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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  December 4, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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makes you not need glasses. raban sunglasses. >> john, do you like it? >> i think glasses make jonas disappear. >> neil is now. companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> well, not bad for a guy who hasn't even started his job saving about 1,100 of them over at carrier. president-elect donald trump making good on a promise to make life difficult if the air conditioner maker didn't relent on a plan to send those jobs to mexico. but now he has helped sa eed se deal, some democrats are saying what is the deal? hi everyone. i'm neil cavuto, charles payne, kennedy, along with lanor, ben stein and -- at the same rally.
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that is weird, but they will be back. and dagen doing a fine job sub hosting on "bulls & bears," so, charles, what is wrong with saving jobs? i know the pure capitalist argument don't interfere, but he saved 1,100 jobs. >> he did. this is not -- there's a pure capitalist argument and then the crocodile tears and hypocrisy from the bernie sanders of the world. i know it's really eating bernie up. let's face it, donald trump used a combination carrot and stick. and i think in the process he's actually developing a template for how to approach this nationwide. and we know lower taxes help. we know lower regulations help. but we also know understanding and nuancing these things with corporate america, by the way he also announced this week a big-time panel of advisors, all smart people, all successful people. so it's one of these things democrats just like, golly they cannot believe he got it done. >> you're a big libertarian, so generally it's a sort of hands
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off view. >> absolutely. that's what you want to see. you don't want to see a tighter relationship between government and business. and my hope is that president-elect trump regardless of some of the questionable aspects of the carrier deal saving 1,100 jobs in the midwest and manufacturing before christmas is fantastic. it's an inspiring story. it's great to think that manufacturing could come back to the midwest. people have to be prepared to pay more for american products if that's what you're going to demand and if that's what the president is going -- the president-elect is going to demand of businesses in this country. what i am heartened by is seeing steve mnuchin talk about lowering the corporate tax rate drastically. i think that's really important. and repealing -- i should say fixing parts of dodd/frank that make it very difficult for small banks to lend money to small businesses so they can grow. >> and less likely to leave. if you can inc to stay, i think one of the arguments was, charlie, that his pitch was bear with me, i've got
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all these big plans. >> that was cuts in taxes and this was the message for companies outside, too, not just carrier. if you're thinking about it, give me time. >> that was the great part of the pitch. and i think, listen, if you look at the numbers, i think keeping the jobs there cost the company itself something like 2 cents a share in quarterly earnings, which is not a lot. they probably think they can make it up but a combination of the good part, which is less regulations and a friendly environment where you have lower corporate taxes. and then the bad part, which i'm surprised kennedy didn't talk about this because libertarians generally hate this part. it's when states come in there and they just craft special deals for businesses. >> yep. >> i think that is the most abhorrent way to keep businesses in the state because what you're doing is you're basically telling middle class people, okay, you pitch in to help keep this business in your state. >> but haven't they been successful for states like texas and others taking millions of jobs from states like california? >> no. let me make the point here.
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what's been successful for texas is the lower state tax rates and regulations, not the giveaways. new york state is very big on this by the way. you know, businesses keep running out. what do they do? companies want to leave. they give you all these tax incentives and still most of the jobs leave. >> but charlie's right because they are essentially subsidies. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, you said charlie's right. >> charlie, we're touching hands. >> stop, stop. look at the bottom of the screen. fox news alert. >> yeah. >> california has such a prohibitive environment, the factory in california very difficult, a lot easier to go to places like texas because they have not just -- >> have you ever contemplated going to mexico? >> yeah, they actually did and they decided to stay in america. you know, have a little bit more of a diy marketing plan. >> make america great again.
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>> this was broadly criticized. a lot of democrats said be careful what you wish for because you are, you know, picking and choosing your winners. now, of course they -- that is this administration, has been blamed for doing that with friendly energy, clean energy. >> right. >> so can you have it both ways? >> well, we obviously can't. we lost. so that's not working out too well for us at this moment. i think, you know, at base we should all be excited that more americans have jobs, especially going into the holiday season. >> why don't you look excited? >> i don't? i'm trying to smile. no, i'm just kidding. >> that's a nancy pelosi smile. >> are you saying she has botox. >> i said no botox yet. people on the internet think i need it. so there are two issues at play here. one bernie sanders raised which is companies, corporations now will kind of pretend that they're going to offshore. they'll say to donald trump, oh, we're going to move, then knowing that they're going to get tax incentives to stay. this is all something donald trump railed against during the
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campaign, these government incentives. >> wouldn't be the first time it's happened and long before donald trump. companies play off the state. >> i'm raising the issue kind of the only things in the bernie sanders op-ed in "the washington post" that he raised that i thought was really important. then in "the wall street journal" editorial they talked about a dangerous precedent here and that maybe corporations would not set up here in america because they were worried about kind of blowback or donald trump says pulling down the hammer on them if they then had to offshore because of free markets. this isn't an economic policy. this doesn't mean, you know, it's not a plan that's going to take him through these four years as the rest of the panel's discussed. you need to talk about tax code and things like that. >> but i'll tell you there was no trade tariff enacted, there was no higher priced goods put into place. so if you're fearing donald trump's talk leads to all of this stuff and he had threatened tariffs, he had threatened big taxes on companies that do this sort of thing, could be like teddy roosevelt, speak softly,
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carry big stick. just the threat of that will give companies pause. what do you think? >> well, donald trump definitely has a lot of big talk. and hs taking credit for this. but this really wasn't so much, i don't think, about what trump did or what trump threatened as it was about what the state did. carrier's going to get about $7 million in tax benefits for keeping the jobs there. that now while i'm with you guys i'm not a big fan of government picking and choosing its winners, but i'm a much bigger fan of using the tax code as a carrot rather than using it as a stick. >> great point. the subject is essentially mercantilism. that's what donald trump is practicing here. i'm going to come beat you up, i might yell at you, and i want a direct and i might tariff the hell out of you if you don't follow what i say. and that is a -- that is what -- >> i don't know. i wonder if we're over analyzing this. charles, the way i look 1,100 people were staring at a pretty bad christmas, now they're going
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to have one and still have their job and we can say whether this is pure thing to do, the right thing to do, bottom line these people still have jobs. and they wouldn't have had the jobs if the president-elect didn't pick up the phone and do something like this. now, it's one thing if you do that at a price and you huge tax concessions state by state or even at a federal level. we don't know. we know whatever incentives used were fairly cheap by today's standards, $7 million over ten years and i would argue money well spent. that's just me. >> listen, let's also say at some point there's going to be a showdown. we don't know it could be ford or someone like that. and also let's not forget too that still half of these jobs are probably going to dpo to mexico anyway. >> you don't know. >> they were sending about 2,000 down there, so essentially yes. >> but the 1,100 stay. >> no, 1,100 are here. >> you sound like a hater. >> no, i'm saying there's going to be a showdown down the road. i think everyone, even jessica's
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happy about this carrier news. the folks out there, the real haters, the krugmans of the world. >> right. >> there's going to be a bigger showdown to come, i think, somewhere down the road. >> real quickly, charlie, will the administration respond let's see donald trump do this times 800 something, i think to say this is the number of manufacturing jobs we've had over the last eight years gained. and i'm thinking to myself, well, that's a fairly low bar. if that's what you're bragging about over eight years. >> not bad. that'd be pretty good because -- my only point is, let's hope they're staying because of the overall regulatory policy, not the giveaways. if that's the case, donald trump's going to be a very, very successful president. >> one other part we didn't mention, another reason to stay is booming economy. which i think we're headed. >> i think that's adding to people's optimism and the corporations optimism. but why do corporations go overseas? why do they go to factories in mexico? because it's cheaper. labor cheaper, overhead cheaper, materials are cheaper.
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>> warmer weather. >> how are you going to -- in the united states if everyone is guaranteed a higher federal minimum wage? >> we're going to go to break here. did you see these o'hare airport workers joining the fight for a $50 minimum wage? and one union guy, the gall to try shutting down fox business network's coverage. gez e guess he didn't get the message. when you try to block the story, you become the story. today on "forbes on fox," president-elect donald trump gears up to hand off his businesses to his children, some wonder if leaving the boardroom behind will be easier said than done. plus, hundreds of billions of dollars in student loan debt set to be forgiven. but someone here says the price to taxpayers is what's unforgivable. i'll see you right here at the see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious.
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i've just been advised not to talk to you guys.
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>> you've been advised to not talk to us, by this guy here? >> yeah. >> why did you do that? hey, buddy, hey, hey, why don't you turn around and have the courage to turn around and talk to me instead of trying to stifle people's ability to talk. the woman had a good story to tell. and you tried to cut it off. so nice job. i'm glad you did that. but you're just on live television here on fox network, this guy tried to stop me from interviewing somebody. i don't like that. >> he's not doing that. >> you are doing that. this guy did it right here. >> you know, jeff is usually such an unassuming nice polite guy. he's reporting live from trump somewhere. but that was fox business network jeff flock taking a moment that became quickly viral with a union worker. i don't know. i should say, charlie, whether it was viral or vile, the treatment he got, what'd you
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think? >> well, you know, journalists get beat up and sit on and pushed around all the time in these sort of atmospheres. i think what he did was handle it really well. >> right. >> he said, listen, he caught the guy in the act and he turned the tables on him. and i think, listen, this is -- >> this union guy didn't want this woman to talk. they had their preselected people who could talk to the media. >> let's be real clear. this isn't like a private sector union, by the way private sector union, construction unions, they'll talk your ear off all day. this is a public sector union where the people are paid on the taxpayer dime. so the public sector union on public sector employees are telling them they can't speak. that sounds outrageous. >> it is weird. kennedy, one of the things came to mind regardless of how you feel about unions or any of this stuff, the role in these national strikes for $15, i oftentimes see more union people than i do those legitimately making the push for the higher wages for themselves. >> yeah. that's right. so you have to question their
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motivation. why are they trying to get so many people out there? why are they trying to get so many people to unionize? are they really attempting to make people's lives better? are they really attempting to level the playing field and allow people a living wage? no. they want that living wage to add to the union coffers. i've seen this happen before. i covered a huge union rally and was surrounded by people and had a crowd close in on me. >> well, they like you. you're very popular. >> i think it was my lady musk and they could just -- they knew it smelled like victory. >> i'm holding myself back right now as you say that. >> they're controlling thugs. and this is a prime example of it. you have people out there who have legitimate stories, and maybe people got to know their stories it would humanize it a little bit, but that is very inhumanly. >> i think november 8th we saw so many union workers defy their leaders, guys like that big burly guy who shut down a woman
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and vote for donald trump. their membership was already declining. the public sector's holding up okay, but it's these guys have gotten everything wrong. and that was a prime example of it right there. >> you know, lenore, one of the things i noticed o'hare strike and these are some of the ones that get your wheelchairs to and from planes to clean the planes and all of that, they're paid minimum wage, but they're also given minimum hours to work. so they make even less as a result. some of that seems fixable by simply allowing them more hours to work. >> there's definitely ways that this can be fixed, but i think the way the union is behaving they're making it very clear that their objectives are anything but straightforward. they are not allowing people to speak their minds freely when they come to protest. and if you're protesting, it's because you want attention. and yet you turn away when somebody gives you the attention. >> jess, what do you make of all that? >> i think everyone should speak to the press about especially if you're out there protesting and, you know, make your case in that way those personal stories do a lot to humanize the cause.
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i personally think $15 is too high and unachievable in this climate, but talk to the press and thought jeff flock handled it really well as well. >> jess, you find it odd that most of the goons at unions are not thin themselves. >> don't make me do any fat shaming about my union friends. burly i think was a nice descriptor. >> by the way, i'm in a big old glass bakery so who am i to poke fun? i wa to thank you on that. we have a lot more coming up. president-elect trump's pick for health and human service, years ago the health care law needs some major surgery. good thing he's a doctor because he's not this is more than just a credit card. it's how adventure begins. and with the miles you can earn,
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welcome back, everybody. you know it might take up to three years for congressman price that's going to be heading up the health and human services department to get this whole health care thing under control. you know, charles payne, that's -- that's a long time. and if you're signing 5 to 7 million people up a year, at the conventional rate we're going, you're going to have 35 to 40 million people. you're going to have to find a substitute health insurance program for. >> over 20 million people are being serviced by this. and the -- you know, so many things, you open up the state lines right away, do all these things -- >> they're saying three years. it could take up to three years. >> i think it's smart for them to say three years. if you get it sooner, you get it sooner. >> this guy, everything i know about him, he knows the ins and outs of this law -- >> on price? >> yeah.
6:54 am
>> he knows how to get the low-hanging the fruit and i think three years is actually fast, from what i understand. that's a quick -- >> they obviously put that out, because it got rumored in the press for a reason, you know, cool it, we're going to work on this, but it's going to take time. the longer it's done, and i agree with you, it can be fast. >> especially if you're trying to keep the elements of obamacare that were most problematic, which is pre-existing conditions, how do you have that without the individual mandate. because if you try to keep the pre-existing condition clause, you can make insurance prices absolutely skyrocket, which will bankrupt so many people who are already hurting from raising premium rates. i do like that price is a policy person. i like that he's a fiscal conservative. and he's also, as you said, an orthopedic surgeon. it's very rare to have someone like that who's got -- >> yeah, he knows what he's doing. >> he's got a hand in each world. so i'm very confident with this pick, union, in contrast with
6:55 am
some of the others. i think this was a very smart move, as well as seema ver ma, who's going to run medicare and medicaid. >> but jessica, you had pointed out, it's a lot easier said than done taking this thing apart. and the longer it goes on, the harder, still. >> you have another election then, right? >> you read my mind! and is that what your hope is, that this is resolved in a follow up election? >> yeah, i think so. i think at the end of the day, that obamacare isn't going to be repealed. donald trump has spoken favorably about a few of the aspects of it. you think about this for years, and also look at how americans feel about it right now. the kaiser family foundation just released a poll showing only 25% want repeal. and since the election, there's a significant drop -- >> 75% are not getting -- >> what? no! come on, be fair. it's a lot of people. >> the way that this is going, is it really going to get done or is it looking tougher now than they thought? >> i think it's definitely going to be tougher than they thought. but i think they have a lot of support of the american people to fix this thing. prices keep going up and the
6:56 am
quality and the coverage keeps going down. hopefully, they'll turn to the private sector and say, hey, can you help figure this out? because that's where innovation occurs, not government. >> but you don't want the private sector becoming emboldened by the government. that can be a whole another can of worms. stacks up huge in november after president-elect trump's big win. now the names that will help you look at even more huge gains. well into and past the new year. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots
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stocks in and out of new highs. so many averages off to the races. >> monolithic power systems. i love the risk/reward on this one. >> how about you, lenor? >> amazon is hitting down on its
7:00 am
200-day average. and it is benefiting from the accelerating move to online and mobile shopping. >> you still see that wind at everyone's back here? >> on the online world, yes. >> guys, thank you very much. we conti with trish regan, the place for business, fox. after the big thank you tour comes the big presser. president-elect donald trump gearing up to hold a big media event with his children, announcing that he will separate himself from his businesses. but somehow here on this panel says easier said than done. is that person right or wrong? i'm trish regan in for david asman welcome to "forbes on fox." let's find out with mike, sabrina shaver, bill baldwin, and bruce jaszman. i'll start with you, mike. do you think he can do this here? he's got to celebrate this big, massive company that he has successfully built from everything he's going to do


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