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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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there's this. a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories, diplomatic drama as the united states and north korea making a last ditch effort to save the singapore summit. secretary of state pompeo warning that kim jong-un must make major concessions if we wants to sit down with kim jong-un. and president trump keeping promises and putting american workers to work. and did i mention the kohl
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brshths. the administration set to slap tariffs. high stakes meetings between the united states and north korea. and secretary of state pompeo meeting in new york city with kim yonc chul. secretary pompeo calling the talks successful but stressing that the north koreans will need to make more concessions. kim yong chul, he am meet with president trump and hand deliver a message from kim jong-un. joining us tonight. senior analyst general jack keane. we seem to be watching a summit take shape here. your thoughts about the progress
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that is made and what must be done to meet possibly on the june 12th summit target date. >> i think what is happening now. despitet visits from secretary pompeo to clear multiple discussions with a personal envoy who is here now and north corp corn leader. what i think about what secretary pompeo said and the president said, they are positive statements. they are talking in generalities and nowwe are talking about specifics. and you hear language that secretary pompeo. significant colleges and differences. we have put on the table what we said wemented and verifiabiable
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denuclearization and i expect they have come back with something less than that. likely an aspirerational aspect of nuclearization. and certainly something they want to do in phases. we have differences now. we should deal with specifics in the summit meeting. but it is somethinged on 12 june. we have watched it for a long time. before heads of state get together in the summit, there is weeks of preparation and the issue is now, can we resolve the differences to the point where there could be some agreement dealing with denuclearization prior to june 12th. that seems less likely to me. could win the car and have
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a peace treaty and propose that. and north and south a, and united states. we could bring the families her that have been straighted and ne agree in security for the peninsula. >> lou: it sound says omaesque summit if you will. think how long it took the obama white house to give away $150 billion and the nuclear gift inhe end of the ten year waiting period. it is extraordinary to watch what is happening in a condensed amount of time under the president. >> secretary kerry, gave up the leverage the first negotiating meme. he wanted to have iran's
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behavior. and they said we are not coming. and we should have said we will see you next year. but kim jong-un strulymentes the summit. first and foremost, and probably other things in it. and in it fthe need. he needs it more than the united states does. we have leverage. and even if it means delaying the summet to get the commication. >> is there any doubt in your mind what president trump is doing? up say na that kim jong-un needs in. he has a smouldering hole in the mountain that has the chinese scared to attempting you may not have the north koreas scared to daepth. they live with their mortality. but that is a very big deal.
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chin chen and what is their view and what they expect to gain and how will the enter of the united states and south korea and ally and including japan and philippinnd chin line up? >> yeah, this is what i think happened. back on may 8th when the secret meeting, the tone changed and kim jong-un stopped talking about denuclearization and that is china getting involved in the process and representing the fact that north korea and the united states were going to sit down and china inserted it and likely slouped the process down. we know that china eased up on the sanctions with north korea. why are they doing that? to send a message to north korea
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and you are do the that the mischief here. and the russian, obviously in their now. and making sure that kim jong-un is on the bormder and coop may are kenning is to deal with president trump. and they covered up the differences between north korea and the united states. he's the guy that said president trump will get the nobel peace prize and he was trying to get in the presidentia head a bit. japan is close to the president and they talk all of the time. presiden bi. and what he told the president. i talk to him couple of weeks
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and he told the president to stick to your gups and hold the line and make sure it is not only denuclearization. but getting ri of th ballistic memos. that nt's concern from japan and north korea. he wants medium range and short rains and wants thel gone and the return of people north core koe kidnapped a well. it is good he is getting a shoulder behind him. president moon will not give him leverage. >> lou: moon as i seet from behind the desk. moon is an impediment not only for the united states are being, but south korea as well. and he is,ive upon a useful tool
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for jung jung. and irrelevant to the outcome of the talks as it appears from this desk. as we wrap up here. let me skwa you. ment two management regions. the presence pel impediment to the chen chin expansionism and their existence much governoringment the soipth ilanld's. and noup something worse? lookings yah, the united states is got's tit for tat onliy. and we'll nocht and they refer to it as the gray zone.
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you are not shoot, but you're grinning them down and in addition mar itone issferrance weapon p freshman i and you know economically. and we are fighting over trade deficits and tariffs and stealing inlt lengthual prfrpt and that are fighting for the goals and expelgz of the united states in the region and eyptly this is where china is going sdpo we'll have to take the gloves off to deal with them. we have the sfomac to do that.
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>> lou: president obama, apparently trying to establish a shadow government for the beginning of the trump administration and exposed by one of his own cronies. a new book, by a former advisor, brhoddes how president trump reached out to the canadian
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prime minister and other international leaders after the election of donald trump and urging them to fight president trump and defending the values they share. tom, good to have you with us. first of all, that was preparing the battleground as some would say for obama is a shadow president and to create a shadow government and create an international alliance to work against a sitting president; is that not illegal? >> according to the obama gang who targeted general flynn, i don't know why it doesn't apply to obama. he undermined the united states
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by working with foreign leader and what the log an is set. this shows how hypocritical obama is they went out it bashed general flynn and saying he violated the log oon act and all of the time he is working to undermine the president. it is par for the course for obama. he used spy agencies of the government to target president trump. it is no surprise he would consphire with the foreigns. >> the national left wing media to acknowledge that a spy is a spy and want to use informants as benign. in is a time when every reasonable person should be
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shaking their head at the laughable efforts to pafrt when caught in lies like spying on a president and his campaign. this is somehow racialization of illegal conduct it seems to mean. >> want spying, we don't know it ended with the campaign. we believe on the public reports that what the individual is with the spying and communication and working in the trump administration. and working to try to absconce themselves there. and the spy organization is tooringeting candidate trump but president trump. >> it is stunning that we are sitting here going through the process right now. >> and having to argue with republicans in congress that it
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is normal. it is a bunch of water carriers inhe republican caucus and deep state. >> lou: tre, y gowdy, and he is absolutely in the service of the establishment. and the deep state whether intentionally or consciously or purposely. he is exactly that. and i am delighted that congressman ran desantos and a handful of others called him out and racialization of putting the spy in the trump campaign balderdash. >> for gowdy it is all about protecting robert mueller. and he understands that spy gate goes to the heart of mueller operation and destroys the credibility. he knows by making excuses for
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spy gate. he helps mueller whom he supports. >> lou: and the enrom, that is extraordinary case by physical, and remember that was contempanous with spy gate and the onset of the special counsel of rush yap collusion. we knew in fact that there was an attack on u.s. servers in the u.s. house of representative, the democrats, and not a thing happened in the entire time over that. it has been that prosecution is halted even though they know what did what. and they have them apprehended but not moved to trial and prosecution, why not? >> this is about congress and
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protecting the democrats in congress and the republicans. >> lou: but the republicans control the congress and white house and senate. >> republicans don't want anyone want anyone looking at personnel. they had the gangs working in the office and paid with taxpayer dollars. loupe -->> lou: they entered servers and members of intelligence committee and oversight committee that goes on and on. >> performing it services for the democrats, 40 democrats from pakistan for months at a time. you know, we hear the russians hacked the dnc and democrat serveers. other than the pakistanis doing
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the same thing? mueller investigating this? i down the it. >> lou: i can't wait to get the answer about why. we'll pursue it as judicial watch is. tom fitton, thank you for being here. up next. the rapid pace and unlike the presidents before him. i will have more in my commentary. and share thoughts about it all. stay with us. we'll be right back. so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey?
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>> lou: does it ever seem to you that president trump has done more than any other mod other than history? me too. he's rolled back almost all.
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predecessor two terms executive orders and regulations. 16 months, eight years of obama and eight years of obama is just about gone. more to dod there are only tattered remnants of the slow indolent years of the obama administration. i marvel at president trump's energy. we are about the same age. i may be a shade older than the president and i consider myself a worker, mr. trump is in a league of his own. climbing on air force one to go to texas and consoling community on a school shooting and pardoning johnson and deniche d'souzan and maybe martha stewart and putting more tariffs on mexico and canada and because
11:28 pm
they will not negotiate on and t european union because they deserve it. negotiating denuclearize the korean peninsula and undeterred by the success and inlikely success admittedly and the world is catching their breath. that is the odds that president trump has overcome in his extraordinary life. and suddenly, you may have noticed in the national left wing media, there is no mention of the blue wave in the upcoming midterms. and come fears they may miss it. and alm the president is doing is leading and winning and tweeting as well. and if you are confused about the massive trade deficit and
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the tariffs on mexico and canada and european union tomorrow. look at the policy statement that si president ever has written. here's his tweet. fair trade. exclamation mark. like i said, this president is a marvel. up next, l. wing globalist and george soros joining europe to advance their open border in europe. we'll have that straight ahead. -♪ he's got legs of lumber and arms of steel ♪ ♪ he eats a bowl of hammers at every meal ♪ ♪ he holds your house in the palm of his hand ♪ ♪ he's your home and auto man ♪ big jim, he's got you covered ♪ ♪ great big jim, there ain't no other ♪ -so, this is covered, right? -yes, ma'am. take care of it for you right now.
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>> lou: president president voicing concern that dems will use the russian witch hunt to subvert republican candidates in the midterm election. he tweeted 13 angry democrat and people who worked eight years in obama left overs and working on the rigged russian witch hunt will meddle in the midterm elections. especially now that republicans stay tough are taking the lead in the polls, there was no collusion except by the democrats. there is a popullist coa legsz. and they are pointing a interpim
11:34 pm
leader and until new elections are held. and leftist billionaire george soros is pushing million in a brexit in britain and trying to overcome their election and decision that would be within months of being implementable. and joining us is brian york. and foxx contractor. people who make it up. illy all of washington if you will, seems a twitter over chuck schumer telling the national left wing media and he put it in stark terms. ha they should not use spy gate
11:35 pm
& they should say i guess he would be suedably impressed if they use inform apt. i never heard so much poppycock around the parsing that is admired by the left between spy and informant, have you? >> no. i think the republicans are happy to use it. if the justice department would just hand over the documents and information about this. i think the whole spy informant debate is not enlightening. and the key thing is. there is so much we don't know about the time line of when this informant was recruited and when did he form his relationship with the f.b.i. and what did he do on their behalf. we know that he contacted three
11:36 pm
people in the trump campaign. carter page, and same clovis and george panpap. we have some reports of what went on. i spent a lot of time talking to sam clovis recently and there is so much to say we don't know and spy or informant doesn't give us answers. >> lou: can you argue the point of a good ango saxon word spy. sent there to spy and reporting back what he or she was spying on to masters that are spy masters, are they not? why is there a reticence by the world and chuck schumer so comfortable giving directions to the compliceit left wing national media shouldn't there be a veil between him and the independent press.
11:37 pm
nschumer said if you mess with the intelligence community they have six ways and sunday to get back at you. he is well versed in these things. >> lou: well versed or informed. >> i have no problem using the word spy. bullpen the whole thing. . this person clearly contacted members of the trump campaign on behalf of the f.b.i. and was reporting back. and seemed to be talking to members as a way to get to other members. and then bringing up the whole question of hillary clinton's deleted e-mails. was he planting information? this is serious stuff and difficult to find out what is going on? >> it is it serious and revealing in all sorts of ways in the discussion of informant and spy and when clapper and
11:38 pm
comey really acknowledge by their comments that there was a spy or informant if you prefer in the midst of the campaign. we know there was an unmasking that led to surveillance. we know that there were phony fisa testaceans that were signed by current leaders of the f.b.i. it goes on and on. there is enough overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the leadership, and on the part of the f.b.i. and department of justice for everyone to say let's get to the bottom of this. the congress and the united states will not expert themselves because of ryan and oconle not having the guts to do so. and the president will be forced to make a decision and that is whether or not to get rid of the corrupt people who make up the
11:39 pm
agency. >> and the whom issue is a question of a special council. and it is widely discussed in the republican circles and whether it is it necessary or not, because there is going to be an inspector general investigation of this. you know, we are expecting here in the next few days the results of the inspector general's investigation in to the hillary clinton investigation. and there is one going on with trump and russia and we'll not find out about that and we know the limitations on that. we expect an investigation with the f.b.i. and entys. we wait two years while they fiddle and acknowledge during
11:40 pm
the entire interim they had no evidence of coclusion. and sending agents to israel and speaking nonsense and then porn stars. this is a disgusting and utterly abhorrent if counsel and everyone associated should be mightily ashamed the solutions are political and we could hear a verdict from voters this november whether they are tired of this stuff. we are seeing a decline of confidence in robert mueller in polls and agreeing with the idea that he's been fair. there is a tide change right now and you can see it more in november. loupe lou we have to wait until november because leaders don't have the principle of staying
11:41 pm
enough is enough. byron, york. thank you. >> >> thank you. >> lou: president trump holding a rally in nashville and the "fake news" media grot caught lying through their teeth. we'll tell you more. we'll tellhow do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now start winning today. so, my portfolio did pretthat's great.year. but the market was up nearly twice as much. that's a tough pill to swallow.
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>> lou: you are going to love this. "fake news", new york times caught lying on the crowd size on the trump rally in nashville. president trump called them out. the faming and corrupt new york times estimated the crowd at a thousand people when in fact it was many times that number and the arena was rocking. they are dishonest people who don't get me and never did. new york times reporter julie davis tweeting that president trump is correct. my estimate was way off and we corrected the story to reflect the fire marshall's estimate. when we get it wrong we say soy.
11:46 pm
>> and times down playing the size of the crowd. and the president's campaign estimated 8000 strong and we are going right here with 8000, right now. and don't you love the fact that edrollins, former white house dprektor and prizewinning columnist are with us tonight on this historic occasion which is the new york times. michael,ment new york times admitted they were wrong and wronged the president? >> on days like this i don't tell anybody. just keep it amongst ourselves. >> lou: what is amazing, you are sitting in the crowd and estimating, how can you be so wrong unless it is part of what you want? you want it to be a snauler crowd. you are so far off. loupe lou that is it the purpose
11:47 pm
of the left wing media in this country and they think they are serving a high purpose name hillary clinton when they do it. there is an embedded in the people a disgust of the tenants of the craft and a commitment to furthering the interest of the left wing ideology and partesan dems. >> it kills them because they can't understand how someone like donald trump could be elected president. >> lou: which one of these idiots in the national left win mendia or white house press corps would be able to carry books to school. he's smarter than they are. and more success. and who the heck they think they are? >> they totally underestimate
11:48 pm
the public. he ran a crummy campaign and he ran a great. he spent ten times more money and inherited obama campaign and heap won it fair and square and two years later, still complaining about it. >> lou: you left out one part of the she ran a crooked campaign. the democratic party was led by crocked cheating. what do you call debbie wasserman. >> and she had f.b.i. and cia and the white house on her side. >> lou: they get a beach house on the lake. i mean, they drained his blood and we could see it happening before our eyes. >> lou, the new york times think they are elite of the country and should peck the president of the united states.
11:49 pm
and after the washington post met with john cusack, they thought he is be the nominee. and never endorsed a respect for president and they want to pick the republican nominee. that's whohe are. >> they picked president clinton and president kerry and core and the indorsement and never endorsed a republican and never will. nthe new york times have not endorsed a republican sips eisenhower. >> lou: and the ambassador to the bahamas. thank you mr. president. obama and they put 50 millions and he's pledging there will not be politics in it. and the only thing they other than is politics and so what would be the point of bringing
11:50 pm
them on with 50 mimion of company money. netflix is an administration. and susan wright on the netflix board. he said that about obamacare and others, too. we wouldn't take. i mean, not just obama. we won't take obama's world. >> i promise you. netflix is an ongoing money making machine and it will be damaged by this. >> lou: you think they will be boycotted and people will disengage from the streaming service? >> i continuing could happen. >> as a matter of fact i know people who did that.
11:51 pm
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>> platoons are looking for midterm and house majori leading telling fox news that
11:55 pm
gop is close to bringing a immigration deal and a group of them working with the dems to force a house vote on a number of house votes and but party leaders oppose that idea and what if they are forceed to do that. they could line up with the business roundtable and the chamber of commerce and kock. and joining us tonight issan outstanding congresswoman from tennessee. diane black joining us tonight. and great to have you with us. i share with you. the you like the word rinno. >> i do like it. >> we have a viewer named wanda. edrollins is concerned about the use of word rinno. he loves rinnos.
11:56 pm
she suggested possums where they are and one of each and armadillo and she mrefrs possums. no one calls them o'possums that i hear. i don't think we have it yet, wanda. what do you think? you want to go with rinno or keep looking. >> i will stick with rinnos and the acronym is what it is. i will stick with that. >> lou: you have an idea of border security that is fascinating and raise the money and build the wall. and get it done. they say yes we will the
11:57 pm
american people can send their money in. is this new? the crowd funding? it was done with the washington monument and a lake of commreepgz. nape did crowd funding and you can go see the monument and see the money and it will not fund the entire wall. people are anxious to secure our country and we want to get crowd funding and you can send the money in a dedicated fund to build the wall. loupe loupe i only have one estion. how long would it take? >> if've it would take sometime. this is what we are able to get to congress to put the money
11:58 pm
there. >> lou: can i ask you this? did the share of the budget committee and i have a republican leadership in the house and inhe cent ando rinnos and i will not ask you to comment on that. and i know it may create unuse for you and i don't intend that. but it creates more than unease to the manner people. it is it a national security issue and the president proposed it. and what the house sent to the president. no funding for the waum what so ever. not a dime for the waum and still no money to bottomed the wall. >> that's because we have to deal with democrats. >> lou: we have to? what is it the point of having a republican party and eclecting you at all. >> ifment senate doesn't change
11:59 pm
the filibuster do it they will do that until they get 60. >> this is it. house? >> but thi is it something that we have talked about funding for a long time and put that out there and send it to the senate and that is a stopper. so many. bims it is it frustrating too me. >> can we get rid of mitch mccon and he will then work on ryan. >> i think we have sent enough republicans from the house of representative that were frustrated and they end up not pushing it in the staent. even in the obama administration was there been able to do more if they had a simple majority like the constitution calls for. >> lou: if we had more congresswoman like diane black. thank you and good to seep you. tonight 'quote of the evening for jeff sessions. it was lawhether or not if you
12:00 am
don't change direction, you main u wther you are heading. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. and see you tomorrow night. good night from new york. nnou) the following is a paid advertisement for the best of the carol burnett show dvd collection. (tarzan yell) (announcer) you laughed with her. you sang with her. you cherished your time with her. who, me? (bright music) (announcer) there's no star in hollywood more lovable, more talented, more entertaining ♪ than carol burnett. carol's legendary variety show won 25 emmys and all of our hearts. it's as hilarious and spectacular today as it was the first time we saw it.


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