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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 4, 2019 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou dobbs is next. right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. ♪. lou: good evening everybody, wall street, the business roundtable, chamber of commerce and establishment rhinos, have long ignored the chinese theft of literally trillions of dollars of american economic growth, trillions of dollars in the theft of american intellectual property and technology. and tonight, the story of two republican senators with a history of outsourcing american jobs to china doing all they can apparently to undercut the u.s. trade representatives, china trade talks, we will tell you about it here tonight. hurricane dorian continues to turn off the floor to coast
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leaving a trail of destruction and devastation of the bahamas for at least five people have been killed. more than 2 million americans and florida, georgia and carolinas have been warned to evacuate, the category two storm makes landfall is still unknown. for the latest on hurricane dorian's path, senior correspondent rick joining us tonight life from atlantic beach florida. >> there are still long sections of the 40 coastline that could be bondable as dorian makes his way north, we are told is further east from the coast in the worst -- the residence could be spared the worst. we could get brushed by tropical storm just possibly even hurricane just as the storm makes its way north. they've taken a lot of precautions across the cours coe and lotto schools remain close
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and shelters to open, several air force close, more than 1800 flights were canceled alone, 650 flights are already canceled for tomorrow, the coast guard has moved assets in and out of position trying to protect ships and other equipment in the national guard has been deployed to try to get ready just in case they're needed. right now it looks like florida has dodged the worst of this. the bahamas as you know, that's a whole another story. we sell the aerials for the first time of how badly damaged the islands in the northern bahamas were by the fury of dorian. it was a cat five with 185 mile-per-hour winds in much of the island is underwater, homes, businesses are completely damaged and destroyed and five dead, the number could easily go up as they begin the search and rescue operations. lou: the search and rescue operations, the united states
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planning, i would assume the play major role in those. reporter: yes, because gregory said they sent a helicopter down there and they were helping out the coast guard with medical evacuations today. i am sure they are going to need more assets from the looks of things. the series of islands were just devastated by the storm. lou: as reported, the utilities from around the country stepping in to help ford out, it looks as mercer has been granted florida. but the mandatory evacuation remains in effect, our people taken is hearsay? reporter: not just important, they have ordered a mandatory evacuation for every barrier island in north carolina and in south carolina they reversed all the eastbound lanes are headed westbound between charleston and clumber. they are taken is hearsay. all the way up the coast.
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because this thing might make landfall hundred miles north of us. lou: thank you for always having atrophic reporting. the pentagon signing off and almost $4 billion in military construction projects to be transferred to build 175 miles wall with the border with mexico. the defense secretary says half of that funding comes from projects in the united states and the other half from projects overseas, president trump declared a national emergency in february to free up the money and in july the supreme court a penalty trump initiative ruling 5 - 4 for the president's plan to move ahead with the reallocation of funding in order to build a wall, joining me tonight, vice president of the national lawyers association,
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committee woman for california, a member of the 2020 trump advisory council, great to see you. let's start with the report that we have gotten from the judiciary committee, we are still a week away from the much anticipated arrival and of course the return of congress and the senate to capitol hill next week. in general nadler not disappointing at least two reports that he intends to take on the president with more of his efforts to block his agenda and to do so -- to meet grotesque manner. your thoughts about his idea of looking into the payoffs to women by this president that has already been resolved. >> i agreed lou, this is a desperate attempt by nadler to continue the false narrative towards impeachment which even
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his own party leaders do not want to pursue. but when the southern district of new york which has a lot of prosecutors who are not fans of the president declined to pursue this, i think it's game over for the dumb theory which is based on michael cohen's why, he is in jail for theft. >> did you just say that michael cohen lied? my goodness. >> he is their only witness for this and that has not stopped them from bringing the repeat liar to congress and i think lou, you and i would agree that there's lots of liars on there. but this is desperate and this is what people do when they don't have an agenda to pursue. maybe the action of american people about pursuing the agenda in this very divisive thing of the leader. lou: here is stunning stuff to think that the 93 trillion-dollar new green
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deal favored by aoc and the radical dems is really the only problematic initiative put forward in the democratic ran house, and were in september for crying out loud. >> we will hear a lot more of the nonsense at the upcoming debate. it is almost a violation of unusual punishment to expect to make and voters to sit through this. ultimately the american democrat voter is not even as liberal as people are painting themselves in a corner four. i think it's divisive for the country about freedom cuts. lou: the republican response, i know you have talked about this over the past several years. there is no republican coherent response to nadler, what is clearly a subversive effort is a frivolous and fraudulent effort
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and yet the republicans have no response in the house of representatives, it is just the party looks unimaginative, it looks frankly like it has infinite patience to watch as a radical dems attack the parties leader and the president of the united states who happened to be the same person. >> to be fair, i think some have spoken up in others. lou: we really don't want to have a strong letter to fall on again, are we pass are questioning. >> i would like to see more of the sharing of that and i hope they come back from recess there are full throated condonation of this silly charade and that we can put it to rest and focus on what's best for the mecca people.
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>> that would be very nice and also be somewhat supportive of the republican effort to get reelected. i think frankly, everyone should lose her job if they don't stand up to the president. without a slight reservation, i don't think you will probably support me on that. >> what i would say, this is nos about politics, it's about what's best for the country. >> so you tell me you don't think it's about party politics -- >> it should not be. >> but shoving this down is what's best for the country and i hope all republicans stand together to do that. lou: very pragmatic and aspirational all at once. i appreciate you being here. >> up next, the extraordinary story about two republican senators, they are in beijing tonight and in so doing may be undercutting u.s. and china trade talks and perhaps more. also tonight, more on the radical dem effort to undermine president trump's agenda we will take that up with liberty
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lou: here we go, two republican u.s. senators are in beijing tonight, they may well be undercutting u.s. and china trade negotiations. the u.s. delegation, self-styled delegation and comprised of two senators, steve daines and david perdue, meaning with china's vice premier today in beijing telling us the trip facilitated conversations, i love the way these people talk, about security concerns of ongoing trade talks, you can imagine how helpful to senators would be in that. the meetings were arranged by part in the white house and that in fact any progress with china already made by president trump in his top trade negotiating team. the two senators would hardly
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make, in my opinion ideal necessaries in any circumstance, both have a significant history of outsourcing, they are working in the private sector, he spent six years in china for procter & gamble, he was not making corporate decisions, he was there to help the company expand for productions and to help coincide with the period in which procter & gamble undrinkable shutdown 4000 euros jobs for his work, within $70000 in contribution from procter & gamble, he is also taken more than $61000 from the coke industries, the senator perdue from his part has clearly acknowledged his outsourcing of american jobs overseas and in 2005 deposition about his handling of a collapsed company
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in north carolina. perdue was asked about his experience with outsourcing. his response was, yeah, i spent most of my career doing that. perdue has taken for the $56000 from coke industries, nearly 34000 from outsourcers. the heads of american labor union are concerned that union workers will stick with president trump in 2020. in 2016, president trump did better with union member voters then any republican candidate since ronald reagan. under because the president's position on illegal immigration and gun rights. we reached out to the afl, the service employee union, united auto workers, united mine workers to see how they view 2020 democrat pushing open
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borders that will undercut middle-class jobs, not a single one of them responded. joining us now, reagan white house political director fox analyst ed rollins and new york post colonist, fox business contributor michael goodwin. great to have you here. let me start with perdue and daines in beijing. what is this your thoughts? >> i was struck by the record that you detailed, these are not people who would seem to be on the presidents page. daines also talked about farmers getting a seat at the table,. >> is talking about montana farmers and the tail wagging the dog, montana is a big beef country but this is a bigger country. >> both parties have to come to grips with the reality into hear this all the time, we agree with
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president trump but he should've done it another way, he should've worked with europe, he should've gone to the wpo, all of these things had been tried. >> they want the status quo and the last thing they want is balanced trade. >> they may want change but they do not want to fight for. they don't want to take any risks to get it, you don't get china to change if you're going to go along the path. lou: they are the problem, they have been the problem for decades and they are not settling the solution, let me assure you of that. and for them to be there under the pretense that they are going to move anything forward, all they are doing is undercutting the trade representative, the trade negotiating team and this president. >> i voice felt that these members of congress and the way
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the example and i'm sure there's several others, they think they are on vacation and will come back and hang out with the constituencies. the constituency is on china in these two men do not need work springs in china, china policy has been run by the president and congress into a certain extent. >> the president can have a control because he controls aircraft that they go on in my since obese they can bring much guys, will buy commercial. lou: you work for a guy that and the gentle sway is probably the most persuasive speaker that we have ever had in my opinion in modern era in the white house. but he played hardball and his team and he did not put up with
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nonsense within their own party. >> me and the guy the plate horrible, myself. lou: i was going to mention th that. >> i became very unpopular but i had to make it very clear before they went in before they came. and whatever they did while they were there if they were on the same page as the president and both members of the party. lou: why would they be there if they were. >> i think this white house. lou: serving this president, the amateurish way in this comes about. i have to say, the chief of staff, mick mulvaney has got to take responsible de and take ownership of that which is his responsibility instead he is playing the little fellow behind the curtain instead of getting out front. and being a troop chief of staff in helping the president. >> nobody wanted the job more than he did and nobody understood the congress better but he has had visible in the
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legislation. and he should've said, this is not the time, this is a goal time -- >> you are dealing with the chamber of congress that has the verity to say we don't like these tariffs and we think there's a better way. they never articulated that and the fact the point of entering congress wants the federal reserve financing central rings around the world, they want wall street to continue their expansion ways into whatever market they can but particularly protect the huge investment in china which is first of all a failure and secondly will never pay off even if they do not yet recognize that reality. >> there are an awful lot global, in washington, and they were among those who were the unhappiest when president trump
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won, this is to be a continuation of the 2016. lou: the establishment against the disruptive force of a man who is actually knowledgeable, who understood over the last three decades, precisely what this country was doing wrong. weathering trade, economy, federal reserve,. >> immigration. >> absolutely. >> that is why he won the election, turning the obama working-class voters into republican voters in the election. that is what is at stake in the union leaders very much want to take the voters back to democrats. >> the cio pushing illegal immigration, they want new members, open borders, new members and voters, which absolutely undercuts the american worker who paid the dues for the organization. i don't understand how they've gotten away with that little game for as long as i have.
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>> they were great diminishing number ship for the last decade and everything that they can to hang onto those that they have. >> it is nothing but a footnote in the investment of history. >> the teachers union, those of the two of the democratic party. lou: they don't want to call them that. >> roughly half of the union members in america are government employees. they have a vested interest and big government, the big government programs, big spending, nothing to do with his good for the country. >> the epitome of the healthcare, the obamacare, they made sure the union leaders called a golden cadillac, a better program than anybody else. lou: why not, on the taxpayer dime.
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what would you recommend for this president right now to go after what is the democratic party which is now joe biden, elizabeth warren and aoc. >> every sickle date i would remind people how bad things were two years ago, four years ago and why would you want to go back, all the successes were heavy today, more jobs, stronger economy why would you want to go back with me too think joe biden in them will find into policy. >> are you better off, most of the working-class people in america are clearly better off now than they were two, three, four years ago. to see the sickness that is abroad in this country, what normally has to focus on hollywood, entertainment and media, and they are in control for much of the time of our
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image of ourselves and it is a sick inside picture indeed because it's an unrelenting self portrait of the media, of hollywood of entertainment, not america. gentlemen, thank you. walmart is about to stop selling ammunition for certain assault style rifles and they didn't have the guts to use the word, and handguns in the stores as well. the nation largest retailer announcing it will sell the rest of what has. it might take a financial hit on this demonstration of virtue on the part of walmart and they will then only sell bullets for hunting guns, most often called cartridges, it'll be interesting to see what they do sell. the national rifle association as you might guess how to reaction, walmart has the pressure of the anti-gun elites
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and let me add, this is from the nra, the truth is walmart's actions today will not make us any safer other than place the criminal walmart has chosen to victimize law-abiding americans. isn't this always the case. coming up next, more troubling questions about whether james tommy's fbi, are you ready, colluded with clinton's attorneys. could be, what are the odds. we will find out more as we talk
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lou: president trump attorney tweeting has documents that suggest james comey's fbi name colluded with clinton attorneys in order to circumvent. the tweet includes covert
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operation against president trump by inserting fbi agent inside the white house, two of them. joining us tonight, harvard law professor, it is great to have you with us. a lot going on. let's first, what is your professional opinion if i may how slowly the justice department under the new attorney general is moving and how there has been no accountability whatsoever for anyone involved no matter if they were former or present officials of the fbi, what is going on? >> i think they are doing it with a little deliberate speed, the expected general is a very careful guy, he issued one report, others remain in attorney general barr who is a very decent man has assigned the investigation to the u.s. attorney in connecticut and u.s.
4:32 am
attorneys do not move quickly or try to respond to the media. lou: well, this is the needs of the market people to know, we -- >> they don't need to know right away,. >> says who, who the hell says that, who says that. >> i say that no one. lou: now you get an investigation from the fbi and you know truth has gone somewhere quite today. >> i don't think were getting investigations by the fbi were getting them against him from the inspector general they came out hard on the fbi and i don't think the investigation going on against connecticut will be at fbi investigation, obvious in the justice department has to use agents and the agents are fbi agents, the report will not come from the fbi. lou: by the way, the truth is an
4:33 am
injunctive reality, most would agree the perception of the truth might be buried but that's another matter. the idea is we have a nation right now that is disgusted with the fbi, the leadership -- >> i agree. lou: we have a governmental issue, we have a crisis of confidence in the number one law enforcement agencies in this country. in their behavior has a game. have you been involved in deciding a culpability. >> it is a scandal. lou: what is the point of having a new attorney general if they behave when the arrogant condescending consistent that they do it their way rather than the american way.
4:34 am
i am known this attorney general for a long time and i'm enormous amount of faith in his integrity, he was the right person at the right time for the right job. >> if the democrats don't like them, okay, he's trying to get to them on mom this but he needs credibility and getting a quick report on that will seem partisan to some will not give the cut ability, the longtime for the inspector general to come out with his report, almost everybody agreed with us that comey had done terrible terrible things that violated his own standards. we need a single standard of justice in a single standard of credibility to two. we want -- >> allen, specifically the greatest price is trust is in the law enforcement agency that we depend upon for investigation. our greatest crisis of trust is
4:35 am
with the department of justice which is the department of nothing more than partisan left-wing hack said this point and it is disgusting, the american people are not fools and say all things in good time with the justice is not only lying about slow-moving and in people. she is a corrupt right now. >> what happened with the nixon administration. >> now they are pointed far, far is the right jibe under job. >> i think it is right one to urge him to move expeditiously. let me turn to jeffrey epstein case, there is another matter, again the justice department, jeffrey epstein is dead and you represented him in 2008, he was
4:36 am
supposedly a secure facility and what happens the justice department, he is dead, can we ask you to hold t t t t t
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lou: we are back talking with alan dershowitz and alan, the justice department has shown extraordinary incompetence at best and the time when it needs to show something farmer. your thoughts? >> i think on the epstein matter, there is no excuse for them having allotted to be under
4:40 am
circumstances where he can take his own life. he tried to do it once, they should've put it under suicide watch, he was allowed to be in a room when nobody else no video cameras, bedsheets and he killed himself. that is a tragedy in the opportunity to have justice the american people the opportunity to travel truth. i hope the investigation will proceed. on the one that went to the justice department and the das office asking them to fully investigate the matter and to look into both the accused and accusers and i hope the investigation will go forward. >> you have to be, no matter how knowledgeable you were or not, years ago, 11 years ago you have to be shocked at this scale and the scope of jeffrey epstein connection and trafficking, it was definitely back, it is, it bags a great deal of credibility
4:41 am
that this was simply an accident, i'm not saying it was otherwise, i'm just saying it's very hard for americans to buy what they're being sold on this because there are so many open, unbelievable questions. >> i agree, there ought to be a very thorough investigation, we all ought to keep an open mind, i think jeffrey epstein made a decision that he cannot bear never seen freedom again and took his own life. there's other possibilities and everybody should end up being satisfied that this is what happened in the investigation should continue. i urge that to unseal documents, i'm in favor of instilling everything, rejecting an unredacted everything, let it all be out there, those documents would include everything at the u.s. southern district of florida. and the role and what was in
4:42 am
incomprehensibly lenient. >> letter all come out, but the public judge, let it all come out. i have nothing to hide, the public should be exposed to every single detail in every single element. lou: that would be nice, do you think that is what is going to happen? >> are lawyers are arguing about tomorrow i hope that happens. lou: the meter quickly to a new book, the story of my relationship and my most challenging client is a subtitle in the defending israel, they put the book up like that so i can remember the title, a book oirecommend highly that we will have some sort of accounting is a difficult for many americans to believe right now.
4:43 am
because what we have seen done to this president, it is been extraordinary. >> my book is about anything that trumped us in relation to israel is criticized even by people in the democrats thinking he's doing the right thing, he's been very strongly supportive of israel and that is turned a lot of americans against israel, and you scratch it into israel you will find out that their inter-american, they hate america's strongest ally, israel. i think american israel work so effectively and well against the forces and lack of democracy, that's what the thesis of the book is all about. >> for that i will take the last word. i am so tired of hearing the rationalization of left in this country, because they hate donald trump without foundation. they choose to hate america. the democrats have truly become
4:44 am
the party of hate. thank you so much, we recommend his new book, defending israel is out now. joining me now with more on the justice department, whether it's posing as transport or working that way, blocking the public view of the many unanswered questions of spy gate, for acting u.s. attorney general matthew whitaker, great to have you with us. as you may gauge, i'm a little frustrated with the justice department that is moving with so little, i have every reason to believe that william barr is the right man for the right job at the right time. too many people i respect immensely and i accept that. what i cannot accept is any more of the nonsense, this is something transparent. why for example, we not have the scope in front of us right now.
4:45 am
>> why would that not be in front of the market people? >> ims price they were not part of miller's report. he seems to put every other word into that report in the 448 pages in those memos or something that i think would eliminate some people as to what the investigation was and wasn't. >> there were scope memos and one of the things that we will learn in those memos is what crimes were being investigated, and i think to some extent, it may or may not help us with the origins of this investigation. lou: we need the right as americans to see these documents, we don't need nonsense attorneys sitting in some government office deciding who the hell we are.
4:46 am
>> i agree on one thing the bar did this should apply to the scoping memos. to make sure those that were not implicated or charged with a crime are not named as target or subjects of the investigation. >> that is what i fear, part two of the mueller report was not only unnecessary but a dangerous standard, now we vet all of the evidence against people be investigated and that is very dangerous. >> we now have scope memos, maybe more, who knows how often they were adjusting and innovating, but we also don't know what happened to the leader laptop, all of the e-mails and all the evidence, we don't know why the nsa has provided us 33000 missing, clayton e-mails and why that is not available for the american people. this has been attributable
4:47 am
without question over the course of three years for the american people for this president and it is time to act like a public servant instead of a bunch of leaders who are having a secret handshake, it's obscene what is happening in this country and people will not acknowledge that. >> i don't have any of problem acknowledging the market people deserve absolute transparency especially on how the investigations were started and how the president was added to the investigation and the special counsel, i think is all questions and we need to have answers. some of this, you either accept what has been laid out -- and this is what bill barr biggest challenges, restoring the trust and the department of justice. >> every question, every american should put on the
4:48 am
table. do we agree? >> this is one of the things i've been calling for a long, and pushing for. in asking the same exact questions, when bill barr stood in front of the market people, i'm asking the questions i cannot get the answers, i totally agree with them, i had the same problem, i cannot get any answers to my questions as well. >> it's time to raise hell in recent roof. i know that you're doing your very best effort. good to have you with us as always. we're coming right back after these quick messages.
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lou: another bloody weekend in chicago. nine dead, dozens injured after the labor day weekend. the "chicago tribune" reported 44 people were shot, 9 of them kill between friday night and this morning. up from 27 shot and 7 dead or labor day weekend last year. it seems obscene to keep such statistics, but there it i. senator ted crew commenting on the violence noting that the city contains some of the
4:53 am
nation's strictest gun laws. british prime minister boris johnson pledge to abide by the will of the british people and leave the european union october 1. boris johnson fighting the establishment who plan to defeat the will of the people. theresa may did everything she could to kill brexit. even johnson's conservative party is split on whether to uphold the vote. now prime minister yawn on faces even more open significant on delivering on his promise on brexit. amy kellogg with the latest from london. >> british prime minister calling for a new general election after parliament kre --
4:54 am
wrests control of the brexit process. they voted to prevent their prime minister from leaving the e.u. without a deal in place. he said if the parliament clipped his wings, he will have to send the voters back to the ballot box. >> the best way to get a deal is to support the government. reporter: he claims any deal would 0 block his effort to get 11th hour concessions. he said he would ask for a further brexit deadline. >> if anything, it's a no-deal exit would mean surrendering our
4:55 am
industry and jobs and. >> boris johnson has been saying it's incumbent on him to deliver on the results of the referendum and leave the e.u. by the end of october even without a divorce deal. now he he it's up to the british people to decide who they want. but 2/3 of parliament must sign off on his call for a new general election. lou: amy kellogg from london. we are coming right back. stay
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lou: a college professor speaking out against a failed attempt by her student to remove her because of her criticism of the hashtag #metoo movement. she says college students have evolved from rebels into skiddish supplicants, petitioning people in authority
5:00 am
to protect them from real life. s ashley: hurricane dorian ripping through the bahamas bringing death and destruction and is moving dangerously close to florida. the next several hours critical for millions of people as the carolinas could be bracing for impact. lauren: breaking overnight, hong kong's stocks soaring, up 4% after carrie lamb gives into a major demand to protester as donald trump doubles down on china. ashley: the democrats' green new deal got a lot greener. the 2020 hopefuls revealing the climate change


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