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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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about 19,851 and some change. we're waiting for couple things. word out of the white us president obama likely doing a big ol' press conference. likely his final one. could come tomorrow. we're minutes away, seconds away, john kerry outlining a plan of some sort regarding syria. whether disruption in the bombing to allow refugees to get out. we don't know. to trish regan. trish: thank you so much. we're watching 20,000. it could happen. thank you, neil. we have major controversy whether russia interfered with our elections. house republicans are furious that intelligence officials are refusing to answer their questions to get things straight and democrats clinging to hope that somehow they get hillary clinton into the white house in january. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." we're watching for 20-k. members of the house intelligence committee are refusing to show up for briefing, i should say intelligence committee is
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receiving to show up to the briefing by house intelligence request about whether or not interfered with our election some way. so why aren't intelligence officials showing up? why aren't they willing to set the record straight. as you know, democrats seizing on this issue, if it is not sexism, if it is not racism, if it is not james comey, it must be vla putin, right? that must be theeason why hillary clinton lost the election. when it comes to the left it is always someone else's fault, right? victimization politics. we're on it. first back to the investigation itself. blake burman is here. he fills us in on all the details. hey there, blake. reporter: hi, trish. important to note at top members of the house intelligence committee appeared to fly back to washington, d.c., on the holiday break to get the latest intelligence briefing on alleged russian interference in the november election. they were hoping to hear from the fbi, cia, nsa, and the office of the director of
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national intelligence however that meeting never took place as the intelligence agencies refused to provide briefers. i was told by a top aide on the committee. i was told request were made to all four of the agencies on tuesday and the cia declined saying it was too busy working on the president's review. the other three agencies had not responded as of last night. very likely following the cia's lead. after meeting with the president-elect, trump tower today, committee member peter king called this, quote, a disgrace. watch. >> couldn't they at least find the time to tell the president-elect, number two, tell the house committee on intelligence which is in charge of this? reporter: trish i'm told the committee will still try to get this meeting set up and both republicans and democrats on the committee had expressed their desire for this briefing, trish? trish: thank you so much, blake. keep us posted. russia, the latest excuse of course for democrats that
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they're citing as the reason why they lost at the polls in this election. this here as the left makes a last-ditch effort to get republican electors not to give their vote on monday when the electoral college formally votes. electors around the country say they have been harassed with a barrage of emails, phone calls, letters, even death threats, all in an effort to block trump's victory. joining me right nowepublica strategist ford o'connell, democratic ohio state senator capri cafaro. capri, this will work if you threaten people enough they won't vote the way they're supposed to? >> well i guess, just the last hail mary of 2016. if this election couldn't get anymore weird we officially jumped the shark. i think there are two issues at play, trish. one is this elector issue. the other is the issue of russian hacking. there already been bipartisan calls for an investigation whether it's
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order or through some kind of a 9/11 commission kind of hearing to look into whether or not russia somehow interfered in our democratic process. i think that is certainly appropriate. if electors themselves wanted to reach out and ask for additional information in order to make a judgment, that is another thing. if they want to get -- trish: that is reasonable. here's the problem though, by saying that russia interfered in our election, saying russia somehow influenced outcome of this election ford, that is a big, big statement. i think a lot of people have interpreted that to mean, oh gosh, russia actually manipulated votes. that is not what is being said. >> you're exactly right, trish. not one intelligence agency said the voting system has been compromised. the intelligence agencies can't even agree on the source of the alleged campaign-related hacking nor can they agree on the purpose of this of the fact hillary clinton lost because she ran a bad campaign. she was smug about her chances of winning.
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russians didn't tell her to set up private server. the russians didn't tell her to call half of americans racist. and not to avoid rust belt. democrats are grasping at straus and they can't accept the fact that donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. trish: victimization of left. always someone else's fault. absolute refusal to take ownership and any kind of responsibility. if it is not comey, it is russians. if it is not sexism, it is something else. you name it. they have got an excuse for it. go ahead, capri. >> trish, if we continue to do that we're going to continue to lose. if we don't have an internal reflection on our strengths and weaknesses, how we lost our way as a democratic party, why we have been unsuccessful connecting to huge parts of the american electorate, including my own people in the state of ohio, if we don't continue to focus on an economic message, we
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are going to continue to lose. we need to do soul-searching who we are rather than doing this blame game i agree with that. >> capri, good point but there is something far more sinister at play. welcome to intolerance of the ever so tolerant left. you're undermining bedrock of our republic which is fair elections and unfortunately undermining potential for future elections pushing this stuff around. trish: there is a narrative out there, it is all about blaming someone else as opposed to saying we should have worked a little harder, we should to try to be more empathetic to the economic challenges many in the rust belt are facing. instead it is russia or comey. here is harry reid today. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i think this is, this is out in the open now and i think that it's about time that comey acknowledge publicly what a disservice he has rendered to our country.
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he became such a partisan that he should become the new chair of the rnc. trish: was he partisan ford or trying to do what was right? this was no-win situation if you recall. >> if was absolutely no-win situation for james comey. what is absolutely hilarious what a partisan harry reid is. he lied about mitt romney taxes. did so gleefully. whatever he does it he winds up being propaganda minister of democratic party. trish: fortunately for you and other democrats capri, he is on his way out. you have nancy pelosi there. >> chuck schumer. trish: joe biden, who you like. he is getting up there in age, talking about potentially running for president four years from now. where is the new blood? besides you? >> it is really good question. again incredibly frustrating, if we don't make significant changes, for example, i think democrats need to work in some way, shape or form with a 50-state strategy on redistricting reform across the country.
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if we do not have competitive districts we'll not be able to bring in strong voices that actually are going to be in the middle and have an opportunity for us to reform this party. i also think that the dnc debacle of who will run the dnc is going in the wrong direction too. trish: keith ellison is not who you need. not where the country is. >> exactly. i think we're really missing the mark. if we do in the really change, if we don't look inside of ourselves, really take a deep look, who we are, what our values are, how we connect with the rest of the country, we'll continue to lose. we'll not be able to recruit credible candidates. trish: i don't think people are really going to start to change until they hear enough. they're using victimization. >> it is frustrating. trish: demonize the presidency of donald trump. they're working consistently to try to undermine him. ford, leave it there. we have a lot to talk about. bernie sanders putting blame for
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dems losses of all things political correctness. like we said if it is not one thing it is another. here he is saying i think he, meaning trump, said outrageous and painful things. people are tired of the same old politically-correct rhetoric and speaking from his heart and willing to take on everybody. sanders said his victory is due to media's obsession with political correctness. look at the story that made national news. a muslim woman in new york said she was attacd by three trump supporters in subway. they ripped off her headscarf and called her a terrorist. the media, you know what? they ate this up. they loved this story. those on left, mainstream media, because of course, to them trump supporters must be racist, right? this was reinforcing the thesis they had already developed. well guess what? it turns out this woman made the entire story up. she lied. wonder if the media and left
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will be covering that? joining me from the washington examiner, michael barone. good to see you again. >> good afternoon. trish: i actually think bernie sanders is on to something here. the political correct craziness, if you would, that is out there right now has really cost the dems something and people are saying okay, enough. we want a little common sense. forget the pc stuff? >> i think, i think the pc stuff definitely cost democrats something. accounts i think for a lost appeal of donald trump. many people on press including me were saying oh, my gosh he can't possibly say that. this will be -- everybody will reject him, all the newspapers will criticize him. turned out rebounded to his advantage and cemented allegiance of his core of voters to his candida sy. -- candidacy. these things going on campus after donald trump won. they arrange rooms where they
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can mourn and stuffed toys and playdoh who are college students who are adults! trish: safe spaces. happening during the election itself. we did a lot of coverage, michael, where college campuses would not allow a trump sign to even be posted. aren't these supposed to be places where you can have a freedom of thought? why do they want to enable that? >> the answer is gone exactly the other direction. colleges have become, universities have become the least-tolerant, most close-minded, most restrictive speech, parts of our society. and it's become almost a laughingstock. one of my big causes is the foundation for individual rights and education, fire, f-i-r-e. they track speech codes in dam pus. because of their work we have repeals of speech codes.
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you have sometimes speakers are shouted down because they're not politically correct. while the little special snowflakes retreat to the safe room and pet their stuffed animals and play with playdoh. trish: play with playdoh. my goodness. what kind of kids are we turning out, right? it perpetuates itself. michael -- >> contrast with the 18-year-olds that enlist in the military, which ones represent america better and better open men for our future? i leave that to you and your viewers. trish: hour scary that the left is grasping at straus finding some way to delegitimatize and undermined the next president of the united states? i talk to fairly educated people on the left that don't think he will be president. >> there is column e.j. dionne in the post-today. he has gone off the rails. they're attempting something if
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it should succeed will be coup d'etat. it will not come close to succeeding. it makes them look foolish. i wrote a column in the "washington examiner," saying free advice to the democrats. one of my advice that supreme court justice lewis brandeis in 1930s. get out of washington of the go back to your home. what i say democrats, go out and run for office. you ought to get involved. you ought to be trying to learn from rather than instruct the people in your hometown or the place where you set down roots. you ought to be learning from them rather than instructing them. trish: here's the problem with that, michael. requires them actually doing something. it's so much easier to sit back say it is someone else's fault. it is someone else's fault she wasn't elected. someone else's fault that i'm not doing as well in life that i thought i should. there, that and other. that is entire problem with the party. they have to do self reflection
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and owning up to their own mistakes. >> if they want to find out why they lost the election, the first step is get a good mirror. trish: michael, always good to see you. >> good to see you. trish: donald trump firing back today against hostile media, this time targeting "vanity fair" magazine. the magazine of course losing its mind over trump's use of twitter. let me ask you, can you blame him? do you roll over and play he dead when you're getting attacked? reporter from "politico" sent out a disgusting and vial tweet insinuating an inappropriate sexual relationship between donald trump and his daughter ivanka. this is disgusting. howie kurtz with very latest on media's war with trump. that's next.
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trish: donald trump blasting "vanity fair" magazine today tweeting, has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of "vanity fair" magazine? way down. big trouble, dead. no talent will be out. take a look at some of the magazine's recent headlines. this is sort of what he is responding to here. and i quote, trump steamrolls silicon valley. everyone in this room has to like me. trump's quest to find anyone to sing at his inauguration reportedly takes a desperate turn. even his restaurant criticized trump grill could be the worst restaurant in america. i get it, right? he's mad. he is a little annoyed by headlines. joining us host of "mediabuzz" on fox news, howie kurtz. i was saying to a viewer as we go to commercial break, what is he supposed to do, roll over, play he dead? when you have a mechanism to respond to somof the negative pr and he is choosing to use it
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on twitter. >> the backstory is that trump has been at war with the editor of "vanity fair" since the '80s, when he was coeditor of spy magazine used to mock donald trump. he wrote editor's letter trump would lose election and should lose. i'm not sure, he is entitled to fight back as president of the united states. i'm not sure best use of his time putting together with government and middle east to go after gradedon carter. trish: is that belittling to the office? >> i think it was very good tactic for donald trump to go avenues organizations and journalist, sometime he was over the top during the campaign. he was trying to win a campaign. he is going to be next president. i don't think it is distraction and we take the tweets and talk about them on the air to amplify. trish: you want to talk about a bad tweet, there is a "politico" reporter tweeted something pretty hideous between
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donald trump and his daughter, inferring a sexual relationship and basically saying he is either skirting nepotism laws or doing something else. that, she has gotten fired for that. i want to ask you about that, almost as though this twitter mechanism has enabled people in some ways to just completely lose the sense of self. i mean i looked at that, thought, what is wrong with people? why would you tweet that? >> this is really sad and pathetic. while "politico" cut her lose. she lined up a job at "the atlantic." she is going to that job. i wonder what kind of revulsion you must feel toward president-elect? i call it trump trauma. journalists so traumatized by trump's election saying things you wouldn't say to somebody's face. trish: anger. >> right. trish: i was telling you in the commercial break, it is something like road rage. people are behind these devices and tweeting out things with
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pure frustration in a way that you know, maybe you feel like, when you're in a traffic jam but doesn't excuse any of it. >> even journalists tweeting very snarky things about donald trump yet whose job is to be straight reporter and there is this sense, twitter is clubhouse and friends have a good laugh. in this age, anybody can take the tweet, donald trump or somebody else and blast the out to the world and raises questions about the credibility and fairness. trish: everybody comes to a story with a certain amount of bias, right? >> yes. trish: we're not robots. we're not computers. we have our own perhaps beliefs that may influence how we look at a story but seems to be in the old days, a willingness to at least pretend you were somewhat unbiased. when you look at political reporter, i think about glenn thrush going to the "new york times" who has been called out, he called him out himself.
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>> i don't think these are category. tris but for sending along a story to john podesta. there seems to be a level of toleration now for coziness to the left and acceptance of the left, that you haven't necessarily seen before. >> this is going to be a real problem for some journalists during the trump administration. in effect they haven't accepted he won the election fair and square. russian hackers nevertheless. if they continue the behavior it will further erode appearance of fairness as you say. i think every new president, we should cover donald trump aggressively, absolutely. this snarkiness or tweets have no place in journalism business. trish: good to see you here in the house. tune into "mediabuzz" on fox news channel 11:00 a.m. eastern every sunday. howie is there. everyone, take a look at
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video. this is drug tunnel, running between san diego and tijuana, mexico. this is latest one we digs cover cover -- discovered. he says he can put a stop to this. including railroad system underneath. can he really? attorney general ken paxton what hopes the president will do on illegal immigration. that is next. see you here with ken.
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. trish: all right, i want you to take a look at this video, everyone. here we go. this is a tunnel that runs between san diego and tijuana, mexico. officials believe mexican drug cartels have been using this to smuggle people and drugs into our country. now this tunnel is equipped with underground railway for drug traffickers. the very latest in the mounting evidence we have of our very broken borders.
2:27 pm
donald trump has vowed to strengthen our borders and stop things like these tunnels. can he do it? how does he do it joining me is texas attorney general. good to see you, where do we begin on this? >> thank you. i am confident this is an issue he will begin addressing immediately including maybe putting more agents on the border, maybe the wall, technology, there are all kinds of ways. the tunnel you're talking about is the very evidence that we know in texas that's causing our problems. trish: you know, tell us about your problems there in texas. you've been dealing with this head-on, you've got a lot of challenges there. >> we have a large border with mexico. for the last eight years, the administration abdicated responsibility of protecting our border. we're concerned about the safety of our communities and schools, and concerned about cartels, we're concerned about illegal activity going on, on the border, and we want a
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president that will stand up and do something, that is the federal responsibility, not necessarily a state responsibility. trish: you want to protect everything in that state. what is it the federal government can do right now? when he takes office, what is it you're asking for? >> i can tell you, we want him to rescind the illegal immigration action that the president took in november of 2014 which 26 states along with texas sued on but want him to think about our border. for instance, most of the border agents in our state are inland 50 or 40 miles, not on e border. that would make a emendous impact if we could have border agents in the right place. looking strategically where we place people could make a significant difference. trish: ask you about someone else, a guy from your state, rick perry running the department of energy in the trump administration. you've worked with the former governor. what do you think? is he a good fit for the position? by the way, he's taking flack
2:29 pm
for this one, this is one of the departments he wanted to eliminate but couldn't remember which one he was going to eliminate. if you recall. >> that happens to all of us. i've worked with him 12 years in legislature. if you look at his record, almost unparalleled in our state and across the country, in creating jobs, cutting regulations and making sure we have a fair low-cost tax structure. being from an energy state, he served as lieutenant governor and governor, obviously he has knowledge of what the energy industry is doing in the state and across the country. great choice. trish: ken, good to see you. >> thanks for having me on. trish: thank you so much. donald trump is meeting with business and political leaders. he's making his pick for interior secretary. we have the very latest for you live from trump tower. plus these markets are on a roll. up 70, 20,000 level still, is it going to happen this week? is it going to happen today? stay with me, i'm back in two.
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. trish: breaking right now. secretary john kerry making a statement on syria as the first evacuations in aleppo begin today. let's listen in. >> hello, everybody. i just wanted to bring you all up to date on what we've been trying to do with respect to the tragic situation in syria
2:34 pm
and obviously mostly focused or especially aleppo. i don't think i have to elaborate, but i'm going to certainly focus on the anger and the anguish that everybody feels or most people feel about the continued relentless and inexcusable attacks that have been directed at the civilian population in aleppo including women, children, humanitarian workers and medical personnel, and there is absolutely no justification whatsoever for the indiscriminate and savage brutality against civilians shown by the regime and by its russian and iranian allies over the past few weeks, or indeed for the past five years. the position of the united states remains clear, and i have personally reiterated that position in conversations over
2:35 pm
the past weeks and especially over the past 24 hours, with u.n. special envoys i talked to earlier today, in paris, meeting now with emarke row and senior officials from russia, qatar, turkey, saudi arabia and other countries in the region. what united states is working towards and has been working towards for some period of time now, under difficult circumstances, where if some parties do not want to move in that direction, it remains very difficult to secure, obviously, a cease-fire, but what we want in aleppo right now which is the precursor to ability to move to other things, is an immediate and verifiable, durable cessation of hostilities, and that includes all attacks by the regime, its allies and other combatants in
2:36 pm
aleppo. all combatants in aleppo. we've been working very hard on that. we worked on that in hamburg and my meetings with foreign minister lavrov, where we reached some measure of agreement. in fact, considerable measure of agreement, but weren't able to secure every component of what was needed in order to move forward. we want safe passage, corridors of evacuation, which were beginning today to see perhaps take shape, but we want to see those for both civilians and fighters who choose to evacuate the city. we want full access for the delivery of humanitarian supplies to people in need throughout syria and with these steps, we are convinced that the killing and the suffering in syria could stop and it could stop very, very quickly
2:37 pm
if russia and the regime made the decision to do so. this morning, i was encouraged by reports that after a number of fits and starts, what we worked on in paris and got picked up in continued conversations which, by the way, we were informed of by russia and turkey were going to take place, to build out what we talked about, using the same template that we created. there are individual cease-fires, individual opposition group commanders and it appears for some period of time, at least, we don't know yet if it will hold or where it is, that airstrikes and shelling have stopped and that the cease-fire may -- i emphasize may be -- taking hold. buses and convoys are beginning to move, and my understanding is the first group of 21 buses
2:38 pm
and 19 ambulances reached its checkpoint. this convoy includes more than a thousand people on their way to the turkish border. however, and this is a big however, we also heard reports that a convoy of injured people was fired on by forces from the regime or its allies, and we remain deeply concerned as well, we're hearing reports of syrian men between the ages of 18 and 40 who have apparently been detained or conscripted into the military service when trying to pass through government checkpoints and that some of these actually went missing days or even weeks ago and we still don't have families don't have their loved ones don't have accountability for what has happened to them. obviously, these actions are despicable and contrary to the laws of war and to basic human decency.
2:39 pm
now, more positively, we have finally received pledges from russia that it will assist in the monitoring of evacuations that the international red cross and the syrian arab crescent will also be allowed access in order to be able to try to help with the monitoring. the u.n. is prepared to receive evacuees in numerous sites and emergency relief -- trish: that's secretary of state john kerry ratcheting up the pressure to russia to stop attacks on aleppo, syria. he said, quote, the killing and suffering could stop if russia decided to do so and provided update on the cease-fire situation saying by his understanding it has actually happened and providing an update on the evacuations taking place there in aleppo, syria. i want to shift gears and get back to donald trump making his pick for interior secretary and meeting with business and
2:40 pm
political leaders today at trump tower. to connell mcshane with the latest for us. hey, connell? >> reporter: hey there, trish, two other announcements made for administration positions as well over the last few minutes, both at the national security council. one you will certainly recognize. first general keith kellogg gets the job as executive secretary at the nsc and monica crowley, familiar to fox viewers, going to nsc to be the strategic communications director, senior director of communications, you mentioned interior secretary, congressman ryan zinke from montana officially named to be the man there. he'll be the pick. we've been reporting on this the past few days, that was made official today. today at trump tower supposed to be a day we would have a chance to ask the president-elect questions about his business as he moves away from that, but the news conference planned for today was delayed and we had the tweet earlier from the president-elect saying the
2:41 pm
media tries so hard to make my move to the white house as it pertains to my business so complex when it isn't. so with that tweet i asked transition officials why the delay was in place? would there be new information possibly in january when the news conference will take place that we don't know now? they said that's not really the case, they need more time. they need internal considerations as to how thes businesses will be run presumably by two older sons, don, jr., and eric. there's been a lot of debate who will be the secretary of veterans affairs the last few days. there was a meeting at trump tower earlier today which we saw again pete hegseth, another name familiar to fox viewers come in. former head of the veterans organization, concerned veterans for america. what we can tell you according to a transition source, mr. hegseth was not offered the job as the va secretary, that
2:42 pm
leads you to believe there are still others in the running, possibly former massachusetts senator scott brown. hegseth could get it but brown and others may be in the running. that's the story from here. back to you. trish: thank you so much. back to the stock market right now. stocks rallying up 77 points on the dow as we get closer and closer to 20,000. one day after the fed announced it will raise interest rates by a quarter of a point. bank stocks there trending higher, gosh, they've been up, up, up ever since the news that donald trump being elected. jpmorgan, bank of america, citi, wells fargo, green cross the screen right now. financials really helping to lead the dow higher. what does it mean for investors as we head into the new year? couple of differing strategies, joining me jay pulaski along with private bank cio jack ablam. jay, you've been expressing
2:43 pm
concern right now. walk us through your fears. we're watching the 10 year, the 30-year bond, move higher in its rate and the concern i think you have is that that's actually going to really start to hinder the market. explain your thesis. >> sure, trish, i think that is exactly right. look, yesterday the fed surprised the market with suggestion that it's going to raise rates three times next year. the market was prepared for two. so you see the dollar strengthen, stocks sell off, bonds sell off. tough to make money in the financial market when stocks and bonds sell off at the same time. trish: yeah, but the market is higher right now. it's been pretty good? >> not higher than after the news yesterday, right? we had a big sell-off, we clawed some of that back. the point is quite simple, it's the battle of trump stimulus plan versus inflation fears in the bond vigilantes. if the bond vigilantes drive rates up, i think it's very
2:44 pm
difficult to see the stock market do well. i think you see a stronger dollar in the combination of a stronger dollar and higher interest rates aren't good for either -- trish: all right, okay, so jack, i'd like to get your reaction, he's making the point the cost money is going to go up, it's going to cost more for you to buy the new house. cost more for a ceo to borrow money to build the new plant, and that is the reality of higher interest rates. you're also going to be dealing with the higher dollar, which means costs more for foreigners to buy our goods, so maybe they don't buy as many. the flipside and the hope is that the stimulus, the less regulations, the lower taxes, all that is enough to really expand the economy. where do you come out on it? >> i think the key is really what the fed does ultimately. i think the investors are shrugging off the three hikes. i think this is very similar to
2:45 pm
the boy who cried wolf last year when they claimed they were going to do four in 2016. we had the sell-off and they backed off to one. i think there is a bit of skepticism. i do think the fed is so fearful of deflation they're willing to let deflation run higher, stronger, knowing they have a 35-year track record of keeping inflation under control. trish: to jump in for the viewers, it's way easier to deal with inflationary economy than deal with a deflationary economy. >> that's it. i means, we've talked about pushing on a string, but essentially the fed has party hats on, their pom-poms, cheerleader outfits on over the last few years and couldn't get people to borrow and spend. you've got full employment, you're throwing in nearly $500 billion of proposed stimulus, you roll back regulations and roll back taxes. i don't know if all that stuff is going to go through.
2:46 pm
this is one of the best things that the fed could encounter. trish: this is good news, right, for janet yellen? she's been going it alone for years now and had no help from the federal government. you want fiscal and monetary policy working together but basically only had monetary. jay, it's got to be a good thing there is a shot at fiscal policy for a change. >> that's right, remember i wrote the piece arguing for fiscal stimulus. that's a good thing, but i think it's a narrow policy path between too much fiscal stimulus. too much tax cuts. too much debt. and therefore the bond vigilantes, not the fed, i agree with the other guest that the fed is going to probably slow walk rate hikes. i think the fear is the bond vigilantes, the investors themselves, get anxious and worried and sell off the bond market and that hits the rest of the stock market. trish: let me go to jack. >> i wrote about bond market
2:47 pm
vigilantes, the last time we saw them was 1993. we have a global glut of capital floating around the world. my sense is it's going to wash up on our shores and likely keep interest rates lower, maybe dollar stronger but interest rates lower than they would ordinarily be. trish: are we going to see 20,000 before year end, jack? >> coin flip! >> sure. trish: i should think. we are points away. thank you so much, guys, good to see you. in just about five weeks, donald trump is going to be our president. it's a reality many in the never trump movement are having a hard time coming to grips with. one of the people out there who was a face of that never trump movement is trying to come to grips with it right now. here's what erick erickson wrote on this week --
2:48 pm
this is a man who vowed to never support donald trump, so why the change of heart? he's joining me right now, fox news contributor erick erickson. you explain. why your change of heart? >> you know, we won the election. a lot of us didn't think he could win the election, the polling was wrong, so much data was wrong and i think if that much we got wrong, we should be humble enough to expect we got other things wrong as well. given the benefit of the doubt moving forward, a lot of folks cheering me on for opposing trump in the election, criticizing every single thing he does. some of his picks are good, i can't imagine criticizing general mattis, thus far he's doing a good job. trish: they don't like the idea they got generals and billionaires in there. there are a lot of people, erik, and we're a business network coming from the business community joining this
2:49 pm
administration now. that has many in the left all enough arms concerning it's going to be crony capitalism all over again. what say you about that? >> i think it's funny people supporting hillary clinton are worried about capitalism. if nothing else the goldman sachs members of the cabinet we could get hillary clinton's speeches for goldman sachs. it's like during the election, a lot of the media cried wolf so much about republicans for so long, no one would believe them on donald trump. if people keep blaming and blasting donald trump for absolutely everything, when he does something that is worth criticizing, who's going believe to these people? trish: you wonder if increasingly they're becoming less relevant because, you know, you look at the subscriptions, right? the "new york times" are down, ratings at the other mainstream media networks, they are down. almost as if people are saying you got this so wrong that we can't take you seriously anymore. >> yeah, i think there is some
2:50 pm
of that. people are doubling down on it, they can't admit they were wrong. i got the election wrong, i think i owe you the benefit of the doubt. if he does think they are conservative, i'm not going to criticize everything the man does. he's not the president yet. the american public said they do not want a politician president, we should not therefore assume he's not going to make mistakes, he's not a politician, he is going to screw up. we should have grace, he's not a professional at this. trish: erick erickson, good to have you on the show. >> thank you. trish: we're going to be right back. stay here. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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. trish: italys banks are on the
2:54 pm
brink, facing a financial crisis that could trigger financial crisis in europe and affect our economy as well. i want to go to milan, italy where we find our very own amy kellogg. amy? >> reporter: one smart analyst put it to me today, italy is europe's biggest question mark. it is such an important economy here. it's a major economy in europe. so italy's woes could be continental woes with the banking situation, and has the ability to spread across the world so quickly including to the u.s. we've seen it with brexit and euro crises past. the oldest bank in the world, italy's third largest lender is the most critical bank that everyone is worried about. it is highly symbolic and failure would be a big blow to the economy. many say the situation has been left to fester too long, could this have been dealt with a long time ago. level of nonperforming loans is
2:55 pm
twice the market average. too many loans to friends and family over the years, bad management, that kind of thing, it's got a balance sheet in need of a deep cleanse, 30 billion euros of soured loans. there are a handful in very desperate need of cash injection, somewhere teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and has a very deep effect on italy's ability to grow. >> not lending money and not lending money, they cannot afford one single new nonperforming loan, so they're scared, so they're blocked. the system is blocked. it's suffering for them. >> part of the problem is growth and part of the problem is the political instability we've been hearing about. when prime minister renzi put a referendum to the people they
2:56 pm
overwhelmingly rejected it, the country's foreign minister stepped up to the job. this is italy's 64th government since world war ii. talk about political instability. so it's the downward, it's the downward tendencies, pull in the economy plus the political instability, trish, that is causing so much concern. now the government has said it's willing to step in, it will rescue the banks, that is not without consequences to the eu laws, means there will be bail-in and the bank is hoping the 11th hour, they'll find private investors. so far there don't seem to be a lot of people. trish: amazing, we just went through a european debt crisis a few years ago, i can't throw a bunch of band aids on something, you need to attack and fix the problem or else it will come back to haunt you. thank you so much. back with more "intel" after this. ♪
2:57 pm
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. trish: all right, i've told you before, i'll tell you again,
3:00 pm
the conversation does not end here, it continues on social media. head over to my facebook show page. tell me what you thought of today's show, also go to my twitter account -- i want to go down to liz claman at the nyse, it's another day, get a shot at 20 k. it's going to happen soon, i think, liz? liz: i don't know, i'm not sure. they couldn't wait, could they? i don't know if you can see this, this is dow almost 20,000. trish, we came within 41 points of the magic number, right now, we're not there, at 19,861, still up 63 points but maybe it's the nasdaq jumping up and down saying look at me, trying to get attention, it is within just points of an all-time record close. the number to watch for the nasdaq, 5,463. you can see we're almost there. that's the good


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