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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 8, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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there may be some trading issues to deal with, not as many because of the bloomberg issue but those who are, are buying stock like crazy. it's a new record. russell at a new record, s&p doing just fine. here we go again, 20,000 maybe in your hour at the rate we're going, trish regan. trish: it could happen, it's incredible to watch all. this neil, thank you so much. a businessman turned president selecting nonpoliticians for top positions in the administration, today donald trump filling out his cabinet, selecting proven business leaders and proven generals, people with a proven record of success of leadership and accountability. imagine that, in government. i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report". the president-elect meeting with the former ceo of ford alan mulally about a possible secretary of state appointment. under mulally's leadership, ford never took a dime of money.
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he turned the company around on his own, he's considered a great ceo, would he be a great secretary of state? we're going to discuss. fast food executive andy puzder getting the nod for labor secretary, a fierce critic of bureaucratic rules and regulations and you heard him on this show criticizing minimum wage hikes for unintended consequences, causing employees to lose jobs instead of gain more money. i have a feeling liberals are not going to like this pick. all of it on the heels of two more big appointments. wrestling and entertainment executive linda mcmahon, going to head the small business administration, she turned a small regional business into an entertainment empire, a small business success story. certainly sounds like an sba win. general john kelly, the season commander knows it personally, he lost his son in afghanistan and charged with keeping us
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safe and protecting our borders. he's the third military general to get the job with trump, the media freaking out over all of this. check out the headline from the "washington post." trump hires a third general raising concerns about military influence. they're losing their minds because he's selecting so many wealthy business people. i ask, don't we want people with a proven record of success serving in government? wouldn't you rather have a business person. someone who's built something than a two bit politician or community organizer focusing on next gig. we'll debate all of it in just a moment. i want to get out to trump tower where we find our own connell mcshane, alan mulally, that's an interesting one, add him to the list, connell. >> reporter: that's the story of the day, trish, no doubt about it. alan mulally is someone we did not know until this morning would meet with the president-elect. he did just that and a transition source he is
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considered as a possible secretary of state. sort of in the rex tillerson mode, the exxon ceo considered, a businessman, but from a different business running boeing and ford. he knows manufacturing. we'll see where it goes from here. one thing we did not see is mulally himself came and went, had meeting with the president-elect, doing so by private entrance, choosing to forego the golden elevators we are familiar with over t last couple of weeks. one person we did see is the former admiral james stavridis, the supreme allied commander and a name floated as possible running mate, not for donald trump but hillary clinton during the campaign. as for being on the short list for a job here? well, watch this. >> when i first heard there was a short list, i thought they were referring to a list of short people. you see i would definitely be on that list, in terms of any job, i would say, why don't you talk to the folks upstairs.
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>> reporter: hey, self-deprecating general as well. not exactly taking himself out of the running for any job either, and we do know one job that is filled, that is andy puzder, the restaurant industry ceo, runs cke restaurants, he'll be the pick to be labor secretary. you're right, trish, big business leaders coming into meet with the businessman, president-elect leaving here shortly to meet with ohio state victims of the attack of last week and hold a rally in des moines, iowa this evening. we'll look forward to all of that and see if we get official announcements later today. back to you. >> connell mcshane, thank you so much. we'll check in as needed. president-elect donald trump is seeking out business leaders, ceos and military leaders to fill out his cabinet unlike president obama's administration filled with chock-full of academics and lobbyists. i'm joined by ford o'connell and progressive radio host
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ethan berman, good to see you guys. >> good to be here. trish: ethan, to you first, i'm trying understand the logic of the left here. why don't you want people with experience in there? why don't you want ceos, wealthy people, generals. what's wrong with that? >> not against having ceos in general. when the entire cabinet is ceos and generals, not getting a mix of voices. you pointed out ad deemians that were pointed by obama, you need a mix, a blend, a balance. trish: i don't know if we had such a balance with obama. ford, 90% academics in his administration? >> yes, if he had more generals than successful business people, we might not be in the current situation here. i don't know what's so shocking, if you want to strike the military and fight terrorism, why wouldn't you start with generals. if you want to boost economic growth, why wouldn't you go with successful business people, particularly if you want to know where the bodies are bury in the rigged system
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here. trish: ethan, back to that in a second. answer that question, ethan well, put by ford. if you want to improve the economy, why don't you get people who know how the heck to do it? >> of course, why would you appoint people like dr. ben carson to run hud who has no knowledge or experience in that area. i agree with appointing some ceos, that was the point of electing donald trump. isn't he the ceo of the country? the billionaire reality show/tv star, that is now our president in a couple of weeks here. everybody would have to be a ceo? does everyone having to a general? >> only half the cabinet has been appointed and we have three generals, one in the position of the secretary of defense, another in the department of homeland security and the other is the national security adviser, that seems to fit the hand like a glove. i don't know w"washington post" this. i get it here. it's all about a progressive dog whistle, that is if we have too many generals, we're going to be warmongers.
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>> are we a civilian run country or military junta. >> great point. great point. trish: hang on, one at a time, ford, ford, fire back. >> one-third of our presidents have actually been generals. i don't know why you guys come up with. this you are playing whatever game you want to play to scare people. at the end of the day, the decisions and the buck stop with donald trump and he wants to surround himself with people who have expertise in the areas. trish: we got a lot of people on the list for potential secretary of state. you know, it feels as though why not me at this point? we got a lot of different people, right, out there? one after another. what do you think the method to his madness is here, ford? is he in some ways trying to create some excitement or perhaps just wanting legitimately to talk to as mean people as he possibly can because you have a diverse set of folks, i disagree with ethan
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on this one, you get a very diverse set of folks, successful folks going in there and talking to him. ford, why so many? >> well, one is that donald trump does like to show and draw as much attention as possible. that is point one, but it can be both. i think he wants to have a diverse set of people because you were talking about at the end of the day, probably the most important cabinet position out there, and you want to hear from all sides. military people, diplomats and successful people, particularly ones that have run businesses that deal with overseas countries and companies. i think it's a smart move to get it all in there. trish: let's talk about andy puzder, he's been on this show and other networks frequently, and he consistently rails against minimum wage. here he is. let me show you a clip. >> i'm not opposed to raising the minimum wage rationally, i'm opposed to raising it to
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the point where lower skilled workers, working class americans, young people and minorities are losing the jobs they need to get on the ladder of success. $15 an hour does that. what you're hurting are working class americans. the least skilled workers who need the jobs the most. maybe there's not enough of them for economists to get upset and wrapped up. when the people lose their jobs, they feel affected, and those are the americans that republicans are trying to help. trish: andy is a very smart man, and i got to hand it to trump on this one. i think that he really put someone in that spot who understands really what is at stake for low skilled workers in this economy. andy has run a number of fast food, successful fast food businesses, ford? >> he absolutely has, and there's a great merit here. what a lot of people don't understand is a lot of the fast
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food businesses are individual franchises, when you drive the minimum wage up to $15 an hour, you're going to raise costs and not hire as many people. the point of the low skilled jobs is to get them to move on and when we're creating a $15 minimum wage, what's going to wind up happening is not many people move on and we'll wind up with unemployment. trish: ford, ethan, we'll leave it there. thank you so much. the local president of the united steelworkers union is calling donald trump a liar regarding the job saving deal with the company. here he is with neil cavuto, watch. >> donald trump and governor pence are taking credit for 350 jobs that are research and development jobs that were staying here in indianapolis from the start when. carrier announced the closedown of the facility originally, they made it perfectly clear to announce the research and development jobs of 350 people were staying here and they want to take credit for them again.
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trish: trump blasted him on twitter who said -- regardless of the number, whether it's 800 or 1100 jobs, you're talking about hundreds of people, men and women that get to keep their jobs. pretty good christmas present, right? isn't that what matters? jones did add he's grateful for the jobs that trump saved, but calling the president-elect a liar, well, you know, doesn't go over so well with him. joining me the "national review" editor rich lowry. good to see you. what i find amazing is you've got all these union workers that voted for trump, but the union bosses didn't, nor did they spend money helping trump to campaign. they were in hillary's camp. what are we seeing here between this disconnect between the union bosses and the people in the union? >> the union stricters and the
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way the unions have been parasites on the rust belt companies have helped destroy u.s. manufacturing. i don't think trump should punch down like this, you know, he should let surrogates do it and the dispute is that 800 or a thousand jobs is a rounding sxrr doesn't matter for anyone. the big change that trump is trying to make in the republican party is make it the party of workers again, that's been the point of his entire campaign in the early weeks here, the carrier deal, slapping at boeing, slapping at other companies. trish: we think about that, right? conservatives for so long and in recent history seen as the party of the elite which i've never gotten by the way. when you look at pure economics here, i think conservatives with less regulation and lower taxes really do represent the people, but somehow that message would get so convoluted and the left turned it into the elites that's changing right before our eyes.
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>> yes, since the new deal, the republican party's image is they're the party of big business and wall street, and in the course of a couple of tweets, donald trump has done more to change that than the party has in a generation, and i think you are going to see an interesting marriage between traditional republican economics, we're going to cut taxes, deregulate and make the economy grow, with trump's populism which is focused on trying to make a tighter labor force by tightening up on outsourcing and tightening up immigration. trish: you and i have talked about this before, you think we have exploited our workers by allowing this international, global workforce to come here and take american jobs. >> right, i think republicans have not focused enough on wages, and the fact is you can have a gdp growing technically by bringing more people in, because the labor force gets bigger and the number increases. at the same time, you're competing with american workers who are already here and
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reducing their wages or putting downward pressure on their wages. trump has a different way of looking at it. he doesn't look at it as consumers or budding entrepreneurs, necessarily, he looks at most americans as workers who care about paycheck. trish: take that a step further, i can buy strawberries for $4 a pint. if suddenly every worker is legal and paid minimum wage to pick the strawberries, the price of strawberries goes up, but maybe that's okay because in general people are making more. >> trump's view is the paycheck is more important ultimately than the lower price at supermarket. there are two different ways of looking at it, but this is where he's coming from. trish: it's very, very interesting. all as you said, playing out in realtime with a few tweets here and there and makes a difference. rich lowry, thank you so much. up triple digits, 106, the trump rally lives on, getting
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awfully close to the 20,000 level. we could hit it! even today! maybe not today, but soon. the mainstream media jumping all over donald trump every time he shakes things up and doesn't do things the way they're supposed to be. blasting him for violating protocol over the phone call to taiwan and threatening approach to corporate america. the media cannot deal with the president's style. howie kurtz is here on the media freakout over donald trump. he's next. i have asthma...
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. >> we're going to bring businesses back, we're going to bring our business back. >> i want to take business back from mexico. i want to take people that are leaving, like carrier. >> to bring back our jobs about, time.
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>> we're going to keep our business here, bring our business back, we're going to bring jobs back to america, folks, we're bringing jobs back to america. trish: all right! he's bringing them back. that was our president-elect promising to bring back the jobs right here to the usa while out on the campaign trail. and right now he's trying to keep that promise. so far, so good, secured companies like carrier and softbank to bring thousands of jobs into this country and the media right now are out to get him, relentlessly of accusing trump to make mistakes, trump took to twitter to say he would cancel a billion, multibillion dollar contract with boeing, caused a major stir in the liberal media. the "washington post" responded with this article, trump's unpredictable style unnerves corporate america. have they checked the stock market? have they checked it? how close are we to 20,000.
2:20 pm
looking at a rally, up 90 points, another one today. then the "new york times" which says cancel order. donald trump attacks plans for upgraded air force one, but you know all this criticism, i got to ask, is it perhaps a little misplaced? we kw, we know, and said all along, trump's style is unorthodox but it works well for him, at least thus far. joining me "mediabuzz" host howie kurtz. the "washington post," that one cracks me up saying his unpredictable style, his unnerving business, i talk business to leaders every single day, and every single one says wow, this is such a huge opportunity, an opportunity we haven't had in this economy for at least eight years, and i'll tell you, howie, the market's proving all of it right. >> but even if some of them are unnerved, so what! seems to be collective media freakout, we saw this during the campaign with trump's gut
2:21 pm
instinct, street fire style, never going to win the nomination or election, and things aren't done this way, there are procedures and protocol to follow. this happens every time he goes on twitter or calls out a company by name or critics by name, and clearly this president-elect has a different style, and the press needs to get used to it. trish: yeah, it's causing the press to work in different ways too, right? normally the president has some special press conference, it's planned, that's where he says this, that and the other. now you got to be on twitter, and as a member of the media, you got to be able to respond and shift and act accordingly to get the news out when he makes it, and he's making it, you know, right and left! >> every hour of every day sometimes seems. look, i don't have any problem with journalists questioning was this a good deal with carrier? did trump have his facts straight abo boeing and the new air force one contract, was it really $4 billion? estimates are $3 billion for two planes.
2:22 pm
that's part of what we do. it's more the reaction to his style, we saw this with the taiwan call as well, that somehow he is breaking the mold in a way that the beltway press thinks is really, really bad. it should be quiet negotiations, shouldn't be shouted out on twitter. well, this is a style that's worked for trump. now it may or may not be effective once he becomes president, but it seems like the reaction is much to his approach. trish: they want to get him, he is not who they wanted to win, they wanted hillary clinton, now feel like they're stuck with him want and to take every single opportunity they can to go after him. i mean, my goodness, the fact that the "washington post" wasted, wasted print and wasted internet space on that woman who claims her dating life is over because donald trump won and she's so depressed, her boyfriend can't stand her anymore. the idea they would publish, that howie. >> he's not only unnerving corporate america but ruining
2:23 pm
the dating lives of who knows how many women across america. i am starting to see underlying theme here. look, when trump gets a deal to save however many hundreds of jobs he saved in indiana with carrier, he ought to get credit for that. we should point it out and aggressively report on these things is get over it. every person has a difrent style, and this president has a much -- he's a real estate guy who's used to doing deals and being aggressive, and i think we should not penalize him for that, just because we don't like the way he does it. trish: our job is to be fair. we need to be fair and we are fair and we will notice his accomplishments and notice his deficits and cover it all fairly, every day. i just wish other members of the media would do so as well. i know you do, howie, and i'm going to remind the viewer, check you out on "mediabuzz" on the fox news channel at is 1:00 a.m. eastern every sunday. donald trump vowing to get rid
2:24 pm
of sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants in our country. how does he do it? can he do it? we got the "intel." >> we will end the sanctuary cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. y in her h. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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. >> that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars and we will work with congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities. trish: president-elect donald trump vowing to get rid of sanctuary cities, sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants by failing to enforce our immigration laws. i mean you're talking about immigrants who have committed crimes, that are allowed to stay in these sanctuary cities and are protected and prevented from being returned to their home country. can he do it? and how are sanctuary cities
2:28 pm
legal in the first place? joining me fox news legal analyst judge andrew napolitano, good to see you, judge. >> trish. trish: what say you? >> the supreme court has given us a couple of baselines, and e ishat the federal government cannot force the states or the municipalities thin them to enforce federal law or pay for a federal court. trish: i thought federal law trumped state law? >> right, the feds have to enforce their own law. so if the city of new york is actively hiding someone while the feds are looking for them, that is not lawful, but if the feds come knocking and say do you know where the undocumented immigrants live, the city of new york does not have to reply, and if the city of new york wants to give the undocumented immigrants as chicago is, money to pay for lawyers to resist the feds, it can do that. trish: there seems to be something inherently wrong with that. you are know, we know rahm emanuel, the mayor of chicago was there at trump tower
2:29 pm
meeting with donald trump perhap about this very issue. is there any recourse? no food stamps going chicago unless you comply. >> you can say it prospectively but not retroactively, chicago and new york and the other major cities are currently receiving federal benefits negotiated for and legislated under barack obama. they don't have the strings attached but if donald trump and a republican congress wants to say, we'll use rahm emanuel in chicago as an example. here's a billion, make it a billion and a half but you have to help us enforce federal immigration laws, and they accept the cash, they have to accept the strings. >> that's the answer, then? go to congress and say we're going to negotiate with the cities, we'll give you this if you give us this. >> he can't do it on his own. and if rahm emanuel says forget it, we're not going accept a billion and a half. they're bankrupt for cash. if he did say, that the strings would not follow. if the federal government could
2:30 pm
force the towns and cities and states to enforce its laws, the federal government could bankrupt the states and destroy their sovereignty and the constitution prevents that from happening. >> what's the upside? >> the upshot is money, the feds giving states money saying if you accept this, you agree to the strings. the supreme court said that is constitutional. trish: that's probably what's going to happen. if you are going to end sanctuary cities, we have to do it altogether. >> you're talking about that happening in late 2017 because the budget kicks in october 1st or in 2018. trish: he'll have to make a deal. that's it. judge napolitano. >> he's making deals, according to him! >> we'll see, breaking right now, update on the outage of those bloomberg terminals, traders use these things, they need them that's a platform for trading, and bloomberg is saying that the terminal functionality has been restored
2:31 pm
for most users and troubles earlier today have been resolved. you know, that's tricky if you're a trader and relying on that terminal and many, many, many traders do, one trader telling me he thought it was affecting overall numbers in the market. we're looking at a market still up 82 point. people can now trade, 19,632. getting close to 20. we'll have more later on the show. meanwhile the left and the media, again, losing their minds, thedon't know what to do right now, about donald trump, picking the head of the epa, he's a climate denier and they say the existence of our planet is at risk. it's an economic disaster, they cry. really? come on. we're going to debate it. see you here. yeah, with liberty mutual all i neededo do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you...
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trish: we are taking a peek at the life picture here coming with us now. donald trump is taking off heading to ohio. he will meet with the victims of that stabbing attack and then of course he will be moving on to des moines, iowa tonight. he will be in des moines for another one of the thank you rallies. make sure we tune in tonight. we will see what he has to say this evening. that is they have rejected he
2:36 pm
now pics attorney general scott pruitt to lead the epa. he is a friend of the fossil fuel industry. they sued the epa over the clean water act. you can imagine the left doesn't like this at all. not one single bic -- bit. >> this is certainly a four alarm fire. one of the top advisers he tweeted at the risk of being dramatic he is a threat to the planet. another former oklahoma attorney general. he's also back with me. your thoughts on this.
2:37 pm
what you think of this man in this job? >> at don't know much about your show i'm a fish out of water i want you to know but i'm here to help a friend and that friend is scott pruitt back in oklahoma we are very proud of him. i don't agree with everything he does but i know one thing we call him captain courageous because he fights for what he believes on. good leaders has to be a listener. i am proud of him and i'm sticking up for him even though i've never been in a fox studio in my whole life. >> he may have a future in this. i believe he feels very strongly that this is not the right pick ethan, let's hear
2:38 pm
your case. i will say that he is actively suing the epa repeatedly they are renowned for their economy of course. here is a problem with pruitt he has attacked the epa. he is an indication of going back. if you remember how they caught fire. do we really want to go back to those days. i will say this. we do need to look at having a broad energy policy that's not just hydrocarbons. i think one of his goals and mike i think you know him will would be to cut down on this
2:39 pm
regulation. they have made it so difficult for businesses. they have taken it to the extreme. >> you are right about one thing. he's from oklahoma. they first got six to produce oil and gas. but something it's something they use all over the world. it needs to be properly regulated. we will turn him back to you guys. when he came into office six years ago all about clean water. they f that. he comes in office does he dismiss it, no.
2:40 pm
like anybody he believes in clean water. >> is great country. he is getting a bum rap. we are crossing party lines. i wanted hillary clinton to be the first woman president of the united states. the pendulum swings back and forth. we been around that long. we see it all these years swing back and forth. i want to bring the country together. >> i want the country to get together. i say nothing happening on that front. the final word is over to
2:41 pm
mike. all we talked about was high school football. they played second base. there is a star defensive back. his daughter is going to uva. great guy great friend. you will be surprised a guy is a good listener. he is a quick study and he is a consensus builder. he will bring people together. trish: mike, thank you so much. first time for everything. i absolutely he you come back. jennifer is a great gal. he was surprised by the rise of isis. it was not on his intelligence radar screen.
2:42 pm
this is the president who in 2014 referred isis at the jv team. this is just not on his radar screen. given this administration's inability to deal with terrorism is it any wonder that he is piqued with three military generals.
2:43 pm
2:44 pm
trish: check out these markets. in the grain by 62 points. we get a few stocks moving here on earnings today. lulu lemon soaring today. the long-term mortgage rates they are climbing for the sixth straight week. no surprise there. freddie mac said the average rate jumps this week to 4.13%. this marks new highs for the year. you can anticipate those. they meet next week and the expectation this for a quarter-point hike. we will be right back. he admitted he never quite understood the threat of isis. stay here.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
trish: and other record-breaking day for these markets with the dow nearing down. it's still up about 50 points and take a look at that everyone. but then 400 points about 20,000. a lot of people think it's can happen before year end. joining meet with some of their thoughts right now he's been talking to all of the key investors out there. people are saying the train
2:47 pm
has left the station. we are seeing a lot of optimism right now. and how that can free up business in a way that we just haven't seen. it's the optimism. it's almost like we took that slow meltdown. the question i hear now being asked is a getting ahead of itself. and it has created this. they really incentivize business to expand. they kept a lot of businesses from doing any hiring at all. letting more people go. the potential is tremendous. they published a headline basically after the news of dold trump calling out
2:48 pm
boeing. they said that it's making a corporate america nervous. i think corporate america is very nervous when there watching us stock prices continuing to move. a new day has literally donned for us. i go back to that night immediately after the result was cleared that the futures dropped eight or 900 points. it's can be armageddon. i'm a smart money was buying right there. especially when they were running away. who is ever smart enough that night. there seems to be this tremendous relief that hillary clinton is not president because it would have guaranteed discontinuation of the status quo it would've meant more regulation for businesses. and now not only is he have
2:49 pm
other whole shebang here's a house in the senate. we have not had that. stuck in this malaise. i think what also really helped him building the confidence. people have been out to the real world. and had to face very difficult situations. how wonderful is it that we have those types of people they are proven proving the successes. and we just hope that they can better bring a little bit of that success to our american economy. we will be right back with more. ♪
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his administration. >> the ability of heisel to initiate major land offenses that was not on my intelligence radar screen. >> remember back in 2014 he told the new york magazine regarding isis that the analogy that we used around here the estimation was one of the reasons behind the success. they vowed to destroy isis. so he's tapping and right now to a whole handful of generals that will do just that. good to see you here. what do you think of his
2:54 pm
admission here. it just wasn't on the radar screen. i think frankly it was pretty much obvious. we left it in total disarray and chaos. my what you think that a group like isis could evolve out of what was left behind. >> it was a disgusting take your commander in chief say this out loud first of all every intelligence agency have basically implied or suggested or told us that al qaeda is not gone they had been pushed back but they were not destroyed or removed. he was born in 2007. he made a statement that we do not want to underestimate the powers of this islamic jihadist. it would take over iraq. anybody who has studied worker knows you did not evacuate and
2:55 pm
then decide that everything is fine. on be fueled and empowered it just it's just obscene to me. they even said this out loud. trish: how different what things be now? what do you anticipate? >> all of these generals are very will informed and had pushed back on president obama and that is probably the first reason why he is so impressed with them. they all said on one level or another it is an incredible threat. our border security or whether there is a definite threat. we people in the defense department now that are very tough leaders and hopefully he will get confirmed. congress would be to be insane to not confirm this man. nobody understands the enemy better. hopefully they will be the
2:56 pm
greatest team to get this country safe again. thank you very much. hopefully everything will be on donald trump's radar screen. we won't be right back. -- we will be right back. family road trip! fun! check engine. not fun! but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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>> president-elect donald trump is continuing his celebration tonight. the third stop on his thank you to her is des moines iowa. a special extended edition tonight. it all starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern followed by kennedy. tonight at 9:00 p.m. make sure you tune in. we are continuing to watch a market that is rallying ahead. now up 72 points. we may see 20,000 within the next few days here. the markets have been on quite a tear.
3:00 pm
on a personal note i want to wish a very happy birthday to my two little girls elizabeth and alexandra who turned seven years old today. i love you so much. you can have a wonderful celebration tonight. liz, take it into the close. liz: donald trump's plane just took off from laguardia airport for columbus, ohio. after that terror attack. then he will jet offer a big thank you to her in des moines. what once seemed like a pipe dream was a very possible reality. we are less than 500 points away from that 20,000 level right now. all five indices are racing to record close. you must stay with me through this


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