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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> flat out of time. so here is neil. can i talk to an entire different way. here's one of my favorites. as you know she just died at the age of 99. i am a marvelous housekeeper every time i leave a man i keep his house. >> she was famous for not being famous. thank you very much. i appreciate that.
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i do not know what the connection as with is with the electoral vote here. we won't know for a long time darling. here's what is happening. 538 electors gathering and they are supposed to put the official stamp on what we witnessed six weeks ago tomorrow. it won't be that much of a slamdunk. if you hear some of these rogue electors tell us. you never know. and we won't know her hours and it's not confirmed until january 6. blake burman in san francisco. >> we are here in pennsylvania. the state house behind me it has been a rather lively and active day here.
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they gather here right now. you can see the protesters that are here. these are hillary clinton supporters and they are hoping that these electors even though it's highly unlikely will vote their conscience. they feel that this is an election that went the way it shouldn't and hundreds of them have gathered here as a last ditch effort as they meet here in pennsylvania. i said it was a lively scene. hundreds of them for hours here. for the most part it was a very peaceful protest. we were talking they feel that russia meddled in the election. what about that whole election thing on november 8.
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there is one conversation. >> as the electors should not vote him in. they one of the popular vote. they should vote for anybody. would you be saying that if hillary clinton one. >> she was a qualified candidate. i mentioned to you that this has almost a political rally type feel. if you didn't know any better you would think think this is november or october. they meet in just this once a and they will be doing this in 50 states all across the country today. thank you very much. neil: 530 electors. on paper donald trump has that. you need to sway 37 to not vote for him.
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that doesn't necessarily mean that the gopher hillary clinton. they would likely opt for another republican. bottom line is it would be a mess. it's unlikely but if a republican detectors -- texas elector has his way there is a benefit to going rogue. donald trump will be dangerous if he is president. in his state. are you obligated to reflect the well of voters. that is not how the system was set up by the founders. it was designed to be a safety check. >> and want you to meet the republican secretary of state in colorado. they said electors in his state have to accept the popular vote of the vote in his state which went to the
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democrat which went to hillary clinton and that the electors in his state could face charges. very good to have you. what do you make there may be others. who well not reflect the well of voters in his state. i cannot speak for the loss in every state. since 1959 our electors have been obligated to vote for whoever the people of colorado vote for. we have almost 3 million people a record number of people vote in this presidential election and there will is very clear. in this case it's for hillary clinton as president. we are simply trying to ask the electors to follow colorado law. they give faith and credence to the people of colorado who voted very clearly that may
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not be the result of everyone in the state. it may not be the preference of everyone that's what the law requires. they said there is no substantial likelihood of the success. in state court. we have specific instructions from a judge. and also they can be removed if they will not execute their duty under colorado law. >> your position is admirable. the people voted overwhelmingly for the democratic ticket. and that they have to honor that. there are not situations where everyone is duty-bound in other states. i know this is different because it is a case in your state but what do you think of
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those not so duty-bound to vote what they say is their conscience. i think the real question is what do they tell people i have a time. did they sign a pledge that said they were going to vote a particular way because you're supposed to honor the word that you get. the other question i would ask is where their names on the ballot. so one of the curious claims that's been made is that somehow if your name is not even on the ballot i think it's a very hard argument to make. so here in colorado the only names on the ballot were for the president and vice president. the names don't even appear. they were being entrusted to vote for the rest of us who aren't smart enough to vote for ourselves it falls flat. it has no support but forever -- whatsoever.
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>> larry is with us now. the best selling author. it's the latest among so many great books. see mac i think this would represent the fifth time that the popular vote winner has not gotten the white house. it's big in the popular vote. she should when in this whole electoral vote system. what do you say to that. i say that you can't change the rules in the middle of the game so you certainly can't change them at the end of the game. like or dislike the rules these are the rules. we have the electoral college. there is a procedure for getting rid of that.
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is that every ever likely in your eyes. republicans now strongly favor the electoral college they won the presidency twice in 16 years while losing the popular vote. they are strongly in favor of abolishing the electoral college. the only way you get a constitutional amendment is when you have a near consensus among democratics. a near consensus the senate members and then ratification by quarters if we put together an amendment honoring mother's day i don't think it would go through. c1 c1 the other thing i think is what is the mandate. because of the popular vote
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situation a lot of people on the left say donald trump has no mandate. 29% think he does. obviously is divided between the rest. how does that were out and what do we see this would be the fifth one in this particular predicament. it is a great question because what is a mandate. sometimes a mandate is created when a candidate for president with a strong majority and ran on a very specific issue or tiny number of issues. and then the new president can claim a mandate for the specific items. i was obviously that doesn't apply in this case. there is another way to create a mandate. sometimes they do it themselves. and they do it there
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controlled by the same party they can form a mandate about. immigration. whatever it is. they can claim they have some sort of mandate for it since the republicans carried both houses of congress as well as the white house. >> you do not even have to have a mandate per se. you'd be foolish not to try to take full advantage of it i guess. you going to do what you can do and let the system do that. and then public opinion changes over time. it depends on what is done and how quickly it is done and whether it is shaped to be popular and so on. >> can you see this happening a lot more given the dynamics and the heavy population
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states. you could say the same about the republican. in places where they would be popular for now. this could be a phenomenon that we might want to get you stew here. >> i wouldn't say a lot more but it would i would say when we had close elections this is not going to be unusual. democrats will end up carrying the popular vote. because of the polarization of the country you look at the red and blue map and we have some changes of this year this year it was only six states. we had 44 states stain the same. we have this polarized system. i think it's in a way and that would encourage a split result if and only if you have a close election. maybe there is a tiny chance
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if you can have a constitutional amendment that we could abolish electors as people and just had them automatically allocated after the final point. you could eliminate the foolish nonstory of today that has gone on for days and days and will go on for another day or two as a snack and a change the results. and you're never gonna change the result with electors that are picked the way they are picked now by the parties. why not abolish electors as people and just had the electors were votes cast automatically. >> that's an interesting idea. never gonna happen. thank you for that endorsement. donald trump has said that over the legal of votes.
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his support has said he would've won a very different race. it was based on the popular vote. then you try to run up the vote there. but you would ignore the smaller states which might have been the fear of the forefathers for doing this. what he think that they would be running a lot differently. it's the best argument for countering the claim. it's 2.86 million. memorize that number. essentially that is true. they would have campaigned in other ways. he would've have clinton spending a lot of time in texas. they were generating more votes there. whether it would've changed
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the totals dramatically who knows. i can't imagine spending a lot of time in small states. you will never get a constitutional amendment to pass except the one that we mentioned. that is true. and that is mean of me during this christmas season. you think i would be grateful for our friendship in expertise. i'm so happy i didn't make that. might have ignited if he is all right.
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pass along now. the russian ambassador to turkey has died due to wounds. we don't know who was behind this or whether this was a broader plot we do know a good mind on their region. i know i am just hitting you with this news but of course it's not the first time we've seen friction between these two countries. this obviously ups the ante quite a bit. what do you see as the fallout. my condolences to the family of this ambassador into the country of russia.
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i've lived long enough to know at least half a dozen or so who have been killed in cold blood when they are carrying out their duties. it's a high-profile job. and they don't have a benefit of riding around writing around in tanks or armored vehicles. i think that is extremely regrettable and it's something that should have happened. as far as implications regarding regarding the russian turkish implications. we will have to see what information can be developed who carried out this heinous act. >> of course over the last year we've had instances whether it would've been a russian plane shot down. and then that led to some tension between the two countries of another incident involving diplomats that has been censored. the russians have a intense
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history with turkey in general. he has been criticized for having to close of ties with russia in particular with vladimir putin any suggestions what our role should be in counseling these two nations in trying to take the octane out of this one. >> i say it you have to wait and see what the facts are. i understand your point about given the recent history this could add an element of tension. i think they will have to wait and see. speaking more broadly all of these departments raise the question of what exactly is the relationship can be under our new president.
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president obama expressed some concerns about the closeness between the president-elect and vladimir putin. when he heard that a third of republicans. he would be rolling in his grave. what did you make of that. i think the question is what is the best for united states interest. i would hope that this new administration will undertake very early in his term of office a complete review of the united states and russia relationships. in addition of course to the election timeframe and i would agree with those who are proposing some kind of a commission so we try to move this a little bit ahead of the headlines. analysis of what happened someone who has served here. you look at the one who is
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coming in without the typical foreign policy we might be surprised should his choice be approved and prove that he is up to that. but there are some that are expressing concern that it might be a cabinet without the type of experience. >> i think that's right. i think the learning curve for president-elect trump as can be pretty steep. and i think you're right to comment on the qualifications of the people who are entering the senate. the senate well have something to say about it. to me it also suggests that there can and need all the help they can get there and had to learn to rely on the professional intelligence who have been at the moment a bit
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of an object of scorn on their part. i think they will grow to perspective them. he was not thinking too highly of the foreign service. all of the top advisers were career foreign service officers. they have to get accustomed to working in this washington environment and i'm hopeful that the evolution will overtime be positive. >> ambassador think you very much. well have a lot more on this. we will be talking about the fact that this was meant to ruin relations but not going to say if that is the case between turkey and russia right now. we know that there were others involved in this shooting. we just don't know how many more we will have a lot more after this. what time is it?
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. .
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pushing for donald trump to completely divest or face impeachment. >> we don't want impeachment. we don't want a constitutional crisis. we want this done before january the 20th, the constitution is already there. we can't change the constitution. neil: where is he going take all of the real estate? you can't throw that in a blind trust. it's very different than those who have come before him because of his wealth. what is he supposed to do? >> that's the constitution. he's got to comply with the constitution of the united states. this is not something we can say, well, maybe, maybe not. the constitution is there for a given reason. neil: what does it say to do with a real estate empire, the world over, just sell it in mass? >> either sell it or put it in a blind trust. that's been the practice of every president since george
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washington. neil: trust never dealt with multimillion dollars of swaths of real estate, right? >> look, the constitution has served us well. there's a reason we don't want foreign governments inappropriately influencing our public officials. donald trump needs to comply with the constitution. neil: all right. as we said in the interview, the constitution doesn't really say that. that clip didn't make that clear here. here is one thing that the senator is doing maybe with the best of intentions is an appearance of conflict of interest would automatically set up a high-crime misdemeanor which is high grounds for impeachment. he would be on grounds for impeachment to former attorney general who knows the constitution by heart, joins me now, what does it say, sir? >> well, there are two provisions to have constitution,
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i guess, that are potentially relevant, what's called the amalument clause. nobody that holds office including the president or anybody else may accept title of nobility or i don't understand him doing business with foreign governments at all. neil: proof of a quid pro quo? >> no, no proof of a quid pro quo. has to be proof of a quid. neil: what about staying at a trump hotel while in washington? rs they -- >> they pay for the service and everybody else and they pay it to the could you repeat the question. neil: conflict of interest thing, though, by that definition almost, anything president-elect trump would do,
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not divesting or putting into blind trust assets, would raise eyebrows, right? if you had to recommend, would you recommend? >> i don't know how the assets are organized. i'm not in the position to being able to make an intelligent recommendation. i think there are -- i know there are people what are studying it who are in the position to make -- neil: would it be enough to give it to his kids? >> i don't know that it would. you say enough. neil: satisfy that he could take advantage of that and have the appearance, the constitution doesn't say anything about the appearance of conflict of interest. >> you're right, it doesn't. it raises the possibility. it's not really automatic. the fact is that -- neil: according to the way this law or legislation is written, it's not going to go anywhere, the appearance would be enough to get impeachment going. >> you don't need a threw get impeachment going. it's a political --
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neil: this legislation, embassador, says, if you're in a position that it looks like you could take advantage of something, which is scary, then they could start proceedings against him. >> looks like -- that statute is kind of scary, ridiculous. neil: if you had to advise the president elect on the matters, not that you would want to, what would you tell him? >> to have little to do with it as possible. have as little involvement as possible. he's going to have plenty to keep his hands full without concerning himself with his business. i had doubt himself that he's going to involve himself in the business or do any deals himself or with his family. neil: still executive producer in the apprentice? >> even though if it's an executive producer of the apprentice in order to get loyalties, which past a passive income that he's entitled to get. neil: for later on.
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thank you very much for clarifying. i told you he knows his constitution. are some in the trump at team at odds with each other and their boss ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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>> as an example of the power structure i'm fighting, at&t is buying time warner, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in
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the hands of too few. [cheers and applause] neil: that was before the election, how does he feel about it now since the election, at&t-time warner deal is any one's guess how it would go and as president-elect trump -- >> it's a toss-up as of now. there is debate inside the trump transition team, a lot of the people will be part of the administration, over what to do with the at&t-time warner deal whether donald trump as president or not just president elect, can date trump before will go through and try to block the deal through the fcc or through the department of justice's antitrust division. some trust advisers are continuing trump to prevent the deal from happening. trump hasn't spoken since the
12:38 pm
election about the deal which that is a reason why wall street at least right now thinks it's going to happen. you talk to analysts on the street, you look at some of the price action of both at&t and time warner, it looks like the marketing is pricing that this is going to happen. they have unleashed an army of lobbyists in washington and congress to talk to various trump people about the deal to get it pushed through. they feel that there's a good chance. traders say there are probusiness changes at the fcc. there's some appointment that is got put on there, people that are much more probusiness, but clearly inside team trump from what i understand there are advisers that still say, this is a concentration of power, that's far too much. it's kind of interesting outside. you keep hearing larry, one of the people that have tapped, the person tapped as chairman of economic advisers.
12:39 pm
it's a free market economist but some of the things trump has said about the concentration of media power within one company that controls 25%, at&t does distribution pushing through an agenda of programming which includes cnn. so we should point out, it's not nominated yet, it would be a cabinet position. he's one of the unofficial outside advisers and a gentleman by the name of christopher, runs news max, a friend of mine i should point out that has trump's ear on some issue and pushing for trump people not to push the deal. news max has been distributed through direct tv and you can understand why he's worried about, you know, at&t upping his fees to distribute his programming or maybe put him on a lousy part of the dial in favor of cnn, more liberal
12:40 pm
publication or news outlet as oppose to newsmax which is conservative. there you have it. one of the big ticket items where you see the confidence of wall street and politics in the new year. it's going to be a great story going forward. neil: all right. charlie, thank you very much. you think 2016 tough when it came to hacking, man, get ready for 2017, which could put it to shame so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim.
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nicole: i'm nicole petallides. dow has been up 70. traders believe it will happen by the end of the year. we are doing well. united technologies is also winner, disney, rogue star wars helping it along and also comments from bank of america and verizon, that's up 49 cents right now. turning it over to italian bank. they are trying to do capital raise of $5 billion -- euros to avoid being nationalize. however, you have key investors that are upset at putting the whole thing over some of the turn. there's a look and has been under pressure, down over 80%
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this year. more cavuto after this
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neil: all right, resolved after five years, found guilty after criminal charges linked to misuse of public funds during her tenure as finance administrator. she will not receive jail, but nonetheless a big black eye.
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whether that would compromise position, that would be anybody's guess. cyber threats are live and well. but if you thought all of this stuff was dramatic in 2016 which it was, my next guest says get ready for 2017. what we can look forward to or not, robert. spell it out. >> the threats deep and wide. first of all, we have nation state hacking u.s. government files, you see what happened to podesta and others. you're going to see more ransom ware, encrypt data on device and hold data and make you pay, we have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars of corporations and individuals pay ransom this year. the list goes on and on.
12:46 pm
neil: i'm curious, dated hack attack confessions. yeah, we've been hacked. it happened a few years ago. i worry about that sort of stuff that we are being hacked right now but we won't find out for maybe years. how does that happen? >> because many networks, you know, such as yahoo's, for example, are again wide and deep and because they are so vast and there are servers set up globally, it's possible that a criminal acts as server somewhere say in south america and the individual responsible for that server aren't paying attention and it's only discovered years later. because networks are global, sometimes they just don't find out for years and over that period of time is when a lot of damage is being done and the victims don't know why. neil: i know i always ask you when you come, i was wondering how we can avoid this sort of
12:47 pm
thing and it seems in this day and age where you are on a site or getting information to and from a site, you're fair game? >> yeah, for individuals, you and i, it begins with protecting your devices and making sure that devices are properly protected with antivirus, antispy ware and rarely click links, if you go to a website that's spooked. you've giving up credentials to a criminal. one, two, three, four, five, princess are not good passwords, upper case, lower case, numbers and characters. neil: and constantly changing, right? >> you should change them every six months to a year. yahoo breach is a perfect example of why you should change password.
12:48 pm
we didn't discover this breech for three years, if you have the same password, that means a criminal had it too. neil: do you know the hack attacks that succeed in the united states are any more widespread than abroad? >> i would say that we are a big target, certainly, due to the fact that we have credit card numbers that can easily be copied and used because we are only just begin to go use chip and signature or chip and pin and then the social security number being a primary identifier, it's easy to open up a line of credit using social. or in other parts of the world where credit cards are more secure due to chip and pin and they don't use a primary identifier like a social security number that gives consumers easy access to credit. neil: all right. thank you, my friend. hope you have a merry christmas. robert. >> you too, niel.
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neil: i told you earlier about the russian embassador who was shot and killed in turkey but something promising, i say promising from something like this, senior russian parliamentary saying that russian turkey and iran representatives will still gather in moscow tomorrow despite the embassador's killing. a very promising development. they're not going to let this get in the way of talks. they hope to unit the nations and not a shooting like this that would presumably just do the opposite
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neil: all right. turkish security are saying that the gunman who attacked and ultimately killed a russian embassador in turkey was a
12:53 pm
police officer who worked in ankara, of course, the capital there. we don't know much more than that but that's scary stuff when those who you think are protecting you are those who turn on you and if you get any further developments on this, we will keep you posted and one promising development that ongoing talks between representatives with russia, iran and turkey will go as scheduled tomorrow in moscow. this has not stopped that. meanwhile obamacare sign-up deadline extended through the end of the day today. i don't know quite the reasons for that but i do know jerry willis does. >> u.s. extending deadline for enrolling in obamacare and this comes from centers of medicare and medicaid. originally the 15th. coverage january 1. you can continue signing up through the end of january but if you want it right away, you have to do it by tonight. why is this happening? here is what the government
12:54 pm
says, an extraordinary volume of customers, end quote, the reason for extending it. they want to give everybody in the front door as they can. 70,000 people signed on december just two days. total of 4 million as of wednesday and to break that down, 2.9 of the million of those were reenrolling an that's what's going on there. health and human services has been predicting all along that will would be 11 million people for 2017 this past year it was 10 million. now, this is coming against the backdrop of president-elect trump saying he's going to end obamacare and we know that enrollments reflect the public feeling about this program whether they like it or don't like it, it's completely unclear if people are enrolling more because they want to get it before it goes or they want to
12:55 pm
send a signal to washington, we just don't know the answer to that question. but we are watching it, hhs on fire about this tweeting up a storm about all of the enrollments, niel. neil: do we know at this point whether it is slowed those signing up, in other words, given the fact that the republicans are saying this might take some years now to completely unravel, repeal and replace, the replace part of it could take years so millions more could presumably be signed up and have insurance, right? >> well, you would think that's absolutely true, right, specially since enrollment just for 2017 goes through tend of january. these deadlines get blown out all of the time. this isn't the first time this has happened and you have to think that more and more people will sign up if they have it yet another year, 2018, 2019, bigger and group of people saying, don't mess with my health care and it's going to become
12:56 pm
politically and difficult to rip it away, niel. neil: all right, thank you very much, jerry. we are learning about the shooting in ankara, the gunman who shot embassador in turkey was at an art gallery, off-duty police officer who worked in the turkish capital. this was confirmed by two other security sources talking to reuters. russian foreign ministry confirm that had the embassador had died in the attack and the attacker, gunman himself was neutralized which usually means he was killed. more after this
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neil: as you know, this is the date electors across the country are meeting. looking at some of them right now. in a state capital the same story depending on the number of elect there's. all finally voting and largely the will of the people, in other
1:00 pm
words if you're hillary clinton won colorado, and they vote for hillary clinton. and other states or the tram ticket won, obviously the ones that change everything as michigan, pennsylvania, ohio go on record and support the tram ticket with governor mike pence and there lies the pursuit of 270 electoral votes needed will be get all 3106? i step back and say whatever you think of the candidates. the rules and now the change of rules about your consciousness has been coming up with a number of people advocating things be changed because they don't like to change that came about is that they are already. democrats particularly being hypocritical to the "washtington examiner" and bernie sanders supporter. what do you make of this argument that many liberal
1:01 pm
friends have? we don't like it and we won the popular vote. vote your conscience and don't vote for that guy. >> it's not like the electoral college is the new thing like it was suddenly discovered after hillary clinton lost the race. did russia meddle in our primary? absolutely. did russia had our e-mails? sure. for their voter files accessed in illinois and arizona by the russians? absolutely. hillary clinton lost the election because she ignored her base in wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio. she accepted wall street money while talking about income inequality and people wouldn't buy it. -- is how it works. she ran a bad campaign of people in a bubble that didn't go outside their bubble and that's the problem. it really is what it is. she went 2 million more votes,
1:02 pm
popular votes come popular votes, but we still have the electoral college and she ran a she ran again that was to win the elect or college though. when you open up an office in utah chemist thinking you're going to win by that much but democrats have never won in utah, you know how out of the bubble they were. neil: are you sure your name is not gene allowed in? >> in the bernie sanders supporter. when you make of that argument? it could easily just be yours. >> it could easily be mine. that is so good to hear coming in particular. this is the thing. the washington insiders and i was maybe six then far beyond the democrat party. the washington insider laid still does not understand us. the media elite still has no idea that, for example, fox doesn't get good ratings just because they have a lot of people that believe what they
1:03 pm
say, but also because the other media do such a poor and the best job. the point they're making right now is so important because what she is saying is reflect on all of america, all of middle america, and everything between california and new york, with the real world things that the elite media and elite politicians will not compute. i don't understand why they can't, but it almost seems like a disability at this point. >> that's a good point. i think there's something more than what appeared on the surface. most people know even though hollywood act or zen actresses are pushing this vote your conscience, they kind of know he's going to win. they also hope that by doing that you can cut down on this talk of a mandate for donald trump. even though the republicans will have a run at the table with control of the white house, that
1:04 pm
they will not be emboldened to do too much. that is their goal to make it look like an illegitimate leader or we can later. what do you make of that? >> of course >> of course it's an effort to undermine his presidency before he gets started. i wonder if we would have this kind of push it joe biden had run. he was connecting he has a reputation of connect with voters and very difficult states. we had hillary clinton not even go to wisconsin and the final. she was almost bragging about the fact she wasn't getting their entitled child gets there in a speaking directly to voters concerns. it's been very uneven economic recovery under president of honest leadership and now he wants to talk about russian hacking. he wasn't very concerned about the white house reporter. i've covered his whole policy on cybersecurity back when north korea was attacking sony
1:05 pm
pictures there were some shanks since, but there wasn't much outcry. at the very same time, they knew that opm was eating act. first it was 4 million people with personal data, et cetera being taken. then i was 15 million. >> there is a long record of not doing anything about it. the soul-searching democrats want to do gets back to what you're saying about bernie sanders supporters than what the party had to be in a begrudgingly accepted hillary clinton nominee. a lot of things came back to haunt her and haunt the party came to fruition. what do you think the messages for democrats right now? what do you suggest now? >> i think democrats need to go back to their roots. what is the democratic party of fdr, always about the workers. somewhere along the way we've talked about this during the
1:06 pm
primary and the general. we lost our way because we became a fundraising party. we started looking for candidates who could raise money to keep up with republicans. the republican game versus democratic game. we are two very different memberships and i think we tried to go to the middle too much over the past 20 years that we lost her base. neil: you think hard and left. >> i would at last. it depends on if you talk about social issues are economic issues. it's about the economy. it's always been about that. >> the republicans could get cocky like democrats did when they had a complete run of the table and this is the history of parties that come to power. they forget it can oftentimes be temporary. >> the problem i think that especially donald trump rammed a voter is going to do a lot to keep the lead in washington d.c. very much accountable.
1:07 pm
the people this time aren't going to settle for the type x racing in the past with some of the other administrations that were republican. i'm not as worried about this sort of intoxication. i am worried about the thing that happens to republicans where they get tripped up between those really there to serve and those that are there to serve themselves because as we see with both parties, the power and money are incredibly intoxicating. republicans perceive this time around they have a candidate that doesn't need to get intoxicated because here they had to go in and and they are going to expect that performance out of this new republican administration and i think they'll hold them accountable. neil: we shall see elect to as we speak. austin texas, right now. which way are you going? >> afternoon. we are less than two hours from meeting here at the texas
1:08 pm
capitol and i'll be voting for donald jay trump this afternoon elect there. neil: you have one other fellow interstate who is not. would he think of that? >> well, it is disappointing. we basically don't have a lot of data type this that binds us to vote for the winner. however, we all signed affidavits when we were elected by the state convention. we signed an affidavit that we would support the nominee of the party. neil: are you down by that? are you bound by that or can you take liberty? >> you can take liberty. it is not a law but not something i would take liberty because i'm a man of my word. i gave my word to the people that elected me. i stood before them and said i would do anything am going to do and i intend to do that this afternoon. neil: what kind of pressure have you gotten from people who don't want you to do that?
1:09 pm
>> pressure has been strong. many electors in texas have received thousands of e-mails and mail and phone calls and so the pressure has been intense. but again, i go back to honoring the word that i gave to the people. donald trump won my correctional district that elected me to be an electorate. he won the state of texas by nine-point and so this afternoon at 2:00 here in austin we will be meeting and taking care of the business that constitutionally we are responsible for. neil: we had a guest on earlier who say maybe we don't drop the electoral college but we dropped the electors, individuals like yourself who would be maybe corralled into voting one way or the other. you're obviously not been influenced by saying it's automatic that you and all the elect is in a state of feeling colorado's hillary clinton made. and we avoid this sort of human drama. what he think of that?
1:10 pm
>> well, interesting question. it's worked well for us for years and continues to work well. our founding fathers were so wise in the way they put it together in our situation and it an honor to serve for me. and so i just think it has worked and continues to work. i don't know that we need to mess with it. neil: thank you very much. best of luck. beautiful austin, texas. a lot more coming up including the debate over what the donald trump tax cuts could look like and why they might not pan out to be what a lot of people have been hoping them to be. generosity is its own form of power.
1:11 pm
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1:13 pm
you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. neil: we are going to be hearing
1:14 pm
from federal reserve chairwoman janet yellen today to address the state of the job market. a lot of people pay close attention to that as she has. also we are getting a little bit more on this russian ambassador turki assassinated today. reports believe that the assassin dressed up in a police uniform was saying that this is in revenge for a map to come is serious, making references to the government working with the sudan government in constant striking over aleppo, which has now become a blade on humanity and they took it out on the russian ambassador, killed him. the question is whether the assailant was acting alone or with others. they simply do not know. donald trump is picking a gop congress to be as budget year. that's an interesting choice because it's kind of love ronald reagan did back when he became president choosing a congressman
1:15 pm
named david stockman to be as budget director. oklahoma governor, member of the transition team, what value there might be and how many someone's who knows and is apparently david stock and did then. very good to have you, governor. the reagan loyalists should have been taken out to the word and cap spared because he disavowed rick annan asked and really never won them over since. do you know this congressman and whether he too was support a tax cuts? what do you think? >> i don't know him personally. he came in congress right after i left. he's got a great background with degrees in economics and law. he's been known to be a budget hawk and will really shake things up and that's why president-elect donald trump is talked about. it's not business as usual. checking things, questioning contracts on air force one
1:16 pm
contracts. i think he'll do a good job and hopefully help the president be able to repatriate and make some of the cuts we've talked about for the corporate income tax rate -- corporate tax rate that we have that has cost us jobs overseas. neil: you know what the thinking is within teen trump on tax cuts? the case of the congressmen and mitch mcconnell's talk of late to say whatever tax-cut should be revenue natural. that got people in his tax cuts might not be that big of a deal after all. would you think? >> president-elect trump is talking about bringing jobs back to america and if they do the things which i think he will, he will grow the economy, grow revenue and give people back their money and have the tax
1:17 pm
cuts are talking about. neil: for a lot of those in our fine state and many of them, not all, that many in the top income gainers, are they not going to get a tax cut when all is said and done? they will lower rate deductions. they are not going to see much of a tax cut if at all. the >> i think the presidenpresiden t-elect trump is talked about is how can we encourage investment job opportunities and once again it goes back to looking at the corporate tax rate, how we could create more jobs, opportunities, but the rest of us have yet to be seen. neil: u.k. love with the middle-class guy named that tax-cut and some of them might have hoped. >> i think what we have to do is look at the rules, regulations,
1:18 pm
and the industry ceos from investing in making things easier to do business. the kinetic rules, regulations, epa, different federal agencies do not swear we are going to say the job growth, economic growth to help us provide tax-cut president-elect has been talking about. neil: if you'll indulge me, the electors are being wooed in some of them forcibly pressured to change their votes and peel off 37 elect her son donald trump. maybe they control the house, the senate and the vice presidency is so donald doesn't get it. what he think of that effort, the hollywood stars that failed actor should vote their conscience was to be unconscionable to vote for donald trump and others who said because of this russian hacking the past election, donald trump should not be the beneficiary. would he say?
1:19 pm
>> the election is over and it's clear how the people of america have voted. donald trump will be the president of the united states along with vice president mike pence. the certification this morning went very smoothly. we did have a few protesters that just want to throw the nation into chaos and the dream that night though to the house of representatives and maybe there might be some change. all of our lecture all colleges in oklahoma but the way they said they would by popular vote and that's what i anticipate the nation will do. the election is over and read a great democracy, a system that works toward a june move on, transition into the president and his cabinet and we've got a lot of important problems and issues we need to be facing. tragic time that we have a safe than those who want to thread our democracy. those are some of the big issues we need to be facing. that and getting people back to
1:20 pm
work creating a stronger more vibrant economy, addressing issues with obamacare. neil: there's a lot on the table. hope you have a merry christmas. thank you again. >> merry christmas to you. neil: governor from the fines that of oklahoma. with pressure particularly come to say nothing of the ambassador killed today and also what's been happening with donald trump and whether he's too tied on whether we should be tougher with the russians. you would know it, that the stock market is soaring. you think we are having a great year? you should see what we are doing. no wonder that guy is alwayst, u smiling. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7. because you put this, in here. hum by verizon. the technology designed to make your car
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smarter, safer and more connected. put some smarts in your car.
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neil: through it all, all the controversy, even an assassination today of the russian ambassador to turkey, oil still climbs the russian stock market still climbs near
1:24 pm
no wonder vladimir putin is smiling and no wonder with all the attention about whether he or his country are both played in a bowl in our elections amid a continued to smile. charles payne on the russian fallout. i was amazed when i looked at the numbers. they are for real. this market of course has been climbing through all of this. is it real? i just wonder how can that continue with the whole world against them. >> russia's got two big things going for them. first of all there's an economy based on crude oil and oil has made a nice rebound. that helps them a lot. donald trump putting up a olive branch. it's about the idea of donald trump open to not demonizing vladimir putin giving him a blank -- a much better presence on the world stage. it's an amazing thing.
1:25 pm
some historians may be juxtaposed as to richard nixon to china and did the exact opposite. he put china on a platform that began to chip away at ultimately with ronald reagan to help win the cold war. the exact opposite is happening right now. donald trump in very tough with his words and proposals against china for his pain with russia we may have a real authentic reset. neil: i always wondered whether there is a strategy to a donald trump is doing. i might be taking a leap year, but you and i type over the many years that china has in the bigger problem for h, the bigger worry, the bigger source of anger, whether it's about fixing their curry and say, making their currency to give them an unfair antigen trade. he i president-elect comes to show his wrath against china and russia.
1:26 pm
that might be the tone of his administration. would he think of that? at it is. let's not forget by doing this he put the russia relationship which over the past several years have gotten very, very close. they're doing a tremendous amount like 30 billion energy deals together. they've been military exercises including one of the biggest handle joint exercises in history. it also gives him a chance because in my mind the most powerful person in his the president of china and the biggest competition we have economically and militarily as china. they have far surpassed in my mind looking over the next 50 years. >> one of the things trump has said many times is that china needs us a heck of a lot more than we need them. we keep buying things from them and then they refinanced that
1:27 pm
and that we are always scared and always tentative when in fact we hold all the cars. do we buy all that? let's say you do and he's the president now i'm not the posture is going to be taking. but that rattled the markets? >> it would rattle the markets to a degree. obviously there is words and then there's actions. listen, i tell people we would win a full blown trade war but not without nature collateral damage that no one is taken into account. neil: u.s.a. president john king on national tv to say you're going to pay more because i'm playing tough with them, how would that go down? >> initially americans and say let's do it. just like a real war. if you have the vast majority of americans say we think it's right to go to war, once we
1:28 pm
lost, new numbers like 2000 soldiers. then public opinion begins to wane. somewhere along the line if we had a full-blown trade war at the beginning of his a-alpha nice americans. we would be happy to pay extra for a television in california. somewhere down the line the pain would become tough. neil: this electric stuff going on today is kind of go into script right now in pennsylvania we are told her of the electors, 20 of them for donald trump here this is playing out similarly in other states. there might even one or two that might peel off from donald trump. we won't know officially until january 6th when all of this is settled and washing tin. but if it's more than that? could you play up the market impact and how the market would respond. if it gets below 270 i guess all bets are off. how is the market going to digest all of this? >> market will be okay even if we get a surprise and it's not
1:29 pm
republican in texas but to others decide to join. they're looking for 37 so-called event airs. we have the misfortune of interviewing christine pelosi. absolutely horrible. >> i was upset. neil: mean, nasty human being. >> i get to that point. here's the thing. honestly, the market will shrug it off, but the collateral damage is going to the left and progressives looking very petty huge moment they push this kind of stuff. they are not doing themselves any favors if they need to go away, their wounds and figure what they did wrong. neil: there are signs are worth having a very good week and i'm told. and it's obviously not get into positive tritory for the first time this year. what do you make of the whole phenomenon? >> i love the "star wars" phenomenon. i know you're not a big fan. i put my client and the stock at 89.
1:30 pm
two months ago i had birthdays party for my granddaughter. when mickey and minnie walked into that room and the kids lost their minds. we are talking 4-year-old kids went nuts. but the beatles on the alvin show. they said you know what, dave may lose a few customers that they've got future customers who are around for a long time. neil: i am that way with the little mermaid. [laughter] that is a whole another story. look at this. thank you very much. he didn't help me with that. peter barnes following janet yellen very close late. about week right now. she's in the telegraph a few days ago. rate hikes to come. >> she doesn't say that when the timing of the next rate hike could come, but she does give insight into her thinking on the
1:31 pm
current state of economy after the first rate hike in the year last week. she is speaking at commencement at the university of baltimore and she says in her prepared tax the challenge is to remain including disappointing product dignity and that the recovery, the growth of this economic recovery has been slower than in past economic recovery. the job market is strongest in nearly a decade and job creation continues at a steady pace and wage growth is picking up and the layoff rate is low. good news for graduates. train to any concerns that maybe things are running a little bit more than she thought, then the. but turned around, whatever you want to call it is giving us an extra boost they didn't count on? >> right now she's saying challenges to continue and then her remarks last week she kind of downplayed the possible
1:32 pm
impact of a feminist and said the fed will read and see what comes from the trump white house and congress. neil: peter barnes, thank you are a match. following very closely what the fed is saying. a lot of people telegraphing quite a few rate hikes at a minimum of three next year. could be more with the perceptions are building. we are getting more details on the shooting of the russian ambassador in turkey today including who was behind it, what was said when he was doing the shooting and why turkey is concerned there might be others. after this. three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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neil: the state department right now is warning u.s. ends to avoid the embassy area in turkey. this of course after the assassination of a russian ambassador to turkey earlier today. the u.s. reserve intelligence officer. good to have you. i guess that is unexpected precaution. the blood of looking at this whole region and one drink is it safe. we've gone back and forth with turkey being phased and it's not safe and then make it into a shootdown incident with a russian aircraft this past summer. would you avoid the area? >> i'd have to say yes. it's not just the shootdown of the russian aircraft. there is the level of
1:37 pm
instability there that is clearly continuing. tree into this we still don't know, that the assailant when after the ambassador, blaming him for about the tight to syria and the russian role they are in. it is got this anger going. i'm wondering firmly that type of anger does demand. what is 2017 look like? >> you know, russia, china and iran. it just seems like the goodness there's a lot of what's happening right now is oddly enough kind of par for course when you have a change of power in the united states. they don't understand the peaceful transition of power. as a result they are going to do things to reassert their position. there is a level of that is happening that will even out once president trump assumes the presidency. on the flipside, there's a lot
1:38 pm
of unknowns. we have brand-new president that's pretty nontraditional and you will see people trying to make sure the entry is our very clear to us. neil: you know, we are getting word there spoken by phone with vladimir putin to share information with moscow. we know as well that a plan meeting with the turkish representative, mask out presumably to discuss the area i'm told is going to take a set schedule tomorrow. what do you make of that? >> when it comes to syria, the difference between theory and what's happening in iraq is unlike iraq, syria is not clear who's going to assume control of the territory once isis is pushed out or defeated which will have been. if you talk to the kurds, they want to piece this. if you type to have one, he
1:39 pm
wants a piece of this. there are clear negotiations and that hasn't been established yet. of course if i'm the president turkey à la reach out to russia and ensure this is not a turkish bath event. nonetheless it is disconcerting that brings the question of the danger of the volatility that area spreading to neighboring countries. neil: we will watch it. good seeing you again. the count continues to go on a canvas at all the electors voted in unison for donald trump as this tape of habit. similar reports out of pennsylvania. none of this is a show until january 6th when all of this is to in the united states capitol. that can be sometimes difficult sort of news to announce an share with the american public particularly when it would be joe biden doing it, officially saying donald trump is the newly elected president of the united states. that's the most difficult will have to be al gore, the sitting
1:40 pm
vice president at the time in 2000 saying the presidency officially went to the guy who defeated him, even though he won the popular vote. george bush. that was then. what happened now? we are getting a pretty good idea after this.
1:41 pm
>> on the floor of the new york stock exchange. your thoughts as this brief trip up look at shares of apple.
1:42 pm
the company is challenging the 14 alien u.s. dollar tax bill. the e.u. ignore a tax expert in corporate thought to come up with this exorbitant number. shares of recorders of 1%. apple shares or i may not be batting .2%. then again looking at today's performance on your screen. some breaking news here in now they're going to cut commercial airlines by 8%. there's also news that iran is determined to buy 80 aircraft worth $80 billion for the sanctions against iran lifted on it nuclear program. concerned about the trump administration and whether or not it might make the deal little bit tougher. time now to get you back to "cavuto: coast-to-coast."
1:43 pm
♪ ♪
1:44 pm
♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. neil: we are getting word that president obama isn't going to leave without trying to do some added things to make sure his successor will not yield to completely undo his agenda, especially when it comes to new rules against coal. national mining association present out when with what bowl. we are told as you know better than anyone that the administration wants to toughen up and add a number of environmental measures that
1:45 pm
would make it tougher on fossil fuels, namely coal. those might not be as always land done by president trump. is that true? >> meal, we think many can be undone by both president trump when he takes office as well as the incoming congress. the department of the interior is the hallmark of all the things the bad regulatory policy that carries out consequences that congress has been rallying about for eight years. we think that is a prime candidate for action by congress when they return to a congressional review act resolution disapproving the department of the interior. >> to be clear, if you were in the cool business and use the new regulations coming your way, what is copied from touring them? >> well, we will see when this newest one takes effect. it will take some time to be translated into her operating
1:46 pm
permit but we think congress will make short work of this one through the congressional review act and we hope they do because we need to restore certainty for their investment. this administration we are not surprised they couldn't resist taking another gut punch at our industry on the way out the door, but that's been their modus operandi within weeks of taking office 2009, they put a permanent moratorium for permits in many eastern states and as you know neil, throughout the last seven years they've done regulations and destroyed 25% of market and issued an executive order that is stopping the releasing of western coal is the source of 40% of our coal supply in this country. neil: you know what i never thought you guys had enough of, but how clean it is now. the argument has been whatever we are doing against the cool guys is because they are
1:47 pm
woefully dirty and killing the environment when you'd make great headway, making it cleaner than it's ever been, more efficient than it's ever been, as she presents other than for people who see proof of that and electric utility rates and the like when that could be an eeriest jeopardy if it ever goes away. do you feel the need under president trump to remind people of that because his claim had been the be-all and on all energy including coal. >> you're absolutely correct and we always feel the need to do that. we will finish 2016 as the safest history of mining. the administration has been running away from the actual facts. many rules imposed on our industry or market are things that have real costs. but the benefits are real and we can go one by one. it's all very politically contrived. we do need to remind everybody that we've gotten a fair.
1:48 pm
we are more environmentally responsible. it is cleaner that missions are down by a considerable amount when coal consumption was only not. we are delivering a reliable and affordable product for the benefit of all americans. neil: thank you very much. national mining association president. good to see you. >> in the meantime what of turkey right now. a word of the assassination of the russian ambassador to turkey will not allow the attack to cast a shadow over friendship and that this is an isolated and the band and the two countries will continue working together, proof being tomorrow including representatives from turkey, representatives from russia and representatives from at least six other countries that will deal with the syrian mass and so much more. after this.
1:49 pm
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neil: it is cold and getting colder. cold-weather blasting the chicago windchill minus two degrees. it had been minus nine so it is warming up fast. chinese airlines meanwhile are putting in u.s. airlines to shame as far as soft and better affairs getting around asia. some of these are eye-popping deals. there some sacrifices you have made it is big enough savings. jeff flock at o'hare airport with the latest. >> that's right. you don't go through tokyo. you go through places like guangzhou, but it could be worth it. take a look at the growth in chinese airlines. here at o'hare to take a look at the growth that is expected over the next 20 years. chinese airlines expected to grow by six or senate requiring
1:53 pm
almost 7000 new planes at the cost of over a trillion dollars. over the past five years, it's been booming in china going to mall or market it is like chengdu, the hubs increased by 15%. birds by 20% and as you point out leading to some tremendous fair deals for u.s. travelers. the new year to shanghai route, air china and china southern are the two cheapest ways to go. and time is like the l.a. to hanoi road, it is a tremendous bargain. $830 for a trip in february that we check out. united same location. cal 65, american $1700, saving almost half its stocks of u.s. airlines have done pretty well despite the competition from china. of course that is mainly because of low fuel prices. the chinese airlines are coming on and it's a way to save some money. it's not like they are dumping
1:54 pm
steel into the u.s. market. they are trying to service their customers because her people in china want to fight but is helping folks here as well. neil: when did the crowd starforming behind you for the christmas rush? >> it was earlier. there was a crowd earlier. neil: there was no crowd there. >> next hour we will have the pictures. neil: wait a minute. so next hour, ewers aiding the big crowd staffer trish regan, but not me. >> i give you the important numbers. i gave you the important facts and she gets the pretty pictures. i just made a choice based on your smart. neil: you know, i want to pass along what i received on you and your coverage tracking down union guys and all the rest. this is a compliment.
1:55 pm
it takes a lot to rattle him. i said that's true, it does. i'll ask you what these folks have surmised. does it take a lot to rattle you and what made you so i know in the future exactly which buttons to push. >> you would have to ask by three ex-wives are the best answer on that. although i think i stayed pretty calm through that stuff, too. you caught me around. that just caught me around. i don't know what i can say. i was trying to be on their side. they are not -- you know -- i was trying to be. neil: you are like me when someone cuts in the line at the ponderosa buffet. your reaction was very similar to what mine would be in that situation. >> you could steal my money, steal my car, but if you've got in mind i'm going to lose it.
1:56 pm
neil: you are the best, my friend. i hope you have a merry christmas. jeff flock in chicago saving the good stuff for later round. that is fine. whatever he wants to do. the fact that i'll take the insult because that's the way i roll. stick around. a little more after this. . .
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
neil: all right, for any of the electors who are feeling the pressure for having to pay fines, michael moore said relax. he's appealing by paying fines for them to switch their votes. that is not likely to happen here at least in the numbers they would need. 37 electors would have to peal off from donald trump. from the early state that is are reporting, electorstivity, -- electors activity, those in pennsylvania and in texas and pennsylvania, they are going pretty much in line with what the vote has been and has been.
2:00 pm
we will see how that goes. it's not official till january 6th when all of this is settled in washington, d.c. to trish regan right now. trish: electors from each of the 50 states are voting as donald trump looks to seal the deal and looks to become the 45th president of the united states, of course, we expect president-elect trump to seal pretty easily and some of the left are calling for electors to change their votes. take a look again. protestors gathering around the country, these are more protestors who are looking at an amendment to persuade electoral college voters to switch side. some electors say, they're even being harassed. they have received death threats. i'm trish regan, welcome to the intelligence report. lots to get through this hour. i want you to hear from one michigan elector who is struggling from threats from the


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