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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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>> and we both support general mattis. congressman ryan zenke's new book. "american commander." kennedy: the vote recount moving ahead as planned and hillary clinton is conveniently on board. jill stein joins me to explain her motivation. president obama reportedly planning to cram through a bunch of executive orders before he leaves office. what's he got his sleeve, a phone and a pen? is time travel really possible? new research suggests it could be. we are ready to break it down. so grab your helmet. it's time to blast off. dr. jill stein found her telephone marginalized by
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democrats as the press sympathetic to hillary during the presidential race. she claude her way across the country, piquing the interest of saddened bernie voters only to be shut out of the presidential debates and mocked privately and publicly by hillary supporters. why would a woman month tweeted this about hillary. remember when hillary clinton called the tpp the gold stand card or called black youth super predators for voted for the iraq war? it's a close vote to overturn the results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. does this smeenl jill is with her? it's curious in just over six days dr. stein has raised $6 million. but over the course of her
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campaign she raised just $3 million. why not also seek recount in new hampshire, maine and minnesota. trump said the green party filling up their coffers by by asking for impossible recounts is now being joined by the badly defeated and demoralized dems. the slippery clinto children --e slippery clintonites claim they didn't ask for the recounts but they will participate. if jill stein's reputation is
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dmajtd process, who cares. they have kept hillary just far enough out of thelimelight to seem innocentsish. i'm kennedy. earlier today donald trump officially won michigan so he's the winner of that state. all through states where jill stein wants a recounts. let's talk to the green lady herself. welcome back, jill. so what is the point of this recount push? are you trying to change the outcome of the he selection. >> no. we announced we were going into michigan before we knew who the winner was. it could well have been hillary clinton as well. this is not a partisan action. this is on behalf of frustrated, cynical, disappointed voters, 80% according to a "new york
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times" poll said they were disgusted by the process of this election. unman happy with the candidates and the dialogue and very unhappy with these voting machines that we saw being hack. we saw data bases being hacked, we saw state voter data bases in illinois, arizona and 2 other states being -- and 20 other states being tampered with. kennedy: you are making claims of hacking and tampering, and these are serious claims. there are voter groups that watch these things things including the clinton campaign. marc elias says we've realize the number of votes that separate hillary clinton and donald trump exceed the number needed and he said there is no evidence of hacking in these
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machines where voting machines are not attached to the internet. >> there is no evidence until you look for it. kennedy: you do a further investigation when you have the initial evidence. >> that's what we are doing with these three states. they had razor-thin margins. kennedy: there were thin margins in virginia, and colorado and new hampshire. >> more than one criteria. razor-thin margins. if you have a voting system that is suspect and problematic from the start. in wisconsin they used voting machines that are illegal in use in california because they are so tamper friendly. kennedy: california may have a different set of standards. that's the thing about the ability for states to determine how their elections proceed
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whether it's with paper ballots or electronic voting. we have seen that it was not i shall regular later that account for the disparity in votes but rather a shifting demographic and the fact that hillary clinton did not appropriately reach out to many of these disgruntled voters. >> exactly. so that is not justification for going in? the justification is you saw the democratic party data base hacked into. we saw private emails hacked into, and we saw the voter data base hacked into in arizona and illinois. kennedy: wouldn't you agree to hack into something you have to be connected to the interest in the. >> i'm not talking about the election system. i'm talking about a state data base of voters. this is who is registered to
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vote. we know there was hacking all around the periphery of this election and we snow outdated insecure 10-year-old voting machines without security are being used all over the place. kennedy: i'm sure some of the systems were also used in states where hillary clinton won. jill, i want to ask you,. >> michigan was not a trump state until just now. we were going in regardless of who it was. kennedy: hillary clinton also lost the primary to bernie sanders which just goes to snow you -- >> and we called for a recount at that time and i excoriated bernie sanders for not standing up and calling for the recount. we would have done it but we didn't have standing. kennedy: i want to ask you, and this is important. who have you been speaking to from hillary clinton's operation?
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is it her campaign attorney who says they are on board with your recount? >> our lawyers have called the clinton campaign and the trump campaign and the johnson campaign. we actually established -- tried to establish contact with the johnson campaign weeks ago. and they -- we are not coordinating. kennedy: i think the johnson campaign knows you are not going to change the outcome of this election. i think you are a woman of great integrity. you are a very interesting candidate and i know a lot of libertarians who did vote for you or certainly considered it. is this how you want to be remembered. >> throughout the election whenever the question came up, will you challenge if there is significant doubt about the reliability and security our vote i always said yes. and that didn't matter shot winner was. kennedy, i'm convinced and it didn't start in this election,
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that we have a very vulnerable wide-open voting system. the electronic voting machines are a black box invitation to tampering. we saw all kinds of tampering in all kinds of things beside our voting system. kennedy: i'm curious there is collusion between your campaign and hillary clinton's campaign. i don't think it results are going to change. i agree with you sunlight is the best disinfectant, but it also matters how you apply it. >> the name of the game is standing up for voters. this is just first stepp with what we need to do to take back our democracy, which we don't have. kennedy: let me turn to my dishwasher-safe party panel. mike baker, former cia officer.
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chris barron is here. i'm going to go with you, mike baker. what do you think dr. stein gains from this recounted undertaking? >> first of all, i applaud the fact you said she has great integrity. i don't doubt her integrity. you mention the satellite feed was break out. i thought all she has to do is put on her tinfoil hat. she lost me with a tweet about fidel castro. she sent out a note. kennedy: he was a symbol for the struggle for justice in the shadow of empires. that's all i have to say about comrade stein. what does she hope to get out of it? does anybody believe she would
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be doing this if hillary clinton had won? kennedy: she was one of hillary clinton's most ardent attackers herself. she went after hillary clinton a number of times. so why -- i believe that she is being used as a pawn by the -- >> she is a stooge. i hope she gets medication. i hope she gets whatever medication she needs to balance her. what i just heard, she may be a woman of integrity and a wonderful platform she ran on. but that was a complete and totally rambling connection of bizarre conspiracy theories all over the place that make no sense whatsoever. the bottom line is she is a useful idiot for the hillary clinton campaign. there was a report from "the atlantic" clinton wants this to happen because she wants to undermine trump's presidency before it starts because she has an eye towards 2020.
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>> even useful idiots can have integrity. >> on jill stein's website it says the funds being raised may not go to this recount evident. the verbiage used how this money is going to be used is nebulous. this smacks of a big financial scam. kennedy: it's not just jill stein supporters donating to this cause. it's also clinton operatives who can't do it proactively. they have to do it through a surrogate, through jill stein. how else could she raise in 6 days twice as much money as she raced during her entire presidential campaign? >> it's all hillary supporters. this is a big pipe dream. hillary would have to win all three states. it's not going to happen.
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there was a recount in ohio when gore and bush ran against each other and they did find more votes for al gore. but only 285 of them. >> this is a complete and total sham. when president obama took office there was all this cry from the mainstream media that conservatives were trying to delegitimize the president before he took office. is there a bigger way to delegitimize the president? that's what jill stein is trying to do. they now it's a sham. it's an absolute disgrace. hillary clinton ought to step up and say stop this. kennedy: if she is true to her word she should say we have to keep our eye on the future. they are not going to overturn the results with all their wishful thinking. >> i have no goodwill for hillary clinton.
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i wish her well in her next life. but i will say, i'm surprised that she didn't do what you are saying. i would have expected if you said put money on this, i would have bet on the fact she would have said no. >> it makes the outcome even more embarrassing. president obama frantically issuing executive orders. we'll tell you what he's trying to change before january. fidel castro is dead. stay with us. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but
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kennedy: to some people fidel castro was a blood thirsty. but others he was a modern day hero. among them canadian prime minister justin trudeau expressed deep sorrow. why the hero worship for a man
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who has ruled his island nation like a prison? cass tremendous was a horrible person. >> bad dude. there have been worse. you can make the argument his predecessor bautista was worse. but it doesn't matter because justin trudeau isn't writing about because is a. it's easy to be a long-serving president when you never have free elections. i get where some of our quote-unquote allies are coming from, they tend to be more sympathetic to socialism over capital i am. but there are better heroes and
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more worthy heroes and better ways to stand up for free healthcare than to delegitimatize people. if you were a poet or musician or dissident, you were punished. and that's why i thought this was very notable, the piece in the "mile herald" who was fortunate to live cuba when she was tennis now a grandmother. people in miami were cheering in the streets. bars and restaurants stayed open all night so people could celebrate. where in cuba they are forced into nine days of mourning. >> this is a classic cult of personality case. but because he had the
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romanticism of the che guevarra and the military hats. he did a couple of good things. he was an early oh point of south african apartheid. these are some of the things other were linked to apartheid on. but not only imprisoning political dissidented, but counter revolutionaries, including homosexuals. he was putting h.i.v. people in labor camps. kennedy: a lot of people are cheering the more open approach to cuba president obama has been undergoing. but many say we didn't get enough from cuba. like president-elect trump saying there should have been more that agreement, harsher language for political prisoners.
8:22 pm
what should happen now as far as u.s.-cuba relations? >> it's complicated. the embargo hurt nobody more than the cuban people and second to that, american people. it didn't hurt the castros. they had a ready-made excuse. for those inclined to believe in the regime, they had their excuse baked into the cake. i think president obama could have gotten more concession s from the castro regime. but going back to the failed policies i think is a terrible idea. but there is also a wrongp-headed idea -- a wrong-headed idea it's up to us to punish regimes by punishing their people. we do business with a whole lot of people and we don't have full-on cultural and economic embargoes.
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kennedy: we have to end the economic and cultural embargo and have access to ideas and information. as you pointout, censorship in cuba is some of the most prohibitive in the world. >> that's not me talking. it's amnesty international. if we go back to the hard-core embargo that's failed for half a century. kennedy: glad you are here and we'll link to anthony fisher's article on our facebook page. trump's proposed hack plan could have mixed results for your wallet. jonathon hon explains next.
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>> donald trump spent an awful lot of time on the campaign trail on his plan to slash taxed for the middle class. i'm only one cutting taxes. it reduces most of the deductions and loopholes available to special interests and to the very rich. we are going to cut your taxes, she is going to raise your taxes. kennedy: for most of the middle class taxes will reportedly go down. but here is the rub.
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the proposals would raise tax for 8 million families, mostly those with a single parent or a large number of children. many of the families who could use the tax break the most aren't going to get it. here is jonathon hoenig. isn't this all just another prime example of why we need to go to a flat tax and end this complicated tax code we service day in and day out? >> wouldn't that be easy? there were candidates running on a flat tax and they didn't gain much traction. donald trump has had no less than 3 tracks plans in the last couple months and it seems to go on. he's a pragmatist and he will say anything or do anything. during the campaign he talked about raising taxes tbeerlty and cutting taxes for the middle class. now he's going to be cutting
8:29 pm
taxes for the wealthy and a lot of the middle class, especially the single parent house holds are going to see their taxes go up. kennedy: this head of household deduction, will it be eliminated entirely? >> who knows? that's what's so difficult. there is no guiding principles guiding donald trump's axe on the economy. there is no guiding principle here. i'm happy to see taxes go down for any person, especially the wealthy. but when it comes to donald trump, you know, even there was a context about donald trump's approach it's great to be taxed less. but if your iphone costs 20 or 30 or 40% more it's a wash or
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worse. kennedy: let's talk about a world without cash. what would a cashless society look like. the government has declared 80% of the country's paper money is worthless. politicians say they want to stamp out corruption and modernize. the problem is it led to chaos. what is going on? i like being able to use cash when i want tomake nefarious purchases. >> kaishes anonymous. and no one knows when you put down the 20 or 50. it's a cashless transaction. in india almost overnight made this currency today as tow if i. they are trying to keep the money out of what they call the
8:31 pm
black market. they are trying to make it electronic so the transactions can be monitored. people don't want government keeping an eye on every dollar they spend. kennedy: and they don't want government in control of every dollar they spends. and that's what happens in the these sort of cashless experiments. does that mean we need to get back on the gold standard in this country? >> it would help interms of price stability. but it's a long ways away. you have seen gold prices fall since donald trump was elect. if you told me 20 years ago i would be talking to kennedy. i would assume it would be cinderella, not donald trump's tax cuts. kennedy: here we are, we have evolved so much. thank you very much for being here.
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coming up, with the party panel returns. veterans are squaring off with college students after the university pulled count american flag. we'll talk about time travel and parallel universes. this is amazing. can we go somewhere together into the past and future and visit our own lives? perhaps. stay put.
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kennedy: hi, there, hampshire
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college in massachusetts removed all of their flags from campus after students burned an american flag. the university president said some students highly esteem the flag while others siefortd as a symbol of fear. the removal prompted thousands of veterans to gather their flags and wave them in peaceful protest. the party panel is back. 1,000 vets out there sunday. sometimes protest cities peaceful and effective. there are other protesters across the country that could take a page out of this playbook. >> protest is a good thing. they made a determination it's also okay to burn the flag. i don't know how that happened. but i object to the stupidity involved in whomever believes as a certain season of this country
8:37 pm
that the flag is a symbol of fear. it just shows they have never ever spent any time overseas in oppressive regimes or challenging environments. i spent almost my entire adult life and most of my childhood overseas. i have seen a lot of terrible things. we need to take anyone with that belief and ship them overseas and bring thek them back here and they will appreciate what they have got. kennedy: hair price faulkner said send them walter reed for the day. >> there is an organization called wreaths across america. if you have got a son or daughter, brother or sister or friends who doesn't understand what this country was built on, in december, december 16-17, all across america volunteers can go out to veterans cemeteries and place wreets and they will -- place wreaths.
8:38 pm
and it gives that person an opportunity to walk around and understand what this country is birth on. kennedy: i think hippies are allergic to veterans and freedom. >> the democratic party has become a radical, extreme ignorant political party. this is suppose to be an institution of higher learning. instead they have shut down debate. they don't have a discussion about what does the flag mean? instead they just take it down. they believe the flag is offensive, they should not get a penny of federal money. kennedy: i would be fine with that. i don't want to squash anyone's free speech. if that's what they believe, that's fine. it's not owe kay.
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lame duck president barack obama hard at work cranking out midnight actions. obama making laws about air pollution and skilled workers. however, executive actions can be reversed by the next executive, donald j. trump. let's discuss this. you are seeing epa regulations, even more of them, immigration, and there are so many, there are almost too many to counts, and many of them are in excess of $100 million per program or regulation. >> it's a smorgasbord of what the left wants. it's shows how much this administration doesn't care what the people of this country want. the people veentd they did not vote to continue president
8:40 pm
obama's policies. he decided to do as much as he passibly can to fulfill his vision. trump can and will reverse these. kennedy: congress has to roll back, curtail or redefine some of these regulations. as with everything, the obama administration knows how to complex things just enough it's like a tick that bores into your skin and you can't extract it. even if president-elect trump signs new executive actions reversing this it could take up to two years. >> this is not something that will take place overnight. thanks for grossing everybody out with the tick analogy. but i was putting a lot of money -- i was thinking one of the things he was going to do before the screen door hit him
8:41 pm
on his way out was shut down guantanamo. he promised to do it. i thought that was the last thing. we still need to keep an eye on that. they have been good at sleight of hand with guantanamo. kennedy: how close are we to being able to time travel. we'll possibly go back in time to stop that al gore from becoming president.
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kennedy: some scientists say time travel may be possible thanks to a theory claiming there are multiple parallel universes all around us. this theory has been around in science fiction for decades. but the researchers say quantum mechanics cop prove it. we have the coauthor of the new book "welcome to the universe." welcome.
8:46 pm
this is so exciting. for years we read about the multi-verse theory. but now this new interpretation says that it's not just a bunch of things happening concurrently. but some of those universes are exactly like ours, but a little bit ahead. some are behind, and we can bum into each other. >> it's just let's be clear. we have known you can time travel to the future. you can do that. kennedy: by going faster than the speed of light. kennedy: the greatest anti-aging tool. >> but then you come book and all your loved ones are dead. time travel backwards has always been a little more challenging. there are solutions tomorrow ian
8:47 pm
stienls equations that allow backwards time travel, though steven hawking is suggesting the day we start doing that we may discover a law of physics that says you can't disrupt cause at. d causeality. then you don't exist if you prevent your parents from meeting each other. kennedy: the worm interpretation that there are parallel universes with every possible outcome. >> in the multi-verse there is no reason to think there isn't an unlimited number of universes. one possible outcome of this configuration of atoms and energy. so unlimited number of them, then inprinciple, every other possible configuration of
8:48 pm
particles exist. including one where while in that chair and you are in this chair. but everything else is i'd identical. what we don't know yet is what happens to your consciousness. so if i exist in my identical self in another universe, can i occupy that consciousness or not? we don't understand consciousness enough. >> does it have to do with super position? and the fact that measuring something affects the outcome and there could be multiple outcomes happening. >> that requires very small atom tick and molecular. i'm not change your outcome by look at you. the way it works is quite simple. the line shining on you and you are just fine. illuminated by the stage lights.
8:49 pm
particles if i want to photograph it, i think of them as both. it's just -- we don't have the word in the middle that we would assign to it. so we stopped asking that question. kennedy: the light is shining off me. >> and you are just there. i say where is the particle? shine a light on it. the particle is so small the packets of light hit the particle and put it in another place and now i can't photograph it the way i wanted to at the time where it was. kennedy: can we go visit ourselves? >> it does not look like that's the case. >> we allocated 8 minutes to talk about the universe. there is a course we taught at princeton on astrophysics.
8:50 pm
this book is a mile wide and a mile deep so you can go deep and learn how to travel backwards in time. learn why pluto got demoted. and what's going not universe and how and why it works. kennedy: bring back pluto. >> it's not happening. thanks for having me. kennedy: please come back. such a big universe. coming up, does a little known loophole allow then their 40s to compete in middle school gymnastics competition? i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor.
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kennedy: like a yule log, this is "topical storm." very classy. topic number one. if you want to get into holly jolly yuletide spirit, maybe you should go to japan where pizza scientists are hard at work training reindeer to deliver pizzas. look at that. it's genius plan. japan is expected to be buffeted by snow this christmas. and a brilliant media grabbers to advertise dominoes.
8:55 pm
we'll be there in 0 minute or lessor else this reindeer will stamp you with his foot. i don't need eggnog, i'm an american and i celebrate christmas the old-fashioned way, with a gun. [♪] topic number two. we spend hours in the gym marveling at our children who can turn their bodies from rubber to stone in milliseconds. but we know we would fail so mits aably no hospital would take us. watch one gymnastic dad try to
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replicate his daughter's gym-jam. a backhand spring, nailed it. walk over. and he goes on to his tea kettle. you know what? if i tried to do any of that, i would look like christopher reeve in his present condition. topic number three. in case you weren't convinced australia is brimming with deadly animals trying to kill you. apparently hawks have learned to toss snakes at passing cars.
8:57 pm
you are driving on the wrong side of the road, lady. here in america we don't have to worry about snake-hawk combos. though there are still plenty of threats to our windshields. >> what the crap, what are you doing? hey! kennedy: we all had a point in our lives -- haven't you ever had a time in your life when you tried to run to catch a train? of course. but if you are a masked daredevil in russia you have to jump to miss a train like this idiot. i'm a horrible person. but part of me wished he had stalled mid-air for just a half second. just like the moon landing,
8:58 pm
someone is going to claim that is fake. there is a lot of speculation out there. but i'm going to take a hard stand and say that is real. how do i know that? because here is tape of him practicing with a car. i'm just kidding. here it is for real. okay, it's fake. here's what actually happened. topic number 5. the election is over. so now we can turn our attention toward real life and what's most important instead of politics. they have finally deviated from politics to yoda.
8:59 pm
[♪] kennedy: oh, so amazing. they really are the captain and tenille of the force. that's not at all the way the real "star wars" goes. here is one my favorite scenes from that bootleg copy of "a new hope" i brought in chinatown, china. [♪] i love chewy after a good hand waxing. so legit. thanks for watching the show tonight.
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you can follow me on fib and instagram. and email me at tomorrow i'll discuss all things legal with judge andrew napolitano. good night. they knew nothing about... >> i went through 50-some-odd years of my life and had no clue. >> an inheritance they can hardly believe... >> what was your reaction as you opened those first boxes? >> it was mind-blowing. >> why does andrew green have george washington's will? >> bare-knuckle politics, cold-blooded murder, a legacy all but snuffed out... >> this was a cloud of suspicion of having lived a double life. >> what did they do? >> what are the chances that those boxes would've just been trashed? >> very good chance of that. >> what would you do? >> well, it drove me crazy. >> how 'bout 6,000? >> and what's it all worth? >> you think you'll ever get another auction with a story like this? >> no, i kinda doubt it.


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