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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 6, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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lou: that's it for us tonight. we have special coverage of donald trump's thank you tour tomorrow. congressman markws michelle malkin. please join us. kennedy: president-elect trump warning again that he's going to slap a huge tax on u.s. companies that relocate overseas. will it prevent job loss or hurt consumers. did nancy pelosi say her party does not need to go in a new direction? did she miss what happened in the he selection or are millennials so coddled they can't even tie their own shoes. grab a pencil, time to grow up. jill stein is like chewbacca's mom. she won't go away. this weekend the lonely lady
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from recountville took her sob story to chris wallace and he wasn't having any of it. reporter: why did you choose three states in trump won narrowly but not a state secretary clinton won much more narrowly. do you note largest switch of votes in a recount in american political history? the most it's ever been is $1,247. kennedy: i like to see chris get really mad at her the whole time. jill is doing one of two things here. in michigan where trump's the vote was very close.
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jill got 2% of the vote. but she shops at goodwill and smells like mothballs. the other possibility is dr. stein knows she won't affect or change the outcome. she is being a i could and unstable authoritarian making it seem like she is trying to derail the trump train. but she hates hillary so much she is willing to see her lose again. whatever the case, she popped up like a cold sore in front of trump tower today. her rain-soaked press conference that did little to clarify her reasoning. >> the right to vote is embodied in this recount effort to insure we have a fair and accurate election that we can trust. kennedy: fine, then do it in nevada and new hampshire and minnesota, and while you are at it grab that chafed utter and squeeze, dr. stein.
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milk it for all its worth or move to cuba with your dead boyfriend fidel. and talk about fair voting on that island prison. she has now been trivialized and soiled past the point of salvation and she'll be remembered how she lands in the race, a loser. i'm kennedy. hi, good to see you. donald trump threatening to slap a 35% tax on any american company that moves jobs or operations are overseas. some say they are worried about the economic consequences of a hefty exit tax. here with more is the man i trust with your money and mine.
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charles payne. charles, welcome. charles: thank you very much. kennedy: we talked about this on cavuto on business sunday. what if a corporation can't afford to make all of its products here in the united states and they go to a factory overseas to make price prices me affordable for americans back home? charles: it's a dilemma. last week donald trump used a carrot and he wanted to remind corporate america he still has sticks in his quiver. i would like to see him move forward with lower tax, lower regulations. infrastructure. you know, obamacare things. there are so many elements he can do. let the states fight it out. states rights, lower taxes. the real intanningibility.
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gets the economy going. get the economy going and all of those things mitigate the need to move to another country. we can win a trade war with china. but it would be one heck of a victory. a lot of jobs would be lost initially because the average consumer will pay a lot more money for a lot more things. kennedy: the economic outlook long term, does it seem worth it? maybe we have trade i am balances with china. i would like to see him start with lowering that corporate tax rate 20% if steve mnuchin is to be taken at his word. the markets are responding favorably to donald trump and his policies. what would you roll back first that would have the quickest impact on businesses?
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charles: there are so many of them, i think there are five regulations worth $50 billion that could be reversed the first day. puddles on driveways that form water. gift part kalts. some of the crazy things. the onerous pressure we put on quoal-fire utility plants. we made it so difficult the last 8 years for businesses to do business. the low-hanging fruit is unlimited with respect to what donald trump can go for. that part will be easy. giving corporate america time to adjust will be a little bit harder. ford said they turned out their buts. you can lower the cafe standards and help us with electric charging stations. kennedy: they are looking for
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subjects does and handouts. i would hate to see a fixture of the american manufacturing turn into a solyndra. charles: the carrier deal was necessary in the sense there is an intangible part of this economy doing well, and that's us buying into it. that's the animal spirit that's been missing from this economy. the fact that it's been sparked i love. you know what came out today? truck orders for the first time in a long time were higher than a year ago. almost 20,000 trucks orders for the first half of next year. businesses are starting to anticipate. consumers. there is an animal spirit bubbling up. i think that's why the carrier deal was phenomenal. 35% tariff, it's a tough one. either we are going to pay more for these products, companies
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will make lessor they will stop making it all together. kennedy: if we see inflation start to creep in because obviously the fed's going to make a move. charles: people realize how many parts we import from china that go into machines. it's much more complicated. we love the fact that donald trump passed a big stick and is swing it around. ultimately there is a more elegant solution to it all. kennedy: let's talk to the party panel, shall we? let's meet them. tonight, a first timer comedian and host of the lost in america pot cast. turn i are sparks who was in
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china doing business for 12 years. meghan mccain also here, and lackland marcus. let's talk about something a little bit different. donald trump broke decades of precedence by speaking directly with the president of taiwan. a country china regards as a rogue province. chinese leaders are apparently very upset about this. china saying did china ask us if it was okay to devalue their currency make it hard for us to compete? or heavily tax our products going into their country, the u.s. doesn't tax them, or to build a massive military.
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>> it just came out today that less than a week before that happened china had been flying nuclear-capable bombers over taiwan. i wonder if trump was briefed on that ahead of time. it's always a question whether he's shooting from the hip. kennedy: let's say he wasn't briefed. do you think he was unprepared going into that call and didn't realize or care about the ramifications? >> there is no love lost for him with china. they have been a punching bag during the campaign, he obviously does not like them. you have to deal with them some some sort of aimable level to conduct northern affairs. but he's going to take a tougher line against china. nukin -- nudging them in the
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direction of taiwan. we need to be counteracting china's influence in the area. >> the first thing read on twitter, this could start a war. i thought what happened. it was the weekend and i wasn't paying as much attention as i normally do. when i backed off from the hysteria i realized this is something i like and support. i don't see a problem with our president taking a phone call from a person who was elected in a free and fair election. china has been jerking our economy around for a long time. hong kong, they wouldn't let them gain power. there is a lot going on that we can take a can look at. just because it's been going on since the 70s doesn't mean it should go, going forward.
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kennedy: what do you think? how provocative is this? and is it dangerous? >> twitter is blocked china. it seems like that should be the first. how are you even seeing this if twitter is not around. maybe in chinese. if it wants to attack -- kennedy: i don't know if he wants to attack. but i think he wants to be bold. does donald trump's twitter account make the media obsolete? according to dick cheney, he spoke at the reagan national defense forum saying thanks to twitter quote we don't need you guys anymore. nobody will probably agree more who tweeted today if the press would cover me fairly and honestly i would have less
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reason to tweet. is the media no longer necessary? >> blame obama. he got this trend rolling. and he looked for ways from the beginning of his presidency to circumvent the media and putting out videos from the white house website. kennedy: no longer a videographer following the president. they said we'll give you the information we want you to have. >> i think trump's style -- as i was just saying, it's hard to tell how much of this is carefully planned out, whether it's an actual strategy on trump's part. there is a line between cnn and just saying all the crazy stuff that pops into your head on twitter. he could use new media. kennedy: all presidents learn to
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hate the press. >> i don't know if obama hated the press. kennedy: he would wag his finger at them. >> he got biggest prepass in our history. you have chris matthews talking about getting tingles up his leg. kennedy: a lack of vetting. >> i have been around press pools and reporters when they are drinking in hotel rooms. i know how liberal 90% of them are. sow i take a lot of pleasure out of the pain donald trump is inflicting and people like the "new york times." this is the chickens coming home top roost for decades and decades of liberal biased reporting. kennedy: there is no media in it. >> cheney saying trump doesn't need the press. the press is not meant to work for the president it tops work
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for the people it doesn't matter if trump needs the press, the people need the press. kennedy: presidents and up haipght the press. >> who cares if the president hates the press. kennedy: it's a universal phenomenon. hillary said the press was dead set against her. her spokes people are saying if it wasn't for the press hack job she would be president. >> the passive publicity they are given by news press and entertainment and fashion press. it's across the board. she is our new first lady. i find it unpatriotic that he
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won't dress our first lady. >> trump uses the press more than anybody. he needs the press. 90% of his twitter account is reacting to things that is said. kennedy: he needs the press and the press needs him. they can just react to the tweets and not have to do any real work. kennedy: the party panel returns a little later. we'll tell you what reportedly set off a gunman in our nation's capital. nancy pelosi says the new plan is more of the same.
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kennedy: nancy pelosi says democrats aren't looking for a new direction and hinted progressives could take back congress. 23 senate seats are up. so let me ask washington examiner political columnist, boo trick carney. i look at -- patrick carney.
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i look at pelosi's comments. what do you think? >> before the vote she said tim ryan didn't even carry his district for hillary clinton. she is saying the democrats should on the be led by people from safe blue country like san francisco. this is not her trying to build a majority. i think when we wrote this, she is trying to build a safe space for he let liberals on capitol hill. kennedy: is this wishful thinking on her part? how do both democrats feel about this? were they hoping for a change in leadership and hopefully a change in direction for the party that they hope to once again become victorious? >> you would think so. but 2/3 of the democratic caucus voted for pelosi for leader.
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hillary clinton pretty convincingly won that democratic primary over bernie sanders. that minority, the one-third that voted against pelosi and the 45% that voted for bernie sanders. that's an impressive retbiewct party elite. the party elites carried the day in the pelosi race and the presidential nomination. it's definitely a divide party. kennedy: i think it's something they didn't anticipate. although they were definitely going to not gain own -- -- ownership of the house. they assumed they were going to win the white house. when that didn't happen you had people for the first time saying what have we done. senate democrats are vulnerable in 2018.
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republicans sat on that merrick garland nomination. are they going to seek revenge in some of these confirmations for the cabinet zpl. >> they are in the minority parter in the senate so they would have to filibuster. so it would be a little more visible obstruction by the democrats to block trump's nominees. but obstruction carried no political costs for republicans or mitch mcconnell. but as you said, the democrats are defending a lot more turf in the senate races, and many of those two dozen senate seats they have to defend are in states donald trump won. so he may have to political clout to force votes from a
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handful of democrats on his nomination. kennedy: we'll see how the economy does. that will be the overriding factor. tim carney, appreciate. donald trump is eyeballing a lot of generals for cabinet positions. but will a military heavy government silence politicians or bring in a whole new set of problems? we'll get right into it in moments.
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kennedy: president-elect trump has yet too name a number of nominees for his cab in the position. but he seems to be interviewing and hiring a lot of generals. he has tapped ma screen jones james mat is for secretary of defense and michael flynn as his national security advisor. other admirals are reportedly in the running for top spots. security analysts warned trump could rely too heavily on the military for his foreign policy.
12:29 am
hey, i'm wiping the hair out of my eyes, look at that beeferred yours. i believe there is a natural tension between donald trump and the billionaires and business people he knows and is comfortable with and the generals and admirals he's most unfamiliar with because he has an unrequited love of the military. is this dangerous? >> no, it's not. he knows his audience. he knows the american military has the highest public opinion response above pinched nerves in congress. and mattis is universally loved except for some small exceptions. petraeus, same as him except he has a conviction. so he would have to deal with that.
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so the guy is playing to his audience. this is a guy who as famously once said men think meanly of themselves who have not been in the army. i think trump has had an easy life, he knows it, and he likes surrounding himself with people who tell him he's a good guy. kennedy: i saw the he will pants, i hang out with navy seals a lot. we have a tradition of not naming retired it in vets and personnel to secretary of defense. why is that? do you think we should throw that baby out with the bath water with mattis? >> it's for a real american reason, and it's to have an actual chronological gap between uniform and suit and tie. i took an oath of enlistment and commissioning. and our oath is you ports and obey the constitution and obey
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all lawful orders. we are taught to dispo bay unlawful orders. the military more proactively than civilians enforce. when george marshall came secretary of state, there was a reason for it. in the case of petraeus. he has a conviction. he can't see classified documents. he would need a pardon. he can't hold a clearance. there is a usefulness to maintaining that gap. it's not written in slaw except the national security act that was modified in 2008. we serve a guy or woman in a suit and tie or petticoat. kennedy: petty coats are especially fetching this time of year. what about people who say if you have this many generals concentrated at the top of the food train it will attract more war. >> those -- are people who never
12:32 am
served. mat iserved. -- mattis wrote letters home. petraeus was shot in the training vest. some pry pry vat shot him. it was a close thing. but slim has never led men in combat. general colin powell never had a combat command. kennedy: i don't know if you can see this in the monitor. we have a side by side of you and nick oppe,man. you could be twins. >> that's kinds of gross, but i'll take it. kennedy: i know you will and you always do.
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kennedy: jim hendricks. there he is.
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welcome back. fake news story. it almost led to bloodshed after one guy shot up a d.c. restaurant. police arrested one of these men who was self-investigating. he claimed he has gone the threats since the story went online. the suspect walked into the place and started to wave a rifle and fortunately people inside the restaurants escaped before he started shooting. the party panel is back. meghan mccain and locked. lock here we go.
12:38 am
>> it's tough to know where to begin with this story. this started on reddit. it's supposed to be a child sex trafficking ring run out of the basement of this pizzeria that doesn't have a basement. i was spending a lot of time on this reddit. they would go through the emails and pick out the juicy bits. but every single one of them would spiral out of control. so it's the role of the press and that was sort my job to look through the crazy message board and pick out the crazy bits and build a story out of it. so clearly there is a role for the press to play here. but fewer and fewer people are
12:39 am
reading cnn and more people are reading read it's. kennedy: jay gordon saider scandal had a gate tacked on it. it was troopergate and it drove him bananas. >> it comes from john podesta's emails business interpreted on reddit. there are things that came from the wikileaks emails that i find sheer entertainment out of. and how unprofessional the hillary clinton campaign was. kennedy: last comment. great pizza, right? >> the place was full when he
12:40 am
went in and shot it up. so how good is the pizza. kennedy: no offense to d.c., but it's kind of looking. i'll give a shoutout to my new jersey friend. does america get a slap on the wrist. according to edward snowden, yes. he claims david petraeus handed classified information to his mistress and got off scot-free. >> the system of justice in the united states where people who are well connected to government or have access to an incredible amount of resources get light punishment. kennedy: there are calls to have
12:41 am
snowden tried as a traitor or pardoned. are theretwo criminal justice systems in this country? >> yes, hillary clinton was treat the differently. snowden gets up on his high horse. he says no one presented evidence that this damaged u.s. security operations which is nonsense. petraeus unforgivable what he did in sharing this information with his girlfriend. edward snowden traveled to hong kong briefed them on u.s. intelligence. kennedy: do you think the president will pardon him? >> my head will explode if he does. kennedy:he wants to come back. >> he's giving our secrets to
12:42 am
our enemy. i don't understand why you want to come back to a country you have done so much damage to. i love general petraeus. kennedy: i don't see him as a traitor. i see him as a whistle blower. >> general atrius, i was shake the first time i met him. if he were in charge our military we wouldn't be in the same police we are now. and isis wouldn't have grown from the disaster in iraq. kennedy: edward snowden, traitor or hero. >> he's trying to come back. he needs to stay in russia. within a few weeks trump will offend some other country that will and cooler place to go than russia. wherever it is. he can go live there. kennedy: are millennials a bunch kennedy: are millennials a bunch of colded brats or a
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kennedy: it looks like it's tim.
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any len yalts have out offed baby boomers as the largest american generation. with 32.1% of millennials living with their parents. many fear they will be looking the basic skill to the survive in the real world. that's where the adulting school comes in offering online and in-person class. here to discuss the curriculum and goals is the co-founder of the adulting school. katie, i think i must mourn the loss of rationale in our culture when we have to teach people who are adults how to be adults. that's so sad. >> hi, kennedy. thanks for having me on. so, you know, it might be sad for some people, but we are happy to help. so our school is here to create
12:48 am
a community for people to, you know, along the way, school's budgets got cut, parents are busy, kids are overrun with activities. maybe this is the problem that needs to be fixed. kennedy: i'll tell you what it is. i know that you are a good person and you provide a valuable and necessary service. unfortunately you have to provide this service because kids -- even when you are in your early 20s you are considered a kid. that's problematic. they are bubble wrapped and coddled and raised by helicopter parents who want to dozing for them for whatever reason, perhaps their family structures broke down when they were children. perhaps they feel guilty about the time constraints they have. it has created an entire generation of entitled who think
12:49 am
they have to be coddled and caressed through college and beyond. >> their parents didn't know the things to teach them and they didn't teach them. so we have millennials who don't know some basic skills of a2kug9. kennedy: like what. give me some examples. >> you know, we used to have classes on how to balance your checkbook, and now we just need basic budgeting. we even have investors, financialed a advisers talking about investing. we do everything financial, but we also talk about health and wellness. time management is huge. so we are covering all of that. kennedy: do you teach people how to make a martini? >> we did have a fun workshop on cocktail mixing 101 so you can
12:50 am
stay in and have your friends over without spending money. make your parents a cocktail. show them how much you appreciate them. kennedy: you can show how much you appreciate them by become an independent functioning member of society and moving out. >> let's help our young adults be successful. once we have successful young adults we'll have a successful community and everyone will be happier. we are here to make sure that happens. kennedy: do you offer nap time and graham crackers? >> i love nap time, but you have got to do that on your own time. kennedy: i admire you as an entrepreneur. you found a hole in if the mark the. i applaud you. it just scares the dickens out of me that that's what we have come to. but thank goodness for people like you make money off this.
12:51 am
>> we hope that we are -- we started in portland, maine, the small idea. and as soon as we had some folks come in from outside of maine to one our events it blew up and we realize more than ever it is a national need. not just in our world. kennedy: thank you so much. we need to get a pack of matches and kerosene. coming up, the newest fashion accessory.
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kennedy: this is the "topical storm." topic number one. as many of you know, i spent some time on mtv, and i know a new musical sensation when i sight and hear it. i have seen the tidal wave talent. it's not katy perry's left shark with the tuba and not a lady gaga box. it's a shotgun guitar. watch. [♪]
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they put the birds in the sky. tell me, you don't know either. we are perfect for each other. topic number two. do you have a dark sense of humor that is only indulged by naughty twists on sacred institutions. if you have a sense of humor this will make you chuckle. it's lego donald trump in santaland. >> get that baby out of here. >> but it's the baby jesus. >> get it out. these sugar number fairies getting married, not on my watch. you can do whatever. look at this one. obviously too fat to fly. ease up on the barley
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sweetheart, okay? kennedy: that video -- topic number three. in a special edition of mugshot monday we expand on the literation to blow your mind. this is craig buc buckner and hs pet bird. craig showed up for his court he persons with his bird. he fell asleep, and was take into city, but not before getting in a glamour shot with his buddy. he was genuinely concerned about his bird while was behind bars. he has a friend to look after
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his mccow. that was charles payne, at vette nary school. topic number four. have you ever wanted an sigh catching dress that can stab people in the eye? look no further than the spider dress. this body space sensitive dress by designer. sends out protective barbs when someone gets too close. higher tim burton to make scene outfit. if you accidentally gord someone in the eye with an umbrella and you liked it. that's the dress for you. topic number 5. sharp. topic number 5. this was sent to us on twitter by john k using #topicalstorm. i know you want me to snake jokes. but i'm going tree train from doing that. you can insert your own shenanigans.
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here is the story. a beaver wandered into a maryland dollar store. you don't have to be a woodchuck to spend just a buck. he tried to man handle some artificial christmas trees. he wanted to file down those alcohollers with yuletide spirit. the sheriff was called until along with animal control. the rodent was round up, had some tiny cuffs thrown on him and was loaded into the animal meat wagon. what became of the beaver? >> i just had him stuffed. >> let me ask you with that. thank you for watching the show. you can always follow me on twitter and instagram. use #topicalstorm on email at tomorrow night, look who we have
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