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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  January 19, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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neil: all right. the meeting still going on. a down day on the markets here but what is looking like a very up week. in fact the fastest starts to a year we've seen. the dow up 5% in that interim. here is trish regan. trish: you really know how to time it, man. you can predict what is going to happen. you will be live tomorrow morning. neil: you can't beat it there. nothing will be open in that event but we'll be there. trish: you will be there. looking forward to seeing it. thanks, neil. chuck schumer meeting with president trump to work with democrats to avoid a government shutdown, they have 10 hours to reach a deal, to avoid the first shutdown in over four years. can the president get this done? we're on it right now as the big meeting happens. i'm trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. the schumer shutdown, as the white house is calling it, as shutdown looms omb director mick
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mulvaney blasting democrats over use. was the president able to reach any short-term deal with mr. assumer? we're asking white house deputy press secretary next. bombshell evidence that russia helping north korea. brand new photos showing chinese ships helping the rogue nation. if china continues to help north korea, it may be up to us to hit china with sanctions. forget the sanctions on north korea. we need those, of course. i'm talking about something much bigger and that sanctioning china. more on that in a few minutes. to to adam shapiro for very latest on the trump-schumer meeting. adam? reporter: trish, the big news that meeting does continue now. it is important to remember, this meeting according to mitch mcconnell's office, the leader in the senate, they knew that the president was doing
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this. they coordinated, they say with the president to invite chuck schumer to the white house. that is important because the last time a democrat and of course a republican, lindsey graham and dick durbin went to the white house it, caught some republicans off-guard. this is not a surprise to at least leadership on the senate side. where we stand, we don't know what is being discussed in the meeting to avert the shutdown. the pressure is applied on senator schumer and democrats. started on wednesday, not only president trump and people on the hill started to referring to the schumer shutdown. this website, the schumer sit-down -- shutdown. he said that the shutting down the government only creates chaos that is the what the democrats are doing. this time around the administration will not weaponize the shutdown for political gain. here is mick mulvaney.
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>> we are going to manage the shutdown differently. we have not going to weaponize it. we're not going to try to hurt people, especially people that work for the federal government. we still need congress to appropriate the fund. reporter: here on capitol hill a lot of people anxiously waiting to see what happens between that meeting between senator schumer, the minority leader in the senate, and the president. lindsey graham is a no on the continuing resolution. he put out a statement, trish, everyone is convinced they will win. in reality nobody wins in a government shutdown. the blame game makes for great washington feeder but doesn't serve needs of nation. the question on the hill, are we in the first act or last act of this theater. trish: theater? i will go with opera. thanks, adam. joining me now, arizona congressman, freedom caucus member, representative andy biggs. good to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. trish: keeping the opera theme
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going here. >> absolutely. trish: especially not over until the fat lady sings. is chuck schumer, do you think mallable in any way right now in this meeting right now with the president if is he willing to give up some of what he staked out? >> publicly he is very strong and adamant he is not going to move. hard to believe he is not going to move. i'm pegging one in four chance of a shutdown to be honest with you. i believe they will reach a deal before too long. trish: i am glad you say that i'm thinking the other right now. i think we might very well be looking at a shutdown. i think you're more optimistic about the dems than i am, sir. how are you so assured we're only going to have a one in four chance? >> to be honest with you, what i think will happen, they will make all kind of side deals to get this done. that is what they do. they make side deals. we'll get something done.
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we'll be back here two weeks, four weeks, another cr. we'll all say how is this different than last time. how is this different than december 22nd or september 8th when we did a cr. it is mind boggling to be honest with you. trish: you don't want to see the government shut down? >> i don't want to see a shutdown but at some point we have to fight. we sent a budget to the senate 100 days ago. it is always a crisis mode. this is not good particularly for the military. we'll dot short term cr again fund the military are if the balance of the year so they have predictability, soldiers know they get paid, we take care of our warriors. we didn't do that. trish: that is the big concern here. some ways the market is kind of shrugging it off. we're down 4 had points. still at all-time highs above 26,000 -- forgive me, just below 26,000 on the dow. there is a notion that wall street doesn't really care, representative biggs.
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from an economic perspective we can rally through something like that, make it through something like that because on the other side at some point people do go back and spend. all the government workers may have have been cut off for a little while. it is not really the end of the world. nonetheless, americans don't like it. good piece in the "wall street journal" saying yesterday, as much as republicans will want to blame schumer for the schumer shutdown, that is very hard because a lot of americans, they just target whoever they sent to the white house, whoever they sent to the congress, whoever they sent to the senate. how do you guys manage through this if this happens? >> i think they're right. the piece in the "wall street journal" is correct. they look whoever is controlling the budget. and that is us, the republicans, and it is hard for me to believe we're looking at another fifth cr in six months. that is unbelievable. the way we manage through it, if there is a shutdown, this white house has given assurances
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and i think shutdown is a misnomer quite frankly. 85% of government will stay there. they will keep parks open. they will do everything they can. the president can designate essential employees. i think he will do that. the problem is, we're not going to be paying our military. we're not making sure they get the training or equipment that they need. that is the real problem with closing government for a few days. trish: to add to that, sir, a lot of military members they're not making a ton of money. they need the weekly paycheck. they need to be paid by the government. if they don't have the money coming in, they have obligations that they can't meet, of all people, to be stiffing them on something like you don't want to do that to members of the military. >> i agree with you trish, 100%. in my opinion, that is why i had to vote no on the cr i wanted full year funding for the military. at some point you have to give them full year -- by the way we were promised that two months
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ago. so let's get that done. consider can't you get this done? send it to the senate. the senate has to face the reality they have the same responsibility that the house does to fund our military and their families. that's the pace i can function of a constitutional republic. that is where he are. so dismaying to me. trish: ever feel like we're becoming a bit ungovernable, sir? >> maybe just a little bit. but i still believe in the constitution and the framework of the constitution. we just need to get back to doing the budget the way we're supposed to do it which hasn't been done 20 years. we had 100 crs in 20 years, went from $5 trillion national debt to the $20 trillion last 10, 20 years because we don't do a budget. it is a mess. it is a mess. trish: i hope we get fixed. i go with the one in four. i want to believe it, one in four chance we may be looking at a shutdown but the clock is ticking. representative biggs, very good
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to see you. >> good to see you, trish. thanks. trish: hear what chuck schumer had to say back in 2013. this is 2013 when he warned republicans that a government shutdown would be absolutely, postively horrible for america. watch. >> we have this extreme, hard-right group in the republican party and they have chosen this moment once again to pick their fight on obamacare. they're perfectly blunt about it. they think threatening a government shutdown, holding the full faith, credit of the u.s. hostage is the place they have most leverage. we agree. they want to keep debating obamacare, fine. but there is a time and a place for everything. it is called the election of 2014. but to hold everything hostage, which in this kind of government set up by the founders, they can do, it is wrong substantively, it is wrong politically. trish: oh. okay it is wrong? it is wrong?
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talk about hypocrisy, mr. schumer. there is time and place to debate daca. the president wants to find a solution. this is not the time to hold our government hostage absolutely not over "dreamers." joining me with more analysis, american majority ned ryun, and former democratic party chair scott bolden. why is he shutting down our government, not getting members of our military paid, the much-needed pay they deserve because of the "dreamer" situation? >> no, i mean i think we have to put a very fine point on this trish. democrats are holding hostage our military and safety and security of hundreds of millions of americans on behalf of, and trying to blackmail republicans on behalf of hundreds of thousands of illegals. in some ways trish, over a word trump might have or might not have said. the thing on display right now is the deep dishonesty and hypocrisy of democrats. you had the quotes from schumer.
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they were calling republicans arsonists, anarchists in 2013 for shutting down the government. let's be clear on one of these points. democrats are saying republicans control all blanches of government, they are getting blamed. that's right, we control the white house, we control the house, but when it comes to the senate we have to be very clear on that front. if it was simple majority to pass a continuing resolution i would buy their argument but i know that is deeply dishonest because you have to have 60 votes to a pass a continuing resolution in the senate. to say we actually control both chambers of contest is deeply dishonest. trish: that is very true, you're absolutely right on that. scott, they're trying to message. they have their talking points, scott is about to give us. scott hit first with this, how is it right we penalize hard-working members of our military risk their lives, now these folks will have to go without pay because congress can't get their act together because they're all worked up, frankly, we would all like to
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see a solution to the "dreamers" but at the expense of the well-being of military members that have been serving the united states, how is that right? >> okay. there is certainly in the bill. there is lot of other things in the bill as well. but it is intellectually dishonest to have the debate just this that place for the military of the we all want to get them paid but democrats were promised that daca would be dealt with by the republicans and they failed in delivering on that promise. secondly, you have a disorganized republican party in the house and senate. remember, it was the, there are five or six republican senators who are not on board with this current bill as well. and remember this, too. the democrats and republicans presented a bipartisan bill to the white house that said what the president and what they thought the president wanted along the way. he rejected it. and invoked these racist comments. i don't think the democrats are holding up this by because of his racist comments. i think they're holding it up
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because they can't trust donald trump on the daca issue. if you cave in now, on this cr, then there is no leverage for the republicans for to deal with daca going forward. all the republicans have to do, democrats, put daca in there you have a deal. trish: we have to pick this apart a little bit. unpack it. >> those were a lot of points. those are the democratic points. trish: i don't buy that, guys, i just don't buy it. i think unfortunately it is politically-motivated. >> what about senator graham? he endorsed it. trish: that language to paint him as something that is absolutely despicable to any american, but you will do that -- >> said it. trish: that is one way to rally enthusiasm of a lot of voters, because you paint someone as that, that is as bad as it gets. anyway moving on to getting daca done, ned ryun, he is asking for money for the wall for border security. what's wrong with that?
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>> i wrote about this in my most recent op ed at american greatness, trish. the parameters for this agreement have been laid out. in return for full funding and border security, end to chain migration, end to visa lottery system, there is willingness to give the daca "dreamers" 700, 800,000 of them green card put them on a path of citizenship. the parameters have been laid out. i'm not sure what the great mystery is. the staggering about the whole debate and daca "dreamers," border security, hip hip pock cs of democrats. 2006, hillary clinton, joe biden, barack obama voted for yuma sector wall. dick durbin was on the floor of the senate calling for end to chain my phrase. that is all we want, in return, in return we will give legal stat to us the dreamers. trish: ned brings up a great point, there was a time not so long ago democrats were onboard with better security, were
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onboard with having walls down there along the border for our protection. what has happened? >> well, different time, different place. the democrats -- trish: different president? >> of course. trish: really that is it? isn't that intellectual dishonest. scott, you're don't like the president of the united states you will not vote for legislation that you previously backed. >> that is not what i say. that is what the democrats say. trish: you say it is the president. >> that wall that passed, the bill that passed that wall, 10 plus years ago was never funded by the republicans or the democrats. secondly, it makes no sense -- >> it was built. >> it was not built. it is -- >> the yuma sector wall was built and decreased immigration, illegal crossings by over 90%. >> it did not. it made you feel better about blocking illegal immigration. statistics went down with meyer enforcement and better enforcement. democrats will not agree to a
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wall that makes no sense from perception standpoint. they agree to border security. >> because they know walls work. trish: quickly before i let you go, any chance schumer is able to meet the president halfway on this, scott? as they -- >> i don't know how, i don't know how they meet halfway on daca. he is not going to bend on daca. they will have to bend on some other things. easiest resolution to this, would be somewhat reasonable to republicans and democrats was to add the daca language. the hard-liners like cotton and others want a broader immigration bill and they're the ones if you ask me are the ones that are contributing to the shutdown of the federal government. nobody wants that. simple solution. add daca, which the president agreed to, and which the republicans promised to deal with. now they failed in that promise on this case. and the democrats are going to hold strong. trish: ned? not shutting down the government. trish: i should point out to the viewer, we're keeping eye on the
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white house. you could see the press corps rushing to the windows. we're wondering if anybody would walk out. wouldn't it be nice if we saw the president and chuck schumer walk out say mission accomplished. but again, i don't know how much faith i have on that. we'll see. we're keeping eye. ned, are we looking at shutdown? you know i absolutely hope they do, because as we said earlier we need to make sure our military members are paid and we need to make sure that everybody is working in the government right now needs to get paid. go ahead, ned. >> real quick trish, scott, i gave you time. if we fund the military and make sure we fund paying interest payments on our debt, you know what? i wouldn't mind if we had government shutdown a little bit. reports are coming out there might be 800,000 nonessential federal government employees furloughed. there are only 2 million federal government employees. they cost us 136 billion a year. if republicans are smart, they could have a conversation,.
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trish: do we need this much government? >> shut it down. >> if they are smart they will have this conversation. >> list, america, you just heard a leading republican advocate advocate for shut dunne. the president advocates shutdown time to time, in his campaign. trish: no. i got to take a break. >> you don't care about a shutdown. that is why they're going to be blamed. trish: they're not coming out holding hand just yet. i have to take a quick break. there is something to be said. i'll tell you, if this government an can function perfectly well, ned makes a great point. we need to look pretty hard who is in the government and who we need and don't need. corporate america would do that. >> that is such a bad idea. trish: no it is not a bad idea. my taxpayer dollars and your tax paler dollars are funding a bloated government. i have no problem taking a hard
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look at people we need to employ. governments should run like one. we're shrugging off the possible government shut down. this is interesting as we started the hour we're down about 47. we're moving back to the flat line right now. the s&p 500 index, it is trading up about a quarter of a percent. we could look at new records for the s&p and nasdaq. shares of ge falling for a fifth day in a row, wow. bad, bad at ge. $26 a share. down 52 cents. worst five-day performance in nine years. can this thing ever recover? we'll talk about these markets. we'll talk about ge. i will see you here in two. you know what they say about the early bird...
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e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. trish: breaking news right now. chuck schumer, senator chuck schumer leaving the white house moments ago after a meeting with the president. the two of them met together, they're trying to come up with solution of impending government shutdown scheduled to happen in less than 10 hours. nine hours and 40 minutes. this after the white house branded a shutdown, quote, a schumer shutdown. i'm sure chuck schumer loved that. we'll bring you details on the meeting. he is leaving the white house there. markets are taking this all in
2:24 pm
stride. we'll tell you. we're down about 12 points. they don't really care on the dow. s&p higher, new all-time high, 2805. nasdaq index up 33. another high there. they're on track, he have one to close in record territory while ibm and american express are weighing on the dow today. kingsview asset management chief scott martin joins me with more. scott, what is the overall view of things right now? does the shutdown matter in terms of this market? >> i really don't believe it does, trish. that's a great thing for you at home pause the government, i think in some cases especially the left here, would love for it to matter. they would love for it to impact your 401(k) and hurt you. not like the shutdown in 2013 last time, hit stocks, eventually stocks recovered, this administration, this environment is really good for the economy, really good for the s&p 500 companies. look a tax cut breaks that are
2:25 pm
kicking in. look at gdp in our research at kingsview will be 4%. look at job growth, consistently over 150 k per month. wage growth at multiyear high, 3.5% on rolling three-month basis. that is the reason stocks don't care about government because there are some good factors out there thanks to this administration. trish: that is important and we three to make sure everybody is able to separate sort of the character, personality flaws that some people have with this administration and this president from the actual policy that is coming out of this administration, because, scott, this is the first real tax reform we've had in 30 years, better than 30 years. >> right, trish. i don't blame those, at least. they're running out of time. but i don't blame the ones. i have some, i hate to say it in my family still anti. they haven't checked 401(k) in a year or something. trish: i said that to my mom the
2:26 pm
other day. she struggles with some of this, and i said, yeah, have you checked, she does, she checks it every day around very happy about that. i hear you, scott. you know, i was watching cnn, dare i say recently, flipping through stations. they had an advertisement? >> was the remote broken? trish: i am flipping. i'm not good at the cable system. at the vacation house. i was trying to figure out. i happened to be on cnn for a quick second going through, they had this advertisement on that i caught and it was special on the year of trump and it said, trump, first year presidency, reign, like king reign of chaos. struck me like the "time" magazine, the meltdown cover that they had, hair on fire cover. i mean the media have characterized him in such an unbelievably negative way, despite all of the good things
2:27 pm
going on. so as an investor, i think your job is to make sure you understand, okay, regardless of what i feel, what i think about what everybody else is saying, how do i separate all that noise from what is really going to matter? how do you do that, scott? >> it is hopefully, trish, if you can get past all of that nonsense, look at the data. you're right, being an investment advisor, early on at least the first few months of the presidency there were a lot of investors like, hey, the market had another 200 point up day in the dow and let's get out. you had to walk through them what is behind the data. what is behind the comments from great men and women of ceos in this country. we had the best relationship in the white house i don't know, ever, thanks to trump getting in the seat. all the companies coming out doing capital expenditures, raises, bonuses more contributions to the 401(k), you have to focus on those real hard data points and not crazy opinion pieces on cnn.
2:28 pm
been guilty on msnbc on a high and needed to get depressed, see what they're flowing out there saying how bad things are, when actually they're pretty darn good. trish: very quick before i let you go, what is going on with ge, will they break up and somehow make this worth more money? >> it is always darkest before the dawn and i think there will be opportunities but just not here. trish: thank you, scott. chuck schumer leaving the white house. we showed you the tape. the president is trying to work on a deal to avoid a government shutdown which could happen in the next few hours here. the white house is coming out swinging, pointing the blame squarely on senate democrats, particularly on one senator chuck schumer. omb director mick mulvaney saying democrats are hell-bent on a shutdown. white house deputy press secretary hogan gilb were. is here on that meeting.
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trish: breaking right now. chuck schumer is heading back to the capital and it is expected he will speak. is he speaking? can we join that right now? he just finished speaking. we'll get a readout on that for you. president trump and chuck schumer were speaking earlier to come up with some kind of a solution on this shutdown that is looking it might be imminent.
2:33 pm
first comments from inside of the white house, joining me with all the details we hope, white house deputy press secretary hogan gidley. >> thanks for having me on. trish: are we closer to avoiding a shutdown. >> i'm not sure. for whatever reason the democrats are hell-bent playing politics with people's live. attaching non-budget items to a budget. this is not what they promised they would do years ago, call it, the schumer rule. he said republicans were holding a gun up to his head, called it politics of idiocy to hold up the budget attach things to the budget. whatever he decided to do it. dianne feinstein said shutting down the government is very serious thing because people die. they asked her would you vote for continuing resolution you're talking about today. she said i don't know. you admit people will die if you don't vote for it, but you're not sure whether you vote for it. it is absolutely ridiculous.
2:34 pm
trish: in terms of that meeting with the president and chuck schumer, was there any progress? or was it just similar to what we all heard before. >> well look, i don't want to get too deep into what they discussed, i wasn't privy to the meeting, i was out here getting ready to talk to you guys but the president is clear what he wants of. he wants a two-year clean budget bill. democrats don't want to do that we're pushing back three weeks continuing resolution that absolutely funds the military. we have to do that we can't put people's lives at risk in this country. we have to fund the people that lay down their lives that protect us every day. for whatever reason, the democrats don't want to fund that. look at 8.9 million children, american children impoverished in this country get health care from the chip program. democrats don't want to fund that either. i can't believe they're not for this bill. trish: you know, well, politics, right? hogan, this is the frustration everyone has with washington because they may be calculating
2:35 pm
that this is politically smart for them. they're hoping you all get tainted with the shutdown, you all get blamed. and they can walk away, saying we did what we could for the "dreamers." >> right they haven't -- trish: they're trying to bring that segment of the voting population over to their side. this may help them do that. >> well, i don't think so because look, they have offered nothing in this. the president was very clear, america got to see inside of a 55-minute long meeting bicameral, bipartisan. we came out of that with four clear things to protect national security. it wasrd boor security, first and foremost for the wall. we talked about ending chain migration, ending visa lottery system and absolutely finding a lasting solution to daca. the president outlined that last year. for whatever reason congress hasn't acted. democrats don't want to come to the table to discuss it. which you just pointed it out, it is very obvious, that must mean it is only about playing
2:36 pm
politics with people's lives. they have no solution. there is to bill they proffered as counter bill to ours. we heard reports, you heard them on your show, the democrats are fine with chip. they like that. they also like keeping the government open. everything in our continuing resolution they're for but they're still against it. it makes zero sense. trish: wow, so, what are the odds right now? are we, as of midnight tonight probably looking at a shutdown? >> after the doom and gloom i will spin into the positive for a moment. trish: you have to leave me with something? >> president is optimistic, trish. he to get a deal done. we're coming up on the shutdown. the american people deserve the government stay open to be protected. these children deserve health care. the people fighting wildfires will have to fight wildfires but they won't get paid. people on the front lines, they won't get paid. that has to be fixed. i think the president can do it. trish: these are some people not like wall street private equity
2:37 pm
fat cats we talked about on the show. they need the weekly paycheck. >> absolutely. trish: to have ends meet. hogan, we're with you. we hope you guys get it done. thanks for joining us. i want to point out, hogan for you, and our viewers we went through everything chuck schumer had to say. same old, same old. they remain in a state where there is no agreement. take a look at meanwhile the pictures everyone, coming to us. this is china, caught on tape, helping north korea in defiance of u.n. sanctions imposed the rogue nation. it is clear china isn't getting the message here. it is not sinking in. what can we do? there is a lot we can do. we'll talk about it next.
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♪ trish: new satellite photos show evidence of six chinese cargo ships violating u.n. sanctions against north korea. officials say these ships are
2:42 pm
performing covert manuevers at sea which are meant to throw off u.s. u.s. intelligence and disguise the secret trade with kim jong-un's regime. the u.s. slapped tough sanctions on north korea last summer, banning them from exporting iron ore, lead, seafood. joining me former cia officer and radio talk show host, buck section son. that is -- sexton. that is combo you don't find every day, cia and talk show host. you know how the cia better than everyone how they collect the intelligence and analyzing it. what is going on? >> the pressure we bring to bear on china to actually enforce the sanctions they may even, that they have agreed to, in north korea including future sanctions is limited. whenever there are violations of sanctions that involve chinese flagged vessels. they say, we are shocked, shocked there are any sanctions violations going on.
2:43 pm
the chinese don't have same incentive and urgency we do from a policy perspective to totally close off north korea from the outside world. trish: we could fix that, couldn't we? >> depends how much of an economic and trade and -- how many we're willing to get it into with china into the administration right now. i wonder if we want to go there given how it feels like there is so much economic optimism in this country because things could -- trish: it could hurt it. we are talking about getting closer to military option, lives will be lost, buck, i would say, why not exhaust meaningful way every single economic option first? so be it if that means our economy will not grow as fast because we don't have the business in china corporations would like to have because we shut those markets down.
2:44 pm
okay? because war is war. before you lose lives i hope you are willing to lose dollars. >> i think we unfortunately are heading for a world in which the international community becomes not comfortable but accepting at some level after north korea that has a missile program we said is completely unacceptable for a very long time. we're doing everything we can right now. the trump administration is doing what it can to cut off north korea economically. but the pressure you can put on china, i said it many times on the show. it is not the same. they don't wanted implosion of north korea. they don't want a massive refugee crisis on their own chinese bored because of north korea's possible economic and politicaldown fall. they're not completely aligned with our incentives. they don't want reunification of korean peninsula under u.s. international community approved democratic government like they have in south korea. we don't align with the chinese on north korea as much as we
2:45 pm
would like to and a lot of people would and there are no such thing as perfect sanctions. they will do hacking, cybercrime, elicit anything, north koreans will get hard currency to keep going. it's a pressure campaign trying to take away from them, one thing, nuclear weapons two of those things together, ballistic missile program they will not give up. so we're in a game of chicken with them. right now doesn't look like we're winning. trish: buck sexton, thank you very much. we have news to bring you. we learned that nancy pelosi and dick durbin are meeting in chuck schumer's office on capitol hill right now. of course after his meeting with the president, one would anticipate of course they are getting debriefed on some options they are looking at hopefully to avoid a shutdown. peter doocy on capitol hill. he has latest after this. here's a question.
2:46 pm
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trish: breaking right now, everyone, we're learning nancy pelosi and dick durbin are in chuck schumer's office. this comes after a meeting with president trump. senator schumer had a long list of requests in the meeting he went to the president with. will any of those requests be met? we're just hours away from the government shutting down.
2:50 pm
peter doocy on the capital with the latest. hey, peter, how is it sounding? >> sound like there has not been much progress made, trish, because schumer said after he got back from the white house there was no deal. we just got word a few minutes ago from white house officials themselves who indicate the meeting was productive but no final decision was reached. this comes a little while after we heard from the house majority leader kevin mccarthy. he said that this thing that some senators have started talking about a contingency plan, three, four, five-day long budget, to give them a little bit of a breathing room to avoid a shutdown is not a good idea. he does not think that the something the house should vote on or the senate should vote on. that is what mitch mcconnell thinks. the only on hundred is the one-month bill passed by the house. he is on top of democratic counterpart minority leader chuck schumer refusing to cooperate on the continuing
2:51 pm
resolution until protections for people who benefit from the "dream" act become law. >> first he leads his own troops into a boxed canyon. then tells them it was really all for nothing. maybe it is time to come back to reality. >> again, republicans are branding the possible result of this funding fight, the #schumershutdown. democrats demanding daca reform based on cr are still not budging. >> this is heart-wrenching issue before us because president trump made a decision september 5th to end a program that allowed these young people to go to school and work in the united states of america. it was president trump challenged us to do something about it. we have done nothing. nothing. reporter: so durbin is with pelosi in schumer's office right now. we're getting closer and closer to a shutdown.
2:52 pm
but the white house pointed out the democrats were demanding a daca deal by midnight. don't actually have a daca bill to vote on. there are still ongoing discussions but there is not something that they could physically take to the floor to vote on. at least not right now. trish: i'm not so optimistic. i love being surprised, peter. maybe they get asking done at the 11th hour. not a whole lot of progress thus far. peter doocy. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. trish: immigration and so-called "dreamers" a major sticking point on the budget showdown. you have to look to california to see how broken our immigration system is. you know how broken it is. california attorney general threatening employers with prosecution if they help immigration and custom officials. the mayor of oakland willing to go to jail to defend illegals. we'll talk about all of this right after this. see that's funny, i thought you traded options.
2:53 pm
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2:57 pm
employers from sharing information about the immigration status with their workers. this is the mayor of oakland who says she is willing to go to jail to defend the status as a century city in oakland. no wonder california has the highest poverty rate in the country since it's elected officials seem to care more about illegal immigrants than taxpaying citizens. joining me now is executive director, mark, good to see you. what does that tell you? you heard what i thought and think. what does it tell you about lawmakers in california? >> what it really suggests is how radicalized the democratic party has become on immigration. people talk about the growing gap between the two parties and you see that in this daca thing in washington and elsewhere, but the republicans really haven't changed that much. they probably got a little more hawkish, but not that much. the real change, as we saw with president clinton's campaign last year when she talked about immigration and as you see here in california is that the democrats have put much gone off the deep end on
2:58 pm
immigration. their videos on youtube of president clinton given the state of union address basically saying the exact same things as president from says, probably less rudely, but the same idea, and even senator obama, before he iran for president was given a speech about how we can't have illegal immigration and the borders need to be controlled. that's all gone in the past ten years or so the democrats really seem to have become truly radicalized on immigration where they oppose any control measures. >> why is that? >> i don't know. that is a good question and something clinical scientists have to look at. part of it is votes, part of it is the desire for more clients for big government because illegal immigrants, even legal immigrants are voting. it happens, but not in large numbers and often takes a
2:59 pm
while before you can get there. a poor immigrant, ordinary person who's working, but if you can't earn enough to feature family you will be supplemented by taxpayers with the earned income tax credits and food stamps and all the rest of it. those are clients for big government. the democrats like that. finally, more recently, over the past year the reason they become radicalized is anything president trump says is bad and they're doing the opposite. if he said shower daily, they would stop taking shower. >> that's a good point. it does certainly feel that way. scott and so political and they want to try to damage him at all costs. we had a strategist early on the show who said it's because it's him. it's because it's donald trump. i have to leave things there but it's good to see you. thank you for joining us. of course, the countdown clock
3:00 pm
continues to a potential government shutdown. i will tell you, the markets really don't seem to care too much because we are back in positive territory. the dow is up two points. let's head to liz for the final hour of trading as this government shutdown looms. >> it's sort of like waiting for smoke to come out of the vatican chimney. who is the next pope? we apparently have progress, but no deal yet to keep the government (you just mention the markets, we just hit session highs for the s&p and the nasdaq that senator chuck schumer left his meeting with president trump and apparently he's back at his office behind closed doors with democratic leaders nancy pelosi and dick durbin. before heading back to the hill, senator schumer told our cameras he had long and detailed meeting with president trump who had called the new york senator earlier today to invite him to the oval office


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