's intesting, ashley, thank you. mark steyn, international best-selling author, syndicated columnist, clearly varney favorite, he will be with us this hour. his response to my take on the left's identity politics. fidel castro dice at age of 90. donald trump condemned him call him a brutal dictator but look at the headlines from the media. cuban leader a spirit all beacon to the political far left. "new york times" calling castro the cuban revolutionary who defied us, u.s., the united states. many cuban-americans flooded streets of miami in celebration. by the way, that celebration continues.
11:11 am
we'll be back in a moment. ♪
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
stuart: moments ago in havana, simultaneous 21 gun salute to remember fidel castro. according to the associated press, tens of thousands of people gathered in the streets for that. very different scenes in miami over the weekened. cuban-americans celebrated the news of castro's death. it went on for hours. in fact went on for three straight nights. didn't finish last night either. president-elect trump says he will rework the u.s. deal with cuba. here is what he tweeted this morning. this is fresh in. if cuba is unwilling to make better deal for the cuban people, american people and u.s.
11:15 am
as a whole, i will terminate the deal. we have the managing editor of "cigar afficionado. a man that knows cuba well and cuban cigars of course. this is changing. donald trump says we'll not take the deal that the president had with castro. it's over. what do you make of this? >> well the deal that obama has had with the cuban government has been one that has been positive in our eyes, moving toward normalized relations with the united states. i would hope that donald trump would go ahead and continue such a deal but sounds like he wants to make changes. stuart: we got nothing out of it. you could say we got something out of it. maybe the cigar people got something out of it. i was told google has said, look, we'll rewire the whole island for you for free. they turned him down on grounds that google is american. ge wanted to build power plants after the agreement with president obama. no, no, they turned him down. we don't want americans. that has got to change. >> starwood corporation is doing
11:16 am
management of hotels in havana. u.s. airlines are starting to do commercial flights to the cuba, what is in it for us? we have commercial flights to cuba. so what? >> it is all about the cuban people. the cuban people have suffered under the castro government, under the embargo. stuart: but we don't have any freedom. >> exactly that needs to change. it needs to change. the embargo is way of change for 50 years. it proved ineffective. castro stayed in power until his death even though he given presidency to his brother. there is still a castro in power. the embargo hasn't worked. we believe at "cigar afficionado" that it is time for change. stuart: do you think it worked for curb ban people? >> it is starting to change. cuba is full of americans. stuart: we couldn't have gotten more out of it than a few more tourists? >> hopefully president-elect will get more, press more in the way of u.s. business down there. more in the way of freedom which is so needed for cuban people because they have suffered
11:17 am
unfairly over all these years. it's a sad, sad day for the cuban people. stuart: let's hope the cigar agreement stays in place. >> that would be helpful. stuart: thank you, david. i'm sorry i'm cutting this short. i have to move on to another subject which is very important one this morning. reports of active shooter at ohio state university. come on in please, david capps, former dea agent on the phone. you've dealt with situations like this before. we're told that the atf and fbi, they have got teams there, sending them in. i want you to comment on this, what the administration at the university put out, run, hide, fight. i've not heard that before. what do you make of it, david? >> that is actually the standard response that is being taught pretty much across the country, exempt by the way in new york city. in new york city it is a requirement now in high-rise buildings and other locations like public assembly areas and hotels that staff and tenants
11:18 am
trained in avoid, barricade, confront. same, close to the same idea but, the concept is this. if you can, get yourself out of harm's way. run to a safe area, if you have a safe way out, take it. if you can't, and you're in an area where you can lock a door, barricade the door against the shooter that is the next best option. if all else fails, in a room, location, can't get yourself out of, the shooter being confronted by the shooter, you have no choice but to take action. to take the shooter down. stuart: one of the police, one of the police officers doing at this point? going through the entire campus, room by room, is that it? >> what they're probably doing anyone getting out they're trying to assess where this person is. this person, if they can pin down the location, if they're pretty confident one shooter for example, they will target their response, they will go room by room. no shots are fired, they will pick a relatively cautious approach.
11:19 am
if shooting is ongoing it is dynamic entry and the usual slow, methodical search will be out the window. they will respond to the location of the shooter quickly as possible. stuart: david capps, thank you very much indeed for your expertise. we appreciate it. ongoing situation at ohio state university, reports of people injured and in the hospital. unconfirmed at this point by the official authorities but clearly this is an ongoing, dangerous, situation. all right. we're about ten minutes away from mark steyn. he is going to weigh in on the left's hypocrisy, challenging the election, trying to undermined trump's presidency. of course identity politics. mark steyn is with us shortly. hillary clinton will join the recount drive in three states. that is a complete reversal where she was before the election.
11:20 am
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11:24 am
studying, or he is having fun with me. one of the two. i don't think he hears me. there you go. there you go. you see, now turn up the volume. you got to tell me how, there you go. there you go. by the way, we do like the glasses. now tell us how big after place you're standing in. tell us, go. >> one million area feet, 28 football fields. to put dollar figures how important cyber monday is for but entire country, 3.$6 billion in sales just today, 49% of the people who will be ordering today, will do so from work. 3%, during in-person meetings. $3.6 billion, stuart, to give you idea how quickly things are being sold online, that is something like, 629 packages a second. just at i want jimmy, our photographer, to zoom in.
11:25 am
see the conveyor beltway off in the distance, where packages zooming by faster than a segment on your show, those are some of the millions of packages that will be dispersed throughout the country throughout the next couple days that are ordered today. again to wrap it all up, 129-dollars on average per family. $3.36 billion, just today. almost as much as you pay ashley to be on your program. stuart? stuart: good ones adam. nice recovery there. good stuff. ashley: how much? stuart: amazon's stock is down this morning, down $13. tough bring that into account. that is extraordinary. look who is on the screen, not me, but put him on. put that picture on. that is mark steyn. he is moving. this is a live shot. this man moves, thumbs up. all right, did you know this man is a jazz musician? we're going to play you some of his music as we wait for his actual appearance. play that music. we'll be back. no, no.
11:26 am
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stuart: i want to aware each of
11:30 am
the active shooter situation at ohio state university. >> nothing there from authorities other than the fire department and columbus day in at least seven people are very unclear at this point been sent to the hospital. at least one in critical condition. we say there is an active shooter on the scene but we don't know those details. as you can see, there is a heavy police presence on ohio state university have nearly 60,000 students. we understand this happen in the area north end of the campus here in engineering building. that's all we know at this point. waiting to hear from officials. stuart: at the top of the hour, otherwise known all about identity politics. i am saying that something is going on in america these days
11:31 am
and one of the things going on is the decline, the demise of identity politics. i certainly hope so. joining us now is mark stein, author and syndicated columnist. democrats seem like he will continue with identity politics but this is one of the losing issues of the last election. >> i think you're right. trump one because people don't want to be treated on the asis on the caliber of their skin or preferences and want to be treated as citizens in a free society, coequal with their other citizens. the big campaign adviser joe said the other day don't made howard dean because they don't need another white man. day after that hillary supercar
11:32 am
con showed treated that bernie sanders is a white supremacists. these are the two coolest guys in the democrat party and they are just old white development white men. bernie sanders happened to be in new york jewish and rural vermont which in terms of being a minority is a bit like being a gay nightclub owner in riyadh. it's a small minority as you can get. the other way for democrats to get beyond this is due with elizabeth warren doesn't pretend to be 1302nd charity so you get the first woman of color when in fact she's the widest way since frosty the snowman felony that. people laugh at this insanity but democrats are doubling down. stuart: i forget to tell the audience you are a comedian. we love it.
11:33 am
give us your comments please. jill stein opening not the recount effort in three states and hillary clinton joining in. >> obviously it's crypto critical. you must get whiplash defending the democrats and the media because 20 minutes ago trump was delegitimizing the entire democratic process in the united states by hinting there could even be any funny business going on. now their son and dangerous than this. you risk signaling to the people by making it all about lawsuits or ration hacking or whatever. you risk telling the people that there is no way they can peacefully express a preference for a change of policy.
11:34 am
if jill stein were to win, which basically means finding some cockamamie judge and a capitalist state to state the official decision of that states about, if jill stein and hillary were to prevail, i think you're basically moving us into real banana republic territory where that people cannot express their preference at the ballot box because it will all be finagled with a lot of mumbo-jumbo afterwards and that's very dangerous. stuart: do you think there's something going on in america bubbling away under the surface came out in the election, some fundamental sea change in our culture? >> yeah, i think so. you see that in the united kingdom and i think you see it in france to a degree it will become clear in their presidential election.
11:35 am
i think that people love it because western society is have figured out the elites have a racket going that works pretty well for them but in fact doesn't do anything for the electorate and they're tired of being condescending to buy people. it's one thing that the people who are brilliant and clever and make sure decisions. but to be condescended to buy you leave to tell you the jobs have gone but there's nothing to look forward to accept an $8 an hour overnight shift until the day you drop dead intern in advanced western societies into cheap service economies, this is a big change and it's the end of the post second world war conventional wisdom on a lot of this stuff. that's a pretty big thing happening. >> host: what do you make of
11:36 am
nigel farage? he says he can't go anywhere for fear ofviolent attack, has to have security everywhere. >> nigel and i took part in a debate in toronto a few months ago appeared at the end of that we were standing on the sidewalk at midnight or whatever it was. nigel was actually relieved been in the city he didn't have to worry about someone coming up to him in a pub and slugging him or face. i guess to the succession with identity politics in both the united kingdom and united states is actually criminalizing policy differences. they say you don't just have a difference of opinion with me on climate change or the e.u. or immigration or transgendered bathrooms. you're actually advancing a position that is evil and you
11:37 am
shouldn't be advancing. if you do that often enough, people take a serious way and they do start getting violent over it. the list of what you can discuss keeps getting longer. as i said, the climate change in immigration and islam and it winds up with stuff like transgendered bathrooms. but the list of the staff that there's only one correct view on keeps getting longer. you shouldn't be surprised when a totalitarian mind that sets in as we say on a lot of college campuses these days were effectively they are one-party states and they want that one-party state academy donald was saying. they want the ideological one-party state imposed throughout the rest of the country, too. >> what is your take on fidel castro? >> i rejoice that he's dead and it is disgusting that the
11:38 am
president of the united states and the prime minister of canada and later the opposition in the u.k. and all kinds of other people are in fact choosing to mourn and to celebrate a mass murderer. shame on them for being unable to say honestly that this man was. he drove a stake of its population to flee the country. he killed thousands. he's an evil man who should be in a roasting that and how. for barack obama and justin trudeau and jeremy corbin in london to be able to distinguish between the freely elected leader in a mass murdering tater, and the totalitarianism is disgusting. stuart: you've got a new show, the mark sideshow. i think it will be popular. >> i've been practicing like the way you went into the last
11:39 am
break. do we have the music? that was ambitious. it is a pleasure in you are -- thank you for being with us today. ohio state university situation. ashley: the sheltering places listed in its now secure. classes can plot on the campus for the remainder of the day. we are still waiting to find out more by what transpired, how many people injured, who was the active shooter? the federal government waste report has come out called federal fumbles speared 100 ways the government dropped the ball
11:40 am
identifies $125 billion. republican oklahoma released the report. he's with us in a moment. something that you the taxpayer have to pay for. tramcar come in new york city, david atrios will meet with president-elect trump today. the question is who's going to be offered the job of secretary of state?
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> the records we've seen last week on friday. the dow, nasdaq, s&p all had records today. s&p down seven right now. looking at the dow winners at this time. tonight it felt under some pressure set to provide tomorrow. taking a look at the times arraigned today singing they rejected a takeover bid. according to "the new york post," gold gaining 12 bucks. also gaining on a weaker dollar today. gold miners also shining today with a perez.
11:43 am
11:44 am
stuart: the annual government report is out report is out and do we have some examples for you. a couple to start out with. the federal government spent $2 million to study children sneezing. not quite sure why, but they did it. another $1 million for a photograph cut into six pieces and how in a new federal courthouse in california. the author of that report, senator james langford, republican from oklahoma.
11:45 am
welcome to the program. every year we go through these crazy list of spending and come back the next day and do it all over again. can you promise us that this kind of waste and not fence will be eradicated under president trump? >> i can't promise you anything will be eradicated because you deal with a federal budget. my main job is to provide the oversight to look and say how to get rid of this. we don't identify the resolve it. 25 years and a wrote with giving subsidies to help when power gets started. they don't need jumpstart funds. $6 billion subsidy to the ella to do that. we got that wound down last year. i was in my book from last year. we can take a piece at a time as we look at each year. >> are you going to go through
11:46 am
department by department saying how much are you going to cut here? end quote to every department. if adult works? >> asic oversight means two things. most of the issues are grand. $600 billion a year in grants. it's worse than even children sneezing. they were testing to see if children would eat food that someone needs down right in front of them. that was the big test they did, which by the way i can answer for free. no. children don't want food that's been nissan. all the grace to go out the door coming got to have a way to watch duplication and do with government duplication and agencies. you have to have a way to oversee regulators. once you get processes open in place then you've got to have real oversight. that's what the media does. >> you still got that situation where people want to bring home
11:47 am
the bacon of any form to their constituents. you will always have that pressure. given the money i want to spend it here. >> the pork measured in here are projects some identified and want to bring home. those are diminishing because the amount of media attention coming on them in with the ban on earmarks now in place we are getting less and less pork projects and more wasteful projects that need more oversight. now is the next step of how we deal with the oversight needed good stuart: would thank you for appearing on the program. we will have you back to see if you got rid of some of us. >> be glad to do that. thank you, sir. you've got more examples of government waste. medicaid payments people didn't deserve it.
11:48 am
about 1 trillion came out of medicaid, medicare and other programs like that. stuart: earned income tax credit. improper payment through 2014. liz: here's another one. $342 million in march of this fiscal year went to sanctuary cities. we've got a republican out of texas on an appropriations committee. hussein would have to shut this down. under bill clinton and the law was passed in 1996 bits i guess can cut off the funding at the local city or state doesn't help that the federal government to train to catch illegal criminals here legally. he is saying he wants to do that. $342,000,000.10 city state in connecticut, chicago.
11:49 am
we can cut that off according to the 1996 law. >> i hope you're right. we would like this. last pictures from trump tower, new york city, general david trias is going to meet with president-elect trump today. they will also meet with mitt romney again tomorrow. we've all had the white house nor thing just a moment. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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11:53 am
♪ stuart: donald trump continues to interview for key cabinet posts. trump tower in new york city because that white house northeast days. connell mcshane is fair. i want to know who has been interviewed for a secretary of state that job today and tomorrow. >> alexei general david trias will be the one to watch for that position. we were given the meeting for the president and the president-elect today and fifth on that list is general petraeus, former cia director served probation, pay to find for sharing classified information with administrators also his biographer. still said to be in
11:54 am
consideration along the likes of rudy giuliani, possibly bob and mitt romney. governor mitt romney will take place tomorrow and who else is on the list, senator corker appeared all fertile made meet over the next few days. gathered by the elevator at trump tower. going to be a busy week, get ready. the secretary of state. stuart: has got to say i'm shocked to hear that matt romney will be very good tomorrow after other kellyanne conway said over the weekend. >> of course. with transition officials not remarks, they will be leave that to the president-elect. they too don't know each other very well and the meeting will be part of the get to know you
11:55 am
process. stuart: buddies back. we will see you again shortly. we've been hoping for 2.5 hours and we are down 65 points on the dow industrials one above 19,000. price of oil moving. that's at 2.5% gain. it is below $1200. 1194 of 13 bucks. amazon cutting the target price for amazon and amazon stock is down $14 for amazon is supposed to rule. we will have more "varney" after this.
11:56 am
11:57 am
stuart: will play the music as we wait for the music. play the music giveaway back. now, he's on right now.
11:58 am
is he? okay, i mastered that. i'm very sorry, marc stein. you will be on after this, promise. >> i've been practicing. i thought when we go to it now, where is it? it takes hours over her sole to make that. we don't rehearse and yes i made a dreadful mistake for which i'm truly sorry. but he was funny. transfer is very funny. ashley: whiter than frosty the snowman falling into the white house. that is white. stuart: i'm very sorry. you've got to check this one out. trying to combat a very low birth rate. they're offering free hotel stays for couples to conceive during that hotel setting.
11:59 am
it's a family show. >> if you can prove you had a baby nine months after said at the hotel, you can get a refund of your stay for free say in the future. italy's birthrate has been cut in half since 1960 the lowest in 125 years. they are going upside down. stuart: in making a joke out of it, but this is a very serious situation much of italy. i use this statistic before that in three years time, there will be 55 out of every 100 adults will be over 65 years of age. that's not a viable society. the birthrate as you said. because that's too much money. there's no unpaid editing.
12:00 pm
stuart: absolutely dead flat. japan is actually even worse. the most indebted society with the most extreme demographics anywhere in the world. 29 people out of every 100 adults will be 65 or older in the year 2020. my time is up, the charles payne it is yours. >> by the way, 127 to 84 million. serious breaking news. we are following the incident in ohio state university. university sanger reported reported shooting situation is over. we've got gerri willis with the latest. >> lots of news for you here. first of all, report of one active shooter and a local media report and that the act of shooter has been killed. that is the local media as saying. we have been reporting a local


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