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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 30, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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you will see it on this show at noon next week. president obama heads to capitol hill to discuss with lawmakers to discuss about obamacare. competing ignoring us, ralph is working on next week's show. everything is ready to go. could not be more prepared. happy new year, ralph. trish. here is trish. trish: ouch. connell: they did great with me. i'm joking around. trish: major embarassment for president obama, russia's vladmir putin refuses to engage. he is waiting for the trump administration to take off. i'm trish regan. welcome to welcome to "the intelligence report." that this may be meaningless and do nothing to address the real problems we have. is he extending his muscle and trying to, energize his democratic base?
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>> almost surreal scene, two russian compounds here in the u.s., they have been shut down. 35 russian diplomats kicked out of the country. the u.s. says those facilities are for intelligence gathering and the diplomats are anything but. russia's u.n. ambassador called this scandalous and silly. those are the words. this was the scene at one of those facilities in centerville, maryland. that is basically 50 miles east of us here in washington. this is a scene before the noon hour. a caravan of vehicles. many of them, they passed by her in the shot in a second, dark tinted windows, so you couldn't see in. another site in long island, new york, also shut down as well. vladmir putin did respond to all of this. put out a lengthy statement. here is what he said, quoting from putin, although we have the right to retaliate, will not resort to irresponsible kitchen diplomacy. further steps to restore
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russian, u.s. relations based on policies of the trump administration. end quote. from putin earlier today. trish incoming white house press secretarsean spicer saying earlier this morning that the president-elect has not yet spoken with putin. the meeting that mr. trump is expected to have with intelligence officials will take place next week. trish, back to you. trish: will be interesting one, blake burman. obama's move is certainly very public display of aggression by kicking out 35 russian diplomats and shutting down two russian embassy complexes. the president assured massive media attention and he has gotten it. but if he really wanted to retaliate, why do this? it is public and pretty meaningless in the scheme of things. i'm not diminishing hacking concerns. those are real and russia should paythe price. instead of really retaliating president obama is making a whole lot of public moves designed to generate headlines, designedded to gain attention but none of them will have much
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effect on russia. former cia head james woolsey has little use for the president's latest move. watch him talking to me. >> we want to project publicly we can work with you. we want to -- trish: this is not doing that, by the way. >> i think that is right. out the backdoor or out our backdoor we want to do something to them that really gets their attention. i am talking something that is effective, cyberattack against them some sort. trish: in other words, retaliate in kind. retaliate in kind. the author of the best-selling book, sebastian gorka joins me here today. theodore roosevelt said talk softly and carry a big stick. it feels like we don't have much of a stick. if we wanted to confront russia aren't there more powerful ways
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of doing so? >> absolutely. if you want to solve problems and not just talk about. teddy said, walk softly and carry a big stick. we have a president that talk as lot but doesn't have a big stick. it is amateur hour in the white house. whether sending 50 troops to fight isis in the middle east. whether telling putin to knock it off. or whether it is this latest just, pathetic attempt to respond to what they say is a very serious charge. so, it's what we've come to be used to in the last eight years, isn't it, trish? trish: in some ways. is it embarasses for president obama that putin basically saying what the heck you're doing, i'm not even going to respond. i'm not going to kick out american diplomats in russia. i will sit tight and wait for the new ad in administration? >> i'm not a fan of vladmir putin. vladmir putin, let's remind everybody was a second-rate colonel in the kgb.
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he is not a good guy. he is anti-statist coactor. he doesn't share our values. he has done something quite impressive with one press statement, he has demonstrated to the world how utterly irrelevant president obama is. he is basically say, i'm not going to deal with you because you're a lame duck anyway. unfortunately on this point he is absolutely right. trish: donald trump put out a facebook message today. he talked about the building the military. we're going to be building up our military an make the military so strong and so great and so powerful i don't think we'll ever have to use it. nobody will mess with us, that i can tell you. is this part of carrying a big stick? in other words you want, at least, embrace the presence of a threat in that you are a threat to the likes of russia, you are a threats to the likes of north korea? they know if we decide to, we can really do something? by the way we could right now. it just so happens that perhaps under this administration there
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is a lack of willingness to really follow through. >> look, statecraft 101 is based upon the principle that diplomacy is your primary tool but diplacy is completely ineffectual unless it is backed up with the option of force. this administration has denied. it is all about narrative. it is all about spin. it is not about national security or the truth. so, yes -- look, the bumper sticker is very clear. we had it used again and again not only by president-elect trump but by general flynn his national security advisor designate. we're not interested in creating new enemies. that is not number one. we're not here to kick over "the hornet's nest," but to quote the marine corps, they have used this, the transition team used this, america under president trump will have, we will see an america that will be no better friend to our friends and no worse enemy.
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and that's very, very easy to believe. and very different from the last eight years. trish: the problem is, over the last eight years, we have been trying to be everyone's friend, no one's enemy walking the middle ground like the line that got drawn you can't cross, somehow everyone thinks they can cross? >> yes. i mean, we had a white house that pretended it wants to be friends with everybody, but remember, what did they actually do? they belittled and abandoned our true friends, whether it was egypt in the middle east, whether it was the baltic nations, whether it was ukraine. and they treated our enemies as if they are our bosom buddies. giving $150 billion that the obama state department says the biggest sponsor of state terrorism, the mullahs in iran, how does that serve the national interests? >> look what happened in israel. and you add all these things up
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and you wonder what the heck is going on in his final hurrah. you got israel, russia, it will have some consequences. dr. gorka, happy new year to you. >> happy new year to you. trish: israel. first russia and these last minute moves by the obama administration they seem to be very deliberate and kind of desperate. here is how sawn spicer described it to me yesterday -- sean spicer. >> 22 days for president obama to continue the term he was duly elected to serve but i think there is bit of potentially jealously at amount of accomplishments already occurring in terms of domestic policy and job creation. this is a president will accomplish more before becoming president than some presidented may have accomplished their first couple months in office. trish: you hear that? some jealousy? is incoming press secretary right that president obama is jealous of trump. we have evan siegfried and former advisor to president
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bill clinton, simon rosenberg. good to have you both here. evan, what say you? trump is in mara large go on working vacation, coming out with new tweets and facebook messages seemingly every day, several a day in fact. does that make president obama think he is not accomplishing match and he retaliating in kind with flury of diplomatic moves but they seem to be anything but diplomatic? >> i think president obama is having a tough time coming to grips how he is no longer going to be the center of attention. that president-elect is going to be the center of attention. president obama is trying to go out to do things to appease the far left, whether kicking israel or the arctic pipeline, the, the dapl. it is not really anything that benefits america. it is stuff that he can tell people on his far left base that will make them feel good, like
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they have accomplished something. at the end of the day when president-elect trump will come in he will reverse all of those with the stroke of a pen. trish: he wants to feel like he is accomplishing something. simon, he could have done some of this earlier. we were told he wanted to give the israel speech, john kerry did for quite some time, why wait until the final weeks? well, i think thkey re he is still the president and he will or another few weeks. i'm a little surprised frankly the trump folks who are trying to project strength are whining so much about the president doing his job. if i were advising donald trump i would tell him, don't worry about what barack obama is doing. you're going to be in power in a few weeks. focus on putting together the best people. you will be in there for at least four years, right? get your act together and make sure you are the strongest president you can. i think this distraction for them. trish: the concern, simon, we have sound from kellyanne conway talking about this, she is
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concerned trump will be boxed in when he comes into office because some of these last-minute moves made by president obama, let's watch her here. >> yeah. >> he sees some roadblocks sometimes from president obama. we do wonder about the rush to do all of these things the next couple of weeks by the obama administration, how that may upend long-standing u.s. policy as it seems to be or how "the new york times" put it, trying to box in the president-elect. we hope that is not true. trish: in other words there is big stuff he has been doing. he just not being president as normal because he hasn't done this many big things if you would over the course of the last eight years. now there is this rash to make all these foreign policy moves. evan, how does that constrain, you don't think it will? you think he can basically get rid of everything that has been done? you don't think it strained relationship in certain ways look at israel and middle east? >> i think bibi netanyahu the
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second trump takes the oval office, will say this is good, somebody supporting us and not enabling the u.n. to kick us. that is very positive thing. things like russia adds a little t constint. it is right thing to do. most republicans and democrat it is non-partisan issue, american issue, retaliation president obama started we've seen publicly are a first step. trish: let's talk about the retaliation. i hear you. we don't want anybody messing with us, but as ambassador woolsey put it we should be messing with them back. there are more powerful things we can do by kicking out 35 diplomats which is attention-grabbing headline you're going to get. i get it, right. president obama wants to tell everyone he is going after russia and going after them hard and getting rid of diplomats and shutting down embassy compound they had in new york and maryland but are you really accomplishing what it is you need to accomplish? aren't there better ways, more aggressive tactics you could be taking behind the scenes? >> absolutely.
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i think part of it -- president obama to his credit said that in the statement. we'll do things we do not announce. some of that could be hacking ourselves. we could essentially go out and launch a negative pr campaign after hacking putin and his cronies. we could do dos attacks denying service to russians across the country jo hopefully we're doing all that. simon what is the point kicking 35 diplomats out getting russia hot and bothered which they don't seem to be? seems that is the intention. is this more to get the base riled up, it was indeed putin that put trump in office somehow? you feed that narrative? >> the last few minutes we heard barack obama been doing too much and also not doing enough, right? i think on this issue with russia, i think the response was considered to be proportionate. it wasn't 35 diplomats. it was 35 spies. we know these were people deemed to be part of the intelligence
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operation. that is where the focus was. i think this was substantial thing he did. are we going to do more? the problem now, according to trish, to this whole segment if he does more he will be criticized for doing anything in the last few weeks. i think this was proportionate. i think there will be more. i think the real story what happens on russia thing will be happening next six months. john mccain already announced a hearing next thursday. there seems to be bipartisan support to get investigation on what happened. time for donald trump to come on board to join the efforts to make sure we know everything that happened in the russian interference with our election. he has been late to the party on this one. trish: we're going to leave it there. good to see you. thank you so much evan and simon. >> thanks. trish: the famed mormon choir that you all know so well, has the great honor i should say to perform for president-elect donald trump's inauguration but not all choir members are so happy about it. this is kind of like the
2:15 pm
rockettes, right? one woman out there is so distraught and quit choir and comparing donald trump to hitler. i have to say when you use that comparison that is something that is disrespectful to history, disrespectful to everyone that died. it is unbelievable. we've got todd starnes on it for you next. ♪ your insurance company
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trish: hmmm, listen to that. can you hear it? ♪ this is the famed mormon tabernacle choir. they are going to be performing at president-elect donald trump'snauguration but one member of that choir says she is just too distraught. so she is quitting all together. she sent in her resignation letter in which she says, she writes, since the announcement i
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spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony. i only know i could have never thrown roses to hitler and i certainly could never sing for him. okay, so this woman is comparing donald trump to hitler. joining me right now, fox news radio host, author of the deplorables, guide to making america great again, todd starnes of the as we went to break, i was saying to viewers, i find it unbelievably offensive and offensive to millions of people that died as a result of hitler. donald trump is not even president yet and for goodness sakes he hasn't killed anyone and by the way not first to make this comparison. >> you're absolutely right. donald trump has not invaded any nations to our knowledge. he has not bombed london and not exterminated millions of people. it is repugnant and re pull
2:20 pm
sieve when people make that comparison. beyond that, donald trump's son-in-law and daughter are jewish this is simply disgusting and really indefensible what is happening here. again, the left, they seem to ignore these smears when they're being directed at conservatives, or at least republicans. trish: if i were jewish i would be very, very upset that anybody would invoke his name like that and, because that is just, you know that is just going a step too far. and there should be more outrage and you know, people that say these things should be held accountable for it, but it is just okay. it is open season for whatever reason. >> it is open season and here you have all of these entertainers, the mormon tabernacle choir, "marie claire" did an expose' with one of rockettes who used a pseudonym to talk about how they were terrified to be performing. trish: at least she was embarrassed enough to use a pseudonym. >> exactly. called him a monster.
2:21 pm
these folks, it kills me, you have got these folks, it violates our conscience. you know what? for the past eight or nine years you've been having same entertainers telling christians they have to violate their conscience when it comes to business practices. so it really sort of a double standard when you look at what's happening now compared to what has been happening in the past seven or eight years. trish: wild. todd, thank you so much. >> thanks, trish. trish: as always. the murder rate soaring nationwide this year but no place more dramatically than in chicago where we have seen more than 750 people murdered this year. what is behind these numbers? are the liberal economic policies of democrats, that have been in control of chicago for decades to blame? that's next. >> we are going to fix our inner-cities. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential.
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trish: shootings and violent crime is surging in chicago. more than 750 murders in the city so far this year. that is more than new york city and los angeles combined, just to put it all into perspective. chicago police are now bracing for new year's weekend. mike tobin in chicago with more. hey, mike. reporter: trish, to make matters worse cops anticipate violence will increase over the weekend. take a bunch of booze and pour over endless cycle of gangland vendettas. it is already so bad the former chicago police superintendent calls it a crisis. they have had 756 murders this year, this is increase of 57% from 484 last year.
2:26 pm
shootings increased 47%. overwhelmingly number of victims are blacks. documented the targets are bank members. gary mccarthy who lost his job in the wakes of the laquan mcdonald videotape shooting says the reason for increase in bloodshed policing has become politicized and the cops are hamstrung. >> the politicizing of policing is ending up killing more black lives. the number of police-related shootings in this city is less than half of 1% of the shootings in the city of chicago. so what does that mean? 99.6% of the shootings are civilian on civilian, generally, black on black. 80% african-americans are dying and it is 90% increase from two years ago. reporter: christmas weekend alone 12 people were killed by gunfire in chicago. 11 of the murders were gangland retaliations. the reason for the timing was
2:27 pm
because the gang rivals knew they would be home. there will be demonstrators out this weekend. the focus of the demonstration is intended to be anti-gun violence. however the organizer of these demonstrations, father michael flager, well-known, chicago activist, admits when you have a big demonstration like this people descend on it, always a chance the message will get diluted. trish? trish: mike tobin. thank you very much. spike in violence in our inner-cities are many questioning if liberal economic pollries the reason? should we blame the policies? that frustration helped fuel trump's popularity of law and order candidate and he was willing to go where a lot of politicians just aren't. watch. >> people don't talk about the inner cities but i'm talking about the inner cities. they don't talk about the inner cities. the democrats have taken advantage of african-americans. they take their vote, they win
2:28 pm
the election, and then they say, see you in four years. thanks a lot. not me. trish: all right, evan siegfried and simon rosenberg are back with me. simon, i will go first to you, because i look at the economic policies been enacted in chicago which has for decades had democrats in charge and, i say, they're not doing a whole lot to help your average person in chicago. and when people are so disenfranchised they don't have a shot at a better life? what do they do? they turn to gangs, they turn to violence and you consequently now have a mess on your hands in chicago that it is going to take some real work to get out of. do you blame economic policy like i do? >> well, i will say, i want to share your sense of just the tragedy of what's happening in chicago. i know rahm emanuel well. i feel very bad for the people of chicago to go through
2:29 pm
something like this, but i will say this, right? most american cities, unemployment rate is far lower than it was five years ago, 10 years ago. the crime rates are way down from where they were 20 and 30 years ago. in fact, if you travel around the united states, and i know you're in new york, trish, most urban areas in the united states, here in washington are far better than they were 15 or 20 years ago. so i think we're on the right track. trish: not chicago though. >> i'm not disagreeing with you on that. i'm saying in general, as context, right, we've reclaimed a lot of urban areas in the united states. i disagree with donald trump that there is this incredible tragedy in urban areas. so unemployment rate in chicago, i just checked is 5.6%. trish: 6.1%. that is okay. 6.1 is%. >> i checked november numbers. trish: so it is higher than national average but i will dispute on unemployment numbers. they include part-time workers. we've seen recently in the gig economy, if you will, people moved to part-time jobs so
2:30 pm
they're not counted in the overall unemployment numbers. so i would point out increasing number of people have dropped out of the work place and that the unemployment numbers, while they look kind ever rosy on the surface, if you dig a little deep, you find a lot of those people are part time. flipside of that, simon, is lack of wage growth which is not something specific to president obama but, really you can put the blame out over the last 30 or so years in terms of lack of wage growth. people have not gotten a raise in decades. and so, you combine all this with the fact that increasingly we're seeing a lot more handouts from our government and, you have to admit that over the last eight years. i just wonder if, it is the law of unintended consequences? in other words, people, i will get evan into the conversation as well, they mean well by you know, increasing unemployment benefits and they mean well by increasing food staples but instead of having the -- food
2:31 pm
stamps, by having intended result to get people back on their feet and it encourages people not to get back on their feet? >> yes it does. simon is right, crime has gone down in most cities across the country. why, because of a republican mayor in new york city rudy giuliani who revolutionized how urban cities governor enand fight crime. all the other democratic cities copied rudy giuliani. on top of that, you have all of these democratic cities, throughout the country, l.a., now new york, boston, san francisco, chicago, where they are democratically-controlled and although do is they fail their residents by overregulate, squashing opportunity. they serve teachers unions and as opposed to students, and create as complete vacuum where nobody can succeed. trish: what is fascinating to me, donald trump, when he first came out, we ran some of that sound there, of him saying he would fix these urban communities, and part of that means, for example, things like school choice. these are economic policies that
2:32 pm
could be enacted. you got to fight the teachers unions if you're going to take on school choice. and better policing of these neighborhoods. simon, can you really, look at us all in the face and say that you don't need more after police presence in chicago and you don't need school choice in chicago? >> so, i am definitely for more, stronger police presence. i think rahm emanuel has been very aggressive of late. right, i think there has been consensus there has to be more police, but i just don't, i don't want to overstate, i want -- trish: how about school choice? >> i'm for charter school choice. i'm not for vouchers. i've been a supporter of charter schools since the movement began in 1991. i fought for charter schools. my point for you, urban america, described cities, my colleague talked about l.a., san francisco, boston, these cities creating innovative industries and not deathtraps and death zones. trish: feels like chicago.
2:33 pm
>> but please, please -- trish: look at chicago murder rate. >> living in boomtown in washington and l.a. trish: better off walking down the street in medellin, colombia than chicago. what does that say about us? >> chicago has problems. these urban areas are creates jobs innovative industries. they're envy of world. trish: the jobs are not going to people that need them. you have increasing gap in income inequality issue. evan, simon, a complex problem that we hope donald trump can tackle we'll be right back. we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. fixodent plus adhesives. there's a denture adhesive that holds strong until evening. just one application gives you superior hold even at the end of the day
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fixodent. strong more like natural teeth.
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trish: the conventional wisdom, right? automation, robots, technology destroy good paying jobs. just look at how the manufacturing sector has hurt so many blue collar communities by this onset of technology. it's perhaps one of of the main reasons donald trump won this election. we want more good paying jobs, manufacturing jobs coming back. but, you know, some would say conventional wisdom may have it just a little bit wrong here. in fact, automation can actually help grow jobs. joining me right now with a look at all of it, our own hillary vaughn. hillary, explain. >> hey, trish. well, economists we talked to said while automation has decreased jobs in the manufacturing sector, it's creating new jobs in new sectors. they look a little different than today's jobs, but they pay
2:38 pm
a little more. >> even people without a college diploma if they're working with the technology, they have an opportunity to gain new skills, become more productive and to see their wage rise. so it complements, the computers are complementing workers today rather thanly -- than replacing. >> a recent study shows in the immediate term, automation has taken about 6% of jobs, but four years from now, they think automation will grow jobs by about 5%. >> you know, i think it's really interesting that a lot of the media have latched on to the 6% job loss and a.i. technology, and the broader context of why that's important and how that's going to play out is kind of, it's kind of being missed. so we're seeing a lot of automation that, over time by 2021, is going to create jobs at the same time that we're losing jobs.
2:39 pm
>> so what kind of new jobs are being created by this new technology? well, economists say that health care, the health care sector is seeing a huge demand for mid-skilled workers right now thanks to a.i., they also say new platform applications are popping up on your smartphone all the time and creating job opportunities that don't require new training or new skills. >> what we really mean by the gig economy is jobs that are created where people can apply the skills that they already have in something other than a full-time job to do things like, for instance, be an uber dreier or work tasks on task rabbit. >> all right. well, thanks to its technology, uber has created more driving jobs,en abling people who may not have worked as a driver to get in the busins. thbottom line is that technology growth creates the opportunity for new jobs, and that's a good thing. trish. trish: hillary vaughn, thank you so much. so it is a good thing, i guess, unless you're the guy or the gal that loses your job to that robot or to technology,
2:40 pm
automation, and you can't find a good one to replace it, right? the former assistant secretary of labor under president ronald reagan joins me right now with his thoughts on this. you know, i hear ya, i mean, i get it, technology helps us be more productive, we grow, we're going to create new industries. great. but what do we do in the meantime, al? >> well, the problem is technology reshapes the demand for jobs. it doesn't kill them. the problem that's underneath which we found in the reagan administration was can the school systems, can the apprenticeship programs keep pace with the technological change -- trish: well, we know right now they're not. you look at the statistics, the u.s. versus the rest of the world when it comes to math and science, we're clearly failing. >> that's right. and that's why our answer was bringing corporations more into the discussion on how to train people from the school systems into the corporation -- trish: because then the corporations say, hey, this is what we need. >> right. trish we need more engineers, more nurses, more people that,
2:41 pm
you know, can concern but that said, i just would point out that's all fine and good, but it takes a tremendous amount of education to be an engineer, and it doesn't take as much education to get a job at the local manufacturing plant. >> engineer, yes. but look at the progression from the guy that carried the ice in the old days to the guy that fixed the refrigerator to the guy today that's installing the home technology for your nest and ur fnaces and your -- those are not engineering jobs, those are just upgraded maintenance jobs. trish: oh okay, so i guess the reality of what you're telling me is americans need to keep this edge in order to stay employed in a new economy. you're going to have to keep going back and learning new skills, you know? i guess it's challenging for someone who is used to a different way of life or whose parents had a different way of life, al. >> that's the new normal. the school systems are going to have to adjust, and so are the corporations to retrain their people. i think the responsibility for retraining should fall on the corporations so that person
2:42 pm
you're talking about who may lose their job as a refrigerator repairman do install a nest -- to install a nest, the company has to take that on, and the government can do a lot to encourage that through tax breaks. thinkingtrish: we also need to a lot more jobs here and even some of those simple jobs by creating a better regulatory environment, a better tax environment, etc., so businesses want to be here in the first place. i'm out of time. al, thank you. it's good to see you again, of course. we're going to be right back.
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2:44 pm
♪ ♪ trish: all right, let's check on these markets. 20k really still kind of elusive right now. we're down about of 0 points on -- 60 points on the dow as we head into the final trading hours of the year. twitter ceo jack dorsey asking users on twitter what they want to see twitter add or improve in 2017. most users responded they want the ability to edit their tweets, that'd be kind of nice. dorsey's responses indicate he's considering the change. twitter shares are down 29% this year. yikes. and the rap group run dmc is suing walmart, amazon, jet and other retailers for $50 million. the group is accusing the retailers of selling products that traded on the group's name without their permission. "the intelligence report" is going to be right back with more on these markets and whether or not we're, in fact, going to see
2:45 pm
20k in 2017. i have a feeling we will. ♪
2:46 pm
trish: last trading day of the year finally. you know, we're still not at 20k. we thought we'd get there this year but still, you know, not -- it doesn't look like it's going to happen. stocks are set, however, for their very best year since 2013, and that's good news. we have a look at when and how we're going to get to 20k. what do you think, davidsome --
2:47 pm
david? >> well, i certainly think it's going to happen. obviously, not here in the next hour. at some point early into the new year. and if it doesn't happen by the 10th or 11th, trish, then i think earnings season will begin, and as we get into earnings season, i really think that the q4 results are going to be quite pleasant and will, at that point, kind of get to that number -- trish: all right. so there's still time to do some buying, in your view, if people want to buy in the last hour here or so of trading heading into 2017. what do you think overall for 2017? are we going to continue seeing in this upside in the market, especially if we get those tax cuts? >> yeah. you know, i think there's a couple things that are going to be at play. we're really fighting two forces. throughout the whole of 2017, the bulls' story is this trump january fiscal policy -- trumpian fiscal policy, corporate tax reform which will likely get done and, of course, the aca repeal, obamacare. things of that nature, i think,
2:48 pm
will be positive for markets. but the other side of that is whatever monetary tightening inevitably has to take place, so you get a little trump versus yellen effect that'll be a big driver in that market tension in 2017. trish: a lot of bears have expressed this concern to me. they are fearful that janet yellen is going to be in this, you know, environment in which she is raising rates and, as you said, it's gotta happen at some point, right? so she starts raising rates. their fear is because there's an expectation of lots of stimulus spending from donald trump, that what do you think, rates are going to continue moving higher, higher, higher, it's going to get more and more expensive for people to borrow money, for corporations to borrow money, and that is going to ask as a retardant on overall market growth. i think you're more bullish than they are, so what do you say to make everybody feel a little bit better right now? >> what i would say is i understand the concern, however, it ignores a much more important factor which is that so much of what the fed wants to create
2:49 pm
gets done for them by this strengthening dollar. ultimately, trish, there's no way the fed can diverge that much from european central banks -- trish: okay, all right. so what you're telling us, just to sum it up here, is that the fed cannot be super-aggressive because the dollar is already going through the roof -- >> that's right. trish: -- and, you know, you run the risk that if the dollar gets too strong, and we all like a strong dollar especially when we go on vacation -- [laughter] if it gets too strong, then corporations from the u.s. will not be able to sell as much overseas. >> and even beyond that, it simply not only creates those competitive problems that you're referring to, but ultimately it serves as a barometer for the fed that things have gone a bit too far, and there's no precedent for that -- trish: all right. so the fed is not going to be overly aggressive, they'll move as they need to and, hopefully, all this trump-like, strong fiscal policy will start to really start to generate some
2:50 pm
growth. so hopefully we do get to 20k soon. david, it's good to see you. >> good to be here, trish. happy new year. trish: thank you so much. happy new year to you too. we're taking a quick break, we'll be right back.
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2:53 pm
♪ [laughter] trish: donald trump taking to twitter again, praising vladimir putin's reaction to new u.s. sanctions. get this, he writes: great move on delay by vputin. i always knew he was very smart, exclamation point. it's going to be an interesting four years, isn't it? what an incredible year it's been for all of us, right? amazing to think that 12 months ago there were 12 republicans running for the nomination, bernie sanders was on the verge of victory in the all-important new hampshire primary, and we were there, remember?
2:54 pm
♪ ♪ trish: welcome, everyone, to a special edition of "the intelligence report." i am trish regan, and we are here in manchester, new hampshire. voters sent establishment candidates packing. donald trump and bernie sanders both with decisive victories. >> to be on trish's show a big deal, and i just want to thank you very much. trish: all i want to know is the truth. >> let my government tell me the truth. trish: they took you out of your prison and wrought -- brought you to an airport? >> yeah, we were at the airport for a night -- trish: you slept at the airport? >> yes, for a night. trish: it is clear that radical islam played a role in this. so why won't our president call this what it is, radical islamic terrorism? breaking right now, president obama just responding to the news that british voters have chosen to yet out of the -- to get out of the european union.
2:55 pm
>> i think fundamentally the brexit success is an assertion of sovereignty once again. ♪ ♪ trish: tonight is the night, everyone. donald trump will take the stage in just about an hour from now to formally accept the nomination of the republican party for president. hillary clinton's going to take to the teenage and accept the nomination -- the stage and accept the nomination from the democratic party for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> how many times have you looked at a young man and said, wow, he's a beautiful young man, wow, he's a gorgeous young man, and that man was 12, 13, 14, 15 -- trish: i'll be honest, zero. today still shock and awe after donald trump defied all the odds and all the polls becoming america's 45th president of the united states. change is underway. donald trump is tapping into the real economic pain and the real frustration of many working and middle class americans. >> i'm a guy, i've got 10 companies, 15 company i like
2:56 pm
putting money into america, you know? sounds corny, but i really love america. and i'm reluctant in many cases to put money in. trish: are we going to get to 20,000 before year end? and what's your feeling for the economy now? >> i have never been as bullish on america as i am right this minute. at 81 years old, i see opportunities every place i look. trish: thank you to every single one of you for tuning in at 2 p.m. every day. we have had a record year, an incredible year. ♪ ♪ trish: i'll say it again, it has been an amazing year. our ratings, they're up 100%. we are killing our competition, cnbc over there in new jersey, 11 weeks straight. so thank you for watching. you know we here at intel, we will continue to bring you all the news that matter, the news that moves markets. we are on it for you, and we're winning to be right back with more after this.
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trish: don't forget, i'm going
3:00 pm
to be filling in for neil cavuto on your world today on fox news channel, so tune in at 4 p.m., again, on fox news. i'll be there. thanks for watching. we have just had an amazing year, hasn't it been? i am going to be on vacation for a little bit next week, but i'll see you back here probably on wednesday. liz claman, back over to you. liz: happy new year, trish, thank you so much. we've got some breaking news on donald trump we're about to get to. in the meantime, you guys ready? on this final trading day of the year, the dow is set to celebrate its best year since 2013 even without dow 20,000. the dow taking a water break on its march to dow 20,000, right now lower by 38 points. -- 88 points. just a few seconds ago, we hit session lows. what's going on? no breaks at this hour for the esident-ect, donald trump, putting new year's eve on the back burner this hour in palm beach. that's mar-a-lago, a live picture of his resort there.


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