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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EST

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lou: if you can accept that metaphor at trump tower. that's it for us tonight, us tomorrow for special coverage of trump's thank you tour in hershey, pennsylvania. kennedy: another crazy twist in the collector saga. will more sides switch before this monday's deadline? bernie sanders claims he knows why donald trump won last month. people are sick of p.c. culture. is he right? have you heard about uber's crazy new rules for passengers. no touching and flirting. hop on in, it's time to ride. with another trump cabinet nomination in place, hand ringing worrywarts are up in
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arms over several post picks. and rick perry has the chattering class con found. he once spoke inarticulately about wanting to demolish several government agencies including the one he has been appointed to run. i have some reservations with some of these cabinet picks, including jeff sessions. but i have a problem with people being stewards of agencies they deplore. hupped and the epa are the real deplorables. take georgia representative tom price. he's answer orthopedic surgeon so violently opposed to obamacare he spent last six years in a surgical residency
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trying to discover how to destroy the healthcare law. can there be anything more effective champion to reduce poster child government below the than a guy who wants to turn it into a thin and mean machine? scott prove it said the american people are tired of seeing billions of gallon dollars drained from our economy to do unnecessary regulations. that active come tempt is one of the opposite things that can reverse the damage done through regulations. betsy devoss loves charter schools and school choice, and that's music to the ears to parents whose children are trapped in schools with teachers who care more about tenure and
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pensions. she is called the most ideological anti-education nominee since the department of ed started it' it's -- if the largest teachers o is against her, that's good. it's not all sunshine with these nominees. but we have to celebrate the bright spots where we can and encourage liberty that comes from too much government for far too long. you are my silver lining and i'm kennedy. donald trump won't legally be the president until january 20. but political shenanigans could snaimpt away.
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harvard president is offering free legal advice to electors who want to dump trump. let me ask my shock absorbent party and what happens next. gavin mcbegi mcginnis is here. , and sandra smith. let me ask you. i interviewed one of these gies couple weeks agene calls himself a hamilton aelectric tear. this year it's all about hamilton. it's a phenomenon.
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>> we can begin the to what a hamilton elect is being loosely defined as someone who votes their conscience. and most of them are not sucking they will vote for hillary clinton. they will vote for somebody like john kasich which denies donald trump the 270, but still doesn't elect hillary clinton. fun it happens, each state's secretary of state could refuels the certify the vote which holds up the vote in congress which if it was held up long enough, it we end th -- would send the voto congress. kennedy: it's like beingn a national park and having every single trail go down hill. the worry should be for democrats if this reverses itself democrats could do the same thing and influencing
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things that might be on the fence. >> remember before the election cnn was saying you can never contest the election. think of your children, donald trump. do you want them to live in america where we don't trust democracy. now the same sane cores are completely flipping. let's tell them it's very likely hillary will become president. it was fun watching them melt down on february 10. get their hopes up again and boom have a meltdown. kennedy: for people who are dismissive of this, it's getting cruel. they are twist the knife on the left. sandra, is this the future much politics? is this what we are going to do? are we going to ignore the outcome and influence it in our way. sandra: your people supplied me
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some good research for this show. sow they reached out to as many republican electors as they could. all of them said they will vote enthusiastically for donald trump. some of them got witty about it. i appreciate everybody that is exercising their first amendment right, but i'm obligated to support trump because he won florida another one said i love the guy and i want him to be president. it's working completely against the democrats' initiative it's making a stronger case for the relationship cans and stronger case for trump and those that voted for him. kennedy: the harvard professor said he would raise the money in a kickstarter campaign. e raised the money but didn't run. i think he has a brian williams fake memories. >> how does he have the contact
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infor all these electors? >> shouldn't he be grading papers? it appears we have an early frontrunner for the 2024 presidential race. it's kanye west. just yesterday he visited donald trump and reportedly discussed some sort of entrepreneurial ambassadorship which is code for nothing. then he used #2024. whatdoesthisproveaboutkanyeand al whatdoesthisproveaboutkanyeandal whatdoesthisproveaboutkanyeandao whatdoesthisproveaboutkanyeandag einsacramentoanddidwhat? >>hesaysthatbeyonceispoliticking toomuch. sheisthevirginmaryofpopculture. hesaysiwouldhavevotedtrump.
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hehasbeensayingday. he has been saying crazy stuff since day one. then he says i support trump. he's in a gurney being shipped to a mental institution. that's what we love about him. it's like's a performance artist. then he says the wrong thing. he says he was kidnapped and sent to a thought policing camp. sandra: a few days after he said those comments that he had not voted but if he had he would have voted for trump. he said it's a new world, hillary clinton. feeling matter. supporting the trump victory and saying why it happened. he's willing to go somewhere where president obama has shown he's not willing to go. that's talking about violence in
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chicago. he said people are numb to violence and numb to 500 people getting killed in chicago every year. he's in there with trump talking about these issues. kennedy: he was also talking about bullying. a lot of people are laughing about it. 2024, ken ye, kanye west will ne president. >> i was wrong about everything the last two years and i won't be wrong again. kanye is wildly popular an hasn't indicated which party he's a part of. by deferring to trump for 8 years i would assume he would be trying to get in on team red. kennedy: i want to thank the panel. we'll see you later. there is top of discuss. in the meantime it appears donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. they are buddy, buddy now.
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but during the campaign ryan kept trump at arm's length. in return trump occasionally bashed ryan on twitter. but last night he had nothing but praise to lavish on the house speaker. >> he has been terrific. he's like a fine wine. he day goes by, i get the appreciate his genius more and more. kennedy: drink up buttercup. with me now its dana perino. it's like a fine wine. drinking in the genius of paul ryan. >> what funny about that is donald trump doesn't drink. kennedy: that's a good point. how would he know what fine wine tastes like. >> i think what happened is they obviously need each other. this is a necessary relationship.
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but also, ryan has come to terms with the fact he's not running in 2020. that's why a lot of it he kept trump at arm's length during the election because he wanted to preserve his own election. >> i don't think so. he didn't even want to be speaker of the house. but that was the role he was pushed into and decided to take it. this ways happens in politics. it's a lesson we should all remember. one of the most important qualities in leadership is the ability to forgive. if you think about the things politicians say about each other during a primary, now all of a sudden they work together. this happens in politics. i was impressed by their ability to let things go. but remember there was a warning in what donald trump said yesterday.
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if he goes against me, i'm not going to be saying this. everybody gets that now. kennedy: it always comes with a caveat. it's interesting to see how both of them are going to lead because they will have different leadership styles. mitch mcconnell was talking about how there is no way donald trump can spend $1 million on infrastructure the next four years and cut taxes at the same time. paul ryan is someone known for being data driven. when do you think this rosie relationship will come to an end. >> i think they can get a lot of policy don't first 100 days because the democrats are in complete disarray mostly because the democrats have not figured out how to go against the republicans at this point. they are flailing and donald trump is leaving them in the dust when it comes to that
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aspect of it. i would give it a little bit of time. but this government will be tested. er government is. every administration is. to have a united government with republicans and democrats in the seat of power but across the country, that's really big. kennedy: it can be disastrous. my worry is the limited government approach. are they just going to find new ways to spend money regardless of mitch mcconnell's warnings? they want to go back to their districts and say look what i delivered for you. >> as a person that worked for george w. bush and the knock against him bother republicans was he was too big a spender. now you have donald trump, this popular president-elect who says i will double it but i'll be able to get a rate of return on it. but when it gets down to brass tacks and you have to put those
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numbers to paper, it gets harder. kennedy: i hope it gets harder and they figure out, i have got a whole analogy about family vacation. i want to talk about this new fox news poll. 5% of respondent say donald trump is more of a divider. 42% say he's a uniter. are you surprised by that or is that closer than you thought? >> i think it's about right. if you think about the election, it was five weeks ago. that matches up closely with what the final tally was on election day. this poll is a random poll. so actually probably not too bad if you are donald trump. i think the numbers were worse going into the election. the transition has been pretty smooth. he's having a nice honeymoon at the moment. kennedy: definitely keeping things interesting at trump tower.
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we'll see who goes through there next week. >> then the hard work starts. the governing. but they have a nice transition and nice honeymoon. it's fun in some ways to watch people have a good time. i like seeing that. ' everybody is so happy from florida to texas, to california and wyoming. south carolina, they are happy. kennedy: if i don't see you before, have a merry christmas. coming up, the left has all sorts of explaining to do with how trump won. bernie sanders has a different take and it's a slap in the face to a lot of liberals. to a lot of liberals. find out what he says, stay with
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ways wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. >> what pushed donald trump over the hump in the election. the left has all sort of theories. and fake news tricking the masses. bernie sanders, the leftiest of the left has a different opinion.
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>> i think he said he will not be politically correct. i think he said some outrageous and painful thing, but i think people are tiefortd same old political rhetoric, and they believe he was speaking from his heart, and willing to take on everybody. kennedy: did political correctness fuel donald trump's insurgents? so robbie, you have written about this quite a bit in the last few weeks. was bernie sanders right? was a p.c. backlash responsible for donald trump's aseaso donal? >> i think he was right. people write to me and say i voted for trump exactly for that reason. i felt like the media,
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mainstream liberals are telling me i'm racist and ignorant and i'm not. i was lashing out to teach them a lesson for ignoring my needs as a white working class. nnedy: the left has done a poor job defining the terms they use. and they throw around terms like race and racism so lightly that they no longer mean anything. you talk about political correctness. and you ask the question, what else it exactly? it's actually harder to define than we think. is it like pornography, you know it when you see it? >> i think it's paying a social cost for something, an informal censorship. we have to consider whether if in all case it's appropriate for people to bear this tremendous
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social consequence for not being as smart as ivy league educated, coastal liberal bubble people. should everyone suffer harm for not being like certain people who lead the democratic party? i think that was part of the reason people came to montreal because he explicitly talked about that. he was an icon of resistance. kennedy: the democratic party, they still suffer from a lack of self-arareness. i'm shocked they -- lack of self-awareness. i'm shocked they voted for nancy pelosi to be their leader. if you talk about the bubble, not understanding what people are going through and rebelling against, why are you re-electing somebody who embodied that. >> bernie sanders was talking about identity politics is not enough. it's not enough to just elect a
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woman or person of color for having the right views. a democratic operative said bernie sanders might be a white supremacist. if that's your world view, you are going to lose forever. kennedy: that's what i'm talking about, they throw around terms that are serious but become meaningless, and that's how you become irrelevant. but not you, robbie. come to new york and join the panel. >> it would be a pleasure. kennedy: your love life is about to get doused with cold water. gregg gut femed joins me to explain. and he is hot under the collar. stay put.
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kennedy: uber band passengers from touching, flirting and having sex in their cars. that's obvious. fluids and yuck.
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but how do you ban flirting? if the driver decides the passengers are flirting or catches them touching. they could lose their accounts or get bad ratings. uber has not even announced what counts as flirting. but i know who knows what that is. he's the host of the greg gutfeld show, and co-host of "the five." is this the beginning of sharia law in this country? >> i think so. i agree with this. i believe uber, it should be total silence. i don't need to listen to your cool music. don't offer me a mint. this is not a lightning-term relationship. this is all going to go away. they are launching driverless cars today. so this is gone. the scarier part about the
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future is that cars are morally superior to humans. they will start make better decisions than we'll make and there will be lives saved so we'll just become drunks. but you know what? human beings will be the bullies. this is actually going to happen. kennedy: grizzly bears and sharks hate us. >> now cars will. cars will try to make decisions. but human becomes by stepping in front of the car cause the cars to make a moral decision. kennedy: is there an algorithm to decide whether the person is attractive. >> do you want an algorithm to decide if the car is racist? kennedy: federal safety guidelines have been regulating
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seesaws since the 80s. these catapults for lightweight children. >> they should call them don't seesaw. >> see saws should be band. how do they work? it requires two people. it's bigoted against the friendless. when i was a child alone coming to a play grounds and look at at seesaw thinking my imaginary playmate will not keep that down. so i would sit on the seesaw and wait for a stranger. sometimes it was a friendly trained hopping hobo. an had a cigar and was always
12:32 am
telling me great stories while we heated milk in a tin. kennedy: was he also mr. octopus? he had 8 hands and they were never in the right spot. kennedy: we need to bring back lawn darts. >> lawn darts got a bad wrap. playgrounds are going away because kids don't like the idea of outside. outside is bad, inside is good. kennedy: they interviewed all these adults and said what were your favorite things to do as a kid. and it was fishing and the tram poa lean. >> my favorite thing was to try to get back inside because my parents the. necessity would drive me far far away and say, gregg, improve your running skills. then they would drive off.
12:33 am
kennedy: thank you for being here tonight. >> it's my pleasure. happy to lend 8 hands to your lovely show. coming up an intremendous mid group of americans pushing for the united states to get some behind some bogie vote face. finds out the name our next naval flagship. we live in a pick and choose world.
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kennedy: last mott british floated a poll to name area latest boat. a white house petition is calling for our next warship to be christened the u.s.s. deplorable. anthony fisher. sandra, i think this is official. you want to be deployed on this ship? sandra: i take this very seriously.
12:38 am
i would like to go back to the george washington days of naming these ships based on inspiration from the constitution. i think it's hilarious, though. i don't think it will happen. i think they have to reach something like -- they only got a few signatures. >> you have to get 100,000 before the white house takes the petition seriously. is it too political? >> it should be the u.s.s. deplorable. >> we have been drawing stuff on bombs forever. so why not put a little pepe on there. >> i would have a winning o.d. if they need a defibrillator. you know when you stands up so fast and you see stars? i have been doing that since november 10.
12:39 am
kennedy: do i that from low blood pressure. i like this trend. i think the more public we can make -- >> wet inevitable showdown in the strait of the hormuz happens. what is going to scare the hell out of the iranian fleet more than naming a boat after trolls. s require tops honor the citizens who rose up to defend the constitution from the globalists. you could make a case of this. >> russia and the f.b.i., it shows the deplorable line was the one that turned people off most. >> it's so pro found. we had it her for being an arils to krat. we hate the class system. and for her to call us deplorable. when that's why we kicked the
12:40 am
british out. kennedy: that's why we have gavin here. he's scoisht ande quotes steinbeck. >> we lost alan thicke. like gavin he was born in canada. >> life is reprehensible. this is your job, this is your gift and that is bold. ken are's said to have suffered a heart attack while playing hockey with his son carter. he was only 69 years old. he was a great conversationalist and i was star struck talking to him and struck by how vital he was. i was sad to hear about that. gavin, you talked about dads on tv being reduced to schlubs.
12:41 am
where did you see dr. jason? >> he went back to "leave it to beaver day" before we became buffoons. hockey is way heard than you think it is. you go in and within three seconds you want to die. >> i played hockey. it terrifies me. i'm trying to stay fit. kennedy: and not an out of shape 69-year-old. this is a really vital guy who played hockey for decades. >> he was a songwriter of note and talk show host. he was one of many who got annihilated by johnny carson in the 80s. kennedy: and he's survived by his three sons.
12:42 am
so sad story there, but he was wonderful to watch. when you watch that clip from the "growing pains" sitcom, didn't it make you warm and what i loved was they had a character named boner. what a wonderful note to end on. thank you, handsome. anthony gavin and. sandra: , thank you. a new app is aiming to take the awkwardness out of meeting people. and you don't have to drink first to sign up and party. check it out next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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kennedy: a new app aims to help us form social groups. particularly if you are heading to a holiday party.
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let me welcome the founder of the crown. matt, robert, welcome. so i want to ask you about this. this is interesting. we see all sorts of apps or network and dating and same-sex dating. but this is meeting people in groups. did you find there was a dearth in the market? >> absolutely. you can meet new people with your friend by you're side. everything forces you to meet people one-on-one. how we came with the idea, we came up with focus groups. think that kept being brought up was they all used these apps, but it's very unsafe. so everyone goes on groups and
12:48 am
it's a lot more natural and fun. kennedy: is it like a group dating app? is it a way for people to people with their friend around? >> absolutely. from the time we start school, you are always in your click. you are with your playmate and then your soulmate. all through life you never do anything alone. kennedy: we are social animals. there is safety in numbers. it takes the awkwardness out of going out. all the other apps drive you to go out by yourself. >> you sign up, create your group. so facebook is considered the gold standard for authenticity. you send them through facebook, invite your friend in your group and you get put in a group to group chat and you make plans
12:49 am
for everyone to meet up. >> this would be great for protesting. if you wanted to meet like-minded political activists, you use klique and you all meet up in the same place at the same time. kennedy: or you could have a flash mob. have you found an application for that. everyone can learn the "thriller" choreography, then you meet up in the mall and make the 11:00 news? i think this is fantastic and wonderful especially for the holidays so people can go out and find each other without finding the creeps. >> absolutely. and your friend become my friend tonight. thank you so much. coming up, should the federal government regulate how much steroid we can take?
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kennedy: when you wake up in a bath up full of ice and you think someone stole your kid any and you can't stop screaming, the fortune green energy has been passed from solyndra to a new and unexpected source. children.
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watch how these out of the box thinkers came with a renewable energy source fuel for propulsion. there he goes. now keep in mind this guy is just extraling the dog. but still clever use of roller blades. did you know that dogs are also spearheading new novel forms of transportation themselves like skateboarding? riding bicycles? there he guess. he's quite good at it. of course scooterring. using other animals as a clean
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energy fuel source, here we go, is he crack his back? he wears a furry little mask. he said it's therapeutic. somewherwe all know archeologisd their time digging in the dirt for dinosaur bones. we also know how birthday clowns spend their days digging in the dirt in hopes of finding old balloons, malt liquor. but they when combine their powers, they get this. so it' not a real dinosaur skeleton. but some our experts determined
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those are real balloons, and that guy is real greeking weird. he's a world balloon modeling champion. think about the balloon modelers who lost that contest. this type of dinosaur that balances on the edge of authenticity and whimsy reminds me of the afternoon i watched "godzilla" while on back pain medication before seeing the chiropractor. it started out a great day. topic number 3. guys, we can make life beautiful. we don't have to live in a mundane world. i always said that. look what some bad ass friend' artist conducted using an old cement mixer. that is repurposed disco at its
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finest. i haven't seen a cement mixer that talented. how by the? how about we jazz up life and get a little disco into your world. maybe the next big sensation could come out of oklahoma's agricultural sector. it was once oklahoma's biggest export until he went to prison for murdering a club kid. how did santa have the stamina for deliver the presents to the good boys and girls of the world? jolly old st. knick is simply
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ripped. >> are you ready? go! ho-ho-ho. kennedy: that's chris village. he mascarades with his goal of being the strongest santa. last year when santa visited my house he ate half the stuff in the fridge and he drank everything in the liquor cabinet. >> i only had a couple beers. topic number 5. i think we can all agree christmas is the best time for pranks. but be careful about pranking
12:59 am
cats and they will turn your trickery against you as this cad did. his owner tried the old plastic wrap pack the doorway gag. oh, that is quite a tumble. that young woman broke her hip and was devoured by that obese cat. thanks for watching the show. use #topicalstorm. you can find a lot of video on kennedyfbn. hate mail thursday is tomorrow and we'll be on at a special time. 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 in the west. my guests will absolute
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legendary john stossel and always interesting dave murks staine. i'll see you >> announcer: the following paid presentation is proudly sponsored by samsung, delivering you innovation and technology and quality connec electronics, appliances, televisions, computers, and tablets. samsung -- bring it home. how would you like to come home to a house that is freshand clean? it just feels brighter and fresher. how would you feel about your home if it always seemed housekeeping just left? happy? relaxed? how about if your carpet and floors were vacuumed automatically or even on-demand? the future is here. >> as a mom and as a woman who's in charge of keeping her house clean and tidy, you definitely need one of these. i mean, you can turn it on, you can leave the house, and you can return home and your house is


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