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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  September 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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constantly we seek to realize our great nationalize deals, i feel for for the radical dimm hopefuls who have so little understanding of who we are..... cheryl: it is 5:00 a.m. here are your top stories this hour. we have brand new reaction from president trump on the fed's decision to cut interest rates after the president criticized jay powell yesterday for having, quote, no guts and no vision. lauren: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg meeting with lawmakers last night before he heads to capitol hill today to pitch his vision for internet regulation, just one day after big tech gets grilled on the hill. cheryl: breaking, we've got brand-new fox news polls that shows the campaign trail is getting bumpy for joe biden and why the trump campaign may be facing a 2016 swigs all over again. lauren: if you missed the
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airplane peanuts, you're in luck, they're back. but they come with a very big catch. it is thursday, september 19t september 19th. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. ♪ ♪ if i'm without your kisses. ♪ i'll be needing stitches. ♪ tripping over myself. ♪ lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning, i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. lauren: let's take a look at how your money is moving. stocks declining this morning after staging a late day comeback yesterday after the fed gave relatively upbeat economic forecast. cheryl: yield on the 10 year
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went higher a after the fed's decision yesterday. it's staying in somewhat of a range. right now, the yield is slightly down by 2 basis points, but we're in that range, 1.77%, prices up slightly. lauren: tensions with iran do continue but oil supply is expected to get back on track. oil this morning, $58.37 a barrel. cheryl: asian markets mostly higher after the central bank decision in this country. bank of gentlema japan keeping r interest rate at minus percentage. lauren: investors await the bank of england rate decision today, the foot hey gaining a quarter -- the ftse gaining a quarter of 1%. cheryl: it's all about president trump this morning. he wasted no time attacking the federal he reserve again after they cut the interest rate for a quarter point for the second time this year yesterday. here's what the president tweeted first yesterday. he said jay powell at the federal reserv refail again, no,
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no sense, no vision. lauren: there were three descents. two fed members did not want a rate cut while a third wanted a bigger rate cut of 50 basis points. president trump discussed his opinion of jay powell during an interview with ed henry at the southern border. >> i don't think he knows how to play the game very well. they've raised too fast. and i've been saying this openly. and they've lowered too slow. and he took 25. some people were hoping for 50. he did 25. the fact is, when germany gets paid to loan money, i mean, they're borrowing money so they're borrowing -- think of it, they borrow money and when it comes time to pay back, people pay them and we can't participate in that and it's because of the fed. so i'm not thrilled with the fed but despite that we have an incredible economy and we don't have inflation. >> is chairman powell's job safe? >> it's safe. sure, why not. >> you paused. >> i don't pause. evidences got a job.
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i'm disappointed in him. lauren: you can watch the full interview on fox and friends on fox news at 6:00 a.m. eastern today and our very own maria bartiromo will speak with vice president mike pence in washington today at 6:00 a.m. fbm, "mornings with maria." cheryl: president trump is weighing retaliation against iran as mike pompeo called the afact on the saudi oil facilities, quote, an act of war. tehran continues to deny involvement this morning. lauren: griff jenkins has the latest from washington. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. tehran is denying any involvement, maintaining houthi rebels are responsible for the attack on saudi oil facilities with saudi officials providing evidence saying it unquestionably was sponsored by iran. mike pompeo backs saudi arabia's right to defend themselves. >> there were no americans killed in this attack.
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any time you have an act of war of this nature, there's always risks that could happen. >> reporter: this after president trump ordered more sanctions on iran, tweeting i just instructed the secretary of treasury to substantially increase sanctions on the country of iran. the president is wondering whether military strikes could follow. >> there's many options. there's the ultimate options and there are option that's are a lot less than that. we'll see. we're in a h in a very powerful position. >> when you say the ultimate option -- >> ultimate option meaning go in, war. >> reporter: tehran said it would be met with a rapid response that would be crushing. there will be questions over whether iran will be granted a valid visa to attend meetings. the uae announce thing have joined the u.s. led coalition to
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protect waterways across the middle east in the wake of the attack. saudi arabia joined the coalition along with australia, bahrain and the u.k. lauren and cheryl. cheryl: thank you. breaking news just moments ago. benjamin netanyahu is calling for a unity government with his rival, benny g ben gantz. netanyahu canceled his trip to new york for the u.n. general assembly next week. the meeting will no longer take place. breaking news, he is looking for a unity government. lauren: justin trudeau is apologizing after time magazine revealed a yearbook photo showing him in brown face makeup at an arabian nights costume
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party in 2001. >> i shouldn't have done that. when i that was hig was in highi dressed up at a talent show and sang "day-o" with makeup on. i didn't consider it a racist action at the time but now we know better. lauren: for the 2001 episode, trudeau was 29. he was teaching at a school in vancouver. his liberal party is facing a tough re-election battle next month against the conservative party. so the timing is not favorable for him. cheryl: investors are turning their focus to trade talks which resume today between the united states and china in washington. these negotiations are between deputy level officials but it could lead to high level talks early next month after the last round of discussions broke off back in july. president trump has delayed a tariff increase on chinese goods that was due to take effect on october 1st after china delayed tariffs on some u.s. products. any comments today will move
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markets. lauren: facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg had a dinner meeting with a group of lawmakers including senator mark warner last night. they discussed multiple issues including what steps congress should take to protect consumer data and encourage competition in social media. facebook says zuckerberg will meet with lawmakers again today on capitol hill to pitch his vision for moderate internet regulation. but look at this. after all a of this news and these hiccups for facebook, shares for the company this year are surging 45%. cheryl: officials from facebook, twitter and google did face tough questions by senators yesterday about their efforts to fight online extremism. lauren: hillary vaughn is on capitol hill and she has the details for us. >> reporter: good morning. representatives from facebook, google and twitter faced senate lawmakers, trying to explain how they put their data to good use, to catch extremist violent behavior before it happens. dan sullivan asked why facebook is able to use personal data for
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targeted ads but doesn't seem to use the same data to prevent a mass shooting. >> are you using theal grow thed technologies that you use in other spaces to help identify those threats? >> there's certainly cross-learnings across the company. different products work in different way. >> is it a priority for you, the way it would be for selling yellow sweaters. >> absolutely. >> reporter: they faced the most heat for the attack in australia. they super charged their ai tech and say they can flag violent content in a live feed in 12 seconds, 90% faster than a few months ago. they defended the decision to let certain violent groups use twitter. >> if we remove that person's
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account, it wouldn't change things on the ground. we need to bear in mind how do the other levers come into play. >> i disagree. maduro can sit there and talk about things and continue to act like he's a world leader and he's a p pariah. it seems to me what you're doing is allowing him to continue to do that. >> well, as i say, his current account hasn't broken our rules. >> reporter: they say sensorring can -- censorin censoring can pm to other sites. lauren: the uaw strike against general motors entering the fourth day today and tensions are heating up. nearly a dozen protesters were arrested for blocking the driveway. 49,000 workers have walked off the job, closing down production at 33gm plants. they will temporarily lay off workers at a plant in canada
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after they ran out of parts. the major sticking points in the contract talks include healthcare as well as gm's use of temporary workers. cheryl: at&t is being pressured by wall street bankers to sell direct tv, that's according to charlie gasparino who says a potential suiter could be, get this, dish network. direct tv has been losing customers with 2.5 million subscribers actually leaving in just the last year. activist investor elliott management which has taken a rather large stake in at&t is calling on at&t's board to sell direct tv. lauren: imagine a delta flight full of passengers plunges nearly 30,000 feet. cheryl: tracee carrasco has more on this story. tracee: the flight was halfway through a trip from atlanta to fort lauderdale when suddenly the plane descended from 39,000 feet to 10,000 feet in
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fewer than seven minutes. passengers described panic as they grabbed oxygen masks. the plane had to be diverted to tampa for an emergency landing. officials are investigating. the interior department giving president trump's border wall a boost. the agency announcing that more than 500 acres of federal land is being transferred to the army, clearing the way for new barriers along the southern border. it comes as president trump visits southern california, where he praised newly constructed barriers. meanwhile, president trump issuing a warning to san francisco over its homeless problem. the president threatening to have the epa slap sanctions on the city because of environmental violations. the president says drugs are damaging the environment because used needles are ending up in the ocean. and new york city trying to make a splash. city officials are asking bidders to submit plans for a floating swimming pool in the
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east river, not far from the brooklyn bridge. it would be the first urban river swimming facilities in the country. one main challenge would be filtering out pollution from the river and that's what's happening now. lauren: more than just the poll hughes. the other -- pollution. the other things that end up in that river. tracee, thank you very much. cheryl: let's take a look at futures. we're looking at -- it is the day after the big fed decision and remember the dow and s&p actually closed up higher yesterday. it was a crazy afternoon. right now you've got the dow down 47, s&p is down 5 and three quarters, nasdaq down 21 and-a-half. fed chief jay powell did cut rates yesterday. president trump said he failed again. has the fed really done enough to protect the trump economy? and if you are still looking for a way to support your favorite candidate for the 2020 elections, one company's going to make it a whole lot easier for you. we'll explain, coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ and i won't back down.
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should always be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today. cheryl: a woman filed a lawsuit against jeffrey epstein's estate, describing in detail sexual abuse by him from when she was 14 years old until she was 17. the lawsuit was filed yesterday on behalf of the woman, only identified as jane doe. the suit did reveal she is
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actually minor victim number one in the sex trafficking charges that led the to epstein's arrest. lauren: the new york federal reserve says it will conduct a repurchasing operation for the third time this week. this morning. to inject liquid at this in the system, after the federal reserve did cut interest rates by a quarter point for the second time this year. jay powell saying the central bank may have to resume growing the balance sheet. >> i don't think he knows how to play the game very well. they've raised too fast. and i've been saying this openly. and they've lowered too slow. and he took 25. some people were hoping for 50. he did 25 s 25. lauren: tom from whit ford asset management is here. good morning. s there's talk this morning of organic growth and maybe getting more liquidity into the system. did you hear what you wanted to
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hear from the fed chair? >> actually, yes. it's what i expected was going to happen. what i do like that's going on is more than just rate cuts. it's a little bit of a quantitative easing, light, if you will. so, yes. lauren: okay, qe light. i like it. is there a clear rational at the fed? because we have three descents. the last time we saw that was 2014. but you have them cutting rates, yet saying we're upping our gdp forecast to 2.2% for 2019. so what gives? >> well, yes, initially when you saw the 7 and 3 split, two of them was actually wanting to hold and one wanted a 0.5 cut. but powell when he came out did i think a terrific job in his comments. lauren: you do? >> he showed he was on top of it. lauren: why is he getting beaten up by the president?
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>> [ laughter ] >> because he always gets beaten up by the president. lauren: all right. let's pivot to china. we have a deputy level trade talks, the first in two months happening today and tomorrow. are you hopeful for a big deal or something to come of the big meeting next month or do you think we need to narrow the focus for a trade deal? >> well, i think what's happening right now is good. i think both sides have taken some hits and i think they're ready to negotiate. i don't think we're going to get everything solved moving into it but i do think it's a very positive sign. so yes. lauren: okay. there's a reportedly a member of china's negotiating team heading to the midwest, to the farm states of montana, he nebraska this week. do you think there's anything more to that or maybe they'll just agree to buy more of our agriculture. >> well, they do say that these initial talks going into october will be more on the agricultural side of things.
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so i think that's why that's happening. and i think it's very positive. so i think as long as we have some certainties back into these talks, that will help things. lauren: all righty. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. cheryl: shares of roku fell sharply yesterday after the company got new and big competition. comcast announced it would give internet only customers a free device to let them watch their streaming services on their television. more bad news for roku as facebook unveiled a $149 pour l tall tv device -- portal tv device which supports video calls which stream to a tv set as well. it also allows users to watch various programs. roku shared gained 356% so far this year. and can you imagine disney and apa pell as one company -- apple as one company? disney's ceo said it could have happened if steve jobs was still
5:21 am
alive. an exert of his memoir was published and he talked about his close relab laying relationh jobs. he wrote the relationship between the two companies was not that good before he joined apple's board. of course, now they're streaming rivals and iger just resigned from the board last week. lauren: still ahead, mike pompeo calling the saudi oil attack a sign of war. what kind of response can the u.s. expect from iran? and new mexico is looking to invest in the future. why the state's college students might have some serious celebrating to do. keep it here on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ as long as i've got my suit and tie. ♪ i'm going to leave it all on the floor tonight. ♪ got fixed up too tonight. ♪ going to show you a few things.
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♪ [upbeat action music] ♪ (pilot) we're going to be on the tarmac for another 45 minutes or so.
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cheryl: the white house has put the blame squarely on iran for the saudi oilfield attacks and president trump is now considering his options. let's bring in john del grover of defense priorities. those options seem to be one or the other, one is military, one is diplomacy. which is the more likely path right now? >> well, president trump has said that he is waiting for the report that the pentagon is working on. and there's been pushback from certain ambassadors from saudi arabia, any an germany and the , saying we need to talk about this. there is hope there might be talks about this. saudi arabia can and should be able to defend itself and america needs to look out for its own interests, for our own security and prosperity and that doesn't mean cleaning up saudi
5:26 am
arabia's messes for them. cheryl: because of the billions of dollars the saudis have spent on their own defense systems which frankly seem to have failed. the u.n. general assembly is next week. the president will be in new york for that. visas have not been issued for iran's foreign minister for hussan rouhani. the president says it doesn't think it's necessary to stop the visas from being processed. what's going on? >> there's talk about how we can rail up the pressure. one of the things that president trump has said is we will have new sanctions announced within 48 hours. this is part of the broader maximum pressure campaign. i think he can go forward with that, without not issuing the visas. we should issue them. we should always keep that option open to talking with them, especially in a neutral
5:27 am
form like the united nations. cheryl: secretary of state pompeo just left saudi and just arrived in the uae. saudi has a lot on its plate. we've got to deal with iran you now. the treasury sanctions, we don't know what they are, you're right but is sanctions going to be effective? seems as if since we pulled out of the 2015 nuclear accord with the iranians, that they have gotten very hostile towards the united states. they've shot down one of our drones. they're grabbing oil tankers left and right. are the iranians going to just tamp is down and have talks do you think at this point? >> not unless maybe we offer something else. at this point talking would just be a minor he deescalation. we need to do something more than that. but i'm not sure how we'll get honestly. it's very difficult. from iran's perspective we left this accord and we put all this pressure and sanctions on them. they're hostile towards us they
5:28 am
think we broke our promises. we have to remember that it was a mistake we did that, iran needs to tamp this down too. we can't engage in further provocative actions. but iran needs to stop it as well. they can't keep going down this path. it's not good for either of us. it's not in our interest to start another major r war. we need to clear our heads and get back to that. cheryl: yo agreed on all of te points. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. lauren: a tropical depression is pushing into louisiana with powerful wind and heavy rain, the storm also causing tornadoes outside of houston. cheryl: a very busy season is underway. we have janice dean live in the fox weather center with all of the forecast. janice: good morning, ladies. over two feet of rainfall in parts of texas. the storm totals are incredible. some of the same areas a that were hit by harvey a couple of years ago and this system
5:29 am
continues to linger. so already getting reports of over a foot, close to two feet of rainfall in some of these r areas and an additional 6 to 10, even 12 inches will be possible over the next couple days, if you can believe it. flood advisories, flash flood warnings are in place here, north of ga galveston, towards t arthur and shreveport louisiana. it doesn't take a hurricane or even a tropical storm to cause incredible amounts of damage when it comes to flooding. some of the areas could see staggering amounts of addition rainfall. humberto is continuing to move north and eastward and we have jerry, almost a hurricane ant looks like jerry will not impact the u.s. but bermuda will have to watch this potential hurricane in the next 12 to 24 hours. cheryl: busy season, janice. busy for you. thank you very much. lauren: busy for us too, especially the day after the fed. let's take a peak at the action
5:30 am
on wall street, dow down 40. joe biden leading the polls but losing ground fas. are his day as the frontrunner numbered. and we have the latest on spacex's newest rocket getting ready to launch into the final frontier. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i will follow you. ♪ will you follow me. ♪ days and nights. ♪ and we know we'll be. ♪ i will stay with you. ♪ will you stay with me. ♪ the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad.
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cheryl: vice president blasting democrats for demanding the impeachment of brett kavanaugh. in an interview with our he very own maria bartiromo, pence called the latest allegations against the justice discredited and accused liberals of gettings desperate. >> you have democrats who are seeking the highest office in
5:34 am
the land who are taking discredited allegations and using that to call for tim peachment-the impeachment of a sitting member of the supreme court. i mean, it is by the media and by democrats, it is an act of desperation and i believe it's an attempt to intimidate justice kavanaugh during his tenure on the court. but it won't work and the american people know the truth of it. justice brett kavanaugh is a good and decent man. his service is a credit to the highest court in the land and president trump and i are going to stand with him. cheryl: of course, the vice president was referring to the new york times' story about a new allegation of sexual misconduct by kavanaugh while he was in college. the times subsequently issued an editor's note saying the female student referred to in the piece, quote, declined to be interviewed and friends say she doesn't recall the incident. you can watch more of that interview, coming up on
5:35 am
"mornings with maria." lauren: former vice president joe biden is still in the lead but will it last? a new fox news poll showing biden still beating bernie sanders and elizabeth warren among democratic primary voters but he's down 6% from his highest levels back in may. let's discuss. joining me now are democratic strategist lawye laura fink aloh chairman of the committee to defend the president, ted harvey. laura, let's start with you. why is joe biden slipping and how does that put pressure on those who are neck in neck with him, sanders and warren? >> well, i think you're right to focus on the trend line and not the total. biden is certainly in the lead and is the person to beat but what we see him slipping, i think that is also because he came in with a distinct advantage which is he was the vice president and he's been running for president really since '88. so it's his lead to hold and a it's up to the other b candidates to get in the mix. the top three i think is fairly
5:36 am
firmly established, although that could change, with 60% of voters all surrounding -- all counting on biden, bernie or elizabeth warren. i think the one to watch is really elizabeth warren, though, because she is on the rise. her ground operation in the early states, her ability to rally 20,000 people in new york, her continuing amassing of endorsements and her continued gain in the polls means she is someone whose campaign is working and whose platform is appealing. the fact that biden is moving in the wrong direction and bernie's staying flat i think is an indicator of whose message is resonateing with the democratic electorate. lauren: let me bring ted in here. elizabeth warren is rising in the polls but she hasn't proven to voters that she can pay for any of her expensive proposalals without raising taxes on the middle class. how do you pay for these expensive pr proposals. >> democrat primary voters don't care for how you pay for the proposals. all they care about is getting a
5:37 am
pretty radical socialist as their nominee and they have to choose between warren and sanders to get that and they're splitting up that vote and biden like laura said, biden's been running for 100 years, he's got a heck of a name id and a heck of a he ro role decks. 40% of the democrats wanted a different candidate running right now because they don't think any of the candidates are good candidates to run against the president. lauren: that's a good point, laura. when you put joe biden in a matchup against president trump, he beats him by 14 points. we'll show you the poll. we'll bring up the fox news poll. that's all about electability. yet consistently we hear that voters want another option out there. >> well, i mean, except when you look at the options what that they do have, the top contenders, many of them beat president trump by double digits which is a concern president trump should have. so whether you're talking about biden or bernie or elizabeth warren or kamala harris, they show -- they beat president
5:38 am
trump. so this concept of electability is really interesting because it's functio fungible. voters are trying to predict what's electable but we all know this can change. their desire to beat president trump is incredibly strong. i'm going to disagree, i don't think the primary issue that came out of the poll, the most interesting issue was any of this. i think it was the strength of healthcare and the need for healthcare and that's the opinion of the electorate and that's true not just with the democratic electorate but with independents and republican as well. healthcare is a critical issue and one that trump does not have an answer on, except to say let's repeal obamacare. and let's take away coverage for pre-existing conditions. that's not the answer that one in -- lauren: on the flip side, nancy pelosi, speaker of the house is saying let's expand on obamacare. medicare for all is not what she wants. >> the president ran on the fact that he wanted to protect
5:39 am
pre-existing healthcare conditions. in the proposal that's the republicans pushed forward, he demanded that they keep in there pre-existing healthcare. that's a misnomer to say the president doesn't believe that. i believe that the far left of the democrat party does want to have socialized healthcare. i don't believe that's where the american people are. and i was at the rally on monday where trump was in new mexico which is a blue state, and it was unbelievable to see how many people support this president, 30% of those people that showed up at the l rally were democrats. lauren lauren: ted harvey, laura fink, we have to leave it there. thank you for the discussion. cheryl: it will be a lot easier to make donations to some of your favorite 2020 candidates. amazon has announced starting today you can make campaign donations through your alexa smart device just by saying alexa, i want to make a political contribution. what could go wrong, right? it's only available for candidates that the company deems have principle campaign
5:40 am
committees, it was not meat immediately clear who amazon thinks is principle. a familiar call on the campaign trail, free college tuition. the governor of new mexico is proposing just that. residents could go to college for free there. students could attend any of new mexico's public colleges and universities regardless of family income, if the plan is approved by the state legislature which is democrat controlled, it could help 5 55,0 students get a higher education. lauren: carson king held up a sign at a recent game, asking for donations to help replenish his busch beer supply. he wound up getting over $1,000 from donors through venmo. he donated the money to a local children's hospital and once busch beer found out, they decided to chip in, matching his
5:41 am
donation and kicking in some busch light for king. cheryl: we've got markets kind of under pressure this morning. we're keeping a close eye on oil. obviously, any news we're going to get whether it's out of iran, remember secretary of state pompeo has already met with the saudis, he's right now meeting with folks at the uae and will come back to the u.s., this is affecting the crude contract. we've seen a bump of almost $1 in the last few moments. crude going higher, we're going to keep an eye on that contract, 58, 93. also, an isis plot foiled, an american airlines mechanic accused of trying to sabotage a packed flight has now denied bond -- been denied bond after showing terrorism ties. we've got the shocking details of this story that we jess learned about. juul feeling the heat as they are threatened with subpoena. is the company about to get stamped out? you're watching "fbn: a.m.."
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cheryl: we want to update you on what we're seeing in the oil market now. we're getting word that the foreign minister of iran, he tweeted, he basically is warning against war following what mike pompeo had said, that that saudi attack was an act of war. so that rhetoric might be kicking up a little bit between iran and the united states. oil in this country, wti is up
5:45 am
78-cents, the brent contract, the international contract, up about 2%. so we're really watching oil this morning. also this story. the american airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging a flight may have ties to isis. lauren: aishah hasnie joins us now with what led to this disturbing revelation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the federal judge he denied bail because she feels he's a flight risk and that it's likely he's going to be convicted. we're talking about a naturalized american citizens from iraq, working as a mechanic for american airlines. he is accused of sabotaging a nassau bound flight from miami with 150 passengers and crew on-board. prosecutors claim he glued styrofoam into the aircraft, disabling a part used to gauge air speed. the issue was detected before takeoff. he told investigators he was financially hurt by a labor dispute. his defense is arguing he knew if the plane was grounded he
5:46 am
would get overtime hours. prosecutors are pointing to a number of concerning details here. first of all, he had downloaded isis video on his phone. he had traveled to iraq recently. and h sent $700 to someone in iq around july and he told a coworker that his brother was a part of isis and he has a history of making statements wishing harm to non-muslims. during wednesday's hearing the judge said you may be sympathetic to terrorists and that's very disconcerting. as the case unfolds, homeland security continues to warn citizens at home that we continue to face one of the most challenging threat environments since 9/11 as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the internet to inspire, enable or direct individuals already here in the homeland to commit terrorist acts. he is expected to enter his plea on friday. lauren, cheryl, back to you. lauren: thank you very much.
5:47 am
cheryl: well, the head of the federal aviation administration is going to test a software upgrade to the boeing 737 max himself. steve dickson said he's not going to a allow the plane to fly until he thinks it's safe. he will go to seattle to put the plane through its paces in a sum later this week. the 737 max has been grounded since march, following two deadly crashes. lauren: southwest airlines bringing back their famous peanuts, sort of. they're selling the famous snacks in metalic lunch boxes for $29 each. there are salted and honey roasted. all 60 boxes sold out despite the high price almost immediately. you can buy peanut merchandise like pillows and other decorations on the company's website. of course, southwest stopped offering peanuts on-board about a year ago because of allergies. cheryl: all the airlines have if you noticed. now the question is, can i bring my lunch box of he peanuts on the southwest plane. lauren: they'll tell you not to
5:48 am
take them out sometimes. they make announcements, we have someone with a severe peanut allergy. a big tech giant jumping into the streaming l pool, will it leave your data open for hackers and a tv classic gets a makeover. keep it here on "fbn: a.m." ♪ oh, baby, i love you. ♪ oh, oh, oh, every breath i take. ♪ oh, oh, oh,. ♪ oh, every -- at synchrony,
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lauren: juul labs is getting more heat from congress. lawmakers threatening to subpoena the e-cigarette maker. a house panel is looking into whether the company doppler arey
5:52 am
targeted children. a number of advertisers are looking to pull them off the airways. cheryl: well, former fbi director james comey is back in the headlines and he's under fire. lauren: again. tracee carrasco is here now with the details. good morning, tracee. tracee: michael horowitz telling a congressional panel yesterday he's willing to look into so-called irregularitieses by the fired fbi director. horowitz set comey set a dangerous example when he leaked a memo to a college law professor to pressure the justice department to investigate president trump. horowitz said he referred comey for criminal prosecution, but the doj ultimately decided against it. elon musk giving us a peak at spacex's star ship spacecraft. he tweeted a pair of photos showing progress on one of the star ship's prototypes. they're designed to with be bee
5:53 am
spacecraft to bring goods and passenger as far away as the moon and mars. ralph lauren is honoring one of his most famous fictional employees. he's launching items to commemorate the friends' sitcom anniversary. the majority of the pieces included in the new wear to work collection are ties to rachel's signature prep bpy style. the clothes will be available at blooming dale's and cheryl: we are seeing a boost in oil right now. we want to show you this. we have the brent contract jumping above 2%. now you've got wind wti in this country up 1.5%, up almost a dollar. could be based on this tweet, he's basically an act of war or agitation of war and then he says they should pray that they
5:54 am
won't get what they seek. he's talking about the saudis and uae leadership. remember, mike pompeo is over there right now, meeting wit uae officials. facebook is dipping its toes into the streaming wars but could this be an opening of a back door for hackers we've got our expert coming up on "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm sorry but i'm just thinking of the right word to say. ♪ i know they don't sound the way i planned them to be. ♪ but if you wait around a while i'll make you fall for me. ♪ i promise be working harder. that's why your cash automatically goes into a money market fund when you open a new account. just another reminder of the value you'll find at fidelity. open an account today.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: music choices are the best. lauren: is all of this leaving you vulnerable to hackers and you feel like someone is watching you? bret larson is here. >> somebody is watching you, you will let facebook put a camera in your house? new portal device, honestly i have to say i have not heard of anyone who bought the first one. lauren: me neither. they did a big push, if you don't know portal, it's basically a video phone that you can put in your house that connects to your friends and it watches you as you move around
5:58 am
the room so you can have a conversation, maybe cute campaign about it. it's interesting, now they have a second device, they will jump into streaming service as well, little larger and have the ability to stream video content, but, again, this is the company that has had several privacy issues. seems as though they are, they're very good at apologizing when they make mistakes, very good at stepping out and saying, oh, my gosh, we didn't realize that database didn't have a password. i think you are right, a little tone deaf of the issue, they need to address privacy issues. lauren: facebook come into my living room. you can watch bret larson fox news 24/7, siriusxm 115.
5:59 am
>> we will send it over to maria live from washington. maria: good morning to you, good morning, everyone, live coverage from dc this morning, thursday september 19th, your top stories right now just 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, the federal reserve cuts interest rates by quarter point as expected, that was not enough for president trump, he slammed fed chair jay powell right after saying he has no guts, more reaction from the white house this morning with first on fox interview with vice president mike mike pence and back to negotiating table on china trade, deputy level talks getting underway later today here in washington, futures this morning indicate the market will open this way, weaker opening for the broader averages, nasdaq down 32, all that coming up right now, mornings with maria begins right now.
6:00 am
♪ maria: we have a big show this morning, before i bring in the panelistings i will tell you they sat down with vice president mike pence on heels of federal reserve's rate cut. how would you character the american economy right now? >> the american economy is booming, confidence is up more than 6 million jobs created and as a result of the leadership that president trump has brought to the economy over the last 2 and a half years, the president said we will cut taxes for individuals an businesses, he did it which was house and senate, roll back red tape, the president signed more bills cutting federal rate tape than any president in american history, he said we would


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